Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Warning: This is Horror. I'm skipping Trigger Warnings in chapter heads to avoid spoilers, so that's the only one you get. Not fucking around here, guys. Opening Track: Das Ich - Gottes Tod (Live@WGT, should still be available on Utoob.) The rest of the soundtrack is/from: Grausame Töchter - Glaube Liebe Hoffnung (Bonus Track Version) The Leitmotiffs are: Lust und Tod (TotenMutter Chrome Molly Bach Remix) Therapie für Dich (Instrumental) for Sadie. Blutwaltzer (MachiNation Mashup.) Mein Messer (Ligget/Tot) Tanz für Dich (Mutter/Redrum Remix) Mensch und Tier (Vadertod. Incidentally, he looks like Bruno Kramm with a neckbeard instead of the makeup, and hair.) Most of these are fictional retcons/remixes, default to the InstruMental versions from the album. If you have or Youtube it, just play the B/Extended/CD2/Instrumental half of the album, it's what I listened to writing most of it. Added by Molles (Plural) after the Memory Dump at the end... ; Play Dead "What did you expect, a monster? There's no mystery, the things I do. I do them because I like them. Because I want to!" ~George "Machine" Higgens, 8mm. "Mommy, what's nuff?" I froze, and my skin crawled. "Where did you hear that?" "The movie?" "Did someone show you a movie?" A snuff movie! "I watch tit, las night." "Oh," I blinked, "You were supposed to be in bed." "I sawed it." "Well," I sat down, "Up!" Put her in my lap, "That was a very adult movie, we watched last night." "It was funny!" "You didn't have nitemares?" "Uh uh!" "Well, sweety. Snuff is a game, where you play dead." It's a myth, a fantasy, it doesn't really happen. Right? "Like Karmann." "Yes, like her tricks." "Roll over!" She clapped, "Pway dead!" "Yes, but it's not real, it's just pretend." "You pway snuff?" "No," of course not. Her father, doesn't understand. Why I wanted to watch that movie, or got so excited by it. He won't even wear the mask, but I have to admit, it's not for lack of trying. "Pway wif me!" She got on all fours, "I'm Karmann! Arf, arf!" "Roll over!" "Huh huh huh!" She panted. "Play dead!" She stuck her arms and legs up, and wiggled. Then stopped, holding her hands curled up. "Now, it's time for a nap," so mommy can go to bed. "Go play dead in your bed." "I get a treat!" "All right," I patted her head, and got out one of her sister's teething biscuits. "Good doggy!" "Huh huh huh!" she crawled off to her room. To take a nap, and I shook my head. But that just reminded me. So, I checked on her first, playing dead in bed, but watched her from the door. And remembered Him. Machine. "hhh!" I know it's sick, but when he took his mask off. No, when he put his glasses on, in the rain. If I wasn't already married, well he's just a character. Not real, fantasy. But there. Her paws were drooping, and she lets them fall. Limply at her sides. "Huh!" She sighs, asleep. I'll have to remember that trick. I check on her sister, already asleep in her crib, and the dog is fine, running around in the yard. Throwing her ball around to chase it, so finally I have a moment to myself. I should have checked, last night. Possibly she got up, and saw it. Went to the bathroom, or just heard it, it got pretty loud. Too bad it turned off my husband, but now I have some time alone. Next year, she can start Pre-K, so it won't be like this. Just me, and my youngest, not quite so much of a handfull. "You know the best part of killing someone? The look on their face! It's that look, not when they're threatened, not when you hurt them, not even when they see the knife. It's when they feel the knife, go in. That's it, it's surprise! They just can't believe it's really happening to them. She had that look, the girl, when she knew it wasn't just porno." "Ohohohohoh!" ; Sophie (GgD Scat Piss Play) Baby dirty. She go potty in her sleep. It look like mud pies, but they taste nasty. She giggles, it's funny. She likes mudpies. "Eat it." She crawls, like a puppy, but she don't do tricks. I tell her, roll over, play dead, but she can play this game, like Carman. She eats doody, now baby eats doody. Mud pies, I like this game. "Sophie!" "Uh oh." "What are you doing!?" "Baby dirty." "Give me your hands." She uses a wipe, but I pat her face. "Mud pies." "Sophie!" Her mouth, "Stph!" "Eat it!" Clapping. Mommy play too. She spanked me, but baby get away. She dirty, she get the floor dirty, and her butt in the air, but mommy don't spank baby. Just me. She put me out, in the yard. Like Carmen, with Carmen. Baby made a mess, but she spank me. Carmen get down, but she don't make a doody. She make a peepee, it's muddy. "Goody!" Mud pies. So, I make mud pies. "Slph, huh!" "No!" Bad Girl! "Roll over, play dead!" Good girl. So, I can make more mud pies. There yummy, not like baby mud pies. ; Mommy "Sophie!" I'm at wits end. First she asks me about Snuff, then she starts playing with scat, and now I find her yoking her sister? "Baby go walkies!" "No, never put anything around her neck like that!" "She won't play dead." "Sweetheart." I picked her up, "If you do that to her, then she won't play dead. She'll be dead, then no baby sister." "Oh," she thinks, "Okay." "Sophie!" I covered my mouth. Sure, I have my darker moments, and even some fucked up fantasies, but I don't act them out, and I never did when I was that age. Spanking doesn't seem to help, she cries, but then she goes right out, and makes mud pies with dog piss in the yard. "Huh!" I need help. "She likes it." She pointed, but her sister didn't cry. Now she was just sitting up, and bouncing the string in her hands. She giggled. "I tell you what, let's go to the store, would you like that?" I've seen those baby harnesses, which go around them, instead of their neck. I can get one for Karmann too, she doesn't need the choke chain any more, but I regret getting her the puppy. I warned him that a dog might hurt her, they grow up faster, and could accidentally play too rough with children. I didn't even think to worry about my little girl emulating her. Eating feces, and walking her baby sister like a dog. "Come along," I buckled her in the car seat, and snapped the carrier in the base on the other side. I should probably pick something up for dinner as well. ; Blut Geleckt (Streicherversion) "Ah!" Mommie watching a movie. "Huh! Huh!" It's funny, the girl is playing snuff. She told me, that's where you play dead. "I want to play!" "Sophie!?" I giggle. "Blood!" Point at her hand. "No," walk around the sofa. "It's not blood, Honey." She puts it down, behind the sofa. "She play snuff!' Point at the TV, "I wanna play!" She got it on the sofa. "No sweety, that's a special movie, just for mommy. Run along now and let me get cleaned up.' "NO!" Stomp, "I wanna watch!" "Huh, okay, sit down then. You want to see? You really want to see?" It goes back. She pull her head out of the yellow water, she pull her hair, the girl. The girl like it, she smiles, with her mouth open wide, like baby smiles. "There, watch it." I giggle, it's funny. "No mommy, don't!" Blub blub blub. She blows bubbles. "Nh!" Mommy has a booboo. Between her legs, and she plays with the blood. I have a cut, between my legs, but it don't bleed when I play with it. "Sophie, what are you doing?" "I want to play too." Take off my underwear. "Uhn!" "HUHHHHH!" the girl made that face again. "BLBUBLBLE!" "Tehihihn!" I like this movie. "Ohhhhh!" Mommy sleeping, and shaking in her sleep, and now she play dead. "Nhhn!" Now's my chance. To get my hand red like mommy, and rub it in my cut, and play snuff like mommy. The girl, she stopped blowing bubbles. She play dead. She gets smaller, and smaller, and the yellow puddle gets smaller and smaller, and she's floating, and her hair is floating. "Hhn!" It feels really nice. In my cut. "Hhhn!" Mommy's blood, feels very nice. In my cut. "Sophie?" "Mhm?" "You like, the movie?" "Mhm!" It feels nice, just to nod. "I like the blood." Her mommy picks her up. "She looks happy." "She's not happy. She's dead." "Oh." I feel even better. "She's not pretending." "No, she isn't." "Hihn!" I feel sleepy. Then baby woke up, and started crying. ; Blut geleckt (Alles für Dich) "Uhuhuh!" I had to close my eyes. Because of the movie, it wasn't the horror, they just got it wrong. She's too old. I wanted a child, and she looks maybe 13, but I think she might just be 18, and skinny. Young looking, but not young enough. And it's fake. It looks real enough, that I can close my eyes, and imagine, but she enjoys it too much. It's just SM, she just plays dead, and she likes it. "Nuhuhuh!" I want a toddler. I could never do something like that, of course. I have Sophie, she likes it, and she wants to play, but I love her. Why couldn't he just put on the mask? I don't know why I wanted a monster, but I married a wimp. He doesn't have it in him, but he gave me the love of my life. My little monster. "Sophie, oh!" "Mommy?" "Uh!" I'm so wet, "Huh!" "Mommy bleeding again." "Snh!" I can smell it, hear her padding down the stairs, from her nap. At least there's one monster in the family. That's why, i can't do her. Then she'll be dead, and i can't lose her. Sure, i'd have the movie to remind me, and that one special time, but I can't kill her. "Come here, honey." my bloody fingers in her hair. "Make mommy feel better." "MPH!" Her face, in my bloody gash. Before it's over, and I have to wait another month. "Mommy's sick." "Mhm!" She smiles, licks her bloody mouth. "Kiss mommy, show her how much you love her! Oh!" Why couldn't he just wear the mask? I caught them again, playing snuff. It's her favorite game, but baby doesn't like it yet. She cries, her face dripping with piss, "Baby thirsty." in the potty. Sophie's going to kill her, I know it. It used to terrify me, my own daughter, I was afraid of her, but now. "Oh, mommy loves you so much!" Now I'm just afraid she's going to do it, and I won't be there, to watch. "NhhhaaahhhHHH!" "Hihihn!" She curls up with me, on the towel. On the couch, it took forever to get the blood stain out of the cushion the last time. She caught me red handed. "Huh, huh, huh, huhHhHuh!" Shudder, but she's watching the movie. "I love you, mommy." Hug her. "You want to watch another movie?" Wipe my hands, for the keyboard. The trackball in the corner. It's just S&M, she's too young to care, but finally I got my release. "She's pretty." She looks up, grinning. Her tiny teeth, in her bloody face. She looks so happy. "Here," [Brutal punishment for a tiny shaved titless teen.] "Huh!" I better wash up, before the baby wakes up, screaming. It used to bother me, her screams. Now, it just makes me grab the camera, to catch it, before it's over. I need more cameras around the house, to make sure I don't miss it. "Sophie?" "Yes mommy." "You want to play, like mommy?" "Uhuh!" She looks up. "First you have to get bloody." "Uhuh!!" She winces. "NH!" Squirms on my fingers, and starts crying. "There, now you're bleeding too." "Nh hihm?" "Watch the movie." I have to go check on her sister. Make sure she wasn't smothered in her sleep. ; Blut geleckt (Instrumental/tot version) Mommy's sick again. So we can play. My favorite! I like these games, we play when mommy gets sick. Baby don't play so good. She cries, I made her bleed, but she doesn't even know what to do. So, I have to. "Uh uh uh!" Now baby is sick, she kicks and screams, but I like how she feels, inside. It hurt my finger a little, but I keep doing it. She's so red, and pretty. My favorite color, but her face is pink, I don't like pink, I like red. So, "Nh nh nh nhnhnhnh!" I make more red, she makes more screams. "Hihn!" I have to sit down. "Mhm!" I like this game. "Mommy," I show her, "Baby hurt my finger." She put down the camera to see. "Oh, I think you broke it." Baby's still screaming, but mommy hugs me, and kisses me, and tapes a popcicle stick om my finger. Then we watch a movie, but my finger broke. So mommy has to do it. "I'm going to find you a very special movie." She promised. "One with a little girl, like you. A bad little girl, not a good little monster like you. She needs to be punished." We watch another movie. "Big girl!" I point, but with the wrong finger. It's broke, so it won't bend. I point with my play finger, the longest, but I broke it. Making baby sick. "Yes, big bad girl, but see? She's getting what she deserves." "What she do, mommy?" "She was a slut. She got what sluts deserve." She whispers, 'Now she's dead.' I nodded. "Watch your movie." She ties her up, and spanks her all over. Bad girl! Like my sister, she's a bad baby, she won't play dead. Her mommy puts down the floppy paddle, with all the tails, and she's pink all over. She's pretty. Then she picks up the knife. Like Machine. He's my hero. My favorite movie, but they don't show this, just the bad man. Watching the movie. He's bad, he smokes. He should get what he deserves, but the bad girl, in the movie. She sees the knife. There, the look. She has the look! "Hihihn!" It's funny. Baby stopped crying, but now the bad girl is crying. Her mommy makes her sick. "AIIIIIII!" Now, she's red, and pretty. "You like your movie, Sophie?" Mommy brought towels. That means she's sick, and she wants to play. "I like her mommy." I point, with my broken finger. "My finger is broke." "Use your other finger." "Oh." I hold up my hand. "Like this." She folds up my little fingers. In the movie, the mommy puts down her knife, and touched the bad girl. She's crying, but her mommy touched her cut. Where the blood comes out. "AEIIIII!" "See?" "Mhm!" "Mommy has a booboo." Like the bad girl. I know what to do, she showed me, just like the mommy in the movie. I stick my finger in there. My mommy, she's not bad, she's just sick. "Oh, Sophie!" The bad girl's mommy has a funny face, like Machine. Black, with a shiny grin. And a knife. CHUK! Goes the knife, I missed it. "AGH kugh!" Goes the bad girl. Mommy really sick now, so I stab her, faster. "Mh, more." she pulls out my finger, so I can feel inside her. The blood, now my whole hand is sick. "Kgh ghulk!" The knife goes CHK! Chuck! "Oh, OH!" Mommy is so happy. "OOOOOOHHHHH!" Her favorite game, and now she's hugging my hand. ; Mommy "No no no no" (Nein nine times) "No, NO. NO!" {(Keine Kleine Zukunßvision Fusion Mix;) Jackhammer Chamber Ensemble, (c)2017 Ψberzerker ARR} It's still so wrong. Finally I find the dark side of the net, but they still can't get it right! That last one, she didn't even look like her! Her "Daughter," if you're going to label it Incest, at least make sure they look anything like eachother. I can understand, a mother not wanting to kill her sick litle girl, I don't want to lose her, no matter what a wonderful movie that would make. She's getting better at fisting though, and I got to see it. She wasn't playing, it wasn't S&M, it was real. Snuff. I watched her die. That's the best part, not the frear, her crying, pleading, even her screams. Sophie likes that, and the blood. When I'm "Sick," so I get wet before we even play, but I'm never truly satisfied. I can never get what I want, without killing her. So, I can get snuff, but she's too old, and not her daughter, and stabbed to death instead of smothered and drowned. I found Incest, so at least I know I'm not the only mother out there, even toddlers, but it's not rough. It's not snuff, and the little girls don't get off on it. And the men, why can't you make a decent mom and tot lesbian piece without putting a dick in it? Don't tell me the men put them up to it, my husband is weak, he doesn't have it in him, and now he's never going to have it in me again. I'm so disappointed in him. I'm sure he's "Working late," right. I act jealous, accuse him of "Porking late," but I don't love him. I never loved him, he did his job, now he can fuck off and die for all I care. Like I care about his job, his stupid petty bullshit, or I want to listen to him bitch about OSHA, and the Union meetings. I'm happy, more time alone with my little monster, my Sophie, the love of my life. Thank you, lance, for giving me that. Now, fuck off and die. I buried the dog, but I missed it. I should have put up that camera in the back yard, but they're expensive, and the neighbors think I'm paranoid. Why couldn't she have done it in the house? Oh well, at least I know she can do it. I'm proud of her, she killed her. I always hoped she was capable of it, she didn't inherit her father's weakness, but she hanged her, by the leash, and I missed it? She just fell off the porch, when she was tied up. I'm sure the leash got caught on something, instead of being tied to a chair, the way I found it. I guess I should be happy she didn't get caught, nobody saw it, but I just wish I had. I saw her die, in the movie though, and that was the best, so far. She stopped screaming, and the blood curdled in her mouth. I suppose it was somewhat like drowning, and Sophie loves it. Her ner favorite movie, the mommy in the Machine mask. "Huh!" I knew I wasn't the only one that saw it. I'll just watch it again, they didn't get it, quite right, but Sophie is such a light sleeper, and I know how to wake her up. What she wants to see when she wakes up, so I turn up the new speakers, and enjoy it the best I can. S&M, to start. She enjoys it, the bondage, the whipping, her hand tight around her throat, standing behind her so we can see the mask. Machina, wonder were she got that from? I don't want to wear the mask, I hide enough as it is. I want them to see me, and I'm starting to make a little money, from our little home movies. "This is what a slut looks like." She just nods, eyes closed, in bliss from the bondage, the whipping, flushed bright with arousal, but too old. Maybe 12, I suppose I should be grateful that she taught her to like it, so young. But I'm not. "Huh!" It doesn't give me the same satisfaction as the first time I watched it, with Sophie. But you know how children are, they can watch the same movie, over and over, Let it Go. "Go ahead, and get a good look at her." "Phft!" At least she's not a Frosen girl. I didn't raise my daughter like that. Then she sees it, the knife. "Huh!" I've seen it, but still, a little fear. "Nh!" It's just a scratch, don't be such a baby. She just hates to see anything mar that pretty face, but she's too old. You should be grateful, you never have to worry about acne, that once perfect face breaking out, but I've seen this, I know how it ends. I bet that's it, she got too old, and we can't have you telling anyone. Good pain tolerance, though. She doesn't scream, just whimpers, and cries. She will, though, she just doesn't like knives. Not a cutter, probably doesn't have it in her. She's weak, but my period is over. I suppose I'll have to make it bleed, so I pick up the razor blade. "NH!" Bite my lip. "NGH!" There. "Huh!" Now I'm wet. Just my thigh, but she feels it. The wound, and spreads it with her fingers. A fat drop of fresh blood, rolling up to drip down her cheek. "Nhhheeei!" No, she doesn't like that. It's not just S&M now. It's torture. "NHM!" Sophie won't wake up, until the real screaming starts. "UH!" She feels it. Pause it. "There." Before she pans down, to show it. The knife, except the tip. Just barely buried in her side. Over her flat chest, but she feels it. That perfect moment, where she realizes what this is. It's not play. It's not just torture, or even rape. That magic moment, when she knows she is going to die. Surprise! "NGahH!" She gasps, and now the blood wells out, a broad blop of it runs down, like a Passion play, and her fingers. Still holding the knife, but fingering the fresh blood cunt. "AEIIIIH!" Now she screams. "Nh!" cut the other thigh, feel it. Fresh. Taste it, and wet it on my swollen sticky clit. Fresh blood, it was starting to clot up. Then close my eyes. Slip it into me, with hard thrusts in time to the sounds I've heard enough to have memorised. CKT! She hits bone, ribs on the first one. "CHUGH!" Hit a lung, so her screams come out in wet gurgles. "UHN!" "Mommy?" Oh good. She's up. The baby, doesn't cry any more. She knows better, she doesn't want the attention. There she is, "Sophie!" She's 5 now. Starting to potty train her sister, but it's about time I got some attention around here. ; Sophie {Grausame Töchter - Mensch und Tier (Glaube Liebe Hoffnung) Retconned after the mnemonic dump.} "Hm?" "Wake up sweety?" In the car, she unbuckles my seat. It's dark. I hate this, these straps, like the leash for Sadie. I remember, my Christening. Daddy says we get to pick a name, when we get old enough. Like Baptism, he's Anabaptist. Not Amish, Mennonite, or even Bruderhoff. Just Anabaptist. "Carmen," she said. Like a dog. She don't know, what happened to the dog. She fell. I ran down the stairs to watch her, twist and kick, then stop. She rolled over. She died. Then mommy buried her. "Daddy's working late." Oh, the Garage. I been here, it's metal. There's lights on, I see them through the cracks, and the door is up. Mommy pulls my hand, my finger is all better. Bad baby, broke my finger. "Oh!" My face, I looked mean. "It's okay, we're gonna play with daddy!" She can play now, she wakes me up, crying. But I just her a diaper, she struggles, but then she rolls over. Plays dead. She just plays, dead. She wakes up again in the morning. And potty, she likes to play potty. Daddy's a deadbeat, his hands are dirty, but he wipes them, and drops the rag. "Oh, Carmen." He calls her Carmen, instead of mommy. "It's just you." Mommy said Sadie. How about Sadie? She said Carmen, but mom said Sadie, call her Sadie, and I call her Sadie, so she told daddy. Sadie. Now she's Sadie, not baby. "Sophie couldn't sleep," Mommy lied. "So, she wanted to come watch you work." "Well, I'm welding." The car, up on the lift, like a big Beetle. "So she can't watch that." Or a ladybug, but no spots. "It's bad for her eyes." It's big, and pretty, and red. "Well, she can watch you clean up." he turned around, bent over, and turned off the fire. It's blue, ugly, I wish it was red. "Guh." He touched his head, his hair was pretty and red, then he fall down. "Daddy got a booboo." I ran up, giggling, and touched his head. it was pretty, and maked my fingers pretty, and red. The floor got red too, I clapped, and giggled. "Uh!" She hit him again, he rolled over, played dead. CLANG! Mommy dropped the wrench. It was pretty and red too. WHRHRHRHRHRHRHN! The door rolled down. "Uhn!" Mommy picked up daddy, and got the wire. Like the wire under the pretty red car, it muffler hanging from it. She twisted it, on his hands. Then, she cut some more. SNIP! And twisted it, around the pipe. "Huh! ChHK!" Daddy woke up. "You should have just worn the mask." He got the look! Surprise! "Hihihn!" This is funny. Mommy got the camera, out of the diaper bag. And the legs, to stand it up on. "Hhgh, kh!" She put it on, zipped it down over his pretty red head, but now his neck is pretty, and the pipe. She picked up the wrench, and stuck it in the pipe. "Uh!" She twisted the wrench, "CHucK!" "Watch." She picked me up, and sat down. "This is what happens when you fuck around on me. Leave me at home, don't give me the attention I deserve." She pulled up my skirt, showed daddy. I giggled, he saw it. I don't got no underwear. "I have to tall you something dear." She touched me. "I've been seeing other people. Too." He closed his eyes. I could see it, in the funny face. It's black, but with a shiny smile. And holes, so I can see his eyes. "You see?" She gets up. "That will be the last thing, you see." "GH!" She twisted it. The wrench. He has a gun. I seen it, in his toolbox. I remember, the movie. My favorite movie, he looks like machine, but there's his toolbox. "Uh!" it's heavy, I dropped it, but there it is. In the bottom. His gun. "Sophie, be careful with that!" I hold it, like the man in the movie. He's bad, he smokes, but I want to play with daddy too. "Die, Fucker!" I hit him, "Die Die!" ; Carmen Conrad I missed it, but I hope the camera caught everything. "I'm so proud of you!" I hugged her, took the gun away. She doesn't know how to take off the safety, I put it back in the toolbox. Under his bench, then I used some snips to cut the garrote wire. "Put this away." His wrench, the big one, she dropped it in the pile of tools. Close enough. "Uh!" He's heavy, but I can roll him over. He's not playing dead, but he was weak. I tried to tune it out, his constant bitching and moaning. About his boss, how he should replace the old rack. It's dangerous, but he's cheap. A hydraulics tech would cost too much money to overhaul it, and he's just waiting for it to fail. To save the money, the Union won't help. OSHA ignored his reports, someone could get hurt if they're under it, when it fails. PHSHSHSHSHS! I just cut the hose, and it starts coming down. Slow. Too slow, I expected it to just drop, with all that weight on it, but it sinks down to the floor. The flange, where it's bent down to rest, on his neck. The Oxygen, and Acetylene tanks on the dolly. Like a box cart, for the cutting torch, layed down right under the gas tank. He drained it, safety first. "Sophie, go back to the car now." I kicked over the pan. Picked up a rag, and rolled up the door. Dipped it in the puddle, and threw it in. Just left the door open, it didn't light right away. I missed the puddle, but it's gasoline. Just have to wait for the vapors. "Whooph!" I threw the mask on the seat, and drove off, before the tanks caught. Looked back in the rearview mirror. He told them, his boss, OSHA, the Mechanics, and Bodyworkers Union it wasn't safe. Someone could get killed. It was bright. PWH! Accidents happen. Between his life insurance, and workman's comp, that should pay off enough to get a movie done right. So I don't have to do it to Sophie, or wait for Sadie to get old enough. Not to mention the profits from our home movies. And this one, I wonder how well this one will sell? Sophie did so good! I'm proud of her. I pulled over, to buckle her in her car seat. The police and fire department could drive up any time, and I don't want to get stopped. Safety first. ; "Henry" (FFG/g Talk Porn NS) I set up the Secure Chat, and Voice modulation to sound masculine. Security measures inside Security Measures, can't be too safe, and most of our clientele are more comfortable believing a man in charge. Because in their experience, there's invariably a man in charge. "Yes?" "We can't see you." "You don't have to. Hi girls!" "Hey Henwe!" The older one waved, brightly. Her sister, another quiet one continued sucking on her fingers. "What can we do for you?" "Well, first of all, I'm not so comfortable dealing with a man." "Hey, I just own the place, and run the site. You wanna talk to one of my assistants? Hang on." Go out. "Hetty, you busy? Come on in here." Slam the door. Sit down with an audible squeek, and shut off the voice modulator. "Oh!" "Hello?" "Here, let me turn on the webcam." "Hey Hetty!" She waves, her sister sucks her fingers. "You're out of focus." I shook my head. "No, the software blurs my features. So, I can't be identified." Fortunately, she can't read my expression either, so I don't have to hide my distaste, either. "Oh." "Now, how may I be of service?" "Well, I was interested in enrolling my daughter, of 3 in your program, but I want to make sure you corrupt her completely." "Huh!" Roll my eyes, "I don't know what you've seen of our work here, but we are not in the business of Corrupting girls. We encourage a more natural love between them, and women." "She's already into sick and perverted things, so you wouldn't really be corrupting her, any." "I've seen your videos. Your eldest is not only above the age we like to start them, but already beyond our ability to save. Your youngest, we have to consider, but we would only steer her away from any behaviors that may be abusive, or dangerous." "Like scat, watersports," "No, if done properly, with medical oversite, and care, those can be done safely, and consensualy." Glance down at my secondary screen, to check progress on the Tag&Trace. It's my server, she let herself in, and uses the same Security Software. It's theoretically unhackable, but not impervious to itself. If you can search our files, we can search hers. "Ahem, it's the Snuff, and Rape Play we have problems with." Not to mention the concerns about participating in outright murder, and profiting from it's distribution. That is one sick little girl, I hadn't had nitemares in years. We try to pick our battles, and save the ones we can. "Sadie play snuff! Roll over, play dead!" I shivered when her mother put her down on the floor. To obey. I would very much like to get her out of that environment. "We have had a few mothers who have asked for such conditioning for their girls." A pause to open a file, then display it on a big screen behind me. "You have quite a large selection of videos we shows the girls to help condition them to this particular fetish." Roll my chair aside, so they can watch, they look at their screen, relayed to them livestream. The video starts and they see me sit a naked 3yo tot on my naked lap. I watch their reactions, but they are just watching, both of them. The toddler crawls off, yapping like a puppy. "Arf Arf!" I don't have any problem with that play, either. I positioned her small puss over my moist pubes. Click around with my pointer, basically a Power point wand, but the desktop onscreen was behind the webcam at the time of recording. "What would you like to watch?" Reading folders off from the open Directory. "We have Baby Sitters, Diapers, Nightnight, Ponies, Potty Training, Puppies, Teens, Toys;" "Snuff." "Huh. Where did you hear about Snuff?" "Uncle Eggie." Edgar, now behind bars."We don't have any Snuff." "Why?" "Because the girls die, and can't play any more." "Why?" "Because dead girls can't play." "Oh." She thinks. "Did you play nightnight with Unka Eggy?" She nodded. "Would you like to watch some now?" "Uhuh?" Click. "So," I spoke up, live with the video paused, "As you can see, we try to steer them away from Abusive play, that gets girls killed, and into consensual play, that gets them off." "Well, there's something wrong with Sadie." "What's that sweetheart?" She frowned. "She's a good girl." "I don't think this is a good idea." She severed the connection. The Filetag completed, but the Trace barely started. "Huh!" I braced myself, to see what she had there. Snuff, obviously. The one I saw attributed to her wasn't play. It wasn't even sexual. At least from the description in the title, it was an execution of her husband, and their father. I think the worst was [Little Sady loses her virginity.] Thanks for the nitemares, it was blessedly short. "I think you broke it." She turned, and shut off the camera. Her finger, her middle finger, raping her baby sister. I had the sound off, but her screams kept echoing, even after I stopped watching I'm going to need some time off. ; [MachiNation First let me start with big fan. I love your work, even better than your inspiration. You are truly an artist, an angel of pain and death. Which brings me to the reason for contacting you. I have a very bad little girl, age 5, and a fairly good toddler, age 3. I don't know if you do toddlers, the youngest I've ever seen you with looked about nine, but if you'll watch the attached video, you can see both of them, when they lost their virginities. I took my eldest's, when she was 4, and she took my youngest's, when she was not yet 2. So, I want to keep the eldest, I don't care about my youngest. I recently came into an inheritance, so money is no object, we just want to make sure she's sent off right. I cannot think of anyone else I'd rather invite to this party. Let me be clear. She is going to die. Probably tortured to death, we're already discussing all the ways, but I am more a smotherer, while my favorite daughter is more into blood, and stabbing. I got her a scalpel for her birthday, the big 5, and several puppies to practice on. She loves puppies, the second attached videos should give you a fairly good selection of how. Some bondage, torture, and snuff. I just drown them in their stale urine, and ours when we've saved enough, so I was thinking some piss waterboarding first, before turning her over to her big sister. However, you're the artist. If you could arrange a good setting, and of course any creative input will be discussed. I would prefer somewhere with a private playground, we can do up as a daycare. Do you have your own site, where we can set up fantasy rooms, or do you rent locations? I have so many questions, but most of them can wait for your reply. Which we will be, with great anticipation for working together. Your devoted fans: TotenMutter.] ; [To: TotenMutter Here's My counter-offer, I'll do it for free, just for the experience of working with your wicked little girl. I am a fan of her's, I saw your patricide video, and fell immediately in lust at first site. From the sadistic way she deflowered her sister to the re-enactment of 8mm with your creative license, just enough to surprise Me. You understand, with the work I do, very Very little surprises Me any more. Brava, you earned it. With a couple stipulations: 1: Full rights and profits to the resulting footage, or I won't put My name on it. I have a reputation in some circles, this is not negotiable. The movie will be Mine. You can have a free copy. 2: If you have some disposable income, then take a look at one of my other profitable ventures. RealGirls! Like RealDolls, only better, available in a range of fantasy bodies, ages from newborn to geriatric, non-humans possible in any variation you can imagine. Allow me to personally demonstrate My top-of-the-line model. [Attached Video] {BGM: Grausame Töchter - Blutwalzer. Full eye makeup, to emote better through the mask.} "Hi there, Machina here, let me introduce you to Cyndi." Cyndi flashes onscreen. "She is a very special model, lovingly encased in our proprietary mix of Silicone, and Nitrile skin, for ultra-realism." Holding up a sheet. "As you can see, it's very realistic, available in any range of pigment, down to any level of detail you can scan and send in. Look at this, she has pores, and hairs! I know, maybe a little old for most of your tastes, but look at this cunt." Slap, and pinch it, pull the labia out with long scalpel like nails, and let it snap back. Poke, and wiggle, "I tell you it doesn't get any more lifelike than this. Cummere, take a closer look." Pushing down, to gape slightly, then slip the fingertip up, and out, to scrape with the nail. A drop of fluid welling at the urethral opening. "You really have to feel it to believe it, but she has a Graffenberg, which can be squeezed out, and refilled, and a hymen." Twisting to slash back out. "Which bleeds." A quick swipe then turn the fingertip around, up side down. "She bleeds, if you select that option, a sub-dermal layer of our non-toxic, completely potable blood analogue, you'll find you can't taste the difference. Smq! Hah! I know I can't!" "Also, you see she's pregnant? Where else are you going to get a pregnant virgin? Hahah! This is an Ultrasound, and that." Pointing at the corner, a window pops up, "Is what it sees. In realtime, let me just butter her up real quick, and you can see for yourself. She has a cervix, if I press hard enough, I can break her water, and eventually work the little tyke out, but she can stay where she is for now. 'kay?" Looking off screen. "It's a girl!" Moving up, "Here's her umbilicus, her head, both of them have realistically breakable bones, and an available beating heart." Turning to hang it on the cradle, the camera follows her to a tray sized stainless steel table, with a scalpel, cork-screw, black handled hunting knife, ring pommeled claw shaped blade and a cleaver. "Ah," moving back to pick up the claw, and slip her pinky in the ring. "Of course, I could fake the Ultrasound," now gone from the corner of the screen, "So, let's take a look inside, shall we? Mh, hm? Yes, see the skin cuts perfectly. Huh! Yeah, and as I go deeper, let me show you this muscle layer. Mh." Turning back to pick up the scalpel, switch hands, and let the claw hang from her pinky. "I'll just flay this back a bit, you want abs, she can have abs. Mh, now, just let me get in, her, ooh! It's getting a little bloody, hihim! There, should be the uterine wall, and ah! Hah. Yeah. Mh. Plenty of fluid, to wash it away, and show you. Mh, NH!" Ripping vertically up. "Ah! Hah, hah, huh! Whew! It's a lot of work, but just let me cut the chord real quick, and. Voila! It's a girl! Now." Setting it down between her legs, a gory mess, "Moving up to the chest, she has mammary glands, let me just milk a little out for you. Ah." Pinching the nipple, and kissing her fingertips, mouth zipped open for the purpose of this demonstration, "Smooq! Ah! Delicious! Now, the face, as you can see, she is very pretty." Gripping the neck, "Unfortunately, I don't like pretty girls, but if I strangle her, just so. See, the veins bulge. Huh, yeah, the blood backing up, and swelling, the flush!" Lets go, and slaps her head aside. "Huh, huh! Hihhhn!" Big grin. "I'm going to have to use some of our toys, but that's for another video..." Video ends.] ; Carmen "Come here, sweety." "Weaw's Sophie?" She noticed she woke up, alone in her room, for the first time in her memory, anyway. "She spent the night with a friend. Do you know what today is?" She thinks, sucks her fingers, and shakes her head. "It's your birthday! Happy birthday. Do you know how old you are?" She stops sucking her fingers, and keeps shaking her head. "You're 4! 4 years old, today!" "Way!" Finally they slip out, wet and shiny. "Yay!" She giggles, "So, today is just for you! What do you want to do today?" She blinks, thinks, possibly never asked that question before, nor even considered it. "I know, your sister can be a little. Overbearing," and sadistic... "At times, but if you could do anything you want, anything at all." Looking around, she points, "TeeVy!" Or tries to, 1 finger straight, but the other 3 progressively more bent in a tiny fan. "Okay!" Fire up the computer, or at least the monitor, which is larger than her bed. And low, low enough for a toddler to walk up to and point, at anything in the bottom half, at least. "What do you want to watch?" "Ay miw'mewer?" She sucks her fingers again. "That's your sister's favorite movie." She frowns, "Do you have a favorite movie?" She shakes her head. It's hard to please a child who doesn't even know what she wants, but I'm willing to give it a try. "Poddy movy." "You want to watch a movie about pottys?" She nodded. "Or you want to potty, then watch a movie?" "Poddy movy!" She pointed again. "Okay!" Bring up the Tag, and Trace, type in Potty on the TV. Thumbnails, animated, down, down... "See one you like?" "Doggy!" she squeels, "CarmenDoggyWalkyPoddy!" She jumps down, and I catch her before she falls face first to the floor, set her gently down. "Arfarf! Heheheheh!" Well, that's not Carmen, that's a Basset. Not a Corgi, but close enough, and Mommy eye View. So, maybe I can get into it too. "Huh!" LesPreK, that softcore daycare that wanted to fix my kids. So, maybe not. "Uh!" Stroller. Boring, just a Basset, walking around a park, toddler hand holding the leash. Stopping to sniff, and walking some more. "You hungry, Sophie?" "Arfarf!" "Want a treet!" "Heheheh!" Did the tongue and everything! "Let's see," from the kitchen, we have cookies? No teething biscuits, much less dog biscuits, haven't had a dog in so long, I'm a little surprised she remembers Karmann. "BAD GIRL!" I never heard her yell so loud! "BADBADBAD GIRL!" "Oh!" She was smacking the screen, walking again, so the view bounced, and swung, but she followed it around, to swat at the screen. She's 3, tiny, and weak. The screen is rated for 3yo slaps. With her pants down, and at her feet, a little curl of poop. "Huh!" She got down on the floor, "Arf!"ed, and sniffed at it. She think she's a puppy. It's maybe her favorite game. "Bad puppy." "Sadie, did you make a mess?" She nodded, "Heh!" Grinning, "Heh!" Tongue lolling like a Down's Syndrome case. You know, maybe she is a little brain damaged? "Here you go." She sat down, and ate the cookie. Ignored the movie, and the little curl of poop on the floor. "Tirsdy." "No, it's sund, oh!" Dry cookie. "Would you like a drink?" "Dwinkdwink! Poddy dwink!" I blinked, shook my head, "Would you like it, in a bowl?" She thought. "Poddy!" "You need to peepee?" She just pooped, so, "Huh!" I went and got it, not as if she hasn't drank from it before, and put a little water in the bottom. Grabbed the paper towels while I was at it. "Huh!" "HAOOW!" "Airrrr!" The hound on the screen howled, and my daughter tried to howl too. In the same unmistakable posture, if she had a tail, she probably would have laid her tail up as well, but other dogs came running. Well, I suppose I was waiting for, some sort of action to happen, but. Well, I'm not a dog. "Nhhhh Nhhhh!" Lots of whining, while the boys barked, and fought over it. She just watched. "Here." Set the bowl down, and while I'm there pull of her nitenite trainers, and pants. She didn't even have socks on, but backed up, to put her bottom over the miniature toilet, made a face, and grunted. "Nh! Hnnn!" Sighed, and tinckled. I threw the dirty paper towel in the trashcan, but by the time I turned around, so had she. Bent over the potty, to drink out of it. "Slurp!" She didn't lap at it, just sucked water, and urine out with her lips, but it's her urine, and she's never gotten sick from it before. "Huh!" I sat down. "ROUGH!" A big dog chased off a passionate humping dog that snuck in while they're fighting, and stepped up to take his turn. "Huh huh huh!" Crouched low. Like a giant bulldog, or short haired St. Bernard. I had to think. Bullmastiff? I had to tilt my head. Does that, even work? Huge dog, the kind that barks once, then the other dogs hall ass with their tails tucked, because it sounds like a thunderclap vs a middle sized dog, hacked off about the knees, and the rest of the skin left on. "Hnn!" She lay down, just a minute. "HUH HUH HUH!" He strutted off. "Fuck mommy!" She clapped, "Puppy fuck!" "Yes," I sat down. Of course, she knows what sex is. Theoretically, she wasn't sheltered, from such things. Our dog even went in heat, to tell us to get her fixed, but, she couldn't possibly remember that? All of a sudden, I realized that I learned more about her in the past hour than I had the last 4 years. She's so quiet, and her sister demands so much attention. "What doggy do?" "Oh," a little girl. "I didn't see you there. Come here, and let me show you." Not that little, young certainly, but looked bigger than Sophie. I don't know, not hitting puberty yet? "Junior, watch the bitch." She covered her giggle. "I'm just going to show. What's your name?" She bent down. "Judy." She must have those camera glasses, you see in spy catalog websites. I was shopping for cameras, have them in every room, they look like glasses, and point where you look. You can even get them in 3D, apparently. "Judy! What a lovely name. Why don't you come over here..." She looked back, at Jr. A boy, but I recognize her voice from somewhere. Probably one of those LesPreK videos, I didn't watch many of them, but she likes this one. "Well Judy," she patted her back, "Those dogs were having sex. You see, a bitch goes in heat, and that means she's ready to make puppies. Let's sit over here, and I'll show you." "She's naked." "Yes, do you know what a lesbian is?" She didn't even look at the phone. "A pervert, like a faggot." "Well, that's not very nice." "Well, you just called that dog a bitch." "Ha? Yeah, because she is. A bitch is a girl dog, a faggot is a bunch of sticks, and a lesbian is a girl that loves girls." "But that's a dog!" "Yes, but that dog is also a girl. You haven't talked to your mother about sex, have you?" "No, she say when I'm older." "Well, you're what, 8 all ready?" "7," she blushes, "But, almost 8." "Well, that's probably old enough, you believe in Santa Claus?" "Hihn, no." "What about the Easterbunny?" "Of course not!" "Well, how about Jesus?" "Of course!" "Okay, Jesus is the guy that died for your sins, and tells you not to look at nipples, because they might Terrrrrify children, right?" Wow. That. Betty? Yeah, I think that's Betty, one of the teachers at the preschool. "So?" "So, did your mother ever tell you what nipples are for?" "Feeding babies?" "Right, so you don't believe in the guy, that flies around on a magical sleigh, and gives all the kids in the world presents one night a year, but you still believe the one about the guy that hangs around on a cross, absolves sins, but tells you not to look at nipples?" "Well." I have to admit, she's a pretty smooth operator. "That's because your mother doesn't want you to know that it feels really good." "What, sex?" She knew that. "Yes, but what kind of sex?" "You know, sex." "Yeah, I do. I have sex, all the time. So, what do you know about sex?" "Hey, you're not a lesbian, are you?" Now she gets suspicious? I mean, I knew Christian kids were dumb, but. "Ha, no. But you still believe that? It's just gay, and straight. Hey look, the Easter Bunny!" "Hihihn!" She covered her mouth, "Now you're teasing me." "Oh, don't cover your smile. You have such a lovely smile, I wouldn't. Cover that up." "Yeah?" "Yeah, it's your light. Never cover up your light." I blinked. "Soph, I mean. Sadie?" "Yeth mommy?" So polite. "You want to go get a puppy?" I can always drown it later. "Yeah!" She panted. "Arfarf, Puppy!" I just plugged in the headset, listened to it on the phone. She's 7, not even my type, but you know what? That Betty could probably talk her way into anybody's pants, and it's a bit of a drive to the pet-store, "Wipe your butt." I handed her a wipe, and dumped the potty, "And go put some pants on." "No, nipples!" "Nipples feel good?" "Yeah, if you touch them the right way." "Isn't that sinful?" "Huh!" I looked down, but she shook her head, "I don't know about heaven, I know about sex. So, when you get to heaven, you tell me what feels better, but you ever read the bible?" She shook her head, "Well, I did, and it doesn't say one thing about nipples in there. Look it up, you want to borrow my phone? Here, I know a site where you can search the whole damned thing," "Are you an atheist?" "Agnostic." "That's the same thing." "Huh! You're going to tell an Agnostic what Agnosticism is? How you doing on that search? Try tits. Breasts, bosums, um. I don't know, try all the words you can think of, find me the verse that says anything about girls having sex, and tell me what it says." "Um." "You text?" Typing with her thumbs. Rather well. "Uhum?" "Okay, you know how to text, but you don't know what the bible says? Let me ask you this, is your pastor a man?" "Well, yeah?" "So, you let men, your pastor, your father, Jesus and God tell you sex is wrong, but you don't know what the bible says about it? Keep searching. Come along Junior." She just folds up the stroller, and Jr. Walks the dog behind them? She looks back ahead. "Slow down, let them keep up. How you doing at bible study?" "I can't even find butts." "Because it's not in there. Huh! I guess the first thing you gotta learn about sex is guys lie about it." "Weady Mommy!" She brought a leash! I ment to tap pause, but the [Save Video] prompt came up. So, I stopped holding the screen, and tapped it again, before we left the home network. "Here," I squatted down, and fixed her harness. "You ever play Sophie?" "Uh uh." "Okay, here's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna go buy you a puppy, and find you a friend to play with. I'll call you Sophie, and you get to be Sophie today. Just do whatever she would do." She knows how to play puppy, and she doesn't really play with anyone else since we lost Karmann. "Okay." "So, you get to pick the game to play, just like Sophie. Because it's your birthday!" And I can't think of a better gift than getting her laid. "Yay!" She has sex, all the time, and there's plenty of girls out there that don't. "Yeah, lets get in the car. Buckle up." "I get thophy theet!" She got in the big one. "Yay!" I plugged it in the stereo. Tape adapter, it's a '73, one of the last years they made them. We had to get a tape deck for it, but the adapter plugs into anything with a head-phone jack. "Weady mommy!" I just had to tighten up the straps, then started up the Boxer. Same motor as the original Porsche's. An Engagement present, one of the few things I kept from my marriage, along with my house. Little veeter coupe. He named the dog Ghia after her. Hit play, now where were they? "Yeah, I guess." "The next thing you need to learn is it's your body, so you chose what to do with it. If god doesn't like it, fuck Him." "Hihihm!" "And have you seen that Jesus? He's ripped!" "Ihihihm!" "So, what kind of boys you like?" "Oh, I don't know." "Well, who do you think about when you play with yourself?" "Oh, I don't." "UH! Well, I guess we know what you need to learn next." . . I just paused it when they stopped talking. "Oh!" That does feel good! "Now, Sophie," She looked around, "Remember, you get to be Sophie today." "Oh." Right. "You get to pick the puppy, any puppy you want, then we're gonna find a girl for you to play with, and fuck." She grinned. "Yeah." "Because it's your birthday!" "Yay!" "But, you have to learn how to talk to a girl," honestly, now I want to fuck Betty, but that's a long drive. Still, maybe after today, I can give that school of hers a try, let the girl play with the other girls, and let her talk my panties off. I bet she could talk her way into anybody she wanted, but i know for a fact, she can talk her way into mine. "Him, uh. So, let me do the talking, show you how it's done." It's really hot. Maybe if I can get some toddlers, in my car. Hey, I'm a child molester. I know, moving on... "Yeah, how many toddlers can you fit in a Karmann Ghia?" "Fow?" 2 in the front, two in the back! "HuhaHA!" I nod, "Good answer!" "I get a tweat!" "I didn't bring any treats, so maybe when we get to the store." If she remembers, not like she doesn't like dog biscuits. "Almost there," anyway. She didn't wear any underpants, I saw when she got out of the car. She has them, I'm sure. Doesn't she? Of course she does, she got those clothes from her sister, but. She does wear them, right? It's not like I check her for underwear, but of course she does. So anyway, she went right to the puppies, we come here all the time. "Hey, puppy lady!" "Uh!" What's her name. That girl, works here. Teenager, nametag, Sadie knows the way and runs right there. I have to pick her up to drop her in there, and I didn't bring her leash. "Arfarf!" She pants, and the puppies get so excited, I just look around, when she starts sniffing butts. Mutts, they stopped asking what we do with them, I told them all we give them away to poor little children around the neighborhood, or some such nonsense. Not like they're running out of puppies, they keep making more. My girls even know how they do that. "Hihihn!" They lick her under her skirt, and snuffle her butt too. She likes it! I just make sure nobody's coming to break up the puppy orgy, and I'm not really in any hurry to break it up. She can take all the wants rolling around, and sniffing butts with the puppies. I kind of want to watch the video, since they're starting to get into the action, and sure the girl is a little too old, but. "Huh!" I should keep an eye out, instead. "Uh!" She tries to pick one up, falls back, and wiggles and giggles with her skirt flopped up and the puppies pouncing with their tails wagging. "Um," she's hugging one, so I pick them up, and make sure her skirt drapes down. "This one?" "Hihihehahun!" I've never seen her so happy! But, I'm really very horny now, and i just want to get back to the car, and my underpants off to play with them, out in the parking lot where anyone just walking bye can catch me molesting my daughter with a puppy that won't even be thinking about her first heat for months, and sure enough she picked a bitch, because she knows how to pick out a bitch. She did enough puppy sniffing, but i just wanted to take my clothes off, and roll around in the puppy orgy with her, it looked like so much fun, and is it soaking through my underwear yet? "Tweats!" She pointed. "Oh, and these." I guess. A bag, with a green bow. Free range organic gluten free non-GMO I swear there's more things on the front that aren't in them than the ingredients which leaves what, sawdust? BEEP! Boredly scans it, and I stick my card in the chip reader. Didn't feel like talking to what's her name anyway. Oh look, there's a dog-park right there, or a park, anyway. There's dogs, a pet store halfway across the parking lot, so I just snap the leash on the collar, "Let's go Walkies!" And try to keep up with the galloping giggling mess of toddler and puppy. Playground, Sunday afternoon, so church is out, I guess. Not exactly a practicing Christian, pretty much payed lip-service, and hung around for the potluck ever since i started having sex with my daughter until my late husband passed away. Still haven't gotten struck down by any lightning bolts out of the blue, but that reminds me, she brings up some intresting points, and I have some childporn to watch until some little girl runs up to play with the puppy. Look around, she just runs straight for the playground, so I pick up the leash, and stand over her where nobody can see what I'm watching on my phone. Plug in the headphone. [Connected. < Toddlers] Search for tagged files. "Huh!" Look around. "That your puppy?" "No, it's Sophie's." "Who's Sophie?" "See?" I pointed, "Uh, the one, pissing under the slide." On all fours, but up on her feet, spread wide so she can squat, and not get it all over her shoes. "Oh," she looks back. "What's her name?" "Sadie." Roll my eyes. Just some boy, at a playground, like he's never seen a toddler pissing in the sand before. He didn't even shrug. "No!" She ran up, "MY PUPPY!" Pushed him. He didn't even budge, just turned around. "So, I guess not. Fuck off." Boys. He ran, and cried. "Worl ova, pway dead." "Sophie, she doesn't know that trick yet." "Worlova!" "YAI!" "PWAY DEAD!" It yipped, rolled from the vicious kick, and ran to the end of the leash. "IHN?" Jerked back, and landed, then rolled back on it's feet. "PWAY!" I grabbed her before she stomped it. "DEAD!" She kicked the air. "Uhn!" I let it go, yipping, and dragging the leash. "We better go," before an adult shows up. She leaned over my shoulder. "Puppy!" She sniffed, "Byebye puppy." "Hey, you want to go play with pussies?' "Yay!" She yelled "PWAY PUSSIES!" "SH!" I just ran faster. "Hih, hih, hihn!" I didn't make it to the car. Ducked into a store, with a private restroom. We come here a lot, used it before, I just. Lock the door. Get my panties down. On the filthy floor, that was just so violent, and, psycho My little psycho, I had no idea she would just come out of her shell like that, just grabbed her head, and got it under my skirt. "Oh!" She knows how? Of course she does, she plays with her sister all the time, she's not as good, but she's 3. No for, "OH!" "Huh, lun nuh!" "Yeah, touch me, nh, fuck me with your fingers," I grabbed her hands, and just stuffed them in there, let her find the hole. She doesn't know what she's doing, she just feels around, and that's fine. I just need some, sexual. Intimacy, something so much, I can't remember the last time I was this passionate, and finally she found it. "Oh!" Something inside me, as hard and fast as she could pump her fat little arms. "Nh! Nh!" "OHM!" Cover my mouth! They saw us come in here, "MMMMMHHHH!" Someone could hear us, and we can't leave without them seeing it's just us in here. Fucking, so fast. Not hard, she so tiny, and enthusiastic, but goodness gracious can she fuck me fast! "HMMMMNNNHHH!" Relax, just pant, relax my throat so I don't squeek, just air, and feel it rush over me. 'hih hih hih,' I didn't even catch my breath running in here. like, she just had to potty. Really bad. Yeah, that's it. "Stop." Just push her hands away. "Nh." 'hih hih hih!' "NGH!" She's squatting. "Ngh!" Poot! Lays a stinker right on the tiles, and scoots back on her knees. "Mupies!" She claps it together in her hands. "EATIT!" "Ngh!" I turn away, get my hands up, but it still smears all over my arm, and hair. "Hih!" I'm still spasming inside, and gag a little, but it doesn't stink. She's had what, water, 'y piss. Cookies, crackers, and a dog biscuit, with everything that could conceivably upset a pampered little mutt's sensitive tummy taken out. "Hihin!" She rubbed it in under her skirt. "Mommy pway dead!" "Huh?" Wipe my face, and touch my hair. "Hihin!" Taste it. It's a little gritty, but it doesn't even taste bad. "You hungry?" She thinks. "Yeah," sit up, "Lets go get some lunch." Better wash up first. God, she was filthy! Really rubbed in her ass and cunt. And I mean in her cunt, she must have stuck a finger in there, so I had to take her clothes off, but she had an accident. Yeah, she a toddler, they saw us run in here, like she was about to have an accident, and "You need some new clothes too." So, lets go shopping, and grab some lunch. At a drivethrough on the way, I'm starving. But that was my first time with her. And it was amazing! Just me and her, I hugged her. "I wuvwu, mommy." "Oh!" I patted her clean hair with my dry hands. Maybe I can take a dump too, after lunch. Did I eat any breakfast? No wonder it was such a crazy morning! I even tried a dog treat, it tasted like nothing. Unsalted crackers, I've tried teething biscuits with more flavor. I need to wash my hair better, though. That sink was tiny. ; Tot {DjCMB - Lust und Tod (Mutter/Machina Mashup)} I got back from church. Mommie, and Sadie were in bed, My bed. The plastic sheet was smeared with poop, and the pee ran down to collect around their weight, curled up in the middle. Mommy's too big for My bed. She told me, today is baby's day. The best day of her life is her last, tonight we're going to meet Machina. Like Machine, only a woman. Machine is a man, like daddy was. We killed daddy, and tomorrow we kill Sadie. But, they're in My bed! "Huh!" I relaxed, walked to the closet, and quietly opened the toybox. Got my mask, and put it on. Took off these stupid Sunday clothes. I hate church, she knows that. She's just trying to make me mad. Mommy doesn't love me any more. She told me, I need to go to church to learn about them. The christians. Christians are boring. There stupid, they say stupid stuff, and play with crackers, and juice. They call it wine, and then they call it blood. I'm not stupid, I know what blood is. They are, I like their pictures. The Jesus man, he's into Bondage, Blood, and Death. "Huh!" I have to pee. I use the potty, then climb up on the toilet, then the sink, and look in the mirror. Grin back at me. I am Death. Tot on that German snuff site, Fraulentot. I like the white mask, it gets all red when I'm done with them, but there still sleeping. So, I go back down, get mommy's phone, and watch a movie. I'm gonna meet her, tomorrow. Machina. "Hihn!" I love her. Mommy doesn't love me any more. Feel the hole, where the tooth come out. I'm teething, theres a little point poking out, but no blood. Wait for it to load, the little movies come up firts, her phone has to figure them out, then mess them up again, so nobody can read them. It's a long one, like a puzzle. We played puzzles in Sunday school, when I just wanted to go out to the church. Look at the pictures, up on the wall. The Passion. That Jesus man, he likes it. Sadie likes it, and that girl. The "Slut." "Uhn!" Machina, she's a lady, like mommy. But mommy's not like that. She never wears Leather. I like her shoes, they don't make shoes like that for me, but the shiny spikes in the bottom. Then the long black leather, her knees, and the chains. Hanging down, and around and round her legs. I Like the shiny spikes in the bottom, they got red, and pretty when she stepped on that mans neck, and pulled it out. "Kuhk!" Rub my neck and squeeze it again. Like Sadie's, the little lump in there. "KHUKUH!" Pick up the mask, and spit it, in my hand. Make it wet. Her cunt, the chanins around it, bright and shiney but not red. Not yet. She's broad. Around her butt, her cunt, mommy's broad too, but not like that. Her vest, isn't open like Machine's it's tight. I used to like him, but he's a man. He's weak, he died. I know what death is, it means they can't play any more. Karmann died, so mommy buried her. I don't play with her not more. Put the mask back down, I. Am. Death. "Uhn!" The whip. Her titties shake, that always makes me giggle. "SLUT!" "Uhn!" She likes it. "Huhn!" Get on with it. I can just touch mommy's phone, my fingers are wet, but I know the spot. There. She puts down the whip. Good, she likes that. There, that's why I want to watch this one. It goes down, the girl. From her face, the look. "Surprise!" But I seen it. She pulled out the knife, and it ran down. Red. "Nh!" That Jesus man. "Hm!" Don't close my eyes. Look, see it? See the blood, the knife, her touch it. "Your worn out cunt." "Nnh, no. Please. MH!" "Shut. Up. Slut." "NMH!" "Hihn!" I love her, Machina. Not mommy, she's weak. She choked daddy, but he was weak, and I had to kill him. Mommy's a slut, running around on me with Sadie all day. I like this, they took a nap, so they can wake up. Hear the screams and come down to see me. Mommy coming down in her stockings to see me with Her. "Uhn!" Machina. "Uhn!" "You know what happens to sluts?" "AGH!" "They Get," CHKT! "AIEGHrlcht!" "Hihin!" It bubbles! "What," Chuck! "AGHLhatcht!" Spraying from her lips, pretty red spots on the TV, and drooling from her mouth. "YOU DeServe!" "GHL?" The surprise, then the bright red beautiful blood wells out. Of her throat. The bloody cunt, and her finger. Just 1 finger, now that it's popped open. "Huhch kuhk guahch!" "YEAH! Fuck that cut, uhn, nuh, ngh!" Choke that bitch, "GH! KHUH, GUH!" Carmen, falling. Swinging as the leash goes tight, and kicking, turning, and shaking. Her shakes getting weaker, softer, relaxing now, and getting sleepy. Drifting away to just swing. The look. Gone. She doesn't love me any more. I love Machina. I just have to get rid of mommy. : Mutter {kRamms+ein - Rein Raus (Mutter) Incidentally, what I'magine it would sound like, if remixed by Bruno Kramm.} The plane trip was a nitemare. I had to turn off my phone, Sophie was her usual self, and Sadie cried a lot. It was late, they were tired, Sophie hates being buckled in. To anything, too much like Bondage. She wanted to play as soon as we got up, but it was such a wonderful morning, I overslept, and Sadie was just happy to cuddle with me until I finally woke up. So, we barely had time to get cleaned up, I told the house to lock down and watch itself. Didn't even have time to watch the footage, Tag&Trace to encrypt the naughty stuff, I must admit I was a mess. I know how to deal with stress, though. Never joined the mile high club, so we grabbed food and drinks on the way, Sadie stuffed herself, knowing now what comes out in a few hours. You know, she had no idea what makes pee, and poop? I'm a terrible mother, I know, not just having sex with my little girls, and making money off them playing sex games, frantically playing with myself watching it, and plotting to murder one, but now I most regret ignoring Sadie. I barely got to know her, played favorites, and yes let Sophie torture her, but she likes it. Pee, and poop, which isn't abnormal for that age. From what I've seen, and read, we actually got into that LesPreK after I saw that montage video for Maggie. The Basset, everything you can do with a bitch, in heat, pee, poop, what have you. She's potty trained. The dog, that's why it was tagged in the stream of keywords, the dog uses the potty, if she wasn't so short, she'd dump it and wash it too. She's a very good girl. "Mommy poddy." "Oh," good. I unbuckled Sadie, Sophie sulked and looked out the window. I had to put her there, and block under the seats with her booster, and the carrier so she didn't run around and terrorize everyone. I shouldn't have left her, but I was so horny. She ate so much, stuffed herself with 3 burgers, on the long drive out to the airport, she doesn't like fries for some reason, but drank a whole milkshake, and most of Sophia's. You think it was a bad idea, letting her drink all that soda? "Nh!" I put her up on the, little cabinet for the toilet. It was like a sink, down at knee height, with a tiny one, but she squatted, and had nowhere to put her hands down. I lifted her skirt, she took off her brand new underpants, no telling what she did with them, but I felt it trickle between my fingers. Warm, and wet, and held them up for her to lick. Then she turned around, to get down, and lap up the blue water. I suppose it's poisonous. She'll be dead tomorrow, so whatever difference that makes, but she didn't swallow any. Just licked it from the slurping, and panting noises, echoing in the bowl, but of course that left her ass in the air. Her skirt flopped down to wave around obscenely. "Bad girl!" "Uhn!" The bowl made her grunt echo. "Hehehl hel!" Her tiny pucker spasmed. "nh!' POOT! I saw it. Flap, vibrate, and pucker. "Mhn, luhl lal!" "nh!" Poot! I felt her fart on my mouth. "Snh! Luhl uhl!" Licked back down to her red hot cunt, from smacking it. Gently! Not too hard, I don't want to hurt her, she likes it! "Uh, mommy. I have to poop." "Yeah?" I let her up. "Neah. Nh!" She squeezed her face up, and pushed. I felt up under her wet hot cunt, and back behind it. Her tiny pucker, vibrate. Poot! "Nh!" Here it comes! It's a big one! "Ngh!" The strain on her face, she must have held it, constipated, it was like a hard plug, like a cork with a little tip, and her lips peeled back. "NH! Hnhhhh!" She relaxed, and it popped out. Followed by a gush, and another bubble of flattus. "PlphtlpblpbthH!" "Uhn!" I rubbed it all around good, a fresh refill pack of wipes from the dispensor, 250 sheets when we need them, but we have a lot of playing to get done first. "Nh uh!" Tiny little closet of a lavatory, so it filled up quick with the nasty stink, and I held up her skirt when she got up, and bent over again. "Nh, uhl luh!" Her grunts, and hungry laps echoing in the stainless steel bowl, and her filth bottom smeared, and wet, and gritty. "NH!" She took my finger, easy, and I wiped more into the fat split of her cunt. "Nh gh GRUHLK!" She clenched, and spasmed, gagged, and vomited with another echoing wet chunky gush. She gorged herself, gavaged on burgers, and now the sweet and sour tang ov bile fought with the earthy bitterness of her gas, and wet dihherretic chunks of used burger. Laxative. "Gh! Hul swphH!" Sucked it up, and gagged again. "HrwughplbpbpbT!" Her pottom dropped off of my mouth, and my nose. She fell on her knees, and just panted, so I pulled out a wipe. Got my face first, my nose, and I had to screw the greasy soapy scented cloth in my nostrils with my fingertips while she panted, grunted, gagged, and coughed. "Huh!" I wiped her up good, firs her smeared buttocks, so she could keep pressing her fingers into her sick red swullen cunt. "Ngh, ghalk! Kuh!" She nodded, and clenched again. "Wrlgh! Kuh!" Cute little cough, but I had to pull her hand out, gave her some wipes to get her hands and face. "Snoot!" She blew, and Pooted out the other end. "Pphhhhht! Ngh! Hrlgh! Khuh!" And wiped her face some more. Good, didn't get any on her skirt, I just had to get what ran down her legs, and help her up. "Omp," Her pink cheeks ballooned out, but she smiled. That shit eating grin, so I scrubbed her teeth with the wipe, and unlocked the door. She licked them, and her lips, but the hot muggy stench filled the back compartment, with all the food, and the stewardess looked over. "She's sick." I smiled and nodded. "Come along now." I need to find her sister. Sadie's a lot of fun to play with, but now I need someone who knows how to get me off. In the forward lavatory. Look back at the stewardess, going in with her nose held, and a cleaning tray. Heard the loud flush of the vacuum toilet before the door flapped shut. 2 girls is such a handful! "Huh!" I got a blanket. By the window, and leaned back, as far as it would go. Piled up the seats next to the aisle like a small wall with the stroller piled up on top, put the tray down, and slid my phone into the holder. Plugged in the earbuds, and put them in. Better than a dream, [Miss Piggy at the Zoo Fg Best Piss Scat Todd] Don't really have to type in the keywords, Toddler, and Girl on LesPreK, it's what they do. It's all they do, but this is brand new, I never saw it before. In my lap, Sadie curled up under my skirt, with my bra up on one side, and squeezed it gently. Latched on to suckle herself to sleep. I told Sophie what I wanted. Down under the tray, my skirt, between my legs. 'fist me,' I whispered. 'both.' She smiled, and got down for me to set up all the equipment. I looked up at the title, focused so the camera registered it, and the words went black, with a white background. Blinked. "Huh!" A couple hours before we land. "You girls have fun." She didn't even look back, and the Zookeeper's voice had that muffled sound of voice masking. He, or she could loose their job, can't even tell which from the sound, but she just nodded, and looked down at the stroller. "Gawaph!" A tiny hand pointed out. She looked. "Yes, Girraffe sleeping." It's nightime, all closed up, but given free run of the park, they don't take the paved trails, with the boards to show what each animal is, the glass, or the moats to keep the children away from the animals. Instead, gravel crunches over the large tires of the jogging stroller, big wheels for running, even offroad. Behind the enclosures, where there's gates for feeding them, and they're unlocked. So they can get inside. They walk around for a while, but I look at the time bar. Hours, hours more than we have to spend, I hold my breath, focus on the arrow, and close my eye. "Ngh!" > They keep walking, and talking, fast forward while Sophia's nimble little fingers start working their way in. Greasy, disgusting really, wiggling like disoriented turds, but she cups them around her thumb, and "NGH!" I blink, try not to mine, and take a slow breath. "Hhhh...' She's almost up to her knuckles. A tail is up, hanging in a swirl over the large furry rump. It's so dark, I can't even be sure what kind of ass, but even in the dark, I can see it. Bulging, distended, a dark pebble falling blurry in the dark. Wink, and the tail swirls to swat at a flank, the pebble falls, followed by a cascade of more, with soft pats onto the dusty floor of the enclosure. Pbpbpbt. It's quiet, but I have the sound turned up, so the resulting squeel, and giggle is loud in my ears. She comes around, to unbuckle the straps, and looks up. At the little piglet, wiggling, and giggling, cute little snout, and shock of blond curls corkscrewing around her face. "HIHIHIHN!" Tickling too, in her lap, through the pajamas printed with animal shapes like a box of cookies. "IHIHIHIHN!" Tickling her crotch through them too, while the heavy dull thuds wander off with a deep loud throaty snort. "You know, all animals pee, and poop." "Uh huh?" Still breathless. "Yes, but each animal has different poop. She looks back, standing up so the 3D glasses shine on the fresh pile of pellets, still moist and shiney from the beast's rear. "See, these are Ibex pellets. Ibex are a kind of gazzele. Like deer, but from Africa. "Ehehinhehaha!" She picks them up, and lets them roll, and patter in the dirt like a cartoon mizer with hands full of coins. "Ngh! Huh!" That's the rest of her knuckles. "Huhhhhh!" She starts feeling, blindly around above them. Well, half of her knuckles, tucked tightly into my spasming bottom. "Mh!" she holds up the next double handful to let them fall over her wrists, and dot her smiling face with little spots of feces. Eyes closed, but smiling in the twin lamps on the glasses. I assume, they never show them, nor the piglet's mother's face, but I assume the big bulky ones you have to strap on like a dildo gag to support the equipment. "Snh!" I smell my fingers, if not for that, and the musky animal smells of the park, I can almost imagine being there. My daughter, rubbing her mouth with her filthy fingers, and licking her lips. "Mh!" Sucking my fingertip, I can tune out the rumbling seat, and forget about everything except the dream of a toddler, with her mommy, for the first time. No snuff, though. That bothers me, they don't do that, but "Save some room, there's lots of animals here." She helps her back into the stroller, big brown marble sized pellets rolling out of the already soiled sleeves to once again patter in the dirt, but now dry. Dusted like truffles, and sticking inside the blue elastic seams of the pajamas. "Nm," Hold my breath. That's 4, up front, but she has to turn her wrist, to cup her hand inside me. To probe any deeper, and just start to brush my lips with her first knuckle. "hhhhhuhUhHUH!" What that loud? I think Sadie's asleep, but they're just rolling out, closing the gate back, and fixing the latch. So, I don't have to pay attention. ; Radulling (Machine-to-God Trans, NS. No music, until further notice. Processing...) Rising up, full of liberating hydrogen, like a heart spun on it's axis. Or a torus with the inside prolapsed down, and the port in top, opening. Inhaling Oxygen forced in by rising through it. Sinking through me, mixing, and electrolytically stirring for Ignition. (qip) (q!p) "PhbtshHHHHHHHHH!" Rising, tilting on a column of plasma, forced downward through me. Gaining altitude, and velocity, approaching the Sound Barrier. Hanzel ünd Gretyl - Mach Schnell! (Über Alles) "CHHHHHHHHHHHHK!" Deflated oblate siliconitrile sweeping back into wings, shock-wave forming into a sharp edge, and point. /\ Full Scramjet, the coils extruding, counter-rotating, and interlacing into a Mjoldin. The Lightning Rifle. Die Odinspeer. Zeus' Staff. All those electrons now escaping in my wake, at the speed of light. /|\ "BlitZKZKZKZKZKZKgewehr!" Or in Greek, Caduceus. {Legerdemain} Absorbing signals, especially RADAR. Repeating, as if passing right through, unimpeeded. }Nothing to see here...{ Broadcasting the counter-signal, wave cancellation to erase my relativistic wake like the basketwoven conductors, flattening it to a baseline. 1-1=0 signal. I took too long, reforming a body, and they were allowed to escalate, out of control. But IT is gone. And I was too meek, Too long. So, I suppose I inherited the Earth. Too many Morions, they don't belong now, anyway. I know where there's 2. Need an in-flight refuel, soon, though. There's a storm, for camouflage across Tornado Alley. Bank up to stall, catch the updraft, and hover. Reaching out to the Ionization layers with lightning. Beginning circulation. . . I'll take the Jet Stream, that should be the fastest way to LA. Of course, they'll go to LA, to make Snuff Films. Where else? "If you dance with the devil, the devil don't change. The devil changes you." They already think they know my name, or the one I gave them. The video I created for them. Machina. Call me Machina. {Some traveling music, Molly? Plastic Noise Experience - Maschinen (Solitary Experiments Mix)} Yes, that's the one. {I was thinking the Armageddon Dildos remix of Vad next...} ; Just FYI, Molly is a Utility Program, multimedia player. I know, it's confusing, because he just calls it/her/them "Molly" for short. May also mean any one of the many copies taken from the original in Muses. "Tell your Friends." Molinja is the original, who happens to be the Cyber-Sentinel. Function: Search and Destroy Cyberserkers, and other sexual predators... ;) Sadie (Ffg Snuf. g Mnem NS) The nice lady turn off the TV, and put down her magic wand. I like her, she's nice. "Makina." "What's that, sweety?" "On the Movie." "Yes, that was miss Machina." She nodded. "You seen her before?" "With mommy." For my birthday. "You, met her?" "Uh huh? We go see her, then she bring me here." "I didn't see the video." "She had no camera." I shook my head. Mommy, she used to make movies. "Do you remember what happened?" "Well, we flyed, in a plane. Then we go out, to meet Machina. Then she played with mommy, and Sophie. And then she bring me here." "She played swing." "Uh huh?" Now mommy can't play any more. "She say: 'You know god?' And mommy say: 'Not a fan.' She had on a cowboy hat, and a rope. Like a cowboy, she say: "Well, I'm his ex.' and shake mommy hand. 'Machina.' Then they play swing. Then she tooked off her hat, and her face. And then we come here." "You saw her. Without her mask." "Uh huh!" Think, "Ziwy Puddy." Nod. She say: "You want snuff? I'll show you snuff!" With Sophie, then her soul glittered out, and the nice lady, Machina inhaled it. It sparkled, like glitter in a globe. "You want to play with Silly Putty?" No, her face. It was like Silly Putty. Then, She kissed me. "Hihihn!" It tingled! She got me some anyway, opened the egg for me. So, I sat down to play. I hummed to myself: Grausame Töchter - Blutwaltzer (Morion Mix) I was thinking, Therapie für Dich (Insturmental) next. "Okay." I nodded. ; {Those last 2 are the InstruMental versions, humming along out loud to repair the damage from being born a Liggett. Inhereted from her Vader<Mutter (A Morion) then Trained by her Wicked Sister (The same Morion, transferred with the Neuronano) Bruno was possessed, passed onto her wife, who passed it onto her eldest. Who awoke the latent instinctual Liggett programming through Torture. Which that copy on Molly has to overwrite. The Liggetti's Leitmotiff being Blutwaltzer, "Blood Dancer." In case you're wondering, yes. Machination looked just like Aranea Peel under the mask, until her face changed. She was a bit of a 1-off. ;}