Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Kimberly featured briefly in Ellie 3; this is how life treated her after her first sexual encounter with a man, Ellies granddad. For those that haven't read Ellie 3 the first part is a recap. It was over two years year ago that I sat on the school playing field talking to Ellie; we were good friends and would tell each other everything. She was eight years old and I was ten. I had told her about the things I had done to myself in bed alone, playing with my pussy and rubbing it up and down. I also told her about when I had an orgasm, and the way my juice flowed out of me soaking my hand, she told me she had never had an orgasm; I told her I thought she was probably too young to have one. I confessed once that I wish I knew how it would feel if a boy or man touched me down there, that had never happened to me, I had tried in vain to get my dad to touch me, but he didn't, then I tried to be naughty with my granddad, even more naughtier then I had been with dad. I rubbed his cock through his trousers and he told me I was a very bad girl and said I must never do that again, but I'm sure I felt his cock harden when I touched it. I had seen hard cocks before but had never touched one that was something else I wanted to try. Using the internet when mum or dad weren't around had taught me quite bit about my body and sexual things, although I had put things in my pussy I stopped when I felt pain, so I was still a virgin, and any way I got off mainly just by rubbing my clitty. It was during one of my confession times when Ellie and I were alone, that she made me promise never to tell anyone what she was about to tell me, of course I wanted to know what it was and promised never to tell. That's when she told me about her granddad and the way he started to touch her on a family holiday, and how much she had enjoyed it. She told me how he would lick and nibble her pussy, and when her mum was at work or out all night with her friends, her granddad and her would sleep naked together, and he would lick and play with her all night. She even confessed to wanking him, and on a few occasions she sucked his cock. I must have sat there open mouthed with shock and envy as I heard these revelations. I had never met her granddad, but now after hearing this I wanted too very much. I figured that if he touched Ellie, he would also like to touch me as I was older. I also knew if he wasn't sure if he should touch me, I could give him some encouragement, and make it plain to him, that anything he wanted to do to me would be alright with me. I left it a few days, I knew Ellies birthday was coming, and as we were very good friends I would get an invite to her party, I mentioned to Ellie that I would like her granddad to touch me, so as to clear away any problems that may occur if she got jealous and didn't want her granddad to touch me. But she was all for it. We had arranged it together that I should find time to be alone with him, and show him I was up for anything and every thing that he may want to do to me. Ellie had even asked her mum if I could stay over at her house the night of the party, knowing fore well that her mum would be out all night with her friends, and not back until Sunday morning. So our plan was fool proof, and Ellie was sure that if I encouraged her granddad, he would do all the things I wanted him to do to me, touching me, licking me, caressing me in places that I had only done myself. And at last I would be able to touch a mans hard penis, and maybe even suck it and taste a mans cum in my mouth, like Ellie had, which I also wanted to do very much. The day of the party at Ellies, she stayed up the garden with the others, and made sure her mum stayed with them, on the pretence of going to the toilet I was able to speak to her granddad and then after going to the toilet I went back and spoke to him again. I told him what Ellie had told me, he seemed surprised that I knew, but over the next few minutes I had straddled his leg, and was rubbing myself off on him, I even had an orgasm. When Ellies mum took the others home I went to the toilet again and while Ellie was cuddling him, I rubbed my pussy over his leg again, this time with out my pants on, and I came again. Ellie showed me how hard he had got by pulling the material tight around his cock and I could see the outline. After I had cum I had left a wet streak on his leg, and he also knew our intentions, and that I had given him the go ahead to touch me however he wanted to. Ellie and I went up the garden, and I told Ellie I had to touch him, and play with his penis like she had. Later in his bed when her mum had gone out for the night, he did everything I had ever wanted to me, and it was beyond belief. Monday at school, Ellie and I discussed what had happened Saturday, and she agreed to ask her mum if I could stay over next Saturday, and she agreed. I had made my mind up this time I would go for the ultimate, and have him penetrate me. Which he did, he wouldn't do it to Ellie though, and Ellie was very upset, she went to her room, and I didn't see her again until Monday at school. But I had slept with her granddad, and he had fucked me twice, and I don't know how many times I came, I lost count. Monday at school Ellie was very distant from me and stayed like that all week. I think she was upset and jealous he had fucked me and not her, but that wasn't my fault. But the following Monday, she was a different person, and kept going on about how good it was that her granddad had made love to her, said it was better then when he did it to me, I don't see how. And he even came inside her, well that was different; he hadn't cum in side me. But after that weekend when he fucked me, I wasn't allowed to stay again, and things between Ellie and me had changed, we were still friends but not like we used to be. Well, as Ellies granddad hadn't cum in me I wanted to remedy that, in fact I couldn't get enough cum to taste or cock in my pussy, I was addicted now, and had to find more cock to sample, it didn't matter if I couldn't have Ellies granddad again I would find my own. I didn't want to try the boys at school, I wanted a man who was experienced and could continue my education, not a wham bam thank you mam of a boy, who would only grope me and think of his own cum. No I wanted a proper man who would take me to new heights of arousal and make sure I had a wonderful orgasm. But where could I find one of those, my dad and granddad were out of the question I knew that, but then things took a turn for the better. Tony, dads younger brother who had lived in France since I had been born, had found out his French wife was having an affair. He promptly packed his things, divorced his wife, sold the house and moved back to England. He was already in the process of buying a house here, but the sale had been delayed, so with having no where else to go, he came to stay with us for a few weeks until every thing was done and he could move in. I had only met Tony a few times, the last was when I was five, so I didn't know what he would look like or if he was going to be friendly toward me or not, he may not have even like kids, he hadn't got any. I was at school the day he arrived so I didnt met him until I got home. I was still dressed in my school uniform, he was very handsome, much better looking then dad, his hair was dark, but not black, he had more hair then dad too. He was the same height and slightly thinner, dad said it was middle age spread, but Uncle Tony didn't have that either. He was very polite when he greeted me, so at least he seemed friendly with me, and I wanted to get on the right side of him, so if he asked mum for something, or where something was I would either get it for him, or show him where it was. I had plans for Tony, so having him like me was very important to me. After dinner, I sat opposite Tony and watched the television; I sat with my legs over the arm of the chair, so he could see my lovely legs. This was to gauge his reaction, after all I didn't know if he was interested in young girls or if he was even gay, although being married didn't seem like he would be gay. But during the evening I would shuffle about in my seat exposing more flesh, and slyly watch his reaction as I showed even more to him. I caught him looking several times, and when he saw I had caught him he averted his eyes, but now I knew he liked what he saw. Tomorrow I would show him more and see how he would react. The following day I came home in my shorts after games, and sat on a stool in the kitchen, Uncle Tony was opposite me, and when I lifted one leg, with the shorts being slightly too big, I was hoping my pussy would be on show. I had taken my panties off at school. Well whether it was or not he was watching my every move, I open my legs wide with both feet on the upper bar of the stool, and he couldn't avoid look at me, in fact I think I was getting aroused with him keep watching me. During the next week, I would sit beside him, and move closer to him, sometimes I would put my head on his shoulder, and he would look down at me and smile. I was getting very close to him now, and I had made sure he took plenty of notice of me, and I rewarded him with a little show. One evening I had even left the bathroom door open a little, I watched in the mirror when I heard him coming, he stopped for a couple of minutes as he looked at my naked bum and my small tits, he didn't see my smooth bald pussy. The hair that had grown a bit, but I had shaved off with dad's razor; I wanted it to look like a little girls pussy, and being smooth it did. Tony had been with us just over two weeks, the sale still wasn't complete. I was going to a birthday party, Ellie would be there to, and then I could show Ellie the man I had lined up to be the second that would enter me. I knew she would be envious. Tony didn't know the way but he had told mum he would take me and bring me home again. I put on my shortest party dress, and put my hair in pig tails, hoping I would younger then I was. Tony was sitting in the car when I got downstairs, I kissed mum goodbye and shut the front door. "You look very pretty Kimmy," Tony told me. "Thank you, do you think my dress is too short?" I purposely asked him this to draw his attention to my dress and my legs. "No Kimmy you look very nice, if I may say so, and I hope you're not offended you look very sexy." "Oh do you think so? Thank you I'm not at all offended, but can a girl of ten look sexy?" Once again drawing his attention to my age, hoping he had an interest in young girls, other then just looking at them. "Well I don't know if other ten year olds look sexy or not but you certainly do." I was hoping that as it had been almost a year since his divorce, he may not have any sexual relationships, and being a man would take the opportunity where ever he could find it, and I wasn't going to stop him if he wanted a sexual relationship with me. We arrived at the party, and I had to show him off to Ellie, I think she was quite envious, he was young, and her granddad was an old man. I even mentioned that Tony could probably fuck for hours, where as her granddad couldn't. Ellie got mad with that comment and told me. "But my granddad loves me; we make love which is far better then fucking a cock." And walked away rather annoyed. I couldn't see the difference between making love and fucking, she said some strange things at times did Ellie. We had a good time at the party and I had made it up with Ellie, I didn't want to lose her friendship, I never knew when I may need her, thinking that perhaps I may share Tony with Ellie, like she did with her granddad, then she would be envious of me, as he could fuck forever and a day without stopping, and her granddad couldn't. Tony arrived to pick me up at the allotted time, and I climbed in the car, waving Ellie and the others goodbye. We had set off home, my knees up on the seat, I could see that he was watching me, as the hem of my dress fell further down my thighs, with the vibration of the car, and very soon it was at waist level. "You had better watch where your going, and stop looking at me," I told him. "How can I stop looking at you? When you are sitting there in that sexy pose." I turned a little my legs facing him, my dress up around my thighs; he was now looking at my panties. I swear I could almost feel his eyes burning into me, and I began to feel my smooth pussy becoming damp. I was wondering what his next move would be. Had he got the message I was sending him yet? I didn't need to wait long, he had to stop at a junction, and his hand moved to the crotch of my pants, rubbing the back of his hand over my pussy, even through my panties, it still felt so nice. It had been a while since one of the boys in the school field had touched me, now a man was touching me. He continued rubbing my pussy, gauging my reaction, would I stop him or let him continued, I decided on the later. Holding his hand in place I pulled the gusset of my panties to one side, he slid a finger in my now wet pussy. "God you are soaking down there." I didn't reply just smiled. Instead of turning right towards home he turned left. "Where are we going Uncle Tony?" emphasising the Uncle part, to me that sounded even naughtier then Tony, he had been feeling my pussy, and he was my Uncle. "Your Uncle Tony knows a place where we can go for a bit of privacy, that's if its still there, and they haven't built on it now, I haven't been there for fifteen years." We drove for twenty minutes, far out into the country, suddenly he pulled off the road and down a track, five minutes later he stopped the car. I looked out of the window; we were almost surrounded by bushes and trees, just an opening where we had driven in. "You have been here before?" I asked. "A few times long ago." I tried to look innocent, and surprised he had brought me here. "Why have stopped here Uncle Tony?" "I can't keep looking at you without touching you, you are so sexy and beautiful, I have to touch you." "Touch me?" as if I didn't know what he meant, "what are you going to do?" I pretended to shift uneasily in my seat; he undid his seat belt and leaned across me. Pulling me as close as possible his lips found mine and we kissed briefly, he stopped and looked at me, as if unsure, would I object? My eyes must have told him I didn't object, and he kissed me again. Longer this time, I felt his tongue try and push pass my lips, I opened them slightly and how tongues danced together, licking and touching, our saliva mingling together. He held me close and continued our firm embrace, his hand slipping under my t-shirt and pushing my bra up. I felt a tingle as he placed his hand over my small tits and squeezed gently. Pulling away from me, his mouth engulfed my breast and began to suck, I slide further down in the seat, closing my eyes; at last I was in heaven. Sucking each nipple in turn his hand slipped up my dress and was tugging at my panties trying to remove them. I lifted my bum to give him better access, and in a few seconds they were gone. His mouth traced its way down my stomach, kissing all the way until he found my pussy and then he just licked and sucked me as though his life depended on it. Taking my clitty between his teeth he nibbled gently bringing me so close to my orgasm, the boys at school could never give me the feeling this man, my Uncle was giving me, I was his to do as he wanted. I came with a gush, fluid flowing freely from my body covering his mouth and chin, I screamed as it hit me, my body trembling, my knees closed together locking him in place. Still he nibbled and licked me, and once again within just a few seconds I was on a second high, I pushed him away from me, he sat up and looked at me, the inside of my legs drenched with my cum, and juice all over his face and chin. Smiling he told me, "you are fantastic." His hand moving up my leg, "I want to fuck you Kimmy but I don't have a condom, I hope we can do this again in a more comfortable place, and I will come prepared next time." I sat up looking at him; I could see the outline of his hardness through his jeans. I moved toward him and tried in vain to unzip him, but couldn't, he sat back lifting his bum off the seat and undid his belt, pushed his jeans down his legs to his ankles. Instinctively I took hold off his cock and fed it into my mouth, although it was only the second cock I had sucked a cock, Ellies granddad being the first. Tony gasped and I licked the head, "God Kim isn't there anything you can't do, you are so good." I sucked all I could into my mouth, but he was bigger then Ellies granddad and I couldn't get it all in. I went back to wanking him gently as my tongue lashed around his helmet. I heard a groan, "God Kim I'm Cumming you had better take it out." I didn't of course I was about to taste my second load of man cream, and I waited eagerly for him to fill my mouth. Pushing hard toward me, filling my mouth with his penis I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat, I swallowed as fast as I could, but I couldn't keep up with him, and very soon his cream was running down my chin, and back onto his balls. He just lay there, my mouth still around his penis as it when limp, his fingers running through my hair. He whispered gently, "My ex wife was never as good as you, and she never swallowed me once in all the time we were married, that was the best orgasm I have had for years, and all that from a ten year old, you are fantastic Kimmy, fantastic." I sat up now his limp cock in my hand and smiled at him, "mum will wonder where we are, we had better go, there will be other times, I want you to teach me everything." "You are right we will have to go, but I'm not sure there is anything I can teach you, but I shall enjoy trying to teach you something new." I turned around in my seat as he pulled his jeans on; fastening our seat belts we headed off home. We had decided to tell mum the party went on longer then expected, and then we stopped for a big mac. Mum was happy with our explanation, but then why shouldn't she be, he was my Uncle after all, and I was perfectly safe with him. I went to bed that night dreaming of the next time when we could fuck properly, it would be far better then Ellies granddad, and Uncle Tony promised he would teach me how to satisfy a man. I went to sleep playing with my clitty and dreaming of Tony, next time it would be in a bed not an uncomfortable car. It had been several days since the incident in the woodland, and we were never alone together, someone was always there with us. I was sure that Tony was getting as frustrated about it as me. Then a letter arrived in the post, the sale was complete and Tony could move whenever he wanted. I was disappointed that he would be leaving, and we still hadn't had quality time together. Be he made everything right, "when I've moved in and got sorted out with a new bed, I want you to come round one afternoon, and we will christen the bed, just you and I, we will have four or five hours together." I hugged and kissed him, I even rubbed his cock through his jeans. "Uncle Tony?" I asked, "Why don't I play truant from school one day then we have got all day together, there is so much I want to learn." He held me tight, "that would be even better Kimmy, even better." Comments are welcome as usual; be they good or bad, don't forget to vote. And can be mailed to