Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. I was very lucky my wife was willing to accommodate my fantasies. Soon after we were married I had this desire to see my wife fucked by other men. When I told her this she was a bit reluctant at first but finally decided she wanted to make me happy. We would find men from various places, such as adult bookstores or movie theaters, online, or just people we met in regular places. We would often have 3 ways and occasionally a 4 or 5 way, always with random men. I would get so hot watching other guys fuck my wife. Well after a year or two the subject of children came up. I really wanted to have kids so I was very excited, but I did have to admit to my wife that my ultimate fantasy was to have her get impregnated by another man. Now she was pretty hesitant about this, but we finally agreed to a compromise, that I had to be one of the men that had a chance of knocking her up and I had to be the first one to try. We found a website online that revolved around wife breeding. We choose one not to big since we didn't want to get too many people. We made a post saying that any man is welcome, as long as he is disease free and is capable of impregnation. We said we did not care about anything else, just to make sure you never tell us your name or anything we can use to identify you. We wanted this to be as anonymous as possible. We ended up narrowing it down to 3 men who seemed very serious and could meet us at a downtown hotel the night my wife was most fertile. Well the big night finally came. We got a room in a nice hotel. We told our guests to arrive sharply at 8, so we got there around 7. We spent the hour holding each other in bed. I was telling her how much I loved her for doing this for me and I never thought she was sexier. A little before 8 the first knock came. I opened the door and let the first man in. I was actually a little in shock at first because he was a very dark black and the thought of raising a black child had not even occurred to me. But I was could easily overlook this because he had plenty of desirable features. He was probably in his early 20's, perhaps late teens. He was very fit, you could tell that he enjoyed keeping his body in excellent condition. He had an extremely cute face and he flashed this amazing smile at me. The introductions were brief since none of us was revealing our name. No more than a minute went by when I heard a second knock on the door. I opened it to find myself face to face with yet another black man. "Wow" I thought, looks like a very good chance of me having a black child, and they were both so dark, the baby couldn't possibly be mistaken for mine. This one was a bit older, perhaps in his mid 30's, not in great shape, and his face wasn't as cute as the others, but he was still welcome. The minutes ticked by as we made small talk while we waited for the last guy to arrive. Eight o'clock passed and I was beginning to think he flaked out when I heard a knock at the door. My heart jumped knowing that we were about to start. I opened the door and if I thought I was shocked about black men, nothing could have prepared me for this. A small boy. Although he wasn't black, he had to have just started puberty and couldn't possibly have been over 100 pounds. Figuring this must be some sort of mistake, I asked what he wanted. He said he was here for the breeding party. Not knowing what else to do I let him in. The other 3 were just as shocked as I was. "Jesus kid, how old are you?" The younger black man said. "18" the boy said in a still high pitched boy voice. "Oh come on now" my wife said. "It's very obvious you're not 18. It's okay, you can tell us your real age. We aren't going to turn you away." "Well, actually I'm 11" the boy said obviously embarrassed. "But don't worry I can do this!" he said with more force. "Well the question is are you old enough to get me pregnant. Can you make sperm yet?" my wife asked him. "Umm... I think so" said the boy. The younger black guy piped in. "Well when you jerk off, does stuff come out yet?" "Jerk off?" the boy replied. "Yeah, you know, masturbate, when you stroke your dick." The younger black man said. "I've ... I've never done that before" the boy admitted. "And what about sex, have you ever fucked anyone before?" The boy shook his head no. "Damn, so you've never even had an orgasm!" the young black man exclaimed,. "Well you are in for the treat of your life tonight boy." "OK" said my wife changing the topic. "This is how it's going to go. My husband is going to get to fuck me first, since he's my husband. The we are going to go by penis size. The smallest get to go first, up to the largest, so no one has to fuck a stretch out pussy. So come on get naked, let's see what you guys got!" The three guys looked at each other with a little bit of nervousness. "And that goes for you too!" she excitedly said to me. "Come on guys let's go!" The younger black guy immediately took off his shirt and pants, leaving him in just a pair of nice fitting black briefs, you could tell he was packing some serious size in those. The older black guy took his time a little bit more and was soon just down to his boxers. The boy was a bit more hesitant but was soon down to just a pair of plain white briefs. He was already rock hard in them and you could tell his penis was still pretty small. I too was down to just my white briefs at this point. "All right guys let's see those baby makers!" my wife exclaimed. Again the young black guy was the first as he slipped out of his briefs. He clearly wasn't embarrassed about his body and for good reason. He must have had a good 9 or 10 inch uncircumcised cock. I couldn't help but admire it as it swung from his crotch. The other black guy and myself took off our underwear a little more slowly. His cock was pretty average, about 6 inches while I myself was only 5 inches and we were both cut. The boy was obviously very nervous as he slowly dropped his briefs. He was already fully erect at around 3 inches and I couldn't tell if he was cut or not. His face and body were completely hairless except for a small wisp of public hair. My wife motioned me over and I got on top and slowly slid it in missionary style. I had never been in anyone completely unprotected before and the thought of possibly impregnating her turned me on, but the thought that 3 other guy's penises will soon be where mine is trying to impregnate her too, turned me on even more. The other three guys were watching us. The two black men were stoking themselves and getting hard. The boy was just looking on in amazement, his cock still sticking straight out. "Have you ever seen people fucking before?" I heard the younger black man whisper to the boy. I wasn't looking at them so I could only assume the boy shook his head since I immediately heard the younger black guy whisper "Not even on the internet or on pictures or anything?" "No." I head the boy whisper back. "Well then pay attention so you know how to do it cause you're up next." He told him. With that thought of the boy fucking my wife I couldn't hold on anymore and I pushed in deep and shot my load into my wife's unprotected fertile womb. I rolled off her and motioned for the boy to come over. He came and climbed on top of my wife and started poking around for the hole. Since it was painfully obvious this was his first time, I took hold of his penis and guided it to the opening. He just kind of left it there for a second so I put my hand on his butt cheek and pushed him all the way in. He let out a gasp in his boyish voice and the look on his face was priceless. A mix of excitement, surprise, and joy. "Now pump in and out like he was doing" the young black guy told him. "Whoops careful, you ain't got much to work with there, don't pull out so far" he said as the boy pulled back too far and slipped out. I again took hold of his dick and guided it to the entrance, although this time it was all wet and slimy from our juices. It had a whitish tinge to it and I could tell his dick was covered in a layer of my semen. He started pumping in and out and his cute little butt as was so adorable. This little boy did look out of place doing something so grown up. Well it couldn't have been more than 15 seconds when I saw his ass tense up and his whole body go stiff as he pushed as deep as he small cock could go and released everything he had into my wife's fertile womb. I wasn't sure if anything actually came out or if it was dry, but he sure did try his hardest. He collapsed on top my wife with a look of pure joy on his face. I had to remind him to get off and that it was another guy's turn. He rolled off and the older black guy took his place. The boy went back over to stand next to the other guy. His erection was gone and I could finally tell that he was uncircumcised. "So how does it feel?" He asked him. "You just had your first orgasm, lost your virginity, and may have just impregnated your first woman, all in one shot!" "Wow" said the boy still trying to catch his breath. "It's like nothing I've ever felt before. It was amazing!" "Well congratulations you are now a man!" the younger black man said to him. The older black man didn't take too long. Although far from the boy's 15 seconds he lasted about 5 minutes and blew his load into my wife. The younger black guy came over. He was fully hard by now and I had never seen such a behemoth in my life, I knew this was really going to stretch my wife. Fortunately for my wife she was already well lubricated with 2 (maybe 3) guy's semen. He climbed on top missionary position as well, lined up his dick and slowly slid it in. You could tell he was used to stretching out many girl's pussies because he clearly knew what we was doing. He road my wife for probably a good 15 minutes. She was loving every second of it; I've never seen her orgasm so hard. And I must say it was a good scene to watch. His amazing young body and huge cock pounding my wife. His ass was so perfect. His dark skin looked so amazing next to my wife's white skin. As he was fucking her he flashed my that gorgeous smile again. I knew he was thanking me for letting him fuck and potentially impregnate my wife, and I couldn't help but smile back. I found myself really hoping that he would be the one to impregnate her. Although it would be difficult raising a black child since everyone would immediately know it's not mine. He just clearly had the best gene's and I would love my child to look just like him. Finally his butt clenched and with a moan he pushed deep into my wife and released his potent seed into her. He got up and looked over at us. He gave a wink and a smile to the boy and said "hey looks like your ready to go again, go for it." I looked over at the boy and he was fully hard again. He jumped at the chance and this time he needed no guidance into her hole since now it had been very well stretched. I watched this little boy fucker her for about 10 minutes before he came in her again. By this point the older black guy was ready for his second round. He lasted a good while until he dropped his second load of black seed. He got off and said he had to get going or his wife was going to be pissed. "Okay my turn again" said the young black guy while the older one got dressed and prepared to leave. "Well actually" said the boy. "Mind if I go again? I gotta get home soon too or my parents will be suspicious. I'm all ready to go again" he said as he looked down at his penis. "Damn! 3 times in a row huh? To be that young again. Hmm, what about a little double penetration then?" the young black guy suggested. "What's that?" the boy asked. "Here, I'll show you" he said with a smirk. The older black guy was soon gone and the younger one had positioned himself on his back under my wife, who was also on her back. He then instructed the boy to get on top missionary style like he did before. He then took a hold of the boy's cock and laid it against his own so the bottom bases lined up. He slowly slid their cocks into her. He was obviously able to get much deeper than the boy seeing how he was well over twice his length. He did short 1 to 2 inch strokes to ensure that the boy's dick didn't slip out. The kept at this for a good while. It was certainly a sight to see; they were a mismatched pair. I enjoyed watching the boys small white balls slapping against the other guy's big black balls as they moved in perfect unison. The black guy was able to control himself pretty well. When he felt the boy's dick start to stiffen he let his go as well and they both shot into my wife at the same time. I cannot describe to you how turned on that made me. Afterwards, their dicks were completely covered in a layer of semen that all of us had built up over the course of the night. The both got up and dressed then left together. I went over to my wife and looked in her beautiful eyes and told her how much I loved her, which right now was probably more than I ever had before (and that's saying something cause I was always crazy for her). I then got on top of her and made love to her again. Her pussy was very much stretched out and I could feel my dick sloshing around in all that semen that had been deposited in there. I was so turned on I soon came into her and fell asleep in her arms. Well that night certainly did the trick and she got pregnant. I was so excited. I had really gotten used to the idea of having a black child and I was hoping a lot that it was. Well 9 months after that night my wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was really disappointment when he came out white, so there was no way that younger black guy had fathered him. In fact I was almost certainly the father. After the birth I had to sign his birth certificate and it listed his blood type and my heart jumped. My wife and I both have type A blood and my son had type AB, which means I couldn't possibly be the father, it had to have been the little boy who did it! I guess he was old enough to make sperm after all. I went and told my wife who smiled at me as she held our new baby boy.