Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. THE ROOM The house's door swing open slamming against the wall, the huge man walks through at 6'6'' tall 300lbs he fills the room. He moves like he has been drinking. In his hand a half empty bottle of bourbon as he walked further into the house. Still drinking out of the bottle, he walks to the basement door and descends the stairs. Locking the door behind him at the bottum, moving into the huge lightly lite room a huge 4 posted bed king sized in the corner. Chaines daggled over the head board and foot of the bed, shackles and handcuffs daggled from the edges. On the table next to the bed sits several large bottles of lube. A large belt folded layed next to the bottles. Across the room several shelves head shackles, cuffs, various sized dildoes, ranging from small 6inch vibrators to several that were of monster size. Two full sized horsecock dildoes also hung there, butt plugs, gloves,leather straps hang from the wall. Three chairs a huge recliner and two wooden chairs one smaller then the other sit in the middle of the room facing the opposite wall from the shelves. A large flat screen Tv was playing a porno. Setting the bottle on the table next to the door as he walks to the bed he undresses throwing his clothes on the floor.A fridge sits in the corner next to the shelves walking over he pulls a can of beer out, opening it he sits down slowly drinking his beer. watching the porno playing he reaches down grasping his huge cock hanging between his legs he strokes, as he watches a small girl maybe 10 being brutally fucked tears in her eyes as she gags on the big cock in her mouth. Putting down his beer can he stands up his huge cock nearly to his knee, looking over to the one corner that is empty all that is there is a door. Walking over he opens the door, as he does something moves on the floor. Leaning down he grabs the blanket yanking it off. Smiling a evil smile as the 10 year old girl who is naked and blindfolded handscuffed behind her a large red ballgag in her mouth her ponytail long and braided with a large pink bow in it. Whimpers in fear as the huge man chuckles a evil laugh. Reaching in he grabs her ponytail lifting her up "move your ass cunt now" growls the man, getting her legs under her still a muffled squeal of fear and pain as she is jerked upright. Pulling her to the small chair he shoves her into it placing her handcuffed wrists behind the back of the chair.Walking to the shelves he picks a leather dog coller and moves back placing it around the young girls neck, then moving to the shelves again he selects a two pairs of anklecuffs and a two large leather straps. First he puts one strap around her tummy over her handcuffed wrist and pulls tight. Next the other he places around her chest area over her arms pulling tight. Now her arms are firmly strapped behind the back of the chair. Grabbing one ankle he cuffs it and pulls her ankle up and back hooking it to the back leg of the chair,he repeats this with the other ankle. The young girls muffled cries of uncomfortable pain and terror make the huge man laugh."Well slut do you know what time it is" chuckling at the shiver running through the girls body. "Amanda do you know they gave up looking for you" muffled sobs "thats right cunt I own you now". Reaching up the man unhooks and pulls the ballgag from her mouth, SLAP slapping her hard her head rocks sideways as her chair almost tips over. "Now cunt you better open up I'm gonna fuck that sweet mouth and you better do a good job this time." "Would hate to have to give you to my horse I do like the way you scream" Laughing as he grabs her ponytail, lifting his hard cock that is so big it hangs down, "Suck it whore". Stepping forward as he guide his cock into her mouth the huge cockhead pushing her head backwards as he pulls her forwards driving it in to her mouth. Amanda's jaw feeling like it is ready to dislocate as he grunts thrusting his hips forward as he brutally begins ramming his cock in and out slamming into her throat so hard it keeps moving deeper with each violent stroke. Only about 6"inches can get in to her throat so he decides to change this position pulling out quickly, he grabs the chair and girl laying her on her arms on the bed her head hanging over the side, gasping for breath and whimpering in fear he growls "Open up slut" as he forces his huge cock back into her mouth still blindfolded she gags as he reaches down grasping her head that is leaned back yanking her onto his cock. Insteadly she begins to panick thrashing under him as he brutally rams his cock deeper into her throat, as his cock moves deeper her throat swells showing the outline of his huge cock. Turning red muffled gagging sounds getting quietier as he goes deeper. Groaning loudly as he pumps in and out almost 12"inches of his huge cock travelling in and out her throat. As Amanda turns red and begins to passout from lack of air. Swearing "You fucking whore always ruining my fun" as he pulls his huge cock out with a PLOP as the suction is released. A huge spasm shakes the girl as she loudly gasps a ragged breath aucking in air, followed by coughing and gasping for more breathes. As Amanda struggles to breath the man unhooks the belts her ankle cuffs and rolls her onto her stomach. "OK whore playtime is over" as he rolls her onto her back spreading her legs wide reaching up he pulls her blindfold off, blinking in the light she sees his huge cock between her legs "NO PLEASE it hurt's so bad " Amanda pleads as he cock gets closer laying his cock on her stomach after he puts a pillows under her ass raising her bottum off the bed. The huge man places the huge cock head at the small opening of Amandas pussy, pushing hard causing her to groan in agony as her tiny pussy lips open wide then failing as the massive cock is shoved into the opening, the past two weeks seems like forever as the man had popped her cherry with a small vibrator and been working up to this point. That now he was forcing for the second day his huge monsterous cock in to her tiny vagina,"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT HURTS" screams Amanda as the huge man drives his cock deep into her pussy. "Yeah Bitch take my cock you little whore" he growls as he plows deeper slamming against Amanda's cervix No No Please STOPPPP she screams followed by her eyes bulging and a scream of AAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as the man drives the entire lenght of his monster cock into her womb. She grunts with each thrust as he drives the breath from her chest slamming into the back of Amanda's Womb. UGH UGH GGAHH NNNN UGH UGH UGH NNNN AAAHHH pants Amanda as the man brutally pounds his cock into her small body, he enjoys the way her cunt feels wrapped around his cock. He then chuckles as the girls body betrays her and orgasms on his cock. "See I told you you were a Slut" Amanda sobs in shame. The man slams deep bellowing like a bull YYYAAAAHHHHHHHH his cock blasting a massive load spraying the back of her womb, which causes her to orgasm. Laying on the girl after shooting his load the man pulls out getting up to walk to the bathroom to pee. Amanda's cunt is gaping open his cum seeping out of her pussy. Walking back out the man says Well Cunt its time to say goodbye as he pulls out a rope Amanda screams PLEASE NOO I DON'T WANT TO DIE laughing the man wraps the rope around her neck pulling it tight choking the preteen who starts to turn red then purple her eyes wide struggling under him finally her struggles begin to slow down as she turns a blueish tint then her eyes glazing over as she no longer can see. The man orgasm shooting another load across her body, he looks up seeing the camera's light on smiling as he gets up. Dressing he walks upstairs and sits down near the man across from his at his table. Happy you Fuck I wanted to keep the cunt for awhile! says the huge man. Well Amanda's Mom has a big insurance policy if she dies from unnatural causes, her mother is worth twice that and I'm the beneficiary of that policy which is being taken care of right now. Pulling out a large black gun pointing at the man saying It is so bad I caught you trying to escape after killing Amanda, the huge man's eyes widen BANG a looks of surprise as a red stop appears on his shirt over his heart. The man falls forward dead, picking up a cell phone the man calls in to 911 saying he heard a gunshot hanging up after giving the address. Leaving Amanda's step-father looks at his watch seeing the time knowing Amanda's mother is dead and thinking tomorrow he would leave for the Bahama's to live the good life.