Katie’s Awakening  by Q-Tip


My wife’s name is Katie.  Katie’s a substantial name I think.  Clean sounding, conservative, old-fashioned, and not flashy.  I guess that pretty much describes my Katie.  By substantial, I don’t mean fat or anything like that.  Katie’s very pretty, she could be beautiful if she’d use make-up, but soap and water is good enough for her.  Her body’s spectacular.  5’4” tall and 34C-24-34, with beautiful jet-black hair.  Of course, I’m about the only person who has ever see her naked and she wears clothing that tends to hide her figure.  Conservative, substantial clothing.


Katie and I got married right after she graduated from college with her teaching degree.  She’s 29 now and I’m 35.  Katie’s always been a good lover.  Not wild or anything, but very loving and willing.  She’s no prude but she’s no “hot wife” either.  Maybe three times in our marriage Katie has gotten really wild in bed.  Thinking back on it now the same ingredients were present each time; First of all it was the right time in her cycle.  Katie’s always a little bit hotter when she’s ovulating.  The other ingredients are that she’d been drinking, that gets her motor running, and something else has been going, on like a sexy movie or something.  On those few occasions Katie and I have had sex to remember!  That’s when I’ve heard her scream and when she’s really lost control.


A few years ago we found out that my sperm count was too low for Katie to conceive.  That really hit her hard.  For about a month Katie was in terrible shape, crying and feeling bad about herself.  I did everything I could, suggested we could adopt a baby, all of that.  Finally Katie pulled herself out of it and decided she would really dedicate herself to her students.


I’d like to say that things got back to normal after that, but they really didn’t.  Katie and I still made love and cuddled, but it wasn’t the same.  She wasn’t really as “into it” as before.  I know she still enjoyed it, but we didn’t have sex as often as before and I think it made her just a little sad.  Sad is not a good emotion during sex.  You can see how it wasn’t as good as before.


In order to pep things up I started to introduce role-playing and fantasy into our sex life.  Katie’s always been interested in my feelings so she was happy to go along.  One of the fantasies I used involved her with another man while I watched.  This particular fantasy developed slowly over a few months until the really defining night.


We’d had a couple of drinks and were in bed, just kinda messing with each other.  I was about ½ hard and Katie was starting to get moist between the legs.  I asked her what the “mystery man” would look like.


After thinking for a minute she said, “Like Tom Selleck.  Not like Tom Selleck on Friends, more as he was on Magnum P.I.  You know, younger with the mustache.”


“Really,” I said getting a full hard-on.  “Tell me what you’d do with your Tom Selleck ‘mystery man.’”


She put her head back and started to describe what she and her “mystery man” were doing.  She described him kissing her and squeezing her boobs.  She told me how he’s touch her everywhere and how turned on she’d be.  She was really getting into it.


When she started to describe how he’d fuck her she looked up at me and then down to my now throbbing prick.


“You like this don’t you?” she asked as she reached out her hand and very gently touched my hard-on.  “You like the idea of my mystery man: fucking me while you watch.”


Her touch and her asking me if watching her turned me on was enough.  I came, hard.  Katie looked down at my cock in surprise as I pumped my cum onto her hand and wrist.


“Oh yes,” was all she said.  She smiled at me.


When I finished she rolled onto her back again and spread her legs.  For the first time in our marriage, I watched as my wife touched herself.  She has such a beautiful cunt.  Her hair is jet-black and her pussy lips are pink.  She started to run both of her hands over her pussy, pulling her labia apart and showing me the exquisite pink inside.  With her eyes closed she worked her fingers, covered in my cum, into her cunt.  Covering it with her moisture mixed with mine.


“Oh god.  It would feel so good to have him play with my cunt.”  I’d never heard her use the word “cunt” before.  I watched with my eyes opened wide as she continued to masturbate before me.


“You’re watching as he takes me.  He fucks me, hard.  Pounding his big cock into my cunt,” she almost screamed the last as she came on her thrusting hand.


I was fully hard again and wanted to fuck her.  Oh how I wanted to fuck my wife at that moment.  It was as if the mystery man was there in the room with us.


As I eased my aching cock into her she opened her eyes and looked at me.  Confused a little at first and then aware.


“It was almost like he was here wasn’t it?  Fucking me as you watched.  Oh god it was soooo goooood!!!!” and like that, we were both cumming.  I’m not sure, in her mind, she was really fucking me.


It was a neighborhood party a month or so later were our lives changed forever.  It was a toga party; some idiot’s idea of a return to the 70’s.


Katie and her friends made togas out of bed sheets.  Real nice too.  I’d have just wrapped a sheet around myself and gone, but the girls did everything right.


Katie’s was a little short, shorter than she usually likes things and, of course, exposed one shoulder.  Now that bare shoulder became something of a problem because, as it turned out, Katie didn’t have any bras without straps.  Don’t ask me I don’t know anything about bras.  So Katie decided she’d go braless, just this once.  When we walked out of the house, she was wearing her bed-sheet toga, panties, and shoes.  That’s it.  About as bare as Katie gets.


The party was great fun.  I have to hand it to them, the togas were a great idea.  The liquor flowed and all the guys were there and after a while I lost track of Katie.


Sometime later Katie grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from the guys by the bar.


“He’s here!!” she whispered urgently.


“Who’s here?” I’d had a few and, obviously, so had Katie.


“The ‘mystery man!’” she said pointing with her head to her right.


I looked and, sure enough, a guy that looked like a young Tom Selleck, mustache and all, just a little shorter maybe.  He was talking to a couple of other people.


“Well shit, he does look like your guy.  Have you talked to him?”


“No.  NO.  ARE YOU CRAZY?” she was whispering pretty loud.  My estimate of how much she’d had to drink went up.


“Well, why not?  Go ahead say ‘hi.’  I mean, what the hell, he probably won’t fuck you on the dance floor.”


She looked at me kinda funny and then over at the guy.  “Well OK.  I’ll talk to him anyway,” and with a small punch to my arm, she wondered off.


I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she took a circular route around the room, eventually ending up in the group talking to the guy.  I lost track of her after that for a while.  When I saw her again she introduced me to her friend.


“This is my husband.  You’ll never guess this guy’s name, honey.  Tom.  Isn’t that incredible?”  she said to me.  Katie was really enjoying this and was more than a bit drunk.


Later I caught sight of her again.  This time she and Tom were dancing so a slow song.  The lights had been turned down and they were way in the back of the dance floor.  He was holding her close and she had her head resting on his chest.  The weren’t moving really, just grinding against each other.  Even though I’d drank quite a bit by then I got a major hard-on watching them. 


It was when the song ended and he kissed her that I almost came in my toga.  It was a real passionate kiss and she hugged him tight.  I watched fascinated as Tom slipped one hand under the top of the toga and onto Katie’s breast.  They continued to kiss for a moment while he caressed her and, as the kiss ended, Katie took his wrist and pulled his hand out of her costume.  She was smiling up at him though, she certainly wasn’t angry.


I tried to keep an eye on them after that but I lost them in the crowd.  Later I went looking for them.  No, it wasn’t like the stories, I didn’t find them going at it hot and heavy.  In fact, Katie found me.


She was breathless and just a little mussed up.  Her face was flushed and she dragged me upstairs and into one of the bedrooms of the large house where the party was being held.  As soon as we got in the room, she threw herself at me kissing me passionately and digging under my toga for my cock.


“I really need you to fuck me right now.  I’m so damn horny I can’t stand it,” she was panting with need.


She was hot.  I reached under her toga to find her panties dripping wet.  It was like they’d just come out of the washing machine.  She was soaked through.  With her help I had her panties off in a minute and held them dripping in my hand.  I slipped my hand back under her toga to find her pussy slopping wet.  Her labia were completely open and her clit was a hard nub under my fingers.  Just touching her pussy caused her to hump back and forth on my hand and sigh as if she was already being fucked.


“Get ready,” I said.  “I’ll be right back.”


She looked at me in some disappointment, but I was out the door before she could say anything.


I walked down the hall just a few feet and the bathroom door opened.  Tom, the mystery man, stepped out adjusting his toga.


You know how sometimes, just like that, you make a decision that forever changes your life?  And later, for the life of you, you can’t quite remember why you did what you did?


“Hi, Tom” I said.  “Um … Katie’s in there,” I pointed at the door with my head.  “She asked me to give you these and bring you back with me.”  I handed him the sodden panties with my heart pounding in my throat.


Tom looked at the panties and brought them to his nose.  After a small sniff he smiled at me, “OK.”


I opened the door to the room to see Katie on the bed totally naked with her legs spread and her fingers working on her flowing cunt.  She looked up in surprise as Tom followed me into the room.


“Oh Christ,” she breathed just above a whisper, her eyes fixed on his face.


Without a word, Tom went to her.  They melted into each other’s arms, kissing him passionately Katie started to tug at his toga trying to get him as naked as she was.


I sat down in a chair next to the bed.  I’m not sure they even knew I was still there.


I watched for the next hour as Tom and Katie fucked.  Katie did things I’d never seen or heard her do.


As soon as Tom’s cock came into view she was on it with her mouth.  Katie’s not a prude, as I mentioned, but she’d never gone at my cock like this.  It was bigger than mine, longer and definitely bigger around, with hard veins and an uncircumcised head.  Katie worshipped that cock.  Groaning her need as she licked the entire shaft and kissed and stroked each of his balls.  All the while Tom was touching her body.  That beautiful body that up until now had been mine alone to enjoy.  The body that Katie had only given to me, she now was giving to a stranger while I watched.  My cock was so hard I hurt with pleasure.


He stroked her beautiful hanging breasts and ran his hands between her legs to massage her dripping cunt.  All the while Katie was groaning and moaning deeply in her throat.  She took her mouth off his throbbing cock but continued to stroke him as she looked him in the face.


“You’re cock is so beautiful, so hard and wonderful.  I don’t think I can get enough of it.”


My heart broke a little at that, and pre-cum dripped onto my balls.


Katie threw herself on her back and pulled her knees up to her chest completely exposing her cunt.  I’d never seem it like this, a dark red, there was visible pussy juice dripping onto the bedspread.  Her chest was rising and falling in deep breaths.  Her eyes were glazed and fixed as they stared at his face.  A sex flush extended over her entire chest.


“Please fuck me, Tom.  Please fuck me now.”  For the first time, she looked over at me.  Her expression didn’t change as she looked at my face and said, “Please fuck me in front of my husband.  Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.”  Looking back at him she begged, “OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!”


The thought rushed through my mind that Katie wasn’t on the pill and had no protection.  She could easily become pregnant.  I could feel my own cum wetting the inside of my toga at the thought of her unprotected womb as I watched Tom’s large hot cock slip slowly between the folds of my wife’s cunt.




Tom was pounding his cock into my wife as hard as he could as she yelled out her need.  With a loud groan he came inside of her pussy…my pussy…up until then…my pussy….with a scream Katie came with him.  She bucked and threw her hips up so hard that she almost bucked him off her.  That’s not what she wanted and she quickly grabbed him and pulled him into her as far as he could go as they both continued to orgasm.  Her entire body was in spasm, like some kind of an attack, as her climax washed through her.


Later she laid with her head on his chest with her back to me.  I watched in silence as his cum dripped out of her cunt and soaked the bedspread below them.


I could hear them whispering and giggling but I couldn’t make out the words.  After a while she turned to look at me.  “Tom’s going to give me a ride home, honey,” she said to me.  “You go ahead.  I’ll be home in awhile.”


As I closed the door behind me I could hear her saying, “I love your cock, Tom.  Please fuck me again.”


I walked into our house.  I didn’t really know what to think.  I’d gotten my wish, I’d seen her fucked by another man.  It wasn’t quite how I had imaged it.


The inside of my toga was sticking with my dried cum.  I had left my jockey shorts in the room with Katie and Tom.  There was no denying that I had enjoyed the spectacle.  I sat in my favorite chair and had another drink.


I must have dozed off.  The phone beside me rang and I noticed that the sun was coming up as I answered it.


“It’s me,” it was Katie’s voice.  “I’ll be a little later than I thought.  I’ll see you in a bit,” and before I could ask any questions, she was gone.


It was the middle of the afternoon, when the phone rang again.


“Um, I probably won’t be home until tomorrow, hon.  Don’t wait up.  I’m OK,” she said breathlessly as she started to hang up.  Before the line was disconnected I heard her say to someone else, “Oh god that feels…”


The last call was the next day.  I answered the phone to hear a breathless Katie, the words almost grunting out of her.  “I’m…OK…honey…I…just…ohgod….I….need some….more…..ooooh….time…”  I thought I heard a man’s voice in the background before the phone clicked dead in my hand.


It was the next day that Katie finally came home.  She walked in wearing the same toga that she’d had on at the party.  Her face was a mess, whisker-burned and blood-shot eyes.  Her hair was completely tousled, with dried cum stuck in it.  She’d lost her shoes somewhere.


“Where have you been?” I asked.  “What happened?”


“You want to know what happened?  Come here I’ll show you.”


She sat in the chair and, spreading her legs over the arms of the chair, pulled her toga up exposing her cunt.


I was speechless.  I’d never seen anything like this.  Her jet-black pussy hair had been completely shaved off.  Her labia were swollen to several times their normal size and her hole gapped open showing the bright pink inside.  Her clit was visible and visibly throbbing.  I couldn’t remember ever actually being able to see her clit before now.  Long strings of cum were hanging out of her and her legs and abdomen were shinny wet.


Written with magic marker on her inner thigh were the words: “Insert cock here.”  An arrow was drawn pointing at her cunt.


“He fucked me, honey.  He fucked me a lot and I loved it.  I love his big cock and how it makes my cunt feel,” she was panting as she said the words searching my face.  With her finger, she was slowly caressing her cunt.


I was wearing a pair of jockey shorts and Katie watched as my cock hardened making a tent.


She looked me in the face and said, “You really like this don’t you?  You like it that I’m becoming a slut, don’t you?”


I slowly pulled down the front of my shorts showing her my hard red prick.


“Well,” she continued.  “Then you’ll really love this.  When Tom was done.  When he couldn’t fuck me any more, he called some of his friends.  His poker buddies he called them, and that’s what they did.  They poked me.  I don’t even know how many there were.  They just kept taking turns on me.  When I called you the last time one of them was fucking me.  Another was telling him to hurry up, it was his turn with the slut.”


She was watching my face as she said this.  Searching for a reaction, wanting to know how I was taking this new revelation.  I guess she was satisfied with what she saw.


“I loved it.  I loved being their slut.  I begged them to fuck me and you know what?” she asked.


My cock was throbbing now, I could feel the cum raising in my prick, it was agony.  I was so close and every nerve was vibrating, waiting for her to go on talking.


“They gangbanged me honey.  They gangbanged your little school teacher wife,” and she spread her pussy lips so I could see even further into her inflamed cunt.  “They all fucked me.  They used me and I did things I’ve never done with you.”


She continued, now running her thumb over her aroused clit, “I loved being used like that.  I loved all those hard cocks.  I love being a slut.  I’m going to fuck them all again.”  She was cumming.  I could see that as her body bent forward and her eyes half-closed.


“Eat me, honey, eat my well-fucked cunt,” and she reached forward to pull my face into her gapping hole.


As my entire face sank into her cunt, I came too.  I groaned and shot my cum in the air while Katie watched and I inhaled the strange and wonderful new smell of her.


We were never the same again.