Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Loving my Nattie; Part 4 Tags: M/g, incest, extreme-pedo, toddler, M/F/g/g, anal, piss It had been a few weeks since I'd seen Nikki and her sexy little daughter Keisha, but despite that, and a feeling of some longing for a pair of fine black asses, one adult, and one of a fine little 8 year old--my life was still wonderful, as I still had the pleasure and wonders of my little Nattie, who was nearing her 4th birthday in a few months. As I sat on my bed, naked, as I seemed to spend much of my time at home in, I smiled as I saw a worn-out looking Nattie, who'd been playing with Nikki and Keisha at a local playground, who walked in, and yawned, after taking a nap for a few hours. "You tired?" I asked her, as she took notice of my nakedness, and ran over directly to my cock and balls. "Daddy naked?" she asked, seeing my cock, and grabbing onto it. I felt it immediately stiffen up. "Ooh..." I shuddered as I readied for her eventually swallowing of my cock, as she had become quite an expert at over the last few months. "You wanna be naked too?" I asked her, getting a quick nod, then she pulled off her little sweatpants and blouse, bearing her naked cunt below, sans-panties. Not taking notice at first, then glancing at her tiny slit, I wondered. "Nattie...where are your undies?" I asked. She paused, as she had already shifted to sit in my lap, inches away from poking her little cunt into my hard-as-hell cock. "We played a game..." she began, not clarifying any-much of anything. "Who played a game?" I asked her, wondering what she meant--as my mind began to wander. She looked back at me, and didn't even wait anymore, as she squatted over my cock, grabbed it, and slowly implanted it inside her little cunt, swallowing me tight with that wonderful wonder that was her not-quite 4 year old treasure. "Ohhhh...shit...." I groaned as I immediately thrusted upwards, giving as good as I was getting from my slutty little girl. "We and Keesa, and her mommy..." she explained, or tried to, as I began to fuck her little hole, and as she began to give back little moans of her own, enjoying it as I fucked her softly. "Mmm...." she smiled, as I reached and tweeked her little nipples with my hand. "Wha...what...fuck...ohh....what game did" I asked, as I held her ass in my hands as she took her own time, bobbing herself up and down on my cock, riding me--and giving me an idea for an upcoming Halloween costume, which was only a month away--Cowgirl!! Suddenly she tightened her whole body up, and I felt her clamping her tiny, tight pussy muscles around my cock--"OhhH!!" she moaned, louder than she'd ever done, and I knew it then and there, she'd had her first TRUE orgasm--and at not even 4. Which easily sent ME over, as I pumped her on my cock a few more times, feeling a new, added wetness inside her, then added to her as I shot my load deep, up her little pussy. "OOHH!! SHIT!!!!" I yelled as I came, filling her once more with my seed. Feeling her weight shift, she lay on my chest as she must've had a post-cum visit from the Sandman, falling back to sleep, as she still had my cock inside of her--I just chuckled. ----------------- Days later, as I was busy washing yet another set of cum stained sheets from a week of great fucks of my little Nattie, I heard the phone ring, and ran out to grab it. Answering it, it was Nikki on the other end. "Hey Steve..." she said, sounding a little worn out, "...just had a helluva little girl fisting..." she added, laughing a little, and making me jealous for missing a mother-daughter fuck, once again. " took some pics, right? Cause I have a few for you with my cock up Nattie's little twat..." I replied. "Mm-hmm....can't wait to swap." she added. "Speaking of....I was going through Nattie's dirties...and....I couldn't find her little "My Little Pony" panties.." I began, leading to what I knew would be an admission from Nikki of stealing a pair of my girl's panties, from what I knew HAD to be the game Nattie had played with the Mother and daughter. "You know I have them...obviously..." Nikki admitted, laughing. "What do you think I'm rubbing my pussy soft too..." she added, then softly moaned into my ear. "...what kind of things are you doing to my daughter...? And without Me??" I asked, once again jealous of being the one lost in the fun. "Well, maybe I'll have to bring the video over too..." she began, piquing my interests, desires, fantasies, and getting my cock to sprout up. "Or...." "....or what?" I asked. "...You two can come over..." she clarified, rather seductively, as she hung up, leaving me hanging in more than one way. Hanging up the phone, I walked into Nattie's room, where she was in her usual naked'ness and walked over to her. "Daddy...we play?" she asked me, spreading her little legs, and showing off her wonderful little cunt. "Wanna go over to Keisha's house?" I asked her back, wondering if she'd be quick to figure out why I was asking the question. Her eyes lit up immediately, and she hopped up into my arms, her bare body pressing into me, and I could feel my cock renewing. Getting her dressed, minimally of course, we headed down the few streets, and brief freeway on ramp, to Nikki and Keisha's house--the entire time I had to keep Nattie's little hands off my growing bulge, catching her total attention--I would've let her, mind you, save for the fact that I certainly didn't want to get into an accident for multiple reasons: Either of us being injured, anyone else being injured, OR either of us dying--add to the possible look on an EMT or Cop's face as they pryed open the car door to see my little girls mouth engulfing my cock as they pulled us from the wreckage. "Nattie...wait till we get to Keisha's..." I instructed, getting a slight pout on the cum-hungry mouth of my little girl. Pulling into the small parking lot in front of Nikki's apartment, and picking Nattie into my arms, and out of temporary reach of my about-to-blow cock, leaving the car we headed inside, and up the stairs. Not even getting a chance to knock, as we were spotted through the peephole, the door opened, and Keisha, the little 8 year old nymphette, who was wearing a mere light blue sleep top, and a pair of matching little panties, smiled up at us, and as I set Nattie down, the pair of girls kissed each other---passionately--and nearly making me cum in my jeans. "Mmm....damn....I love that...don't you...?" I heard Nikki ask, and the door close behind me as I turned around to see the little nymphette's smoking-hot mom, wearing a pair of sweatpants, and a lacy camisole. She placed her hand on my shoulder, and I pulled her in for a kiss of our own. " Nattie's daddy gonna play with us?" Keisha asked, as she had already led Nattie over to the couch, and was peeling off my daughter's clothes, showing us the almost 4-year old's little nipples in the slightly cool room. Nikki nodded, then walked over to my daughter, lifted Nattie's naked chest towards her mouth, and began to lightly lick the little nipples of my daughter, getting Nattie to giggle. "I love little tits...don't you?" she asked me, then turned back towards Keisha who was lying on the couch, her panties around her ankles, and a couple of her fingers rubbing her little clit. "Mo..mommmy...." Keisha, already ready to cum apparently, moaned, "...can Nattie's daddy...." she tried to ask, but shut her eyes, lost in her own self pleasure, masturbating for our view. Not about to deny either of us, I walked over to the couch, knelt down, and began to substitute MY finger for Keisha's, helping her rub her clit, and getting a kiss of gratitude from the little lolita. "You wanna play?" I asked her, getting a short nod, then she sat up in a flash, and reached for my bulging cock, which was dripping precum down my leg. "Fuck her...fuck her little cunt...I'll swap daughters..." Nikki smiled, as I turned to her sitting on a lounger, her mid-sized breasts out, and little Nattie's mouth suckling on one--breast feeding---could it be anymore beautiful? "Mmm....her tongue....damn..." she moaned, then shoved a hand down her pants, and began to masturbate. " fair..." I began, then paused as my cock was freed by Keisha, who grabbed ahold, not wanting to let it go from the feel of her vice-like, kung fu grip, then managed to shift a bit, slipping my jeans off far enough, then traded positions with the little cock-hungry 8 year old. Looking back at Nikki--who'd figured what I was briefly leading to--she was now in merely her soaking-wet panties, sitting in a pool of slowly dripping pussy juices as she was suckled by Nattie. "Fuck me!!" Keisha, breaking her focus on my cock for a moment, demanded, as she squatted her little black slit over my own dripping member, and in a split-second she thrust her WHOLE body down, slamming her cunt over my cock, and moaning loudly as she was penetrated. "Ohhh!! OH!!" "FUCK!!" I yelled myself, as I grabbed her tiny hips, rubbing her ass cheeks, then began to pump her body up and down, loving the tightness of her cunt as I fucked her softly, but gradually building speed as I knew I wasn't gonna hold off for much longer inside her. "MMmmmmm....Nattie...lick my pussy baby..." I heard Nikki tell my daughter, as she set Nattie on her lap, and peeled the sticky panties from her slit, giving Nattie, as well as me(as I paused my fuck) a view of her dark pink pussy, as she pulled her lips apart, and getting Nattie to assume a position she must've learned in the "games" they'd played. I watched in awe, shortly resuming my fucking as Keisha had been distracted as well, as Nattie's little tongue darted out of her mouth, and licked the soft skin of Nikki's pussy, focusing on an apparent GOOD spot for Nikki, who grinned, then began rub her own nipples. " this is what I missed??" I asked, as I pumped a few more times, still fucking Keisha, then turning my attention back to the point-on-cock. "Are we gonna fuck...?" Keisha suddenly asked, as she began to shift her own body up and down, building her own rhythm. " want to fuck??" I playfully asked, as I grabbed her hips, pulled her forward, and began to spread her little black ass cheeks apart. I licked my index finger, and slowly rubbed it up and down her ass crack, getting her to coo in my ear. "oooh....." she smiled, as we kissed once more, "...put in my butt...." she snickered. "You want that, don't you?" I asked her, as I teased her little backdoor with my finger--merely grazing it, not poking it in, and making her beg. "Please...." she cried, as I had slowed down my fucking, wanting her to get more desperate---so I began to pull my cock out almost all the way--then back in, pushing deeper on every re-entry. "Say it..." I began. "Say what...?" she asked, looking more desperate as I pulled out, then pushed back in, plowing her tiny cunt as she rode me, driving her closer and closer to the words I wanted to hear. "Say: I want a cock up my ass..." I told her, then pulled my cock out once more, and waited for only a few seconds. "I want a cock up my ass----I want YOUR cock...please!!" she begged loudly, pleading for my cock to go the other direction. "Say: I want you to cum in my ass...." I added. "I...I want you to....please...cum in my ass..." she finally gave in, so I flipped her body a bit, and poked my cock right into her tighter asshole, getting her little pussy to suddenly lose control, and cause her to trickle a little piss onto the both of us, my chest and our legs., and the floor below."Ohh!! OH!!!" she screamed as she pissed, as her ass sank over my cock, getting me to nearly cum from the feel of her piss flowing, this time with more gusto, giving us both a golden shower. "Shit....damn...Oh....fuck....!" I began to lose control, fucking her tight ass, and loving the feel of little girl piss on me from many times with Nattie--and knew I was about to cum. "Here...heeere I cum...fucking....your tight little ass!!" I shouted pulling her into me as I lost my load, shooting straight up Keisha's 8 year old ass, filling it with my cream, and getting a little more piss from her little pisshole dripping onto me. Pausing, still impaled on Keisha's ass, I hadn't even noticed Nikki and Nattie weren't in the room. Looking for them, as I let the little ass-fucked 8 year old rest against me, I suddenly heard a door close, and saw Nikki, now fully naked, holding Nattie in one hand, and a long plastic hose, sitting inside a large bowl. "What...what the hell...?" I began to ass. "Mmm....I see you got a good shower...huh?" Nikki asked, as she set Nattie next to me--her little hands grabbing onto what little of my cock that wasn't deep up Keisha's ass. " make in butt...?" Nattie asked, as she saw my dripping cum from the little ass of Nikki's daughter. Seconds later she was assuming a normal position, and began to lick the cum off my cock, and dripping out, causing Keisha to look down, and smile. "She loves it..." Keisha smiled, as she pulled her ass off my cock and sat on my lap, leaning back a bit to spread her ass open, and peel her little hole a bit, letting Nattie see the creampied hole, then push her face right into it. "Mmm...." Keisha moaned as Nattie's little tongue began to eat the cum right out of her. Nikki, taking notice, as she had set the bowl down, with one end of the long straw in it, as she held the other. "Mmm....gotta be tasty as hell....Keisha...let mommy have some...and then we can take turns playing..." "Playing...?" I asked, wondering what other "games" I was about to take part in. Keisha hopped down, and suddenly squatted over the bowl, letting a bit of my cum drip into the vessel. Nikki knelt next to her, and slowly inserted the other end of the gosestraight up her daughter's pussy, which must've been normal, as seconds later I saw a slight relieved look on the girl's face, and a long flow of piss trickling down the hose, and into the bowl. "Mmmmmmm....." she moaned, and sighed as she let her bladder go. Nikki, obviously no stranger to little girl piss play, took the end in the bowl, and began to suck on it, like a straw, getting enough suction to slowly get the piss through the hose, and into her mouth. She was actually drinking it---Keisha's little girl piss, and seconds later Nattie ran over, and Nikki smiled, got a mouth full of it, and then began to spit it over my daughter's naked body, getting a loud giggle from her. "Holy fuck..." stunned, I stated, as I watched the three enjoy a round of piss play. Shortly later Keisha's piss had stopped, and Nikki, obviously the wise instructor, took the same end from Keisha's pussy, and stuck it up her own. Keisha, like her mother, took the "drinking end" , and began to suck her Mother's piss, swallowing several mouthfuls. "'re mommy's little piss slut, aren't ya baby...?" Nikki asked her piss drinking daughter. "Mmm-hmm..." Keisha, mid-swallow, nodded. "Wanna go next?" Nikki asked me, pissing a little more, then pulling the straw out of her cunt, and letting Nattie lick her pussy clean. "See...this is what I really love little girls for...they do anything you want them, and they let you do anything to them too..." she smiled, adding to my quickly growing cock, which she noticed. "Mmm...well, we have to take care of that first...I wanna see you fuck your little girl's ass..." Knowing Nattie was eagerly in favor of any cock play she could get, I grabbed my little piss-licker, and decided to give the pair of pissing incestuous lovers a helluva show. "Alright..." I smiled, as instead of taking the same route I normally did with Nattie in our many fucks since the first, heavenly time, I grabbed the hose, still holding someone's piss inside, and aimed it up Nattie's little ass, pouring a good amount of the golden flow into my daughter's ass. "It warm..." Nattie giggled, as he knelt on the couch, her little ass facing me, in a doggy-position. "Ready baby?" I asked back, getting a nod and a smile from my little not-quite 4 year old slut. Not waiting any longer, and pulling the hose from her tinier ass, more than ready now, I poked my cock right at her tiny little ass, and popped inside. "Mmmm....fuck....!!" I groaned. I looked over at Nikki, who was back on the chair, letting Keisha breast feed. "Fuck her ass....fuck that tasty little ass....fuck your daughter's ass!!" she demanded, as she was nearing her own orgasm, masturbating as her own daughter suckled her nipple. Popping my cock out, then back in Nattie's ass, I knew this load wasn't too far behind, what with the overwhelming amount of pussy, ass, and girl juices all over the room. "Fuck....Oh....I'm gonna's girl loves this....right!!?" I asked, fucking her tiny little ass. "Daddy...I love my butt...!" Nattie exclaimed back as I pumped my cock, nearing my 2nd cum. Grabbing her tiny body, I pulled her up to my chest, still inside her ass, and kissed her on the lips, tasting a bit of piss, which didn't bother me in the least, actually adding to my arousal. "I'm...I'm cumming!!" I shouted, as I felt my cum boil over, and shoot right up my little love's ass--loving the tightness of her, and loving the love between us. "Ohh...fuck!! OH!! AAAHHHHHH!!!" Nikki, not wanting to be left out, had brought herself to orgasm, squirting over Keisha, who had readied for her mom's squirting juices, and licked Nikki's cunt clean. "Mmm....lemme clean that little creamy ass..." she smiled. The End of Part 4 (requested by a fellow pedo-love-lover)