My Sister and I

By Pussywillow

m/g, Cons


Disclaimer: This story is just the figment of the imagination and contains depictions of sexual encounters between adults and children. If this type thing bothers you then you should stop reading now. However if you recognize the beauty of such loving and consensual relationships, then read on and I hope you enjoy.


What would you do if you accidently peeked in on your younger sister and saw her lying there diddling herself?


Yeah, This is what happened to me way back in the early sixties when I, Mike, was thirteen and my sister, Diane, was eight – almost nine.

I guess that we were what you’d call a middle class family, owning a house and a car. It seemed that dad worked all the time and mom was always going to meetings and bazaars and things like that.

The house was set up so that my bedroom was at the end of the hall, and Diane’s was next to mine with our parent’s bedroom across the hall from us.

My sister and I were probably just like so many other brothers and sisters as we liked each other, but then we squabbled and teased each other whenever the opportunity struck. But all in all, I guess that we got along pretty well together.

As far as sex goes, I was at the age when I was just beginning to notice girls, and my buddies and I were now talking more about girls than anything else as we passed around a whole lot of misinformation amongst us while trying to glean whatever information we could from older members of our families and acquaintances.

I had just learned how to masturbate almost a year ago, and was now really enjoying myself by being able to do it three times in a row everyday, which eventually made me think about the possibility of actually involving a girl with my newfound pleasure.

Since I had seen my sister fleetingly naked from time to time, especially when we were younger, I did have a fairly rough idea about just what a girl looked liked down there - just enough to make me all that more curious.


On this one particular day, I was in my room doing some homework when I decided to go get a snack from the kitchen.

As I passed my sister’s door on my way to the kitchen, I noticed that it was slightly open. Her door had a problem, it had to be completely closed or it would eventually open back up just a little.

That’s when out of idle curiosity, I decided to open it just a bit more and see what the heck she was doing in there that made her so quiet.

As I cracked open the door just enough to see in, I could see that she was lying down on the bed on her stomach still clothed with that short dress of hers still on her. But then I saw that her panties were pulled down a bit and one of her hands seemed to be down underneath her, around her crotch.

This got me real curious as to just what she was doing.

As I quietly stood there watching her, I noticed that she had her head turned away from me, and I realized that was the reason that she didn’t holler at me for peeking in her room. But I could detect a slight movement coming from her hand that was hidden underneath her though.

As I continued to watch, I noticed that she soon started to breath real heavy and then I noticed that her whole body seemed to freeze up a little for a moment before she then relaxed again.

So I decided it was time for me to head on towards the kitchen before she could catch me spying on her.


Later as I was back in my room eating the cookies that I had just snitched, I got to thinking about just what I was watching Diane do.

After a while, I realized from the way she was and from her actions that she was probably diddling herself.

That assertion also made me now realize that she really wasn’t the sexless little girl that I had always believed her to be because I always thought that little girls like her never really had any real sexual feelings until after they got big enough to grow tits.


Of course, as the days continued to pass, I still continued to wank myself off as I started to think more and more about what it would be like to actually have a sexual adventure with one of Diane’s cute girl friends. Or maybe even, heaven forbid, with Diane herself.

I then tried to picture in my mind Diane and myself both lying there naked on the bed with our hands in-between each other’s legs, feeling each other up.

It did seem kind of far out though as I realized that it was by far the best fantasy that I ever had for wanking myself off with while pretending that my hand was her small hand wrapped around my dick.

Although mom had never really said so, I guess that I had always had the feeling or thought that somehow, it just wasn’t really right to have sex with your own sister. But I guess that was what made my fantasy seem all that much more interesting – forbidden fruits.


I guess that it was several weeks later when I accidentally found myself again in about the same situation as I found myself in the first time I spied on my sister.

Again as I passed her room to go to the kitchen, I noticed, again, that she hadn’t closed her door completely. So I again cracked it open just a bit more to find Diane lying in somewhat the same position as last time.

As I again watched her masturbate herself, I suddenly got a bright idea that seemed to kind of develop from my fantasies. So I said to myself, ‘why not find out if she really would like to have me to do that for her,’ maybe it might be just like what I had dreamed about.

I knew that I would most probably really enjoy it if I could get her to get me off. But I’d rather it would be more of a consensual experience rather than being just one sided.

So I very boldly opened the door a little more and then quietly walked on into her room until I was standing right next to her.

As I noticed that she still hadn’t heard me come in, I very quietly asked, “Diane?….” and that’s when I saw her suddenly jump and turn her head around to look quite fearfully at me as I continued, “Wouldn’t it feel a whole lot better if I did that for you instead of you just laying there doing it all alone by yourself?”

I watched as she continued to look at me quite fearfully for a bit longer as she digested just what I had just asked before I saw her start to relax again as I continued, “I’ll even let you do that to me also if you want to.”

We both continued to look at each other for a bit more before I finally heard her reply, “Well, okay if you promise not to tell.”

Oh wow, was I ecstatic! I actually got the answer that I was so hoping for, so I replied, “Oh don’t worry about that, I won’t.”

I then went over and closed the door.

When I looked back, I saw that she had rolled over on her back and was in the process of taking off her panties.

So I kicked off my shoes and laid down on the bed next to her with an arm underneath her head as she wrapped her arms around me while my other hand gravitated on down towards her crotch.

I then felt a wild sexual explosion go all through my whole body when I felt my own hand actually cover my own little sister’s bald pussy, and that’s when I realized that I had just experienced the sudden extreme sexual shock and excitement of actually putting my own hand right down against my own sister’s bare pussy.

I had just given it a few rubs when I felt her hand softly grasp mine while I heard her very softly say, “Here, put your finger on me just like this,” while I felt her hand guide my fingers to just where they were supposed to be.

As I tried to do just what she wanted me to do, I felt her correct me a couple of times before I felt her hand finally leave mine and wrap itself around my neck again.

So I finally found myself, very excitedly, actually laying there masturbating my own sister just like in my dreams.

As I continued, I could feel her arms tighten around me as I felt her start gyrating herself around against my fingers while I thought to myself about this most awesome position that I found myself in while continuing to gleefully rub her pussy for her just like she wanted me to.

 Soon, I felt her whole body just seem to freeze up for a bit before I felt her slowly relax again. After that, she then reached down and removed my hand.

But we still laid there for a bit longer, hugging each other before I saw her finally lift her head up and prop it against her hand with her elbow against the bed and ask with a big smile on her face, “Can I do that to you now?”

Wow! I just couldn’t believe the position that I now found myself in as I just laid there and watched my sister get up on her knees and unbuckle my belt. Soon, as I very excitedly watched, she had my pants down and off of me.

Next, I saw her reach for my underpants, and as I lifted my butt up a little, I saw her actually slide them on down and off of me.

After I had wildly watched my own little sister strip me of all of my lower clothing I was now laying there with my lower half completely naked as I watched her sit down on her knees and stare at my big hard-on that was standing straight up in the air just like a proud soldier.

Being only thirteen, I still hadn’t grown very much hair around my dick yet, and as I was to find out later on after I grew up that the hard dick that I had right at that moment was quite a bit smaller than the one that I would be sporting after I had grown.

“Wow, I never knew that your thing could get that big!” I heard her say as I watched her hand then reach over and grasp my hard shaft.

Just the sexual shock of feeling her small hand grasped around my hard dick was almost enough to make me cum right then and there. So I quickly grabbed for anything that I could find to catch my cum in just as I felt my sexual feelings very quickly rise on up into that real awesome feeling that I was getting from my own little sister’s small girlish hand being wrapped around my hard dick.

I then very quickly pressed the cloth that I had in my hand against the end of my dick just as I felt myself well right on up into the most fantastic climax that I had ever experienced, and I very excitedly watched as I could both see and feel myself shoot squirts of cum out into what I realized now, were her panties while I felt her small hand still squeezing my dick.

Wow! The feelings I received were so great that I just laid there for a moment in a sexual stupor before I was finally able to gather my thoughts about me again as I heard her ask, “What is all of that that stuff that came out of your thing?”

As I tried to pull my composure back together again, I realized that I had just experienced without a doubt best ever climax of my young life. So as soon as I could speak again, I replied, “It’s my cum. I think it’s the stuff that helps to make babies.”

After she bombarded me with even more questions, I tried to answer as best as I could with my still very limited knowledge of sex when I finally asked, “Would you like to do that to me again?”

I heard her giggle, “Yes.” So I positioned her hand back on to my still hard dick and showed her just how to move her hand back and forth on it.

Oh gosh, it felt so good to both watch and feel my own little sister wank me off that I just laid there in a sexual stupor that I had never known before as I watched my own little sister very gigglingly move her small hand back and forth on my raging hard dick.

Oh gosh, the whole scene was so unbelievable that I just couldn’t believe that I was actually both feeling and watching my own little sister actually masturbating me.

But suddenly I panicked as I realized that I was all too soon going to climax again and shoot my cum out all over everything. So I quickly said, “Diane, get that water glass off of your night stand and bring it here real quick.”

I watched as she looked at me very quizzically for a moment until I said, “I need it to catch my cum in.”

But then, like a good little girl, I heard her giggle as she let go of my hard dick and quickly went over and retrieved the water glass while I swung my legs off of the bed and then sat on the edge of it as I watched her bring the glass back.

After she sat down beside me, I showed her just how to place the water glass in front of my dick in order to catch my cum when I climaxed.

So I excitedly just sat there on the bed watching my little sister again, very gigglingly, moving her small hand back and forth on my hard dick once more as I just couldn’t believe that this really was my own little sister doing this to me while I felt my sexual feelings start soaring wildly higher and higher until they got so great that I could feel myself feeling sexually higher than a kite just before I literally exploded my cum right out into the water glass that she held while hearing Diane still giggling.

Afterwards, it took me a while to gather my wits back before I could even move again when I heard Diane ask, “Is this the stuff that you called cum?”


“Why do you pee it out?”

“It’s the stuff that’s used to make babies with.”

“How does that work?”

“I really don’t know. All I know is that if I shoot this stuff up inside a girl, it might make her pregnant and have a baby.”

At that point, I was now quite shocked as I watched her dip her finger into it and started playing around with the gooey sticky stuff. So I nonchalantly said, “Go on and taste it. It isn’t pee so it won’t harm you.”

I then watched as she gigglingly lifted her finger towards her mouth as she looked at me, and then stuck her tongue out and tasted it. Then I watched as she now stuck her finger into her mouth and sucked what there was off of her finger and said, “Oooooo, it feels so naughty to me to taste my own brother’s cum, and it really doesn’t taste all that bad either.”

I then watched as she dipped her finger back into the glass and gave it another taste as I heard her say, “Will you do that to me again now?”

I then reached for the bottom of her dress to move it up out of the way so that I could get my hand back onto her pussy again when I heard her say, “No no, I want to sit on your lap.”

After I got her positioned on my lap, I felt her wrap her arms around me as I then moved her dress out of the way and put my hand back down on her pussy as I felt her snuggle up against me.

So I just sat there fingering her pussy for her just like she had shown me while I felt her just melt against me.

As I continued to hug her and rub her pussy, I realized just what an awesome position I was in of actually being able to do this to my own little sister no less, and I also realized that she had also insisted on being cuddled by me while I rubbed her pussy for her. I guess that it had to do with her wanting to be real intimate with me while I made her feel real good.

As I continued to rub, I realized that I now felt a very new and a very special closeness with my sister that I had never known before, and I now had the awesome feeling that it was now my special duty to make sure that I gave her that real special real good feeling that I thought was a girl’s version of a boy’s climax.

Soon, I felt her hug my neck tighter as I felt her start to gyrate around a little bit before I felt her whole body just seem to freeze up a little bit for several seconds and then relax again.

There I sat, still cuddling my little sister for what seemed like several more minutes before she finally lifted her head away from my neck and gave me several kisses all over my face before she said, “Oh thanks big brother for making me feel real real good. I really liked what we both did together.”

She then got off of my lap and grabbed up her cum filled panties and complained, “Oh! Just look at what you did to my panties. Now I’ll have to get a fresh pair out of the drawer.”

Since we both now felt pretty well satisfied from our most awesome little sexual adventure with each other, I then stood up and put my pants back on and went on back to my room to finish up my homework.

After that, I spent the longest time going over in my head just what Diane and I had done together in her room. Why I just couldn’t believe that we were actually touching each other down there. But I believed that we both really liked what we did to each other though.


It was several days later when dad was at work and mom had to go to a meeting.

Just after mom left, Diane sidled up to me with a big grin on her face, and asked, “How would you like to do some more of what we did the other day?”

I just couldn’t believe it – my own little sister no less. I guess that she actually got more fun out of what we did than I had imagined.

Of course I certainly wasn’t going to say no, so we both hurried into her bedroom and closed and locked the door.

As we stood there grinning very sheepishly at each other, I asked, “Why don’t we both just get undressed?”

I saw her smile at me as I watched her reach for the buttons on the back of her dress. So I quickly took off all of my clothes, and soon, we were actually standing there looking at each other completely naked.

I followed her as she laid down on the bed and I laid down next to her. A moment later, she had her arms wrapped around me with her head lying on my left arm while I had my right hand rubbing all around against her ultra smooth body for a moment before it finally gravitated right on down to her pussy.

Soon, I could feel her squeezing me very tightly while she spread her legs  real wide open so that my fingers could rub her right on the front of her pussy.

Oh golly, I could even hear her make little squeaking noises while I felt her bottom move all around as I realized that she seemed to be really enjoying what I was doing to her. So it wasn’t long before I felt her arms tighten around my neck as I heard her emit little squealing noises just as I felt her freeze up. I guess she must have been in that position for quite a few seconds before I then felt her seemingly relax back down into a lifeless heap.

I continued to cuddle her for a while before she then lifted herself up and gave me all sorts of little kisses all over my face as she said, “That’s for making me feel so good big brother. Now I’m going to make you feel real good now.”

I watched as she scooted herself down towards my hard dick and sat in-between my legs just before she grasped my hard dick with her hand and looked very smilingly at me.

As I watched her move her hand back and forth on my hard dick, I asked, “What are you going to use to catch my cum in?”

But, as she suddenly looked very quizzically at me, I said, “If you don’t use something, you’re going to get my cum all over us and the bed.”

I then heard her reply, “Oh oh, I forgot the glass, and last time I had to wash my panties out in the bathroom so that mama wouldn’t find out what we did.”

So I replied, “Well, you better use something.”

Then I heard her say, “Hey, I know! Why don’t I use my mouth. I remembered it didn’t taste too bad and you said it wasn’t poisonous, so I guess I could swallow it and then nobody’ll ever know.”

Wow! I just couldn’t believe my ears as I realized just what she had said, so I very excitedly replied, “Well okay, if you really want to that is.”

I then watched as she got down and put her mouth down over the end of my hard dick.

Oh my gads! I just couldn’t believe it! So I said, “Yeah, why don’t you just go ahead and suck on the end of it just like that, and then when I do cum, you’ll already have your mouth over it to catch my cum when I shoot it out.”

I watched her grin at me just before she laid down in-between my legs and then put her mouth back down over my hard dick and smile at me while I watched her suck on it for a moment before she lifted her head back up and exclaimed, “Hey! You know this is fun. It makes me feel really real naughty to actually have my own big brother’s ‘thing that you go to the bathroom with’ right inside my mouth.”

I then watched as she lowered her mouth back down over my hard dick and started sucking once more.

As I watched my little sister continue to suck on my dick, the whole thing seemed so awesome and mind-blowing to me that it took only just a few sucks on her part before I found myself literally exploding all of my cum right into her mouth which was the most weird awesome feeling that I had ever had.

Afterwards, as she raised her head back up, I really was quite surprised that she had managed to swallow all of my cum.

But as I saw her sitting there on her knees in-between my legs I saw a great big smile grow on her face as I heard her say, “Wow, that was fun! Can I do it again?”

I excitedly replied, “Sure, go right ahead.” So I watched as she lowered her mouth back down over my dick.

So I just laid there wallowing all around in all the fantastic feelings that she was giving me as I again felt my sexual feelings soar on up higher than a kite again before I shot all of my cum right into her mouth again.

As I watched her sit back up in-between my legs I heard her very gigglingly say, “Now that I did it to you, you hafta do it to me now.”

At that moment, as I saw her sitting there, I realized that her pussy was pretty well hidden from me from the way she sat, which made me realize that from all the sex that we had been having together, I really hadn’t yet got a very good look at her pussy.

As I thought over just what she wanted me to do, I realized that for me to do that to her, I would have to put my mouth right down against the place that she went to the bathroom with. But doing this had never before ever entered my mind when I was fantasizing about fooling around with little girls, and I guess that it had never occurred to any of us boys either that we would ever be putting our mouths down against some girl’s pussy or even have them suck on our dicks just like my little sister had just done to me.

As I looked at her still sitting there in-between my legs waiting for me to answer, I thought about what a sexually wild adventure it would be to maybe actually do that back to my sister. So I replied, “Okay, lets change places.”

As I watched Diane lay down on her back and spread her legs way out for me, I quickly got myself positioned in-between her legs and looked.

Wow! Here I was for the very first time in my life, actually looking at a real honest to goodness girl’s pussy that was now laid all out wide open for me to see.

As I stared, I saw her pair of plump pussy lips from where they started and then ended just before her poop hole. Then I saw what appeared to be a very tiny little dick like thingy sticking up from in-between her pussy lips.

I then took my fingers and very carefully rubbed them lightly all over her pussy lips before I spread them apart to see what was inside. I guess that I fully expected to find some sort of a hole for my dick to go into, but all that I found was just a very tiny thing that I perceived was her pee hole.

Now that I had given her a more proper examination, I decided that it was now time for me to go ahead and do my duty.

As I lowered my mouth down against her pussy, I had a real funny feeling go all through me even as I tentatively actually kissed her right on her pussy lips.

As I did so, I felt her jerk and give out a little giggly squeal as I realized that what I had just done had really done me no harm other than send another jolt of sexual excitement all through me, so I put my lips back down against her plump pussy lips again.

It was funny; it seemed that the more I kissed her there on her pussy the more I seemed to actually want to kiss her there, and I also very quickly realized that me having my mouth down against her pussy like that gave me a sexual thrill that was really quite unbelievable – just absolutely out of this world from the wild audacity of actually having my mouth right down there against her pussy.

As I kept on kissing, I could hear her gigglingly squeal as I felt her gyrate her little butt all around, and that got me to eventually get both my mouth and tongue in on the act, and I was soon having a real jolly good old time of it of both licking and slurping my mouth and tongue all over her pussy as I very excitedly heard her squealing with delight while I felt her little butt gyrate all around from all the sexual pleasure that I was giving her.

Soon, I felt her bouncing her bottom all around on the bed as I tried to hold her steady, and that’s when I felt her whole body just seem to freeze right on up, and I swear that she must have held her bottom at least six inches of off the bed for quite a few seconds before she finally collapsed on back down again.

I then felt her hands very feebly trying to push my head away from her pussy, but then, I held on because I certainly didn’t want all of this wild sexual fun to end yet.

Soon I could hear her squealing with delight again as I very gleefully continued on licking and slurping all over her pussy.

By now, I found that what I was doing to Diane was so much fun that I just couldn’t make myself quit.

Again, I heard her squeal as I felt her lift her bottom clear off of the bed again and just freeze there for several more seconds before she flopped back down again.

Again, I felt her very feebly try to push my head away, but by now, I was having too darn much fun licking her pussy for her to ever let her just push me away like that, so I kept on going.

But I did manage to make her freeze up for the third time before my tongue finally got so tired that I just had to quit.

As I rose back up on my knees and looked at her, she looked just as if she was asleep. So I crawled back up on the bed again and laid down beside her and cuddled her up to me.

At this point, I guess that we both felt pretty well sexually satisfied for the moment, so we just laid there all cuddled up together for a long while until I heard mom’s car in the driveway.

I just listened to that noise for a moment before I panicked. So I grabbed my clothes and then rushed on into my own room to try to get dressed before mom could get inside the house.


I guess that Diane liked what we were doing to each other so much that we continued to have sexual adventures with each other whenever we could.

If nothing else, she just had me rub her pussy for her whenever mom wasn’t looking.


A few months later when mom was out shopping, I had found a tube of lubricant in the medicine chest.

So, as we were again having fun playing with each other naked, I had her get up on my lap facing me while I sat on the edge of the bed and let her rub my hard dick up and down against her pussy just like we had done several times before.

Only this time, I rubbed a little of the lubricant on my dick, and as she rubbed my dick up against her pussy this time, wow, it felt really slick and good.

I guess that she liked the feel of it so much that she got carried away and was really moving my dick up and down against her pussy; humping herself against my dick when I heard her suddenly give out a little screech just as I felt the end of my dick suddenly go inside her.

I watched as she suddenly stopped and exclaimed, “OW! I hurt myself!”

But then as she held her position, I saw her look at me with a very surprised look on her face for a moment before I heard her say in a very naughty voice, “Oh oh, I think I can feel your dick inside me!”

I continued to watch as she kept that real surprised look on her face while I felt her slowly push herself on further and further onto my dick while I watched my dick gradually disappear on into her.

I was now soon really quite shocked to actually feel her sitting there right against me on my lap knowing full well that my dick was now completely buried all the way up inside of her.

It was then that I realized that I was feeling this most awesome feeling all over my dick from being inside her most awesome warm wet hole.

I then felt her wrap her arms around me while we both now very franticly moved my dick all around inside of her until I felt her freeze up just as I felt her pussy start contracting against my dick.

But by that time I was so hot that just the feeling her pussy contracting against my dick like that made my sexual feelings rise on up so high that I went and climaxed all of my cum right into her.

Then, as I felt her recover from her climax, we both realized just what had happened. So with the added slipperiness of my cum now being inside her new found hole, we now really went at it while feeling the most awesome and the most intimate contact of actually having both of our naked bodies joined together.

Oh my gosh! I never knew that anything could feel as good as that as I continued to feel my hard dick sliding all around inside of her pussy, and I guess that she really liked the feeling of it being in there also. So we both just sat there and wildly fucked each other as I ecstatically felt her freeze up on me several more times, making her vagina keep on contracting against my hard dick, before I finally shot all of my cum into her for the third time. But now as I started to feel very uncomfortable down there next to my balls, I knew that I just had to quit. So I guess that we both had a pretty darned good time of it of actually fucking each other.

Afterwards, we had to go into the bathroom to get ourselves cleaned up, and as I looked at my dick and then at her pussy, I noticed that we were both covered all over down there with what looked like blood tinged cum.

As we cleaned ourselves up, I realized that I had actually broken through something that was covering her hole. It was then that I remembered some of the guys talking about breaking a girl’s cherry. So I guess that was probably what I had just done to my own little sister.

As she continued cleaning her pussy, I noticed that she was no longer bleeding down there, but she was having one a heck of a time trying to get all of my cum back out of her hole though.


Later on we both talked quite a bit about what we had just done to each other. But I guess that she really liked what we had done so much that we now continue to fuck each other every chance that we can get.


Of course this story never really happened - Or did it?

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