Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Candybar Licking his lips as he looks at the little blonde headed girl sitting on a bench near the edge of the park, wearing a tiny blue denim skirt and tight litte white top with a picture and logo of a zoo and pink flip flops. Hello honey he smiles, she looks up with her bright blue eyes looking uncertain Hi Mr. Are you Annie? the man asks. Yeah how did you know my name? asks Annie. I know your mom I'm Lee she asks me to take you home as she is busy working. You mean she's drunk again says Annie! Lee thinks back an hour ago where Jenny, Annie's mom was being gangfucked in a adult theater. The drunken whore hardly able to stop the attack let alone want to stop it. She had told Lee before being dragged behind the stage screen where a dozen men began using her very roughly, that she needed to pick her 11 year old daughter Annie up from school. As Lee left the theater his last sight of Jenny was stuffed with a cock in her mouth asshole and cunt. He had found Annie sitting in the park next to the school, once he laid eyes on her he wanted Annie. At 4'11" and 90 lbs the young preteen had the beginning of small A cup breast and the beginning of a flair to her hips her small waist giving her a slightly curvy figure. She stand up saying Ok lets go. Lee leads her to his big jack up dodge pick-up truck the word stenciled on the back window says BIG LEE. Annie struggles to climb up into the cab Lee grabs her bottum pushing up getting a feel of her sexy little ass. Annie looks back with disaproving eyes but climbs in saying nothing. Lee looks at her closing the trucks door at 6'2" tall and a solid 200 lbs of muscle moves with grace. Climbing in the truck Lee offers Annie a candy bar, which she takes eatting it as Lee starts to drive out of the parking lot. Lee looks over seeing the half eaten candy slipping out of Annie's fingers as she loses control of her muscles. Looking straight ahead seeming unable to move, Lee says problems Annie. Her eyes look at him but she says nothing. Smiling Lee asks good candy Annie? A look of fear in her eyes, smiling Lee begins to talk. You know Annie that was a very special candy bar it cost me alot of money, it contains a type of powerfull drug that resembles curare without the deadly side effects. It means my sweet little Annie you can't get away or stop me from doing anything. As he talks he reaches over sliding his hand up her thigh pushing her short denim skirt up revealing her pale blue thong panties. As he touches her mound with his hand a tear runs down Annie's cheek she now has a look of terror in her eyes. MMMMM nice the hot Annie I can't wait to lick your little cunt right before I fuck it. Don't worry Annie you can still feel every thing! In a more forceful voice Lee says and I want you to feel everything! I'm going to turn you into a cum loving whore before I'm through with you slut. Tears running down her cheeks as Lee drives out of the city and out to a older farm that sits way off the highway. Surrounded by trees the farm has three large barns and a half dozen smaller sheds, the house is a huge two story white and grey trimmed house. Stopping the truck in front of the nearest barn type building Lee gets out opening the door and pulling Annie out of the truck tossing her over his shoulder and carrying her in doors. Inside is several doorway off of the long hallway they step into, opening the first door Lee walks in and drops Annie on her back on a double bed. Well bitch first thing we need to do is get you ready to become a star! says Lee. Oh didn't I tell you? Your going to star in your own film your going to be a movie star. With that Lee tears her top open seeing a white training bra underneath, MMMMMM so sweet says Lee.I need to get you ready for your premier he says more to himself as he fondles her small breast under the bra. Lee then strips off her skirt and the rest of the top, her bra and her panties. Exposing her still bare little pussy. He fondles her watching her eyes as he molests her then stopping and leaving the room leaving Annie naked and alone. Coming back into the room Lee lifts her naked body off the bed and carries her down the hallway to another door walking through and laying her on another huge king size bed. Out of the corner of her eyes she see's lights and camera's. Lee stands up walking away and then coming back rolling her onto her belly and spreading her legs, using a spreader bar he straps each of her ankles to each end of the two foot steel bar. Next Lee grabs first her right wrist pulling it back to her ankle and locking her wrist to the spreader bar on the outside of her ankle . He then does the same with the other wrist this forces her ass to rise up her face in the blankets. The bed shifts and she feels Lee lefting her up by her hair and placing a padded stool under her body using a strap to hold her to the stool, lastly he pulls her hair back and forces a large ring gag into her mouth forcing her to keep her mouth wide open. Annie feels a string in her ass cheek and Lee saying there you go in about fifteen minutes or so you'll be feeling all your muscles and able to move I'll be back to co star with you says Lee. Slapping her ass SLAP leaving a red hand print on it. About fifteen minutes later Annie moans out in fear, she then tries and wiggles her toes and fingers. LLTTT MM GGA HHLLPP she squeals, Lee's voice comes from behind her. So my little star is feeling better that good you have lines you'll need to say as the star! Lee steps around into her vision her eyes widen in terror as she starts crying her NNNN Plsss seeing Lee's cock for the first time as he is now naked yet still only semi hard. Lee says Ok cameras action roll em and chuckles been filming you for the last ten minutes or so, now a little taste of you for me. Annie feels the bed shift and Lee's breath on her sex, she gasps and jerks feeling Lee's tongue touch her sex. MMMMMMM says Lee as he sticks his tongue into Annie's virgin pussy then licking her clit, the young girl is in shocked and unsure what to feel. At first she feels disgusted then it begins feeling good as Lee licks and sucks and nibbles on her pussy. Lee looks up as Annie moans softly mmmmm as her hips move under his tongue and lips, Lee says do you like that Annie? MMMMHHHHMMMMM moans Annie still unable to talk yet. Lee goes back to licking and sucking Annie's clit and pussy making the young girl hips to move as she begins to get closer to a orgasm, Lee lick her pussy as Anniee squeals eeeeeeeeeeeeeee as she shivers and jerks under lee's mouth as she cums Lee loving the taste of her little pussy. Lee climbs up and lines his fully harden 10"inch thick 2"inch wide cock, grabbing some astro lube he squirts some onto his cock and some on Annie's pussy. Lining his cock up Lee smiles down at Annie saying this might hurt alittle at first Ok it is alright to scream if you want too! Shoving hard Lee's cock presses against and spilts the lips of Annie's tiny pussy till he touches her hymen, causing Annie to whinse. Lee smiles and rams forward watching as Annie's eyes widen begins to water her mouth opening as Lee's to Annie massive cock tears her hymen apart forcing its way inside the girls virgin vagina. GGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH screams Annie as tears begin running down her cheeks, the first four inches of Lee's cock go in slowing from the tightness. Pulling back Lee rams forward again driving another two inches of his cock into Annie's pussy hitting her cervix pressing aginst it hard. Tears from her red eyes running down her cheeks as Lee pulls back holding her hips he brutally thrusts, his huge cock punching through Annie's cervix as his cock slides in stopping when his groin is mashed against Annie's. With wide tear filled eyes she grunts and gasps aaaaagh aaaargh nnnnnnhhh with each thrust. As Lee pumps away with long deep strokes each one shaking her body her hips begins to move with each one of Lee's strokes. Annie squeals mmmmmmmmm ohmygod eeeeeeeeee as she orgasms on Lee's cock. Lee fucks Annie through three more orgasms before Lee can no longer hold back Fuck I'm cumming as Lee explodes inside Annie's womb splashing onto the walls as Annie has another orgasm. When Lee finally finishes he pulls out helps Annie up and helps her clean up. Lee is shocked when Annie asks Can we do that again? Lee says What? Annie says You know can you fuck me again? Lee smiles dragging a laughing little girl back to his bed for another longer hard fuck. Six months later Lee watches as Jenny and Annie are being gangfucked in back of the adult theater, Jenny is five months pregnant and doesn't know who the father is, or even what color ar race the father is. Annie close to her mother is six months pregnant, she looks over at Lee smiling right before another cock is stuffed into her mouth. Lee has married Jenny and adopted Annie both sluts now live with Lee who enjoys fucking them both nightly, who know maybe they will have girls adding to the family and fun.