Andy pulled up in van, the roof rack struggling under the weigh of his ladders.

Andy was a window cleaner, he was outside Mrs browning house, and the month had passed very quickly from his last visit.

He knew that Mrs browning, Tina had a lovely six year old daughter, Polly. He also knew wouldn’t see her it wasn’t school holidays and he was early this morning and knew she would be at school.

He normally came late afternoon when she was home, but he only had four houses to do today, so he decided to get them done and head home to pursue his favourite hobby, looking on the web for photos and videos of little girls.

Yes, Andy was what the police would call a paedophile, although he only collected photos and videos, he had never touched one, although it was his desire.

If the opportunity ever to came his way he knew that he would touch a little girl.



He walked up the garden path and rung the bell, a few moments later Tina opened the door.

“Hello Andy”, they were on good terms, Andy had been doing her windows since before Polly was born, recommended from the previous owner of the house.

“Hello Tina, did you want your windows cleaned today?”

“God is a month already?”

“Afraid so, time certainly flies by.”

“Yes they do want cleaning, Ill make you a cup of tea, one thing Andy, Polly is ill.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, nothing too bad I hope.”

“Well the doctors are doing tests they are a bit baffled at the moment, she has stomach pains and not sure what it is.”

“Oh the poor girl.”

“Well she’s in her bedroom asleep, to help relieve the stomach pains I have to give her medicine to sedate her, but if you could be quiet when you do her window I shall be grateful.”

“Yes no problem, Ill untie my ladders.”


The ladders untied and the buckets requiring water, he again rings the bell.

Tina answers a cup of tea in her hand, “oh yes water, you know where the kitchen is Andy help yourself.”

She follows him through and puts the tea on the worktop; Andy begins to fill his bucket.

“Andy? Can I ask a favour of you?”

“Of course what is it?”

“I have to go and get some shopping, I’ve not been out since Polly got ill, and we desperately need some food and milk. I couldn’t take her how she is, so could you keep and ear out for her waking up, although she shouldn’t with that stuff the doctors gave me, knocks her out like a light.”

“Of course I can, Ill be a while I have yours and next door to do, take your time, she will be fine.”

“Oh, thank you, you are kind, Ill only be an hour, Ill go now so I don’t hold you up.”


Tina put her coat on and got her keys; Andy was still filling his bucket and finishing his tea.

He walked to the front door and places the bucket on the path as Tina drives away.

He looks back, dare he go up the stairs to Polly’s room, what if he got caught or she woke up? But Tina said she would be out for hours with the sedative she had given her.

He looked up and down the street, no one in sight; he put the ladder against the upstairs window.

So if any one saw him they knew who he was, and stepped back into the house.

Closing the front door, he flipped the latch down, Tina would need the key to get back in and he would hear her.

He could make the excuse of needing the toilet, that would explain why he was upstairs, or if he got caught in her room he could make some excuse of hearing Polly, and went to see if she was ok.

Taking his shoes off, he stepped on the first step.


As quiet as he could be he crept up the stairs, he knew which was her room, he had seen her toys and dolls in the room many times when he cleaned the windows.

He opened the door a little and peeked in.

She was asleep as he was hoping, he stepped nearer and looked down at her,  she was a lovely looking girl.

Her blonde hair was a mess with some strands covering her face, he gently brushed them to one side, she didn’t stir.

Her toes were poking out the bottom if her duvet, where she had moved in the night.

He placed his hand on her toes and stroked them, soft and warm, watching her face for signs she may wake up.


He felt bolder now as he stroked her calf, and moved his hand further up under the duvet; his hand was now on her thigh.

He had seen Polly’s panties during the school holidays in the garden when she was on her swing, now he wanted to see her naked pussy.

He slowly pulled the duvet back hoping she was naked under the cloth, he moved it to one side, she was uncovered.

He looked at her legs, they were as nice as he remembered from the garden, and Polly was one of the best looking little girls on his round. He had always wanted to get close to her, and now he could.

Just her thin nightie covered what he hoped would be her naked pussy, just a thin layer of material between him and his goal.

He looked at her once more, she hadn’t moved in the slightest. Tina was right she was dead to the world.


Slowly he picked up the hem of her nightie and gently lifted it above her waist, he was already hard with anticipation of what he may find, would she be naked underneath? He hoped so. Placing the nightie on her waist he looked down.

She was naked, there at last and for the first time was her small smooth tight cunny.

He moved her leg a little being careful not to wake her.

He leaned over her for a better look, he little slit had opened a little and he could see her inner lips trying to show them selves to him, he moved her legs a little more.

She was open to his gaze, he gently touched her, she didn’t move.

He rubbed his wet finger up and down her tiny cunny, she didn’t move.

He rubbed her minute clitty, just exposed to him, she didn’t move.


He wanted to taste her, dare he?

What if she woke then, he couldn’t watch her face, and he would be caught by Polly with his mouth on her private parts.

God he was rock hard, had never been so hard, his dream of touching a little girl had finally come true.

He had to taste her and to hell with it, if she caught him it would be worth it.


He moved to the bottom of the bed, slowly gently he crept up the bed, his face over the treasure he wanted so much, one last look at Polly and his mouth connected with her pussy, and his tongue entered her little slit.

Lapping away he relished the taste of her, she hadn’t bathed for a few days because of her illness, but the taste of stale urine and little girl juice didn’t deter him, in fact it added to his pleasure, and he drank her little girl juices.

His tongue was flicking her arse and then her pussy, travelling the distance between the brown starfish and her tiny clit.

God he had never known a feeling like it, his cock was hurting in his jeans it needed release. He unzipped, and it lay under him on the bed, throbbing.

Andy continued, glancing briefly now and then at Polly, she didn’t stir at all.

He opened her a little to get more access, and he though he could taste a different taste, could she be making little girl juices, was her lifeless body responding?

He didn’t care, he licked and sucked some more.


A glance at Polly and another at his watch told him Tina would soon be back.

He never wanted to leave this beauty, but knew he had to, his cock aching for relief.

He stood and looked at her, no sign of movement, no sign he had ever been there, save for a little juice that was clearly visible on her smooth girl cunt.

Her mouth was open slightly as she was breathing, and idea came to him.

He moved towards her face his cock in his hand; he placed his cock on her part open mouth, and wanked his hard member.

It wasn’t open enough to do what he wanted, indeed needed to do.

He reached down and gently pinched her nose between his fingers, her mouth opened wider so she could breathe more easily.

Perfect he though, and continued wanking, he didn’t take long to cum, his cock needed to cum, and Andy didn’t disappoint it.


The first rope of cum splattered across Polly’s face, nose and cheeks, the second not so strong landed on her lips.

But Andy wanted her to taste his cum, the third, hardly any force behind it landed in her mouth.

And much to Andy amazement and delight her tongue came out and licked his cum into her mouth.

He watched as it darted out again for more, his fingers scooped some from her cheek and placed it on her tiny red lips, and again her tongue cleaned it off.

He didn’t know what she was dreaming, perhaps she thought it was ice cream or some other food that she loved, but over the next five minutes he had cleaned her face of cum, and she had drank it all.

Polly was now clean, save for just the smallest of drops.

Andy soaked his handkerchief in the water beside Polly’s bed and cleaned those off.

There wasn’t a trace he had ever been there, although he knew that deep inside Polly’s belly, his cum lay, swimming around, trying to find her egg.


He zipped up, covered Polly and exited the room, unlocked the front door.

By the time Tina had returned he had almost finished her windows, and was ready to do next doors.

“Has she been ok Andy?”

“Not heard a peep from her.”

“Good she must still be asleep, thanks for looking after her for me, Ill get the shopping in.”

Andy helped Tina unload the car; Tina paid Andy his money, and went upstairs.


An hour later Andy had put the ladders back on the van, his cock was still semi erect thinking of the things he had done with Polly.

He would wank a thousand times thinking of them.

He drove off, hoping that Polly may be ill next time he called, although it was a wicked thought, so was what he had done to Polly, but he didn’t care.


Tina went to Polly’s room later; Polly was stirring from her deep sleep.

“How are you sweetheart?”

“I feel alright, my belly doesn’t hurt now, can I get up and watch some television?”

“Well if you think you are up to it you can, but first a bath for my smelly girl, and brush your teeth, your breath smells bad as well.”

As Polly sat in the bath, she turned to her mum.

“Mum, who was that man?”

“What man?”

“A man was in my room, and he did things.”

“What things?”

“I don’t know I can’t remember.”

“You must have been dreaming, there hasn’t been a man in your room.”

“Ill wait down stairs and you can stay up for a while until your dad gets in.”


Polly had been told it was a dream, but it seemed so real, it couldn’t have been a dream, what the man did in her dream, made her feel nice inside.

Perhaps he gave her some medicine to make her feel better again, she didn’t know but the pain she had in her belly for two weeks had gone now.