Fratboy Slut

By oralboy

You know yada yada yada. Anyway, you know the rules. Don't read this if you are legally not supposed to. Check the laws in your area. This story contains graphic descriptions of sex between males, whether consensual or non-consensual. All characters in this story were dreamt up in the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to any actual people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Oh, and that should lead you to the fact that this is not real. But, just in case it doesn't, I will tell you. This is NOT real!! It is only fantasy. Please do not continue if this type of story offends you in anyway, or if it may cause spontaneous human combustion.

Part One: Hypnotized

“Ok Jeremy, when I count to three, you will still be under hypnosis and under my control, but you will become awake and cheerful.” Scott said to the hypnotized youth. “You will then look into the video camera and follow the script that you have memorized. Everyone else is ready, and will take their cue from you. You will remember to look like you enjoy this more than anything in the world. Make sure you look extra slutty when you play your part.” Scott instructed his victim. “When I use the keyword 'cut', you will return to this state and await further instructions. Is that understood?” Scott instructed his victim.

“Understood, slutty, script.” Jeremy droned out.

“One, two, three.” Scott said as he stepped back with the camera crew and watched like a director.

Jeremy opened his eyes and perked up. Then turned toward the camera and went into action.

“Hi, my name is Jeremy Jenkins, I'm 18 years old and am a student at Metro State downtown. My phone number is 555-2634. My address is 1351 Oiler road, Arlin, Tx. 23506. My email address is If you are unable to find me, you can contact my mother at 555-1056. Her name is Sarah Jenkins. Just tell her how big your cock is and that it is hard and dripping waiting to unload a huge load of cum into my hot wet mouth.” Jeremy recited to the camera, licking his lips sensually. “Let me give you an example of what you can have.” The camera zoomed outward to be able to see his entire body.

Jeremy stood up from his chair and stripped down to his birthday suite. He had a nice swimmers build with a nice golden tan. He had one of those sexy speedo tan lines, drawing attention to his supple butt and his ample cock and balls. His cock started to get hard immediately, and didn't stop until it was rock hard and dripping. (This was preprogrammed into him.)

He then began to turn around slowly and model his entire body. When he had his back to the camera he stopped and spread his legs. In a sexy slow motion, he bent over with his legs straight. He spread his cheeks with his hands, exposing his pink love hole. He looked at the camera between his legs and said. “Just think how great it will feel to ram your big fat hard cock in this ass and fuck as hard as you can until you fill it up with your wonderful man cum.” Jeremy said very seductively, puckering his lips and sending a kiss to the camera before standing back up.

“Now let me show you some of what I can do.” He said, as he walked over to a table containing a big thick dildo and a jar of Vaseline. Then he walked like a tramp over to a foot stool and strapped the dildo to it. He then smeared it all over with Vaseline.

“I have to get myself ready for this.” He said as he slipped a greasy finger into his ass. He made sure that he turned so the camera could see the finger going in and out of his ass. After a few moments, he slipped a second and then a third finger up there. (He had actually done this just a few minutes before also, so he was already loosened up.) Then he was ready.

Jeremy straddled the foot stool, facing the camera, then slowly lowered himself onto the dildo. He had a look of ecstasy on his face as inch after inch of thick dildo slowly slid into his virgin asshole. Had he not been under hypnosis, this would have never happened so quietly and easily. And the look on his face would have that of anguish, not ecstasy.

Once the dildo was firmly lodged all the way in his rectum, he started riding up and down on the 10” monster like he was on a bucking bronco. (Scott wanted that look, as Jeremy was a hick type who always dressed and acted the part.) The whole time, his 7” cock stayed rock hard and oozing a steady stream of precum. After about ten minutes of that, he suddenly stopped with the dildo rammed all the way up his ass.

“Whew! I better stop that before I shoot my load.” Jeremy said, as his body glistened with sweat and he breathed heavily.

“But that's not all.” He added, as if he were selling some kitchen gizmo during the holidays. “Come here you sexy thing you.” He said as he looked off camera and gestured with his finger for someone to come over to him.

A naked stud with a cock that hung 6 1/2 inches limp walked up to Jeremy. The camera made sure to never film the stud from the chest up. You could see part of his pecs, but that was it.

“Mmmm, Mm! Would you just look at that there steak!” He said in a southern drawl.

“No, seriously gentlemen. I wanted you also to see how you will be treated when you come over to my place, and present your cock to me as a meal.” Jeremy said, staring straight into the camera and cooing link a two-bit whore.

Jeremy leaned forward and took the cock into his mouth and sucked it all the way into his throat. He pressed his face firmly into the stud's pubic bone. You could see the suction as Jeremy's cheeks were sucked in. You could also see his Adam's apple moving up and down as he worked the cock. He remained completely buried in the stud's crotch until his face was just starting to turn red and his throat was moving slower. He then pulled out to reveal a thick 9” rock hard cock.

“I love it when a cock gets hard in my throat.” The slut said to the camera before returning to it.

This time, he deep throated it again but also bobbed up and down on it, with the cock coming almost all the way out of his mouth with each stroke.

His own cock was still rock hard and dripping.

After a couple minutes of this, he stopped and looked at the camera. “Sometimes, I don't quite get the rhythm that the customer wants. I know, I know. It's all FREE, but I still treat you like my customers and the customer is ALWAYS right.” He said as if he were running a some sort of bed and breakfast. “Anyway, like I said, I sometimes don't have it just right, so feel free at any time to just grab ahold of my ears or my hair and fuck my face to whatever pace you want.” He said as he turned back and placed the cock back in his mouth.

The stud placed his hands on the back of Jeremy's head, slightly to the side, and rammed his cock all the way down his throat very hard. He pulled back out and rammed it back in again. Then he started a hard fucking rhythm that made Jeremy's hair bounce back with each thrust.

The camera showed a great angle of Jeremy with a raging hard on getting his face royally fucked by a hot stud. This went on for about fifteen minutes, then the pace of the fucking increased for a few strokes. Then the stud pulled out and started jacking off, as the camera zoomed in on the face of Jeremy holding his mouth open and his tongue out, waiting to receive the stud's hot load of cum.

The audience was not disappointed. Spurt after spurt of thick creamy white goo shot out of the stud's cock and into the waiting mouth of cock slut Jeremy Jenkins. The stud shot 7 wads of cum into his mouth before it was over. You could see Jeremy swallow it all down before sucking the remainder from the stud's cock, then licking his finger clean.

“Mmmm! Delicious!!! Jeremy said as he turned his head toward the camera. “I bet yours is just as good.” He said as he slowly licked his lips. The camera then started to slowly zoom back out.

“I could just cum right now, but I want to save it for later. There should be several guys waiting at my house right now and they like to see me shoot. I hate to keep customers waiting. Remember, call me or stop by anytime, day or night. Everyone has permission to answer the phone, so if I have a cock lodged in my throat, I'm not going to pull it out to answer the phone. So, just leave a message or ask for directions. See you there.” He said, as the camera faded to black.

“And cut.” Scott said, which returned Jeremy to his motionless, expressionless, suggestive state.

“Ok Jeremy. When I count to three, I want you to get off of that dildo and go over there to the bathroom and clean yourself up. When you are finished, return here and get dressed and wait for further instructions. You will feel refreshed and normal, you will just be waiting for instructions. One, two, three.”

Jeremy rose off of the dildo and did as instructed.

“Now Jeremy. When we are through with our session today, you will remember nothing of what happened in here. You will forget it forever. Do you understand?”

“Forget, forever.”

“Very good. No matter what happens, even if you are hypnotized by someone else, you will not be able to remember what happened in this room. You will not even know that you were in this room. In fact, you will not even remember this room existed. When we leave this room, it will no longer exist in your mind. Do you understand?”

“No room, can't remember.”

“Good, let's go back into the other room now.” Scott said, as they walked back to the adjoining room in the school's medical building.

“Now sit back down in the chair you were in. Good boy. Now tell me, Jeremy, where were you just before you sat in that chair just now?” Scott could see a confused look on his subject's face. “Great!” He thought to himself.

“Never mind Jeremy. Forget the question. Now, I am going to count to three, and then snap my fingers. When I snap my fingers, you will reawaken and feel just as you did when you came in here. When you leave, you will believe that you were never under my control at all. You will think that our little experiment didn't work. You will return to your normal straight self, with not so much as one homosexual bone in your body. Do you understand?”

“Understand. Was not hypnotized.” Jeremy quietly said.

“Alright Jeremy, one, two, three.” Then he snapped his fingers.

“Well? How do you feel?” Scott asked.

“You are my master.” Jeremy droned out before he broke out laughing. “I feel like I'm an idiot for thinking that you had a snowball's chance in hell of hypnotizing me.” He said as he laughed.

“Shit!” Scott exclaimed as he walked over and pressed a button on the intercom. “Jeff, come in here.”

A door to another room opened and in walked a good looking young guy of about 19 or 20. “What's up?” He asked.

“Well, it didn't work at all. I thought I had him under, but apparently I didn't. I guess it's back to the drawing board.” Scott said with disgust in his voice. Both Jeff and Scott shook their heads in disappointment. They were both students in psychology here at the university. They were also best friends. Jeremy, however, was Scott's former roommate before Scott ended up moving in with Jeff at a frat house.

“Well boys, I've had enough fun for today. I think I'm outa here.” Jeremy said as he got up, realizing that they weren't going to get anywhere today. “Maybe next time buddy, of course I'll have to charge you more if you are just going to bore me and waste my time. Now where's that fifty bucks you promised me?”

Scott reached into his pocket, pulled out the money and slapped it into Jeremy's hand. Jeremy laughed and walked out the door.

“Wow, unfucking believable.” Jeff exclaimed. “I mean I knew you were getting good, but I had no idea you were that good. He's straight as an arrow and he practically begged me to fuck his face. Oh and what a mouth that was. This is going to be fun. I still can't believe he didn't even look at me with a hint of recognition.” Jeff marveled.

“Yep my friend, this is going to be a whole lot of fun.” The greatest part is that we are going to be able to turn him into our little sex slave, and we won't be hypnotizing him to do it. We will get to torture him by blackmailing him with this video.” Scott was exuberant. The both high-fived each otheras they laughed.