The Marriage Counselor – by Q-Tip


We stumbled on it while looking for a powerful new pain reliever.  We wanted a prescription that could be delivered in a capsule, and along the way we worked our way through a number of possible formulas, most of which didn’t work.  This one did.  Not for pain relief, but it worked just fine for something else.  The department supervisor, who is entirely lacking in imagination, dismissed the formulary as having no practical application.  Maybe he couldn’t see a practical application, but I sure as hell could.


The dose could be administered in capsule, or powder form, and the effect was fascinating.  First, the drug was a powerful hypnotic, very powerful because it changed brain chemistry, and that made it far more effective than traditional hypnotic suggestion.  I’m no expert on hypnosis, but it is my understanding that you can’t get a subject to do something under hypnosis that they wouldn’t do normally.  With this drug, it was different.  Because of the chemical reaction in the brain, people would do pretty much whatever they were told to do.  Secondly, it had an amnesia effect, which is not really unusual; many drugs used in surgery have an amnesia effect.  The third, and this really killed it for pain relief, while a patient was under influence of the drug physical sensations were multiplied.  In another words, if the patient were awake, and their arm were pinched, they might say “ouch” and tell you to stop.  Under this drug, if their arm where pinched, they would howl at the excruciating and overwhelming pain being inflected.  Needless to say, I saw the potential immediately and kept it for myself.


I told my friend Walter about our discovery while we were having a beer in a tavern downtown.  “Let’s try it on your wife,” he suggested.


“Hell no,” I replied.  “I like my wife.  Let’s try it on yours.  You two can’t stand each other anyway.”


The truth is that Walter and his wife, Tricia, would have divorced if they could afford it.  They couldn’t stand each other, barely had a civil word to say to each other.  Walter was convinced that Tricia was having an affair, a not unreasonable assumption given the fact that they had stopped being a couple some time ago.  The odd thing was that Walter still loved her.  Oh, he didn’t like her much no question about that, but he’s still crazy in love with her.


“Yeah.  OK.  Let’s try it on Tricia.  What do I have to lose?  Maybe she’ll move out quicker.  Hey, maybe I can find out about her boyfriend,” Walter looked sad, like he may have said it, but he didn’t really mean it.


We found Tricia watching TV in the family room; she didn’t look pleased to see us. 


“Hey Tricia.  How’re doing?” I asked pleasantly.


“I’m doing fine, Dave.  Thanks for asking,” she had already turned back to watch “Oprah.”


“I’m going to the kitchen.  Can I get you a beer?” I asked.


Tricia’s head swiveled to look at me.  She was really a good-looking woman, and a real bitch.  Dirty-blonde hair, big blue eyes, large breasts.  Tricia has those large, soft-looking breasts that hang without appearing to sage, if you know what I mean.  Slender build, except for her tits.  About 5’2”.  I always thought that Tricia look “hard,” if that makes sense.


“OK, Dave.  You can get me a beer.  Thanks,” as if she was doing me a favor letting me get her a beer.


In the kitchen I carefully opened one of the capsules and emptied the contents into her glass.  Obviously, our few tests had never included using beer as a delivery agent.  What the hell, it should work.


A half-hour later I peeked into the family room.  Our trials had shown that the drug took between 45 minutes to an hour to work, but I thought maybe the beer would speed the process.  I was right.


Tricia was sitting in her chair staring at the TV.  She was blinking slowly, her eyes fixed and dilated.  Her mouth hung open and she was breathing calmly.  I first tried to wake her, without success.  I tried the ammonia test.  I suggested to her that she could only smell flowers, while giving her a good whiff of ammonia.  She inhaled as if she smelled the most wonderful fragrance.  I was holding the bottle at arm’s length and it was all I could do stand the smell.


When Walter came into the room, we got started.  “Tricia,” I said.  “Tell us the name of your lover.”


“Stan,” she answered, her eyes still fixed on the now blank TV.


“How long has Stan been your lover?”


“A month.”


“The bitch.  I’ll kill her,” Walter said very quietly, making me nervous.


“Hey Walter.  I’ve always wanted to see your wife naked.  Think this is a good time?”  Walter thought it was a great time.


“Tricia.  I want you to tell me exactly what you do with Stan in bed.  I want you to tell me what Stan does that you like.”


“I love what he does with my tits,” I was surprised by this.  I guess I expected something else.


“What does he do to your tits, Tricia,” I continued.


“He plays with them and sucks my nipples,” she explained.


“Tricia.  I want you to take off your blouse and bra,” we watched in fascination as Tricia slowly unbuttoned her blouse, never taking her eyes off the blank TV screen.  In a minute Tricia was sitting before us, naked from the waist up.  Her breasts were exactly as I had imagined.  Very large and soft looking, they sloshed to each side of her chest as she lay back in her chair.


“Tricia.  I want you to show me what Stan does to your tits.”


I watched, holding my breath, as Tricia started kneading her big soft tits.  She raised both hands and started to fondle her breasts and to pinch the nipples.


The effect was almost immediate.  “Oh god, oh god that feels good.  OOOOH.  Jeez, that’s goooood.”  The multiplier effect of the drug was kicking in.  It actually felt several times better to her, now fondling her own breasts, than it did when Stan did it.


Tricia was writhing around in the chair, not able to sit still the sensations were so good.


“Tricia.  I want you to suck your own nipple.  Suck it just like Stan does.”


We again watched, this time as Tricia raised her left nipple to her mouth.  Her breasts were so big and soft that she was able to suck her own nipple without difficulty.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as erotic as the sight of Tricia taking her own nipple between her teeth.


Again, the multiplier effect kicked in as a long loud sigh escaped her mouth around her very aroused nipple.  Tricia wasted no time; she almost immediately sucked her nipple and a large portion of her entire breast into her mouth.  Sucking hard, groaning and grunting as she did.  Her right hand was pulling frantically at her other nipple.


“Tricia,” I said.  “I want you to stop now.  I want you to stop playing with your tits.”  Tricia immediately stopped; her left breast was red from the suction of her mouth.  Her breathing was heavy as she waited my next instruction.


“Stand up, Tricia.  I want you to stand up and take off the rest of your clothing.”


Again, holding my breath, I watched as Tricia slowly stood and slid her jeans and panties off her hips and down her beautiful legs.


Finally, Tricia was standing naked in front of us.  Her mound had been shaved, not a pubic hair to be seen.


“She’s never been shaved before,” said Walter.


“Hell, Walter.  You haven’t seen her naked in a long time.  Let’s see what else is new.”


“Tricia,” I continued.  “Sit back down for me.  Now spread your legs and tell me what Stan does to your pussy.”


“He plays with my cunt.  I really like that.  He plays with my clit and sometimes he eats me.”


“Do you like that.  Do you like when Stan eats you.”


“Oh, yes.  That’s so good.”


“Tricia.  I want you to play with your cunt.  I want you to play with it just like Stan does.”


This time Tricia wasted no time getting her hands moving.  We watched as she first started to strum her clit as the multiplier kicked in.  Within moments Tricia was thrashing around on the chair, the fingers of one hand a blur on her clit while the first three fingers of the other hand pumped in and out of her hole.




“Is it better, Tricia.  Is it better than Stan?”




You gotta like this drug!


“Are you close, Tricia.  Are you close to cumming?”




“Don’t cum, Tricia.  I want you to stop what you’re doing right now.”


We watched as Tricia immediately took her hands away from her pussy, her chest raising and falling as she panted.


“Now Tricia, I want you to continue to feel like you’re just about to cum.  Do you understand me?  Your cunt feels just like it did when I made you stop.  Just one stroke away from cumming.  But you can’t cum, Tricia.  You can’t cum until I tell you to.  Do you understand?”


“Yes.  I can’t cum until you tell me too.”


“Do you want to cum, Tricia?”


“Oh yes.  Oh please let me cum.  I’m so close,” she was panting her need apparent as pussy juice soaked the chair beneath her.


“Tricia, has Stan ever fucked you in the ass?”


“No.  I’ve never let a man anywhere near my ass.  It’s dirty,” I looked at Walter for confirmation.  He was sadly nodding his head in agreement.  So why did I ask Tricia about her ass?  Tricia has said some crappy things to me over the years and this was my payback.  You’re right, I’m petty.


“Tricia, we’re going to have to fix that.  I want you to concentrate on the sensations in your pussy.  Are you doing that, Tricia.”


“Oooooooh yes,” her eyes were half-closed in concentration, her ass lifting slightly off the chair.


“Now Tricia.  I want you to put your finger in your cunt.  Get it real wet, but don’t cum.”


We watched as Tricia ran her index finger over her pussy lips and then buried it inside of herself.


“Ooooooh, I’m so close,” there was a clear squishy sound coming from between her legs.  The sound of her finger stirring the hot liquid inside of her.


“OK Tricia.  Now I want you to lower your finger slowly to your asshole.  As your finger slides along you’ll feel it taking some of that great sensation from your pussy and transferring it to your ass.  When you get to your asshole I want you to spread that pussy juice around real well so that you can feel all those sensations.  Do you understand?” Walter had taken off his pants, his hand wrapped around his erection.


“Walter,” I hissed.  “Don’t cum, I’ve got plans for you two.”


We watched, fascinated, as Tricia pulled her finger out of her sloppy pussy and slowly dragged it across that small bridge of skin to her asshole.  We could see the moisture glistening as she worked her finger over her tiny puckered hole.


Again, the multiplier effect kicked in.  “Ooooooooooooooh my asshole feeeeeeeels soooo goooooooood.  Ooooh please let me cum…I can’t stand it…..”


“Tricia.  Stick your finger in your ass and tell me how it feels.”


“OOOOOOH….its sooooo gooood.   I neeeed toooo cuuuuum,” Tricia was fucking the finger in her ass, her hips pumping hard as she fucked herself.


“Tricia, continue doing what you’re doing while you get on the floor on your hands and knees.”


Tricia continued to work her finger in and out of her asshole while sliding out of the chair.  She made a beautiful sight on the floor, her ass high in the air with her finger buried in her anus.  Her big floppy tits hanging to the carpet swaying from side to side, her nipples brushing the floor, as she continued to fuck herself.


“Tricia, I want you to get as much pussy juice as you can and spread it all around and in your asshole.”


She was so wet that she was able to scoop up quite a bit, a big handful in fact, smearing it around and inside, using her index finger to make sure her asshole was completely wet.


“Tricia, you want to be fucked in the ass, don’t you?”


“OOOh god yes,” not good enough.


“Tell me what you want, Tricia.  You want to be fucked in the ass so badly that you’ll beg for it.”


“OOOOOH YES….I want to be fucked in my asshole….please fuck me in my asshole…….OOOH pleeeeese let me cuuuuum.”


She was hyperventilating with need, begging for sexual release.


I motioned for Walter to fuck her.  He looked at me, puzzled at first and then, with a shrug got behind her and started to ease his cock into her asshole.


“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH…..” Tricia was clearly enjoying what Walter was doing as I watched his cock disappear slowly up her butt.  To tell you the truth, I was hard as a rock too, but I planned on saving it for my wife.  This was for Walter.


Walter was picking up steam fucking Tricia hard as she grunted, groaned, and begged him to fuck her asshole harder.


When I could tell Walter was close to orgasm I whispered in Tricia ear, “you won’t cum with him, Tricia.  Is that clear, Tricia?”




I heard Walter grunt and moan loudly as he shot his load inside his wife’s ass.  Interesting, I’d just helped a married couple.  I should be a fucking marriage counselor.


Tricia fell flat on her stomach and tits, on the carpet.  Her legs were spread and as Walter pulled out of her asshole his cum ran out of her like a river, over the lips of her still fully aroused cunt only to soak into the carpet beneath her.  She was still breathing heavily, her ass humping the empty air behind her.


“Wow,” was about all Walter could get out.  “That’s the best sex she and I ever had.  I don’t know how to thank you.  You can fuck her if you want,” he said the last without really meaning it.  Oh, he would have let me have my way with her, but he really didn’t want to share his wife with anyone.  Finding out about Stan had been more than enough for one night.


“That’s OK, Walter.  I’ve got another idea,” I said.  “Tricia, you can clearly hear my voice and understand what I’m telling you.  Isn’t that correct.”




“You really want to cum don’t you?”


“OH yes.  OOOOOOOh please let me cum.  I’M SOOOOOOHORNY,” we both watched as her hips moved, fucked the carpet as she begged for release.


“You will cum, Tricia.  The next time you hear Walter say the words ‘honey, I love you’ you will cum.  You will cum harder than you ever have before.  Do you understand?  You will cum so hard that your pussy will feel like its on fire.  But, until he says those words, you’ll feel just like you do now.  So horny you can’t stand it, but no matter what you do, you can’t cum.  When you hear Walter say the words ‘honey, I love you,’ no matter where you are or what you’re doing you’ll cum.  Is that clear, repeat it back to me.”


“When I hear Walter say ‘I love you,’ I’ll finally be able to cum, but not before.”


“That’s right, Tricia.  Very good.  Now tomorrow, when you wake up, you won’t remember anything that happened tonight.  However, when Walter says ‘honey, I love you, ‘and you cum, you’ll be fully aware and you’ll say, ‘oh Walter honey, I love you too,’ and you’ll mean it.  Now I want you to clean up and go to bed.”


We watched as Tricia got up off the floor and went off to the bedroom.  Her pussy and asshole were so wet that her ankles were damp before she got to the doorway.


The next morning I was back at Tricia and Walter’s house, siting at the kitchen table with Walter drinking coffee.


“So, did your wife have an enjoyable evening?” he asked me, a big smirk on his face.


“Oh my yes.  She seemed to enjoy herself very much the first 3 or 4 times, thank you for asking.  I must admit that her enthusiasm waned somewhat after that, however.”


We were both laughing when Tricia walked in.  “What are you two laughing about?” she asked.  Tricia sounded like her old self.  She didn’t really want to know what we were laughing about; she sounded a bit pissed.  She looked flushed, her breathing was labored and her eyes were just a bit too bright.  She was dressed in just a bathrobe; her hair was still somewhat mussed.  We knew she was so horny that she’d fuck a cucumber right out of the refrigerator, but she didn’t know we knew that.


The next was the single most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.  First Walter looked at me and then back at his wife who was standing next to him by the table.


Looking into her eyes, he said, “honey, I love you.”


The effect was startling, incredible, like nothing you’ve ever seen or can imagine.


“OH WALTER…..OHGOOOOOOOODWAAAAALTEERRR…..” Tricia screamed as she fell to the floor.  The robe she was wearing opened exposing her naked body.




Her legs were spread wide, her pussy pointed right at us.  Her hands were above her head, nowhere near her cunt as we watch her in amazement.  Her pussy was visibly throbbing, and for the first time in my life, I witnessed cum shooting out of a woman.  Her body convulsed as the stream of cunt juice hit Walter in the leg, wetting his pants all the way to his knees.


We watched this spectacle in mute wonder.  My astonishment only heightened as Walter quickly dropped from his chair, landing between his wife’s widespread legs.




Without a moments hesitation Walter clamped his mouth over Tricia’s cunt, her cum still shooting, drinking and licking as fast as he could.  This continued for a long time until, finally, Tricia collapsed in exhaustion, her orgasm finally finished.


Finally, she was left laying flat on the floor on her back, her robe open and her legs spread wide as her pussy continued to contract.  Pussy juice continuing to spread from her crotch to cover much of the floor below her, she looked up at her husband.  They smiled sweetly at each other, Tricia her eyes soft and alive, Walter with cum dripping off his chin.


I watched as Walter and Tricia reached out their hands toward each other.  Tricia’s face was flushed as she said, “oh Walter.  Oh honey, I love you too.” 


I think she meant it.


A modest tale about a man who uses a drug (which doesn’t exist in real-life) to help mend a marriage.