Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Title: A Mother's Secret Journey. Author: Secretmind Keywords:Mg Fg MF rape This is a work of Fiction. Never harm a child. Its amazing how one day can change your life. My name is Janet . A mother of three children. Divorced for a few years now. Like most mothers my life was busy, stressful and to be honest I hated it. The days leading up to the day in question were pretty harrowing due to my thirteen year old daughter Ann, my eldest was from my first marriage. My other two children, Katie , five and little Jenny aged two came due to my second husband. From now on marriage was not for me. A few months ago I was becoming very concerned about Ann's behaviour. She was hardly eating, spending all her time in her room on that dam computer. I realised her hormones were going crazy but there was something else, call it mother's intuition if you like. She used to sneak out of the house at six oclock sometimes three times a week and come back about eight. She always seemed quite distressed. I continually asked her what was going on but she always said "nothing" I tried to stop her and reason with her but to no avail. I couldn't lock her in her room. I was getting very worried. There was only one way to really find out what was going on. I had to follow her . Something I didn't really want to do. I knew that she disappeared mostly on Fridays and sundays so asked my neighbour Maggie to come in and babysit on the following friday, telling her I had to go to the hospital to see a friend. Right on queue, Ann sneaked out at six . I quickly ran next door and gave my keys to Maggie. Two minutes later I was rushing down the street after my daughter. I saw her turn the corner at the bottom of our road so I quickened my pace. It was a cold November evening, already dark. I had my coat but wished I'd put a pair of jeans on instead of my skirt. I just hoped she didnt get into a car, then I would be worried! She seemed to be heading for town, a walk of about fiveteen minutes. Suddenly she turned into a small housing estate. I got to the corner , but couldnt see her. Walking slowly down the road, I thought she might have gone into one of the houses. I began to panic. Where is my daughter! I turned around and started back. Suddenly I heard a noise. A sort of distressed cry. I turned around and noticed a small overgrown track . My heart was beating like mad as I entered the dark passageway. After about ten yards it opened out to a row of garages. There was one street lamp that gave enough light for me to realise the garages were not used anymore. The place was littered with old tyres and car parts. I couldnt see Ann anywhere. Then I heard the noise again. I must admit I was very frightened, but I had to find my daughter. For my own safety I didn't want to be seen, so I made my way to the back of the garages and sneaked along till there was a small alleyway between the blocks. I heard the noise more clearly now. I knew someone was in the alleyway. I slowly peeked around the corner and to my horror I saw my daughter. She was bent over an old sofa. A man was violently fucking her. He had her by her lovely red hair giving him more leverage. She was sobbing, in a lot of distress. I heard him whisper,"you fucking slut. You love being my dirty whore dont you" I just froze. I couldnt move. The vision before me was a mother's worst nightmare. I finally stepped back against the wall my heart was pounding. I was confused ,scared. I knew I should walk out and confront him, but for some reason I stayed against the wall. I sneaked another look. The man was about to cum. He had quickened his pace. My daughter was really crying now. The shock of it all began to subside. In that dark small space a very bad thought entered my mind. Why can't I find a man who can fuck like that. He suddenly groaned and thrust forward filling my daughter with his seed. He wasnt finished though, he swung my daughter around and pushed her down to her knees. "Lick me clean bitch before you go home!" I took a sharp intake of breath when I saw his cock. The light caught the wetness. It was so fucking big. My daughters pussy juice made it shine in the available light. He rammed it into my daughters mouth still dripping with cum. I couldn't help it, I just watched. I knew I should'nt. I felt safe in my little corner. My heart was still beating like mad. But not from shock but excitement. She was still crying, but it didn't bother me at all."Suck it you little bitch" I muttered . My hand went beneath my skirt. I was dripping. Suddenly he let go of her and she ran out of the alley and disappeared. I suddenly came to my senses. An anger and a guilt overwhelmed me. I had to confront this man, report him to the police. I sneaked back the way I'd come and hid at the side of the first block. It was about three minutes before the man appeared from the alleyway. When he had just passed me I walked out and confronted him. "Excuse me I'd like a word with you"! I didn't think of the danger I was so angry. I expected him to run , but to my surprise he just turned and walked towards me. "Yes" he said. He looked me up and down and smiled. "Wow, you are so lovely!" I was surprised at his cocky attidude, it threw me a little. "That was my daughter you've just had down that alley and Im telling you, you're not going to get away with it. She's only thirteen for god's sake!" He walked up to me and smiled. "Your her mother? Fuck your far more sexy than your daughter, were you watching. Why didnt you stop it?" "I wasn't watching. I've just seem my daughter running away. She told me" "You're not a very good liar. You were watching" I was feeling weak and vulnerable and he knew it. "I'm going to the police, your going to prison!" He bent down and whispered in my ear. "I know you were watching and you liked what you saw. Don't lie. Be true to yourself. I think it's wonderful you have discovered something that really excites you. I couldn't answer. It seemed he had this power over me. An evilness I couldn't ignore. He put my hand over the crutch of his jeans. I just froze, I couldnt pull away. "You can watch me do it again, I know you want to.He bent down and kissed me . I couldn't resist, my body was being invaded, invaded with a evil pleasure. He stopped kissing me and quietly spoke."Enjoy it, dont be like all the rest" "What do you mean, all the rest?" "Fucking cowardly mothers who secretly want men like me to abuse their brats. Their heads are full of thoughts and fantasies they keep hidden because society condemn's it. Im going to fuck your daughter again and your going to watch!" "You'r so wrong I whispered, trying to keep my voice steady. I'm keeping her at home from now on, your not going near her!" He kissed me again, his tongue going deep in my mouth sending waves of pleasure through me, I couldn't resist. He grabbed me around the waist.Pulling me into his strong arms. Id never felt anything like it. "Watching her being fucked excited you didn't it?" I melted and gazed into his evil blue eyes. "Yes" I replied giving in to the pleasure. My breathing was heavy as I began to move my hand on his crutch I felt his cock begin to harden. Something had happened to me. In that strange place I craved this man. I started to unzip him . I whispered very quietly in his ear. " I want to see you fuck my daughter again" I released his wonderful cock from his jeans, stroking it gently as we kissed passionately. I was now totally out of control. I dropped to my knees and gazed at the cock that had just fucked my daughter. I looked up at him and smiled. "When are you seeing her again" I asked. He grinned. "Sunday at the same time and Im going to rape her holes just for you baby" I licked my lips and smiled. then slowly began to lick the length of the cock that ten minutes earlier had raped my daughter's pussy. "Oh wow baby you are good!" I was so turned on, I'd never felt anything like it. I took his cock deep in my mouth savouring the taste. Was I tasting my daughters juices? It all added to the depraved perverted situation. I orgasmed right there on my knees. The evil had took over me, I began to lick and suck his balls, worshipping this massive cock. He looked down on me and groaned. "Baby Im going to cum soon,are you going to be here on sunday?" I wrapped my hand round his cock. and without hesitating answered his question. "Yes I'll be here watching you fuck my daughter!! He groaned again and his cock twitched in my hand. I quickly took him in my mouth again wanting all of this evil perverted mans seed! The first wave hit the back of my throat, I began to suck him , swallowing it as it came into my mouth., he finally relaxed and I looked up at him and opened my mouth confirming I'd swallowed it all. I got to my feet three minutes later feeling very weak. I could hardly stand. I certainly couldn't walk. He was breathing heavy enjoying the pleasure of his orgasm. "Tell me I asked, how did you get to know my daughter?" I was still stroking his cock still in this bubble of evil. "Was you blackmailing her?" He smiled. "Yes, I chatted to her on social media. She wanted to borrow some money for a new phone, so I met her and gave her some cash. She said there was no way her mother would have paid for a new phone, so that was that. Of course she couldn't pay it back, so I took payment by fucking her. I think its a good deal. The stupid cow. I was angry with my daughter, no wonder she kept her phone hidden. Sometimes I just give up. Im a single mother, money is tight. This whole fucking mother thing is getting on my nerves. I looked at him still gently stroking him. "I think she should pay her debts, how long is it before she has paid up?" "Two more weeks, twice a week" I felt his cock begin to get hard again. fuck this man was insatiable. "Are you chatting to more girls online?" "Yes, a few" "And who is your next victim?" "I have high hopes for a girl aged seven. she seems keen" I gushed!, "A girl of seven, you fucking evil pervert!" He grabbed me again, his cock now rock hard. "You can come and watch me if you want. I perform better with an audience" He kissed me and I felt the evil begin to invade me again.I began to stroke him . "You fucking dirty bastard, fucking young girls" "Have you any more kids?" he asked. I orgasmed at the question. I knew I shouldn't of said it but I did. "Yes I have a girl of six and another aged two" "Mmmmm baby! now that is good news" I stroked him harder even though his words frightened me. "You dirty fucking sick fucker! dont you dare!" Suddenly I realised what was going on here. I came back down to earth with a bump. "Im sorry I have to go" I ran out of the garages, I heard him shout "see you Sunday!" Oh god , what have |I just done. I had to get home quickly. To be continued. Feedback :