Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Dances with Wolves Music blares as the doors open flashing lights illuminate the night as the two slightly drunk gorgous laughing teens walk out the doors closing behind them. The music muffled and the lights wink out so that the only light is the full moon and the half dozen street lights. Their bright red full heads of hair shiny in the moon light making it look blood red. Rebecca Moore aka Becky and her twin Ramona Moore aka Mona laugh as they both walk to the parking lot the 21 year olds giggle and smile wearing their matching black laced trim corset tops. Holding their large 38DD breasts and 16"inch waist and 28"inch hips with their black side zipped mini skirts and black open weaved 5"inch high heels, as they get in to there car each sliding in carefully. Each girl shows a glimps of Becky's red mesh ribbon thong and Mona's blue peacock lace thong as all the guys stared they smiled then slam their car doors and pulled out of the parking lot. Driving home the two happy twins sing a song from the radio as they race down the road coming around a corner ahead is a constrution crew working on the road a detour sign points to the left all the cars in front turning to the left Moan yells at her sister driving "Turn right I know this road," in the dark she had miss the road she thought she knew spinning the wheel Becky steps on the gas and turn onto the road as it turns and twist the twins singing and laughing having had a fun night dancing. Mona looks up and ask Where are we at? Did you miss the turn Becky? Looking at her sister, What turn the road just keeps curving and going on I haven't seen any road! Both young women look up and see the wooden bridge at the same time that they hit it wood snapping and the two girls screaming, OH GOD the car bouncing up then hitting the ground hard Becky's feet on the brakes as the car slides to a stop turned around pointing back the way they had just came from the cars lights shinning on the bridge broken boards and hanging at a odd angle the bridge groans then falls with a CRASH and with a SPLASH the bridge hits the small river. Both sisters sit there for a moment and then they laugh at the good luck of making it over the bridge backing up turning around they start down the dirt gravel road seeing a sign ahead UNPAVED ROAD AHEAD soon the car is boucing down a dirt road turning a corner the road gives way and the car slides into a water filled ditch. Becky guns the engine but the wheels just spin. Mona tries her cell phone and finds no service. Both girls get out of the car each grabbing the coat each having in the back seat opening the glove box Mona takes a flashlight, as she gets out Becky helping her. Both girls also wear the same type of jacket, short midriff imitation leapord skin. Looking around down the road Becky sees a dim light in the distant. Guess we go that way Mona! Both girls start walking arm in arm Mona holding the flashlight illuminating the way, as Becky uses her cell phone like a light each girl just drunk enough to laugh at their situation. As they walk the light seems to move farther away from them, soon they start getting nervous as strange sounds begin coming from the woods, both girls gasps as a muffled growl comes from the wood to the left they move faster shinning the lights around them. As they walk around the next corner Mona yells! LOOK a house. Both girls hurry to the building as they get close they both realize its abandoned as they walk up by the house the rain begins to fall steadily. Well what do you want to do? Becky ask. Well I got matches lets go in and see if there is a fireplace, as the rain begins to pour down on the girls. They run up the steps both tripping and laughing as they catch each other, the doorway looms before them, but the door is long gone broken pieces laying on the porch and floor. Walking in they shine their lights around one part of the buildings roof has collapsed in the corner a crumbling fireplace. By now both young girls are soaked to the skin. Mona walks over pulls some crumpled paper out of her jacket puts it in the fireplace then lighting it she begins putting little pieces of wood on the fire as it starts to burn Becky holding the light as Mona kneels and finally gets the wood to burn. As Mona stands up a small fire starting to burn Becky puts a bigger piece of dry wood onto the fire standing back Mona says Here use this, having found two buckets they both turn upside down and sits down in their mini skirts barely covering there panties and bottoom of their butts. Watching the fire all of a sudden the piece of wood Becky had put on ROARS to life burning a bright blue flames filling the small fireplace licking at the mantle, as the fire ROARS both girls jump up falling backward. Both girls laugh after they find themselves on their butts, as Becky leans up onto her elbow looking at her sister. Great we burned our only shelter down! As Mona sits up the floor opens and the gorgous twin disappears as she falls she screams in fear EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The floor closes and Mona's scream is cut off MONA screams Becky crawling over wher her sister was, Mona where are you MONA? the floor is solid Becky see's no cracks she knows she saw her sister had fallen though the floor. MONA PLEASE ANSWER ME! frantically looking where she had gone. Becky is crying, Mona where are you? She pleads, ANSWER ME! Becky sob's scared that something bad has happened to her sister. Till she looks up and in the blue fire light she sees six figures in black robes their faces cover, stunned at what she is seeing. And before she can say or do anything they rush Becky, she sees their hands clawed and huge she screams as they grab her. One holding a sack that they yank over her head. Mona falls down a huge shaft curving slightly she slides into a darkroom landing on her side rolling across the hard packed ground, knocking the breath from her. Reaching around she feels for the flashlight hitting it with her then hand picking it up, turning it on Mona looks around the room it looks like a room craved out of stone looking back and up she sees the tube she slide down it is easily 10' feet above her head and the walls are smooth. BECKY? listening BECKY I"M DOWN HERE! Listening again, BECKY CAN YOU HEAR ME? No sound returns as she listens . Looking around the room she see's a door she missed before walking over too it her high heel clicking on stone as she steps through the doorway into a hallway shinning the light it is obviously man made. Looking left she see's darkness then looking right down the right passageway she sees a fork in the hallway and start walking that way. At the fork Mona turns left because it starts to go up and up must be the way out, following her light she looks for any signs of life. Her heel clicking with each step walking pass a stone out cropping it moves, Mona hears it more than sees it. Something huge grabs her long hair yanking her backwards and throwing her sideways into a room her flashlight flying away as Mona hits the ground her shriek of fear EEEEEEEEEEEEE Ummmmffff as she hits the floor her flashlight spinning stopping on two pair of huge hairy muscular legs Mona scream in terrior as they move towards her NNNOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Becky wakes confused and disorieted her head pounding as she trirs to sit up CLINK goes the chains fasten to her wrists. She remembers the robbed men looking around pulling her legs up they CLINK as chains are fastened on her ankles. Looking down she sees her clothes are still on the light is dim all she can make out is she is on a huge piece of round stone about three feet off the ground. Around her, Becky hears low chanting. It seems to be coming from every where only it is muffled and unintelligible speech. HHEELLPPP yells Becky Please HELP. From somewhere close a gravelly voice says SHUT UP, Becky shivers in terror Who's there? she asks. A growl comes out of the dark. SHUT UP growls the voice again! Please who are you? Stepping into the dim light bellowing SHUT UP WHORE stands a huge bulk of being in black robes. GGGGGGRRRRRRRR stepping closer, Becky see's the face under the hood. OH GOD NO PLEASE HELP ME she screams in terror. The robes move closer a huge hairy clawed hand clamps over her mouth as the huge wolflike head peers out from under the hood. The red eyes glowing with hate and lust, pulling open the robe Becky see's a massive muscular fur covered body. Between its legs a monsterous dog cock with a giant set of testicles underneath it. Letting go of Becky's mouth the hand grabbing her skirt rips it off, shreading the skirt and her thong panties at the same time. Becky screams NOOOOOOOOO the beast SLAP backhanding her across the face growling SHUT UP WHORE. Grabbing her legs and spreading them wide he adjusts his stance the tip of his massive red dog like cock touches Becky's pussylips. With a brutal thrust the 2"inch wide 12"inch long red dog cock rips through Becky's vagina's entrance. Punching deep slamming into Becky's cervix ripping through going deep into her womb. Becky's back arches her mouth open in a scream GGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH tears running down her cheeks as the beast begins to rape her tight pussy. Near the end of the doglike cock is a huge bulge which the wolfman violently forces into Becky's stretched Vagina. Causing her eyes to bulge as the dogknot tears through her vaginal opening 4 1/2"inches across. As the beast now begins to pound her pussy, Becky lays there grunting UGH UGH GAHH UGH UGH as he fucks her with a speed and force that makes it hard for Becky or to get a breaht of air. Holding her hip the wolfman fucks Becky with a jack hammer thrust, her body betrays her rape as the massive red cock forces Becky to arch her back. Her eyes rolling back into her head as she orgasms so hard she almost passes out. For five minutes the creature rapes Becky's pussy forcing a dozen massive orgasms till he bellows with a howl AAAAAAWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH shooting a massive load into Becky's womb. The amount of cum filling her womb causing her belly to bulge, till she looks four or five months pregnant. The beast stands over her panting his huge tongue hanging out even as Becky shivers and spasms from her orgasm under the beast. The beastman stands there till his knot begins to shrink pulling out with a loud POP and the splashing of doggy cum pouring onto the stone floor. Becky's pussy stretched so wide he can look into her womb. Stepping away Becky lays there not awake and not unconscious but somewhere in between as she spasms and shakes through another orgasm. Somewhere during her rape the beasts claws rips her black laced trim corset top exposing her tits, the claws leaving red welts where they have scratched Becky's tits. Mona having passed out awakes laying on the floor looking up she see's five wolf like man beasts standing around her. Oh god please don't kill me whimpers Mona, one of the wolfmen reaches down shreading her black laced trim corset top. While another one reaches out tearing off her mini skirt then her panties, Oh god No please don't rape me sobs Mona. Growling another beast man forces Mona onto her knees, her mind spinning seeing the size of the monsterous cocks the wolfmen have. OHHH FFUCCCKKKKKKK screams Mona as the one behind her brutally shoves his cock into Mona's pussy GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH screams Moan as her cervix is torn open. Another grabbing her head forces his cock between Mona's lips shoving deep into her throat cutting off her screams of pain. Her muffled screams and squeals as both wolfmen rape a mouth or her cunt. Like her sister Mona's eyes roll back as the knot tears into her cunt locking the beast to her. Unlike Becky the five wolfmen will take the next hour raping her mouth asshole and cunt. Before they stop leaving Mona laying on the floor in a puddle of doggy cum her hair matted with doggy cum her asshole and cunt gaping open oozing the white frothy semen. Drooling out of her unconscious mouth coughing blowing cum bubbles out of her nose. Mona lays there spasming and shaking as her body still is orgasming after being gang raped the beasts. Light fills the room waking up Becky and Mona are naked wearing shreaded clothes two dirty white robes lay next to them. Sitting up Mona gasps in pain falling onto her side, Becky rolls onto her side and sits up gasping Oh fuck what happened? Looking over she see's Mona crawling over to her sister she helps Mona sit up hugging her twin. Both young women sob and hold each other, they dress putting on the dirty white robes still wearing their shoes they walk out of the house and stumble down the road back toward their car where a road crew is working. Seeing the twin women in there state of shock and unsure what is going on gather them into a truck racing then to a hospital. Both are checked rape kits are taken, both sob as social workers asks what and who had attacked them. Both Becky and Mona would be placed in a mental health facility after listening to their stories. State police investigate the old house, after a couple of weeks Becky and Mona are aloud to go home. After another few weeks both Becky and Mona begin getting morning sickness, they soon find out they are pregnant. Becky carrying three babies, Mona carrying six babies. Both go into labor on the same day Mona delievers first giving birth to a small wolf puppy, Becky gives birth to a wolf puppy next. All six of Mona's babies are male wolf puppies, Becky has three wolf puppies. Both Becky and Mona breast feed their puppies. Doctors freak scientist go crazy trying to explain this strange birth. During the night a couple weeks later four shadowy figures enter the hospital removing the puppies. Becky and Mona are upset their children are gone they are released to go home, they drive to the old house waiting till night stripping off their clothes throwing then into the car. Holding hands they walk up lighting the fire again in the fire place. The bright blue light flares and Becky and Mona turn seeing a dozen wolfmen standing there in there robes the hoods pulled back. Nine small puppies run to them the girls pick up their children and follow the wolfmen through a opening in the wall, which closes behind them. Days later Becky's car is found with her and Mona's clothes inside with their cellphones. Voluntries search and the police search for Becky and Mona but nothing is ever found. After awhile no one searches, people forget about the missing girls. Several years go by but on moonlite nights people who travel by the old house on the hill. People get glimses of two beautiful women playing with wolves on the hill dancing in the moon light. Becky and Mona children howl while they dance. The pack of children now numbering thirty and the two women race naked in the moon light with their children. And in the shadows dozen of red eyes lust after the women waiting to breed again.