Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Loving my Nattie; Part 2 Tags: M/g, extreme-pedo, incest, anal, public, piss, g/g, M/g, stranger Wednesday: Waking up the next morning, and always enjoying spooning with my cute little naked 3-year old daughter Nattie, aka Natalie, who's little pert ass was pressed against my chest as we'd be spooning, I couldn't help but poke one of my fingers in her little rosebud, which went in fairly easily as her tender little hole was stretched from me fucking it the previous night. We'd been sleeping together in the same bed since after her 2nd birthday, and she only slept in her own bed when she was sick, or one of my relatives was staying over. Those days always sucked, as Nattie had to remain dressed, we couldn't have our typical hour-long bath, and I had to settle for jerking off. Thankfully my vast library of Nattie nude pics, as well as the countless thousands of other pics of naked little girls being fucked by assorted cocks was usually all it took most Nattie-less nights. As I headed into the kitchen to make us both breakfast, including another special "smoothie" for Nattie, made with 50% milk and formula, and 50% more of my cum which I kept stored in the fridge and refilled on those lonely nights when company was over, I heard the phone ring. "Hello..." I answered it, then heard the familiar voice of my cousin Jimmy. "Hey cousin...I was just wondering if you were still in town...." Jimmy began over the phone. I almost wanted to tell him me and Nattie were going on vacation, but I knew Jimmy was probably heading into town with his wife Marilyn, and their son J.J., "Yep....when should I expect you?" I asked him back. "We're heading out later today--we'll stop by your place on our way to Crater Lake..." he replied. "Sure...see you then..." I replied as he hung up. I was pissed, and hated to think that my pursuit of taking Nattie's little cherry would possibly have to wait, and that we'd miss at least ONE night of Daddy-Daughter fun. I walked back upstairs to see Nattie, in all her naked little wonder, sitting up in the bed, rubbing her asshole, as it must have been a little sore, despite me rubbing it down with soothing baby lotion after our bath. " butty's sore..." she told me. Grabbing the bottle of lotion off my nightstand, which I had bought about a dozen bottles of, keeping them for many uses as my desire to make my daughter my little Loli-lover, I sat on the bed next to her, and she laid flat on her belly. Spreading her little cheeks, I squirted a healthy amount of lotion on her asshole, and began to rub the soothing cream all over her ass. I could tell she enjoyed the anal attention as she spread her legs wider, and I could feel my own arousal as my cock began to swell. I needed her ass again. "Nattie...Daddy's gonna do what we did in the bath last night...okay??" I asked her. She smiled at me, "I liked the butty did too..." she told me, admitting what I wanted to hear, telling me she liked anal sex. Still as naked as she was, I continued to rub more lotion on her asshole, then some more onto my cock, which was ready to fuck the tight little hole of Nattie's 3 year old ass again. I slowly aimed my well-lubed cock at her back door, and it went in without hesitation, sinking over 2 inches, and continuing until I got another inch in. Her smile was all I needed for approval and encouragement, as I began to fuck her little ass with a lot more gusto, pumping it in and out, back and forth. "Ohh....Nattie....Daddy loves your little butty...." I told her. "You do....?" she asked, as she started to grunt as my cock pumped in and out of her ass. " butty likes you too daddy..." she giggled as I couldn't wait for her to start to develop into a little preteen, and start to cum as I fucked her. "Nattie...Daddy's gonna squirt in your butty..." I told her, as I slowed down, wanting to prolong my second anal creampie of my daughter. I wanted documentation, so I grabbed her, and kept her little ass impaled on my cock as I grabbed my camera, and began to take pictures of her little ass sticking on my cock like a popsicle on a stick. I took several pictures, and then handed it to her, which she knew how to operate, and let her take pictures of her smiling. I set the camera on "record", wanting to record my ass-fuck, and pointed it at her little ass as I plowed it more and more, nearing my cum. "Tell daddy you love him..." I told her. "Daddy....I love you! My butty loves you too!!" she told me, which would add some major eroticness to the video as some of my friends would get off easily. "I'm so gonna squirt in my daughter's little ass...." I said, on camera, as I zoomed in on my shaft as I began to feel my balls tighten. Seconds later I lost it, and shot a huge load of my cum right into Nattie's little ass, ALL on camera. I slowly pulled out, as my cum began to drip out, and I pointed the camera at the cute little creampied ass, rubbing my dripping cum onto her little, still-virgin, cunt. I pointed the camera at her face as she rolled over onto her back. "I liked that butty's all full of squirt..." she said, in her cute little voice. God I loved her. We got cleaned up, and ate a big breakfast. She enjoyed pancakes, and as usual, I had to mix a bit of my cum into the syrup I poured on hers, as she was easily in love with the taste of her father's seed. Washing that down with her "smoothie", she giggled as I was staring at her astonishing appetite. I had my usual breakfast of NORMAL pancakes, and some bacon--with OJ. I knew we had to head into town to pick up a few things, so we actually got dressed, and headed to the local large retail store, the one with the BIG uppercase letter in-between J and L, and headed to the grocery section. After getting a few necessities we headed to the girls' clothing section--my favorite--as I browsed at the little skimpy swimsuits, and other items. As usual there were several little girls with their parents looking at the little suits as well, each of the girls were older than Nattie, and had perfect little asses as well. One little black girl, I'd say about 7 or 8 kept grabbing her crotch, which I knew meant she had to piss, but her Mom was distracted with a phone call, and dealing with a younger son, who was whining about not getting something. Being the "good samaritan", I pushed the cart over, and tapped the woman's shoulder. "Ma'am...I think your daughter has to use the bathroom." I told the mom, who nodded. "Can you take her Sir..." the mom, looking more exhausted as I noticed her tired look, and didn't even care about the fact that she was asking a strange man to take her to the restroom. I wasn't sure at first, but I began to stare at the cute little girl's body, and was hard. "Sure thing...I'll bring her back here as soon as she's done..." I told the mom. The mom just nodded again, and told her daughter to go with me. She didn't hesitate either. We arrived at the restrooms, and noticed the Womens room was out of order, so it was just the Mens available. The little girl wasn't caring as we walked into the bathroom, I carried Nattie, and we walked to an empty stall. The girl entered the stall, and I heard her hurriedly drop her pants, and begin to piss. A loud flow of piss, which I badly wanted to watch, and maybe more--but knew I was now, IN public, with a strange girl, which was plenty compromising by itself. "Uh...Mister..." I heard her say. "What is it...??" I asked her. "Can you help me Mommy does...but...she's...." she began, piquing my arousal. "I'm not sure if I should..." I tried to avoid the possibly "creepy-perv" look. "You have a baby you can do it..." she told me, using her logic. I didn't want to cause more grief, and my cock was slowly taking over my brain. "Okay..." I nodded, as I pushed the unlocked door open, carrying Nattie still, and looked straight at a nicely hairless little 8 year old black pussy, and wanted to eat it, fuck it, and cum in it immediately. "My name's Keisha..." the little girl told me, as I kept my focus on her beautiful little pussy--badly wanting to rape her, not the violent kind--but y'know, FUCK her, and FUCK her good. "I'm Steve..." I told her, as I slowly looked up at her pretty face, "this is my daughter, Nattie..." "She's cute...can I hold her...?" Keisha asked. "Let's get you cleaned up...." I stated, as I grabbed some toilet paper, and motioned towards her little cunt. "Mommy wipes up..." she told me, and I was just getting hornier. I slowly wiped the little dark cunt, upwards, and I caught a glimpse of a tiny little clit, which made my cock instantly bulge out, and as I'd expected, Keisha spotted it. "What's that your weiner?" she asked me, giggling a little. I nodded, as I wiped with a bit more tissue, and felt as if going a 3rd time would have made me cum. "Yep..." I told her. "Daddy...I gotta wee..." Nattie suddenly said, breaking the slight awkwardness. "She can go here..." Keisha told me, as she leaned back on the toilet, spreading her legs further, and offered a bit of toilet seat for Nattie to pee. I had to nod, wanting to watch my little girl piss, and see where this would lead. I stripped off Nattie's little dress, and set her infront of Keisha's little cunt, then was shocked to see Keisha help my daughter, as her hands spread Nattie's legs, then I watched as a slow trickle of piss leaked into the toilet, from my perfect little 3-year old's pussy. Keisha reached over, and grabbed some toilet paper, then began to wipe my daughter's cunt, mimicking what her Mom, and I did--and acting like Nattie's "Mom", "There...all clean..." she told Nattie, then kissed her on the forehead, getting a giggle from my girl. "She's got a pretty little butt..." Keisha suddenly added as I saw one of her hands rubbing Nattie's little ass. I had to ask, "Do you like butts?" Keisha nodded, "Me and my friend like each other's butts..." she suddenly blurted out. My cock was about to burst, "I like Nattie's butt too..." I smiled, hoping there would be another invitation. "Wanna see mine?" Keisha asked, a total stranger, who'd wiped her cunt. I nodded, then I watched as Keisha stood up, carefully, and turned around to show me her cute little ass. "See..." she began as she spread her ass cheeks, giving me the full monty, or well...view of the perfect little rosebud on her dark ass. "Do you like it?" she asked me. "It's very pretty...." I told her, managing to not shoot my load. "'ve seen my "gee"...can I see your thingy?" she asked me. This is why I loved kids, and was now 99% horny, and only 1% worried about being found. Nodding, I undid my jeans and let my hard cock fly out. She walked over towards me and seconds later Nattie saw her favorite part of me, and instantly began to suck on it, like her bottle. "Ohh...." I moaned as my daughter's tongue began to lick my cock head. Keisha stared in shock as Nattie sucked my cock. "She's....licking it??" she asked me. "I....uh...yeah..." I barely got out, as I knew I was about to cum, then pulled my cock out and lifted Nattie into my arms. "She's my little girl..." I smiled at Nattie, giving her approval, and then looking back down at Keisha who wanted a "taste", I could tell. "Can...can I see what it's like...?" she asked, apparently sexually aware as well, then she didn't hesitate as she grabbed my wet cock and began to rub it with her hand. " ever see one?" I asked back. "Nuh-uh...but I've seen my mommy's toys...they look like a weiner..." she told me, making me wonder what her Mom had shown her, and maybe even done to her. Suddenly thoughts of mother-daughter incest ran through my head. She stared at the precum on the tip. "What's this??" she asked. "It's my juice...." I began, then gasped as she licked the tip, doing what Nattie had done, and showing her obvious skill at sucking on things that looked like her mom's dildo. "Ohh....keep....doing that....god...." I shuddered as I knew I was about to cum. She stopped, as I think she knew a bit more than she was letting-on, then she turned to face the toilet, and surprised me more as she leaned over, sticking her little ass in the air. "Mommy puts her toys in my holes...can....can you....?" she asked. I could see her cunt, and saw what I thought was pussy juice...? Was she wet? My cock was ready to cum, and I was being invited, YET again--this time the possible fuck of one of Keisha's holes. "Are you sure...?" I asked. " "gee" needs to'ed....Mommy does it...can..." she was almost begging, proving how horny an 8 year old could get. I had to now, so I set Nattie down, and I pointed my cock, ready for more, at the tiny cunt of Keisha, knowing she wasn't a virgin anymore, and pushed my head in, feeling absolute tightness as I began to fuck the little black girl's pussy. "Ohh...." she moaned as I nearly bottomed-out in her pussy, and I began to quickly pump my cock in and out, feeling another cum was about to shoot into the black girl, not even caring about future consequences. Nattie, watching her dad fuck the girl wanted to be a part, then she saw my cock going in and out of Keisha, and began to lick on what she could of my shaft, adding to my excitement. "Can you put your squirt on my boobies...?" Keisha suddenly asked, as she pulled herself off my cock, then flicked off her shirt showing me her little nubs of tits, which was the last invitation I needed as I whipped my cock a few more times, then shot my load all over her little flat chest. "Ohhh.....Oh...!" I moaned as I soaked her chest with my cum, which Nattie began to rub onto her fingers. Keisha giggled as my daughter began to actually lick my dripping cum off her little tits. "Hee hee....that tickles Nattie..." Keisha smiled as she suddenly kissed my daughter again, sharing the bit of cum on her mouth, and sending me into more fantasies of what wonders Keisha and her Mom had been having. After cleaning the rest of my cum off Keisha, and the three of us getting dressed, we exited the bathroom, luckily it was a quiet morning at the store, and no one had noticed, but I have a feeling if anyone had, they'd have probably done the same thing. We walked back to where Keisha's Mom was, pushing the little boy in the cart, and looking still exhausted. "Thank you, Mr...." the mom began to ask. "Call me Steve...and it was no have a great daughter." I replied. "She's a handful...but thanks again...I'm Nikki..." the mom introduced herself, shaking my hand. I was about to go further, but saw a ring on her finger. "I see where your daughter gets her beauty from...but I also see you're married...?" I asked her. Nikki shook her head, "...not anymore, my husband's left us...." she told me, looking sad from the sad memories. "I'm sorry..." I began. "Don't worry...just...well, you wanna get something to eat...?" Nikki asked me. I definitely couldn't say no to THIS invitation either. End of Part 2