Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Revenge of the Pred Issue 020 - The End of Rainbow Woman An Unexpected Guest Moments earlier... Maria had planned to stay the weekend with her best friend, Ariel, but the plans got changed when she invited her boyfriend over. When the two started making out after Tommy had snuck over she felt uncomfortable. He only made it even more awkward when he invited Maria to, as he put it, "join in the fun." That was all it took for her to have a change of plans and walk the mile across town back home. Sure, she'd have to spend the night alone, probably, but that was better than watching Ariel go down on a guy that wanted a threesome with her best friend involved. As soon as she got inside her house, she could sense something was wrong. She came in the back door and could see what looked like a red costume laying on the floor by the front door. "Shel? You home?" As she stepped closer, she saw it - the blood on the door. "Oh...oh gawd..." Her dark brown eyes grew wide as she saw that it was the bottom of her sister's Red Devil costume, the tail torn off and thrown across the room. She stepped closer to the door and saw the holes in the wood, having no idea her sister had been nailed up against the door and raped there just hours earlier. Maria also didn't know the man who had done this - and more, in fact - was now just inches away from her and watching her. The Pred smiled as he saw the back of the young girl standing in front of him, her tanned back bared by the cut of the red dress she wore which came to just above her knees. Looks like he was going to get to have a little more fun this weekend after all. He could see her shaking as she started to realize something bad had happened. Maria turned and the Pred quickly pushed her against the door, covering her mouth. "Well, hello, you must be Maria." Instinctively, the teen grabbed for the Pred's arm, but he quickly pressed Shelly's horn against her throat. "I wouldn't do that, if I were you, kid." He laughed as her brown eyes grew even wider as the sharp point touched her neck. "Now, I am going to move my hand and, if you scream, well, I will give you a better reason to scream. Got it?" Maria nodded her head as a tear formed in her eyes when the Pred moved his hand. Maria felt her heartbeat race as she watched the man's eyes move down the front of her low-cut dress, her b-cup breasts pushed up slightly by its built in bra. She looked up at the man who had the weapon to her throat, a tear running down her cheek. "Wh...where's my sister?" She began to feel more uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her, especially as his eyes focused on her young breasts. The Pred laughed as he ran his hand along Maria's cheek and the teen cringed at his touch. "Oh, she's up stairs resting in your room." He smirked as a look of confusion spread across the teen's face as he grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her away from the door. "How about we go see if she is awake yet." He laughed as he guided the 15-year-old to the stairway, running his hand down her spine as he kept her close to him. "She has had a long couple nights, but fun ones." He laughed as Maria turned to look at him, concern in her young eyes. The two reached Maria's bedroom and the Pred pulled her back into him, her young ass pressing against him through the thin fabric of her dress. "By the way, I wouldn't try anything stupid in there, got me?" Maria slowly nodded her head as he opened the door. As soon as Maria stepped into her bedroom, the site of what was in front of her scared her beyond her young imagination. Her eyes grew wide as she saw her sister Shelly, nude, spread-eagled and bound to her bed. "Oh my gawd..." The teen started to cry at the site of her sister, still bandaged up from the beating she took at the Pred's hands. " she...?" She began to shake with fear as the Pred pushed her to the end of the bed and she saw her sister's head slumped forward just above Shelly's firm breasts. She looked away, not wanting to see her sister's pussy in front of her, but the Pred placed a hand on her head and made her look. "Did you..." The thought of what he may have done to her sister kept Maria from finishing her question. The Pred smiled as he ran his hand up Maria's back, causing her skin to break out in goosebumps. "Oh, she's quite alive, though she's been out for quite some time." He smirked as the young girl turned her head to look at him, still not wanting to look at the beaten, naked form of her older sister. He ran his hand along her cheek as she closed her eyes again, a tear leaving her left eye. "You want to know if I fucked your sister, don't you?" Keeping her eyes closed, Maria's lips trembled as she nodded her head. He leaned in to her, close enough to kiss her had he wanted. "Yes, Maria, I fucked your big sister..." He took her trembling hand and placed it on his crotch. "And I was thinking about doing it one more time when I heard you come in." Maria began to cry harder at the thought of what he planned to do to her sister had she not shown up. Her hand was pressed against a large bulge in the Pred's pants, causing her heart to beat faster. "Oh my gawd..." She slowly turned to face him as the Pred allowed her to move her hand, which she did quickly. "But, she's not into guys..." The Pred smiled and ran his hand along her cheek, looking into her scared brown eyes. "I'd heard that but she was still quite a good little fuck." His hand slowly slid down and teased the thin strap of her dress as she shuddered at his touch, closing her eyes again. He was about to slip the thin strap off her tanned shoulder when he saw Shelly begin to stir behind her. "Good, she's awake. Was worried I hit her too hard and prematurely finished her sweet little ass off." Maria's heart raced again as she spun to see her blindfolded, gagged sister begin to move weakly in her restraints. In her panic, she didn't acknowledge the Pred's statement about finishing Shelly off or what that could mean. She began to panic more as he moved from behind her and looked to be about to do something to her older sister. "Please, mister, don't...don't hurt Shelly anymore..." Shelly stopped struggling when Maria spoke and the older of the two sisters began to tremble again. Wh...what are you going to do to her, mister?" The Pred laughed as he heard Shelly's scream of terror muffled by the duct tape as he stepped closer to her bound form, making a point to grab her breast again, this time where Maria could see him molest her sister. With a smirk, he stepped to the headboard of the bed. "As I said, I was just finishing up with your dear sister when you came home early." He reachd down with a tug at the blindfold then pulled it off. "And here I thought my weekend fun was all through." The Pred smiled and watched the look of horror spread across Shelly's face as she saw her sister standing at the foot of the bed. He laughed and walked back to the foot of the bed and stood behind Maria, his hands on the straps of her formal dress. He ran his hand along her cheek and the young girl tried to look away, only to be stopped. "Guess I get to meet your sister after all, huh, Red Devil." Maria's tears flowed faster now as she felt the man put his hands on her shoulders. "Please, mister..." Maria slowly turned to face the man who had her and her sister at his mercy. "She looks really hurt...wh...why are you doing this?" She closed her eyes as she felt his hand move up to her cheek and squeeze her face. The Pred smiled, his hand sliding back down and joining the other on her left shoulder, covering the strap of her dress. "You're right, she could use a rest." He smirked and grabbed both of the straps of her dress, smiling as that action pressed the fabric tighter against her young body. "And, since you can't bare to see her naked, let's see if you look better without this pretty dress of yours." The Pred's eyes lit up as he jerks his hands away from her shoulders, snapping the straps of her dress. Shelly felt the tears running down her face as she heard Maria speak to the man who had beat and raped her hours earlier. Her little sister looked very small in comparison to the Pred and seeing his hands on Maria's shoulders terrified her and gave Shelly a sense of dread for what would very likely happen to the 15-year-old. She screamed into the duct tape as she saw the Pred grab the straps on Maria's red dress, her mind screaming to her what was going to happen. And there was nothing that could stop him as she watched him break the straps then release the thin torn pieces of fabric. Shelly cried harder as the dress fell down to the floor and she could see the only thing remaining on Maria's trembling body was a pair of red, see-through bikini panties. She closed her eyes when she saw Maria's asscrack through the fabric, knowing the Pred was seeing much more as he stood in front of her. Tears ran down Maria's cheeks as she felt her dress slip from her body, leaving her in just her panties. "Please..." She began to cry harder as the Pred ran his hand along her cheek, wiping the tears away as though he was actually concerned. "I...I..." Her mind couldn't find the words as she felt his hand move down to her shoulder then trace her collarbone and she realized what had in fact happened to Shelly. "" As his hand slid down between her naked, 15-year-old breasts, the truth flashed to the front of Maria's mind. This man had raped her sister Shelly - more than once - and she would soon be his next victim. The Pred smiled as he watched the young girl cry as his hand slid down between her breasts. Like Shelly, Maria's young breasts were firm and sat high and separate on her chest. Still a couple years younger, though, she wasn't quite as developed as Shelly, but her breasts were just as tender as he groped her. "Why? Are you into girls like your big lesbo sister over there?" He smirked as he gently squeezed Maria's breasts as she shook her head then he spun her around. "Didn't think so." He ran his hand onto Maria's flat stomach and smiled. "You know, she's had two or three orgasms with me." He smirked as he saw Shelly's eyes pleading for him to let Maria go as his hand teased the front hem of her panties. "Has anyone ever made you cum before, Maria?" Maria's tears began to flow again as she felt the Pred slip one of his large fingers inside the waistband of her panties. Fear flashed through her mind and body as she knew he was about to do something awful to her. "Please, mister, don't rape me." She turned her head to look at him as his finger slipped back out of her panties and she felt a hint of relief for the first time. "I...I...I'm a virgin...I'll do anything..." The Pred smiled as he stepped back to look at the young girl's body from behind. Her hair, like her sister's, was long and back and came down to the middle of her tanned back, which had a slight curve inward as it got closer to her ass. Even though Maria's breasts were smaller than her sister's, the site of the younger sister's backside clad in just a pair of thin, transparent panties made him harder than Shelly's ass did - even after anally raping the 17-year-old. The panties were so transparent, he could every inch of her asscrack and cheeks before stepped back to her. "Is that right? Anything?" He chuckled as Maria lowered her head and nodded. "Well, I have an idea. Since you don't want me to fuck you or your sister right now, how about you show her a little lovin." Maria turned around and gave the Pred a puzzled look then realized where his plan was going, her eyes growing wide. "Since she likes girls, I want to see if she likes it when her little sister eats her pussy." Maria froze as she heard the Pred say what he wanted her to do to her helpless, tied up sister. She could barely wrap her mind around him wanting her to have oral sex with her own sister, especially when she knew Shelly wouldn't want that - especially after he'd already raped her. "Bu...but...she's my sister..." Her lips trembled as she heard the man behind her laugh before running his hand across her panty clad ass. "I...I can't d-d-d-o that to Shelly. That's...that's..." She turned to beg him face to face, but he moved past her and walk towards the headboard where Shelly watched him draw closer, fear filling her eyes. "P-p-please..." Maria began to cry as she saw how scared her sister was of the man who stood by her bound form on the bed. The Pred shook his head as he ran his hand through Shelly's long dark hair, making sure her younger sister Maria could see the bandage around her head covering the wounds left behind by her horns. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this in front of you, Maria." He grabbed Shelly's chin as she squealed into the duct tape over her mouth, then closed her eyes and cried. "But, since you want to do this the hard way." He made sure the 15-year-old could see what he was doing as he pressed a thumb against each of the bandaged wounds on her forehead. Shelly screamed into her gag as she felt the intense pain his thumbs caused as a punishment for Maria's refusal to perform oral sex on her. She wanted to scream for Maria to run for it while she had the chance, but her younger sister stood there in just her see through panties crying. The pain was so intense her vision began to blur. Maria cried harder as she watched the Pred torture her sister and could see her bandage begin to stain as his thumbs caused Shelly's wounds to bleed again. Maria didn't want to do it, but watching him torture the sister she looked up to and loved forced her seemed worse than committing incest with her. "Ok ok ok...just stop it...please...I'll do it! Just stop hurting her." She rushed over to him and grabbed his arm, her eyes pleading with him. "I'll...I'll do anything you want me to." She closed her eyes and cried more as he led her back to the foot of the bed." The Pred smiled as he looked up and down Maria's nearly naked body. Put back at the foot of the bed, the 15-year-old stood there crying and he found it odd she didn't attempt to cover her body. "That's a good little girl, Maria." He looked at the front of her panties for the first time and could see a fairly thin, trimmed black bush and the top of her slit clearly through the thin fabric. "Now, you're going to start kissing her neck then work your way down." He chuckled as Maria closed her eyes and shuddered. "Then work your way down and use your hands while you're at it." The Pred walked back behind Maria and ran his hand down her back and into the back of the waistband of her panties. As she shuddered, pushed her forward causing her to stumble forward and lean over the bed, her panty clad ass pointing at him. "Get to work, Maria, or I will have some fun with you myself." Tears flowed from Maria's eyes as she slowly slid up Shelly's body, leaning down on her tied up older sister. The 15-year-old shook as she leaned against her sister's upper body, the sisters' breasts pressed against each other as she began to kiss Shelly's neck. "Sorry." Maria's words were weak as both sisters cried as the lesbian incest continued as the younger sister moved down to the base of Shelly's neck, her hands slowly sliding up her sister's waist. As Maria sobbed as her hands slowly reached up and began to fondle her sister's breasts, Shelly hated the feeling she was having - pleasure. "Mmpph." She tried to scream into the tape covering her mouth, but it sounded more like she was enjoying the 15-year-old's mouth on her skin more than the intended message for her to stop. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as Maria took her left breast in her hand and nearly screamed when her sister placed her lips around her nipple. She wanted to struggle, but fear of what he would do to Maria kept Shelly in place while her sister played with her large breasts. She knew Maria only did so thinking she could keep them from being raped. Shelly knew this rapist would probably kill her after Maria was done then rape and kill her little sister as well. Shelly closed her eyes and cried as she watched her sister's head move down towards her stomach - though her hands stayed on her breasts, fondling the firm mounds of flesh. But, it wasn't that but the image of the Pred standing behind her sister as she moved south, his eyes locked on Maria's panty-covered ass, that she could no longer stand. The Pred could feel himself growing harder and harder as he Maria moved closer to her older sister's spread legs. But, it was the site of the 15-year-old's ass, pointed up and at him that was driving him to ecstasy. Initially all he could see through the transparent fabric was Maria's round little ass but at its current angle he could see the back of her young pussy come into view. Seeing Maria's young pussy lips presenting themselves to him through the sheer fabric made him want to fuck the 15-year-old as she ate her sister out. "That's right, eat your big sister's pussy. Finger her while you do it." He ran his hand along the curve of Maria's panty clad ass as he stepped back towards the head of the bed, his eyes focused on Shelly as her face showed that her sister had finally reached her pussy. "Make big sister cum all over your pretty little face." He laughed as he stepped closer to the head of the bed. Maria glanced up for a moment as her fingers spread open Shelly's wet pussy, trying not to let it into her mind that this man's dick had been where she was about to put her mouth just hours before. She wanted to curse the man that was making her do this, the man that had raped her sister, but she could only watch as he stepped beside Shelly's bound up upper body. Maria was scared of what could be next for her sister, so she lowered her eyes and licked more furiously at Shelly's wet folds - her pointer and middle fingers pumping into her big sister's pussy. The Pred smiled as he leaned in to whisper where only Shelly could hear him speak, his eyes watching as Maria lowered her focus from her big sister and the man who'd raped her. "Feels like heaven, I bet, having your kid sister be the last one who eats your pussy." He laughed knowing Shelly was cussing him as she muttered through her moans into taped up mouth. "And, the longer she does this, the harder it will get for you to breathe as you get ready to cum." He smirked, running his hand along her cheek to the bridge of her nose. "But, why make it any harder on you than it has to be." He pinched her nostrils shut and Shelly's eyes flashed with panic. In fact, it wasn't the first time the former Red Devil was filled with terror that night as she suddenly felt herself unable to breath. She wanted to scream for him to stop, but found she could not make a sound and she realized this was how it was going to happen. The Pred had raped twice since Friday night and told her she would die in the house her sisters lived in. But, making matters far worse, her 15-year-old sister Maria was being forced to eat her pussy as she was strapped helpless to her younger sister's bed. She tried desperately to breath but began to see she would suffocate there while the man who'd raped her and stripped her little sister held her nose shut. As her breath grew more ragged, things got worse when she felt herself climax from her sister's oral stimulation. Her orgasm slowed then her vision began to blur as she felt her sister's tongue halt and heard Maria speak. Maria knew none of this was going on, having closed her eyes when she saw the Pred walk to the head of the bed. She didn't want to be doing what she was to Shelly, so she sure didn't want to see whatever it was he was going to do to her. So, she closed her eyes and focused on what she was forced to do, her young, pink tongue going to work on her sister's clit while she furiously finger Shelly. As her young breasts rubbed against the bed and her light pink nipples rubbed the mattress, she felt herself getting wet. But, she didn't have much time for that to sink in when she felt Shelly's orgasm hit her in the face. The orgasm was so strong and sudden there was no way for the 15-year-old to close her mouth in time and the first moment of Shelly's eruption shot into Maria's throat. It was then Maria opened her eyes and saw what the Pred was doing to her sister. "Nfg..." She tried to protest but coughed up some of Shelly's cum instead, most having been swallowed. "Please, mister...she can't breathe!" Maria really began to panic, seeing her sister's eyes look funny as though she were passing out - or worse. The young teen slid up Shelly's body and grabbed at the Pred's wrist. "Don't kill her, please!" Tears flowed from Maria's eyes as she begged for her sister's life and she leapt from the bed, both hands on the Pred's forearm. "What...whatever you were going to her before I came home..." She looked into his eyes and cried harder. "You can do to me." She looked at her sister then closed her eyes as the Pred moved his hand away from Shelly's face. " can fuck me instead of her." The Pred smiled as he heard Maria's offer, even though he had planned to have the 15-year-old that night from the moment he saw her panty-clad ass. He turned to her and she stepped back away from him. "Well, someone does have a mouth on her, doesn't she?" He smirked as she backed away from him further, his fingers slowly touching her trembling lips. "And, that is a very intriguing offer you make, Maria." He laughed as she backed into the door and was trapped by him. He ran his hand down her body, molesting her trembling breasts for a moment before running his hand over the front of her panties. "How about we go down to the basement and I fuck you in Shelly's room? Would you rather her not see you give me your virginity?" The Pred smiled as he felt the wetness on her panties as Maria nodded, her eyes closed and cheeks stained with tears. "Wait right here while I tell your sister one last thing." He backed away, making sure Maria obeyed. The teen did, her head pointed toward the ground and away from him and the bed where Shelly was bound helpless. Shelly's eyes grew wide as she watched what was going on across the room and she could hear every word. As she finally was able to breathe again, she wanted to scream into her gag, but knew it was no use. There was no way to warn Maria about what he was going to do to her. She knew this man was going to rape her little sister and Maria was sacrificing her body to try to save Shelly. She knew that was all in vain as he leaned in and she heard him speak where only she could hear him. "I'll be back when I am done with her." He smirked and grabbed Shelly by the hair. "Until then, get some rest." With that, he slammed her head backwards and Shelly's skull was full of pain as she blacked out. Maria turned around just as the Pred slammed her older sister's head back and watched as Shelly slumped unconsciously forward. "NO!" She started to rush to Shelly's aid, but could see it was a bad idea and froze in fear as the Pred took a step toward her - his look telling her not to move an inch without his approval. She couldn't see Shelly's face as the older of the sister's features were covered by her long black hair as her head slumped forward, the ends of her hair touching her firm tits. " she?" She looked into the Pred's eyes with fear as he put his hand over her mouth. The Pred laughed and spun Maria around then pulled her back away from the door. "She's just going to take a little nap while we go down to her room and have some fun." He smirked, opening the door with one hand and smacking Maria's panty-clad ass with the other. "I bet you're going to be more fun than Shelly was when I fucked her last night down there." He gave her a gentle shove as she looked over her shoulder, concerned with her sister. He smirked as she took a couple steps forward and he again saw her ass in the transparent panties again, knowing those would be one thing he would keep from that weekend. Maria didn't say anything in response as she felt his hand on her back as the two made their way to Shelly's room in the basement. Mostly she cried as her mind told her what was going to happen in a matter of moments. She closed her eyes and sobbed a little more when they reached the door to the basement. She knew when they got down there it was going to happen - she was going to be raped. She swallowed hard as she opened the door and started down the stairs to the basement. "A-a-after you're done with me, y-y-you're leaving, right?" She stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked at the basement hideout of her sister Shelly. She could see the chains hanging from the pipe and what little was left of Shelly's Red Devil costume still laying on the floor. The Pred smiled as he pushed the nearly naked 15-year-old further into the basement. "You mean after I finish fucking you're cute little brains out?" He laughed as Maria closed her eyes, tears coming again and nodded her head. He guided her between the bed and the chains hanging from the pipe. "Don't worry, kid, after I finish with you, I will leave you here for your sister to find." He smirked as Maria sighed as he ran his fingers across her trembling lips. "Just like your big sister up there." Maria shivered at his touch and quickly began to wish she would have stayed at her friend's that night. Her only hope was that whatever he planned to do to her down here would take long enough to allow help to arrive. Maria wanted to beg him to be gentle with her, but the blood she had seen on the door when she got home along with how beaten Shelly looked told her that would probably not be worth begging for. "I-I..." She tried to put words together in her head as she felt him circle her, eyeing her nearly naked body up and down as he did. "'re going to chain me up...then rape me...aren't you?" She started to cry again as she said the word rape, the doom of it all sinking into her mind as she felt him step behind her and grab her breasts from behind. "J-j-just like you did to Shelly..." She felt his hand slide down to her stomach then across the front of her panties as she closed her eyes and sobbed again. The Pred laughed, pulling her panty-clad ass into his waist as his hand pressed against the front of her panties. He smirked as the transparent fabric was still wet. "Oh, I doubt the chains will be needed for you, Maria." His hand started to move around the front of her panties, feeling her young, moist slit through the fabric. He took her chin with his other hand and pulled her head back where he could speak into her ear. "It's not like I am going to fuck you in the ass like I did Shelly when she was chained up down her." He released her head as she sobbed then moaned slightly as his long finger teased her slit through her panties. Maria slumped forward slightly as her pre-rape molestation continued and she squirmed, little knowing the act of her ass grinding against the bulge in the Pred's pants was only making matters worse. "Y-y-you're rape me...on Shelly's bed..." She looked at the mattress and cried again, realizing it was about to happen. In a few moments, she was about to have her virginity raped from her in the same room where the same man had anally raped Shelly hours earlier. She sobbed again as the man turned her around to face him, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I...I...I..." She stopped speaking as the Pred put his finger across her trembling lips. The Pred smiled as he moved his hand back to look at Maria's trembling form one more time. She looked down and away from him, not letting him see the tears in her eyes or on her cheeks. Not that he cared about seeing face of the 15-year-old victim in front of him. He pushed her back onto the bed and her young breasts bounced as she hit the mattress with a chirp. "The whole way down here, I've been thinking of how I would do this." He leaned over her, gently kissing her forehead as she closed her eyes and smiled. "Part of me wanted to do it this way." His hands slid down, groped her breasts for a moment before gripping the sides of her panties. "You know, it would be such a turn on to see the look on your pretty little face the first time I put it inside you." He pulled her panties down to her trembling knees then free from her legs and Maria was totally naked now in front of him. He ran his fingers through the coarse black hair on her pubic mound. Maria laid there, not saying a word anymore, as she felt the Pred touching her pubic mound before letting his hand slide between her legs after he spread them. Her tears continued to flow as she felt him lean over her and his finger tease her moistening slit, his words filling her ears as she watched him put her panties in his back pocket. She wanted desperately to be somewhere else, but she was trapped beneath the man that would soon rape her like he did Shelly. The Pred enjoyed the feel of Maria's young lips as his finger slid back and forth between them. He loved the site of her young face, eyes clinched shut as he molested both her pussy and breasts. "You know, I might even make you get on top." He leaned down and kissed her between her young breasts then on her stomach. "Thought about that, too. Making your sweet little ass do all the work as I rape you." He laughed as her eyes slowly opened and her lip quivered and he could tell her will and spirit were broken. "But, speaking of sweet little asses." He laughed and flipped her onto her stomach as she let out a slight squeal in protest. He could feel his erection growing as he grabbed Maria's hips and pulled her lower body up, making her rest on her knees. He pushed her head and shoulders down, making sure her bare ass stuck up in front of him as he took his cock out. Maria closed her eyes tightly as she knew her rape was coming in a matter of moments. She had felt the Pred's bulge in his pants and could tell his was very well-endowed. The teen sobbed again as she was jerked up onto her knees and felt her face and chest pressed against Shelly's mattress. She could feel her lower body being eyed by her soon-to-be rapist as he spoke again. The Pred loved the site in front of him, the 15-year-old on presenting against her will in front of him. Her tanned asscheeks splayed in front of him ever so slightly, just enough for him to see her back of her virgin pussy as well as her puckered light brown asshole. He leaned over her, letting his hard crock lay on her back for a moment as he grabbed her hair and pulled just her head back. "I fuck you like this, I get to be deep inside you when I cum, Maria." He laughed as the young girl muttered "oh gawd" under her breath as he body shook. The Pred reached down and press the tip of his cock against her moist pussy lips, which had opened on their own, inviting its unwanted invader. Maria closed her eyes as tightly as she could, trying to wish her mind away to anywhere else as she felt the tip of his cock touch her tender folds. "Oh...oh...ah...AH!" Her moans became louder as she felt the tip of his hard cock push into her and against her cherry. She turned to look back at the Pred, tears flowing and lip trembling as she knew it was about to happen. "Ah...ah...gawd..." She shook her head, suddenly trying to beg him not to do what she knew was inevitable, his strong hands gripping her hips tightly as she felt her body being jerked backwards. That action was quickly drown out by the flow of pain pulsating from her pussy as her virginity was raped from her in that one thrust. The Pred laughed as Maria's high-pitched squeal echoed through the basement as he pushed all the way into her pussy. Once all the way in, he couldn't suppress a moan of pleasure because of the tightness of the 15-year-old's pussy. Keeping himself all the way in, he leaned over and grabbed her by the hair as she sobbed and gasped in pain. "Tight little fuck...ain't...ya..." He pulled almost all the way out, causing her to gasp in a bit of relief. "Tighter...than that lesbo sister...of yours..." He rammed back into her, causing her to scream another high pitched wail as he savagely forced his way back into her, her whole body lurching forward as he held her by her long black hair. "Too bad...that whore niece of yours...wasn't this...tight..." He slowly repeated the act again, the slow withdrawal then the savage reentry into her. Maria screamed out again as the Pred rammed his cock into her pussy, which was growing more sore every time he did this. "OW...GAWD...PLEASE...AHHH!" Even through the pain, she still was able to hear and comprehend what he said. As he held her up by the hair, his thrusts started to speed up, her breasts slapping back and forth under her. She could hear the sound of her rape, his large cock pushing in and out of her pussy as it grew wetter from its first experience with a cock. But, even after he released her hair, her mind was on what he just said - that he was the one who'd raped and murdered Annie. Though her moans of pain from the rape slowly drowned out the sounds of her slapping breasts and violation, she thought of her niece. Annie was just two years younger than her and this man raped and murdered her. She heard Shelly talking to Conchita about the terrible things that had been done to Annie. She had been orally, vaginally and even anally raped before someone killed her. "" She cried harder than ever as she thought about her niece - her best friend - being raped by the man who was now raping her. She gasped as he started pumping in and out of her faster, the speed of her body's jarring speeding up as well. His increased motion caused her to climax for the first time in her young life. The Pred moaned out in pleasure as he continued to rape Maria's 15-year-old body, burying his cock into the girl's pussy as she came around his invading member with a squeal. "Still tight as fuck, Maria." He began to pump in and out for a moment before grabbing her hair again and jerked her head back again. "Annie came, too, especially when...I fucked her in the ass." He laughed as he buried his cock into her throbbing pussy one more time before erupting inside her. He kept his grip on her long, black hair tight as he spewed his load inside her loosened pussy, her sobs of denial echoing through the basement. After a few moments, he pulled out then pushed the young girl's limp body forward, laughing as she slumped onto the mattress. Maria laid there, facedown on the mattress sobbing as her tears flowed from her eyes. The pain in her pussy was intense as she tried to curl up but found herself too spent to be able to move. All she could do was turn her head to the side, her long black hair covering most of her face. "Please...don't...hurt me...any...more..." She closed her eyes as she heard her rapist walk away from her. The Pred stepped back from his latest victim, slowing putting his still dripping wet cock back into his pants. Still, he couldn't take his eyes off the freshly raped body of 15-year-old Maria laying on the bed in front of him. Her upper body was laying almost flat on the bed and he could tell her head was turned to the left and that she was still crying. "Don't worry, Maria, it's almost over." He smirked as his eyes trailed from her shoulders down her tanned and pristine bare back to her hips. She was still on her knees, so her young lower body was still in the same position it was when she was raped moments ago. Her once-virgin pussy was stretched open as his seed slowly leaked out of her and onto the bed. Her knees were slightly parted as she finally fell onto her side on the mattress as he laughed at her. He slowly walked across the room and took down the cuffs that he'd used to chain up Shelly hours earlier. Maria heard his footsteps approaching her again and she began to cry again. "Please...mister...don't rape me...again..." The 15-year-old cried even harder as the Pred rolled her onto her stomach and grabbed her wrists, pulling them together behind her back. As skinny as Maria's arms were, he was able to cuff each wrist to the opposite elbow, keeping arms bent and unmovable to her behind her back. The Pred reached beside the bed and grabbed one of Shelly's horns and put it to Maria's throat. "!" She began to cry harder as she felt him pinning her legs down to the mattress as the razor-sharp tip of the horn nicked her skin. "Please! Please don't kill me! I'll do anything!" She sobbed even harder as she heard the Pred's laughter as he moved the horn away from her throat. The Pred let go of Maria's hair and the teen lowered her head back onto the mattress and continued to cry. "I'm sure you would." He laughed as he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. His hands slowly trailed down her bare back, the tip of the horn just barely keeping from cutting her skin. "You'd probably even let me fuck your sweet little ass, wouldn't you?" He smirked as a look of horror and dread filled her eyes as she looked back at him and slowly nodded, closing her eyes as she felt his hands on her ass as he slowly spread her round asscheeks open. "I bet you're tighter than your niece was." He laughed and ran his finger along her puckered light brown hole. "But, this will have to do." He laughed as he jerked her back up onto her knees and shoved the tip of Shelly's horn into Maria's tight asshole and pushed most of it in. Maria screeched out as she felt the horn invade her asshole with one thrust. "GAWD! OWW OWW OWW! Please!! Take it out!!" Luckily for her, the sharp tip of the horn did not cut her as her asshole was spread open just enough to allow for its entry. But, the widening shaft of the rest of her sister's discarded horn caused her immense pain as stretched out her tight little hole. She moaned in pain as she heard the Pred's footsteps backing away from her. The Pred smirked as he watched Maria struggle and moan and cry on the bed. He found himself getting aroused again at the site of Maria's ass pointing at him, the end of the horn sticking out between her asscheeks. "Probably hurts a little more than losing your virginity, huh." He laughed as he could tell Maria was convulsing from the pain of having the horn shoved into her ass, her tanned young cheeks quaking as she laid limply on her knees. "Don't worry, it won't last much longer." He reached down and picked up the length of rope on the floor and smiled, knowing what he needed, wanted to do to the sobbing teen next. Maria could feel the pain shooting into her as she slumped facefirst onto the bed. She sobbed in pain, feeling blood running from her violated asshole as she heard the man who'd put the horn into her tight asshole coming back towards her. " out..." She cried again as she heard his footsteps stop and she felt him grab her by the hair again. "Do anything you...want...just...take it out...please...juAHHH!" Maria screamed as he jerked her backward, her ass landing back on her feet and shoving the horn even deeper into her asshole. Her whole body shook as the pain was twice as intense, so much so that she didn't realize it when he slipped the noose around her throat. Tears streamed from the girl's eyes as she finally realized what had been put around her neck as she felt the rope tighten around her young neck. "No...gawd...noagu!" Her pleading was cut off as she was jerked off the bed by the noose, the rope cutting off her words as she was pulled away from the mattress where she had been raped. The Pred's laugh turned more evil as he pulled Maria's staggering body towards the pipe where Shelly had been chained as the teen gasped for air. "Sorry, kid, but I have to go finish off your sister now." As he got to the pipe, Maria slumped to the ground before he threw the opposite end of the rope over the pipe near the ceiling. "I could let you live, but, you are a witness and little girls love to talk." He smiled as he pulled the rope and pulled the sobbing, gasping 15-year-old up to her feet before looking into her eyes. "Too bad I have to do this. I would love to fuck you a few more times." Maria cried harder as she struggled for breath and her mind raced through the entire night - what had already happened and what was about to take place. "Please...mister don't...kill me..." She had been stripped and raped by the man who'd done the same to her sister hours earlier. And, the night, and her life, was about to end with her death by hanging. "I...I'll do anything you want..." Tears flowed harder than ever from the young girl's eyes as she begged him not to take her life. She tried to struggle with her arms behind her, making her young breasts bounce. "I'll...hucgh!" The Pred laughed as he jerked the rope towards the staircase, causing Maria's struggling and trembling naked body to be hoisted into the air. As her pleas turned into desperate gasps for air, he smirked as he watched her tanned legs shake and her legs kick underneath her. "Probably shouldn't have changed your plans for the night, kiddo." After tying the other end of the rope to the staircase, he walked over and ran his hand along the teen's face as she hung and gasped for air. He turned her so she would face the mirror behind her, making her a witness to her own execution. "Now, I am going to finish what I started with Shelly while you...hang out down here." He reached down and pulled the horn from her bleeding ass and dropped it on the floor as he stepped away from her. Maria continued to struggle, her body jiggling as she slowly strangled in her basement. She watched in the mirror as the Pred walked towards the stairs and her breasts bounced as she gasped for air as the rope tightened even more around her neck. Her arms struggled behind her, her sore bloody ass wiggling as her mind went over what had led to this. She had had left her best friends house to avoid being manipulated into a threesome with her and her asshole boyfriend. How could she have known something worse would happen to her in the safety of her own home? Instead of an unwanted three-way, she was grabbed, taken before her freshly violated older sister then stripped and raped herself in the basement. And, now, as her eyes started to blur, she knew she was about to die. The last thing the raped 15-year-old saw was her own tear-stained face as her eyes blurred past the point of vision. The last thing Maria heard were her rapist's steps going up the stairs as her body convulsed one final time. A few minutes later, footsteps again sounded off the staircase as the Pred led Shelly - her hands tied behind her back and a pillowcase over her head - back down into the basement. "Why...why are we going back down here?" She tried to struggle, but the Pred's grip on her was strong enough to keep her from avoiding being led down the stairs. "Wh..where's Maria? What have you done with her?" She felt a chill go down her bare spine as she was stopped a few feet into the room and spun around. "If you've hurt her, you sick fuck, I'll..." Her words stopped as she felt his hand clasp over her mouth and silence her for a moment as she was forced onto her knees. The Pred laughed as he kept his hand covering her Shelly's mouth over the pillowcase for a moment. "Don't worry, I took very good care of your kid sister." He laughed as he reached down and fondled Shelly's large, heaving breasts for a moment. "Best little fuck I have had in a while." He smirked as he heard Shelly curse him in Spanish as he stood up and grabbed the top of the pillowcase. "May as well let you see each other again." The Pred's laugh was more evil than before as he pulled the pillowcase off and Shelly was able to see what had happened to Maria. Shelly's eyes opened wide as she saw the body of her little sister Maria hanging from the pipe where she herself had been raped. "NO!!!!" Her scream echoed through the basement as the naked body of the 15-year-old girl slowly swayed back and forth. "Maria!! GAWD NO!!" The back of her little sister's body was facing Shelly and it was apparent Maria had suffered a painful rape in the basement. Her hands hung limply behind her back and a trail of blood ran down the back of her legs from her gaping asshole. "You sick fucking monster!" Tears flowed from Shelly's eyes as the Pred walked over and turned Maria's lifeless body. "She was just...a...kid..." Maria's legs dangled underneath her as she hung from the pipe in the basement, her young feet only a half a foot from being able to touch the floor. Her legs moved side to side as the Pred laughed at the horror on Shelly's face at seeing what had been done to her little sister. Shelly almost vomited at seeing blood and semen drying on Maria's thighs, evidence of the rape she had feared had happened - and that she had suffered as her young body was ravaged. Maria's pussy was still stretched and open as more of her rapist's seed leaked from her body. The young girl's stomach was flat and still as were her lightly tanned breasts that sat motionless on her chest, her nipples still slightly hard. The Pred ran his hand down Maria's bare back and smirked as he saw the Shelly's complete breaking spread across her tear-streaked face. "Pity, she was such a cute little thing." He smacked the hung teen's ass and her whole body jiggled from the impact. But, it wasn't that act which broke Shelly's heart the worst but what she saw when she looked up at Maria's lifeless features. "'s...all my fault..." Her eyes focused on the red ring around Maria's young neck, the evidence of her doomed fate to be hung, strangling after the painful rape. "I'" One look at Maria's lifeless face made Shelly look away and cry harder. Maria's long black hair only partly covered her features, but Shelly could see the pained look of terror that froze on the face of her younger sister as she breathed her final breath. She kept her head down as she sobbed, unable to look at what her quest for vengeance had cost her. Because of her, Maria - her sweet, innocent little sister - had been stripped, raped, anally violated then executed, her naked body hanging from the ceiling. "K-k-kill me..." The Pred laughed as he walked behind Shelly as the broken 17-year-old former villain knelt naked in front of her little sister's lifeless body. "I could rape you a couple more times before I kill you." He smirked as he pulled out a gun and grabbed Shelly by the hair, making her stand in front of him. "But, half the fun of that is hearing you beg and your fight is gone." He smirked and put the barrel of the gun to Shelly's sternum and pushed her back towards the bed where her sister had been raped, Maria's blood just now drying on the sheets. "Don't worry, though, I will spare your older sister." He smirked as he took a step back and cocked the gun. "I've already raped and killed one pregnant bitch recently. I will leave her a nice message to warn her away from doing what you tried, Shelly." He laughed and pulled the trigger, the bang of the gun echoing through the basement. Shelly's eyes grew wide as she felt the bullet hit her between her bare breasts. She tried to speak but no words came out, her mouth just dropping open as she felt a small stream of blood run from the hole. This was it, this was how her life was going to end - executed like her niece and by the same man. Behind him, Maria's body slowly swayed and the naked and raped features of her 15-year-old little sister would be the last things she saw before second shot from the gun struck her in the forehead and her body fell backwards on the bed. The Pred laughed as he watched Shelly's head jerk backwards as her body fell onto the bed where he'd raped her sister. "Revenge can kill you, kid." Her body jiggled as she hit the mattress, her breasts shook for a moment then stilled on her chest as the executed 17-year-old fell onto her back with her arms behind her. Her head rolled to the left, the thin trail of blood from her forehead running onto the sheets that were already stained with Maria's blood. Despite begging for death, her eyes were wide in shock as her body laid there lifeless, her mouth agape. The Pred smirked as he walked over, picking up Shelly's discarded, bloody horn. "Too bad I didn't do this before you took those bullets." He laughed as he put the horn in the dead teen's mouth. "Then you could have told me how your kid sister's ass tasted." He stepped back then turned and left the basement, leaving the dead girls' bodies for their older sister to find.