How My Daughter Seduced Me

By Pussywillow

M/g, Ins


Disclaimer: This story is just the figment of the imagination and contains depictions of sexual encounters between adults and children. If this type thing bothers you then you should stop reading now. However if you recognize the beauty of such loving and consensual relationships, then read on and I hope you enjoy.


What would you do if you went into your young daughter’s bedroom on a nice warm morning and found her lying on top of her bed looking just like a young sexy angel?


Chapter 1


Hi, my name is Mike, and this is the story of how my nine-year-old daughter, Diane, actually seduced me, and what happened afterwards.

I was eighteen, fresh out of high school, when I went away to college. While I was in college, I met this real hot babe. Her name was Ruth, and the same age as I was. We were soon living together, and because of our strong attraction for each other, we didn’t act wildly like a lot of the other students, we just kept more to ourselves, and kept ourselves pretty busy going to classes, studying, and especially having sex together so that we could devote most of our time to our studies.

Because of our closeness with each other, we finally figured that we should make our very close relationship legal. So we finally got married the semester before we graduated.

Because of her, I knew that I no longer had any worries about my sex life because she kept me very well sexually fulfilled. But we did hold off having children until we could get fairly established in our fields.

What triggered it was, the day, we went to a birthday party for a very small and young relative. While we were there, Ruth was having a ball playing with all the little kiddies there.

When we got home from the party, Ruth threw all of her birth control pills in the trash, and announced that we were going to have a child of our own. Of course I didn’t object, and less than a year later, our daughter, Diane, was born.

But something happened to Ruth during the delivery. Afterwards, she found that having sex was sometimes just too painful and she no longer seemed to enjoy it.

She went to a couple of doctors who examined her, but could find nothing wrong. They gave her some pills, but they didn’t seem to help much either.

I continued to bear with her problem for several more years until I couldn’t stand it anymore having sex with Ruth only about once a month or even less. I was right on the verge of divorce when she was offered a good job offer quite far away. I didn’t want to move because of my own work and the nice house that we owned. So that night we sat down and talked it over. She finally decided to leave Diane here with me so that she could continue to be in her own familiar surroundings with all of her own friends and wouldn’t have to suffer the trauma of moving away to a strange new place. She also decided that we would go ahead and file for a no fault divorce, and she would just move away and leave nearly everything to me since I would be having full custody of Diane.

Since I now had to take care of Diane all by myself and take care of the house, I found I had very little time left over for dating, and the longer I went without female companionship, it seemed the hornier I became.

Of course, I did date once in a while, but it seemed that none of them ever really panned out.


One summery Saturday morning, soon after Diane had turned nine, I noticed it was quite warm when I woke up, and I knew that I would have to turn on the air conditioner soon.

When I went into Diane’s room to check on her, I saw that she was just lying there on top of her bed dressed in her light weight baby-doll pajamas. As I looked at her, I noticed that she looked just like a real beautiful doll laying there with her long brown hair flowing about her head.

As I knelt down next to her bed, I saw her turn her head towards me and smile as I heard her say, “Good morning daddy.”

I reached my head over and gave her a little kiss on her forehead and replied, “How’s my little angel this morning?”

That’s when I heard her giggle as she replied “Oh no I’m not. I’m your little devil, remember?”

I remembered the mess she made the night before in the kitchen, so I gave her a poke in her tummy, and said, “Well, you look like my little angel this morning.”

I then gave her a couple of tickles as I heard her giggle and wiggle around on top of the bed trying to defend her small body from me, but then, I noticed that her flashing eyes seemed to be pleading for even more attention.

My guess was that I had been keeping a distance between Diane and myself because of my lack of sex, and since she was a girl, I really hadn’t been as intimate with her as much as I should have since my separation.

I really didn’t want to do anything inappropriate to my daughter, but for some reason, at this moment, she seemed to draw me to her just like a magnet, and I let my guard down enough so that I could be just a little friendlier, and actually play with her.

During our playing, I noticed that her top had ridden up to reveal that her bottoms had slipped down enough on her so that she had a fairly bare midriff. Then, as I looked down at her very young feminine body, I said, “Ah ha! I see a bellybutton that I can kiss.”

Of course, that brought on a whole new bunch of squeals and laughter from her, and before I knew it, I had my wet lips down against her bellybutton blowing air out of my mouth in order to make that real funny farting noise that made her shriek and giggle.

When I lifted my head back up, I saw that her eyes were flashing even more as I heard her gigglingly say, “Do that again.”

As I looked at her, I noticed that her eyes looked like they were dancing while she was giggling. So I could not resist that look that she had, and put my head back down as I again heard her shriek and giggle while I did that to her again.

As I lifted my head again, she whispered, “Now kiss me right here”

At this point, I felt that I just couldn’t deny her because her skin felt so soft, so smooth and tight, so I put my head back down and gave her more little kisses all around her bellybutton while I heard her say, “Oooo daddy, that feels real funny… Oh, don’t stop.”

As I kissed, I noticed that she had lifted her top way up and said, “Now go up higher.” So I kept on kissing her skin while my mouth traveled gradually on up, and eventually I found that I was kissing her all around her still very flat nonexistent breasts.

As I noticed that she still didn’t have anything there yet, I went ahead and kissed her tiny boyish nipples anyway as I heard her shriek and giggle at what I was doing for a moment before I then heard her say, “Now go back down lower daddy.”

By this time, I knew that my dick had gotten quite hard from what I was doing, and, as I felt myself now really enjoying the eroticness of this most intimate kissing that I was doing to her, I knew from her reactions she was really enjoying it also. So I started kissing on down lower and lower until I found myself back down kissing all around her bellybutton again.

But as I was kissing, I noticed that she had pulled her bottoms down a bit as I heard her say, “Now go lower daddy.”

I know that I really shouldn’t have, but just the very thought of what I was about to do made something inside of me snap as I felt my whole body now actually start to tremble.

Because of the wild sexual inner feelings that I was now getting, I very gladly obeyed her bidding – knowing all too well just what might be happening in the next little while. But, at this point, I could no longer stop myself.

So I slowly kept kissing on down lower and lower on her abdomen while I noticed that she kept on pushing her bottoms down further and further in order to keep them out of the way of my mouth until I suddenly had the feeling that my mouth was actually starting to go uphill again.

It was then that I realized that my mouth was now kissing the very front of her pussy. But as I heard her still giggling, I realized that she was still really enjoying what I was doing to her because I still hadn’t heard a word from her nor had she even tried to stop me.

At that moment, I felt a mental haze go all through me while I felt myself go right into a sexual trance realizing just where my mouth now was.

But as I heard her still giggling, I moved my mouth on down now in very small increments while feeling my lips still going uphill until I realized that they were now at the very top of her mound. That was when I heard her say, “Ooooooh daddy, Oooooooo yes, kiss me all around right there.”

Because of what she had just said, and where I knew my lips were on her body, I found myself now so sexually excited that I actually creamed my pants – I just couldn’t help it. The whole thing seemed so sexually erotic to me that I just lost it right then and there. But then, that still didn’t stop me from doing what I was now doing to my daughter though.

I knew that my lips were now in that very forbidden territory where they should never have gone in the first place, but then I knew from what she had said, she really wanted me to continue kissing her there as I felt her now really enjoying all of the wild sexual feelings that my lips were probably making her have.

As she still had her legs closed, I continued to kiss all around all over the front of her mound, even trying to kiss the very beginnings of her slit as I found myself now so sexually excited from what I was doing that I realized that I just could no longer deny her – or was it me deny myself?

As I momentarily looked back up at her. I saw that she had her arms thrown up over her head, and was watching me with a biggest grin on her face that I had ever seen and that’s when I also saw her very puffy bald pussy staring at me right in the face with her pajama bottoms pulled well down on her upper legs.

Now, every kiss that I made on that part of her body made me all that more excited as I heard her, “Oooooo, that feels real funny daddy…. Oh! Keep on doing it…. Oh daddy, daddy…. Oooooo, down more…. Oh please daddy, kiss me down more.

When I heard her say that, I realized that she now wanted me to kiss her on further down in-between her legs. But how was I supposed to do that as I realized that I was now caught up so deeply in her sexual trap that I could no longer pull myself away.

So, I just let myself go, and did her bidding.

I guess that I must have been kissing her down there for quite some time when I felt her legs trying to move even further apart as I felt her small hands trying to push my head even more down on her pussy.

But as I tried to do her bidding, I realized that that her pajama bottoms were in the way so she just couldn’t spread her legs out far enough for me to get my head down in-between her legs.

As I felt her frantically trying to free her legs from her bottoms, I heard her very desperately cry out, “Oh please help me daddy! I can’t get my pajamas off!”

So I reached down and managed to shove her pajama bottoms on down and off of one of her legs just as I saw her spread her legs out so wide apart that the outsides of her legs were actually touching against the bed. Why I never knew that she could spread her legs out that wide.

By now I could hear my mind screaming at me – telling me just where I had my lips while I could now literally hear my own blood pounding in my temples like a sledge hammer as I heard her moans, and that’s when I realized that I had both my lips and tongue now frantically probing all around all over her pussy, exploring all over her very private hidden treasures down there – literally tasting her sex while feeling both my mouth and tongue wallowing all over her small bald pussy. But I soon found her clit, and I allowed my tongue to go all around it while I felt her bottom wiggle all around while hearing her crying out with some little funny noises.

My heart was now literally pounding like a drum inside of me when I sucked her clit up into my mouth and worked my tongue all around it, and that’s when I heard her loudly squeal as I felt her bottom actually leave the bed while she tried to push her pussy up even harder against my face just as I felt her stiffen up and hold herself in that position for what seemed like a long time before she finally slumped back down on the bed again.

But that didn’t stop me as I realized that she hadn’t even fully recovered before I heard her squeal and start stiffening up again.

Then as she started to recover again, I felt her hands try to push my mouth away as I heard her cry out, “Oh no daddy, oh stop. Oh! It’s getting way too sensitive down there now.”

I finally took my head away and laid down on the bed beside her, and we then wrapped our arms around each other for a while as I felt her still trembling body against me while still in her sexual excitement for a while before she finally calmed down enough to say, “Oh daddy, I’ve never felt anything like that in all of my life. Oh! It felt so awesome. Oh! I now love you more than anything in the whole world. Oh please! Keep holding me real tight. Oh, please!… Don’t let me go!”

We must have laid there like that for quite a while as I went over and over in my mind just what I had just done to my own small daughter. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she actually was a very sexual person also, and that we had just accidentally discovered each other’s sexuality and had somehow managed to enjoy it very immensely.

I knew what I had done to her was really very forbidden by society, but then I realized that she was the one who had instigated it while I just followed along from her directions, and that we both had now enjoyed a very special loving intimacy with each other that we had never known before. So instead of being upset about it, we both continued to hold each other as I wondered just how many other dads out there had ever experienced this same kind of intimacy with their own daughters.

But eventually as she finally perked back up again, I heard her ask, “Oh daddy, I really loved what you did to me. You really made me feel so good. Oh, that was absolutely fantastic….. Why does it feel so good when you lick my pee-pee with your tongue like that?”

As I sat there on her bed, I explained all about the rudiments of sex to my little daughter as I realized that I really had never ever talked about sex with her before

 I guess it was because it had never really entered my mind that she was really growing older and was also turning into a sexual person also, and now, I realized that she was no longer just that pretty little sexless doll of mine that I had always known before.

Because of our experiences together this morning, she seemed to actually comprehend all of what I was talking about.

But as I sat there, I had all but forgotten that all I had on was just a tee shirt and my now cum soaked boxer shorts. As I looked down, I saw that my shorts were still absolutely sopping wet from all the cum I shot into them. So I quickly excused myself and told her, “Hurry up and get dressed, and we’ll have breakfast.”

As I walked out of her bedroom, I heard her giggle as she said, “Daddy, your underpants are all wet.”

As I got dressed, I now suddenly felt really quite guilty over what I had just done to my own daughter, and I now felt so guilty about it that I really didn’t want it to go any further, and I was also really hoping that our little experience this morning on her bed had not caused her any ill effects.

During breakfast, she again asked why my underpants were so wet. So I had to explain all about men shooting out semen, and that she had gotten me so sexually excited that I had actually went into a climax and shot out a whole bunch of my semen right into my underpants.


The week went on by quite uneventfully, but I still wrestled in my mind with my very guilty conscience about just what I had done to, what I thought, my still very innocent little daughter. But it still seemed very highly erotic to me from what I had done with her though. Why it all seemed so wild to me that I even had to relive it over and over again in my mind; especially the part where I actually had my mouth down against her pussy. But she still seemed to have suffered no ill effects, and if nothing else, seemed to be even all the more happier from our little experience.

Of course I did think about the effects that it had on me – how her cute little bald pussy had both tasted and felt when I had both my mouth and tongue down against it, and just how she had reacted to my administrations.

But every time I thought about it, I could feel my body literally tremble with a sexual excitement that I had never known before, and I was now even having trouble quite often doing my work. It was a sexual experience that I had never experienced before – not from any of my old girlfriends or even from my ex-wife. I realized that some of my experiences with them had been really quite fantastic but nothing we ever did ever seemed to approach that most erotic sexual experience that I had last Saturday morning with my own little daughter though.


Suddenly, as I woke up, I realized that it was Saturday morning again and I again felt all too glad that I didn’t have to go to work.

As I laid there in bed, thinking about all of the chores that I should be doing on my day off, I saw Diane suddenly burst into my room, jump up on my bed, and fling her arms around my neck. I had never received this type of attention from her ever before, and suddenly I realized just what was going on as she whispered into my ear, “Daddy, will you do that to me again just like you did last week? Please?”

As I felt her small arms wrapped around my neck while her little mouth gave me little kisses all over my face, just from hearing all of the excitement that was in her voice, I gave in.

I now realized that I was no longer the stern sterile dad that I always thought I was while now feeling myself melting back down to her every little wish, and from what my own body was trying to tell me, I realized that I could now no longer physically or mentally back out from her sexual desires any longer as I felt myself just gradually dissolve right into a very faithful sex slave - just waiting to do her bidding.

After I finally got my arms out from under the covers and wrapped them around her, I asked, “Do you really want me to do that to you again?”

“Oh yes daddy that was so much fun. Oh please? I think you’re the nicest daddy in the whole world.”

That’s all it took. Then, as I capitulated, I managed to release ourselves from the covers, and threw them off.

I then noticed that all she had on was just a short night shift. So I pulled it on up on her until it was all bundled up around her chest. But then, when she lifted her arms over her head, I got the idea and lifted it on up and over her head.

As I now laid there with her next to me, I just had to run my free hand all over her now very naked body as I felt her exquisitely young smooth skin against me and my fingers.

Of course my dick had instantly gone hard with her first touch.

But then, I had never really thought of my daughter as a sexual being before last Saturday. But now, I could feel myself actually trembling from the realization that I was now about to experience another wild sexual adventure with my own daughter.

I started out by kissing her mouth and face, and then I moved on down to her neck, and gave it some kisses.

Next, I moved on down to her still very boyish nipples and kissed them as I felt her wiggle and giggle at my administrations.

From there, I slowly kissed my way on down as I felt her still wiggling around and giggling at the touch of my lips until I felt my mouth now ringing her bellybutton.

From there, I knew that I was now entering very erotic territory as I slowly moved on down kissing all over her abdomen until I once again felt my mouth at the very start of her puffy mound.

By this time, I felt my own body now really trembleing with all of the sexual excitement that I was feeling building up inside me. So I very slowly worked my lips all over the very front of her mound until I could feel the very beginnings of her slit.

Then, as I looked up, I saw that she was again in that same pose that she was last week with her arms flung up above her head and that same big grin on her face as she both watched and felt what I was doing to her.

I could even feel her hips squirming around as I continued to kiss the very top of her mound for a bit before I saw her legs finally but very quickly spread wide apart for me.

So I repositioned myself in-between them, and that’s when I felt my lips now kissing the junction of her thigh and pussy.

I then kissed all around the circumference of her pussy until I felt her frantically trying to move her hips around trying to get my mouth on down over her pussy proper.

I then finally obliged her as I heard her let out a long moan, and that’s when I felt both my mouth and tongue just clamp right against her whole pussy.

That’s when I heard her squeal out with sexual pleasure as she felt my tongue lick the length of her slit until I was licking all around her clit. At that point, she finally fell quiet but kept on gyrating her hips all around seemingly in time with my tongue.

As I sucked her clit into my mouth, I felt her gyrating turn into bucking, and soon, I heard her squeal as I finally felt her actually lift her bottom off of the bed and hold it there as I felt her freeze right on up into an orgasm, and that squeal lasted all through her orgasm until she finally started to relax again.

As I continued to play with her clit with my mouth, I felt her quickly go on into another orgasm. So I continued on as I awaited her to finally push me away again. But this time it didn’t happen. I just felt her again very quickly go on into yet another orgasm as she continued on squealing and bouncing her bottom up and down.

Soon, I had lost count of the amount of orgasms I had given her before I finally just had to take my mouth away from overwork.

So I moved myself back up on the bed and wrapped my arm around her just as I felt her bury her head against my neck,

There I cuddled her still shuddering small body against me for quite a while before I finally felt her perk back up and say, “Oh daddy, that was even better than last week’s. OH! I love you so much. OH! I want you to keep on doing that to me all the time now. Oh! It’s so much fun.”

I wondered what she was up to as I then watched her get up on her knees and grin at me. I knew she was up to something. But I didn’t know what. So I watched as she worked her way down towards my legs, and then in a flash, I felt her pull at my shorts.

I don’t know how she managed it, but she actually got them down far enough so that my dick was sticking straight up in the air, entirely exposed. Then I felt her wrap her hands around it and say, “Now I’m going to do that to you daddy.”

I was now in such a state of sexual shock that I just couldn’t move or say anything, and I just couldn’t believe what I was watching as I saw her actually get down and put her small mouth down right over the head of my dick.

So there I laid in frozen sexual shock as I both watched and felt her move her warm wet mouth all over the head of my dick, and it was just the matter of seconds before I felt my sexual excitement build up so high that I felt myself literally explode my cum right into her mouth.

I guess she didn’t know anything about a man’s cum yet, and I guess that it hit her with such complete surprise that she reacted and gagged on the first load.

As she tried to pull her mouth away, I saw the second load get her right on the nose. She then lifted up her head to look at me with a very surprised look on her face when yet another load got her under the chin, and she continued to give me that shocked surprised look as I watched my cum slowly stream down both her face and body.

I finally said, “It looks like you got the surprise of your life. Didn’t you?”

I watched her look at me in her most shocked expression as she looked just like she was about to cry when she sheepishly shook her head ‘yes.’ So I said, “Lets get you in the bathroom and get you all cleaned up.”

As I helped her clean my cum from her face and body, I told her all about it and just what it did. Then I heard her ask, “Will the stuff that I got inside my mouth hurt me?”

“Oh no. You can drink it all day and it won’t hurt you. All it’ll do is just give you a little more protein, that’s all.”

“Well, it didn’t seem to taste too badly though. Daddy, why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“I’m sorry, but you acted before I had a chance to warn you.”

It was now my turn to be shocked as I heard her ask, “Can I try to do that again?”

All I could say was, “Well sure, that is if you really want to.”

“Yeah, I’d like to do that to you again. Oh daddy, you made me feel so good that I wanted to do the same for you, and I was afraid that you would try to stop me. Why didn’t we ever do any of this stuff before?”

I replied, “Well honey, I don’t think we were ready before. That’s why. Also, remember that this is our very own very private affair. So don’t ever go mentioning it to anyone. Okay?”

“I understand. It’s kinda like you and mummy. Only now it’s just you and me. Isn’t that right?”

As I digested just what she had just said, her statement shocked me even more as I realized that I now couldn’t say anything more than, “Yes.” So I heard her reply, “I understand, I won’t.”

“Okay. Now let’s get dressed and have some breakfast.”

All during breakfast I was bombarded with questions and comments on how good she liked our newfound intimacy, and from the way she acted, I knew that I had done nothing really wrong with her, and she seemed now even happier than ever before.


All during the day, I had deep thoughts about Diane and me as I realized that I had now gotten into an incest affair with my own daughter which I had always understood was supposed to be quite wrong. But then, she seemed to have enjoyed it so much that I thought that it would be pretty darned hard for us to quit now – not that I really wanted to that is. I guess that I really had never before ever thought about having a father and daughter affair and so it had never even entered my mind until our little experience together last week. But now that it had actually happened, I continued to agonize over just what we had done as I relived and relived all of those real exciting erotic events over and over in my mind until I was soon just mentally worn out. But I finally had to come to grips with myself that Diane really wanted it and had actually enjoyed all of it with me. So, I eventually came to the decision to continue on with our affair, but do only those things that Diane really wanted to do and because of that, it seemed to have calmed me back down a little.

Of course, I knew that our little episode this morning would have a very permanent and a lasting effect on Diane. But I did know from her reactions from what we had done together, that it really was, most probably, a very good positive sexual experience on her part, and by her actions and comments later on, I believed that she was certainly very comfortable with it. Even the fiasco with my cum. I knew that it had surprised the holy bejesus out of her, but in the end she had finally accepted what had happened and had actually enjoyed it, and even told me she wanted to try it again.

Now, that I had told her all of the basics of sex, and that she had now actually experienced a part of it, I knew that we would most probably now become – how should I say it? ‘lovers.’ So I now resigned myself to probably be playing that roll with her from now on. So I decided to just stop looking for another mate for the moment and just relax and try to enjoy my own daughter’s sexuality to its very fullest.

As the day wore on, I found myself again holding, cuddling, and kissing Diane – things that I had never done before because, to put it bluntly, I was afraid to. I guess that I really was afraid to be that close to her because of the chance that I just might get ourselves into what had just happened between us. But now, since it had now happened, we now seemed to be stuck together like glue.

That evening, right after dinner, we had our first shower together.

Of course, I let her decide all of what we did to each other, and I now found myself enjoying my daughter as never before. Also, it was the first time that I had ever washed her hair for her, and I realized all of the intimate fun that I had missed out over the years as I ran my soapy hands all through her hair and then all over her body. Then afterwards, having her sit on the bed in-between my legs as I combed and brushed it back into a flowing silky head of hair once again.


As the days drifted by, she continued to come to me wanting to have even more and more sexual adventures with me. So I did all the things that she wanted me to do in order to give her all the orgasms which she seemed to enjoy so well, and I found that she also really loved to play with my dick. I guess it was because she didn’t have anything like that, and it seemed to be a real fun sexual toy for her to have fun with.

Usually our little adventures would take place around bedtime, and also, sometimes even in the mornings if we had time. Also, she soon found out that she really loved to sleep with me – to be able to feel the comfort of cuddling up against me with my arms wrapped around her until she went to sleep, and she quickly did that on a permanent basis.

From then on, the only time she ever went into her own bedroom was to get to her clothes or to play, and never slept in her own bed again.

Before our sexual relationship started, I guess that I had kept my distance from her by never putting her on my lap or hugging her or anything that made any sort of body contact because, I guess, I was always afraid that I would be sorely tempted to try to do things to her.

Since then, I have now been extremely intimate with Diane – not only sexually, but in all the other ways also. She loved to take showers with me, and I would wash her hair, and then, wash her whole body for her as she just loved the feel of my large soapy hands rubbing all around all over her whole body.

After we dried off, I would set her on the bed and take quality time to comb and brush her hair until it flowed from her head like it did in the shampoo ads. Then sometimes I would even braid it for her. Then afterwards, she would just sit on my lap while I hugged and caressed her.

I really loved her lovely long hair, and I took special care to make sure that it looked real nice all the time.

I found that sexually, she was very excitingly different from my ex-wife or any of my other past girlfriends, and because of that, she kept me very well sexually satisfied although I hadn’t fucked her yet – probably even more so than my wife ever had. There also seemed to be a special freshness and variety about our sexual adventures with each other that only a child could dream up, and I made sure that I satisfied her every sexual need, and never denied her a sexual favor – even if I didn’t feel like it (Which was very very seldom).

Of course, she very quickly got to know as much about sex as I knew, and, of course, she also knew about sexual intercourse also because I had told her all about it. She also knew all about her own hymen also because I had told her all about that when I had accidentally touched it one time and she had let out a yelp and had quickly found out that hymens in young girls were sometimes very sensitive.

After her tenth birthday, she seemed to get more and more interested in sexual intercourse. But I flatly told her that I was not going to hurt her by trying to break through her hymen.

I’ve heard her call it many times just a dumb piece of worthless skin, and of course, I had to agree with her. So I guess she quietly worked on it all by herself, and had eventually got it torn open.

At first I had not noticed it because I had been very careful to avoid that area of her pussy until one night when I was getting ready to eat her out.

As she laid there with her legs wide apart for me, I knew that when she was getting real sexually excited, her pussy lips would swell up and open up just like a flower while exposing every bit of the interior of her crack to me. There I could now see that small reddish opening of her vagina. So I put my tongue into her vagina as much as I dared as I heard her squeal and gyrate around, and that’s when I heard her say, “Oooo, that feels real strange! Oh! Keep doing it.”

As I kept on, pretty soon I managed to bring her on up into an orgasm.

When I finally got through with licking her pussy for her, I heard her say, “Now lay down on your back daddy. I want to see if I can get your big hard dick into my vagina.”

Of course I accommodated her, and there I watched as she straddled me and then put a little lubricant on my dick just before I saw her place my dick at the entrance to her hole. She then took it very slow and easy, but I just laid there and very excitedly watched as she gradually lowered herself down until she had my dick all of the way into her.

But from what I now saw, it looked just like I was about to tear her apart but then, I heard her say that she felt very comfortable with my dick now buried all the way up inside her.

As she sat there on top of me, her face had that look of sexual wonderment and excitement written all over it as I heard her say, “Oooooooo daddy, It feels just like you’re filling me all the way up inside me, and it feels really real good.”

With that said, I put my hands on her hips, and started to move her up and down on my dick as I heard her squeal. But it wasn’t long before she laid herself down on top of me. I guess she just wanted to feel her whole body against mine. So, as she laid there, I grabbed her little bottom, and moved my dick in and out of her while she just laid there flat against me with her legs entwined around mine with the top of her head just bellow my chin.

It wasn’t too long before I heard her start squealing, and she even tried to match my movements for a bit just before I felt her freeze right on up into an orgasm. But then, the contractions of her vagina against my dick really surprised me as it felt like she was going to squeeze my dick off of me, and that it made me so hot that I finally climaxed and that’s when I felt myself explode all of my cum deep inside her.

I don’t know why, but the enjoyment I had from fucking my own little daughter seemed many times more enjoyable than anything that I had ever remembered before and that included my ex wife.

After we were finally all through, she just laid there on top of me until my dick finally softened and slipped back out of her.

I then saw her raise her head up and giggle as I heard her say, “Oh daddy, that felt really funny when your great big dick shrank back up and slipped back out of me.”

Then as she laid her head back down against me, I heard her say, “Oh daddy, I love you so much.”

I just had to reply, “I love you too sweetheart.”

Then I heard her say, “I also really love what we do together. It makes me feel so good and so nice all over.”

Then I had to say, “You made me feel real good and nice also. Even your own mother never made me feel that good sweetheart.”

 So that was the start of my having sexual intercourse with my own daughter, and I found out that she liked it so much that she kept me literally worn out. It seemed like whenever she could get my dick hard, she had it in her.


Chapter 2


One afternoon, for some reason, when Diane came home from school, she wanted to fuck me.

She had always been trying out all sorts of new positions and situations, so I guess she wanted to find out just how it would be to do a quickie in the living room. I noticed that she was wearing a skirt, so I sat down on the couch and got my dick out while she took off her panties and then just left them on the floor while she then gave my dick a few good licks to get it nice and hard and slippery, and then got up on my lap facing me, and managed to get my big dick all the way into her while I put my hands down on her bare bottom underneath her skirt.

We had just started to get going real good when Tina, one of her girlfriends, just walked right on in without even knocking. So I quickly took my hands off of Diane’s bottom, and I was really glad that Diane still had her skirt on because it hid what we were doing. But I saw that Tina looked very puzzled at us for a moment before I heard her ask, “What are you two doing? Are you kissing your dad?”

Diane replied, “Oh yes, I always kiss him when I come home from school.”

Then I heard Tina say, “I don’t know, but it looks like you are doing something more than just kissing though, because your panties are on the floor.”

I then piped up, “Tina, will you please go on into Diane’s bedroom and leave us alone for a minute? Please?”

Because of this interruption, my dick had very rapidly wilted and slipped back out of her. I knew that Diane was also really quite disgusted about the interruption as I heard her say, “Oh dad, I forgot to lock the door. Can we do this later?”

I replied, “Certainly.”

So she just sat there until Tina left. Then got off of me and put her panties back on while I stuffed my wilted dick back into my pants.

Diane then went on into her bedroom to see Tina.

A few moments later, I heard Tina ask again, “What were you doing with your dad in the living room?”

So Diane replied, “You promise not to tell anyone will you?”

“You know me. I’m your best friend. Remember?”

“I hope so. Well okay, I like to have daddy feel my bare bottom when he kisses me like that.”

I then heard Tina say, “Wow, you’re really lucky Diane. My dad never kisses me or does anything except holler at me. Do you think you could get him to kiss me like that?”

“I don’t know, but we can ask. Why don’t you take your panties off and we’ll go ask him.”

I was just sitting there trying to look very nonchalant by reading the paper, when the two girls came back out of the bedroom. I then heard Diane ask, “Daddy, Tina’s dad never kisses her or anything, and she was wondering if you would like to kiss her just like you kiss me?”

I looked at them with a very surprised look on my face and mulled it over in my mind for a moment before I then asked, “Are you sure Tina wants to kiss me?”

“Yeah, she’s really envious of me for having such a real nice daddy like you, and she wants to have a little loving also.”

“Well, I guess its okay as long as you two don’t let this get out. You could get me in very serious trouble you know if someone finds out that I’ve been kissing someone else’s daughter.”

Tina then replied, “Oh no, I promise, I won’t never tell anyone.”

So I replied, “Well, okay, come on over and get on my lap. I guess Diane won’t mind if I kiss you a little bit. I really love kissing little girls.”

Tina was a very sweet little girl with reddish hair in a pageboy cut, and she was about two inches shorter than Diane and a little on the skinny side.

I heard Tina giggle as she got up on my lap just like Diane had been sitting on my lap when Tina came through the door.

I then heard her giggle as I gradually put my arms around her, and I felt her just melt right against me. So I got my head down and gave her a little kiss on the mouth, and I could even feel her arms trying to go around my neck as she kissed me back. We then looked at each other and I saw that she had a real big smile from ear to ear on her face as I heard her say, “More.”

I figured that she was probably just a little love starved. So I continued to kiss her as I felt her start to respond very passionately, and it seemed that the more I kissed her, the more she wanted to be kissed.

I guess that I sort of forgot who I was kissing, and my hands just naturally wandered on down towards her bottom. Somehow, her dress had moved up on her, and I was now really quite surprised that I was actually holding her bare bottom.

That’s when I realized that Diane had made up an excuse about her panties being on the floor, and now her girlfriend wanted to try to kiss me without any panties on also. Well, I found myself now in a very awkward position, because having this little neighbor girl on my lap kissing me without any panties on was really quite dangerous. But then I could feel that I was now getting really sexually excited over it.

I knew that I shouldn’t have, but because her bottom felt so nice, I just let my hands go ahead and wander all over her bare bottom while we kissed. Then, as she seemed to be really enjoying what I was doing to her, I figured that she was probably also a very sexual little girl also – just like Diane.

Pretty soon, my fingers just migrated to her butt crack and I found myself eventually rubbing my finger all over her anus while I felt her squirming all around while she kissed me even harder. Of course, I didn’t want to let my fingers go any further in between her legs for fear of hitting her hymen and hurting her because I remembered of accidentally doing that to Diane once, and she had yelped.

After a while, when I thought she was ready, I lifted her up and placed her sitting sideways on my lap. Then as we kissed, I let my free hand migrate on up her inner thigh until I felt the side of my hand was just touching her naked pussy.

It was then when I felt her spread her legs real wide for me, and gradually, I felt my fingers started probing all around on her real soft pussy lips as she seemed to be really enjoying what I was doing to her while I could even hear her breathing become quite ragged, and I could even feel her trying to move her little bottom all around against my fingers.

Quickly, my fingers found her clit. So I massaged her clit just the way Diane liked it, and it wasn’t very long before I heard her let out some real funny noises and then froze right on up into an orgasm.

I continued to finger her pussy for her until I heard her let out some more moans just before she went into another orgasm. Then, as soon as I felt her start to relax, I took my hand away and just held her there against me.

After a while, I felt her perk back up and then look at me as I heard her say, “Oh Mike… Oh, I’ve never felt like that ever before in my whole life. Oh! I think I like you more than I like my own daddy. Oh, I wish you were my own daddy. I’d love to come over here and live with you.”

As she continued, I could see tears come into her eyes, and the more she talked, the more she cried until she was literally bawling against me.

Finally, after she had cried herself out, I replied, “Honey, I would really love to have you as my own daughter, but it just can’t be so. You have your own mother and dad, and you have to continue to live with them. But remember, if you ever need a little extra loving, you can always come to me.”

About that time, Diane appeared, and asked, “Well, did you two lovers have a good time of it?”

Tina replied, “Oh your dad’s so wonderful. Oh I wish I could live here with you two.”


A couple of days later when Tina came over to our house, Diane knew just what was going to happen, so she excused herself and went on into her room. Tina was wearing a pair of shorts, so when she came over to me, she just stood there and smiled at me.

I quickly got the idea of just what she wanted. So I grabbed her shorts and slowly slipped both her shorts and panties on down and off of her. After I had placed her shorts and panties on a chair, I thought she looked real funny with just her tee shirt on, so I took it off also, and then I sat her on my lap.

After she got settled, I heard her ask, “Do you think I’m too skinny?” I knew that she was smaller and thinner than Diane, but I replied, “Oh no, you look just right to me.”

That seemed to make her happy. So we kissed for a bit before my hand migrated on down to her pussy. But the only reaction that I got was that she just hugged me all the tighter as we continued kissing. Soon I felt her grab my neck seemingly in a death grip as I felt her go on up into an orgasm.

When she recovered, I said, “How would you like to be kissed down there?”

As she looked at me very quizzically, I said, “Oh, I do that to Diane all the time, and she really loves it. Here, get off of my lap and stand up here on the couch with your legs straddling me.”

I heard her really giggle as she did what I had asked. Then after she was situated the way I wanted her to be, I saw that she had her pussy nearly in my face.

Then as she hung on to the back of the couch and giggled, I moved myself down until I could get my mouth right against her pussy. I then heard her really squeal as I grabbed her bottom and moved her pussy around against my mouth. She continued to squeal and wiggle around as she felt my mouth and tongue explore all around against her pussy.

Soon, my mouth was making her so hot that I felt her even trying to help me. It wasn’t long before she started moaning, and she even grabbed my head trying to shove it more against her pussy as I felt her go on into an orgasm.

When she started to recover, her knees gave way, and I helped her on back down on my lap.

As soon as she recovered, she grabbed my neck and said, “Oooo, that was really lots of fun. Oh, I love you.”

Then I heard a voice across the room say, “Yeah that looked like a whole lot of fun too. Do that to me too daddy.”

I just sat there and watched as Diane took off her clothes and then climbed up on the couch just like Tina had done. I then heard her giggle as I started to lick her pussy while Tina just stood there and watched us.

Diane wasn’t quite as animated as Tina because we do sexual things with each other every day. But Diane got herself placed so that my mouth and tongue would have the best effect, and after a bit, she too went into an orgasm.

Just like Tina, she too got a case of wobbly knees, and I had to help her back down on my lap as her knees gave out on her. I cuddled her for a few minutes before she perked up again and asked Tina, “Well, how do you like my dad.”

Tina replied, “Oh, I think he’s wonderful.”

Then Diane asked, “How would you like to play with his dick?”

All Tina could do was just stand there and giggle, and that’s when I heard Diane say, “First, we’ll take off his shoes.”

Tina helped Diane, and as soon as they had my shoes off, Diane said, “Now, we’ll take his pants off.”

Diane unloosened my belt while Tina gigglingly unzipped my zipper. Then both girls grabbed my pants and pulled them off of me. Then I saw Tina just stand there and stare at my tenting boxers while Diane said, “Now we have to get his underwear off.”

But Diane did most of the work as Tina just stood there transfixed, staring at my big hard dick. But Diane finally broke the spell by saying, “You can’t play with his dick by just standing there. Come on and put your hands on it like this,”

I then watched as she came slowly up to me and wrapped her small hand around my hard dick as she said, “Oh wow, I’ve never seen a man’s before. My dad is very careful so I don’t ever get to see his.”

I felt like I was now in sexual heaven as I watched little Tina run her hands all over my dick and balls while Diane just stood there and gave her instructions. “You’ve got to be careful with his balls though. If you press too hard, you’ll hurt him. I did that once and he let out a yell.”

As Tina continued to fondle my equipment, Diane told her all about it and what it did.

Then I heard Diane ask Tina, “Now how would you like to suck on it?”

“You mean put it in my mouth?”

“Sure, come on, its fun. Here, I’ll show you how.”

As Tina watched, I saw Diane get down on her knees right beside me, and put the head of my dick into her mouth and then sucked on it for a few seconds.

After she took her mouth away, she said, “See? Now you do it just like I showed you. It’s fun.”

But I heard Tina very nervously reply, “Oh, I don’t know.”

So Diane asked, “Remember? He licked your pussy didn’t he?”


“That was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Oh yes!”

“Well, come on and try it. I know that daddy will really like you to do that to him.”

Of course I was sexually just too far gone to stop them. So I just sat there like a blithering idiot and watched as Tina finally gave in to Diane’s prodding and got down on her knees on the other side of my legs and put the head of my dick into her mouth for a moment before I heard Diane ask, “Well, isn’t that fun?”

I watched as Tina lifted her head back up and gigglingly reply, “It feels awfully naughty.”

Then she put her mouth back down over the head of my dick, and began sucking on it just like she saw Diane do just as I heard Diane say, “That’s it Tina. It looks like you’re doing a real good job… Yeah run your tongue all around it a little like that.”

Just watching these two naked girls, and both watching and feeling Tina suck on my dick was now really getting to me, and I must say that my dick was now really enjoying all the effects of her administrations.

Tina looked like she was really starting to enjoy what she was doing to me until Diane said, “I’ll tell you when he’s ready to shoot all of his cum out into your mouth, that’s the real fun part.”

Of course, she had just brought me up to that point of no return when she suddenly lifted her head up and looked at Diane while she asked, “What do you mean, ‘Shoot out all of his cum’?”

At that moment, I exploded, and it hit Tina right under her chin. I heard her shriek and then look at my dick, and that’s when I shot again, and I saw that bunch of cum hit her all around her open mouth. She then closed her eyes just as she got the third load right in the face. But from there, it just dribbled out, and down it flowed down all over her hand.

Diane was now laughing herself silly as Tina just knelt there in complete shock with my cum dribbling off of her face. After Diane settled down from her laughing, she said, “Well Tina, it looks like you got well baptized also. Here, let’s get you cleaned up.”

When the girls finally emerged from the bathroom, I noticed that they were both giggling, and Tina looked like she had actually enjoyed the whole affair after all.

I was just about to put my clothes back on when I heard Diane holler, “No daddy! Let’s all stay naked. It’s more fun that way.”

So, instead of putting my pants back on, I then took off my shirt that I still had on, and I sat back down on the couch as both girls piled on me. So, I just automatically wrapped my arms around both of them, and kissed whichever mouth got the closest to mine. I heard them as they both giggled and ran their small hands all over me as my hands also did what little wandering that they could do. We must have been that way for quite a while as we all enjoyed our sudden intimacy – a kind of an intimacy that I had never really had the chance to ever enjoy before.

Of course, the girls continued to have more sexual adventures with me as I ate them both out again, and, after my dick was able to get hard again, Tina actually sucked me off again on Diane’s insistency. So over all, Tina had really enjoyed that afternoon that she spent with us.

Now, she’s coming over as much as she can so that she can enjoy having even more fun sexual adventures with us.


One time when Tina was over and we were fooling around, Diane decided to fuck me right in front of Tina.

I had just finished eating out both of their pussies, and I had just laid down on the bed to let them suck on my dick when I saw Diane straddle me and put my dick into her vagina. She then rode me upright for a bit, but then she just had to lay down on top of me, so I just grabbed her little butt and fucked her, and I even felt her freeze up into two orgasms before I finally climaxed and shot into her.

But after my dick went soft again and slipped out of her, she continued to lie there on top of me for a while, while I just cuddled her to me.

When Diane finally got off of me, Tina said, “Wow, I never realized it was like that. Wow, you two must really love each other. Do you think that your dad would ever do something like that to me also?”

Diane replied, “Well, if you really want to, maybe I might let you once in a while. But, you’ll have to break through your hymen first before he can do that to you though.”

I guess that Tina was really all excited about trying this brand new adventure with me, so Diane went on to explain to Tina all about breaking through her hymen.”


About two weeks later, we were all back in my bedroom naked as usual, and the girls were again sexually fooling around with me when I heard Tina ask, “Mike, will you fuck me?”

I guess her language really shocked me, but I really didn’t know any other real short word that could be used to directly describe such an act. The trouble with the word is that it was a good word until about the eighteenth century, when it gradually became used in a very derogatory sense.

I knew that I really wanted to fuck her also, so I replied, “You mean that you really want me to put my dick into you?”

uh-huh. Would you?’

“Well, okay if you really want to do it.”

I then saw her face brighten up with a great big smile while I watched her get her head down on my dick in order to get it wet with her mouth, and then she got up and straddled me with her legs as Diane coached her. She then reached down and guided my dick on into the opening of her vagina.

Slowly I felt my dick penetrate her. But several times I felt that she had to stop and wiggle around to get it to go into her more. But she slowly persevered until I felt her finally sitting down on top of me with my dick now buried all the way up inside of her.

If it wasn’t for my own daughter doing this to me all the time, I would have wondered just how such a small girl like her could ever get my big dick into her. But there she was, with a great big smile from ear to ear on her face as I saw her just sit there impaled on my big hard dick.

Actually, she felt very similar to Diane and if I had my eyes closed, I probably wouldn’t know who I had my dick into except that she felt just a bit lighter and smaller.

As she sat there quietly with that ear-to-ear grin on her face, I grabbed her hips with my hands and started moving her around on my dick as I felt her shake with sexual excitement.

All of a sudden, I saw her get that real serious look on her face while I noticed her shaking had increased. Then her hands grabbed my upper arms and I heard her make some “uh, uh, uh” sounds just as I felt her body freeze right on up into an orgasm and even try to milk my dick with the muscles in her vagina. But I continued to move her up and down on my dick until she started to recover again.

As she gradually went limp on me, I helped her on down until she was lying down on top of me. So I grabbed her bottom and started moving her bottom around on my dick as I felt her melt right against me.

A few moments later, she started making those “uh, uh, uh” noises again, and even tried to move her bottom to match my movements just before I felt her freeze right on up into another orgasm for several seconds before she finally started to recover again.

Soon after I felt her relax again, my dick, being inside of this little beauty, was enjoying itself so much that I felt myself go right into a real awesome climax and that’s when I felt myself explode all of my cum deep into her, and each time I shot, I just automatically pulled her up tight against me, and I even felt her tighten her grip on me as she felt my cum shoot into her.

Afterwards, we just laid there until my dick finally slipped back out of her, but she wouldn’t let me go. So I pulled her on up on me so that I could kiss her small mouth, and there we kissed very passionately.

Finally, I heard Diane say, “Well, aren’t you two finished yet? I guess that it looks like daddy has a new lover.”

I saw Tina turn her head as she replied, “I really love your daddy and I think he’s the best person in the whole world.”

I guess that Diane had become a little jealous of Tina because of me sharing my affections between the two girls. So I finally had to explain to Diane that I was Tina’s only source of intimacy, and I even made an agreement with Diane about what I did with Tina, so that seemed to satisfy her. Diane realized that although Tina was only ten, she was really in love with me, and she hungrily sought out every affection that I could give her. It seemed that she now just lived for the afternoons that Diane would let her be with me and have me fuck her or at least give her some sort of sexual satisfaction.


I had met Tina’s parents on several occasions after our initial lovemaking, and they both seemed quite oblivious about what was going on between Tina and me. I had learned from my conversations with them that they really loved to have their daughter come over to my house to play with Diane. That way, they could get their daughter out from underfoot so that they could enjoy their own solitude. Not even when Tina started staying overnight with me did they ever question it. Because that gave them a chance to go out and they no longer had to hire a babysitter.

I quickly came to realize that I was in fact, their so-called free babysitter. But what they didn’t know was that I was taking my babysitter’s fee out of the thrill of being able to fuck their daughter, and I really enjoyed the job very immensely, and to me, it paid really quite well.


One night at a school function, I was talking with Tina’s parents, and she said, “Oh my, how our daughter really loves to play with your little girl. They seem to be the best of friends, and I do hope that she’s not too much of a bother with you.”

“Oh no,” I replied, “When they come over, I have them finish up any homework before they can play. She’s really no bother at all. Since I have Diane to look after, they both keep themselves very busy together.”

“Oh! So that’s why Tina has been getting such good grades in school. You’ve been making them do their homework. I don’t know how you do it, because I know that they would drive me absolutely crazy… Oh, I understand that Tina wants to stay over at your house Saturday night. We’d be very much obliged to you If you could watch her Friday night as well, then Don and I could take that little trip that we were planning, and we’d really like to take you out to dinner some night to show you our appreciation for what you have done for us.”

I was glad that they hadn’t had the slightest clue about what Tina and I were doing, but I was quite certain that if they really knew what was going on, they would have certainly shot me. It’s also nice to know that they don’t know my little secret about getting the girls to do their homework.

Like Diane, I treated Tina just as if she was my own daughter also, and I also treated them both like they were my little lovers. I also tried, with Diane’s permission, to divide my affections as equally as I could between the two of them whenever Tina was over at my house.

On this particular weekend, we planned it to be a “no clothes, touch anywhere, all sleep in the same bed” weekend.

But because of my very limited male masculinity and my age, the best that I could do for the two of them was to fuck them each a total of three times. The rest of the sex that they received from me was from my hand or mouth. But then as we were sexually playing around, I had remembered that if I fucked either of them, I could at least get them to have at least one orgasm or even possibly two before I finally climaxed into them. So I had both of them lie down on the bed and I started fucking Diane while Tina watched. Then right after I felt Diane have her orgasm, I hurriedly pulled out of her and got my dick into Tina and started fucking her. Wow, this lasted for well over an hour as we even tried different positions.

But the girls really didn’t demand sex the whole weekend. They also just enjoyed being very intimate with me, especially Tina. She enjoyed an intimacy with me that she could never have gotten anywhere else, especially from her own family. Of course, both girls really enjoyed themselves.


As time went on, the two girls continued act more like they were sisters than just friends, and we continued our special relationship with all benefiting from our special illicit intimacy with each other.

Tina’s parents continued to push their little girl off onto me to both Tina’s and my benefit, and they got to where they just didn’t care as long as Tina was over at my house.

As Tina started to spend weekends with us, it soon evolved to where she was here every weekend.

I guess that about the only time they ever saw their own daughter was when she went to bed at night in her own house and got ready for school in the mornings.


When the girls were in their twelfth year, they both started to fill out. Of course I watched as their hips progressively got bigger along with their breasts.

Of course, I knew what was happening, and I took a whole bunch of pictures of them just before their pubic hair started growing just to remind me of that little girl beauty that they were so quickly leaving behind. To me, that was when the girl’s bodies were at their prettiest.

But a few months later, one after the other, they started having their periods. Of course, that stopped the fucking part real short, which just happened to be the ultimate of our intimacies until I could come up with some sort of a solution. At that point, I felt that even condoms were too risky.

I thought of birth control pills, but, I could see myself trying to convince Tina’s parents that she should put their precious daughter on the pill.

I finally decided to have a vasectomy so that I wouldn’t get either one of them pregnant, and that solved that problem.

But because of their growing up, I now missed their smaller prepubescent bodies where they were cuter, more playful, and there was no hair down there to mess up their pussies, and I could gleefully pump both of them full of my cum as much as I wanted without any adverse effects.

As we continued our intimacies, the girls started to date, but neither one of them ever let any of the boys stick their dicks into them until they got married.

I did learn several years later, that Tina’s parents were almost absolutely certain that I was having sexual relations with their little girl all along. But, because Tina never complained, and the advantages they were getting from it, like relieving them of much of the burden of raising their own daughter, and how happy she seemed to be with me, and of all the good grades that she got in school, they figured why not let things be and not rock the boat. Besides that, I believe that they just plain didn’t care. Oh yeah, about that dinner that they promised me - it never came about.


Of course this story never really happened - Or did it?

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