Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ***This is entirely a work of fiction depicting a minor involved in sexual activity with adults and is intended to be read by mature adults. It has no basis in real life and no real people were involved in the making of it. The author in no way endorses or condones the behavior depicted in this story.*** Hidden Desires (b M F) My girlfriend and I had come down to Rio for a few days just to get away, relax and have a little fun. Things were going well and we had spent many hours making love in our bungalow or having hot, sex in public places, almost getting caught once. My girlfriend is a tall, leggy, blonde with a stunning figure and firm 38B tits. When she strutted topless onto the beach all the guy's jaws dropped and a few of the women also cast lusty glances her way. Tonight, I was on my own since she had met another woman on the beach and went off to a night of clubbing with her. I was invited but declined as I had something else in mind. Something I had been wanting to do for a very long time but was too afraid to do at home. I showered and dressed. It was a little difficult to stuff my already hard cock into my shorts and pants. I had been thinking about this for so long. I drove into the city and found a place to leave my car. I just strolled the city streets keeping an eye out for what I was looking for. Like every other tourist, I was besieged by street urchins all begging for money. I tossed a few coins their way and kept strolling I would know what I wanted when I saw it. A movement caught my eye and I glanced over to see an urchin sitting on the sidewalk all alone looking lost. He looked to be a good age and I was wondering why he was alone instead of in the crowd with the other street urchins. I walked over and spoke but it was clear that he didn't speak a word of English. I tried out my very rudimentary Portuguese and soon discovered he had become separated from his gang of street kids. I offered to help him find them and he agreed and came with me. Walking along the crowded street with a kid in tow wasn't attracting any attention. I stopped at a market stall and bought him some food and at another to get some clean shorts and t-shirt for him. My plan was working out nicely. He uttered no protest when I got him to the car and gave him part of the food which he ate hungrily. The bungalow was at the back of the property, far away from the others, as I had requested so getting in without being seen was no problem. Just thinking about what might finally happen had my palms sweaty, my heart pounding and my cock rock hard and aching. First thing was to get him cleaned up, he was filthy. I drew a warm bath and undressed him, throwing his filthy clothes in the trash. He was perfect, black hair and eyes, darkish complexion and on the small side. He needed to pee and I lifted him onto the toilet and stood above him so I could see. His cock jerked and a yellow stream of strong smelling piss flowed into the bowl. I watched fascinated and longed to have that pissing cock in my mouth. My girlfriend and I played piss games but at times I longed to be swallowing hot piss directly from a young boy's cock. Taking off everything but my shorts so as not to my clothes wet, I tousled his hair and put him in the tub. I sat him down and set about the business of cleaning him up. I poured water over his hair and scrubbed and rinsed it along with his face, playfully ducking his head under. He spluttered but laughed. I began soaping his little body, arms and neck and shoulders. Standing him up, lathered my hands and stroked them over his chest and belly and back. Soaping his thighs, I barely grazed his sac but it sent a jolt through my throbbing hard cock. Lifting his legs one at a time I carefully soaped them, holding him against my chest so he didn't fall. His body felt so small and soft in my arms and against my hairy chest. I lathered my hands again and started on his butt, soaping each cheek and running the side of my hand in his little crack. Up and down, one finger rubbing his tight asshole sending shudders through me. Reaching around I soaped the area between his thigh and mound and finally I had his little cock in my hand. I almost blew my load right there. I tugged at it and felt it stiffen, wanking him with two soapy fingers and running my hand over his sac and under between his sac and ass. It was plain to me that I wouldn't be able to stand this long enough to reach my final goal. I needed to cum NOW. I rinsed him off and turned him to face me as I slipped off my shorts. I took my hard, thick cock in my hand and pulled back the skin wanking slowly up and down and looking at his sweet mouth...I had plans for that mouth.....later. I put his hand under mine and stroked and looked at him, my cock throbbing and jerking.....then I was cock swelled and jerked and hot jets of thick, white sperm shot out all over his face, belly and little cock. My legs were shaking and my hands trembled....I groaned loud enough to startle him. I was so involved that I hadn't heard the front door open. I dropped to my knees and began licking my hot seed off his chest and belly and his face....oh that face...I licked up the jizz and used my fingers on his jaw to force his mouth open then plundered it with my jizz covered tongue, swirling and probing, sucking his tongue. Lowering my mouth, I licked his nipples and down until I was on my knees, legs spread to get low enough, and then I had that prized cock in my mouth, sucking, and feeling it stiffen in my mouth. My mouth covered his cock and sac and I had one finger in his crack teasing his hole. My cock was rock hard again already. A slight sound caught my ear and I opened my eyes to see my girlfriend standing in the doorway watching me. I opened my mouth releasing his cock and just stared opened mouthed at her. She was just standing there watching with no expression on her face, her arms down in front of her, hands crossed at groin level but what I failed to notice was her thumb slowly stroking over her slit. "Baby, I...I...I stammered." The boy said hello but she ignored him and continued to stare at me. "I see why you didn't want to come to the club." She said. As soon as she opened her mouth I could hear that her voice had dropped an octave....a sure sign of sexual excitement for her. I was stunned but pleased. "Why don't you get your friend out of that tub and in the bedroom?" She walked off to the bedroom removing her halter top as she went. Well, this hadn't worked out exactly as planned but it might be even better I thought. Once in the bedroom the boy lay on the bed wrapped in a towel. She came over to me, naked now, and pressed her lush body against mine and kissed me hard on the mouth her tongue swirling with mine tasting the jizz I had licked up. "I have watched the way you look at young boys when we go out and at my nephew. I always suspected you had a leaning in that direction but didn't know how to bring it up." "I do too, although I prefer girls" she said." She began stroking his chest and belly and fondling his cock. "Will you share your prize with me?", she asked. "Yes, oh yes," I replied. Leaning forward, she held one of her big tits and pushed the nipple to his mouth, he understood and opened his mouth to take it in and began suckling greedily. Taking my cock in my hand I began rub it on his cheek and poke her tit with it while I pinched and pulled at her other nipple making her moan. Sliding down his body I took my cock and slapped it on his tapping the little boy cock with mine and rubbing his sac. My girl had one hand between her legs rubbing her clit and urging the boy to bite at her nipple but not too hard. Her other hand was squeezing her tit hard as she held it in his mouth trying to stuff more of it in. He opened his mouth wider and she compressed her tit and slid more he had a mouthful of her tit and could hardly breathe around it. She was rubbing harder and getting more excited as she watched me. Now I had my mouth back on his cock and balls all enclosed in my hot mouth as I sucked and sucked and tongued his delightful boy flesh. My cock was aching and throbbing and my girl was cumming hard, jerking and moaning. Precum oozed from the tip of my cock and dripped onto his leg. I took my mouth off his cock which was red now from my sucking but stiff. I moved up to his face and my girl moved to his cock and began sucking where I left off. She had one finger between his ass cheeks rubbing at his star. She was sucking hard and he was squirming. I slapped my cock on his cheek a couple of times then tapped it on his lips. He didn't want to open his mouth but I pressed on his jaw until he opened then I shoved my cock in his mouth as far as I could. Oh, his tight mouth felt so good on my throbbing cock. He was gasping and starting to cry but I needed his mouth. It was almost more than I could stand. My cock was dripping precum by now and I fucked his mouth as hard as I could shoving my cock in until it touched his throat and almost all the way out and back in again. His face was red and his cheeks were bulging with my cock. I wanted so bad to let go and shoot my load straight down his throat but that wasn't all that I came here for. I reluctantly withdrew my cock, hard and red and angry now swollen almost to bursting. He gasped when I pulled it out and I immediately replaced it with my tongue drilling deep into his mouth, sucking his tongue hard. I motioned for my girl to come off his cock which she did and looked at me to gauge my next move. I grabbed his legs and roughly pulled him to the edge of the bed so his ass was right at the edge. I lifted his legs and put them against my chest using one hand I spread his ass cheeks and told my girl to lube him up with her pussy juice. She dipped three fingers in her dripping snatch and rubbed the slickness on his asshole and my cock. She took up her position straddling his face and watched waiting for me. My cock was so hard it hurt and I positioned at his slick hole and nodded my head. She lowered her cunt onto his face covering his nose and mouth so he couldn't scream and began to ride his face. His nose was pressed into her asshole and her cunt was flowing juice over his mouth. I pushed at his hole with my thick cock and he flinched. He was so tight I didn't think I would be able to get my cock in him. But I pushed and he slowly opened taking the tip of my cock... His ass was so tight it pulled my skin back painfully but I couldn't stop now. I looked at my girl and she was having a good time...squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as she ground her pussy and ass into his face. I couldn't take anymore and holding his thighs tight I shoved my thick cock up his ass, all the way, his cheeks were against my pubic hair. I stopped before I blew my load then and there. I could see his chest moving and knew he was crying but it didn't matter. I thrust again and was in up to my balls. I pistoned my rock hard cock in and out of his ass feeling him loosen slightly and become slick. I was in a frenzy now...I had never had this before and may never again and I was going to fuck it for all it was worth. In and out I drove my thick cock my balls slapping on his ass as I entered. Looking down I saw that my cock was covered in reddish and brown streaks. Ohhhhh, I couldn't stop it, my cock swelled and exploded shooting jet after jet of hot sperm up his ass. I was emptying my nuts like I never had before. I opened my eyes and saw my girl had taken hold of his cock and then pushed his belly and a stream of his hot piss hit me in the face. I opened my mouth and my cock spasmed again emptying what I thought must be the very last sperm I had into his asshole. I swallowed some piss and the rest ran down my face and chin and dripped onto him. My girl raised herself slightly and began squirting hot piss into his mouth and on his face as she came harder than I had ever seen her. My legs wouldn't support me any longer and I collapsed onto the bed with one leg thrown over him to keep him from going anywhere. He was wet with piss all over his body and in his hair. My girl collapsed beside us and after a while we all showered together and she gave him the rest of the food I had brought. He was quiet but he ate and afterward she ordered some food for us while I took him back and let him out with some money near where I found him. When I got back my girl and I ate then cuddled, both too tired to think about fucking and my balls were dry, we talked about our evening and made plans for next time we come back. We will have a girl too then. I can't wait.