“Please place your tray tables and seat backs in the upright and locked position in preparation for our landing in San Francisco,” was the announcement over the loud speaker.  “The current time in San Francisco is 6:00 a.m.  We know that you have many choices when you fly and we appreciate you choosing United.”


I didn’t have that many choices.  Not for a cheap red-eye all the way across the country.  It had been an incredibly fascinating flight, however.


My name is Donna, by the way.  I wrote another story about my spring break in Florida.  For those of you who haven’t read that story, this is a little about me.  I’m small, maybe 5’1” and less than 100 pounds.  My dad is Portuguese and my mother’s Greek, and I’ve got dark hair and olive skin.  I also have great breasts.  They’re not really huge; I’m between a “C” cup and a “D” cup, but as small as I am they look immense on me, and they’re perfectly shaped with just a little droop.  I could admire my tits in the mirror for hours.


I also have a fat cunt.  That’s how one of my old boyfriends described it, he said my cunt was fat.  What he meant was that my labia is big and hangs down from my body.  My hood is also very big and my clit sticks out of it.  It never goes down it’s just big.  When I get excited my clit gets very big, about as big as my thumb!  I love sex and I don’t really care if it’s with a guy or another girl.  As long as they turn me on!


The flight started great.  As I entered the airplane, in a line of other passengers, we were greeted by the usually bored flight attendants.  Normally they are interested more in keeping the line moving, getting everybody seated and luggage properly stored, than in any personal considerations.  It was a little different this time.  The flight attendant at the door was turned slightly away, just finishing a conversation with someone else, when I entering the airplane.  She turned to face me, about to say her usual greeting, when her eyes locked onto mine.  God, they were a beautiful shade of blue!  Her mouth opened and for a moment no sound came out.  Her pupils dilated just a bit as she said directly to me, “welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your flight tonight.”


“It’s better already,” I smiled back at her.


Maybe it was my imagination but I thought I saw her blush, just a little.


It was a very long flight.  Shortly after we gained “cruising altitude” the attendants served us a typical airline meal.  The beautiful brunet with the blue eyes was not in my section in the middle of the airplane.


After the meal the plane became very quiet and dark as the lights were turned down and the passengers either fell asleep or became engrossed in their books or computers.  The flight was not crowded and I had nobody sitting next to me in the two-seat section next to the window.  I don’t know what kind of plane it was.  A big one with two seats next to the windows on either side and a bunch of seats in the middle facing the movie screen which was only showing a picture of our progress across the country.


It was an hour of two later that I got up to stretch my legs and use the restroom.  The two restrooms that served my section were both occupied so I wondered back through the plane to the section at the very back were there were a number of small restrooms lined up against the back wall.  They were empty.


I picked one, did my business and opened the door directly into a service cart!


“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said before I’d seen who it was.  My eyes must have gotten wide as I saw the beautiful flight attendant in her white blouse and blue skirt standing there.


“Oh,” she said.  “It’s my fault.  Are you O.K?”


We stood there staring at each other as I said, “I’m fine.”


“Would you like something to drink?” she asked pointing at the tray.


I didn’t really want anything, but I did want to continue talking to her so I asked for a Coke.


As she poured, we started talking.  We introduced ourselves and talked about where we were from and going, all that.  I told her I was flying to San Francisco to visit the university in Berkeley.  She told me she lived in Berkeley and was going home in the morning.  I loved the sound of her voice.  Light and cheery, but not put on at all.


I asked her if she lived there with her family and she said, “No, just my cat.  No husband or kids or anything.”


My heart picked up its pace a little with that.


We weren’t looking at each other like a couple of women just talking.  There was a sexual charge, a spark.  When Mary handed me another of those little plastic airline cups our fingers touched and we stood there in the back aisle of the airplane holding the cup between us looking into each other’s eyes.  I shivered when I felt the tip of her finger start to caress the tip of mine.  It crossed my mind that she looked a little like Sela Ward, the actress, only with blue eyes.


She smiled slightly and said, “I think you have something on your cheek.  Here, let me get it for you.”


With that she took the cup back and, placing it on the tray, pulled me back into the restroom.  The door closed most of the way behind us by itself.


She wet a small corner of a paper towel and leaned toward my face as through to wipe something off.  As the towel got closer, so did her face.  When she was a couple of inches away I leaned forward and kissed her beautiful lips.  Very gently, very lightly, and we both moaned softly as her lips returned my kiss.  Her lips were incredibly soft and smooth, so unlike a man’s lips.  The erotic feel of them sliding wetly, softly, across my lips was almost too much to stand.


I ran my tongue over her lips and moaned again as I felt her tongue touch mine.


Her hand went behind my head to pull me closer and I felt my breasts touch hers.  As they did I wrapped both arms around her and kissed her passionately, and felt my nipples grow hard and erect.


I was wearing a brown sweater-blouse over a long skirt and I felt Mary’s hands slip under the hem of my sweater and start moving up my bare sides as we kissed.  Her touch was electric on my skin.  I felt myself shiver and I trembled, a little, when her hands finally reached by breasts.


As we continued to kiss and murmur into each other’s mouth, Mary lightly stroked and lifted by heavy breasts with her incredibly soft hands.  She lifted my breasts as if to test their weight and signed into my mouth with her pleasure.  I know I moaned out loud when she lightly ran her thumbs over my hard, swollen nipples. 


I moved my hands down to her ass and pulled her body tightly into mine as Mary continued to caress me with her mouth and hands.


Suddenly, we heard a noise just outside the door in the aisle of the airplane.  Mary pulled away, smiled at me, lightly touched my face, and was out the door of the small restroom.  I signed in disappointed and, softly as I could, slide the lock closed on the door.  Nothing had been said!


I stood for a moment and than reached under my skirt and slid my panties down as I sat on the small airplane toilet.  I reached down between my thighs to find my clit hard and erect, my cunt overflowing with juice that had totally soaked my panties.


I signed again as I lightly stroked my clit and thought about what had just happened.  I’d just kissed and been felt up by an incredibly beautiful flight attendant in an airplane restroom.  I shivered again in excitement.


I figured there was no sense wearing panties as wet as these now were so I slipped them off and stuck them in my bag.  Opening the small door, I left the restroom as if nothing unusual had happened.  As I walked out a teenage boy was just coming up the aisle.  His eyes immediately locked onto the hard tips of my nipples that were poking through the front of my sweater.  Never losing sight of them until I was by him on the way to my seat where I was free to look down at the sight of my own nipples poking through the front of my sweater for all the world to see.


It was some time later that I felt Mary slide onto the aisle armrest of my seat.


“Hi,” I said smiling up at her.


“Hi yourself,” she was smiling, her blue eyes glittering in the soft light as she looked down at me.


“So,” she said reaching to get an empty cup off my tray, and brushing her arm slowly across my nipples on her way.  “Do you need a ride in San Francisco?  I’ll be going over to Berkeley.”


I moved my hand up to her hip and lightly caressed her.  “Yes, I’d really appreciate a ride.  Thank you.”


Her smile got even bigger.  “O.K.  After you pick up your luggage just wait for me by the carrousel.  I’ll be there as soon as I can.” 


“I have a gift for you,” I said.  Mary looked at me in surprise.  “Close your eyes and hold out your hand.”


With a smile, Mary did as I requested.  I reached into my bag and, pulling out my wet panties, placed them in Mary’s palm.  “O.K.  You can look now.”


With a gasp, Mary realized what she had.  She quickly looked around and, seeing nobody paying any attention held my panties up to her nose.  After a quick intake of breath she again looked down at me and smiling with brightly shinning eyes said, “You’ve been a naughty girl.  See you at baggage claim.”


She quickly rolled my panties into a tight ball in her hand, and again she was gone.


I didn’t see Mary when I got off the airplane.  Just a bored flight attendant saying “bah-bye,” like a Saturday Night Live skit.


I found the luggage claim area and, just when I thought something had gone terribly wrong, the bags started to unload.


I had retrieved my small bag and was sitting in one of the line of chairs near the luggage carrousel when I felt a soft hand touch my hair from behind.  I leaned by head back into the mystery hand and, with my eyes closed, heard Mary’s voice saying, “are you ready to go?”


I opened by eyes to look into her face smiling down at me.  I felt my nipples start to harden again.


“Careful girl,” she laughed.  “You’re going to wear your sweater out.”


I smiled up at her and, gathering my luggage, we set off for the United parking garage.  We caught the employee shuttle and we were soon placing our luggage in the trunk of Mary’s blue Miata.


We pulled out of the garage with the top up and caught the on-ramp to the freeway.  I liked riding in Mary’s small car with the top up.  It felt small and dark and very private.


“The panties you gave me on the plane.  They were quite wet,” Mary glanced at me with a grin.  “Did you put on dry ones?”


“No.  Those were the only ones I had.  Want to see?” I said as I started to pull my skirt up my legs.


Mary’s hand was resting on the gearshift lever, which was causing her fingers to vibrate just a little.  “Yes,” was all she said.


I continued slowly pulling up my skirt up watching Mary’s eyes flit back and forth from my lap to the road.  When just the bottom of my pussy appeared Mary moved her hand off the gearshift lever and high on my bare thigh.  I signed with pleasure at her touch.


She slowly slid her hand along my thigh and when she reached my pussy she gasped in surprise.  I watched her face turn toward me as she slowly rubbed her fingers over my erect, thumb-sized clit, and down into my wet wide-open cunt.


“My god, Donna!” was all she said as she slowly stroked my entire cunt.


Traffic picked that time to come to a standstill and Mary quickly took her hand away to deal with the gearshift lever again.  I groaned in frustration.


When the car stopped I took her hand off the lever and, looking at her face, brought her fingers up to my mouth.  I slowly licked my pussy juice off each finger.  First licking them one by one and than taking each one deep in my mouth.  Mary stared at me, her face slightly flushed and her beautiful lips slightly parted.  Her breath was coming in short gasps as she watched me lick and suck each of her fingers.


A honking horn behind us broke the spell.  We both looked quickly ahead and seeing that the cars in front of us were now moving, Mary smiled at me and put her hand back on the gearshift.


As we slowly inched forward, I could see the city of San Francisco on our left.  I leaned over as though to get a better look and put my hand on Mary’s skirt covered thigh.  I heard her sharp in take of breath at my touch.


As Mary worked the gas pedal and brake with her right foot I slowly eased her skirt up her leg.  She was wearing pantyhose, of course, but even so the feel of her thigh was electric to me.


Once on the Bay Bridge Mary reach for my cunt again, this time concentrating on my clit.  Making sure that it was coated with the juice flowing from my pussy Mary stroked by clit with her thumb and forefinger like it was a small cock.  I was so close to cuming that I could only put my head on the seatback and groan my need while I lightly stroked her forearm.  We could both hear the squishy sound her fingers were making and smell my over-flowing pussy.


It was only moments later, it seemed, and before I could orgasm that we were on the streets of Berkeley.  We pulled into an underground parking garage and, as Mary stopped the car in her spot, she turned toward me and put her hands on either side of my head.  She stared into my face with her eyes half closed from lust and desire.


This time her kiss wasn’t soft.  She kissed me in a frenzy of need, licking my lips and my cheek and my eyes as if she wanted to devour me.  She broke the kiss; we were now both breathing heavily.  “Let’s go upstairs,” she said.


Mary’s apartment was elegant, not that I was in any mood to really appreciate it when we arrived.  Before the door had even closed behind us we were in each other’s arms, kissing passionately and ripping at each other’s clothing.  Since I was wearing the least I was naked first and I fell to my knees to roll Mary’s blue pantyhose off.


I clutched the pantyhose at her waist and slowly rolled them down.  First over her ass which I couldn’t see from the front but which I caressed with my hands as I lowered the fabric.  Than the front, slowly, ever so slowly as Mary moaned out loud above me.  I first saw her bellybutton and stopping there reached out with my lips to kiss and probe with my tongue.


As her beautiful dark pussy hair slowly came into view it was my turn to moan.  I continued to roll her pantyhose down, feeling her grow weak as more of her cunt was exposed to my gaze.  When her entire pussy was open to my view the light glistened off the abundant juice on her exposed cunt lips and upper thighs.


With a loud groan I buried my face in her cunt sucking as much of her clit and labia as I could into my mouth breathing in her glorious hot scent.


“OHOHGODDONNA,” was the sound I heard from above me, and just like that, she came.  I was surprise by the flood of her liquid that filled my sucking mouth.  Mary’s legs gave out and she slid to the floor with her pantyhose still around her thighs and me, now kissing her mouth with my pussy-flavored lips.


Mary’s tongue reached out in a long lazy swipe to clear as much fluid as she could reach from around my mouth and lips.  When I drew back to look at her she was smiling at me with her eyes half-closed.  A very satisfied look.


In the bedroom, I lay flat on my back as Mary, kneeling above me, starting kissing me on my lips.  I was so excited, so turned on by the events of the long night, that my hips were pumping the empty air above them.  My legs were spread wide and I know that I was soaking the sheet beneath me.


Mary kissed me slowly, first my lips and face and than my throat.  Her touch sent slivers through me and I ran my hands frantically over her body.  First her arms and back and finally her wonderful full breasts.  I kneaded them, milking her white tits while she sucked first one, than the other of my nipples into her mouth.


Mary continued to kiss and lick her way down my body finally, oh yes finally, sucking my engorged clit into her mouth.  It was huge, as big and throbbing and hard as it could get as she sucked and licked it like a small cock.  I felt Mary’s fingers enter my cunt, first one than the others until my entire pussy was filled with her thrusting hand.


I could not contain myself any longer as I started to cum.  Cum in loud release of feeling and intensity that felt like it would never end.  I cried her name out loud as she sucked my clit all through my orgasm.  When my cum passed I was surprised to find that I was crying from the intensity of it.


We fell asleep in each other’s arms.  It was the middle of the day and we’d been working toward this moment all night.  I did get to visit the university, finally, but mostly Mary called in sick until my return trip.