Karen: by Purplecat

Maria Halton noticed the man several
times before, but she never got a
chance to talk with him until that
Sunday three weeks ago. She was going
to the concession stand and there he
was. She couldn't help but stare.

"Hi," she said, smiling her prettiest

"Hello," he said, showing his beautiful
white teeth.

"I'm sorry for staring, but I just
can't help myself."

"You like it huh?"

"I don't know, but I would love to find
out if I do or not," she said grinning.

"Maybe that could be arranged."

The man's cock hung half way to his
knees. It was twice as long and thick
as her husband's was when it was hard.
She couldn't fuck him that day, because
she was at the nudist camp with her
husband and two daughters. And he was
there with his wife and daughter. She
arranged to have him come to her home
the next morning.

That was three weeks ago and since then
she'd fucked him six times. She found
out that she really did like it. He had
his twelve inch cock shoved up her ass
to his big balls. She sucked his tongue
greedily. She already had two orgasms
and he was pounding hard and fast. She
knew he was about to pump her ass full,
but she didn't want that.

"Don't cum," she panted, "I want to
suck you off."

He pulled out of her quickly,

"You better start sucking you fucking
whore, because I'm ready to shoot," he

She got his cock in her mouth just as
it began to shoot. She loved the taste
of his cum, she let it slide across her
tongue and roll down her throat, when
no more came out she sucked harder and
milked his cock for more. He moaned and
sat on the couch next to her. She
followed him with her lips still
clamped around his big cock.

"My little white slut likes my big
black dick don't you bitch."

He always talked rough to her and
called her names, she loved it.

"Yes I love the fucking thing; I can't
get enough of it. We still have time
I'll keep sucking this beautiful thing
until I get it hard and then you can
fuck me again.

His cock always stayed hard though two
orgasm and usually stayed half hard
after the second. He had only cum twice
so she knew she would have it hard
again quickly.

Maria only thought she had more time.
In fact she'd already been caught. Her
husband, Leo, was standing in the
kitchen watching. He came in. in the
middle of their first fuck and had seen
everything since.

Leo became suspicious when he found
black kinky hairs in their bathroom.
Several days ago he began driving by
his house at lunchtime. Today he struck
pay dirt, there was a strange car
parked in his driveway.

He came in through the back door and
peeked into the living room. There was
his wife with a big black cock fucking
her pussy. He watched until the man
jerked his cock from her pussy and came
in her mouth and then the man stuffed
his long cock up her ass. That did it
as far as Leo was concerned he couldn't
stand it any longer, so he took out his
cock and began to masturbate.

When Leo came he couldn't help but
moan, He hoped the fucking couple
hadn't heard him. They evidently didn't
because they were still fucking. He
kept watching and masturbating until he
came again and then after cleaning his
soft cock with the paper towel he'd cum
in he went out the back door and
returned to work.

What Leo didn't know was his wife and
her lover did hear him moan when he
came. They heard him both times and
they stood at the window laughing
hysterically as he got in his car and
drove away.

That night Maria put her girls to bed
at the normal time. Karen the ten year
old always wanted to stay up, but Marcy
her eight year old had already fallen
asleep lying on her bed watching TV. As
soon as Maria closed their door, Marcy
opened her eyes.

"Get you panties off I'm eating your
cunt," she said.

Karen began wiggling out of her little
girl panties. Marcy already had hers
off. They got into their favorite
position and began to lick each other.

"I dare you to lick my asshole," Karen

"Okay, but you have to lick mine too,"
Marcy giggled.

The girls had been sucking each others
pussy for two years. They started right
after they got their computer and
Karen's friend Stacy showed them how to
find web sites with people fucking and

Every night when their mom put them to
bed they would lick and play with each
other until they were sure their
parents were asleep then they would get
up, turn on their computer, and look at
porno pictures and movies.

Cocks, cunts, and tits weren't new to
them, even before they got their
computer. They'd been going to the
Nudist ranch every weekend of every
summer since before they could

Karen was cumming and so was Marcy when
they heard the doorbell. Karen jumped
out of bed and ran to their bedroom
door. She cracked it open just in time
to see her mom let a Black man in. The
girl's room was at one end of the hall
and the front door was at the other.
Her mom led the man to the door of the
living room and they went in Karen saw
the man squeeze her moms ass as they
went through the door.

There was a sliding door between the
living room and the hall and her mom
closed it. Karen whispered to Marcy,

"There's something going on, come on
let's go."

The girls quickly went down the hall.
Marcy went to her knees and peered
through the crack, luckily their mom
hadn't closed the door all the way.
Karen stood behind Marcy and looked
through the crack above her.

"This is Sammy Turner, I'm sure you
recognize him from the nudist camp,"
Maria said.

"Yes I do. What's he doing here?" Leo

"He's going to fuck me while you watch
and beat your meat," Maria grinned.

Their father didn't say a word, but
their mom and the black mean began
removing their clothes.  As soon as
they were naked their mom began to suck
the man's big black cock.

"Shit," Marcy whispered, "I want to
suck it."

"Shhhh," Karen shushed her, "They'll
hear you."

Karen and Marcy recognized the man too.
They had often spoken to each other
about the size of his cock. They never
dreamed it would be this big when it
was hard. They'd seen cocks that size
on the internet, but never in real

Maria got up and lay down on the couch,
spreading her legs wide,

"Come on show him how a real cock fucks
a woman," she said, looking at Leo and

The man began pushing his big slab of
meat into her. He kept pushing until
she had every inch.

"OH FUCK! That hurts, but don't stop!

The man began to fuck her.

"How the fuck can she take it all,"
Marcy whispered.

Karen shushed her again, but she didn't
take her eyes from the crack. Her dad
had his cock out and was jerking on it
hard and fast. She'd seen her dad's
cock many times when it was half hard,
but never when it was hard all the way.
Men weren't supposed to get a hard-on
at the camp, but her dad's stayed about
half hard all the time from seeing all
of those pussies and tits.

Their mother was moaning and groaning
as the black man drove his cock deep
into her body. They heard her scream
she was cumming twice, before the man
pulled out and pushed his cock at her
face. The girls watched as their mom
drank down every drop of his cum.

Leo had already cum in his handkerchief
once, but he was still jerking on his
cock and it was still hard.

Sammy stood up his hard cock sticking
out like a third arm. He looked at Leo
and grinned,

"Your slut wife is my whore now," he

"Want me to make your husband my whore
too?" He asked, looking at Maria.

"Yeah, I want to see you fuck him,"
Maria said.

"I think I'll let him suck my dick
first," Sam said, "You do want to suck
my cock don't you Leo?"

Leo just jerked his cock. Sam waved his
cock just inches from Leo's nose. It
was shiny from Sam's cum and Maria's

"Go ahead Leo, suck it," Maria said.

He's gonna suck it. Aren't you Leo? He
wants to be my whore just like his slut

Leo moaned and took the big cock in. He
rolled his head around letting his
tongue contact every inch of the big
cock head. Maria was laughing
hysterically as she clapped her hands.

"Give it to him Sam, make him your
whore, shove it down his fucking
throat." She laughed.

Sam grabbed the back of Leo's head and
shoved and to his surprise his cock
disappeared down Leo's throat. Leo
didn't show any signs of gagging. Sam
began to fuck him, he'd never had his
whole cock in anybody's mouth before
and he liked it. Evidently Leo liked it

"Look the whore's cumming just from
having my dick rammed down his fucking
throat," Leo groaned.

Maria laughed harder, as Sam began to
take long strokes in and out of Leo's

"This motherfucking whore is going to
make me cum," Sam moaned.

Sam let go of Leo's head and stopped
stroking, but Leo didn't, he was
driving his head onto the long cock his
chin smashing into Sam's balls and his
nose into his kinky pubic hairs. Maria
wiped the tears of laughter from her

"I think your whore wants your cum,"
she said.

"The bitch is about to get it," Sam

Leo felt the first squirt hit the roof
of his mouth and he began to drink down
the thick gooey liquid.

Karen and Marcy couldn't believe their
eyes. Pussy juice was streaming down
Karen's thighs,

"Lick my pussy," she whispered.

"Fuck you," Marcy whispered back, "I
want to watch too."

Even though Leo had ate every drop of
Sam's cum he still wanted more and
didn't want to let Sam's cock go. Sam
put both hand on Leo's forehead and
pushed him off his dick.

"Get you pants off bitch, you won't be
my complete whore until I stick my dick
up your ass."

Without a word Leo began removing his
pants and Maria began laughing again.

"Look the bitch wants it, he's dying to
be my whore," Sam laughed.

"You're going to love this Leo. Sam
really knows how to fuck an ass." She

Leo bent over and put his hands on the
arms of the chair he'd been sitting in
and Sam began to work his still hard
cock up his ass.

"OH FUCK!" Leo yelled.

Sam had a good grip on Leo's hips as he
drove about half of his cock up Leo's

Maria again had tears in her eyes from
laughing so hard,

"Fuck the bitch, Sam, shove it in to
your balls," she laughed.

Sam pushed again and was buried balls
deep. Leo's loud groan was almost a
scream. Maria hoped he didn't wake the

Sam began to fuck Leo hard and fast his
stomach smacked loudly against Leo's
ass cheeks. It only took a few strokes
before Leo began shoving his ass back
at the big cock.

"That's right slut, fuck back, now
you're my whore just like your slut

"SHIT!" Maria screamed, "He's cumming
all over my fucking chair."

But she never stopped laughing.

When Sam realized that Leo had cum he
pulled his dick out.

"Get down on you knees and suck the
shit off my dick, whore, Sam commanded,
"Don't go shoving it down you throat
again, I'm saving this load for my
other whore's ass."

After Sam fucked Maria's ass and came
in her mouth. Sam and Maria sat on the
couch and Leo was sitting in the chair
that he came on. Leo's cock was hard
again and he was jerking it again.

"That was fun," Maria said, "We should
do this more often."

"Okay, Leo said, "How often?"

"I think at least once a week," she
said grinning.

"I could come on Thursday nights,
that's when my wife goes out with the

"Thursday will be fine," Leo said.

"Sounds like your new whore likes it,"
Maria giggled.

"He is a very good whore too I've never
had anybody suck my dick like that."

"Well I guess we'll see you again next
Thursday. You'll be by for our regular
fuck during the week, so I'll see you
before then," Maria smiled.

"Yes my little whore," Sam grinned and
kissed her, while she sucked on his

Sam dressed and shook hands with Leo.

"The next time you come around spying
on your wife show yourself and I'll
give you a good ass fucking."

That was when Leo realized that they
knew he was watching them fuck at noon
that day. He didn't say anything he
just grinned.

When the girls saw Sam dressed they
raced back to their room and jumped in

"Eat me," Marcy said, "I'm so fucking
horny I could die."

"Me too," Karen said.

The sucked each other until they both
had two orgasms, and then they sat up,

"Did you see that cocksucker's dick?"
Marcy asked.

Over the last two years Marcy had
learned every dirty word that was on
the Internet. Her favorites were shit,
fuck, and cocksucker and therefore were
her most used. She was careful not to
use them around grown ups, but around
Karen and their friends they just
rolled off her tongue like water being
poured from a pail.

"I sure did, boy would I like to suck
that," Karen said.

 "I wanna be his whore like mom and

"Marcy you couldn't fuck him he'd split
your pussy wide open."

"Okay, so I'll just suck him."

"I doubt if I could get his dick in my
mouth, I know you couldn't."

"I could lick it." Marcy giggled.

"I want to suck Dad's dick, I bet I
could fuck it too," Karen said.

"Did you see that fucker stick his cock
all the way down daddy's throat I
wonder how dad done that."

"I don't know and I don't know how mom
and dad both took the whole thing up
their ass." Karen said.

"God, I want to fuck somebody so
fucking bad," Marcy groaned, and
flopped down on the bed.

"I want to suck cock and eat cum,"
Karen said.

"I bet we could suck Andrew's cock,"
Marcy grinned.

"Yeah, probably, but you see how little
his cock is and Stacy says he can't cum

"I'd suck it anyway," Marcie said.

Stacy was Karen's best friend and
Andrew was her twin brother. Stacy,
Andrew, and their parents went to the
nudist camp every weekend like Karen
and her family.

Maria and Leo were still sitting in the
living room. Maria was still

"You don't have to keep laughing," he

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it, you
looked so funny with that big black
cock shoved down your throat," she
said, breaking into laughter again.

"I liked it," Leo said.

"I know, Sam said you would," she said,
doubling over with laughter.

"How could he know?"

"When we saw you watching us fuck and
jerking off he knew."

"You saw me?"

Of course we saw you; you were like an
ostrich with its head in the sand. You
kept moving your head back so you
couldn't see us, but we could see you
the whole time."

"That still doesn't explain how he knew
I would like sucking his cock. I didn't
even know it myself until I did it."

"He said he'd fucked a lot of women
whose husband wanted to watch and it
almost always wound up with them
sucking his cock and him fucking their

"Do you think I'm turning gay?"

"No, Sam says you're bi-sexual and I
think he's right. I've noticed you
looking at other men's cocks at the

"You're right I've noticed that myself,
I've been wondering what it would be
like to suck a cock and have my ass

"Well you found out tonight, big time,"
she laughed.

"I sure did and I love it," he said

Maria climbed on his lap and kissed

"Let's go to bed and see if you still
like pussy," she giggled.

Leo fell asleep that night looking
forward to next Thursday.

The Haltons leased a small cabin at the
nudist camp. It had two bedrooms and a
Shower. There was no kitchen, but food
was always available at the camp
kitchen. The shower was big, plenty big
enough for the four of them to take a
shower together. Karen loved it when
they did that, because she could
`accidentally' touch her dad's cock.

They always went to the camp on Friday
evening and stayed until Sunday
evening. As soon as they got to camp
they undressed and went out to visit
with friends. Karen and Marcy found
Stacy and Andrew and they went to the
playground area. Maria and Leo Walked
around visiting and wound up sitting at
a picnic table watching the kids play.

Sam came along and introduced his wife
and daughter. They only stayed a minute
and when they left Maria giggled,

"It's a good thing you're sitting down
and have the table to hide to hide that

Leo had a raging hard on.

Margie and Fred, Stacy and Andrew's
parents came up and joined them. They
talked for sometime before Leo said he
was going to take a shower and asked
Maria to pick up their dinner at the
camp kitchen. Karen saw him leave and
followed him. Marcy was still playing.

When she went in the cabin she heard
the shower running so she joined him.

"Hi dad," she said.

"Hi sweetheart the shower feels real
good don't it?"

"You have sand all over your feet let
me wash them for you." She said, and
went to her knees.

This was not unusual she done this
every chance she got because her dad's
half hard cock would be just inches
from her face. Leo was paying little
attention to her until he felt her warm
mouth on his cock.

"KAREN, what are you doing?"

Karen was sucking his cock frantically,
but she pulled off

"Daddy, please let me suck it. I want
to so bad," she begged, and shoved his
cock back into her mouth.

Leo had always found it difficult to
deny his daughters anything and besides
her little mouth felt good and his cock
was getting hard. Karen continued to
suck, she was anxious for her first
mouthful of cum.

Suddenly Karen felt herself being
picked up and spun around. She thought
at first her dad was mad, but then
there was his cock right in front of
her face and she felt his tongue delve
into her little hairless pussy. He
hadn't shaved since morning and she
felt the bristles of his beard on her
thighs. She smiled and started sucking
again. Her daddy was sixty-nining her
just like she always dreamed of.

She was so excited by the situation
that her little pussy began to convulse
in orgasm, she moaned loudly. Leo must
have been excited too, because he began
to shoot sperm into her little mouth.
Karen wasn't prepared for the volume,
but she gulped down every drop.

Leo turned her over and put her on her

Karen grabbed his shrinking cock in
both hands and began to lick it. She
fondled his balls and licked them too.
Leo stood there looking down at her.
She looked up at him smiling,

"I love sucking cock and eating cum,"
she said.

Leo couldn't argue with that, because
he did too.

We better get dried off and get out of
here, your Mom and sister will be here

Karen noticed that he didn't say a word
about not doing it again.

Karen was sitting on her bed smiling
when her mom and sister came in. She
was enjoying the taste of her daddy's
cum, which still lingered in her mouth.

That evening the two little girls ate
each other as usual and although she
was dying to, Karen didn't say a word
about sucking their daddy's cock. Long
after Marcy was sleeping she lay there
remembering every detail.

When they were at the camp Maria went
jogging with Margie every morning. They
would find a secluded spot and suck
each others pussy. Maria loved Margie's
big tits, hers were only a B cup full,
she was fascinated by Margie's.

Karen heard her leave and Marcy was
still sleeping. She eased herself from
the bed and tip toed to her dad's room
he was sleeping and was covered by a
sheet. She gently pulled the sheet
away. Her dad had a hard-on she smiled
as she picked it up and put it in her
mouth. Her dad woke up and looked down
at her and as soon as he did, she
twisted around and put her pussy in his
face. Leo didn't disappoint her. He
began to lick and suck her pussy.

Karen had a wonderful orgasm and her
dad filled her mouth again. This time
she kept it in her mouth swishing it
around while she swallowed a little at
a time. When she swallowed all of it
she looked at Leo, who was watching

"I love your cum," she said, smiling.

"I could tell," he said, smiling back.

She lay down on her back and spread her

"You can fuck me now," she said,

"No dear, daddy can't fuck you. Letting
you suck my cock is one thing, but I
won't fuck you."

"But why, daddy?"

"You're too little, be happy with what
you have."

"Okay, I'll suck your cock again."

Leo watched as she put his half hard
cock in her mouth.

"Aren't you going to turn around so I
can suck you?" he asked.

"No this time I'm just gonna suck it
until you cum again."

Leo lay there and watched her. She was
really quite a good cocksucker he
wondered where she learned it. Probably
the computer, he knew nothing about
computers, but he knew about all of the
sex that was on them. He never knew
that his daughter was looking at that
stuff, but obviously she was. She was
good at it, she shortly had him moaning
and groaning and shortly after that she
had him cumming again.

He didn't cum as much this time, but
she didn't swallow it all. She kept a
small amount in her mouth. She left the
room without a word and went back to
her own room. She shook Marcy awake.

"Open your mouth," she said jutting out
her chin and bottom lip to keep from
losing the cum in her mouth.

Marcy opened wide and Karen drooled the
cum into her mouth. Marcy swallowed and
smacked her lips.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Daddy's cum," Karen giggled.

Daddy's cum! How?"

"I sucked him off," Karen said,


Karen quickly put her hand over her
mouth and shushed her. Marcy struggled
but Karen held on, when she finally
stopped struggling and Karen removed
her hand. Marcy had tears in her eyes.

"You sucked daddy's cock without me
being there. You're a no good fuck,"
Marcy whispered.

Karen told her about the evening before
and this morning. The more she talked
the madder Marcy got. She wound up
lying on the bed facing away from Karen
and wouldn't talk to her.

Karen spent the day trying to get Marcy
to forgive her, but Marcy wouldn't. She
wouldn't even suck Karen's pussy after
they went to bed.

The next morning Karen waited until her
Mom left and then she shook Marcy
awake. Marcy lay there staring at the
ceiling, while Karen whispered in her
ear. A smile slowly came on Marcy's

When Karen went into her daddy's
bedroom he was awake and smiling. His
cock was hard and he was holding it
straight up. She climbed on top of him
and pushed her pussy in his face. Leo
started sucking and so did she. This
was Marcy's queue. She came in and
eased onto the bed and Karen let her
have their fathers cock. Marcy took it
in her little hand smiling. She opened
her mouth wide and took it in.

Leo knew immediately that something was
different the mouth sucking him was
smaller and so were the hands holding
his cock. He put his hands on Karen's
ass, lifted her. and looked down. Marcy
looked up grinning,

"Daddy, your cock tastes so good," She
said, and then put it back in her

He moaned and let his head plop back on
the bed. He lowered Karen's pussy back
to his mouth and began licking.

Leo always treated his girls equally.
What one got they both got. It was only
fair to let Marcy suck his cock,
because he'd let Karen do it.

Karen was squirming around on his face,
Leo had his tongue wormed into her
pussy hole and she was fucking it like
a small cock. She felt her orgasm
building and fucked him faster. She
moaned and twisted her body as the
contractions exploded in her little
pussy. She felt Leo's hot breath, as he
moaned into her cunt and knew he was
cumming too.

Karen watched as Marcy gulped down her
daddy's thick cum. There was just too
much for her little sister to handle
and some ran out of Marcy's mouth and
coated his balls. Marcy looked up with
a big smile on her face,"

"I like it. Can I do it again?"

"No it's my turn now," Karen said.

"Okay you suck his cock and I'll sit on
his face."

The girls quickly changed places. Karen
began licking the cum from her dad's
balls. Marcy liked his big thick
tongue. The only tongue she'd felt
before was Karen's and it was small.

"SHIT," she yelled, "Stick that fucker
up my cunt hole, cocksucker. Give it to
me, oh fuck that feels so fucking good.
Shove it up my ass, fuck me with it."

Leo couldn't believe his ears. He was
shocked by the string of obscenities
coming from his youngest daughter.  He
would have a talk with her about that.
He would certainly do that later, after
he ate her pussy and cum in his other
daughters mouth.

The obscenities didn't stop until Marcy
came and Leo fed Karen some cum. Marcy
crawled off of her daddy and lay on her
back. Karen was still slurping on his
shrinking cock.

"Marcy, where in the world did a little
girl like you learn to talk like that?"

"Like what, Daddy?" Marcy asked.

"You were using the foulest language
I've ever heard."

"I'm sorry, Daddy, I guess I was so
excited I didn't know what I was
saying," She said, innocently.

"Yes, well I guess that must have been
it, but how do you know all of those

"I don't know, from hearing people say
them I guess, but since I don't know
what I said how can I tell?" Marcy
asked, her face looking more innocent
than ever.

"Of course you're right, forget I
brought it up."

Karen grinned around her daddy's cock.
Her sister should be an actress.

"You two better get out of here before
your mother gets back," Leo said.

Leo had no idea how his wife would
react if she knew their daughters were
sucking his cock, but he didn't want to
find out either.

The two girls went outside and Karen
thought Marcy would be over her mad,
but she wasn't, she was still pissed.

Karen went over to the tennis courts
and Marcy went to the playground area.
Karen liked to watch the naked people
play tennis. She liked to watch the
men's cocks and balls flop around. She
also liked to watch the women's tits
flop and their ass giggle. She
occasionally would look around to find
out what Marcy was doing and then go
back to watching. Stacy came up and
joined her and when Karen looked for
Marcy she didn't see her.

"Do you know where Marcy went?" she
asked Stacy.

"Yeah I see her and your dad go into
your cabin."

Karen grinned, Marcy was getting even.
Nobody ever went to the cabin during
the day.

A little later she saw Marcy again and
went up to her.

"I guess we're even now," Karen

"Not yet bitch," Marcy said, "Two more
times then I'll be even."

When they went home that evening, Marcy
was even. Karen was glad she wasn't mad
anymore. That night Marcy sucked her
pussy twice. The girls lay there
waiting for their parents to go to bed.

"I'm not waiting for the weekend to
suck daddy's cock. I'm doing it
everyday," Marcy whispered.

"Marcy you can't do that, mom will
catch you."

"So, she's nothing but a slut whore
anyway, she fucks Mr. Turner right in
front of daddy, so I'm sucking him
right in front of her."

"You're right, she is a slut and a
whore, maybe she'll want us to lick her

"I hope so that would really be cool,"
Marcy said.

The Halton family had a large fully
enclosed swimming pool. There was a
glass roof to let the sun in, but the
walls were solid so no one could see
in. In one corner was a hot tub big
enough to hold six. Leo had it built so
the family could enjoy their nudity
during the week and during the winter,
when the camp was closed.

After dinner Leo liked to go out by the
pool and relax. The girls usually came
out and frolicked in the pool while he
watched. Seeing their little ass and
pussies always gave him a hard on.
Today his cock was harder than usual,
because he remembered how delicious
their little pussies and asses were.

He smiled, as he remembered that when
the girls were small they would giggle
and point at his hard cock, but now
they weren't giggling or pointing, they
both had a look of lust and
determination on their little faces.

Before he knew what was happening Marcy
had his cock in her mouth and Karen was
sitting on his face He didn't want them
to stop, but he knew that they should.
He lifted Karen up off of his face.

"You girls shouldn't be doing this your
mom will be out shortly," he said.

"Fuck mom," Marcy said.

"Yeah, she's nothing but a slut whore,"
Karen said.

Leo knew that his daughter was right.
His wife was a slut and a whore.
Somewhere deep in his subconscious mind
he wondered how his daughters knew
their mom was a slut whore. Right this
moment his thoughts were on the sweet
mouth sucking on his cock and the
delicious little pussy just inches from
his mouth. If the girls didn't care if
their mom saw them having sex with him,
why should he.

"Fuck it," he said and drove his tongue
as far as he could up his daughters

When Maria came out she was surprised,
but not shocked. She knew it would
happen sooner or later. She'd first
sucked her dad's cock when she was
eleven. She sat down on a lounge chair
and as she watched she rubbed her clit.
Her youngest daughter could use a few
lessons on sucking cock. She felt proud
of her though, because she was doing it
so enthusiastically. Her oldest
daughter was doing quite well at
getting her cunt sucked, but anybody
could do that.

Karen watched as her mom came in and
sat down. She was a little surprised
when her mom said nothing and began
rubbing her pussy. She was on the verge
of cumming so she couldn't leave her
dad's tongue just yet. Her pussy began
to convulse and she began to moan.
Maria thought she looked beautiful when
she was cumming.

As soon as her contractions stopped
Karen separated herself from her dad
and went to her mom. Maria was
masturbating frantically.

"Want me to suck your pussy, mom?" she
asked smiling.

"So you little cocksuckers eat pussy
too huh?" Maria said, as she lay back
and spread her legs wide.

Karen had seen her pussy thousands of
times before, but never spread open
like this.

"WOW! You've got a really big pussy,"
she said, as she put her mouth over her
mom's big clit and began to suck.

She always put a finger in Marcy's
pussy when she sucked her clit, but her
mom wouldn't even feel her little
finger so Karen just slid her whole
hand inside.

"That's it baby, make a fist and put it
in momma's pussy all the way," Maria

Karen pushed her arm in to her elbow
and began to slowly stroke it, while
she licked and sucked on her mom's
clit. She could tell that her mom loved
it by the way she was moaning.

She could hear her dad moaning too and
knew Marcy was drinking down his cum.
Her Mom's pussy began contracting
violently on her arm.

After the adults came and were lying
there basking in their after glow.
Marcy went to her mom,

"Momma will you make daddy fuck us, I
want to be fucked so bad?" she asked.

"No baby, I won't. Your dad will fuck
you when you're ready."

"I'm ready right now," Marcy grinned.

"Me too," Karen added.

Maria grinned,

No dears, I mean when he thinks you're

"But mom, if I don't get fucked soon
I'm going to die," Marcy said, tears
rolling down her cheeks.

"Oh baby, don't cry. You and Karen are
too small. Your dad is afraid of
hurting you.

Now both girls were crying. Maria
couldn't stand to see her girls cry and
neither could Leo. Suddenly Maria's
face brightened,

"I know, your daddy can fuck you with
his fingers, see how thick and long his
fingers are. Leo, hold your fingers

Leo held up both hands with the middle
finger of each sticking up.

"Lie down on the air mattress and hold
your fingers up so the girls can fuck
them," Maria said.

Leo lay down on the air mattress and
while resting his elbow on the mattress
held his forearms and middle fingers
straight up. The girls giggled and
started toward him.

"Now listen girls it's going to hurt
when you burst you hymen and it's going
to bleed a little, but you have to do
it if you're going to fuck." Maria

"I don't give a shit how much it
hurts," Marcy said, "I'm fucking it."

Maria was slightly taken aback by her
youngest daughter's language, but she
said nothing. Both girls grabbed one of
their dads hands and began working his
big fingers into their tight pussies.
The girls knew all about their cherries
they had felt their own and each others
many times.

Both girls felt their dad's finger
against their hymens. Both of them were
grinning when they squatted and took it
in to the hilt.

OH FUCK!" Marcy screamed.

"It stings bad," Karen said.

Neither girl moved. Marcy could feel
the end of her dad's finger against the
bottom of her pussy. They sat there
gritting their teeth, as the pain wore
off a smile spread across their faces.
Karen started moving first and Marcy
wasn't far behind.

"I like this fucking shit?" Marcy said.

"Honey you shouldn't talk like that,"
Maria said.

"It's okay she doesn't know what she's
saying. She does that when she gets
excited," Leo explained.

"SHIT!" Marcy screamed, "Come on
cocksucker fuck me."

Maria shrugged her shoulders and took

"You girls get on your knees and suck
your dad's cock," she said, "Be sure to
turn your little butts so dad can
finger fuck you."

The girls quickly changed around and
got into position. Maria stood back and
watched her handiwork.

"Oh Leo isn't that sweet, they're
sharing your cock," she said.

She loved it when her daughters shared.
Leo was busy shoving his fingers into
their wet cunts. Maria stood above
Leo's face and slowly lowered her pussy
to his mouth. Leo was in heaven, three
cunts and two mouths, what more could a
man ask for? Well maybe a stiff cock.

"This is it, now the whole family can
cum together," Maria sighed.

For the next few day things were great
for the girls. Dad was constantly
finger fucking them and they sucked his
cock and their mom's pussy. They
stopped worrying about waiting until
their parents went to bed before they
went on the Internet. They went on
whenever thy wanted and watched
whatever they wanted. They didn't worry
because their parents joined them and
they always wound up fucking.

They were having dinner on Thursday and
Leo was up, he was almost giddy and the
girls knew why. They were almost
finished eating when,

"When Mr. Turner comes tonight we're
watching," Karen said.

"How did you know about Sam?" Maria

"We watched last week through the crack
in the living room door."

"What? You saw? Wasn't that the most
hilarious thing you ever saw?" Maria

"I thought it was neat," Marcy said.

"It was sexy," Karen said.

"Okay," Maria said, calmly, "You can
watch and when your dad's getting his
ass fucked maybe you can suck his cock
so he doesn't cum all over my chair
again." And then she broke in to
hysterical laughter.

"We'll suck his cock while he's sucking
Mr. Turner too," Marcy said.

Maria could hardly contain herself, but
she slowly regained her composure.

"Your dad surly can suck a cock, can't

"Yes ma'am and we want him to teach
us," Karen said.

"Now that's a good Idea, I'd like to
learn to suck a cock like that myself,"
Maria agreed.

The girls spent the evening sucking
their mom and dad while being finger
fucked, but they were careful not to
make their dad cum, because they knew
he wanted to save it for Mr. Turner,

Mr. Turner came sharply at nine. He
went into the living room and began
removing his clothes, Leo and Maria was
already nude. That's when the girls
came storming into the room. Mr. Turner

What have we here?" he asked.

"Just a couple of slut whores that want
your cock," Karen said.

"This whole fucking family is nothing
but slut whores," he laughed.

"Yes sir," Marcy grinned.

"I guess I could skewer you on my cock
like a shish-ca-bob, is that what you

"No sir, we just want to watch and
maybe suck it a little," Karen said.

"Now this is about perfect," Sam said,
"A couple of little slut whores that
want to get me ready to fuck their
parent's holes."

"Yes sir," Marcy grinned.

By this time Sam was naked. He shook
his soft cock pushed his hips at them.

"There it is, start sucking," he said.

Both girls went for it but Karen won.

"Bitch," Marcy said.

Karen had both hands around it and as
much as she could take stuffed in her

"Come on cunt let me suck it before it
gets too big to fit in my mouth," Marcy

Karen knew she was right, so she let
her have it. Sam's cock had already
grown, but Marcy managed to get the
head in her mouth.

"Better not suck it too long or you
might get hung up on it," Karen

Marcy was already having trouble moving
her mouth because it was so full so she
pulled off with a loud pop. Both girls
giggled and Karen took it back in.

When Sam's cock became full hard Karen
could only hold the head in her mouth
and that was with great difficulty.

"Okay girls I'm ready, who do you want
me to fuck first?"

"Stick it down daddy's throat," Karen

"Yeah and shoot the cocksucker so full
of cum it will run out of his ears."
Marcy said.

"Did you hear that Leo? Better get
ready," Sam said.

Leo opened wide and Sam slid his long
thick cock down his throat. Karen went
to her knees and began sucking her
dad's cock and Marcy went to her mom
and sucked her pussy. Maria watched and
laughed hysterically while her husband
had his throat fucked.

Sam's balls had hardly touched his chin
before Leo started cumming. Karen drank
it down. Leo's cock stayed hard, so she
kept on sucking. Sam kept fucking Leo's
face until he felt his cum coming up
from his big balls and then he pulled
back and filled Leo's mouth. Leo gulped
it all down and then milked his cock
for more.

"I'm going to fuck your whore wife and
then I'll come back and fuck your ass,"
Leo said, pulling his cock from Leo's

Leo grinned, but said nothing. Sam went
over to the couch and looked at Maria
and Marcy,

"Do you have the slut's pussy ready to
fuck?" he asked.

Marcy looked up grinning,

"Yes sir, she's all ready. Stick it all
in and make her holler." She said,
grabbing his cock and leading it to her
mom's cunt.

Marcy sat on the floor and watched Sam
fuck her mom. She didn't want to be
left out completely so she squeezed his
balls and her mom's tits while she

Maria screamed the whole time Sam
fucked her and as soon as she came He
flipped her over and shoved his cock
all the way up her ass. Marie started
screaming again.

Sam was pounding Maria's asshole hard
and fast, Marcy knew his was about to

"Mr. Turner, don't come in her ass do
it in my mouth," she said.

Sam pulled his cock from Maria's ass
and pointed it at Marcy. She couldn't
take the big head of his cock into her
mouth, but she could cover his cum hole
and that's what she did just as Sam
began to shoot. Marcy bravely swallowed
as much as she could and what ran down
her chin she caught in her hands.

Sam lay there breathing hard and
watched her lick his cum from her hands
and fingers and when her hands were
clean she wiped what was on her chin
into her mouth and ate that.

"I fucking love that shit," she said,

"You're going to grow up to be a bigger
slut than your momma," Sam laughed.

After Sam fucked Leo's ass and shot a
load of cum into Karen's mouth. He sat
on the couch next to Maria and began
squeezing her tits. Maria sucked his
tongue and Karen and Marcy sucked his
soft cock and licked his balls. After a
long kiss Sam looked over at Leo,

"Why don't you get this slut some
tits?" he asked.

"I like them just the way they are,"
Leo said.

"Look motherfucker, I like big tits, I
want my whore to have a boob job."

"Leo was shaking his head."

"Okay, have to your way, but you ain't
getting no more of my cock until she
gets some tits."

"What?" Leo said, shocked.

"You heard me bitch, you can sit there
and watch and fuck your hand, but no
more cock."

Leo was stunned he would do almost
anything to keep sucking and fucking
Sam's big cock. After a long silence he

"Okay, I'll take her to a plastic
surgeon tomorrow."

Maria clapped her hands and kissed Sam

Maria wanted a boob job for years, but
Leo wouldn't hear of it. She and Sam
planned this when they fucked in the
morning of the day before. It worked
like a charm just like Sam said it

Over the next two years nothing much
changed, except Maria got her tits.
They were just as big as Margie's and
were the talk of the camp for a few
weeks until people got used to them.
The girls sucked their parents and Leo
finger fucked them every day. Now they
both could get Sam's hard cock in their
mouth and they were practicing to
swallow it. Maria could swallow it
after practicing almost a year. During
the summer when the girls were out of
school they joined their mom when Sam
came to fuck her in the mornings.

Karen was twelve now and started to
Junior High School. She went out for
the cheer leader team and made it
Marcy had grown and although she was
only ten she was almost as tall as
Karen. Karen had little tits poking out
that she was very proud of.

Maria signed Karen up with a modeling
agency. Karen was a very pretty little
girl. She modeled clothes and bathing
suits. Maria was so proud of her she
could have burst with pride.

Neither of the girls had ever been
fucked by a real cock. Maria bought
them each a small dildo to use when
their dad wasn't around to use his
fingers. Daddy's fingers and the dildos
worked fine, but both girls wanted to
fuck a real cock. That was just about
all they talked about when they were
alone. For almost a year Leo let the
girls rub his cock up and down their
slits, but he still wouldn't fuck them.

One evening, Leo finished dinner and
went out by the pool. He lay down on
the air mattress and waited for his
daughters. His cock was hard with
anticipation. The girls came out as
usual and Marcy sat on his face, while
Karen rubbed his cock in her slit. The
girls sat there looking at each other
and grinning,

"DO IT!" Marcy yelled.

Karen sank his cock balls deep into her
tight pussy. Leo groaned,

"Oh God this feels so fucking, good,"
Karen said.

"Fuck the cocksucker," Marcy hollered.

 Karen rose up with the intension of
sinking back down, but Leo plowed up
into her cunt and began fucking her
hard and fast. Karen fucked back as
hard as she could.

Maria came out and walked over to the
Fucking trio,

"Looks like somebody's ready," she
said, "And I think it's my horny

"Oh fuck, I'm fucking cumming," Karen

That's when she felt her dad hose the
inside of her cunt. Both of them slowed
their fucking, but they didn't stop.

"Get the fuck off cocksucker it's my
turn," Marcy said.

The girls agreed earlier, after they
flipped the coin to see who would go
first, that as soon as they came they
would switch. Karen reluctantly pulled
herself off of her dad's cock and the
girls switched. She smashed her cum
filled cunt into her daddy's mouth just
as Marcy sank down on his cock.

"OH FUCK," Marcy screamed, "THIS

"Maybe you should stop dear," Maria

screamed, as she drove her pussy back
at her daddy's plunging cock.

After that the girls would settle for
nothing less than their dad's cock in
their cunt. Not to say that his was the
only one. They searched out boys at the
nudist camp and took them to their
cabin and fucked them. Their goal in
life at this point was to fuck Sam's
big cock, but their dad wouldn't hear
of it.

When Karen was thirteen she started
having her cheerleader team to her
house for sleepovers. Leo hated to wear
swim trunks, but he did, because he
loved to sit by the pool and watch the
bikini clad girls.

Leo was the center of their attention,
mainly because he was the only male
there. The girls would snatch each
others bottom down exposing their asses
and of course tops were pulled up
exposing their young shapely tits.
Needless to say Leo's cock became as
hard as stone.

When the girls tired of swimming they
went to Karen and Marcy's room and
played truth or dare. When the girls
didn't tell the truth to questions
like, have you ever been fucked? Did
you ever touch your dad's cock? Did you
ever fuck anyone in your family? They
had to do the dare, which almost always
directed at Leo. They were dared to
flash him with their asses, tits and
pussy. They were dared to kiss him or
grope his crotch until he was hard.

If a girl refused to do the dare she
had to suck the questioner's pussy.
Karen and Marcy refused almost every

By the time Leo went to bed he was a
wreck and Maria got the fruits of the
girl's labor.

When Karen was fourteen she began
inviting boys to her house in the
evenings. There were always two boys
and sometimes four or more. She didn't
do this every evening because she
didn't want to disappoint her dad.

At first Karen and Marcy took the boys
to their room, sucked their cocks and
fucked them. One evening Maria walked
into the room while they were fucking.
Karen and Marcy both were sitting on a
cock while sucking another. The boys
tried to get away from them, but both
girls held on to them.

"Don't mind me," Maria said, "I just
dropped in to watch."

The girls went back to fucking and
sucking. Marcy was fucking the boy she
was sitting on fast and furious.

"Honey you should slow down and make it
last longer," Maria smiled.

Marcy pulled her mouth off of the cock
she was sucking.

"It's okay mom. This cocksucker can cum
about fifty times without going soft."
she said, and sucked the cock back down
her throat.

When the boys found out their parent
didn't mind if they fucked their
daughters. The girls began bringing
them down to the pool to fuck. Maria
never fucked any of the boys, but she
did suck a few of their cocks. Leo
wanted to suck them too, but he didn't,
because he didn't want the knowledge
that he liked to suck cock to become
too widespread.

Karen and Marcy were born eighteen
months apart and six months out of the
year there was only one year difference
in their age.

It happened on Thursday one week after
Marcy's thirteenth birthday. Sam came
and as soon as he rang the doorbell the
girls began begging Leo to let them
fuck Sam.

"Come Leo, let them," Maria said, "They
are plenty big enough. Karen is taller
than me and Marcy is taller than her."

Leo looked at his daughters, Maria was

"Okay, I guess it will be okay, but
don't make him cum or there won't be
enough to go around," he said, smiling.

The girls jumped up and down while
clapping their hands and squealing, Sam
just grinned.

They flipped a coin to see who would go
first and Marcy won. She lay down on
the couch with her head on her mom's
lap and spread her legs wide. Sam
entered her slow,

she moaned.

Sam pushed in until he bottomed out in
her cunt then he began to stroke into
her. While he fucked her Marcy didn't
udder a sound, she was gritting her
teeth shoving back at his big cock.
This was the first time Karen ever saw
her sister speechless. It didn't last
long though, because Sam only took
about ten strokes before she started to

she yelled groaning.

Sam eased out of her and then it was
Karen's turn. She came in fewer strokes
than Marcy did. And she yelled just as
loud. After Karen Sam fucked Maria's
pussy and then came in Leo's mouth
after fucking his throat. The girls
wanted him to fuck their asses.
Preparing for this day, they began fist
fucking each others ass holes two
months before.

Sam fucked their asses then Maria's and
shot his second load up Leo's ass. Then
the whole family sucked his cock and
shared his third load. They kept
sucking him until his cock was hard
again. Sam let each one of them decide
where he would fuck them this round.
Marcy wanted her pussy fucked, Karen
and Maria wanted it in their ass, and
Leo wanted it down his throat. Leo
swallowed Sam's fourth and final load
of the evening.

Later that evening Leo lay in bed
staring at the ceiling. Maria was lying
next to him.

"Do you think our family is unusual?"
he asked.

"No of course not," Maria replied,
"What makes you ask that?"

"Well you know, having sex with our
daughters and the whole family sharing
a big black cock."

"I had sex with my family. Didn't you?"

"Yeah I used to fuck my mom. I never
fucked my dad, but he use to suck my

"See, we're a perfectly normal family,"
Maria said, sleepily.

"Yeah I guess you're right. We are
perfectly normal," he said and reached
for the light.

The End

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