This story is not real. If you find racial abuse, humiliation and rough
sex a turnoff it's not for you, and you should stop reading now.

But as with my previous stories it's based on real life events. In this
case I've taken only very limited liberties for the sake of the story.

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Yes, White Daddy (MF,inter,humil,racial)
By Rough Fucker <>

Most niggers I use are younger than me. While I know there are enough
older nigger sluts that love meat as well, I of course prefer the tight
bodies of the younger ones, but the younger ones also seem more open
minded about letting a nasty White man abuse them and call them all the
words they've been told are bad...

I picked Dee up online, as I do with many of the sluts I use. She turned
out to live only about half an hour away from me in London.

When I first started talking to her I did not attempt to hide how I
wished to use her, but I didn't call her a nigger.

She had never had white cock before. In fact, she specifically said in
her ad she wanted black men. But when I sent her my picture and a very
vivid description of how I wanted to dominate her it didn't take long
before I got a message where she told me it had gotten her very wet.

She had never been dominated before, and she really wanted to experience
it. I sent her a message back, answering her various questions, gave her
my cellphone number, and for whatever reason, probably because she was
so young (18 to my 34) I signed it "Daddy".

The next day I got a text message:

"I read ur txt. Rly wnt to meet u daddy. My pussy is wet for u".

Fucking text speak. But the nigger hadn't been scared off by me telling
her I thought she needed a hard spanking and to be made to gag and choke
on my big white dick, so it was promising.

I gave her a call, and her voice was quivering when I told her in my
most commanding voice that I was going to use her soon. Her breathing
got shallow, and I could tell it wasn't from fear. The nigger was
getting horny, and I hadn't even said anything particularly dirty.

When I told her I'd arrange something soon and to wait for me call, she
answered "yes, daddy" just as I hung up.

Two days later I arranged to meet her at her place. Apparently her real
daddy had set her up with a small flat. I got there a bit late, and
walked up to the door.

She opened it, and the flat was dark except for the easily recognizable
flicker of candles. When I stepped in and took a look at her, I saw her
standing there in a tiny gold outfit, shimmering in the candles, barely
covering her tits and cunt and held together with some narrow strips of

I pulled her into me right away and started groping her. Kneading her
ass and her tits and biting her neck before I pushed her away and
silently walked to her bathroom to take a leak.

When I returned she was waiting with two glasses of wine. I took one,
sat on her sofa and told her to sit next to me. While I was sipping the
wine I started sliding my hands over her.

"You're a very bad girl... You need to be punished"

"Yes, daddy... Punish me... I'll learn to be a good girl for you,

I set the wine down and told her to get over my lap. She did it without
any objections.

"Will you spank me really hard daddy? I haven't been used before"

"I'll teach you what happens to dirty black sluts, bitch".

My hand hit her nigger ass so hard she yelped, but then she begged for
more. Each hit was harder, and she got louder and louder but not once
did she try ask me to stop or ease up...

I moved a hand under her and grabbed her tits. I squeezed them hard.
They were not very big, but I didn't care. What I did care about was
the fact I could grab a handfull and squeeze as hard as I was able to
and she didn't complain. Interesting.

I am a strong man. 6'2, muscular from lifting weights for several years,
easily able to hurt this little skinny 5'4 tall nigger bitch, and yet
I clearly did not need to hold back. For a second I was thinking that
I was impressed. But it was still early.

After a few more minutes I ordered the nigger to give me a lap dance.
She gyrated on my covered cock for about 10-15 minutes, and clearly knew
what she was doing. I got rock hard from feeling her round nigger ass
massaging my dick.

"Get on all fours" I told the slut.

I took out my camera and started taking pictures as she moved around.
Not once did she questioned what I'd do with the pictures. For a girl
who'd never submitted before she was clearly a natural.

I tore her top off and started pulling her panties down. She quickly
helped, and as thanks I slapped her black pussy hard.

She groaned loudly, but spread her legs and I hit her cunt again and
again. I love making a sluts pussy sore before fucking her. Make sure
she'll feel each thrust extra well...

Her nigger pussy was getting wet really quickly. I pushed her down on
the sofa and spread her legs wide. I had to taste this one. Her juicy
black cunt was sweet and clean. Her hair trimmed up top and shaven
around her hole, nice and ready to eat... I lapped up her cunt juices
and she was bucking underneath me like a dirty animal.

As much as I enjoyed the taste of the little bitch, I soon got tired,
and whipped out my dick. I sat down and told the nigger to crawl to me
on all fours. She obeyed immediately, and I grabbed her greasy relaxed
hair and pulled her head down over my cock.

"This is your first White dick, isn't it slut?"

"Yes, daddy"

"Suck on your White daddys big cock"

She went to work, taking my cock deep down. I used my hold on her hair
to pull her further down and she started gagging. I thrust into her
mouth several times, making her gag each time. I then pulled my dick out
for a second.

"Have anyone made you gag on cock, slut?"

"No, daddy, never"

"Do you like it?"

"No, daddy, but I'll do it for you".

Mmm... Unexpected. The slut was getting off so much just on submitting
for the first time she'd already willingly do stuff she admitted to not

"You like sucking White cock don't you, fucktoy?"

"Yes, daddy, I love your big white cock.."

"You're just a dirty black slut for daddy aren't you?"

"Yes, daddy, I'm a nasty black whore girl for you"

I shoved my cock back down her throat and told her to put her hands on
her back so she couldn't grab my cock. She slowly complied as she
clearly realized her face fuck was about to get a whole lot rougher.

She started gagging immediately as I rammed my 8" deep down her throat.
As I pulled it back out strings of slime came with it, and started
running down her chin. I repeated it several times, and slapped her
nigger face.

"You're such a good girl", I said to her, in a voice normally reserved
for pets or babies.

It was clear she got off on it, as she almost threw herself on my cock
each time I said it...

"oh, yes you are, you are daddy's good little girl"

She was gasping for air and I grinned at her. I pulled my cock out

"You're just a dirty little nigger whore for daddy aren't

She slowly raised her head and looked at me in a mix of shock and lust.

"You heard me. You love that big White cock down your
throat. You're daddys dirty nigger fuckdoll"

It seemed she was torn between screaming at me and accepting it, so I
just grabbed her hair and shoved my cock back down her throat.

She didn't resist, and she went back to sucking as if nothing has
happened. When I pulled my cock back out, she looked up, waiting for
what I would say.

"You know you are a nigger. Admit it to daddy."

Hesistantly she opened her mouth. I slapped her face.

"I can see how turned on you are, whore. Don't play coy with daddy,
I know girls like you".

She quietly said: "I am your nigger, daddy".

I patted her head and told her what a good little girl she was, and her
face immediately changed as if she was a dog and had just been given a

"You're daddys little nigger girl, and daddy will teach you to serve
White cock".

"Yes, daddy, teach me... Show me how to be your little nigger slut".

She said this faster, with a hint of excitement in her voice.

I took my camera again, and took several pictures of her face, nasty as
it was with slime from my cock and her throat everywhere. I proceeded to
take pictures as I slammed my cock down her throat again for a few more

Then I ordered her to move around so I could fuck her nigger cunt.

"Spread your nigger pussy for daddy, baby slut"

Her cunt was dripping wet and bright pink inside, just waiting for a
long and thick White cock.

I spit in her face and grabbed her throat as I started forcing my big
white daddy cock deep inside her teen pussy.

The nigger started moaning instantly and was bucking underneath me like
an animal. I slapped her face while fucking her harder and harder.

"Daddyyyyy!" she kept screaming... "Fuck my nigger cunt so hard"

I dug two fingers into her asshole and asked her if she liked it.

"No, daddy, it hurts!"

Yet she pushed back on my fingers, and I fingered her nigger asshole
while I pounded my whie cock inside her...

She was so wet my dick almost slid out of her pussy. I covered her body
with mine, crushing the little nigger slut underneath my muscular body.

Her cunt was spasming around my cock, as I moved my hands to her tits
and groped them hard...

"You're daddys little slave girl now"

"Yes, daddy.... I be your little nigger slave"

My cock was almost being milked by her young black pussy. The animal was
gyrating underneath me as if she was a wild mare being ridden for the
first time, trying to throw me off...

I force my cock deeper and took a firm hold of her hair.

After a while I get bored, and get up and lie on her couch. I order her
to bring me a glass of wine and then sit over me... Riding me.

I sip my wine while the monkey girl get to work, bouncing on my cock
like a cheap whore eager to make me cum to be done... But I can easily
hold back, and she starts whimpering as her rough ride starts making her
nigger cunt sore..

I spank her ass hard - make her whimper more.

"Ohh, daddy... Yes, white daddy, spank my nigger ass"

I grab her and force her back down on the floor as I'm ready to cum, and
decide to spray it all over her tits and face...

I throw a towel in her face and go to take a shower.

When I got back she was beaming at me, and ran up to hug me.

"Nobody has fucked me like that before, daddy.... I need to be your
nigger, daddy"

I pet her head.

"Maybe... Will you be a good little girl for daddy?"

"Yes, White daddy"

I walked out the door, enjoying the cool air, leaving her to think about
how she let a White man break her down that easily.