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The author does not condone sex acts between an adult and a minor child, and if you are contemplating such acts, seek professional help, NOW! As stated before, this is ONLY a FANTASY! Part 1 is pretty much a prelude to future events, with the next chapter being much longer, although Part 1 can stand alone by itself. Now, having all that out of the way, scroll down to read the story. This is my first (of many, I hope) story, so I hope you enjoy it. "Oooohhhhhhh, Daaaaddddyyyyy! Your hard penis feels soooooooo good in my ass! I love it when you buttfuck me Daddy! Oh, yeah, just like that. Uh, uh, uh ... oh, yeah, give it to me. Shove your penis in my ass, and buttfuck me good, Daddy! Oh, oh, oh, OH YEAH! Buttfuck my ASS, Daddy!", said my daughter Katy, as I was pounding her from behind, shoving my cock up her sweet 12 year old ass, as she was pushing back at me. The squelching sounds coming from her ass, and the thwopping sounds as our bodies smacked together, as I buttfucked her on my bed, as well as the hot words coming from Katy's mouth, were really getting me hot, and making me come closer and closer to cumming. The feel of my cock sliding in and out of her tight asshole, with her anal ring clasping my cock in a vise like grip was almost too much. I didn't want to cum too soon, as I wanted this to last as long as possible. But then, Katy squealed out, "OH, DADDY! I'm gonna cum. Fuck my ass harder - harder!! Yeah, like that. I'm almost there! Keep buttfucking my ass HARD, Daddy ... uh, uh, uh, oooooooooooh - I'M CUMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!". Her whole body started to convulse as she orgasmed, causing her asshole to clamp and release my cock rapidly, milking the cum from my balls, and I erupted deep in her ass. The amazing thing that happened next, is that SHE ejaculated, too, all over my balls and groin area, completely soaking me. This had never happened before, and I was completely blown away! Katy squirted three times as she orgasmed, and then went totally limp, slumping forward onto the bed, her tight anal ring pulling me along by my still hard cock, so that I landed on top of her, and then she passed out. I lay there, hardly able to breathe, and then slipped out of her ass, as my cock deflated. As soon as I was out of her ass, I rolled off of Katy, and laid flat on my back, catching my breath ... How is it that I was buttfucking my 12 year old daughters ass, you say? It all started three years earlier, when my now ex-wife called me at work to say she was leaving me and our daughter, telling me that I was "inadequate to satisfy her needs" and that she had found someone who could, and that she was filing for divorce. She said that he didn't want any kids hanging around, so Katy could remain with me. When I asked her exactly what she meant by my not meeting her needs, she told me my cock just wasn't "good enough" any more - you see, I'm not exactly what you would consider "well endowed" - and she stated that her new lover had a much larger cock (adding insult to injury, she told me he has a 9" cock - gee, just what I needed to hear, you know?), that satisfied her EVERY time. Needless to say, I was completely devastated ... after hearing this news, I just couldn't concentrate on my work, so I told my boss I wasn't feeling well and went home early. When I got home, I found that my wife had already moved all of her things. The house seemed as empty as my heart, and I rattled around aimlessly, thinking back on all of the good times - what I thought were good times, anyway - that we had had as a family. I finally sat down in my favorite chair, too stunned to do anything more than just stare at nothing, and began to weep, mourning the loss of what I had thought was the "perfect life" - a good paying job (good enough that my wife didn't have to work, and could stay home to take care of our daughter), a beautiful, loving wife (or so I thought), a vibrant (again, or so I thought) sex life that resulted in our beautiful daughter. Now, it seemed as if it was all gone with one phone call ... I was still sitting in my chair when Katy arrived home from school, where she found me just staring off into space, not really looking at anything. Let me take a moment to describe my daughter. She's now just about 5 feet tall, with red hair, and beautiful jade green colored eyes (which she got from my soon to be ex-wife), and having entered puberty at an early age, was quite well developed for someone her age. She already has an hour glass figure, with 34D breasts (she had gone almost straight from being flat chested, and not needing a bra at all, to a 32B when this all started, seemingly over night!), long legs for her height, and a perfect, round, tight little ass, which is toned from her school activities. Anyway, when she came in that day, and found me sitting with a forlorn look on my face, she asked me what was wrong. "Daddy, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Where's Mommy?" "Katy, I have some very bad news. Your Mommy has left us to go be with another man, and has already moved out, and won't be coming back." Of course, this made Katy very upset, and as she began to cry, she ran over to me and jumped into my lap, where we hugged each other, and tried to console each other as best as we could. "Oh, Daddy ... what are we going to do?" "Honey, we'll just have to carry on as best we can, I guess. Since Mommy is gone now, I guess that makes you the woman of the house now ... do you think you can handle that?" "I think so, Daddy. I'll try to be that for you. What do I have to do?" I explained that she would have to learn to take care of herself, and the house, while I was away, and that I would teach her what she needed to do, and would help her. "Daddy, with you as my teacher, I know I can do this. You don't have to worry about a thing. I'm glad that Mommy left me to stay with you, as you're the best Daddy a girl could have. I love you Daddy!" This of course, made me start crying all over again - not from the loss of my wife, but from the willingness of Katy to take on the responsibility so readily. As I started to cry again, Katy hugged me tighter, saying, "Please don't cry Daddy. Everything will work out. You'll see. Everything will be fine." Over the months, what Katy had said turned out to be true. She learned how (with my help) to cook, and take care of the household chores, and we settled into what became a comfortable routine, sharing duties, and making the best of things. I was amazed by how fast Katy adjusted to what had happened, and how mature she seemed to become. As her 12th birthday was approaching, I decided that she deserved a special night out to celebrate. In the three years since my ex-wife had left, we had gone out to movies, and to eat out, and to other places, but not anything really special as we had before my ex-wife had left ... it just didn't seem to be the same, you know? I was beginning to feel some guilt about that, and because of all of the little special things that Katy had been doing during this time, I felt I needed to do something really special for her (not that I hadn't "paid attention" to her during this time - this just needed to be special, you know?). I asked my secretary Mary (a special woman, who Katy adored, and considered to be her 'adopted mother'), if she would be willing to do me a favor, and take my daughter shopping for some really 'nice' clothes (Katy was something of a tomboy, and usually wore jeans and pull over tops, favoring that type of clothing over dresses), to which she readily agreed. I gave Mary $1,000.00 to take Katy shopping, and asked to her to take Katy to the mall the day before her birthday (which was on a Saturday), but to not let Katy know this was from me. Mary called Katy and made the arrangements to pick her up from school that Friday. When I got home from work that night, Katy was almost giddy with happiness, but wouldn't tell me why (even though I knew why), just saying she was happy to see me come home. I didn't press, and acted as if nothing was "special". We chatted about inconsequential things during dinner, and after we had cleaned up, we went in to watch a movie on TV. Just as the movie started, Katy asked, "Daddy? Can I sit on your lap? We haven't done that in a while, and I'd really like to cuddle for a while." This was something we had done a lot of when Katy was little, but as she was developing through puberty, this was something I didn't feel "comfortable" doing anymore ... you see, all during the three years since my ex-wife had left, I hadn't been seeing anyone - not that I didn't have the desire to, or offers to, for that matter - as I just felt that I needed to be with my daughter. As a result, I hadn't had any sex since about a month before my ex-wife had left (I had been putting in a lot of hours at work, and was pretty beat when I got home, and my ex-wife had given me "reasons" - little did I know at the time! - why she didn't feel like it either), having to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. Because of my self imposed "celibacy", I was getting more than a little horny, desiring some female companionship, and because Katy was turning into quite the little knockout, I really didn't trust myself to not react if I let her sit on my lap. But when she asked me if she could, and gave me that little pouty look of hers that she knew I couldn't resist, I gave in, and said she could. Katy then climbed up on my lap and snuggled in, wiggling her tight little ass on my groin, and grabbing both of my hands, pulled my arms around her, leaned her head on my shoulder, and placed my hands in her lap, pressing down with her hands on top of mine. At first, I was a bit nervous, but soon Katy settled down, and I was able to relax. After a short while, however, Katy began to squirm a little, and as I hadn't felt female flesh in such intimate closeness in a long time, my cock began to stir. I began to panic, hoping she wouldn't feel my cock getting harder, and was also more than a little mortified that I was becoming aroused by my own daughters body pressing against my groin. Then Katy said, "Daddy, I'm a little too warm, so I'm going to go up and change out of these clothes. Is that ok with you, Daddy?" "Sure, honey - I don't mind." It was a relief to me when Katy jumped up out of my lap to go change. I was sure she felt my cock getting hard under her ass, and I knew she probably knew what it was. (We had made sure Katy was informed about sex, and the mechanics of the sex act, when she was younger.) As she got up, she was still holding my hands, and she managed to brush my hands across both of her breasts. Although it was a fleeting caress, I was amazed at how firm her breasts were - which only made my cock get harder! As she left the room, I got up to grab a pillow from the couch to put in my lap, and tried to put this out of my mind. Fortunately, the movie we were watching was an action-adventure movie, and I was soon engrossed in what was on the screen, which let my cock settle down. About ten minutes later, however, I received a huge shock when Katy returned. She was wearing a very revealing little baby doll nightie, that was completely see through, and wasn't wearing anything under it! My jaw dropped open, and I just stared - I couldn't help it! Here was my beautiful little 11 year old daughter wearing a see through nightie, and I could see everything! "Do you like it, Daddy? Mary got it for me at the mall." As she was saying this, she spun around, showing me her back side. "Uhhh ... ummm ... wow! That sure is, um, nice, honey, but don't you think you should have something on underneath it?" "But why, Daddy? Nobody else is here to see me - just you! I don't mind you seeing me in this. Can I sit in your lap again, Daddy? Please?" "Uhm ... I'm not sure that's really a good idea, honey ..." "Why, Daddy? I want to - please?" "Well, honey ... for one thing, you're practically naked ... " "Oh, Daddy. You've seen me naked lots of times! You used to give me my bath when I was little!" "Um ... well, um, that was different, honey." "How, Daddy?" (I swear she was beginning to smile, enjoying seeing me "sweat"! Little did I know at the time, but she had planned this all out!) "Well, honey, you were a lot smaller ..." "You mean, not developed yet?" Katy giggled. "Well, honey, yeah." "Are you afraid of what might happen if I sit on your lap wearing this, Daddy?" "Well, honey, yeah." (brilliant repartee on my part, at this point, was beyond me) "Oh, Daddy, don't be silly. Nothing's going to happen. Here, let me sit on your lap." Having said that, Katy proceeded to do just that. I was helpless to resist at this point. As Katy began to sit down, she grabbed the pillow from my lap, and before I could grab it from her, she tossed it on the couch, out of reach. I really began to sweat now! Katy again grabbed my hands, and brought my arms around her body, and in the process managed to brush my hands across her breasts before placing my hands in her lap again. Her nipples felt hard in the brief moment I had touched them. Something else was getting hard, too, as my cock stirred back to life, nestling in the crack of my 11 year old daughters ass! Katy wiggled around some, but soon settled back, and said nothing about my cock being hard. She turned her attention to the movie, and with a smirky little smile on her face, sighed in contentment. This is how we stayed until the end of the movie - her ass on top of my hard cock, and her hands clasping mine, pressing them into her crotch, which was hot! When the movie ended, Katy leaned forward to stretch, and in the process pressed her ass tighter against my cock, and gave it a wiggle. "Daddy, this has been wonderful, sitting on your lap, but I'm getting sleepy now, so I'm going to go to bed. Are we doing anything tomorrow, Daddy?" "Hmmmm ... maybe." "Daddy! Don't tease me like that! Are we, Daddy, are we?" "Hmmmm ... well, we'll just have to see, honey. Why? Is tomorrow special for some reason?" "DADDY! It's my BIRTHDAY tomorrow! You didn't forget, did you?!" "Oh, yeah ... it IS your birthday tomorrow, isn't it? Well! I guess we'll just have to do something then, after all!" When I said that, Katy let out a big squeal of happiness, and hugged me tightly. I was definitely aware of her firm tits pressed against my chest, and could feel her nipples boring into my chest. Katy began kissing me all over my face, thanking me excitedly. Then she decided to get up off of my lap, and when she did, she pressed her hand right into my crotch, right on top of my hard cock as she stood up. I was stunned! Here was my little daughter copping a feel of her daddy's cock! I hoped it was inadvertent, but I wasn't sure. "Good night, Daddy. I love you!" "Good night, honey. I love you too." As Katy turned to leave the room, I couldn't help watching her ass sway (was that sway a little more pronounced than usual?) as she started to walk up stairs to go to bed. As she got to the stairs, she suddenly turned around and looked me right in the eye. Caught! Man, here I am, ogling my own daughters cute little ass, and she catches me doing it! She just smiled, and continued on her way up the stairs, and didn't say anything. I sat in my chair, my thoughts swirling around my head. On one hand, I had been extremely aroused by having her body pressed so close to mine, especially in that outfit, but on the other hand, I was feeling ashamed about how I felt, and how I couldn't control my reactions. I was more than just a little confused. How could I feel like that? Why did I let her keep that nightie on, and not make her go change into something more concealing? I sat for some time just thinking about what had happened, but came to no resolution. I soon began to feel tired, and decided to go up to bed. As I was getting to the top of the stairs, I thought I heard some noises coming from Katy's room, and decided to see what was up. When I got closer to her room, I could see that her door was partially open, and that her light was still on. I was about to go into her room to tell her to go to sleep, when I heard her moan. Thinking that she might be ill, I started to push open her door, but stopped at the sight that greeted my disbelieving eyes! Katy was totally naked, laying on her bed, with her legs spread about as far as she could get them, with two fingers of one hand buried in her sweet looking hairless pussy, and two fingers of her OTHER hand buried in her ass! She was pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy and ass, alternating hands - when one went in, the other pulled out - and moaning, "Oh, Daddy ... it feels SO GOOD! Yeah, just like that! Fuck my pussy, Daddy! FUCK my ASS, Daddy! Harder! Ohhhhh ... Daddy, make me cum! Do me, Daddy!!! Ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ... I'm gonna cum ... um, yeah ... oh, yeah I like it up my ass and pussy at the same time ... OHHHH .... AHHHHIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Her body thrashed and bucked as she was finger fucking herself in both her pussy and her ass - while I stood just outside her door with my jaw practically on the floor, and my cock throbbing hotly in my pants - and then she came. HARD! Her body went totally rigid, her ass lifted high off the bed, the fingers of both her hands plunging frantically in and out of both her pussy and her ass. A bright red blush had come to her chest and traveled up across her face, and I could see her pussy juice flowing out, dripping down onto her bed, thoroughly soaking her sheets. Her orgasm lasted what seemed like "forever", but was probably a good 30 seconds or so. She began to relax, and her body slowly fell back to the bed, as her orgasm waned. She slowly pulled her fingers out of her ass, and gently caressed her pussy in the afterglow of her orgasm. I was mesmerized by what I saw - I had never seen anyone come that hard before! But, what had really shocked me was that she was fantasizing about ME! I quietly left before she realized I had been there watching, and quickly went to my room, where I stripped as fast as I could, and pounded my cock rapidly. It didn't take long, with the image of my own daughter masturbating seared into my memory, for me to shoot my own cum, in long thick ropes, arching out to splatter on the carpet. I had never come so hard in my life! Feeling a bit faint, I quickly laid on my bed, and was soon fast asleep. As I slept, I dreamed - about Katy - and when I woke up in the morning, I again had a raging hard on. I decided that I would head for the bathroom to take "matters in hand", and slipped on my robe. As I was passing Katy's room, I heard her call out to me. "Daddy? Are you up now?" "Yes, honey - I'm headed for the bathroom." "Could you come here for a minute, please? I hurt a muscle last night somehow. Could you rub it for me, please?" "But honey, I have to go to the bathroom - can it wait for a few minutes?" "But it hurts, Daddy! Could you rub it for me now, please? Please? Just for a few minutes? Please, Daddy?" With only my robe covering me, and with a hard on as well, I was more than a little reluctant to go in, but she has always had a way of getting me to do things for her, and this was another one of those times. She did sound as if she was in pain, so how could I refuse? "Alright, honey. Here I come." When I entered her room, she was laying on her bed face down, with the covers only up to her waist. She was looking toward the door as I entered, and only having a robe on, my cock was tenting out the front, so I knew she would be getting an eyeful. Although she didn't say a word about it, I could see she was staring intently at the tented front of my robe caused by my cock, and I could see a slight blush come to her cheeks. Finally she tore her eyes away from my crotch area, and looked me in the eye. "Oh, thank you, Daddy. I know I can sometimes make things hard for you (was there a little extra stress on the words "things" and "hard"?), but I'm really sore, and need you to rub me to make me feel better." "Oh, that's ok, honey. Where do you hurt?" "The inside of my thigh, Daddy. Here, I'll show you. It's sore, right here." And with that, she pulled the covers completely off, revealing the fact that she was completely naked, but stayed laid out on her stomach. She reached back with her hand, and spreading her legs a little, put her hand on her thigh, about an inch from the crease of her ass and the top of her leg. When she uncovered herself, I was presented with one of the most gorgeous asses I had ever seen (yeah I got to see it last night, but it was partially covered), which made me begin to sweat again, but I really began to sweat when she spread her legs. I could just see the lower portion of her pussy, and could see that her pussy lips were protruding about an inch, and could see that they were slightly parted, and what I thought was a slight glisten, as if she was getting wet! Needless to say my cock lurched at the sight! "Here, Daddy, I'll move over a little so you can sit on the bed. That way, you'll be able to reach everywhere more easily." Katy slid over, making room for me, and almost in a trance, I sat down, facing her feet, with my back turned toward her face. "No, Daddy. Sit the other way - I want to see you while you rub me down there. Come on, turn around, Daddy, please?" I very slowly stood back up, holding my robe closed in front of me, and sat back down facing my daughter. My hands were shaking some, and so to delay what seemed to be the inevitable, I said, "By the way - happy birthday, honey! You're 12 years old now. Do you feel like a grown up woman, yet?" "Thank you, Daddy! Yes, I do feel like a grown up woman, in a way - but not completely yet. Could you start rubbing me, down there, now, please?" (was there a little extra emphasis on "rubbing me, down there"?) "Oh, sorry, of course I can honey ..." I replied with a slight tremor in my voice. I placed my hand on her leg, about midway between her knee and butt cheek, and began to lightly rub my hand in a circle. I was taken by how firm and toned her thigh was, but I shouldn't have been surprised considering how active my (now) 12 year old daughter is. "Daddy! Use both hands, and higher. I'm sore higher up on my leg!" "Oh ... um ... sorry. Here, is this better?" I placed my other hand on her leg, and using both hands now, began to massage her leg a little higher than where I had started. I wasn't ready to go any higher quite yet, though. Katy was beginning to squirm a little, obviously enjoying what I was doing, but she wasn't satisfied yet, and said, "Mmmmm, ohhhh Daddy. That feels SO good, but you aren't close enough to where I want you to rub me yet. Move your hands higher on my leg, please? I'm still sore and need you to rub me down there, in the right spot, ok?" Without saying a word, and not quite knowing where this was leading, I obliged my daughter, and moved my hands further up her thigh, rubbing as I went. As I moved my hands higher, Katy began to moan, and purr her satisfaction, mumbling for me to go higher. Also as I moved my hands higher, she would spread her legs a little bit more, the higher I went. I looked at my daughters face, and noticed her eyes were shut, and she had what could only be described as a "cat that ate the canary" smile, which got broader the higher up her thigh I went. As I got closer and closer to the bottom of her butt cheek, I began to detect that particular odor that lets a man know when a woman is aroused. I could smell my daughters pussy! In confirmation that my daughter was indeed aroused, when I finally got as close as I dared, I felt that the inside of her thigh was wet - and not just damp, but really wet! As my fingers moved through the moisture coating the inside of her thigh, Katy moaned out, "Ohhhhhhhhh, YES! OH, DADDY, that feels SO GOOD! Higher, though, Daddy, PLEASE? Touch me higher, Daddy!" Being the loving father I am, and not able to refuse my daughter, I did as she asked, my nervousness gone by this point, and reached higher up the inside of her thigh until my fingers touched the forbidden fruit of her sopping wet pussy. When I did, Katy sucked in a breath, spread her legs really wide, and moaned out, "OHHHHH, DADDY! YES, RIGHT THERE! Oh, that feels ... ohhhhhh sooooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddddd! Keep rubbing me, Daddy ... yeah, like that ... uhhh uhhh uhhh" I had totally lost it by then, and had pushed two fingers into my daughters extremely wet pussy, and was pushing in and out, slowly building up speed. Katy's hips were pushing back, and as I pushed my fingers into her sopping wet pussy, she'd let out a little grunt, and as I pulled my fingers out, she'd mewl, and push her hips back trying to get my fingers back in her dripping pussy. As I continued to finger fuck my daughter (I couldn't believe this - I WAS FINGER FUCKING MY OWN DAUGHTERS SOPPING WET PUSSY!!!), my robe began to open, letting my cock loose. It was standing almost straight up, and throbbing hard by this time, and then I heard Katy gasp out, "OH, DADDY! You have a BEAUTIFUL COCK! Can I touch it, Daddy, please? I want to feel your cock with my hand, Daddy." I was shocked "back to reality" by my daughters words, and looked at her staring at my cock with lust in her eyes, as I continued to fuck my fingers in and out of her pussy. When she reached out and grasped my cock, it was all I could do to keep from blasting my cum right then. She slowly began to run her hand up and down my cock, and said, "Oh, Daddy! It's so hard! And HOT! Does it feel good when I rub it, Daddy?" "Oh, baby ... we better stop, or we'll get in trouble. What we're doing isn't right!" "DADDY! Don't stop, please?! Why isn't this right? Don't we love each other? How can we get in trouble?" Katy continued to jack me off, while I had stopped finger fucking her pussy, but had left my fingers buried there. "Honey, what we're doing is called incest, and it's against the law. If anyone found out, I'd go to jail, and they'd take you away, and we'd never see each other again!" "Daddy, how would anyone find out? I'll NEVER tell ANYBODY, so how would they find out? Would YOU TELL? Daddy, I love you, and I want to be the woman of the house in EVERY way, and make you happy. I've heard you at night when you were crying because you were lonely. You have never gone on a date since she left, and I know you've been miserable at times. Won't you let me REALLY take care of you Daddy? I WANT to do this - I LOVE YOU, and I want YOU to want to do this, TOO! Please, Daddy? I'll do anything to make you happy, Daddy - ANYTHING!" As Katy was saying this, my cock had begun to soften, and when she noticed that it was, she said, "Oh, Daddy ... you're getting soft. I heard of a way to get you hard again that I want to try - 'cause I DO want you HARD, Daddy!" And with that, she got off the bed, kneeled between my legs and parted my robe. Grasping my now almost completely soft cock in her little hands, she quickly bent her head, stuck out her tongue, and began to gently lick the head of my cock, which began to revive. Looking down at my naked 12 year old daughter on her knees between my legs, with her legs slightly spread so I could clearly see her aroused hairless pussy, and her nipples two hard points sticking out a good half inch from her 34D tits, soon had my cock as hard as I've felt it in a long time. "I guess you really do like it when your little 12 year old girl licks your penis, don't you, Daddy? Is that what you call it, Daddy? Your penis? I like that word - penis. I like your penis, too, especially now that it's a hard penis. I'm going to make your penis feel good now Daddy, by licking it all over, and then I'm going to put the head (?) (I nodded) of your penis in my mouth. Would you like me to put your penis in my mouth, Daddy?" I was totally lost now, all moral and legal considerations not mattering any more. I looked down at Katy as she was licking my cock, looking me in the eyes, and could only nod my head. When I did, she squealed with glee, and promptly began licking my cock with enthusiasm, and gently fondling my balls. Then she placed her lips over the head of my cock, and while looking up at me, began to slide more and more of my cock into her mouth. As the head of my cock touched the back of her mouth, she gagged a bit, and pulled off, choking a little. "You don't have to take too much, honey. Just what's comfortable for you, ok?" "Was I doing it right, Daddy? I want to make you feel good." "Oh yes, baby - that felt wonderful. Would you like to do it some more? I'd really like it if you would." "Oh, Daddy, can I? I liked having your penis in my mouth, sliding across my tongue. It feels so neat in my mouth. Is there anything else I should be doing?" "Yes, there is honey. When you get my cock back in your mouth, try sucking on it while you move your mouth up and down on my cock. Kind of like it was a pop-sickle, ok?" "I'd love to suck on your "pop-sickle", Daddy - ANY time! Daddy, are you going to have an orgasm soon? I've never seen a man have an orgasm - what's it like? I know that a man "ejaculates semen", but I don't know what that really means." Slurp, slup, slurp sounds were being made by Katy's mouth as she began sucking in earnest. "Honey, I'm getting real close to an orgasm, because you are doing such a terrific job sucking my cock. Ohhh, that feels so good! Yes, lick around the base of the head ... yes, just like that, ahhhh ahhhh oh, yeah! When I cum, white fluid is going to shoot out the end of my penis, in spurts. Would you like to try something? Oooooo that's nice, baby!" "What, (slurp, slup) Daddy?" "Would you like to feel what it's like to have a man cum in your mouth? It feels real good to the man, and usually, the woman likes it too, and will even swallow the man's cum. Would you like to try that for Daddy?" "Ooooooo, Daddy (slurp, slup), that sounds (slurp, slup) really neat! Yes, I want to (slurp, slup) try that. Would you (slurp, slup) please cum in (slurp, slup) my mouth, Daddy? (slurp, slup)" Katy then really "got busy", sucking my cock harder and harder, and amazingly enough, getting more and more of my cock in her hot, wet, little mouth, the whole time looking up at me to see my reaction. "Get ready honey ... oooooooo that's gooooooood ... uhh uhh uhh yeah yeah Daddy's going to CUMMMM!!!!!!" And I did, right into my daughters hot, sucking mouth. The first spurt came just as the head of my cock was the farthest back in her mouth, and went straight down her throat, which made her choke and gag, and pull back. But she never let me out of her mouth, even though the first load caught her by surprise, and kept sucking and swallowing each load as I pumped and pumped my sperm into her mouth. As my spurts lost steam, and my cock began to shrink, Katy kept right on sucking, trying to get every last drop out of my cock. There were a couple of dribbles of cum from the corners of her mouth, and when she finally let my cock slip from her mouth, I used my finger to wipe up the dribbles and fed them to my eager daughter. "Oh, DADDY! I LOVE the taste of your CUM!!! I want to drink MORE of your cum, too! Can we do that again, please?" I was pretty well spent, although my cock was still semi-hard. "Honey, a man has to rest between times after he cums, so it'll be a little while. But, there are some things we can do while we're waiting. Here, you get up on the bed now, and lay down on your back. Spread your legs for Daddy - I want to see your sweet little pussy." Katy hopped up on the bed, and hesitated a moment before spreading her legs, and blushed a little. "Daddy, I'm a little embarrassed ... I don't have any hair down there yet. Does that mean I can't be a real woman for you, Daddy?" "Katy, Katy, Katy. There is absolutely no reason in the world for you to be embarrassed about that at all. Come on, let Daddy see, ok?" Katy moved her hands, and slowly began to spread her legs for me. As her legs got farther apart, I was greeted with one of the most beautiful pussy's I've ever seen (ok, so I'm biased, so what)! Her pussy lips were red, wet, really distended, and were gaping apart. I could see pussy juice running out and down the crack of her ass. The best part of all, though, was that Katy's pussy was completely hairless - not shaved - but absolutely NO HAIR! She hadn't begun to grow any hair yet, which considering her body's development in other ways, was a bit odd - but REALLY EXCITING FOR ME! My cock began to grow again at the sight of my daughters luscious ripe, and sopping wet pussy. "Daddy! You're getting hard again. Does that mean you like my pussy?" "So much so, baby, that I'm going to kiss it, and lick it until you cum, just to show you how much I REALLY LIKE IT!", and I proceeded to do just that. First, I planted little kisses on her mons, and licked up the pussy juice that was smeared there, and then I moved down to lick and kiss the crease of her thighs, which elicited a moan from Katy. Then I started licking my way down over the curve of her ass cheeks, gathering up all the juice that had leaked out of her pussy. Katy's hips were moving, trying to get my tongue closer to her pussy, but I wasn't ready to go there just yet. I placed my hands under the back of her thighs, and pushed her legs up and out, so I could have better access to her ass crack, and started licking my way up and down her ass crack, getting closer and closer to her anus. "Ooooh, Daddy! What are you DOING? That feels soooooo gooooood!!!" Not wanting to neglect her pussy any more (not to mention, cause any health problems for my 12 year old daughter), I avoided licking her anus for the time being (planning on getting back to that later), and began licking my way back up towards her pussy. I licked around her opening for a bit, which got her hips moving even more. Then I moved to her outer lips, being careful to not get near her clit. "Oh, DADDY! Your tongue feels wonderful! Lick me more! Lick me MORE! Lick my PUSSY, DADDY!!!!!" Katy's hips were really gyrating now, making it a little difficult for me to do that, so I wrapped my arms around the tops of her thighs, and pinned her to the bed, and plunged my tongue as far as I could into her bald little pussy, and licked my way from bottom to top, giving her clit the first swipe of my tongue, causing Katy to flex her hips as hard as she could into my face. "AAHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYY!!!! UNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!!! I'm CUMMING!!!!!!" And cum she did, too! Her whole body went rigid, and her juices flowed copiously from her delicious little hairless 12 year old pussy - the best I've EVER tasted - which I tried frantically to lick up. Her orgasm seemed to last for hours, but was probably only about 30 seconds. I didn't give her a chance to relax, either, but kept licking at her pussy, shoving my tongue in and out, and then I moved to her clit, and swiped my tongue back and forth, finally sucking it into my mouth, causing Katy to shriek again. Her body trembled and bucked against my face, and then she went totally limp. I continued to lick her pussy, but gently now, allowing her to come down slowly from her peak, and then I began placing gentle kisses all over her pelvic area, slowly moving up her body. Meanwhile, my cock had come back to life, and was as hard as I've ever been. Eating my 12 year old daughters hairless pussy was SUCH a turn on, I couldn't believe it! When I reached her tits, I saw that her eyes were closed, and she had a contented smile on her face, and her upper chest and face were flushed the prettiest rosy pink color. She was breathing hard still, trying to catch her breath. "How did you like that, sweetie?" I asked. "Oh, Daddy. I never felt anything like that before in my LIFE! That felt SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! You can do that to me ANY time you want to! That is ... if you want to, Daddy ... you don't have to ..." I interrupted Katy to say, "Baby, baby, baby. I absolutely LOVED eating your pussy! You taste SO GOOD! Why would you think I wouldn't want to bring you pleasure that way?" "But Daddy! Doesn't the fact that I have no hair there yet bother you? I mean ... doesn't having hair make someone a REAL woman?" "Oh, Katy. The vary fact that you DON'T have hair there is what really turns me on! I LOVE the fact that you are hairless! As a matter of fact, I would really like it, once you do start to grow hair there, if you'd let me shave it off and keep your gorgeous little pussy bare." "Do you really mean that, Daddy? You really LIKE it bare???" "Oh, yes, baby, I really do mean it! Men, especially me, like pussies with no hair." "But why, Daddy?" "So we can see, and lick, and touch pussies better. Men like being able to see their woman's pussy, especially one as pretty as yours!" "Oh. OK, Daddy ... if you like it this way, I'll let you keep it this way. My pussy is only for you Daddy." As we were having this little conversation, Katy and I were cuddled up, giving each other little kisses and caresses. As Katy was moving her hands over my body, her hand moved down to my groin area, and the she felt my hard cock, and began stroking it slowly. "Mmmm, Daddy. Your penis is hard again. I guess you really DO like my little bald pussy. I like your penis, too, Daddy, especially when it's hard! Would you like me to suck your penis Daddy, and make you cum again? I liked sucking your penis, Daddy, and your cum tasted really, mmmmm, good!" "Not right now, baby. I have something else in mind." "OH, DADDY!!! Are you going to put your penis in me now? Are you going to fuck YOUR sweet little 12 year old daughters bald, hairless pussy??? Oh, PLEASE, Daddy? Can we FUCK now Daddy??? PLEASE????", Katy responded excitedly. "That's what I had in mind, honey, but you need to know that the first time might hurt a little bit ..." "Oh, I know all about that Daddy, but you don't have to worry. You see, I already broke my hymen a long time ago. Remember when I had that accident on my bike when I was ten, and had to go to the doctor?" "Yes, I do ..." "Well, he said that my hymen was partially torn, and that I might get an infection if he left it that way, so he removed the rest of it." "OK. But you're still kind of small, so the first time might still be a little painful ..." "Oh, Daddy. I've been waiting for this day for a long time now, and have been practicing!" "Practicing? How?" "Yep! One day, when I was over at Mary's house, she was showing me some new clothes she had just bought, and we were in her bedroom. As I was waiting for her to come out of her walk in closet, I happened to look around her room, and saw her bedside table drawer was open, and saw something there I'd never seen before. I went over to the table, and saw this thing in her drawer that was long and skinny, and picked it up to look at it. It was smooth, and shiny, and had a little knob on the end, which I turned, and it started to vibrate! I was surprised and almost dropped it, and before I could turn it off, and put it away, Mary came out and saw me holding it. I thought she was going to be mad at me, but she just smiled, and asked me if I had ever seen one before. I told her no, and asked her what it was, and what it was for. Mary told it was a vibrator, or dildo, and said it was for women to give themselves pleasure, when a man wasn't around. I asked her what she meant, Daddy, and she got this funny look on her face, and said that it would be easier to show me than tell me. Then she started to get naked!!" I was stunned! This was a side of Mary I wasn't aware of, but was REALLY exciting at the same time! I asked Katy, "And then what did she do?" "Well, once she got naked, she laid down on her bed, and had me sit on the bed near her hips, and told me to watch. Daddy, she had her legs spread WIDE OPEN, and I could see her PUSSY!!! She has really big boobs, too, with really long nipples like mine, Daddy! OH! And she has only a little bit of hair just above her pussy! I thought that since she is older that she'd have a LOT of hair down there, but she told me she keeps herself shaved - you must be RIGHT, then Daddy, about women's pussies being better without hair! Anyway, she started to rub the dildo all over her body, and especially over her boobs ..." "Call them tits, honey" "Tits? Oh, ok Daddy ... anyway, she was rubbing the dildo all over, and like I said especially over her boo ... I mean, tits, and her nipples, which got really hard, and HUGE! She started to moan, and make funny little gasping sounds, and then she moved the dildo down to her pussy, and rubbed the tip all around. I started to get tingly feelings in my pussy, Daddy, as what she was doing was really starting to get me excited!" I was really starting to get hot hearing what Katy was describing, and asked her, "What did she do then?" "She brought the dildo up to her mouth, Daddy, and started to lick it all over - like what I did to your penis - and then she put it into her mouth!!! I asked her why she was doing that, and she said that she was getting it wet, so it would go in easier. When I asked her what she meant by that, she just told me to watch. She then stopped licking it, and then put it right IN TO HER PUSSY, DADDY!!! I was, like, soooooo surprised!!! But I was also VERY excited by it too, and could feel that I was getting really wet! Then she started to move it in and out, and she was moaning really loud now. She told me she was really excited having me watch her fuck herself with the dildo. Her hips were really moving a lot, too, Daddy, and she began to move the dildo in and out of her pussy really fast - oh, by the way, she got REALLY wet, Daddy! I could see her pussy juice running out, and down her butt crack! - making these slurping squishing noises as it moved in and out of her pussy, and then she screamed - which really scared me! - and her whole body tensed up, and shivered! Her eyes even rolled up, Daddy, so all I could see were the white parts! After a little while, she relaxed, and smiled at me. I asked her what happened, and she told me she came - had an orgasm - and I asked her what that was. She said she felt REALLY GOOD, and asked me if I wanted her to show me, and I said I guess so, and she told me that I had to get naked, too." I gasped when she said that, and was really getting HOT by Katy's story. I asked Katy, "So, what did you do?" "I got naked, too, silly! I wanted to feel really good, too. As I was starting to take off my top, Mary said "Let me help you.", so I let her take off the rest of my clothes. As she was doing that, she would caress, and KISS - I had never been kissed by a girl before, and at first, it felt kind of weird, but then it felt really GOOD! - each part of my body when it was bare. Pretty soon, Daddy, I was feeling tingly ALL OVER, and my pussy was DRIPPING WET! I could feel my juices running down my legs! I had NEVER been that wet before, Daddy!", Katy gasped. I could tell that she was getting really excited by telling me her story, and told her to go on. "When I was all naked, Mary told me I had a really beautiful body, which made me blush. She said she especially liked my thick pussy lips, and began to touch me all over down there. That really felt good, Daddy, and I was SO tingly, and hot! I didn't know what was happening, but didn't want it to end, either! Mary had me lay down on my back, and she spread my legs wide open, which embarrassed me, because nobody had ever done that to me before. She stared at my pussy, Daddy, and licked her lips, saying over and over what a precious little pussy I had. Then she bent down, and using her fingers, pulled my pussy lips apart, which made me feel really weird, but good at the same time, and looked into my pussy. Then she put her FINGER IN MY PUSSY, Daddy, and I jerked, it felt SO GOOD! I had touched myself there before, but it never felt THAT good! She then slowly pushed her finger up into my pussy, and moved it around, feeling the inside. I was moaning now, Daddy, from the feelings she was giving me from putting her finger up my little pussy! I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was making sure I was wet, and seeing if there were any "problems" there, as she didn't want to hurt me. Daddy, she was so gentle, I told her it didn't hurt at all, that it felt really good! Then she picked up the dildo, and started to rub it all around my pussy lips, and up over my clit, which made me REALLY jerk a lot! Then, she turned the vibrator on, and I started jerking all over the place! OH, DADDY that felt SO GOOOOOOOOOOD!" As Katy was telling me this part, her hips started to move up and down, and she gripped my cock in her fist - almost TOO hard - and was panting now, and moaning in between words. I told her to go on - I was starting to pant now, myself, this story being so hot! Katy went on, "Then she began to slowly push the dildo into my pussy, Daddy. It hurt a little at first, but Mary stopped for a minute when she saw me wince, and told me to just relax, that the pain would go away, and it DID! When it did, I told Mary to continue, and she pushed more of the dildo into my little pussy, a little at a time. Mmmmmm, Daddy, that dildo was really feeling GOOD, and then even better when Mary started to pull it out, and then push it back into my pussy. She started slowly, and then began to go faster. I started to see stars, and was having trouble catching my breath, and then, something exploded in me Daddy! I couldn't move at all, and was shaking all over, and then went totally limp! Mary slowed down, and then stopped moving the dildo in and out of my pussy, and finally took it out, and began caressing me all over, Daddy. When I could breath again, I opened my eyes and looked at Mary. She had a big smile on her face, and asked me if I liked that. I told her that I LOVED it, and asked her if I had cum, and she said that I certainly did! "After that day, Daddy, I went over to see Mary as often as I could, so we could do that some more! Soon, she had me use the dildo on her, too, and then one day, she had me put some stuff on it, and told me to put it in her butt!!! I wasn't sure about that, as it seemed really nasty, but she said it felt really good, and that she liked it a lot, so I did. She came really fast that time, Daddy! After she was done, she started to lick me all over, and sucked on my nipples for the first time. I almost came when she did that, and she hadn't even touched my pussy yet, Daddy! I found out that I have really sensitive nipples, and like it when they're sucked. Would you like to suck my nipples, Daddy? Please??? I'd like that." What's a father to do when his daughter asks him to do something that he REALLY wants to do, but do it? So I said, "Sure, honey, I'll suck your nipples - you just keep telling me what you and Mary did, ok?", and began to suck, nibble, and kiss her nipples, going back and forth between the two of them. "Oh, Daaaaddddyyyyy!", Katy gasped. "That's it, suck my nipples! Ooooooooo, yesssssssss!" After a brief moment of enjoying what I was doing to her tits, she started back up with her story. "After Mary sucked my tits for a while, she moved down my body, licking everywhere. When she got to my belly button, she made me giggle, 'cause it tickled. Then she moved past my pussy - which made me groan ... oh, YES, DADDY! Oooooo, your finger feels GOOD on my pussy!!! OH, finger my PUSSY, DADDY ... YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Ungh, ungh, ungh ... oh, oh, yes, yes! - and (gasp) licked her (gasp) way down my leg, and then sucked on my toes (gasp!), which tickled, but felt so good, too, and then started up my other leg, licking harder as she got closer to my pussy. But before she got to my pussy, she stopped, and told me to roll over on my stomach! I didn't want to, 'cause I wanted her to lick my pussy, but I rolled over like she asked. She then pulled at my hips, and told me to raise up on my knees, and then spread my legs, which I did. Daddy, she was ... OOOOOOOOH, Yes! Stick your finger in my PUSSY, DADDY!!!! ... she was driving me crazy, just like you're doing! UNGH, yeah ... finger fuck my PUSSY, Daddy!!! Oh, that feels GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!" As Katy was telling her story, it was making me hotter than ever, and I had to do something! So, I started to pet her sweet, hairless, 12 year old pussy, running my fingers up and down her pussy lips, and then put my index finger in, and started moving it around, and in and out, while still sucking on her nipples. I could hardly believe how HUGE her nipples were - I was lovin' it!! After a few moments, Katy continued her story. "When I was up on my knees, with my butt sticking up in the air, Mary started rubbing all over my butt, and giving it little kisses, and little licks all over it. Mmmmm that felt good. I started pushing my butt at her face, trying to get more contact, and then she stopped. Then she bent her head down, and I felt her tongue on my pussy for the first time! Oh, Daddy, that almost made me cum right there! She was licking my lips, and shoving her tongue in and out of my pussy, and I was SO WET. I was pushing my hips back at her face, again trying for more contact, and then she sucked really hard on my clit, and I started cumming REALLY HARD! When I started to cum, she then moved up to my butt, and spreading my butt cheeks apart, she started to lick my butt hole! It made me cum even harder, Daddy!!! OH, YES! Touch my butt hole with your finger, DADDY!!!! Oooooooooo, MMMMMMMMMM, Yeah! Just like that!!! Oh, oh, oh ... Daddy! I'm gonna CUM!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Katy started to convulse, bucking all over the place, her pussy juices drenching my hand. As she was cumming, I put two fingers in her pussy - boy, is she EVER TIGHT, I thought! - and sawed them in and out, prolonging her orgasm. I soon slowed down, though, and then pulled my fingers from her sopping wet pussy, to let her calm down - I wanted to hear the rest of her story! When Katy had calmed down, she looked up at me, and said, "Mmmmmmmmm, Daddy! That was a good cum! Thank you!!! But what about you? You haven't cum for a while. Don't you want to cum, too?" "Yes, baby, I do, but I want to hear the rest of your story first. It's really hot!!" "You really like my story, Daddy? You really want me to tell you the rest?" "Please tell me the rest, baby!" "OK, Daddy. Where was I? Oh, yeah ... all the time I was cumming, Mary was licking my butt hole, which made me come SO hard! Then, just as I was coming down, she pushed her finger in, which made me come again!!! I had never had anything pushed up in there, and oh did it feel good! She started to finger fuck my butt ..." I interrupted her again, "Asshole, baby, say asshole, ok?" "OK, Daddy, she was finger fucking my ... asshole - there, I said it ... which felt weird at first, but then I liked it - A LOT! Then Mary made me come again when she put TWO fingers in my asshole! She kept pushing her fingers in and out of my ASSHOLE - I LIKE saying that Daddy, it makes me HOT! - and I started pushing my butt back as she was doing this. Then, after a little while, she stopped and pulled her fingers out of my ASSHOLE. I looked back to see what she was doing, and then I felt her sticking the DILDO in my ASSHOLE, and I came again! Oh, Daddy, I think I passed out, too, my cum was so hard! It felt SO nasty to have something in my ASSHOLE, and I liked how it felt! "After I woke up, Mary was laying next to me, softly caressing me all over, and gently kissing my back and shoulders. She asked me if I liked what she had done, and I told her I LOVED what she had done, which made her laugh. She told me that what we had been doing was good training for me for the future. I asked her what she meant by that, and she just said that I would find out, and probably soon. I think I know what she meant, now, Daddy, 'cause she trained me to be ready for YOU (although I don't think she knows that!)! I'm ready for you, Daddy ... are you ready for ME?" I was more than ready! My cock was so hard, it ached! "Daddy, you've made me come more than once, but I've only made you come once. Won't you let me show you I'm ready for you, and let me make you come again? I want to make you come so bad! Please, Daddy? I'll even let you put your penis in my ASSHOLE, Daddy ... PLEASE let me make you come, Daddy?!" And having said that, Katy rolled over on top of me, and straddling my legs, sat up and grasped my cock, and started to rub it over her pussy. "Daddy, I want to feel your penis in my sweet little HAIRLESS, 12 year old PUSSY - NOW! I want to feel you cum in me, too!" And with that, Katy lifted up, still holding my cock, placed the head at the opening to her, as she said, sweet little hairless 12 year old pussy, and sank down, engulfing my cock a little at a time, until I was buried in her pussy. We both groaned when I bottomed out, the head of my cock pressing up against her cervix (I may not be the most well endowed guy in the world, but I'm long enough, I guess!). After waiting a few moments to get used to the feeling of having a real live cock in her pussy for the first time, Katy began to slowly move herself up, pulling my cock out of her pussy, stopping only when just the head was still in, and then plunged back down, burying me once again into her TIGHT, tight pussy. Soon, she started moving faster up and down on my cock, and I started pushing up, matching her rhythm. We were soon slamming our bodies together, grunting and gasping, sweat beginning to pour off of each of us. Then Katy started to get "vocal". "Oooohhhhhhh, Daaaaddddyyyyy! Your hard penis feels soooooooo good in my PUSSY! Oh, yeah, just like that. Uh, uh, uh ... oh, yeah, give it to me. Shove your penis in my pussy, DADDY! FUCK ME!! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeee!!! OH, DADDY! I'm gonna cum. Fuck my pussy harder - harder!! Yeah, like that. I'm almost there! Keep fucking my pussy HARD, Daddy ... uh, uh, uh, ooooooooooo - I'M CUMMMMMINNNNGGGGG! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, DAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY!!!" When Katy began to come, I reached back to her ass, and plunged my finger in as deep as I could get it. Katy bucked and moaned, and frantically humped her ass at my finger, and her pussy onto my cock. Her pussy went into convulsions, which took me over the top, and shoving my cock as deep into her pussy as I could, I gushed my incestuous sperm deep into her 12 year old pussy. It was the most intense orgasm I had EVER had!! As I was pumping my cum into her pussy, Katy yelled out, "DADDY!!! You're COMING IN MY PUSSY!!! I can FEEL IT!!! Fill my PUSSY with your CUM, DADDY!!! I"M CUMMMMMINNNNGGGGG AGAIN!!!!!!!!", and then she passed out, collapsing on my chest! I couldn't believe how intensely this little 12 year old could cum! Her juices, and mine mingled together, were forced out of her pussy when she came again, and just drenched my cock! I was amazed at how much fluid we both produced! I caressed Katy as she lay on my chest, as we both came down from possibly the most intense orgasms we had both had, and just held her. When we were both breathing a little more normally, I began kissing all over Katy's face, until she opened her eyes. When she did, I kissed her on the mouth, swiping her lips gently with my tongue, until she finally got the idea, and opened her mouth. We gently moved our tongues together, at first, but then we both began to heat up, our passions rising again, which had the effect of making my cock stir, and come back to life again (surprising the heck outta me - that hadn't happened so quickly since I was a teenager!), still lodged in her pussy. "Oh, wow! Daddy! That was wonderful! I had TWO really good cums, and felt you have a good cum - it was good, wasn't it?" I nodded. "And now, I can feel your penis getting hard AGAIN! Mmmmm, I like feeling your penis getting hard in my pussy! Do you like having your hard penis in my little pussy, Daddy?" Katy asked with a sly little smirky smile. I didn't say a word, instead flexing my cock in her velvety, tight, little pussy, making it grow more, which elicited a little gasp of pleasure from my daughter. "MMMMMM, DADDY! YES!!! Make your penis hard for me again! I LOVE feeling your hard penis in my little pussy. My HOT, WET, ALL YOURS, PUSSY!!! Oh, yeah ... feels SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Daddy, can we fuck again, please? I want to feel your HOT, HARD, PENIS FUCKING me again, and again, and AGAIN. Can we, Daddy, PLEASE?" While Katy as saying this, she started to move on my cock again. Oh, man, did that feel great! But I wanted to try something else, so I stopped her, making her pout, and pulled her up until my cock slid out of her pussy. I moved Katy over next to me, still on her knees, and told her to kneel there, as I was going to fuck her, but in a different position. "OK, Daddy. Are we going to FUCK, like I think we're going to FUCK?", she panted in excitement. "I've heard of a position where the man FUCKS - I like using these nasty words, it makes me HOT - a woman from behind. Is that called "doggie" style, Daddy? Are you going to FUCK me DOGGIE style, Daddy???!!!! Please, Daddy - FUCK ME, doggie style, PLEASE????" "Yes, baby. I'm going to FUCK you doggie style!" And being behind her when I said that, I grabbed her hips, and shoved my cock into her sopping wet, hot little pussy, and began to pound her - HARD. Katy immediately got vocal again, as my groin pounded into her ass, making it jiggle. "FUCK ME, DADDY - FUCK ME DOGGIE STYLE!!!!! I LOVE IT! Uh, uh, uh ... yeah, pound me Daddy!! Pound your hard PENIS in my little PUSSY!!! Harder, Daddy, HARDER! Mmm, mmm, uh, uh, uh ... fuck me, fuck me, fuck me ... oh, my Daddy is FUCKING ME DOGGIE STYLE ... yeah, just like that, oh, oh, oh .... fuck, fuck, fuck ... FUCK, FUCK, FUCK MEEEEEE, DAAADDDDYYYYY!" The squelching sounds coming from her pussy, and the thwopping sounds as our bodies smacked together, as I fucked her on my bed, as well as the hot words coming from Katy's mouth, were really getting me hot, and making me come closer and closer to cumming. The feel of my cock sliding in and out of her tight, hairless little 12 year old pussy was almost more than I could stand! I pounded harder, and faster, as I felt my balls begin the familiar contractions, and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I wanted Katy to cum too, though, so I reached around, and rubbed my hand in her groin, collecting a lot of her pussy juice - which was everywhere! - on my fingers. When my index, and middle, fingers were covered with Katy's more than abundant pussy juice, I inserted first one finger, then the other, into her ass, and began pumping my fingers in and out, alternating with pushing my cock in and out of her pussy. This pushed her over the edge, sending her into a huge orgasm! When she started to cum, her pussy started to milk my cock, which triggered my orgasm. I spurted my cum deep in her pussy, shoving my cock as deep as I could. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, DAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY - UNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!! OH, YESSSS!!!!!!!!", Katy yelled, and then she collapsed forward, pulling herself off of my now deflating cock. I fell down next to her, panting and gasping from my exertions, feeling totally spent. "Mmmmmm, Daddy. You make me feel SO good! I love how your penis feels in my little pussy when you spurt your cum deep inside! Thank you so much, Daddy!", Katy said with a truly well-fucked and satisfied smile on her face, as she began to kiss me all over my face, and rub my chest and arms, snuggling her body against mine. All I could do was wrap my arm around her, and smile. Soon her hand traveled down to my groin area, softly grasping my spent cock. "Oh, Daddy ... you're a mess!", Katy said with a giggle. "Let me clean you up." As she said that, she moved down my body, and began to lick up our combined juices from my cock and balls, saying in between licks and soft sucks, "Mmmmm, Daddy, your cum and my pussy juice really tastes good! I LOVE eating your cum!!" As her soft lips and tongue were working over my cock and balls, I was amazed to feel my cock begin to respond - again! It began to quickly harden, and soon Katy had engulfed the head of my cock with her soft mouth, and began to slowly bob her head up and down on my cock, while softly jacking it at the same time in her little hand. "GOODY! My Daddy's penis is getting HARD again! Oh, yeah - I LOVE your penis, Daddy, especially when it's hard!", Katy squealed. Although my cock was a bit sensitive, what my sweet little 12 year old daughter was doing felt so good, I didn't want her to stop. "Daddy, I want to FUCK some more - can we? Please, Daddy?", Katy asked, as she continued to use her hand on my cock. "In a little while, honey. My cock is a little tender right now, so we have to wait ..." "But, Daddy! It's HARD again, and I want to feel it in me some more! Besides - there's one more thing we haven't done yet!" I was still a little dazed by what we HAD done, so was a little slow on the uptake, not understanding what she meant, and asked "What haven't we done yet, baby?" "Well, Daddy, you were the first man I ever gave a blow job to, and you were the first man that ever FUCKED my sweet little pussy - and you FUCKED my sweet little pussy really GOOD ..." "Yeah, so what ..." "Daddy! Let me finish, please!" "Sorry, baby ... go ahead." "Well, Daddy ...", she blushed, "No man has ever ... well ... no man has ever put their penis in my butt, I mean, my ASSHOLE, yet. I want you to do that for me, Daddy. I want you to stick your penis in my asshole, and FUCK me there. Please, Daddy? It felt real good when you finger fucked me there, so I KNOW your penis will feel even BETTER! PLEASE, Daddy? Say you'll FUCK my ASS, please, Daddy?" As she finished saying that, she once again started to suck my cock, looking up at me the whole time, with this pleading look in her eyes that she knew I was powerless to resist (which every daughter knows how to use on her Daddy!). "C'mon, Daddy", she said in between sucks, "Please say that you'll fuck my ASSHOLE?!" Since this was something I had already been thinking about, it didn't take much to convince me - especially with what she was doing to my cock! "Of course, I'll fuck your sweet little ass, baby! But there's something I need to do first, to get you good and ready. Your asshole is pretty small, and it might hurt a little, at first ..." "That's ok, Daddy. I'm used to having either my fingers, or Mary's dildo up my butt, and it doesn't hurt. And it didn't hurt when you were finger fucking me there - it just felt GOOD! I WANT you to put your penis in my asshole!" "OK, baby, I will - I promise. But what I want to do will both make it easier on both of us, and will feel good, too." "What do you want to do, Daddy? I'm already HOT for your penis ..." "Instead of me telling, you, I'll just show you. OK, baby? Turn over, like we were when we were fucking doggie style, but lay your head and chest on the bed." "Ooooo, Daddy! That sounds nasty! My sweet little butt is going to be sticking up in the air. What are you going to do, hmmm?", Katy asked as she moved into position. Once she was in position, with her sweet little 12 year old ass sticking up, I said, "This!", and began licking the backs of her thighs, and rubbing the cheeks of her ass, slowly moving my tongue up her body towards that gorgeous little ass. As I moved up, licking and kissing each ass cheek in turn, I reached under her to grasp her full tits, and began pulling, pinching and twisting on her nipples, which made Katy moan, "Oh, Daddy! That feels so good! Don't stop!" I continued to fondle her tits for a few minutes more, and then began moving my hands down her belly towards her crotch, still kissing and licking her ass cheeks. Soon, I was rubbing her pussy with both hands, gathering up a load of her pussy juice, and then moved my hands to her ass, where I rubbed her pussy juice into her skin. Returning to her pussy, I gathered more juice, and rubbed that into the crack of her ass, being careful to avoid, for now, touching her anus. Katy's hips were beginning to move now, as she pushed back at me trying to get more contact. After applying several "loads" of pussy juice to her ass, making it gleam in the soft light, I spread her ass cheeks apart, giving me access to all of her crack. I started to slowly lick up and down the crack of her ass, still avoiding touching her anus, making Katy groan in frustration, as her hips were moving faster back and forth. "Oh, DADDY! Stop TEASING ME!!! Lick my ASSHOLE, Daddy, PLEASE?" I had to stop for a moment, as my daughters plea made me chuckle. I took the time to just look at my daughters little anus. It's so pretty, and pink, and just, oh so succulent looking. I couldn't wait any more. I just HAD to lick her asshole, so I did! First, I licked around and around, rimming her hole, making her squirm, and push back with her ass. "Ooooooooooo, DADDY!!!! Oh, oh, oh, yeah ... lick my asshole, Daddy! Ungh, uh, uh, uh, ooooooooooo, that's so good! Don't stop, lick it more!" When I had her asshole good and wet, I could feel her relaxing, and pushed my tongue into her asshole. "AHHHHHHHHHH! DAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYY!!!! YES! Stick your tongue in my ASSHOLE!!! Oh, FUCK, yeah!!" I started to tongue fuck my sweet little 12 year old daughters asshole in earnest, pushing my tongue in as far as I could get it, and moving it around. In and out, in and out, making Katy squeal with pleasure, and she started to really hump back at me harder and harder, trying to get my tongue deeper into her asshole. When I felt her anus really begin to loosen up, I inserted my index finger into her ass, and began finger fucking her hole. I moved my finger in and out and around, stretching her anal ring until I felt she was loose enough to get a second finger in. When I stuck my middle finger in her hole, Katy really started to go wild, grunting and moaning, and humping her ass faster and faster on my fingers. Her anal ring was pulsing around my fingers, first tightening up, and then relaxing, matching the pace that I was shoving my fingers in and out of her hole. As soon as I felt she was ready, I inserted a third finger in her hole, and as I was moving them in and out, I was also spreading my fingers, stretching her hole. "OH, DADDY, oh, Daddy!!!! That feels SO FUCKING GOOD!!! But, I want you to stick your penis in my ass, and BUTTFUCK ME NOW!!! Oh, PLEASE, DADDY, Fuck my ASSHOLE ... UNGH, uh, uh, ooooooooo ... fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS!!!" I couldn't wait any more, either, so moving up behind my sweet little 12 year olds ass, I first rubbed the head of my cock up and down the opening to her pussy, coating it with her juices, and then inserted my cock to the hilt in her pussy, getting it as lubricated as I could, which was a lot, considering how wet my daughter was. I pumped into her pussy for a few strokes, enjoying the tight fit of her pussy. I was tempted to just keep fucking her pussy, but I wanted her ass, so I pulled out, and moving my cock up to her other hole, slowly began rubbing her pussy juice over her anus with the head of my cock. "Oh, Daddy - put it in! Put your PENIS IN MY ASSHOLE, Please!!! I want it SO BAD!!!" What's a father to do, you know? So, I began to slowly push my cock against her anal ring, until I could feel it begin to loosen up. "Relax, baby, and let me in. Just relax now, ok? Here it comes." As I felt Katy relax her asshole, I pushed harder until finally, the head of my cock popped through her tight, and I mean, TIGHT, anal orifice! I stopped for a moment when Katy squealed, to both savor the feeling of her asshole gripping the shaft of my cock just past the head, and to let her get used to the feeling, but Katy would have none of that. "Don't STOP, Daddy!!! Push it IN! Push your PENIS ALL THE WAY IN, and BUTTFUCK ME!!! Oh, YEAH, it feels SOOOO GOOOOODDD!!!! Do it, Daddy, DO IT!" When I hesitated just a moment, Katy pushed herself back against me, until my cock was buried to the hilt in her ass. I couldn't believe how intense it felt, having my cock all the way into my daughters sweet little now no longer virgin asshole. I almost came right then, but managed somehow to hold off. Then Katy moved forward, pulling her ass off of my cock, until only the head was still lodged in her tight anal ring. I took the hint, and slowly pushed back into her ass, reveling in the smooth, buttery feel of her ass, pulling her back toward me by her hips. "Faster, Daddy, faster! Fuck my ass FASTER, PLEASE?" So I started to pick up the pace - slowly, though, as I wanted this to last as long as I could make it - plunging my cock to the hilt into her tightly gripping hole, and pulling back out. Katy began to hump back at me, matching my pace, grunting and moaning each time I pushed into her. Soon, I was moving faster and faster, until my pelvis was slapping up against her ass cheeks, making them jiggle, and my balls were slapping against her pussy, getting soaked in the process from the copious juices gushing from my daughters pussy. Katy was slamming herself back at me, matching the pace, and getting more and more vocal. "Oooohhhhhhh, Daaaaddddyyyyy! Your hard penis feels soooooooo good in my ass! I love it when you buttfuck me Daddy! Oh, yeah, just like that. Uh, uh, uh ... oh, yeah, give it to me. Shove your penis in my ass, and buttfuck me good, Daddy! Oh, oh, oh, OH YEAH! Buttfuck my ASS, Daddy!", said my daughter Katy, as I was pounding her from behind, shoving my cock up her sweet 12 year old ass, as she was pushing back at me. The squelching sounds coming from her ass, and the thwopping sounds as our bodies smacked together, as I buttfucked her on my bed, as well as the hot words coming from Katy's mouth, were really getting me hot, and making me come closer and closer to cumming. The feel of my cock sliding in and out of her tight asshole, with her anal ring clasping my cock in a vise like grip was almost too much. I didn't want to cum too soon, as I wanted this to last as long as possible. But then, Katy squealed out, "OH, DADDY! I'm gonna cum. Fuck my ass harder - harder!! Yeah, like that. I'm almost there! Keep buttfucking my ass HARD, Daddy ... uh, uh, uh, ooooooooooo ... I'M CUMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!". Her whole body started to convulse as she orgasmed, causing her asshole to clamp and release my cock rapidly, milking the cum from my balls, and I erupted deep in her ass. The amazing thing that happened next, is that SHE ejaculated, too, all over my balls and groin area, completely soaking me. This had never happened before, and I was completely blown away! Katy squirted three times as she orgasmed, and then went totally limp, slumping forward onto the bed, her tight anal ring pulling me along by my still hard cock, so that I landed on top of her, and then she passed out. I lay there, hardly able to breathe, and then slipped out of her ass, as my cock deflated. As soon as I was out of her ass, I rolled off of Katy, and laid flat on my back, catching my breath ... That's how I wound up buttfucking my sweet little 12 year old daughters ass, and we haven't stopped enjoying each other's bodies either since that first time, going on to have a very active sex life. Little did I know at the beginning of our new life, how things would become even more interesting in the very near future! To be continued. Author's note - I hope you enjoyed my fantasy, and got the occasional chuckle as well. Feedback would be appreciated, of course. Let me know what you did, or didn't like. I'm not the prefect writer by any means, and will welcome constructive feedback, which will be answered as I have time. Flames, however, will be ignored and deleted - my ego is easily bruised, OK? Please keep in mind a couple of things though. This is a total fantasy, and I have never, and will never have sex with under aged girls. Although in my story, the sex with the young girls was always consensual, in real life little girls should be hugged and loved, and protected from the predators of this world, of which there are sadly enough far too many. The other thing is, in these days of sexually transmitted diseases - most of them fatal, by the way - you should always use a condom, whether you have sex with a single partner unless you know for a fact that you and your partner are completely monogamous and want to produce children, and always, always, always with multiple partners, for your protection as well as theirs! If you're unsure, get yourself tested. Later!