(Part 6)

By Sahebji

I reproduce the last few lines of part 5:

Suddenly with a loud “AHHhh” he rammed his cock deep inside my choot and I 
felt his warm seed fall inside me.

“Oh Susan, it was lovely. Your choot was so delightfully tight,” he said as he lay 
panting on top of me, “Did you also enjoy your first fuck.” 

“No, I did not. It was very painful,” I said, “Now that you have done what you 
wanted get off me.” 

“Friends, this is what I said to him but what I really wanted to say was, “Oh uncle, 
ruk kyon gaye? Aur chodo na (Oh uncle, why have you stopped? Go on fuck me 
more),” Susan giggled. 

Part 6:

He lay on top of me moving slowly while kissing and sucking my nipples. His 
cock was still inside my cunt but I couldn’t feel it. Few minutes later I felt his cock 
becoming big. Soon it was hard as rock and he started to pump my cunt with 
slow and regular strokes. 

His cock went in and out, back and forth fucking me. 

“Oh Susan, your cunt is very tight,” he moaned.

I felt the walls of my choot stretch before his big cock as it slid in and out of my 
cunt. He continued to vary the speed and length of my strokes constantly. The 
good feeling returned and it became more and more intense with each stroke. 

“Oh uncle,” I moaned pressing his crotch against my own and throwing my legs 
up over his back, pulled his cock firmly inside my choot.

“Mazaa aa raha hai? (Are you enjoy it?),” uncle chuckled continuing to hump me. 

“H…H…Haan, bahut achcha lag raha hai (Y…hes, y…hes, it feels very nice),” I 

“Shall I stop?” uncle laughed. 


“Kya tujhe aur chodoon? (Shall I continue to fuck you?)” he asked. 

“Haan, mujhe aur chodo (Yes, fuck me more),” I moaned. 

He laughed and continued to drive his big cock in and out of my choot.

My buttocks lifted and his cock plunged deeper into my cunt. My hips moved up 
and down in rhythm of uncle’s strokes. 

Uncle fucked me harder and faster. My whole body shuddered violently. My hips 
were moving at a furious pace. 


Uncle drove his cock faster and harder into me. 

“OH UNCLE,” I screamed in ecstasy as uncle’s cock throbbed inside me as it 
moved in and out.

Suddenly, with a loud “AAAHHHHhhhh”, uncle shoved his cock deep inside my 
choot and released his cum, blob by blob, at the mouth of my womb.   

His hot cum triggered my orgasm. My body arched and throwing back my head, I 

"Oh Susan, that was good," uncle moaned crushing my lips with his.

We lay joined together for a long time savoring the intense feeling we had just 

When our kiss broke he rolled off me. “Did you enjoy your first fuck?” he asked 
lighting a cigarette. 

“Oh uncle, it was fantastic,” I said kissing him. 

After a while I said, “I must go home.” 

“No hurry, the program is not going to end for an hour or so,” he said looking at 
his wristwatch, added, ”Susan, take off your clothes and get into bed.”

We fucked two more times. When the show finished uncle drove me home. 

“Sir, you…” my daddy exclaimed on seeing us, “Suzy, what happened?” 

“I’ll tell you,” uncle said, “Few minutes before the show; I saw Susan standing 
near the VIP entrance with tears in her eyes. I asked her as to why she was 
standing here.”

She tried to explain but burst into tears. I did not understand her but I saw she 
was very keen to see the show. Well, then I arranged for her to see the show,” 
uncle said with a big smile. 

“Thank you sir,” my daddy said, “I hope Suzy was no trouble.” 

“Oh she was no trouble,” he said grinning, “Susan, did you enjoy yourself?” 

“Oh yes uncle, I loved it,” I replied blushing. 

“Actually Susan and I wanted it to go on and on,” he chuckled, “Didn’t we?” 

“Yes,” I replied blushing and looked away. 

“Don, have you more children?” uncle asked changing the subject. 

“Yes sir, two more,” daddy replied, “Joseph is 11 and Carol is 7.” 

“I don’t see them around,” uncle said. 

“They have gone to bed,” mummy said, “They have school tomorrow. Suzy, have 
you eaten something?” 

“No, we didn’t get a chance,” I said. 

“Sir, please join us,” daddy said, “We were just about to eat. Miriam is a good 

“I am sure she is but I must go home. My wife will be waiting,” uncle replied and 
saying good bye left. 

I was devastated to learn that he had a wife. That night I cried myself to sleep, 
not because I had lost my virginity but because he was married. 
We fucked twice a week. We tried out different positions, I loved to ride him and 
he liked to fuck me doggy style. Some days he was very busy but we managed 
to squeeze in a couple of fucks. 

About a month later he said, “Susan, lie down on the bed with your legs apart. 
Today I’ll give you pleasure in a different way.” 

I lay down as he directed and then crouching between my legs he buried his face 
in my cunt. 

 “UNCLE DON’T, IT IS DIRTY,” I screamed.

“Sh,” he said placing his forefinger on his lips, “lie quietly and enjoy.” 

I lost count of how many times I came as he licked my choot, sucked my clit and 
fucked me with his tongue. 


He ignored my pleas and continued to eat my cunt. “Uncle, please stop, “I 
sobbed, “I can’t cum anymore.” 

“That we’ll see,” he chuckled and getting on top of me rammed his cock inside 
my dripping choot. 

He fucked me with hard strokes twice without uncunting and fetching me four 
more times. When I left I could hardly walk. 

I saw him couple of days later. “Uncle, fuck me gently because my choot is still 
sore from the other day,” I said undressing. 

“Let’s give your choot complete rest today,” he grinned. 

“You want me to give you a hand job?” I asked. 

“No, I want you to suck my cock,” he said. 

“Ugh, I won’t suck your cock,” I said making a face, “It is yucky.” 

“I licked your choot. Don’t you think you should reciprocate,” he said. 

“I’ll never take that thing in my mouth,” I said stressing each word. 

“I think you should dress and go,” he said turning away. 

“I’ll come back when my cunt is feeling better,” I said picking up my panties. 

“No need to come back,” he said. 

“What!” I exclaimed, “Aap mujhe phir kabhie nahin chodenge (You will never fuck 
me again).” 

“Yes, I don’t fuck selfish girls,” he said. 

I loved his cock much too much. “Sit down, I’ll suck your cock but don’t cum in 
my mouth,” I said. 

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” he laughed sitting down on the bed. 

I separated his legs and knelt between them. Then unzipping his fly released his 
stiff cock. I moved the foreskin up and down a couple of times then taking it in my 
mouth started sucking it. 

“Yes that’s the way but mind your teeth,” uncle said placing both his hands on my 
head. My head bobbed up and down fucking my mouth with his erection. 

“Go on. Don’t stop,” he said moving hips back and forth. His cock began to throb 
and it became a little bigger. 

I sensed that he was about to cum. I tried to pull my head back and release his 
cock but he held my head firmly. I struggled to get free. Suddenly with a loud 
“AHHhhh,” he pushed his cock deep into my mouth and came. His first spurt 
went straight into my stomach. I started to gag. He pulled back and came in my 

“Susan, swallow it,” he urged as his cum filled my mouth. I shook my head in the 

“You must swallow it,” he chuckled pinching my nose and compelling me to 
swallow it. 

“How was the taste?” he asked laughing. 

“It was lousy,” I said making a face, “Slimy and salty.” 

“Don’t worry, my dear, it will grow on you,” he chuckled. 

“Friends, I must have sucked his cock hundreds of times but the taste has yet to 
grow on me,” Susan said. 

“Just like me,” Faiza said, “I never got used to the taste.”

“Kya ussne teri gaand bhi maari? (Did he fuck you in your ass hole also?)” Miss 
Rosie asked. 

“Of course he did,” Susan replied. 

“Then tell us about it,” Miss Rosie said.

Susan continued: One afternoon when I visited him he was very cheerful and 

“You look very happy today,” I remarked starting to undress.

“Yes I am. Aaj mere pass time hai. Pahele main teri choot chatunga aur phir usse 
chodunga (Today I have time. First I am going to lick your cunt and then fuck it),” 
he said taking off his dressing gown. Beneath the gown he was naked. 

I noticed three large bowls on a trolley near the bedside table.

 “What is in those bowls?” I asked. 

“Lie down and I’ll tell you,” he said standing next to the bed with his cock pointing 
towards the ceiling.

He placed a folded napkin on his left arm like a waiter and bowing asked, 
“Madam, what would your choot like to taste first?” 

“Aapka laurda (Your cock),” I giggled. 

“That is the main course, madam,” he said respectfully, “With which taste would 
you like start?” 

“What have to offer?” I giggled. 

“Madam, I have marmalade, strawberry jam and apricot jelly,” he said. 

“I like strawberry jam,” I laughed. 

He took a large spoon full from the bowl of strawberry jam and smeared it on my 
tits paying special attention to the areolas and the nipples. Then he heaped jam 
on my navel. Then separating my choot lips he filled the slit and my hole with 
strawberry jam. 

When he had finished he began licking it. He licked my body till he could not 
taste the jam anymore. In the meanwhile I came twice. He repeated the 
operation with marmalade and apricot jelly. Each time I came twice. 

“Uncle, chatana band karo aur mujhe chodo (Uncle, stop licking and fuck me 
now),” I said spreading my legs wide. 

“Not yet,” he laughed, “First you lick my cock in different tastes.” 

He dipped his cock first in strawberry jam and gave it to me to suck. I sucked till I 
could taste the jam. This was followed by marmalade and apricot jelly. 

“Susan, now the fuck you wanted,” he said and rammed his cock into my choot 
and we had a delicious fuck. 

After the fuck we lay resting. 

“Susan, it is getting late,” he said looking at his watch, “Let us clean up.” 

“Let’s have a tub bath together,” I said jumping out of the bed, “I’ve never had a 
tub bath before.”   

“We’ll have a tub bath some other time. Today we’ll have a bucket bath as we 
have to clean ourselves properly,” he replied carrying me into the bathroom. 

He sat on a 2’ high stool and made me sit on his left thigh. 

“Susan, you apply soap on my body while I soap you,” he suggested. 

“Oh it will be fun,” I giggled and began to apply soap on body. When I was 
soaping his cock it stood up in all its glory. 

“Uncle, are you going to waste this lovely erection?” I giggled. 

“No, my dear, we’ll put it to good use but a little later,” he replied as he soaped 
my tits and choot. 

While soaping my choot he inserted two fingers inside it and began to finger fuck 

“Oh uncle, put your cock inside my choot,” I moaned. 

“Let me clean your choot from inside first,” he laughed and withdrawing his 
fingers from my choot, he added, “Alright, stand up now.” 

I stood up. He soaped my back then my buttocks. “Now bend down and separate 
your ass cheeks with your hands,” he ordered. 

I obeyed without realizing what his real intentions were. 

He applied soap on my ass hole from outside then suddenly inserted two fingers 
in it. 

“Ouch, it hurts,” I cried. He began to finger fuck my ass hole.  

“What are you doing?” I asked.  

“Cleaning your ass hole from inside,” he chuckled. 

“I don’t like it. Please remove your finger,” I said. 

Instead of removing his fingers he rotated them. I was surprised that it felt good 
but did not say anything.

“Now you can impale yourself on my cock,” he said. 

“How can I? I can’t see it,” I replied. 

“I’ll guide you,” he said. 

He held my hips and guided me as I lowered myself slowly on his erect cock. I hit 
his cock with my ass hole instead of my choot. 

“OH JESUS!” I shouted and jumped up as I felt the tip of his cock pushing 
against my ass hole.  

“What happened?” he asked innocently. 

“Your cock nearly went into my ass hole by mistake,” I giggled. 

“Who says it was a mistake,” he chuckled. 

“You mean…” I asked incredulously. 

“Haan, aaj main teri gaand maarunga (Yes, I will fuck you in your ass hole 
today),” he said. 

“Uncle, please gaand main nahin. Aapka laurda bagut mota hai (Uncle, please 
not in my ass hole. Your cock is very thick),” I requested. 

“Sorry, I have made up my mind,” he said. 

“Uncle please, it’ll hurt,” I begged. 

“Do you want me to use force?” he threatened. 

“NO! Please uncle, let me go,” I groveled with folded hands. 

“Alright, I have a suggestion,” he said, “You sit on my hands and I will lower you 
slowly on my cock. I’ll let you go the moment you say the pain has become 
unbearable. Okay?” 

“Oh thank you,” I said kissing him. 
He supported my ass with his palm and lowered me slowly on his erect cock. I 
felt his cock pressing my puckered hole. My back door stretched and started to 
open. It hurt terribly. 

“Oh uncle, it is hurting,” I said. He lowered me further. The pain became 


“As you want,” he said removing his hands supporting me and gravity pulled me 
down impaling my ass hole on his erection.  

“AAAAAAAYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE,” I screamed, as my sphincter snapped 
open under my weight and his cock rushed into my ass hole till it was completely 
buried in it. I tried to get up but he stopped me. 

“Why did you remove your hands?” I complained with tears flowing down my 

“I had to. I had promised,” he chuckled. 

“I didn’t mean it this way,” I pouted. 

“But I did,” he laughed. 

“You are very sly,” I said, “I think you planned it this way.”  

“Yes, otherwise you would have never let me fuck you in your back hole,” he 
laughed, “Okay, now that my cock is already inside your butt hole we might as 
well fuck.” 

I moved up and down while he pinched and rubbed my clit. When we had 
finished he asked, “Did you enjoy it?” 

“No, it was very painful,” I replied although I had liked it. 

“You’ll love it after I have fucked you couple of times in your ass hole,” he said. 

We washed ourselves and returned to the bedroom. His cock was hard again. 

“Uncle, fuck me,” I said lying on the bed and opening my legs. 

“Get on all fours,” he said, “today is ass hole fucking day.” 

“Oh no, please not again,” I cried. 

He squeezed some vaseline on my ass hole and aiming his cock at my back 
entrance sent it home in one hard stroke. 


He fucked my butt while rubbing my choot. 

“Oh, it feels very nice,” I moaned when he had finished. I had enjoyed my second 
butt fuck.

“I told you so,” he laughed. 

“That is my story,” Susan giggled. 

“Did you get to have your tub bath?” Saaima asked. 

“Oh yes,” Susan said, “On my next visit.” 

“Tell us,” Rosie said. 

Next time when I visited him, he said, “Susan, get undress today we are going to 
have a tub bath together.” 

I had forgotten all about it. “Oh how sweet,” I cooed starting to undress, “You 

The suddenly I had doubts. “Kahin aapka meri gaand tau maarne ka irada tau 
nahin hai (I hope you are not planning to fuck me in my as hole)” I asked 

“Why not, you enjoy a cock up your butt, don’t you?” he laughed. 

“Yes but I enjoy a cock up my cunt more,” I giggled. 

“No, I am not planning to fuck you in your ass hole today,” he chuckled. 

Happily I accompanied him into the bathroom. He filled the tub half full of hot 
water and said, “Susan, lie down inside the tub.” 

I stepped into the tub gingerly and lay down. 

“Susan, hold this pillow under your head,” he said handing me an inflated rubber 

Then he took my legs and hung them over the sides of the tub and lay between 
my spread legs. He slowly inserted his erect cock into my choot. 

Then he fucked me till we both came.

“Ooooo, you mean your uncle fucked you under water,” Nisha cried. 

I nodded. 

“How was it?” Saaima asked. 

“I liked it,” Susan replied. 

“Saheb, Ramu, fuck us also underwater also,” Lila said. 

All of them wanted to be fucked underwater. 

“Girls,” Ramu said raising his hand, “We will if you want us to.” 

“Susan, now it the turn of your tongue to appease Rosie’s cunt and I’ll fuck you in 
both the holes doggie style,” I said. 

Susan crouched between Rosie’s wide spread legs and started to lick. 

I held her by her buttocks and entered her choot from behind. While fucking her 
cunt I suddenly shoved my cock up her ass hole.  

“AAWWWWAAAA,” Susan shouted. 

“What happened, dearie, did my choot bite you?” Rosie giggled. 

“No, Saheb changed holes,” Susan groaned. 

I continued too hump Susan changing holes at will. 

“Susan, I am about to cum,” I moaned. 

“So am I,” Susan moaned. 


All three of us came together.

“Roma, I hope you have collected your thoughts because it’s your turn now,” 
Ramu said. 

Roma smiled and nodded. 


My parents migrated to England shortly after their marriage. Initially both of them 
worked to make ends meet. Two years later mummy became pregnant with me. 
She returned home and I was born here. As both my parents were working, when 
returning to England they took two servants, Gopal, a twenty year old son of a 
faithful retainer of my grandfather, who did the outside work, and Shanti, a 25 
year old woman to cook and look after me, with them.

With the Grace of God and hard work they put in my father’s business flourished. 
Gopal assisted daddy in his business and soon became a trusted member of the 
family. By the time I was eight years daddy was a very rich man. My mother gave 
up her job and kept herself busy with social and charitable work. 

When I was ten, daddy bought a huge estate of some nobleman or the other. 
The estate consisted of a huge mansion, several cottages and out houses. Even 
a small stream flowed through our property. 

The mansion was huge. The family occupied only a portion of it. Mary, an English 
maid, shared a room with Shanti near the kitchen, Gopal stayed in the unused 
wing of the main mansion and the rest of the staff i.e. a footman, two maids and 
several gardeners came on duty in the morning and returned to the village in the 

Daddy entertained frequently therefore Shanti became a full time cook and Mary 
took over as my nanny and my mother’s personal maid. Mary was a cute, 5’2” tall 
blonde with big tits. Gopal took charge of all the staff with powers to hire and fire 
them. He handled the household cash also. Both of them were very dear to me.

I think that this should suffice as back ground. 

My story starts when I was eleven. One afternoon I felt hungry and went to the 
kitchen. Mary and Shanti were gossiping. 

“Shanti, I am hungry. Make some sandwiches for me,” I said. 

“Sure, Queenie, sit down while I prepare them,” Shanti replied. 

“Why Queenie?” Faiza asked. 

“I’ll tell you the reason behind it,” Roma said, “When I was about four H.M. 
Queen Elizabeth II drove past our house in an open carriage. For days everyone 
talked about the Queen and nothing else. 

During a discussion daddy asked Gopal, “Gopal, did you see the Queen?” 

“I see her everyday,” Gopal had replied, “Roma is my queen and she is 

Since then everyone called me Queenie. 

I waited while Shanti prepared my snack. About ten minutes later Gopal peeped 

“Mary, come here for a minute,” he said. 

Mary made her excuses and left. 

“Pata nahin Gopal ko iss gori haramzadi ko chodene main kya mazza milta hai. 
Mere pass bhi wohi cheez hai jo usske pass hai (I don’t understand what 
pleasure Gopal gets by fucking this fair skinned bitch. I have also the same thing 
as she),” I heard Shanti mutter under her breath. 

I didn’t understand her then but later on Gopal told me what it meant. 

“Sorry Shanti, I did not understand what you said,” I said apologetically. 

“I said that your sandwiches are ready,” Shanti said, “In case you want more then 
say so.” 

“Thank you, Shanti, I will,” I said and carried my plate into the dinning room. 

While I was eating I remembered that mummy had called to say that tell Gopal 
fresh stock had arrived in Indian shops. After finishing my snack I went looking 
for him. He was not in house. 

“He must be in his room,” I thought and walked towards his room in the unused 

As I neared his room I heard strange noises. A strange sight met my eyes as I 
peeped in. Mary was lying on the edge of Gopal’s bed. Her petticoats were 
pushed up to her waist and her legs were in the air. Gopal was bending over her 
and ramming his cock into Mary’s blonde haired cunt. 


pumping harder.

At first like Nisha I also thought Gopal was hurting Mary but soon realized that 
Mary was shouting in ecstasy and not in pain. I gaped with open mouth as Gopal 
continued to bang his cock into Mary’s fuck hole. 


“YOU WANT MORE TAKE THIS YOU WHITE BITCH,” Gopal yelled continuing 
to ram his cock into Mary’s cunt. 

lay back gasping for breath. 

Gopal continued to hump her and suddenly with a loud “AAAHHhhh” he lay 
panting on her. 

“Oh Gopal, you fuck like a God. I love you,” Mary gushed kissing him. 

“I enjoy fucking you also,” Gopal grinned retuning her kiss. 

“Gopal, now get off me, Shanti must be wondering what happened to me,” Mary 

“Let me fuck you one more time,” Gopal said, “I’ll be hard in a minute or two.”

“Some other time,” Mary said pushing him off, “I must go now.”

As Mary stood up and straightened her dress Gopal pointing to his cock, which 
was hanging lifeless between his legs, said, “Who will clean my cock?” 

“I will,” Mary giggled and taking Gopal’s cock lovingly in her mouth sucked it 

I stole away from there without giving mummy’s message. When mummy came 
home and asked me. I lied that I forgot.

“It is all right,” mummy said and sent for Gopal. 

After that day I kept a sharp eye on both. I saw them fucking nearly everyday. 

I had heard the word fucking in the school. I made discrete enquiries about it 
from other girls. I found out that fucking gives lot of pleasure to both woman and 

I wanted to experience this pleasure also. I’d like to mention here that as a child I 
was very obstinate and stubborn. 

“You still are,” Saaima giggled. Everyone laughed. 

“Maybe but only a fraction of what I was then,” Roma replied.

I forgot to mention that I used to go for a walk with Gopal every evening. A 
couple of months later one evening when we were taking our usual walk we got 
caught in a cloud burst. Rain came down in buckets. We ran for the nearest 
shelter which was the Caretaker’s Cottage. 

Gopal unlocked the door. We were wet and cold. Inside the cottage Gopal lighted 
the gas fire to keep us warm and dry our clothes. 

“Queenie, take off your frock otherwise you will catch pneumonia,” Gopal said. 

I had undressed in front of Gopal so many times that I took off my frock without 
thinking. Gopal took off his shirt and pants. He spread the clothes to dry. 

This was the opportunity I had been looking for. 

“Gopal, do with me as you do with Mary,” I said. 

“What is that?” Gopal replied automatically. 

“Gopal, fuck me like you fuck Mary,” I said. 

“Shh don’t say things like that. I don’t do anything of the sort,” Gopal said. 

“Don’t lie. I know you fuck her,” I repeated. 

“Did that bitch Shanti tell you?” Gopal said. 

“No, I have seen you fucking Mary with my own eyes,” I stated. 

“You are mistaken,” Gopal repeated. 

“No I am not,” I said, 

“Take out your cock and put it in my pussy.” I had learned these terms while I 
was making enquiries from girls. 

“Queenie, be sensible, I can’t,” he begged. 

“Do as I say,” I said stubbornly and lunged forward trying to catch his cock. 

“Queenie, what are you doing?” he said backing off.  

“Take your cock out now otherwise I’ll tell mummy that you take off my panties 
and look at me,” I threatened. 

A girl in school had related a story about a man was arrested for undressing and 
touching a twelve year old. 

Gopal turned pale. 

“Bingo, I had hit the bull’s eye,” I thought. 

“I don’t,” he protested wiping his brow. 

“We know it is not true but she doesn’t know,” I said, “Are you going to take it out 
or not.”  

Reluctantly Gopal took out his flaccid cock. 

“Make it big and hard like when you fuck Mary,” I ordered. 

“Please Queenie, you don’t know what you are doing,” Gopal said, “The rain has 
stopped. Wear your frock and let us go home. I’ll not say anything to anyone 
about your behavior today.” 

“Shut up and make it big,” I insisted taking his cock in my hand. Immediately his 
cock started to get big. 

I remembered having seen Mary take Gopal’s cock in her mouth to make it real 
hard. I put his cock in my mouth before he could stop me. 

“Queenie, please don’t,” Gopal groaned as his cock rose to its full length. 

“Good, now put in my cunt,” I said taking off my panties. 

“Queenie, please I beg of you. You are too young. It’ll hurt,” Gopal pleaded 
beads of perspiration forming on his forehead. 

“I don’t care if it kills me. I want you to fuck me,” I said getting angry, “It is the last 
time I’m telling you. Fuck me.” 

“Queenie, I’m telling you. It’ll hurt,” Gopal said. 

“Do it or I’ll run out like this shouting for help and tell daddy that you undressed 
me and tried to put that big thing inside me. Shall I run?” I threatened.

“Wait, I’ve a suggestion,” Gopal said wiping his perspiration. 

“I’m listening,” I said, “I’m warning you don’t try to be over smart.” 

“I will lie down with my cock pointing upwards. You separate your cunt lips and 
impale your cunt on it. If it gets painful you can stop. Then we can go home and 
forget this ever happened. Okay?” Gopal proposed. 

I thought it was a fair offer. 

“Okay, we’ll do as you say,” I consented. 

He lay down and I separating my cunt lips slowly sat on his erect cock. His big 
cockhead tried to enter. It hurt. The pain increased as his cockhead stretched the 
entrance of my cunt hole. 

“If it has to pain let it pain at one time,” I thought and rammed my bottoms 
downwards. I felt Gopal’s cock entering. It was accompanied by excruciating 


“Mary, quick Queenie is hurt,” I heard Gopal say as I started to come out of my 

My mother was not at home. “What happened?” Mary asked. 

Gopal hesitated then he said, “She has sprained her left ankle.” 

“Hurry carry her to her room and tuck her into bed while I bring cold compress,” 
Mary said. 

Few minutes later Mary returned with a bowl of ice cold water and couple of 

“Where am I?” I said looking glassily at Mary. 

“Queenie, you are in your bed and everything will be all right,” Mary said.  

“Oh Mary, it hurt so much,” I groaned. 

“Relax, no bones are broken. Thanks to Gopal, who brought you home promptly,” 
Mary said, “I applied cold compress before your ankle could swell.”  

“What are you talking about?” I asked weakly, “It is not my ankles that hurt but 
my crotch.” 

“But Queenie, Gopal said that you have sprained your left ankle,” Mary asked 

“Oh my crotch, it is hurting so,” I groaned. 

“Does it hurt here,” Mary asked placing her hand on my stomach. 

“No, lower. Much lower,” I groaned. 

Suddenly Mary lifted my skirt and looked. “My God, your panties are soaked in 
blood. It can’t be your period. You are only eleven,” Mary said, “Who did it?” 

“Gopal….” I started but Mary interrupted me. 

“That horny bastard, he fucks me twice a day and still had to shove his big cock 
into an eleven year olds cunt,” Mary said, “Don’t worry, I’ll see to it that he is 

“No, no, don’t do that,” I said. 

“No, he deserves it. I’ll tell madam. She’ll make sure that he is put behind bars 
where he belongs,” Mary said. 

“No Mary, it was not his fault,” I managed to say. 

“Not his fault? Then whose fault was it?” Mary enquired. 

“Yours,” I said pointing at her. 

Mary was aghast. “Mine? I was not even there,” she replied. 

Just then I heard Shanti say outside my door, “Madam, she is in her bedroom. 
She has sprained her ankle and Mary is with her applying cold compress.” 

“Mary, not a word to mummy,” I begged pulling down my skirt.

“Queenie, how are feeling?” mummy said entering the room. 

“Better,” I groaned. 

“You poor thing,” mummy asked, “What happened?” 

“I stepped into a hole and twisted my left ankle,” I replied.

“You could have broken it. Let me see,” mummy said. 

Mary pulled back the quilt and exposing my ankles. 

“Good, there is no swelling,” mummy muttered. 

“Madam, probably because I applied cold compress as soon as Gopal carried 
her here,” Mary said. 

“Queenie, don’t go down for dinner. Shanti, send whatever Queenie wants to her 
room,” mummy said. 

“Yes madam,” Shanti murmured respectfully.

“Mummy I am not hungry,” I groaned. 

“Rubbish. You must eat to keep up your strength. Shanti make some hot soup, 
Roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables. What dessert can you offer?” 

“I have chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream,” Shanti said, “Queenie, loves it.” 

“Good, go and prepare dinner. Mary, see to it that she has something to eat,” 
mummy said. 

“Mummy, are you going out again,” I wailed. 

“Yes, my dear, I have to. It is a very important function,” mummy said squeezing 
my hand, “Mary will look after you.” 

“Oh mummy, please stay,” I begged, “I want you to sleep with you in your bed.”  

“Darling, me too but I must go,” mummy replied, “You’ll be alright with Mary 

“Can Mary sleep with me in my bed?” I asked, “Please.” 

“Mary, you sleep with Queenie tonight,” mummy said, “Good night, darling. See 
you in the morning. We’ll be late returning.” 

“Why is it my fault,” Mary asked when mummy had left. 

I told her how I had seen Gopal fucking her, her shouts of pleasure and my 
eagerness to experience the pleasure of fucking. 

“I see, but didn’t Gopal tell you that you are too young,” Mary laughed. 

“He did but I blackmailed him into complying,” I smiled. 

“I am sure the horny bastard must have enjoyed deflowering an eleven year old,” 
Mary tittered. 

“Mary, when did you fuck for the first time?” I asked.

“Long, long time ago,” Mary laughed. 

“Tell me about it,” I begged. 

“Okay, but when we are lying in bed after dinner,” Mary said, “Now you come 
with me.” 

Mary took me to the bathroom and peeling off my panties hid them. Then she 
washed my legs and my cunt thoroughly. I returned to bed after changing into my 

There was timid knock as Mary tucked me in bed again. “Come in,” I called out. 
Gopal entered hesitantly. 

“How are you feeling?” he enquired nervously. 

“Thanks to you she is hurting like hell. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself trying to 
rape an eleven year old girl,” Mary said rebuking Gopal, “Madam is going to see 
that you spend rest of your life in jail.” 

Gopal ignoring Mary’s tirade, looked at me pleadingly and said, “Queenie, you 
know that I didn’t want to do it.” 

“She is joking,” I laughed and repeated what I had told Mary.  

“Bitch,” Gopal muttered giving Mary a contemptuous look.

“Gopal, you stay with Queenie while I go to the kitchen and help Shanti,” Mary 
said, “Don’t leave her alone even for a minute.” 

“I know what to do,” Gopal, said turning his back towards Mary. 

“Queenie, I’ll be back soon,” Mary said and sticking out her tongue at Gopal’s 
back left. 

“Gopal, you were right. It was very painful. I could have died,” I said stretching 
my arms towards him. .

“Shh don’t talk like that,” Gopal said getting on his knees near the bed. 

“I promise never to disobey you,” I said holding his hand. 

“Shh close your eyes and try to rest,” he said. 

“Gopal, tell me a story,” I said closing my eyes. 

I had heard his repertoire of stories several times over. Gopal started to relate a 
story about a crow couple and a snake. Almost immediately I dozed off.

Mary woke me after an hour. When I opened my eyes I saw Gopal still on his 
knees next to my bed. 

“Gopal, have you been on your knees all this time,” I asked surprised, “You must 
be hurting. Why didn’t you get up?” 

“You were holding my hand. If I had moved then you would have woken up,” 
Gopal said humbly. 

“This is why I love this big lout,” Mary said brightly, “Queenie, your dinner is 

“Mary, Gopal, join me, the food is too much for me,” I said seeing the food laid 
out on the table. 

“Thank you, Shanti and I have already had my dinner,” Mary replied. 

“I am not hungry,” Gopal said declining. 

“Shanti said she’ll keep your food in the pantry,” Mary said. 

“I told her not to,” Gopal said. 

I shrugged and started eating. 

“What is Shanti doing?” I asked while I ate. 

“She must have gone to bed by now,” Mary said. 

Mary watched over me while I ate. When I took a second helping of the dessert 
Mary excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom. Ten minutes later 
when she came out of the bathroom she had changed into her nightshirt and was 
ready for bed. 

“Gopal, can you and Mary do me a favor,” I asked. 

“Just name it,” Gopal said. 

“I would like you to fuck Mary so that I can watch at close quarters,” I said. 

“Y…Y...You want see what?” Mary said turning red. 

“I want to see you two fucking from close,” I repeated. 

End of part 6

To be continued…