Revenge of the Pred

Issue 014 - The End of Rainbow Woman

Part II - The Prisoner gets a visitor

The following morning...

The light in the room where she was being kept clicked on as
Rainbow Woman started to slowly stir in her chains. As the mature
heroine began to come to from her unconscious, strung up state,
she slowly raised her head. She stretched her jaw as it still
felt sore from both the blow that knocked her out hours before as
well as being stretched open by the Pred's oral rape. She looked
down and could see her pale breasts still exposed as well as that
what was left of her costume was pulled to her waist - her flat,
bare stomach also exposed. "I know someone is here - you're too
scared to not watch me. That or too sick." She could feel where
something had dried on her face and tried to move her hand to
wipe it off, only to find she was still securely chained from the
ceiling. Just then, she heard a door behind her open then close
as someone entered. "Who's there?"

The Chief smiled as he took a couple steps towards Rainbow
Woman's strung up form, admiring the mature heroine from behind.
He kept quiet as he moved closer, his eyes fixated on the back
and bottom of her uniform which was still wedged into her ass
crack. Despite being in her late 40s, Rainbow Woman still had a
very nice and firm ass hanging out from her costume and the chief
felt himself growing hard just looking at it. He stepped closer
then ran his hand along her left asscheek and stepped in front of
her with a smile. "Guess things are starting to come together for
you, huh." He chucked and looked at the torn top of her uniform
as well as her bare breasts. "Or, some things seem to be coming

Rainbow Woman's eyes flashed with hate as she saw the city's
police chief step from behind her and begin eyeing her topless
form. "How could you, you sick monster?!" She kicked out at him,
but just missed, causing herself to stagger off balance. "You
can't possibly think you're going to get away with going rogue
like this!" The mature heroine kicked at him again, this time
connecting with the side of his knee.

The kick stunned the chief as he nearly lost his footing, but
quickly stood and laughed. "Me? Going rogue?" He laughed in the
face of Rainbow Woman as he grabbed her chin and made her look at
him. She tried to pull her head away from him, but his grip kept
her in place. "And, from a vigilante, nonetheless - which is, in
truth, a criminal." He smirked then ran his hand down and across
her left breast. When he touched her breast, the mature heroine
spit at his face, narrowly missing. "Such a shocking accusation
and behavior, Rainbow Woman." He pulled out the remote the Pred
had earlier and smirked. Rainbow Woman's eyes grew wide when she
saw the remote again. The chief pressed a button on the remote
and electricity ran down the chains and into the mature heroine's
body. "But, I think we'll be calling you Mrs. Bellows from now
on." He stepped back and watched as the current hit the heroine's

Rainbow Woman screamed as electricity hit her body again and her
mature form started to convulse and shake as the chief laugh.
"NRGH! GAWD! FUCK!" Her screams and the chief's laughter filled
the room - her breasts bouncing as she was electrocuted for a few
moments before the chief stopped the current. She slumped in her
chains as the chief walked behind her, his and reaching down and
unwedging her costume from her ass. She slowly raised her head as
he moved back in front of her. "Were you there..." She looked him
in the eyes, already weakening again. "For what happened to

The Chief smiled and nodded, stepping aside so Rainbow Woman
could see the screen again. "I was there for everything that
happened to that traitorous little bitch." He smirked as Rainbow
Woman looked away from him and the screen after seeing Pink Angel
- Maggie - appear on the screen. The Chief chuckled and again
moved behind the elder heroine, grabbing her hair and making her
look at the screen. "No no. This is too good to miss."

Rainbow Woman screamed out slightly as her head was jerked back
by her hair, wishing she could have been able to stop what she
saw. Her eyes returned to the screen just in time to see the
Chief rip the top of Pink Angel's costume down to her waist.
"" She began to cry for her partner who she saw
being held in place by the Pred, her 16-year-old breasts exposed
by her own father. "You sick..." Her voice stopped as she felt
the chief begin to touch her own breasts.

The chief laughed as he felt Rainbow Woman start to wiggle in his
grasp. "Who would have thought it would be my own daughter that
made me realize I have a thing for teenagers?" He squeezed the
mature heroines breasts, pulling the half-naked heroine's body
into him. "Maggie did have a great little set of tits on her, if
I must say." He smiled as the video started to show the part
where he forced his daughter to suck his dick while the group of
men looked on. "Makes me wish I would have had Pred share a few
more of those little brats with me." He released Rainbow Woman
and stepped back in front of her, but didn't block her view of
the screen. "Especially after Maggie's blowjob."

Rainbow Woman's teary eyes flashed with anger as she kicked out
at the chief. "How could you?!" Her first kick missed, but she
tried again, just wanting to connect with the incest rapist. "She
was your own daughter!" She kicked a third time, again missing.
"You sick son of a-" Her words cut off as he pressed the button,
sending another jolt of electricity into her. "GAWWWH FUK!!" The
heroine screamed as the current shot through her body, her entire
frame jerking and jiggling.

The chief laughed as he watched Rainbow Woman's slow
electrocution, especially focusing on her jiggling 48-year-old
breasts. A couple moments later he stopped the current and smiled
evily as she slumped into her chains. "Please, Dawn, make me do
that over and over." He reached forward and grabbed her hair,
making her look at him as she struggled to catch her breath.
"Watching these beautiful breasts jiggle when I do that makes me
almost as hard as what I did to your partner." He made sure to
step to the side so she could see the scene from a couple days
earlier continue to play out.

Lucky for Rainbow Woman, she missed the ending to the chief's
oral rape of his 16-year-old daughter. However, she could tell by
the cum on Maggie's tear-stained face that he'd meant to
humiliate the young heroine. "Why?" Rainbow Woman started to cry
as her urge to fight back began to leave her again. "Why do this
to her?" She moaned as the chief touched her stomach then her
right breast. "Why not just arrest us?" She tried to lower her
head as she watched the Pred grab Maggie, knowing this was about
to get even worse. "Why torture them, rape them?" She sobbed as
she felt so helpless in the chains, topless. "Why make me see

The chief laughed and grabbed Rainbow Woman by the hair again,
making her look up just in time to see the Pred jerk the rest of
Maggie's costume from her young body. "So many questions that the
answers no longer really matter to?" He ran his hand down Rainbow
Woman's back, stopping at the top of the rest of her costume.
"You and these girls thought you could do our job better." He
laughed and moved his hand down to her ass, keeping his hand
there for a moment. "And, you didn't do bad - but, you're no
police force." He stepped back, then smacked her on the ass. "You
had to be eliminated, but we couldn't arrest you. Too much uproar
from the public." He walked in front of her as the video cut out
for a moment, showing the Park Rider's body in the park, naked
and lifeless after her rape. Then the Wasp, who was raped and
killed in her own apartment. "Some had to be dealt with and
displayed publicly, letting the citizens think there was someone
hunting you. Which there is." He smiled, stepping forward,
running his hand along her cheek. "Some, like that little mole
you had in the school where you taught..." A quick clip of Chey
Morgan's rape and murder played. "Needed to be taken care of
privately." He laughed as an image of Chey's lifeless, nude and
raped body showed up on the screen. "You failed them, Rainbow
Woman. And they suffered for it." He ran his hand between her
legs, touching her pussy through her costume. "And, you will,
too, soon." He smiled and reached up and slapped Rainbow Woman
across the face. "That, though, is for getting Maggie involved in
all this and making me have to let happen to her what happened."

Rainbow Woman sobbed again as she was hit with the thunderous
blow, as well as the words that hit her even harder than that.
She felt her hair pulled again and saw things go even worse for
Maggie as the rest of the men began to take turns on the young
heroine. "She...just wanted to help people..." Rainbow Woman
started to cry as she watched her teenaged partner get raped by
two men over and over - first in her mouth and ass, then
vaginally and orally. She lowered her head and sobbed as the
second pair finished up, only to have her hair jerked back just
in time to see the chief sodomize his own daughter. "Monster."
She wanted to kick back at him, but was too weak and scared from
being electrocuted in her previous attempts. All she could do was
feel her lips tremble when her partner was hung after her
multiple rapes - her naked and ravaged body turning on the rope
as her own father flaunted what had been done to her. "You're a
sick monster..."

The chief moved in front of Rainbow Woman as she glared at him.
"And you know this is only going to get more fun for me." He
stepped back behind her. "You should be proud - Maggie was quite
the little piece of ass." He put his hand on Rainbow Woman's ass
when he said that. "Bet she was a better piece of ass than your
last partner." He smirked and stepped back in front of her as the
video started to change. "I wouldn't know, but the Pred would."

Laughter filled the room as Rainbow Woman saw Kate Bailey - her
former partner Purity - appear on the screen. "Oh god,
Katie...but she has..." Her heart sank as the camera panned over
to show Bailey's eight-year-old daughter Amber, blindfolded with
a noose around her neck. "No..." She moaned and lowered her head
just as her former sidekick was beginning her forced strip. As
Purity removed her costume, baring her 28-year-old body, all Dawn
could think of was her little goddaughter, standing there in the
room with two rapists. "Please...not her, too. She's a child, you

The chief laughed and walked to Rainbow Woman's side as she
turned to look at him. "Yeah, I think we can skip the part where
my friend fucks Kate's ass raw." He laughed louder as he watched
Rainbow Woman's eyes widen as she saw the video of Kate being
chained to the wall. She cried as her former partner began to
struggle, though not yet seeing the real reason why. "Hmm...why
did she just now decide to fight? Oh, I know." He smiled and
pointed to a camera right above Kate then switched to what it

Rainbow Woman screamed as she saw Amber's nightshirt being torn
from her body, leaving the young girl in only her panties in
front of the Pred. As evil as the chief and this Pred were,
terror filled her mind as she watched the rapist then rip Amber's
panties from her young body, her tiny bare ass exposed to the
camera. On the other side of the video, she barely noticed Kate -
her former partner - suffocate with the last thing she saw being
her daughter's naked body in front of the rapist. "Oh gawd,
no..." She moaned as she started to cry at the thought of what
was going to happen to her young goddaughter. "He couldn't do
that to her..." She sobbed louder as she watched the Pred shove
his cock into the young girl's mouth, forcing the eight-year-old
to suck his massive member. Again, she tried to turn her head
away from the vision of the Amber's oral rape.

The chief saw Rainbow Woman try to divert her eyes, grabbing her
hair and making her watch as the Pred forced his dick into the
little girl's throat. "Funny thing - the little brat was the only
one he even wanted to eat out." The video skipped ahead to the
Pred licking Amber's tiny slit as she laid on her back moaning
and begging for her mother. "Said she tasted good
and...innocent..." He laughed and ran his hand under Rainbow
Woman's breasts as she barely noticed as she saw the Pred turn
Amber onto her stomach. "You know, for a kid, she did have a cute
little ass..."

Rainbow Woman practically began to wail in her cries as she
watched the Pred spread Amber's little ass cheeks - exposing her
tiny little asshole. "Please...I don't want to..." She felt like
she would vomit as she saw him push the head of his cock into her
tiny asshole. "" She continued to cry as she was forced
to watch the Pred sodomize her young goddaughter. She felt a sigh
of relief as the video faded to black for a moment, but then saw
Amber strapped to a chair. "Oh no," She sobbed
louder than before, seeing her eight-year-old goddaughter's raped
and nude body, her legs splayed out and her young pussy
practically on display as the Pred fingered her for a moment
before putting the electric collar on the young girl's head.
Rainbow Woman's heart shattered when she heard Amber begging for
her life only to have it snuff out as she was electrocuted. She
hung her head and wailed out as Amber slumped lifeless in the
chair when she died. "You sick bastards. If I get out of these
chains, I'll..."

The chief laughed as he cut off Rainbow Woman's threat by sending
another round of electricity into the mature heroine's body. "You
won't do a thing because your fight is over." He smirked as he
watched the heroine's body being racked with current, her breasts
jiggling as tears ran down her face as she grimaced. He stopped
the current and stepped close to her, then punched her in the
stomach. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head back up. "There
is so much collateral damage on your hands, Rainbow Woman." He
smirked pointing to the screen, which now showed Kate's younger
sister, Ashley, swimming with Amber. "All that kid did was be in
the wrong place at the wrong time." The image switched to
Ashley's body laying on the table in Kate's home, naked and
raped. "Pred did say it was a nice little surprise and her
asshole was almost as tight as Amber's."

Rainbow Woman glared at him, though she was too weak to do much
else. "How could you do this?" She watched as the screen went
black, thankful that maybe there would be nothing left to see.
After being forced to watch what happened to Goldie, her two
partners and, especially, her young goddaughter, she couldn't
take any more of this. Part of her just wanted to get whatever
they were going to do to her over with and end this. She tried to
be brave, looking the chief in his eye. "So, what now? You think
what you have planned to do to me is worse than making me see
what you did to these girls?"

The chief laughed, stepping behind her and grabbing the remains
of her costume. "Oh, I think you know what can happen know." He
jerked her back by the remains of her costume, pulling her firm
ass into his crotch. "I could just rip this costume off right now
and fuck your brains out." He tugged on the fabric as though he
was about to jerk it down before his cellphone rang. He looked at
the screen and smiled. "But, lucky for you, that won't happen
just yet." He answered the phone with a chuckle. "Really? Well,
bring her in. I have an urge for some fun." The chief smiled and
walked back in front of the mature heroine. "Looks like you have
a visitor, Rainbow Woman. Sounds like an admirer, actually."

Rainbow Woman's mind went into a panic the second the chief said
to bring her in. Had they killed another one of the city's
teenaged heroines? Or were they waiting to do that deed in front
of her and make her watch a live execution? Her mind raced,
terrified at the thought of who they could be bringing in? Before
she could panic too much, her question was answered as the Pred
entered the room, pushing a slender 5-4 form in front of him.
"No..." She whispered to herself, but the chief still heard it
and smiled. She could not see the heroine's face as there was a
bag over her head, but she recognized the costume. The teen's
slim but muscular legs led up into a strapless green pixie dress,
her hands bound behind her making her athletic and curvy form
stick out even more. " her go, please..." She
knew the young girl well and knew she was even one of the lesser
experienced of the remaining heroines.

The chief laughed as the Pred stopped, keeping a hand on each of
the trembling girl's shoulders. "Wh-Wh-What's going on?" A
youthful but scared voice spoke from under the bag. She tried to
twist and turn, but the Pred's grip was strong enough to hold her
in place. "You'd better let me go or else." Though there was fire
in the teen's words, there was more fear as she finally stilled
herself as the chief walked towards her.

The chief smiled as he stepped in front of the teenager, pulling
out a boxcutter from his back pocket and pushing the tip of it
into her shoulder, just enough to let her know she could be cut
at any moment. "I don't think you can make many threats any more,
Pixie..." The chief chuckled and the Pred both laughed as he
grabbed the bag and pulled it off the young heroine. "Or, Miss
Parker, that is." The chief stayed in front of the young heroine,
keeping the boxcutter near her throat. The short-haired brunette
teen started to blink as the chief moved the blade away from her
throat and over to her bare, tanned shoulder.

Pixie lowered her head for a moment, letting her eyes adjust to
the new light. She quickly turned her head ignoring what was in
front of her to see the Pred, his hands still grasping the sides
of her arm tight, holding her in place smiling. She blinked a
couple times then turned to see the chief as he handed the Pred
the boxcutter then took a step back. Pixie's eyes focused then
grew wide as she realized who was standing in front of her, in
league with the man who'd captured her and held her in his grasp.
"You''re the police chief..." Her eyes started to show
signs of betrayal and her bottom lip began to tremble as she
realized quickly she was in way over her head. She'd only put on
a costume a couple weeks ago and hadn't really had any real
experience. Now, she was captured and the person behind it was
someone she had thought was on her side. "You can't be..." Her
words stopped as she felt the tip of the boxcutter blade touch
her tender neck.

The chief laughed and stepped close to the heroine again his
empty hand this time running his palm along her cheek. "Behind
this?" He smirked and patted her on the cheek, looking down at
her curvy figure hidden by the dress. "I think even someone with
your limited experience knows the answer to that." He smiled and
stepped back as though he were about to make a big reveal - and
he was. "Just like you can figure out what this means for you,
Paige Parker."

As the chief stepped to the side, Pixie saw for the first time
what he had been blocking from her view. "N-n-no..." Her young
mouth dropped open wide as she saw the city's matronly heroine in
front of her. Pixie's heart sank as she saw Rainbow Woman's body
strung up in front of her - the woman she admired chained up and
almost naked - topless. "Th-th-this can't be. You can't be-"
Again her words cut off by the tip of the blade at her throat.
This time, the young teen started to cry. The stories of what had
been happening to her fellow teen heroines coming to the front of
her mind now.

Rainbow Woman, already broken from not only her own torture but
having to visually relive what happened to several of the Pred's
victims, could only tear up a little herself then look away. What
little strength she still had in her started to break itself as
she stood there - chained up, bare breasts exposed with the
remnants of her costume at her hips - in front of a girl she not
only had started training, but one of her students when not in

The chief laughed as he watched Rainbow Woman turn away,
humiliated. "Well, looks like someone doesn't like our visitor
seeing her like this." He smirked and walked around behind the
mature heroine. The chief ran his hand down Rainbow Woman's bare
back, stopping at the top of the remains of her costume. "May as
well take care of this and get rid of the last, real traces of
Rainbow Woman...Dawn..." As the words left his mouth he jerked
her costume down and it fell off her legs to the floor.

Dawn teared up again as she felt her costume leave her hips and
down her legs and off her body. As much as she hated him right
now, the chief was right. For more than two decades, she'd worked
to keep the city safe and this was how her career - her life -
would end. As much as she wanted to cover up, she couldn't as her
breasts trembled as she cried a little more. She kept her
muscular legs close together so all that could be seen was the
thick red bush that was atop her mature slit. Her heart broke
even more for Pixie - Paige - as the young heroine stood there in
the Pred's grasp seeing her mentor naked and chained up -
humiliated. Dawn knew what was in store for the 16-year-old girl.
Paige would be raped and murdered - probably tonight and in front
of her. And there was nothing she could do about it.

The Chief's smile grew as he watched Paige begin to put together
what Dawn already knew. "You know, I have something in front of
me I have wanted for a long time my friend." He grabbed Dawn's
hips and pulled them back, meeting no resistance as he did. He
nodded at the Pred. "I think its time we had us a little fun." He
slowly lowered his pants and pulled his dick out. While not as
big as the Pred's he was no small man either. "Don't worry, I
will save your favorite hole for you." He quickly lined his dick
up with Dawn's busy pussy and pushed it into her.

Paige's eyes grew even wider as she watched the chief begin to
rape Dawn right in front of her. She tried to pull away from the
Pred, but his grip was too strong. She wanted to help her mentor,
but she was powerless in the much larger and stronger man's grip
as he spun her around. "Please...this can't happen. Don't-" She
began to panic even more as the Pred grabbed her cheeks and
placed the blade at the top of the center of her costume.

The Pred loved what little she was able to struggle and was
already very hard as he looked at the trembling teenaged heroine.
"I wouldn't try to fight anymore from now on." He said as he let
go of her cheeks and she, wisely, stayed in place. "I'd hate to
damage this sweet little package." The Pred's smile grew more
sinister as the blade cut into the top of the dress then slid
down the teen's athletic body. Paige's large, firm d-cup breasts
began to come into view as the blade slid down to her stomach
then to her waist. "My, am I glad I found you next, kid..." The
Pred felt his massive member grow hard as the blade finished
cutting the green costume and it fell to the floor, leaving Paige
only wearing a light blue thong as well as her golden cross
around her neck.

Paige's mind panicked as she stood there practically naked in
front of the man who'd cut her costume in two. "Please...don't do
this..." She started to cry as she looked over to Dawn, who was
being raped by the chief - the sounds of which echoed throughout
the room. She started to cry harder, hearing Dawn's moans and
sobs as the man she once thought was their ally raped her. Paige
saw the look of defeat on her mentor's face, the heroine broken
more as the rape continued. But, the teenager's attention turned
to her own plight as the Pred moved behind her. "I-I-I-I'm a..."

The Pred laughed as he grabbed the short-haired teen by her
brunette hair. "Oh, I am sure you are, Paige." He smiled as he
ran his hand across her bare ass cheek and around to her front,
his hand running along the front fabric of her thong. "Seems like
most of you little girls were before you met me." His hands slid
up to her stomach then underneath her d-cup breasts, moaning with
pleasure as he did. "But, I think you have the best body of the
bunch." He leaned in and licked her ear then put his lips on her
neck, then pulled back. "Even better tits than that little nerd
Chey Morgan." He began to molest Paige's firm breasts as he said
this, his hands sliding under the chain which held her cross.

Paige's lip trembled as she heard Chey's name. She knew Chey from
school and hadn't seen the girl in a while. Someone had started a
rumor that she'd ran away from home and another that something
bad had happened to her. Now, she knew the latter was true. Paige
knew then that this man had raped Chey and likely murdered her
classmate. As her 16-year-old mind began to fracture at what she
realized had been happening as well as what was happening to her,
she could barely string a sentence together in her terror.
"She...she wasn't even a...ah...ah..." Paige's speaking broke
into stutter as the Pred slipped his hand down her flat stomach
and into her thong, his hand gripping her hidden pussy.

The Pred laughed as he slipped a finger between the slowly
spreading and wettening folds of Paige's pussy. "Made you lose
your train of thought, I see." He snickered her and fingered her
a moment more before leading her to a pole in the center of the
room. "And no, she wasn't a heroine like you." He smiled and
turned her, keeping his hand inside her thong and a finger inside
her dampening vagina. "But, she was a great little piece of ass
either way." He slid a finger into her deeper as the teen moaned
in protest. "Then, I strangled her big-tittied ass to death when
I was done with her." He put his hand on Pagie's throat and the
teen's eyes shot open wide in fear.

As Paige began to panic, Dawn saw that the Pred's hand gripped
the teen's neck and jerked forward. "Stop...torturing" When she did this, she was able to get
the chief's dick out of her pussy for a moment. "You're a

The mature heroine's rebellion was brief as the chief punched her
hard in the back of the head. "You think you'd know better by
now." The chief laughed as Dawn slowly slipped into
unconsciousness and hung limp in her chains. He grabbed her by
the hair, jerking her head back. "Good thing I don't need you
awake to finish myself off." The chief laughed and pushed his
cock back into the knocked out woman, harder and deeper than

Paige was too focused on the Pred's hand on her throat to see
Dawn get disciplined for her protests - or the man with one hand
on her throat slip the other one behind her back and undo her
cuffs. His grip was tight enough on her throat that she barely
noticed she wasn't being fingered anymore as he grabbed her left
wrist and pulled it up above her head. "Please..." She moaned as
the Pred loosened his grip enough for her to speak.
"You're...hurting me..." The teen started to cry again as the
Pred continued to fondle her firm breasts.

The Pred laughed as Paige whined out her pleas for mercy before
grabbing her by the cheeks and making her look at Dawn's limp
form hanging in the chains as the chief was close to finishing
raping her. "Now, you see what can happen if you put up a fight
of any kind, right?" He smirked as the teen sobbed a second
before nodding her head as much as she could in his grasp. "Raise
your other arm over your head, Paige." The Pred smirked as she
complied, slowly raising her arm and placing her hand beside her
other one by the pole. "Smart kid, very smart." The Pred smiled
wider as he cuffed her hands behind the pole where she was forced
to keep them above her head. "Call that a bit of assurance that
you're going to be a good little girl." The Pred laughed and
patted her on the cheek before stepping back to take a good look
at her positioned at the pole.

Paige continued to cry, though her harder sobs were fewer and far
between than before. "You...You're going to rape me now, aren't
you?" Her eyes filled with tears as she saw the Pred's smile
widen as he looked down her body. Her large, firm breasts rose
and fell as she started to breath heavier. Her pale pink nipples
were hard in the cold of the room. Her flat stomach also moved
down as the front of her thong showed that she was still pretty
wet after being forcibly aroused moments earlier - the outline of
her pussy shown against the tight fabric. "''re
going to kill me." She lowered her head and started to cry
harder, knowing the last thing to happen to her was a rape at the
hands of the man who'd done this to many girls she knew at school
- and some she didn't know about yet.

The Pred smiled and took a step closer to Paige. "Oh, let's not
get too far ahead of ourselves, my sweet little Paige." He smiled
and grabbed the front hem of her thong, his thumb tracing the
front of the wet fabric. He smiled as he felt her juices on the
fabric. "And, it looks like your body is at least ready for a
good fucking." He laughed and ripped the thong from her body,
tossing it behind him as she shrieked and turned her head away
from him. That action revealed what the Pred's hand had already
explored - a freshly shaven, pink pussy, slightly wet but ready.
"And, yes, you're going to get fucked, just like your hero over
there." He ran his hand along her cheek and smiled. "But, if you
try to make it better for me, I can probably go a little easier
on you." He reached down to his pants, undoing the button and
lowering his zipper. "Deal?"

Paige continued to cry as she listened to the Pred, pretty much
telling her it would be easier if she didn't fight. Having
watched Dawn get knocked cold and her rape still continue, a lot
of her mind told the teen she'd better just let him do what he
wanted to her. Her hope that it wouldn't be as bad as she feared
ended when she saw his large hard member and felt it touch her
stomach as he stood there ready to rape her. "Please..." She
started to close her legs together but again felt his hand grasp
her throat. "Ok." She sobbed and relaxed her legs, knowing this
was going to hurt greatly, but she might be able to make it
easier on herself. "Just...please...don't hurt me, mister." She
closed her eyes and sobbed in, getting ready for the inevitable.

The Pred smiled, running his hand along her tear-streaked cheek
before gripping her face. "Now, why don't you slide down this
pole and lay down on your back like a good little piece of ass."
His smile grew as Paige's lips trembled when he released her and
she slowly lowered herself down as he stepped back to let give
her just a little more room to do as she was commanded. "Oh, this
is going to be fun...for me at least." As Paige slid down to her
ass and scooted forward, the Pred did grab her legs, spreading
them and pulling her towards him. "Since this is your first time,
Paige, you might not enjoy it as much as me." He leaned over and
kissed her on the forehead as she sobbed again, his massive
member laying across her pubic mound and onto her stomach.

Paige closed her eyes as she felt him reach between their bodies
and begin to get his dick in position. She wanted to beg him to
use protection, but, since she realized he would kill her after
he was done raping her, it seemed pointless. Still, as his hard
cockhead touched the entrance to her pussy, she started to panic.
"Pl-pl-please...ah...ah...fuck!" She almost screamed out as the
head and first couple inches entered her body. She wanted to cry
out for him to stop but all her mouth could do was drop open in a
phantom scream as he pushed further into her no longer virgin

On the other hand, the Pred moaned in pleasure as he pushed inch
after inch into Paige's pussy. Her vaginal walls were tight as
they clinched his dick as he pushed all the way into her finally.
"Tight as fuck, aren't you." He smirked when Paige cut him a
pained look with trembling lips. "Don't worry..." He slowly slid
out a little bit from her then pushed back in. "You'll loosen up
soon..." He repeated the process as she cried out again finally.

Paige felt like her insides were being torn apart as the Pred
started to repeat his thrusts into her already hurting pussy.
"Gawd...fu...ow...please..." Her words were jibberish as he
started to increase his speed. As he did, with her on her back in
the missionary position, her firm, d-cup breasts started to slap
back and forth, nearly reaching her face as they did. She felt
her lower body start to burn as he pushed deep into her once and
help it. Having masturbated at times, she knew what was coming
and felt betrayed by it. This rapist, this murderer was about to
make this once 16-year-old virgin heroine cum during her rape.
"AHHH...AHHH!!" She screamed out as she came, her juices shooting
around his cock and onto the cold floor. As the rape continued,
she could feel her own cum on her ass, humiliation setting in

The Pred laughed as he felt Paige cum as he raped her. "Guess
your body does want this cock after all." He pushed all the way
into her and held it, swiveling his hips to stretch her more. She
moaned out loud as he did so, making him do it a few more times
before returning to his in and out thrusts. "Gawd, what a piece
of ass you are." He leaned in as she closed her eyes and cried
more as his cock was buried inside her. "Better than Chey at
this, too." His hands groped the teen as she sobbed harder.

Meanwhile, across the room, the chief had really began laying
into Dawn when he heard Paige's pained moans begin as she was
raped. He had passed on the chance to rape a couple of Pred's
earlier victims, but had really enjoyed what he did to his own
daughter. He grabbed Dawn's hair again, jerking her unconscious
head back as he got ready to end her rape. "Sounds like the kid
is having a lot of fun with the Pred." He laughed as he thrust
deep and hard into Dawn's limp form, his dick buried inside the
48-year-old's pussy. "Don't worry, he wants a turn with you,
too." He smirked as he felt himself start to cum, holding the
mature heroine's body off the floor as he filled her with his
seed. He stepped back laughing as he let her body drop limply
into the chains as Dawn's raped body hung there motionless.

Paige could barely see what was going on with her mentor, but
heard the chief say the Pred would rape Dawn as well. She wanted
to cry for the woman she admired, realizing she would probably be
treated like this over and over. But, as she felt the Pred hold
himself inside her again, her thoughts returned to her own body.
"Not...not again..." She sobbed out a moan as she came a second
time during her rape.

The Pred laughed as he felt Paige climax a second and more
powerful time. "Quite the little...whore, aren't you?" He smirked
then forced a kiss onto the teenager's lips, his tounge forcing
its way into her mouth. She resisted for a moment then relaxed,
knowing there was no use to fight him. He pulled back and thrust
into her again, deeper than before. "Don't worry...almost
there...myself." His thrust was so hard that he lifted her lower
body from the floor, her juices dripped down onto the concrete
when he did.

Paige strained to stay conscious as she felt his dick force
further inside her. She was humiliated that he'd made her cum
twice as her whole lower body was now wet with her own cum - both
her mound and her ass. Now, he was about to cum - most likely
inside her - and then he would kill her. She'd heard that Pink
Angel had been found strung up naked in the park a couple days
ago and feared he would do the same to her - her naked, raped
body there displayed dead for everyone to see. Paige felt her
rapist tense up and, with everything going through her mind,
could only think one thing. "Please..." Her eyes begging as she
looked into his sinister smile. "Not...inside..." Her mouth
dropped open wide as she felt his load begin to shoot inside her.

The Pred moaned out then laughed as he came inside Paige's wet
and stretched pussy. "Oh...did you...want to swallow?" The Pred
laughed harder as Paige quickly closed her mouth then shook her
head. He left himself inside her for a few moments, letting his
seed shoot into her womb before slowly pulling out, the last
drops dropping onto her pubic mound. He leaned over the raped
teen's body. "For a virgin, you can sure fuck."

Paige sobbed out, especially at the word virgin. She'd had wanted
to save herself but that was impossible now. She laid there, in a
puddle of her own cum, naked, hurting and raped. She feared she
knew what was coming next for her. "You're...going to kill me
now...aren't you?" She sobbed and closed her eyes as she felt him
grab her throat. Her life was going to end here, naked and
helpless, strangled to death by her rapist.

The Pred smiled as he held her throat, running his hand through
her short, brunette hair. "I think you should learn a more
valuable lesson first." He grabbed a handful of her hair then
released her throat, smiling as he did. "You're going to see that
there are worse things than death, Paige." As her eyes opened at
the words he spoke, he raised her head then slammed it back down
on the concrete, knocking her out.

The Pred smirked and raised his pants back up as the chief walked
over to join him in looking at the unconscious teen. Her legs
were splayed out and led up to her stretched out pussy. Her flat
stomach slowly moved up and down as did her large breasts, topped
with still hard nipples, her golden cross laying between the
massive mounds. Her head looked to the left in her unconscious
state. "Oh, killing her would have been much more merciful,
Pred." He patted him on the back.

Hours later...

Dawn slowly began to come to and looked towards the pole where
Paige had been when the mature heroine was knocked out during her
rape. She watched as the chief walked towards her. "He killed
that girl, didn't he, you sick bastard." She glared at the chief
then flinched when he drew back like he was going to hit her.

The chief smiled at Dawn's mood change, then pointed to the
screen in front of her. "Oh, there are things worse than death
for your little friend..."

Dawn looked at the screen and saw Paige, laying naked and curled
up in the fetal position, crying on a dirty mattress in a small
room. "No, Paige, no." A tear left Dawn's eye as she saw two
hooded men enter the room - like the ones in Maggie's video. Each
grabbed one of Paige by one of her arms and pulled her from the
room as she pleaded to be left alone and then for Dawn to help

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