Marie and Sammi: By Purplecat

The title of this story is misleading its not about Marie
and me, it's about me writing a story about Marie.

Sammi is not my real name, but I guess you already knew
that. I write sexy, erotic stories. You know, fuck stories.

I usually do my writing in the early morning. I'm a morning
person and I'm wide awake by four a.m. every day.  I put my
laptop on my lap and type away while my husband sleeps. I
wake him up at six, so that gives me two hours of quality
writing time.

Sometime ago my husband asked me to write down my fantasies.
At first I refused, after all fantasies are very personal
and private things. Of course I was afraid that if I was
truthful about them it may upset him. I have written some of
them into some of my stories. That way nobody can be sure
which part of the story is my fantasies and which part I
just made up.

He kept on asking and I finally agreed that I would if he
promised not to get upset about anything I put down.

Instead of making a list of them I decided to put them into
a story form. I hope you don't mind if I jump in every so
often to explain which part is my fantasy.

Marie: By Sammi.

Chapter One
Fantasy One

Marie Martin loved her family and the thought of having sex
with anyone other than her husband never entered he mind.
Never that is until she left work one night in October.

The shop where she worked closed at six and her and the
other women who worked there took turns closing up. On this
night it was her turn. She locked up the shop and went to
her car. The employee parking lot was behind the shop and
who ever locked up usually went out the back door.

She noticed a large white van parked near her car. She'd
seen the van there several other nights and supposed it
belonged to one of the other shop owners. They weren't
supposed to park in this lot, but Marie didn't mind because
there was plenty of space.

She was putting her key into her door lock when an arm went
around her chest and a hand over her mouth. She struggled,
but he was far too strong for her.

"Be quiet and I won't hurt you," he whispered in her ear.

Marie was petrified and she stopped struggling, because she
was so scared she couldn't move.

The man pulled her backward toward the van. She heard a
whirring sound and out of the corner of her eye she saw the
rear door of the van raise. The man pulled her into the van
and placed her on the floor. He still had her mouth covered
and his other arm was pressing against her chest. She heard
the rear door whir and close.

"I'm going to let go of your mouth if you make a sound I'll
knock you unconscious," he said, in a low calm voice.

"What are you going to do?" she whimpered, as he released
her mouth.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said.

"You're going to rape me," she said.

"No, not unless you make me."

"What do you mean?" she sobbed.

"I mean if you fuck me willingly you can walk out of here
with your clothes all in one piece and no one will ever know
about it. If you don't I'll rip your clothes to shreds and
you'll drive home half naked and everyone will know. It's
your choice, either way I'm going to fuck you."

His voice was so even and calm she knew he meant what he

His calmness caused her to calm down a little. At least he
wasn't planning on killing her. He said she would drive home
half naked. It seemed like he just wanted to fuck her. She
could get through this without everyone knowing she was
raped if she went along with what he was asking. She wasn't
sure she could stand the embarrassment of everyone knowing.
She decided to go through with it, after all she didn't have
to enjoy it, she didn't even have to participate. Just let
him fuck her and have it over with.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, with a resigned

"First I want you to remove all of your clothes even your

The inside of the van was pitch black. There was no way he
could see her.

He lifted his arm from her chest and she began to remove her
blouse. She could hear him shuffling around next to her and
knew he was removing his own clothes. She took off her
blouse and slacks and lay back down with her bra and panties
still on. She felt his hands move over her.

"Everything," he said, she noticed a hint of excitement in
his voice.

She hesitated, but decided it was too late to stop now.

Take your panties off and give them to me," he said.

This time when she lay down she was stark naked. She
shivered, but it wasn't from the cold. The inside of the van
was warm. She lay there for almost a minute and then he
turned on a small flashlight. He played the light over her
body and she tried to see his face, but he'd put her panties
over his head. The crotch of her panties was between his
eyes and he was looking through the leg holes.

"God, you're more beautiful than I imagined," he said.

Marie couldn't help it, she was flattered. She loved showing
off her body. She loved going to the beach and walking along
wearing a thong and a skimpy top. She loved it when the men
stared at her and she knew her husband did too, as he walked
along proudly beside her.

"Do I know you?" she asked.

 "No you don't, but I've been watching you for a while," he

"So this is not just a random thing?"

He laughed.

"No, I've been parking out here for four evenings waiting
for it to be your turn to lock up."

Now Marie was more flattered than before. She sat up and
held her shoulders back a little more than normal causing
her large breast to jut out at him.

"Was the wait worth it." She asked, wondering what the hell
she was doing flirting with the guy.

"Yes I was dying to see you naked and I wanted to show you
this," he said, shining the light down at his crotch.

Marie let out a loud gasp.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed.

His cock was huge. Marie had never seen anything like it.
She didn't know they made them that big.

"Touch it," he said.

There was never any doubt about that. Of course she was
going to touch it. She just had too. She reached out a
trembling hand and wrapped her fingers around it.

"God, it's so hard," she said, wrapping her other hand
around it, "How big is it anyway?"

"Thirteen inches long," he said, Marie knew he was grinning.

"Shit! And it's as thick as my forearm."

"Yes ma'am and I'm about to fuck you with it."

"You'd better asshole or I'm going to be the raper and
you'll be the rapee," Marie grinned.

"I have to get you ready first." he said.

Marie was used to being in charge. The scare he put into her
about being raped had gone by the wayside and now she was in
charge again. All that remained was to find out how much
control she had.

"Look you silly shit, I'm ready, but you ain't fucking me
until you take those ridiculous panties off your head and
show me your face."

"Fuck it!" he said and threw her panties away.

He shined the light on his grinning face.

"I know you, you're the U.P.S. man."

"That's right," he grinned.

"Eat my pussy," Marie said, spreading her legs wide.

Marie had seen this guy almost everyday for over a year. The
women she worked with were always making little remarks
about him. Leaving little hints that they'd like to jump in
bed with him, but only between themselves never to him,
Marie had to admit that it had entered her mind briefly
several times. He was a very handsome guy, like the other
women said. He was cute. Marie didn't know his name and had
never spoken to him.

The brief thoughts that Marie had about him were fleeting,
but that was before she found out he was carrying Godzilla
around in his pants.

He was licking, sucking, and slobbering in her pussy and she
could feel an orgasm coming but she wanted him to put that
hunk of meat in her first.

Fuck me! Now!" she yelled.

He moved up over her and grabbed his long pole and led it to
her pussy. He entered her all they way and she would have
screamed, but his mouth was covering hers. He was in all the
way as far as Marie was concerned. It was pressing hard
against the bottom of her cunt. It might have been painful
if her pussy wasn't in the middle of a gut crunching orgasm.

Marie's husband's cock never came close to the bottom of her
cunt and now she was stretched to the point that she thought
he was going to tear her. She couldn't believe it; it was
like she'd never been fucked before. Everything before this
was foreplay this was honest to goodness fucking.

He was pounding her with long hard strokes, battering the
bottom of her cunt and stretching the rest to the breaking
point. She came again screaming into his mouth. He continued
to slice into her and she threw her pussy at him twisting
and turning his cock every which way but loose.

(Hey, that's the title of an old Eastwood movie. That Clint
Eastwood is something else. Oops, sorry, I promise not to
interrupt again until the end of the chapter.)

He came and it felt like he was shooting silver bullets up
her cunt.

Her cunt exploded in another mind warping orgasm.

She lay there sweating he had shifted his mouth to her left
nipple. It only took about three seconds for her to realize
that his cock was still hard.

"God Dammit fuck me again," she screamed.

He began to fuck her again and continued until she'd cum
twice more and he shot some more silver bullets. This time
his cock shrank, it was still bigger than any cock she'd had
before even when it was soft.

He rolled off of her breathing hard. She sat up and found
his soft cock.

"God, it's even huge when it's soft," she said.

Yeah, almost nine inches," he said.

"Wow! I can't believe it. I thought cocks this size were
just a myth."

"You know that there's still about four inches of it that
you haven't fucked yet."

"No I didn't know that, but I believe it. I'll never be able
to take it all."

"Sure you will with practice."

Marie couldn't see his face, but she knew he was grinning.
She couldn't help but grin herself.

Yes that's what I need, more practice. You will be back
tomorrow won't you?"

"Sure, are you locking up again?"

"No, Bessie's locking up tomorrow, but I'll leave at closing
time and drive around until she leaves."

"I'll be here," he said.

"You'd better be or I'll hunt you down like a wild animal,"
Marie grinned.

"In that case I'll make a point of it," he laughed.

"I've got to go my husband will be worried sick.

He turned on his flash light and helped her get dressed. He
looked around and found his keys and Marie saw him push one
and the rear door whirred and raised.

He helped her out and walked her too her car. There was
enough light that she could see his handsome face.

"I don't even know your name," she said.

"You can call me Up's," he grinned.

She got in the car and rolled the window down. He put his
head through the window and kissed her.

Good night sexy lady," he said.

She drove away smiling. She began building a lie to tell her
husband. She would just say she made a wrong turn and got
lost. He would believe that because he always laughed at her
terrible sense of direction. As for tomorrow she would say
she was having dinner with the girls from work, they did
that two or three times a month so he would think nothing of

She knew she couldn't keep doing this in the evenings so
tomorrow she would ask Up's about meeting her on her lunch
break. She worked from eight to six and got two hours for
lunch. Two hours would be perfect. Two hours with Godzilla
would be like a week with a regular size cock.


That's the end of that fantasy. Do you know what it is? Nope
it's not being raped, it's a big dick. Can you believe it?
Thirteen inches, wow, Godzilla, what a great name for it.

I've had my share of dicks, but I've never had one that was
over seven inches. No, I don't go around with a ruler
measuring dicks. My husband told me his is six and a half.
And every one I've had was about the same as his. I've never
cheated on the husband I have now, but I did on my first
husband. During the seven years we were married I cheated on
him six times with six different men. My first husband was
always putting me down, belittling me. I'm an Aries and they
don't like to be put down. I cheated to get back my self-
esteem and confidence.

Before I was married I had several boy friends, my first sex
happened when I was sixteen. None of them had a dick bigger
than my husbands although there were a couple that was much

I read an article about a college professor that did a study
on penis size. His name was Kinsley or Kingsley, something
like that. Anyway he measured a thousand hard dicks. Most of
them were between six and seven inches. The rest were either
bigger or smaller than that. He only measured one that was
nine inches. Does that mean I have to fuck a thousand dicks
to find one that's nine inches?

Of course I know that's never going to happen and I'm
resigned to it, but that doesn't keep me from fantasizing
about a Godzilla.

Chapter Two
Fantasy Two

Marie couldn't wait until closing time. She had no control
over what happened last evening, but this time it was going
to be cheating. If she had to cheat to get the feelings that
Up's gave her, so be it. She never knew how exciting
cheating was. She now understood why women cheat whereas
before she always thought cheating women were stupid. She
now knew it was the excitement. The closer the clock got to
six the more excited she became. When she finally got in her
car she was shaking like a leaf. She was relieved when she
saw his van was parked in the same spot. She drove around
the block several times before she saw that Bessie's car was

She pecked on the rear door of the van and it went up. She
crawled in and he grabbed her. They found each others lips
and she found his cock. She backed away from him.

"It is real, I was afraid I was dreaming."

"It's real alright and it wants your mouth."

"It gets whatever it wants," she grinned.

He helped her get her clothes off and when she was naked she
grabbed his cock.

"I don't swallow cum, I need something to spit it in," she

"Just suck it; we'll worry about that when the time comes."

She took the head in her mouth and began to suck, the head
fit comfortably so she licked and gobbled at it.

"Swallow it," he moaned.

She knew she couldn't do that so she shook her head. He
grabbed her head in both hands and pushed his cock down her
throat. She felt her stomach retching, but he pulled it out
long enough for her to catch her breath and settle her
stomach down, then right back down her throat it went. After
about six repetitions of this she became accustom to having
the head of his cock in her throat and her mouth stretched
around his thick shaft.

She thought he was fucking her head like a cantaloupe, but
he wasn't done yet. When he thought she was ready he pulled
her head down until her chin was pressed firmly against his

Marie was shocked, she couldn't believe she had the whole
thing down her throat, but what shocked her more was she
liked it. She wanted more; she wished she could take in his
balls too. He was groaning and moaning and she wanted to
make him groan and moan more.

He let go of her head and she backed off to catch her
breath, and then pushed her chin back to his balls. She kept
doing that until he really started to moan and then she
pumped just the head of his cock in and out of her throat
rapidly. When he let out a long low moan she knew he was
going to come, so she backed off. He filled her mouth and
she had to keep backing cock out of her mouth to make room
for his cum. She wound with just the tip between her lips as
she sucked out the last few dregs.

"Hum, hum," she said, when he was finished.

He grabbed her nose and chin.

"Swallow it," he said, in a firm voice.

She tried to shake her head.

God dammit, swallow it," he commanded.

She had no choice she let a little slide down her throat.
That's when she realized that this was stupid. The taste was
all over the inside of her mouth. What difference did it
make if it went out through her lips or down her throat? She
just gulped it down. He let go of her.

"That's a good girl, from now on you'll swallow my cock
every time you put it in your mouth and you'll always
swallow my cum," he said.

Marie didn't answer she didn't think there was a need. They
both knew that she would.

"I told you, you could take it all with practice," he

She lay back and spread her legs.

"Fuck me," she said.

He fucked her and it was even better than the evening
before. She had four orgasms before he shot his silver
bullets. The Lone Ranger and Tonto had nothing on this guy.

She lay there feeling like her insides had been put through
a Cuisinart. Even so she wanted more of his massive Godzilla
cock. She grabbed it and shoved it down her throat. With her
running it in and out of her throat it never went completely
soft. It was soon just as hard as when they started.

"Turn over on your stomach, I want to see your ass," he

Marie thought her butt was too big, but her husband always
told her it was sexy as hell. This was a perfect chance to
get a second opinion. She rolled over on her stomach and he
turned on his light.

"God damn woman, you have got one hell of an ass," he said.

"Do you think so?"

The sexiest ass I've ever seen."

"My husband likes it too," she giggled.

"Does your husband fuck it?"

"Occasionally, he likes it. I can take it or leave it," she

"I'm going to fuck it," he said, matter of factly.

"There's no way you can fuck my ass with that thing."

"Maybe so, but I'm going to try, get up on your knees," he

"No, it just won't fit," she said.

"Look, get on your knees or I'll whip your pretty ass with
my belt. What'll your husband say when he sees welts all
over his wife's fancy ass."

Marie was flattered by the fact that he upheld her husband's
opinion of her butt. She pulled her knees up and raised her
ass. It didn't matter there was no way he was going to get
that thing in her ass.

The first thing he did was spread her ass cheeks and lick
her asshole. Marie couldn't argue with that. She moaned and
decided to let him continue his exercise in futility. She
felt his fingers and something cold.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Some KY, he said, "I came prepared,"

Marie groaned as he worked a finger in her ass. He kept
working on her and she kept moaning. He worked in a second
finger and then a third. He soon had his whole hand in her
ass except for his thumb.

She held her breath as he pushed his cock against her
asshole. She was surprised when the head popped in with only
a little discomfort. There was a lot more discomfort when he
pushed in the rest and began to fuck her. It took her a
minute to realize that his big balls were slapping against
her pussy and most importantly her clit. She lowered the
upper part of her body and pushed back at him.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," she moaned.

She was going to cum. She'd never cum when she was ass
fucked, but she was going to cum now. His cock prodding deep
in her bowels, his balls slamming into her clit, it was more
than she could stand. Her insides exploded, she'd never had
an orgasm from being fucked in the ass. Her ass was cumming,
her pussy was cumming and her brain was cumming. She felt
sure she would die from pleasure.

He had no mercy he just kept slamming into her, reaming her
asshole raw. She wasn't sure if she was cumming again or if
the first one was still going, it seemed like it was one
long continuous orgasm that racked her body and brain. If it
went on much longer she would surely die, but she didn't
care, heaven was a good place to die.

He moaned and she felt his cock jerking and throbbing deep
in her ass. He collapsed on top of her. She straightened her
legs and lay flat on the floor. They both lay there
breathing hard. She could feel his cock soften.

"Looks like I killed Godzilla," she giggled.

He rolled off of her laughing,

"Where did that come from?" he asked.

"It's just a pet name that I have for my favorite monster,"
she smiled.

They kissed, snuggled and fondled for a while and then Marie
had to get home to her family. As she dressed she asked
about switching their time together to lunch time. He was
all for that and he told her where to meet him.

Marie drove home a happy woman.

I bet you're wondering where the fantasy is in that part of
the story. Is it swallowing a cock or eating cum, maybe its
getting ass fucked, nope, none of the above.

It's a man! Not just a man, but a MAN. I don't mean a stupid
macho dumb ass, but a real man. One that will take what he
wants wheather you want it or not and make you realize that
you wanted it all along. If he wants you to swallow his cock
or cum. you will and if he wants something else you'll do
that too. He'll never force you to do anything, but in the
end you'll do what he wants no matter what it is.

I think my fantasy hero's are Clint. Arnold and Sylvester,
They may not be real because I've only seen them in movies,
they may be pussy cats in real life, but in my mind they are
still the stuff that women want, at least what they portray.

Excuse me a moment while I put my lap top aside and get off.

Hmmm, that was nice. Now let's see where was I? Oh yeah a
man. I'm like Marie in that I don't swallow cum and I can't
swallow a cock, believe me I've tried, but I just can't get
rid of the gag impulse. I keep wondering if a guy like Ups
could make me do it and then make me like it.

I guess it's one of those things I'll never know. After all
that's why they call them fantasies.

Chapter Three

Fantasy Three

It was four weeks after that first night. They'd met every
day except on weekends. She always started by sucking his
cock down her throat and eating his cum and then he would
fuck her first in the pussy and then in her ass. She really
didn't care where he put Godzilla as long as it was in her

They met in a remote area of the park and he fucked her in
the back of his U.P.S. van. He had an air mattress and a
foot pump and he always had it ready by the time she got

On this day he didn't have it ready and he still had all of
his clothes on.

"Get in the back," he said, starting the van.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"It's a surprise."

She was surprised when he pulled into a motel and parked in
the back. She came out of the back of the van smiling.

"We're going to have a bed," she said.

"Yes, but that's not the surprise," he said.

"Well then, what is it?"

"Two of my friends are waiting in the room." he said.

"What are they doing here?"

"We're going to fuck you," he grinned.

"Why would you want to share me with someone else?"

"It's not like that. I want to share them with you."

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand."

"Okay, just stop and think for a minute. Three cocks one for
each of your lovely holes all at the same time."

"Oh, you mean all at once?"

"That's what I mean."

Marie couldn't believe it, he had arranged this just for
her.  It was all just for her pleasure and he was thinking
only of her. She never expected this, she didn't think he
cared about her for anything but a quick fuck, but this was
something he was doing just for her, to give her pleasure.
She couldn't help it the tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Yes I'm yours do with me as you wish," she sobbed.

He took her hand and kissed her gently,

"Come on baby this is only one of the fantastic experiences
I hope to give you," he said.

He led her into the room and the two men stood. He
introduced them as One and Two. One was tall and had a small
goatee right on the bottom of his chin. Two was short and
very muscular. Up's put her on a chair and the three men
began to undress. Marie was a little nervous, but she was
more excited than anything. She found herself looking
forward to seeing their cocks.

All three men pulled off their under shorts together. Their
cocks were all hard and pointing at Marie. One and Two's
cock wasn't a Godzilla but they were bigger than any other
cock she'd ever had. They stepped up to her one at a time
and let her examine their cocks.

"Why don't you give them each a little swallow," Up's

Marie took them each in and let them slide down her throat.
The men groaned, that was music to Marie's ears so she
swallowed them each again. The men had crowded around her so
that they were all in easy reach of her hands and mouth.
Sucking on three cocks was fun. She wondered what it was
going to be like fucking them. She didn't have to wait long
to find out.

They pulled her to her feet and began to undress her. As
they revealed each part of her body they let out little
ooh's and ahh's. Hearing their approval made her feel good
and self assured. Their hands on her body and their cocks in
her hands were causing her pussy to drip her juices down her

"Come on you guys fuck me," she moaned.

Up's lay down on his back and the other two men picked her
up and sat her down on his long pole. She groaned loudly as
she felt more of his cock than ever enter her. He fucked her
slowly until One worked his cock up her ass. Marie looked up
to find Two and there was his cock right next to her cheek.
She opened wide and swallowed it. The men began to fuck her
and she began to cum. She'd never had an orgasm like this,
her whole body was cumming it caused her body to convulse
and jerk as it roared through her. Her whole being was being
possessed by it, as she was possessed by the men. She gave
herself to them completely and fucked at them with abandon.

She felt their cocks jerking and shooting in her and felt
Two filling her mouth she gulped at his cum. When she was
sure she'd eat every drop and milked out all that was going
to come out she pulled the cock from her mouth.

"Please don't stop, please keep fucking me," she begged,
tears streaming down her face.

All three men were still hard and they quickly changed
places. Two in her pussy Up's in her ass and One in her
mouth. Marie realized that One's cock came directly from her
ass, but she didn't care, she was used to sucking Up's cock
after he fucked her ass.

The men fucked her until they each came three times,
switching holes each time. Then they all went soft. Marie
was still ready to go but the men were finished. Up's wanted
her to get dressed because she was going to be late for
work. With the men's help she finally got her clothes on,
but her heart wasn't in it. She wanted to fuck the afternoon

As they drove to her car she was a happy lady. She promised
herself to beg Up's to do it again soon. She made it through
the afternoon without masturbating once, but as she drove
home she couldn't help but pull her panties aside and rub
her clit.


Wow! It looks like Up's is turning Marie into a real slut. I
wonder what those other fantastic experiences are.

Anyway that's the end of my fantasies. I guess it was easy
for you to tell that the last one is about having sex with
more than one guy at a time. That's something I know I will
never experience. Like I said before that's why they call
them fantasies.

This would have been the end, but my husband asked me to
hold off on putting my fantasies on the web page just yet. I
usually go along with his wishes. I'll come back and let you
know why he wanted me to do that.

It's only been three days since my husband read my fantasies
and you know what he did? He came on like Clint, Arnold and
Sylvester all rolled into one. He shoved his dick down my
throat and you're not going to believe this but I liked it.
I can still taste his cum from when I gulped it down. That's
a fantasy that became a reality and I must admit the reality
is much better than the fantasy. He still won't let me put
the story up yet.

It's been a week now and up until yesterday I didn't know
what he was up to. Right after lunch yesterday my door bell
rang and when I answered it this guy was standing there
grinning at me. He was an okay looking guy and was dressed
in a coat that was way too warm for the weather. He said my
husband sent him and he was supposed to show me something.
He showed me something alright, he opened up his coat and
showed me the biggest dick I'd ever seen or dreamed about.
It wasn't a Godzilla, but damn it was big. Well over nine
inches and thick.

I didn't have to fuck a thousand cocks to get one that was
over nine inches after all, all I had to do was to fuck one
and believe me I did, several times. Not only that but I
practiced my new found skills of cock and cum swallowing

My husband never mentioned the guy and I certainly didn't
either, but he still wanted me to hold off on the story.

Today is my birthday and as always after the family was gone
off to work and to school I went up to make the beds. The
first thing I always do is to take the pillows off. When I
did I found an envelope under my pillow. It was a birthday
card and a note.

"Happy birthday, I hope you find this in time because it's
only good until ten am. You will find the name and address
of a motel in the birthday card. I have arranged for three
clean cut guys to be there until ten o'clock. If you're not
there by ten they will assume you're not coming.

You do what you want to do, if you want to go, go if you
don't then don't go. I would love to be there too, but I
don't think I could handle watching other men fuck you. If
you decide to go or not please don't tell me what you
decided. After this moment it will never be mentioned again
and the men have been sworn to secrecy. They and you will be
the only ones who will ever know if you went or not.

Have a wonderful time and I love you."

I sat there on the bed for a minute thinking should I go or
not? It only took a minute before I was out the door and on
the way to that motel.

I really enjoyed myself. It was even better than I
fantasized. They should sell that ride at Six Flags, there
would be women lined up for miles.

My wonderful husband had seen to it that all of my fantasies
were fulfilled. So I guess that's the end of the story.

This story is a work of fiction and was written for you to enjoy.
The author does not in anyway condone the acts of perversion
presented here. It is all pure fantasy and I hope you fantasized 
to your hearts content.

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