Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Nymphette Neighbor; Part 2 Tags: M/g, ped, oral, golden showers/piss, first-time, anal-play As I walked into the fairly small bathroom of my neighbor's house, I looked back at their naked little daughter, Keely Owens, who was almost 8 years old, and eagerly smiling as she followed me, in all her naked perfection. She walked over to the shower, and looked back at me. "Don't you need to be naked too?" she asked me, stating the obvious, as my cock, still hard, but drooping a little, was right at her eye-level. I nodded, then pulled off my t-shirt, followed shortly by my shoes, socks, and the rest. She gazed at me, seeing the bit of hair on my chest, and giggling. "What...?" I asked with a grin. "You're hairy..." she laughed, as she suddenly turned red. Seconds later she lifted the toilet lid up, and sat her naked little ass down on the seat. I could hear the trickling of her little girl piss flowing into the can, which gave me a renewed erection, as I'd always loved watching videos online of girls pissing, and other such fetishes. She noticed my cock was hard all over again, and just stared as I couldn't help but slowly stroke myself. "Can I do that...?" she asked me, obviously wanting to play with my cock some more. I just smiled, and walked over to her, as her trickle slowly stopped, and I heard the last few drops of her piss hit the bowl. She smiled at me, as she grabbed onto my cock, and stared at it. "Wanna try something?" I asked her, getting her to look away from my throbbing shaft momentarily. "What?" she asked me. "Go sit in the shower..." I began to instruct her, and she hopped off the toilet, and sped over to the tub. Sitting down, she looked up at me, and I nearly came once more as her naked little pale body, reddish-brown hair, and a few freckles as well, were enough to turn your average guy into a full-on-pedophile. I took my cock into my hands, knowing I had to pee despite my hardness, and a few moments later I let go of my full bladder, and began to piss all over her body. An initial shocked look on her face turned into a smile, then a laugh, as my warm piss sprayed all over her. "That feels funny...and warm...!" she laughed as my piss hit her face, and she accidently opened her mouth. I could tell she'd tasted some, and didn't immediately gag, which gave me a few ideas for the near-future. Looking back up at me, dripping with my piss, she smiled. " can what do we do?" she asked. I reached over, and began to turn the water on, knowing the smell of piss would be too strong, and besides, I wanted to see what kind of fun we could have in then shower. The shower head turned over, and seconds later mildly-warm water began to rinse Keely's little body off. I got in next to her, and she stood back up. She grabbed a little bottle of some generic body wash,with a cartoon character on it, and handed it to me. "Can you wash my back?" she asked, turning her back towards me, as well as the added bonus of her cute little ass. Nodding, I happily squirted some of the soap into my hands, then began to rub it all over her back, and crouched down to her ass, and washed each cheek for a nice extended rubbing session. Making sure I got her as clean as I could, she just stood there as my lathered hand rubbed her little ass crack, and I slowly began to work a finger or two in-between her little pert cheeks, getting a nice poke, or two, of her little rosebud. I could hear her soft little moans as I did this, then she surprise me by turning around and planted a soft, gentle kiss on my lips. She broke it off, and instantly blushed, then looked up at me with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. "Th...that was my first kiss...with a boy..." she admitted, as I could tell she was now hooked. I smiled back, feeling more feelings of love and affection for Keely than I thought I ever would. No longer did I want to spend this short little bit of time, that had been thankfully granted to me, just taking advantage of her innocence. I wanted to show her I loved her, and with all my heart, body, and soul. Telling she was ready for more sudsing, she grabbed one of my soapy hands, and began to rub her chest with it. "That feels nice..." she smiled, as I felt a little hardining of her tiny little nubs of nipples. "Can...can you make the stuff come out...?" she asked, referring to my cock. I didn't even need to be told twice, as my cock was about to pop as it was. I grabbed it, but was stopped as her own hand grabbed it instead, and as she'd obviously picked up on, began to stroke me, causing me to tense-up, as moments later my overload of jizz finally squirted out, right onto her hand, arm, and a bit on her chest, which dripped down to her belly button. "MMMm....." I shuddered, feeling the relief finally. She looked down at her cum-covered hand, and looked back at me. "Is that what babies are made with?" she asked. I nodded. "Did you say it wouldn't hurt after the first time?" she asked me again. "Usually only the first time, then you'll feel so good you'll wanna do it all the time." I told her, still desiring to fuck her little tight virgin, not-quite-8 year old pussy(who wouldn't!?). "Can...can we try it...?" she asked, her innocent face, full of curiosity, and a sense of childhood exploration, looked ay me, and made me wanna cherish her for all time. "Wanna help me wash up first? Then tonight, after we get back to my place, and order pizza, we can play some more...okay??" I asked her, as I admitted to myself it would be a lot safer to fuck her, popping her cherry in MY house. I wasn't quite preparred to have to answer a possible inquisition from her parents if they found any blood on Keely's bed or sheets. She happily nodded, and took the body wash bottle, and immediately began to wash my chest and arms. All the while she was giggling with anticipation of what we were going to do later tonight. Hopping out of the shower first, I watched in awe and pure joy as Keely sped out of the bathroom, and into her bedroom. Following her direction, I walked in to her room, and saw her tiny naked ass staring me in the face, as she'd grabbed a small pink "BARBIE" suitcase, and stuffed a few pieces of clothing into it. She ran past me, still wet from her shower, and grabbed a clean pair of her panties out of a pile of clean laundry. Much to my surprise I saw my favorites, the blue-striped pair, still in her basket. "You gonna dry off?" I asked her, as we were still both wet from the shower. She looked at me, then nodded. Grabbing a small towel she began to dry her hair, then looked at me. "Oh, I forgot my tooth brush!!" she remembered, as she dropped her towel, and ran past me naked, once more. I went back to staring at the perfect little pair of her panties in the basket, and had to have them for myself, not thinking she'd mind if I kept them. Just as I grabbed them, she came back in, holding her toothbrush in one hand, and a towel in the other. "Here you...." she paused, seeing me lifting the panties up. "I like those ones...but they're getting kinda tight..." she explained, not even realizing I was planning on keeping them. "So do I..." I admitted, then gave her a little surprise as I put the crotch of them in my face, and inhaled. "Mmmm...smells fresh." I smiled. She stared at my cock, which was already starting to harden again. "Can we have pizza now?" she asked, obviously thinking more about what was to come AFTER dinner, then the actual meal itself. After I had slipped my same clothes back on, and she'd dressed in clean jeans, panties, and a t-shirt, she slipped her sandals back on, and we headed back to my place. Arriving a few minutes later, I saw my answering machine was blinking. As I pressed "PLAY", I heard Keely's mother had left a message. "Hi, this is Carla...just calling to check on Keely...not sure when we're gonna be home tomorrow night...had to call Triple-A, the damn car broke down heading off the interstate...I'll call back tomorrow..." Carla said, in the message. Keely walked back over, with a noticeable look of worry on her face. "Are Mom and Dad alright?" she asked. "I'm sure they are, Keely..." I smiled, giving her a hug. "Whaddya want for pizza?" I asked her, trying to make her forget of anything that may have happened to her parents, but knowing they were probably just having car problems. She thought for a moment, "...Uh...Pepperoni and Pineapple!!" she exclaimed, as she ran back to her bag, and sat on the couch. After ordering the rather tasty pizza, which Keely gobbled up half, I noticed it was nearly 8 pm, and knew from her parents that her bed time was in an hour. I looked at her beautiful little body, as she lay on the floor, on her belly, giving me a nice view of her jean-covered ass, and loved hearing her laughter as one of the characters in the Disney movie we were watching made some wise crack. She turned back to look at me, smiling as she must've known I'd been staring at her ass. "Do I have to go to bed...?" she asked, as she noticed the display on the wall. "Did you want to?" I asked back, realizing she would probably want to continue the "Game" we'd been playing, and hoping to all things Holy that she'd let me at least ATTEMPT to finally pop that tight little cherry pussy, and make her feel the joys of sex, even at not even 8 years old yet. "Not really. I'm not even sleepy..." she replied, as she sat up, and playfully crawled over to the couch. Looking up at me with those seductively young eyes, I nearly melted once more. "Can we still do the thingy...?" she asked me. "What thingy?" I asked, hoping she'd beg for what I knew she wanted me to do. " put your thing in my flower...?" she asked, trying to think of what was going to happen, and how exactly it would feel. "Do you still want to?" I asked. She just nodded, then hopped into my lap, and gave me a soft little kiss on the cheek. "You love me...?" she asked. "Always." I happily smiled, feeling affection for the little loli, and wanting her to be mine. Not in any way possessively, but I felt a strong desire to be with her. Almost an other-worldly feeling, kinda hard to describe. She smiled again, hopping off my lap, and running over to her small suitcase where she pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms, and a night blouse, with "Tinkerbell" on it. Still smiling she began to slowly strip, slipping off her shirt and exposing her tiny little, and quickly pointy nipples, not much of anything really, but the more I stared at them, the more I wanted to suckle them. As I continued to stare, she pulled down her jeans, flicked her sandals off, and walked towards me, wearing only her panties, as she reached down to my crotch, and to prove she was more than your typical almost-8-year old, she unzipped my fly, and stuck her hand in my jeans. "'s all big..." she giggled, more typical of her age. Her little panties were all that kept me from her treasure, and I gave her a bit of a shock when I pulled them down as well, and exposed the rest of her glory to my eyes. She laughed as I slowly began to tickle her inner thigh, slowly rubbing my fingers up her soft skin. I stood back up, and lifted her naked frame into my arms, loving the feel of her soft chest on me, and I could feel the tiniest bit of wetness in her crotch as I held my hand under her perfect little ass. Tossing her lightly onto my full-size bed, I looked down at all her naked wonder, and smiled. "You gonna be okay?" I asked her, as I could tell by her look she was anxious. "Is it really gonna hurt...? It hurt when you rubbed the hole..." she replied, as her face was a little flushed as well. "I promise I'll make it hurt as little as possible..." I began. She swallowed loudly, and nodded. "O...okay....I, I trust you..." I undid my jeans, pulled down my boxers, and flicked off my own shirt, and sat on the bed next to her. She looked at my cock, which was dripping with the few drops of my precum. "Can...can I..." she looked towards me, getting my complete approval, and grabbed my cock in her right hand. "It's hard...and nice..." she smiled. "Go ahead, do whatever you feel comfortable with." I told her, wondering how far her child curiosity would take her. She began to softly squeeze, then rub my cock with her hand, and figuring out what worked the last time, she began to slowly pump my shaft with her tiny hand, and gasped as more precum started dripping out. "This...this is what makes it wet...right?" she asked me. I nodded, then turned towards her, placing my hand on her flat chest I could feel her heart pounding. "It's alright to be nervous know I won't hurt you. And if you want me to stop, just tell me..." once again I reassured her. The look on her face, that of obvious wanting to go through with something I knew she was at least mostly serious about doing, the little inquisitive smile, with a few tears of fright in her eyes, was beautiful. Grabbing my cock in my hand, I leaned over her body, looking down at her perfect nakedness, and the treasure I knew no one would ever be able to sample first, I pointed the throbbing head, dripping with precum, and slowly pushed my body towards Keely's. I lightly touched my cock to her tiny hairless slit, and heard a tiny gasp escape from her mouth. "...Oh..." she barely shivered. Looking back at me, as my body shadowed over hers, and with the ultimate sensativity of a little 7, not quite 8 year old perfect pussy, with the added uncomfort of the fact that she knew her little cherry WOULD have to give way for anything else to progress. She inhaled, " can put it more in me..." she gave me the go ahead. Pushing my cock head a bit more, I felt the immediate tightness one would expect, and slipped slowly inside, about 1/4th of an inch, then gradually making my way deeper, getting nearly an inch when I felt her tender thin cherry, and was surprised when Keely's hands grabbed my arms, and pulled me closer. Apparently she wanted it quicker than I was progressing. The result was ME popping her cherry, and feeling the amazing tight feeling of a little girl's cunt, BUT the other result was her loud screams. "AAAHHHHHHHH! OWWWWW!!!! IT HURTS!!!!" she yelled in horror, and broke into tears as now nearly 2 inches of my cock were sticking inside her popped-pussy. She looked at me, and her sad little face made my heart break. I leaned over and we kissed as I held her securely in my arms. "Shhh....shh.....I'm so sorry Keely...." I apologized, feeling tears of my own, "...I was trying to go slowly..." "I...I...I know...but I wanted to feel....feel what it was said it would feel good...but...but...." she led off, still weeping loudly, but I could tell by the feeling I was feeling down below, and the sudden change of expression on her face, she was adjusting herself. The tiniest pressure of her tight pussy muscles slowly shifted around my cock head, and I knew THEN that she was feeling something other than tremendous pain, post cherry popping, And I saw a smile. "Does it feel good?" I asked, knowing she was now more satisfied with the feel of my invading pussy. She giggled a little, and I had to kiss her once more. "Wanna go on?" I asked her, hoping she'd let me get a bit more of my cock inside of her tight pussy, before I blew my inevitable load. I immediately began to fantisize about knocking her up in a few years, and visions of more depraved acts floated in my head. Her smile, and quiet nod gave me another "yes", and I pushed my cock a bit more, trying to get at least a 3rd inch. "Oohh....I feels all nice...and....are we "sex'ing"...?" she asked me. "It's called sex....or, well, adults call it "fucking"...." I told her, not even caring about using a swear word, as my cock was wedged inside her 7 year old pussy, She laughed, and blushed a little, "you said a bad word..." she giggled. "You can say it if you want. I'm fucking you...." I smiled back, as I pulled a little back out, then pushed forward, giving her a bit of a ride now. "OH!!" she moaned, feeling more of the feeling I was wondering if a girl so young could feel. "You're....fu...fucking me!! Keep....keep fucking me....!" she yelled, as I began to slowly pump my cock in-and-out of her tight hole. "Ohh....Keely....I love....fucking you....I love you...." I muttered, mid-fuck, as I felt my balls tighten, and knew I was about to cum. "Ready...ready for my stuff to shoot inside you?" I asked her. "Yeah...please....mmmmmm.....please keep fucking me....I want your stuff....oohhh....inside....!" she moaned, getting more and more pleasure from her first-ever fucking, and what I was already planning on being ONE of her fucks before her Parents came back. I tensed up, and seconds later my jizz squirted as deep as it could inside her tight pussy. "OOHHH!! FUCK!!!!" I shouted as my cum filled her pussy quickly, and most came back, dripping onto my bed. "AAAHHHHHH!!" she screamed, in what was her first ever orgasm, and I felt a little of her own wet juice dribble onto my cock, adding to my own juice already pooling below. "Ohh....I....I liked that a lot..." she smiled, as she looked up at my sweaty brow. "Mmmm...." I leaned down to kiss her once more, and knew I was in love with this little girl. I slowly pulled my cock out, seeing a bit of her blood on my shaft, as well as a healthy amount of my jizz that had dripped out. "I did too." I smiled. She sat back up and saw the juicy mixture on the bed. "Is that blood?" she asked. "That's from you....sorry..." I felt another apology was due. I could tell by her sitting she was still in some pain, and her little pussy was going to be super tender. Hopping off my bed, I grabbed a bottle of lotion off my nightstand(typically used for "smoothing" my "skin"), and began to lightly rub a dallop onto her red pussy. She cringed, but soon the soothing of the lotion made her smile. I located where I knew her little clit was, and began to focus on the sensitive nub. Her whole body tensed up again, and even though she didn't yell, she DID have a tiny orgasm, dripping more of our juices onto the sheet. "Ooooh...I like that too..." she giggled, as she sat up, and kissed me again. I was NOW Her's! The End