Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Abused Laying on top of the queen size bed, 19 yr old Annie Johns stretched and groaned as her muscles stretched. Sitting up the 5'2" Blonde beauty drops her long legs to the floor ,standing and walking in to the bathroom to do her morning duties. Finally walking over to her dresser she sits on her small chair picking up the brush begins to brush her long blonde hair finally using a scunchee making a ponytail her hair hanging to the middle of her back. Standing Annie walks over pulling out pink lacey french cut panties a pink laced matching bra. Putting them on she walks to her closet looking for the clothes she wants to wear for her Saturday. Thinking of what her friend Jamie said Annie picks out a black micro mini skirt a bright silver tight v-neck blouse her 38d cups jutting out off her small frame. Weighing a 110lbs at 5'2" her 38-18-30 petite body would stand out in any crowd as she looked in the full lenght mirror, smiling Annie whispers to her self "my fuck me shoes yeah". Reaching into her closet again Annie grabs a pair black anckle strap 5" heel with 1 1/2"platform. Opening a draw Annie pulle out pink lacey anclke socks putting them on before her shoes. Looking in the full lenght mirror Annie smiles as she looks at herself, a horn honking brings her back to the present grabbing a small black handbag going outside Annie sees her best friend Jamie in the car waiting for her quickly getting in, Jamie says "God you look sexy as hell babe." Leaning over kissing Annie soundly on the lips, after several hot seconds they break the kiss Annie looks down at Jamies Dress a light baby blue hip hunging sleeveless dress, fitting her 5'7" 128lb 42-26-32 body her black long hair pulled back into a ponytail. "So where are we going" ask Annie as they pull out the driveway and start down the road. "theres a party at a farm up at Fords Crossing the guys said they will meet us there." The two beautys chatted as they drive into the country "I think this is the road" Jamie says turning off the road following a gravel road off the road, "God its really off the road Jamie" say Annie as they finally pull up to a huge house with several barns and out buildings. A dozen different cars and trucks parked all over. Both Girls get out the car walking up to the door "I dont see the guys car" says Annie as Jamie knocks on the door. Hearing music as the door opens a huge man in jeans with no shirt opens the door "Hi I'm Jamie this is Annie we where told to come up for the party" Jamie says. "Come on in" holding the door wide "go ahead and get something to drink. A dozen men louging around 2 girls and a middle age woman in the room looking scared as both girls walk in, in the kitchen several large men standing around learing at the scantily clad girls. Maybe we should go whispers Annie to Jamie both getting scared, turning to go both girls stop as a huge dark skinned man stands in the doorway at 6'6" tall and 220 lbs. "Whats the rush?" asks the man. Both girls look up as he steps forward as he says "You sure are a couple of sexy little cunts, your even better looking then the other three cunts in the living room." Both sexy teen have a lool of terror on their faces as the man steps closer. The two girls backing away squeal in fear as huge hands clamp down on their arms. holding them in place as the huge dark man steps close his massive hands groping a tit from each girl leering down at them saying to his buddy's. "Nice firm titties boys these two are going to be nice fuck toys, and I want this here blonde one she makes me hard as a rock!" Reaching up the man grabs Annie by her ponytail yanking her head back saying "Come on cunt time to party." He begins dragging Annie out of the kitchen as Jamie screams in terror, the other three women in the living room start screaming also. The dark man drags Annie through the living room where Annie see's the two teen girls being stripped and the older woman drapped across the coffee table with a cock in her ass and one in her mouth. Dragging Annie upstairs and pulling her into a bedroom throwing her onto the bed and then taking off his shirt. His muscular hairy chest wide and powerfull looking Annie sobbing "Please don't hurt me please let me go" SLAP the huge man back hands Annie across the face knocking her back on her back on the bed. Stapping forward he reaches down grabbing a handfull of her blouse and ripping it open tearing it in the process. NNOOOOOO screams Annie SLAP another slap this one bringing a trickle of blood from her lip as the man unzips his jeans letting them fall then pushing his underwear down. Standing between her spread legs he grabs her skirt filling it up as Annie struggles SLAP SLAP two hard stinging slaps dazed from the hits Annie lays back sobbing. She feels her panties being torn from her looking up seeing the mans monster cock Annie's eyes widen in terror as she screams "OH GOD YOU CAN'T ITS TO BIG." Fully hard the monster 13"inch long 3"inch wide dark cock hangs pointing down from the weight. Forcing her thighs wider the man's cock touches Annie's bare little pussy "Oh Please you can't please stooGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" screams Annie as the man brutally rams his cock into her small tight cunt. Annie endures a violent rape from the man his cock so big he tears her cervix as he thrusts so hard it rips from the sheer size. Annie passes out sometime after he begins raping her, she wakens in extreme pain as a huge cock is thrusts into her asshole as she lays on her belly on the bed. Her scream is cut of by the other cock being thrusts down her throat. All night long screams crying the sounds of flesh slapping flesh grunts moans yelps begging and pleading long into the night. The next morning the police enter the house rescuing the 46 year old woman Sally of the house her two daughters 14 Gloria and 16 years Darla old. The mother tied across the table on her back a large wine bottle stuffed in her cunt all the way to the neck of the bottle the widest part bugied deep inside her vagina. The 14 year old found tied to the coffee table barely breathing from the rope tied around her neck and bleeding from her torn asshole and extremely ravaged vagina her virgin pussy gaping and bleed also. Annie is found upstairs tied spread eagle face down on the bed a wine bottle buried in her pussy and one in her asshole, blood dripping onto the bedspread from her gaping ruined holes. Outside the police find the 16 year old girl Darla tied over a old wooden barrel, unconscious and being fucked again by one of the five large dogs walking around her. Both of her holes oozing doggy cum mixed with blood. In the barn they find Jamie tied to several bays of hay her sightless eyes still showing the horror of her death from the huge stallion which had punched his cock into and through her womb into her stomach punching into her heart causing her to bleed to death. Of the sixteen men that were involved in the rape of the five women and death of two of them as Jamie had died and so had the 14 year old Gloria after being without air for so long. Four men were charged with Jamie's and Gloria's death received life sentences, of Annie, Sally and Darla attackers eight were charged with rape torture and kidnapping. Each receiving a thirty year to life sentence. Sally and Darla move away from the home they had lived in because of the memories of the attack and the loss of Gloria. Annie never recovers from the attack the happy sexy young women turns to drugs and letting men use her, she becomes a stripper a prostitute and a adult film star. Starring in hardcore cheap porn films. She becomes addicted to heroin and also to being used by men who treat her like a stupid cunt. Her boyfriends beat her share her with their friends basically treating her worst then a dog. Annie overdoses on her thirty six birthday tired of trying to find happiness and finally finding peace.