Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Title: Mummy Knows Best. Author: Secretmind Keyword's: Pedo Fg Viol This is a work of fiction, never harm a child. Mummy Knows Best. Tonight will be the most exciting night of my life. Tonight is the night my eight year old daughter will be raped. Gangbanged and raped because I, her mother planned and organised it. It will take place were a mother could easily loose her child. A place were a child could easily be taken, dragged to a hidden location and violently abused. A place I have chosen. A place I could watch and if my daughter was blindfolded, join in! There will be no warning. I want this to be real and nasty. But let me tell you this is not the first time my daughter has had some sexual experience. I have organised other adventures leading up to this night. My friend's and family think I'm the most wonderful dedicated mother. I like that , it turns me on. In reality I'm the opposite. I have a secret life and it makes me feel amazing. It was a Friday, that special day. I had two experience's that changed my whole attitude to motherhood. Before this day I was that doting mother. My life had only one purpose, to be the best mother I could to Poppy, my daughter. I look back on that day and realised it was mean't to be. Thank God I went shopping that day instead of my usual Saturday. We boarded the train about midday. Poppy was playing up as usual, stamping her feet and having tantrums. She wanted to go in the car , but trying to tell her the traffic would be bad was hopeless. I admit it now . Poppy was a spoilt child, she wanted for nothing and always got her way. We arrived in the centre of town . Poppy was playing the game I know so well. She knew I would buy her something to keep her quiet. We entered the toy store and finally she decided on another doll, That must be at least ten. Next we visited the large department store, I wanted to buy her a new summer dress. she was growing up so fast.We got the lift to the third floor. Poppy wanted the toilet so I found the ladies and got her settled in one of the cubicle's. Suddenly other's came in. A lady spoke . She seemed quite angry. "How dare you disobey your mother you little brat!, you know what happen's don't you"? I heard a child's voice. "Mummy please no!" I unlatched the door as quietly as I could and took a peep outside. I saw a blond woman grab this small girl and begin to slap her around her face and upper body. I just stared as this mother pushed her child all over the room hitting her with as many blows as she could. Poppy was very scared when she heard all the commotion and just sat there on the toilet. I looked again and to my amazement saw this woman bring out a small cane from her bag and began a whipping assault on this girl who was squirming on the floor. She was about Poppy's age. She didn't scream out at all, I think she knew it would get worse if she did. I didn't know why but I wasn't shocked at all, as a matter of fact I quite admired this mother for having the courage to use hard discipline on her child. I bet she didn't have to buy her a toy everytime they went out. I watched in a trance as her child was whipped to a inch of her life. I realised this lady was enjoying herself and then it happened, I felt a wetness between my legs. The thought of this woman probably getting a sexual kick from hurting her child was affecting me too. Suddenly Poppy coughed and it all went quiet outside, we had been discovered. I didn't want this woman to run off scared, so I quickly went outside and smiled when she saw me. "Hi" I said. "Please carry on, its got nothing to do with me how you discipline your child . My daughter will just wash her hand's and we will go" The lady looked quite shocked. "Your not going to report me?" "Don't be silly" I replied, "It's none of my business. To be honest I wish I had the courage to be more strict with my child" Then I said something unexpected, it just came out. "I can keep watch by the door if you havent finished, you know, give warning if someone approaches" The lady relaxed and smiled. "Thank you, I do get carried away sometimes. It's ok , I'm going to leave it for the moment. She grabbed her daughter by the hair and pulled her up. "This little bitch knows her place. You should try it if your daughter won't do as she's told and you feel frustrated , it can be very satisfying" "Well after seeing you I might just do that" "By the way" she said "My name is Linda, "if you ever do decide to use my type of discipline give me a ring, it would be nice to know I'm not the only one" She gave me her number and ushered her daughter out of the door. "Hope to hear from you" she said as the door closed. For the rest of the shopping trip I couldn't stop thinking about Linda and what I witnessed. It had opened my eyes to another way. To be honest I knew I couldn't carry on pampering my daughter. Linda had been sexually excited while thrashing out at her daughter and I had to admit it turned me on too. Could I slap Poppy? I dont know. We boarded the train home. My mind was somewhere else as I stood by a door in the very crowded carriage. I suddenly came back to earth when I realised Poppy had wandered off. I quickly looked around and to my relief I saw her standing by another door, I could just see her so let her be. I looked away and my mind wandered again. About four minutes later I looked In Poppy's direction and couldn't see her. I was just about to move down the carriage when a man moved slightly. I saw her looking at a poster by the same door. I realised she was now surrounded by two men. Both were wearing long winter coat's which seemed odd considering it was so warm. I strained to see a bit better and to my horror I saw one of the men had lifted Poppy's dress up. I also noticed the other man's arm was moving . Then it struck me he was masturbating . I couldn't move , the shock of what was happening had me fixed to the spot. I realised most of the passengers were facing my way. The men were doing a good job of shielding my daughter from preying eye's. Suddenly one of the men looked in my direction and smiled. I don't know why , maybe it was just a natural reaction but I smiled back. He moved slightly and I saw his hand bring her dress up even further. It seemed they wanted me to see what was going on but nobody else. Poppy didn't seem to care, she was just singing in her corner and talking to her new doll.Her little pink panties were now fully on show. I relaxed slightly, at least she wasn't in any distress. Suddenly the other man looked in my direction and again I smiled . He moved closer to my daughter. Then for the second tome that day I felt a wetness between my legs. I couldn't believe it, this situation was turning me on too! Before anything else happened Poppy turned round and wriggled her way through the crowd and came back over to me. Half of me was relieved, the other half disappointed . I looked over to the two men and they both were looking in my direction. I smiled and in a split second decided to do something very very daring. I didn't want this to end just yet, my pussy was so wet! The train was coming into my station. It was the end of the line so everyone had to get off here. I'd never felt anything like this before, my heart was beating like mad, my whole body tingled. This was the most exciting thing I'd ever done. The sexual energy made me bold and confident. I knew I could be putting Poppy and myself in danger, they were paedophile's for god's sake. I didn't care. I wanted more of this feeling. The thought of those two men masturbating over my child had me enthralled and sexually charged. I quickly grabbed Poppy's hand and pushed my way to the door were the men stood. I again smiled as I came towards them. The train was now almost to a stop. They let me in front of them as I entered the surge of people getting off the train. I didn't know what the hell I was going to do. All I knew was I had to somehow get Poppy naked or at least flashing her panties. Suddenly I had an idea. It was all I could come up with, but I had to try. The men were right behind me. The one who had been masturbating was inches from Poppy, probably touching her on the odd occasion the train braked hard and we all became unbalanced for a few second's. I turned to my daughter and making sure the men could hear me I said "Were going to have to get you changed straight away darling, Grandma would love to see your new dress and I bought some new panties today too. We can change you behind the station, its nice and quiet there" "Grandma's , Yes ok mummy" I knew Poppy liked going to see her grandmother, she spoilt her more than me if that's possible. My heart was beating even faster as we got off the train and followed the mass of people to the entrance. The men were still behind me as I got us through the turnstile and out into the open street. I slowed slightly making sure the men could see me turn left down the side of the station. There was a small yard about twenty yards down that was used by station employee's .The street itself was quite busy so I knew I wouldn't be far from people if things got out of hand. I didn't care about the danger ,the feeling that was invading my body was to powerful. Mother's didn't do this sort of thing .Mother's protected their children from men like these two. But it was because it was so wrong that made it so bloody thrilling and such a massive turn on. Also what I witnessed earlier in the day with Linda made me realise there are women out there who are not interested in being the mother that society demands. I have tried so hard to be the best mother I could possibly be to Poppy, It's worn me down , ruined my life. I, like so many women have been so blinkered. I couldn't sleep for days if someone criticized me as a mother. All this will end today. From now on I'm going to enjoy my life. I hesitated before turning into the yard. I saw the men at the top of the road, they had stopped and was looking in my direction. Just inside the yard was a couple of large industrial bins, perfect for them to hide and watch. I decided to strip Poppy by the single car that was parked at the far end of the yard. perfect for them to see , but shielded quite well from the road. God I was dripping as I opened the bag and grabbed Poppy's new dress. Poppy was playing up as usual,wanting to explore her surrounding's. It was then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Yes it was them alright. They had sneaked behind the bins. Right let the show begin! I grabbed The hem of Poppy's dress and pulled it over her head. Then I pulled her panties down and put them in my bag. It was such a massive turn on knowing two men were probably masturbating looking at my completely naked daughter. I wasn't going to dress her just yet. I used one hand to search for her new panties but as always in this situation they had gone down to the bottom of my bag . I had hold of Poppy by the arm and I let go to search better with both hands telling her to stay still and dont move.Deep down I knew I shouldn't have let her go, she very rarely does as she's told and to my horror she ran off to explore. She was of that age were nudity wasn't a problem at all . I tried to put everything back in my bag as quickly as I could and run after her. She headed in the direction of the bin's, I hadn't seen the men at all so presumed they were still there. I think a red traffic cone had caught Poppy's eye, It was right next to the first bin. I saw her get to the cone and stop and stare at something behind the bin. Oh dear God! I never in my wildest dream's imagined this situation, what the fuck am I going to do. I grabbed Poppy and pulled her into me. I looked and saw both men trying desperately to straighten themselves up after no doubt jerking off to what they had seen. To my surprise they looked quite scared and embarrassed. In that brief moment I realised we weren't in any danger at all. I relaxed and smiled. "Im sorry gentlemen" I said, "I hope my daughter didn't disturb you ,please carry on what you were doing. I'm just trying to change her to take her to her Grandma's. and the little terror ran off" They both looked at each other.They didn't know how to take this. Had they just been given permission to carry on jerking off. The one who had lifted Poppy's dress decided to speak. He was staring at my naked daughter. The other one looked so embarrassed. I began to enjoy their fear. "Look" he said "I'm sorry we followed you, we mean no harm. We just thought you didn't mind us looking at your daughter" I was so bloody wet , this was turning out better that I thought. I pushed Poppy closer , within a couple of feet. " Well" I said "I have no problem you looking at my daughter. Why don't you finish what you were doing. I will keep her naked. But be quick, someone might come. They again looked at each other, I knew the offer would be to tempting. I grabbed Poppy and pushed her even closer. Quickly the one who had spoken began to unzip, the other quickly followed. I orgasmed as I saw them begin to masturbate. God this was exciting, my body was on fire! The talker dropped his trouser's to get a better grip of his cock. I didn't care about anything else. I only had one thought, to see these men cum over my naked daughter. Poppy was struggling , trying to get away. For the first time since my daughter's birth I wasn't going to give in and let her have her own way. I thought of Linda and her form of discipline. It gave me courage to grip Poppy even harder. "Don't you dare move you little bitch, from now on your going to obey me do you understand!" She began to cry . I didn't care . This time there is something more important than my spoilt daughter.The men came closer. Their cock's now inches from Poppy's face. "Go on boys" I demanded, "cover her in cum!" My word's took them over the edge. I gripped her neck even harder and held her firm. What happened next was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. Both cock's spurted cum over my daughter's face simultaneously. It seemed to happen in slow motion, some went in her mouth some covered her nose and eye's. Her hair had white streaks that dripped onto her shoulder's. I held her firm wanting her to have every drop. She began to scream and swing her head from side to side . I became angry. She was wriggling free from my grasp. Quickly without hesitating I raised my hand and slapped her hard on her legs and bum. "From now on you little madam your going to obey me. I'm fucking sick of you ruling my life. Poppy was stunned and instantly stopped screaming. The men were adjusting their clothing . The one who had spoken was grinning, pleased with himself. "That was amazing" he said. "Your little girl is so fucking hot. If you want to do this again ring me" He gave me a card. "Just ring this number and ask for Tony" I felt like a different woman than the one that had left the house this morning . I'd had the most amazing experience over the last few hour's that had totally changed my life. I had no hesitation in carrying this on. "I might just do that, right boy's, go, before anyone come's." I quickly cleaned Poppy up as best I could. I dressed her in her old dress and hailed a taxi ."I thought we were going to Grandma's" she asked as the taxi pulled up outside her home. She had been very quiet. I said nothing till I got her inside. "You will not be seeing Grandma as often from now on. Your going to have a bath, have your tea then bed""But mummy, I want to watch television! You will not be watching television as much either. I'm going to throw out most of your toys, they clutter the place up. From now on things are going to be a lot different around here. If you disobey me then you will be given the same treatment as this afternoon only harder. Two hour's later I sat down with a glass of wine. Poppy was in bed. I thought of the most amazing day I'd just experienced. My hand went down to my pussy. I knew I had to continue this . From tomorrow my daughter will be disciplined the Linda way. I shall have to make sure she doesn't tell anyone about what happened this afternoon. Her life is going to change big time! I think I'll give Linda a ring , tell her she's not alone. She might even give me some tip's. Deep down I knew I would be organizing another meet with my two peado friend's. I was infected. It was like being a drug addict .I needed my fix. I shall leave it it for a week though. I don't want them thinking I'm to eager! To be continued. Feedback welcome: