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                                        Andrew Roller Presents
                                   NAUGHTY NAKED DREAMGIRLS
                                         A Virgin’s Last Hours

                                                Chapter Two

         They dressed in leather miniskirts, specially shortened so there 
could be no mistake as to the intent of their visit.  Over these they wore 
long dark coats, hiding the whiteness of their legs, revealing only their 
ankles and their black shiny shoes.  They wore shoes with high heels.  It 
was Sylvie’s first experience with such shoes and she stumbled in them.  
Alessandra had to hold her hand to keep her from falling.  After walking 
back and forth in their apartment they went out, and Sylvie clutched at 
Alessandra, and not just because of the height of her heels.
         At an apartment on 42nd street they knocked and waited.  Alessandra 
had called the man to let him know they were coming.  He answered the 
door, along with his wife.  Graciously the two visitors were received.
         “My, it’s so nice to see you again, Alessandra,” Beth, the man’s wife, 
said when they were all seated in the couple’s living room.
         “Thank you,” Alessandra answered.  “But as I said I’m mainly here 
for my niece.”
         “Yes,” Beth said.  Her husband, who was named Randall, smiled.
         “I have everything ready,” he said.
         “Perhaps you would like something to eat first?” Beth asked.  
Alessandra looked at Sylvie.  
         “Do you have any cookies?” Sylvie asked.
         “I was just baking some when you called,” Beth laughed.  She took 
the two of them, along with her husband, into the kitchen.  There they 
spent half an hour sitting at the kitchen table, everything quite prosaic, 
Sylvie drinking milk with her cookies, Alessandra having wine, along with 
Beth and Randall.  Sylvie wanted wine but Alessandra told her she was 
getting into enough for today; she didn’t need to get drunk too.  Then they 
went upstairs.  They did not go to the bedroom, as Sylvie thought they 
might.  Instead they went to a small, bare room.  In the center of it, 
provoking a gasp from Sylvie, was a strange-looking metal chair.  
Alessandra had sat in it, just two months earlier.  She winced as she 
remembered what it had done to her bottom.
         “This is called a hot seat,” Beth explained to Sylvie.
         “What does it do?” Sylvie asked.
         “It tests your body’s ability to withstand cold and heat, 
simultaneously,” Randall explained.  He looked down at the girl.  She was 
so young!  Yet so voluptuous-- her breasts bulged in her blouse like two 
ripe fruits, melon-sized.  “It is the sort of thing you might run into at 
Wesley’s party, if you decide to go.  I don’t know if he has such a thing but 
it’s a good example.  If it frightens you, that’s probably for the best.  Your 
aunt doesn’t want you getting involved in such things anyway.”  
         Sylvie looked up at Alessandra.  The 19-year-old blushed; she could 
feel Beth standing next to her and she knew the woman was remembering 
the sight of her nude body perched on the metal seat, withstanding the 
heat and the cold that it had to offer.  She shivered; she hoped the sight of 
this contraption would make Sylvie insist on being taken home.
         “I want to try it,” Sylvie said.  Abruptly, to Alessandra’s surprise, 
not to mention Beth and Randall’s, the girl walked forward.  She turned and 
smoothed her dress under her bottom and sat down.  The seat was flat, 
hard metal, ridged with a decorative herringbone pattern like the metal 
grates one sometimes sees covering a hole in the sidewalk.  Sylvie looked 
up at her aunt and her hosts.  “It feels okay to me,” Sylvie said.
         “How bold she is!” Beth gasped.  Randall shook his head.  Alessandra 
felt her hands grip themselves in front of her, like a child contemplating 
something awful and wonderful at the same time.
         “It isn’t meant to be sat on as you are now,” Randall said to the 13-
year-old.  He pointed to two straps dangling from a wooden post above the 
seat.  “See those?” he said.  “You’re meant to be hung from them, without 
your clothes on.  Your legs go into the straps hanging from the sides of the 
chair,” Randall said.  Sylvie looked up and down, her large, luminous eyes 
exploring, not entirely without fear.  She reached up and touched the broad 
leather straps hanging above her head.  At once her hand retracted, as if 
having touched something frightful.
         “See?” Alessandra said.  “It’s like I told you.  For you to even try to 
imagine what might happen at the party, being a virgin and all, it’s simply 
too much.”
         “You sat on it,” Sylvie said, her snub-nosed defiance returning.  She 
reached down and touched the straps along the side of the chair.
         “If you’re not afraid to try it, you’ll have to take your clothes off to 
sit on it properly,” Randall, now eager to see the young virgin nude, 
         “Alright,” Sylvie said.
         “No!” Alessandra gasped.  Beth reached for her right arm and took it.
         “Let her,” Beth said.  “It’s why you brought her here, isn’t it?”
         “Yes but I didn’t really think--” Alessandra began.
         “Can I keep my panties on?” Sylvie asked, boldly standing up now and 
beginning to unbutton her blouse.
         “No,” Randall said.  Beth looked at her husband’s crotch.  It was 
bulging.  She felt a sudden delight and said,
         “We shall all get naked, dear.”  To Alessandra’s protests, she pulled 
the young woman from the room.  Randall stayed behind to supervise 
Sylvie’s undressing.  The girl felt strange taking her clothes off in front 
of the man but he reminded her of a movie star and she did what he asked, 
stripping herself even of her panties when he assured her that it was 
necessary.  When she was naked, he told her to sit on the chair and wait 
for him while he went downstairs.  She did; sitting obediently on the hard 
metal, looking at her clothing folded in a corner of the room and feeling 
both eagerness and fear at what she had gotten herself into.  Modestly she 
put her hands over her breasts, feeling their newgrown fatness.  Would she 
lose her virginity tonight, she wondered?  She doubted her aunt would let 
her do that.  No, this was some sort of game, like the ones her aunt said 
would be at the party.  She waited for the others to return.  When they did, 
Beth was dressed in long black boots that stretched to the top of her 
thighs, a police cap on her head.  Otherwise she was naked, and 
Alessandra, looking slightly flustered, was naked too.  Randall returned 
wearing the same clothes he left in.  But his cock was bigger than ever in 
his trousers, and he was carrying a tray of ice cubes.
         Beth held a black bag in one hand.  With her other hand she held 
Alessandra by her model-thin arm.  Beth let go of Alessandra as Randall 
bade Sylvie to get up from the metal chair.  The girl rubbed her bottom, it 
was a little uncomfortable sitting on that flat hard metal.  As she did 
Beth pulled a candle from her bag, along with a glass holder for the candle 
to sit in.  She put the candle down on the floor, under the hard metal chair, 
as Alessandra let out a gasp.  Then Randall, putting the tray of ice on the 
floor, bade little Sylvie to sit down on the chair.  The girl did; Beth took a 
blindfold from her black bag and tied it around Sylvie’s head, covering her 
         “Oh, must you?” Alessandra said to the woman, but Randall shushed 
         “All must be unseen now, Sylvie,” Beth said to the girl, as she tied 
on the blindfold, the girl shivering nakedly on the chair.  “Normally a girl 
is not shown the chair in advance.  She is brought to it unknowing.  In your 
case you have seen it-- but the rest must remain a mystery.  Now spread 
your legs, dear.  Open them as wide as you can.  Straddle the chair, that’s 
it,” Beth purred, as Sylvie, naked and willing, if obviously somewhat 
frightened, obeyed.  When the virgin was completely open, as far as her 
thighs would spread, her legs stretching off either side of the chair’s flat 
metal seat, Randall bent down and strapped her ankles into the straps at 
the chair’s base.  This had the effect of lifting Sylvie’s ankles up off the 
floor a few inches, for the straps were hanging several inches above the 
floor.  As a result the girl was arched forward.  She gasped as Beth caught 
her, keeping her from falling face first off the chair, by taking hold of her 
         When the girl’s feet were secure, Randall took hold of her wrists.  
Sylvie gasped, as did her aunt, as she felt her arms lifted high.  Her hands 
were now strapped by their wrists into the broad leather loops hanging 
above her head.  There were rings in the overhanging post to allow Randall 
to move Sylvie’s arms back if he wished, hanging her further back to allow 
her to be arched outward more completely, offering her breasts more 
fully.  Mercifully, to spare her back the pain of being bent like a hard-
stretched bow, Randall kept her hanging from the forward most ring.  
Nonetheless even in this posture Sylvie was forced to make a display of 
her breasts that was obscene.  Beth couldn’t resist the sight and she 
reached into her black bag and took out a pair of nipple clamps.
         “No!” Alessandra cried, but she stood submissively watching as the 
clamps were applied, Randall holding her by one of her arms.
         “OW!  OW!” Sylvie gasped, when she felt the clamps grip her.  She 
couldn’t see them, her blindfold prevented that.  She begged to have them 
off her, even shaking her breasts back and forth to try to throw them off, 
but the others just laughed and Beth told her she must endure such things 
at the party.
         Clamped, blindfolded, stretched, Sylvie now shuddered as she felt 
her hosts offer her a new torment.  It was a cube of ice, which Randall 
released from the ice tray and nudged carefully under Sylvie’s virgin cunt.  
He slid it along the metal seat until it was under the girl.  Sylvie gasped 
at the thing, which bulged coldly where nothing had ever touched her 
before.  Then, cruelly, Randall, gave her another cube, sliding it under her 
too, pushing the first one further back, so that it pressed upward against 
Sylvie’s virgin anus, between her bottom cheeks.
         “Oh!  Don’t!” Sylvie cried, for while the first cube had been teasingly 
pressed to her cunt, it was now someplace she regarded as truly private!
         “You must endure,” Beth said.  There was the sound of a match being 
struck.  Sylvie didn’t recognize the sound for what it was but Alessandra, 
seeing Beth bend low and light the candle under the girl, knew just what 
she was in for.
         “Oh, she is too young!” Alessandra cried, which made Sylvie, on the 
chair, all the readier to endure whatever her hosts had in store for her.  As 
she felt the wetness of the nasty cubes against her bottomhole and clitty, 
the candle began to glow.  It heated the metal seat she was sitting on.  
First slowly, almost imperceptibly.  Then a little more, so that Sylvie 
became aware of it, feeling her bottom grow hot.  The candle melted the 
ice, but Randall shoved more cubes under the girl as the first ones turned 
to water.
         “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!” Sylvie gasped, feeling the seat grow unbearably warm.  
At the same time the ice kept her cunny and asshole cold, even as her 
thighs and ass cheeks began to burn!  Suddenly Beth yanked a whip from 
her black bag.
         “No!  Not that!” Alessandra cried, but the woman struck it swiftly 
across little Sylvie’s stretched torso, striking her ribs which showed 
under her breasts, like ribs of an animal being offered for sacrifice.
         “OW!  Boo Hoo!” Sylvie cried, and abruptly she was in tears, the drops 
running down her childish cheeks from under her black blindfold.  Again 
Beth struck the girl, making her titties wiggle, causing the clamps to pull 
hard on her sensitive nipples.
         “This is what you can expect at the party,” Randall said to the girl, 
in a loud angry voice.  He shoved more ice under her.  She yanked upward on 
her overhead bonds to try to pull herself off the chair and the ice.  It was 
possible, for her ankle straps were attached to chains which allowed the 
body to be lifted upward, if the victim was willing to exert herself.  For 
the next several minutes Sylvie entertained her hosts by repeatedly 
pulling up; lifting her bottom off the increasingly hot seat, only to grow 
tired and land back down again on the seat, scalding her cheeks, freezing 
her pussy and asshole on the fresh ice Randall had left for her there.  Beth 
struck her again and again with the whip, making her titties dance, leaving 
marks on her flesh.  When the girl seemed to have suffered as much as a 
13-year-old could be made to, Beth bent down and blew out the candle.  
Randall unhooked the girl’s hands, still wrapped in the straps, from the 
ring where she’d been suspended.  He allowed her to fall forward into his 
arms.  Holding her sobbing in that position, he waited while Alessandra 
and Beth undid the girl’s ankles.
         “There, there,” Beth said, when Sylvie’s blindfold had been removed.  
Next came the clamps; the girl let out a terrific howl as the blood 
returned to her nipples. 
         “Oh, Boo!  Hoo!” Sylvie cried, lost and confused from her ordeal.  
Randall carried her to the bedroom he shared with his wife.  Beth, 
following with Alessandra, made the girl roll over onto her tummy.  Sylvie 
was afraid to do it; she saw the whip in the woman’s hand and thought she 
was to have her ass struck!
         “No, no, dear.  You’ve suffered enough,” Beth laughed.  She took a jar 
of cream from off her dresser, next to the bed, and began soothing it into 
the girl’s behind.  It was quite red from the seat, and her thighs were as 
well.  Only her pussy had been spared, and the innermost part of her lower 
behind, for that was where the ice cubes had tortured the girl.  “You did 
very well,” Beth assured Sylvie.
         “Ooooh!  That was howwible!” Sylvie said, still weeping a little, as 
the cream was rubbed into her bottom and thighs.  Everyone joined in, even 
her aunt, and as they worked on the girl their hands strayed occasionally 
to the girl’s cunt.  After a while Sylvie, though her bottom was still 
hurting, lay with her legs stretched as wide apart as she could make them.  
They brought her to bliss, rubbing her with their hands until she screamed 
with pleasure.  Afterward the couple and Alessandra made love on the bed, 
and Sylvie watched, like an infant joining its amorous parents while they 
made love to each other and a friend.


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