Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Watching Click Click Click goes the shutter on the camera as he takes pictures again of the blonde headed girl. He had seen her almost four months ago and decided this would be his new one, at 48 years of age another young girl would last him several years. Each day he had driven down to St Mary's Academy for Girls and waited down the street after seeing her for the first time. Long legs clad in white thigh high socks and black pumps with a 3"inch heel. A green and black plaid short skirt and tight white blouse, most days she wore her long hair in a ponytail. He thinks at first she is fifteen or sixteen but watching her friends he thinks she is still younger maybe thirteen or fourteen. He figures she is 5'0" tall maybe 100 lbs 36-16-26 curvy figure hints at a luscious body. Sometimes she walked alone other times she would be with a few other friends, he now took pictures. Writing in his book looking for that special moment when she changes her schedule. Weeks go by and each day he strokes his cock after seeing her wanting her, waiting till she gives him a chance to fullfil his mission. Each day each week he gets more desperate and angry he can't get to his prize, his trophy, his reward. And still he watches each day watching her and getting more and more obsessed with her, each night he dreams of her and fantasies about having her. He rents different cars each time he stalks his love his fantasy his prey. Dressing in disguises changing his appearance so no one could recognize him. He is carefull buying his supplies out of the city sometimes out of the state. His rental cars he rents from other cities for a week at a time. His nights are used preparing his playroom and her cell. In the playroom is hooks in the ceiling and floor, and in the walls. Chains and shackles, handcuffs and spreader bars. Hoods, collars, gags ball and ring, Leather harnesses, blinds, armbinders. Vibrators dildoes of all sizes from small to huge. Whips paddles leather straps. On the bench lubes and oils nipples clips and cloths pins, penis gags rubber and inflatable. Video camera's and lights. TV screens and speakers are on each wall. The cell is simple a double bed with a steel frame with steel headboard and foot board. Shackles attached to each end of the bed, a sink and a tiolet and a shower stall nothing else is the room not even a mirror. After thirteen weeks finally he finds the one time in her schedule where she is alone and out of sight for almost three minutes as she walks into a alley between fifth ave and cheery street to get to her appointment for her piano lessons. Every third week on thursday after school, walking off till she is alone away from friends and people. He orgasms his hand stroking his huge cock when he finally knows she is almost in his hands spraying cock cream over the steering wheel of the car. Quickly he drives home and prepares for the third week, the van is white with a large plaque on the side saying heating and air conditioning. Inside a large wooden box, inside the box padding and straps a curtain closing off the back of the van from the drivers department. Thursday arrives and he drives to the alley having found a spot where no one can see, parking sideways so the sliding door is against a wall. Across from the van a shed without a door, he sits inside with a pistol. A pistol loaded with a tranquilizer dart, at his side a ballgag and handcuffs. Looking through a hole he has punched into the wall of the shed, he see's her coming so sweet so beautiful dressed so innocently in her school outfit. Her blonde hair bousing as she walks her ponytail high on her head held by a white scrunchie and pink ribbon. As she walks past and in front of the van he pulls the trigger a SNAP and a yelp EEPPP and a thud as she falls in front of the van. Quickly he runs over lifting her sliding the door open laying her in the box placing the ballgag in her mouth strappingit on her head . Snapping the handcuffs on her wrists and then using the three straps to hold her in place across her shoulders stomach and knees. He takes a moment to touch and fondle her ripe firm breast almost lossing control NO NO NO he says aloud closing the box and door. Getting into the van he drives off heading for a house he owns pulling into the shop in back parking the van in the shop he gets out and into a pick-up truck with a canopy. Backing the truck up to the van and sliding the box with his prize from the van to the truck. Closing the shop after pulling the truck out and driving off to his home outside of the city. Pulling through the tall iron gates which open then close after he pulls through driving back and up a small hill. Backing into a four car garage parking the truck, closing the garage door he then pulls the box out opening it and finding her still asleep lifting her out of the box. Carrying her into the house and down a set of secret stairs into a second basement under the house where the playroom and her cell are located. In the playroom he lays her on the table and begins stripping her clothes off first her blouse finding a pale blue bra underneath. He shutters as he touches her firm full 36 C-cup breast taking the bra off licking and sucking on her nipples. NO NO NO Damn it he says to himself. Stopping pulling off her skirt and seeing her pale blue thong panties, with trembling hand slide them down and off her hips and legs. Her pussy is bare not shaven just bare he nods she might be younger then thirteen he thinks. First he places a black leather head harness with black ring gag on her head. He then places a ballgag inside the ring gag straping it behind her head. He then carry her over hooking first one wrist then the other pulling on a rope lifting her up so her arms are above her head but stretched out to her sides. Next he places a two inch bar across her hips pulling her backwards till she is leaning over it he then grabs each white thigh high sock leg spreading them wide shackling her ankles to the hooks in the floor. He then places a strict leather black and pink locking collar with three D-rings set into the collar.Pulling her over the bar he locks a chain to her collar holding her bent over the bar. Her arms out and up a second chain from the ceiling he attaches to the back of the head harness under her ponytail. She is no longer able to move but still is unconscious, he decides to wait till she is awake as he closes the door he turns on the camera's going upstairs. Where he strokes his cock cumming hard knowing she is now in his house, he eats and has three beers taking a Viagra and then showering. Dressing in black leather chaps with a black leather cock pouch and a black leather executioner's hood and finally balack leather boots. He is now ready walking down the stairs he opens the door. Her head pulled back by the chain he watches her beautiful wide blue tear filled eye widen in terror seeing him for the first time. He smiles feeling the power as she struggles against the bonds that hold her in place. Already he is getting hard again it is becoming uncomfortable in his leather pouch, he pulls it out and down releasing his cock to fall forward from its weight. Watching her eyes widen even more a look of terror in her face. His white cock with its purplish crown hangs over 11"inches long and 2 1/2"inches thick the veiny shaft swelling as it fully lenghtens and hardens. Looking at her he then says in his deep voice Hello Slut like what you see? Her muffled cries mumbles as he walks closer, Look Cunt what I have for you wagging his cock up and down. Do you know what I'm going to do with you Slut? Her muffled sobs and pleas falling on his deaf ears. First your going to suck my cock Slut! Then I'm going to rape your cunt and asshole! Even muffled nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn screams the girl. Walking forward he pulls the ball gag out of her mouth leaving the ring gag in place. He then grabs her by the ponytail and shoves his cock through the rings opening, aaaargh the girl makes as she gags and chokes on his huge cock now invading her mouth and throat. Oh God YES Oh I've waited so long for your throat Whore moans the man, he begins fucking her mouth deep fast and hard. Drool and spit swing off her chin and his ballsas she blows snot bubbles out of her nose. aaaargh aaaargh glmphmmh aaaargh aaaargh glmphmmh her choking on his cock filling the room. Pulling out slapping her face with his cock as she gasps sucking in air and coughing, her tear filled eyes leaking down her cheeks causing what little make-up she has on to smear. Walking behind the girl the man lines his cock up with her smooth bare virginal opening. And after spitting in his hand and rubbing it on his cock he brutally rams forward AAIIIIIEEE EEEEE! Screams the blonde hair girl as her pussy is violated and torn open. She grunts as he slams in and out sobbing as he thrust deep ripping through her cervix AAIIIIIEEE EEEEE! Burying his entire huge cock inside her bleeding torn vagina, now being used as a cunt by the big man who power fucks her listening to the g-ahhh aargh g-ahhh uugh aargh aargh g-ahhh aahh uugh g-ahhh. She is slicker now as her blood and her own juices begin to coat his cock allowing him to pound in and out of her harder. You fucking little whore I knew the first time I saw you, that you wanted it wanted my cock SLUT. SLAP slapping her ass holding her hips slamming in and out of her poor abused opening. His cock begins to swell as his balls tighten he feels her cunt spasming on his cock as he fucks her. Oh you little whore you came you came on my cock while I'm raping you. What a fucking whore you are now here I cum as he slams deep in her womb blasting a massive load spraying the inside of her once virgin womb. The hot semen splattering on her insides cause her to orgasm again hard she even moans as she sobs in humilation. Breathing hard and panting as he leans over her back kissing her ear saying softly Oh my little fuck toy we will have many days to enjoy each other I need a break and I'll bring you some water. Then I'm going to rape your sweet asshole I'll be nice and use lots of lube, its Ok to scream I like it when you scream. Pulling his semi hard cock free of her vice like grip on his cock pinkish semen oozes out of her ruined love tunnel. He walks out saying I'll be back cunt. Closing the door behind him as he walks up the stairs, first he pee's then drinks another couple of beers. He then takes a bottle of water and heads back down stairs letting her drink through the ring gag, he then begins to finger her asshole gentle using plenty of astro lube. Soon he pushes his large finger easily into her asshole nnnnnhh she moans in pain he finger fucks her ass as he talks to her. You'll soon learn to love my cock my sweet little whore, one day soon you will beg me to rape your asshole and your cute little cunt. You'll choke yourself on my cock out of love of the taste of my sperm. He pushes a second finger in with the first aanuugghh she gasps out as he fingers her asshole deep and hard. A tear runs down her cheek as fingers her tender puffy red lipped little pussy as he fingers her asshole now pressing three fingers in causing her to squeal NNNNNN AAAAAHHHHHHHHH He pumps his finger in both her holes smiling as she shivers in pain and the beginning of pleasure. Pulling his fingers out of her pussy and ass he uses more lube on his cock then presses the swollen mushroom head against her anal opening pressing till the head finally POPS through AAIIIIIEEE she screams as he stretches her anal ring to the point of like she feels it will tear apart. Holding her hip the man brutally rams his cock in and begins raping her ass moaning oh yes so tight oh you little slut, talking as he violates her again and again ramming in and out till he begins to pick up speed and force. Slamming deep he empty's his balls in her bowels finally satified and alittle sleepy after his long day he pulls out and unhooks her wrists and head from the chains handcuffing her hands behind her back then undoing the shackles around her ankles. He leads her to her cell using the hand ring on her head harness leading her in using the leather black and pink locking collar with three D-rings he hooks a chain locking it in place. Taking off the handcuffs and the head harness saying this is your room slut you sleep here till I say different clean your self whore as he shoves her onto the bed. Closing the door leaving her alone chained to the bed sobbing softly ashamed and humilated and terrified. Upstairs he showers and goes to bed exhausted after his day, as he drifts off to sleep he smile tomorrow he can begin to truly play with his new toy. As he goes to sleep smiling she lays downstairs crying wanting to go home. Tomorrow will be the beginning of her new life the poor young girl cannot begin to realize what is in store for her. Early the next morning her master walks into her cell ripping the thin blanket off of her and climbing on top of the scared and confused young blonde who gasps in pain crying out as he rams his long harden rod into her dry vagina and begins to fuck her fondling her tits and pounding her hard her thighs spread wide to except his organ. Twice he cums inside her womb twice he sprays his baby juice inside her body. Climbing off he tells her to shower and he goes to make breakfast. Locking the door as he leaves, upstairs he showers feeling very good about himself he turns the TV to check the morning news. As he makes toast and eggs he see's the girl, the news caster saying 12 year old Sherri Henderson had vanished on her way to her piano lessons and the only thing found had been her cellphone police were now searching for any evidence in connection to the case. He smiles as he carries he tray of food down stairs he sets it down in the playroom taking two padded folding chairs setting them up next to the table. He then walks back into Sherri's cell saying Sherri slut come here! She walks over saying how do you know my name? Now confused and unsure what is going on. Unchaining her collar he drags he to the platroom and handcuffing her ankle to the chair tells her to eat. Which the young girl does pushing her hair out of her face as she eats famished from the abuse she has taken so far. The man says I heard your name on the TV slut they say your 12 year old is that right? Yes she says are they looking for me? asks Sherri. Oh yes they are but don't worry we are not even any where near the city, and they will never find you! Oh No she sobs as fresh tears run down her cheeks. My name is Maxwell Johns I am your Master you will address me as Master or Sir if you don't behave you will be punished and I don't care if you scream in pain I kinda like that. So you finish eatting as he turns on a TV on the wall watching the stock news as she eats. Finally Sherri says Please can't I go home I won't tell any one who you are. SLAP the backhand slap knocks her off the chair a red print on her cheek. I said you will address me as Master or Sir Whore do you under stand? Yes I'm sorry she squeals in fear as he stands over her, Oh you really are a stupid whore aren't you how many times must I tell you call me Master or Sir CUNT. Grabbing her hair he yanks her to her feet and SLAP slaps her hard again, Do you understand CUNT? he asks in a angry voice. Sobbing Sherri says Yes Master. Yes Master what? asks Max. Yes Master I understand you, Please Master I'll be good please don't hurt me! Sherri is sobbing hard now terrified of Max. Pettng her on the top of her head he says, See if you behave you will be rewarded. If you fuck up I'll punish you hard, so don't fuck up. But remember sometimes I will hurt you for my pleasure. Once breakfast is done Max says Slut time to play, sobbing softly Sherri says Yes Master. The broken girl follows the man who knows no one will ever find his little play toy again.