Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Switching gears here, so to speak. This is literally, and Figuratively, a Deus Ex Machina. In case you're wondering why they never get caught, in such an impossible operation, and where the unhackable software came from. Or, don't think about it, none of the other characters do... Occam's Teacup: The simplest explanation is "Aliens!" ~G. Tsoukalos Because it rests in a saucer. ;) ; Hot4Tots "Ooh!" I found a new server. Online, the best money I ever spent was on that fileshare program that allows me to search for pictures, and video. Illegal pictures, and video. You see, I never married. I want children, at least a darling little girl to raise as my own, but not badly enough to put up with a man. I should adopt, I just have to find one I like, but that led me to the darker parts of the internet, and then off the network, until finally, I found the other net. Unlike my brother, who found a wife. Had a son, and then a darling daughter, I'll call her Denice, but they need childcare, and I have free time. I always have time for her, but right now I miss her. It was love at first sight, the first time they left her with me, and I got in her diaper. She wasn't wet, much less dirty. I had to get wet, and before I was done, we got very, very dirty together. So, I started taking pictures, to remember her, when she's home. She's perfect, other that the one thing. She isn't mine. I can't keep her, she always goes back home, leaving me alone, to miss her until the next time I can have her in my bed. Which led me to your site, and again, it was love at first site. I saw your debut video, which eventually led me to find that you have your own server now. With new content. Pages for all of your models. Zoe, is so beautiful, but I'm not sure I enjoy seeing her with that bitch. I'm not jealous, I just have my way with words, if you catch my meaning. Dogs, are not really my thing. Dotty, rhymes with Potty, but I ment to ask. The last one I watched with her was Dump Truck. That wasn't too bad, at least I can't smell it, but who is that she is playing with? She looks so cute, in her little hat. Can you get her a trucker hat? I like the Engineers cap, but wouldn't that be more appropriate if she played with trains? Regardless, she's adorable, what's her name? I can't find her in the models, but I would like to see more of her, and less of the poop. If that could be arranged, money is not much of an object. What would be the going rate, for a by request, or ideally a live show. A threesome, between her, I and Denice, it would be worth thousands to me. Anyway, I know how this works. Having been at it for years now, even before Denice was born, but she's 3 now. Here are some pictures, so that you know I'm not a cop. The police won't do this, it's illegal for them too, but I am assured enough in your security I don't mind sharing. I may even share her with you. If it works out, soon she will be old enough for a trip, and preschool. She's not mine, but I bet I know where she would like to go to preschool. If that would be okay, I can save up, and it would be worth tens of thousands for the both of us, for just one day. Your's Truly: Hot4Tots (Fg Nepi CP Mole) "Oh!" She hugged my neck, her soft diaper in my hands, legs on my chest, my heart swelling with love and happiness. As soon as I closed the door, they drove off, but I couldn't wait to get her into the bedroom. Instead, I took her on the coffee table, and turned on the TV. Big screen, bigger than her crib, I have just for when she comes over. Not nearly enough, but I hope to never finish her nursery. She giggles, and kicks with glee, knowing I always change her first. "Ooh!" All ready wet. "Goochie, coochie!" She giggles, and 'coo's. "Let's watch a movie." I set up the keyboard, and the mouse. Already switched to the computer on the big screen. "Soon, you'll be big enough for preeschool!" She has her feet, in my lap, but up for me to kiss, and suck her tiny toes. My finger between her wet legs, feeling her puff, and her split, the moisture still in there, and wiggling my finger in the bottom. 'h!' "There!" That's the spot. Her mouth goes wide, but not in an infants smile. Her O face. 'n!' Eyes wide as well, and her legs push down, off of my probing fingertip. 'g!' She blinked, and grinned. Giggled, but I felt it. Still there, of course it is, but I like to check to make sure. "Smp! Did you nod off in the car?" She's trained, she just wears pullups to bed, for a nap, and to keep from wetting her carseat. She doesn't have to wear anything here. I pull off my top, forgo the underwear myself, anticipating her visit. 'Mame' "Oh!" her first word. The best word, "Yes! You thirsty, after your trip?" I'm dry, but she weaned. My sister in law dried up too, but she still knows what to do. I sat back, cradling her head, while she holds it. Her soft tiny hand, and fingers. Her mouth rooting, finding it, and latching on. "Hhn!" 'w q q q!' "Hihn!" Lick my finger, and split her, in my lap. Settling down, and looking up. The legs, of the tripod. Smiling, and turning her. Hips by the bottom, cradling it with my fingers, so she puts her leg down. So I can see her puff, enormous on the screen. Swelling from my wet thump, slipping up. "Ng! Snh, wq q, q q!" She closes her eyes again, as I rub it in. We have all day, but right now, I'm happy to just hold her again, feel her, love for me, and show her how much I love her too. It's a patient love, it has to be, it takes so long for her to orgasm, but we have all day. 'n q, sn q, nh!' "Yes." Look up. This is my proof, video. My debut, for the site, but to show that I'm not abusing her, I love her, and she loves it too. Just a little faster. No rush, patiently, and I love it. Making love like this, timeless love, she'll let me know when she feels it, but she stops suckling. To breathe, grunt, and gasp in time, I have to move my thumb, but I'm drooling now. "Pwl..." It hangs, and she holds still. So I can aim, her eyes fixed on the long drop. Hanging, swinging lower,, then just hanging, dripping down to touch her. Smiling up at me, her eyes closing when I catch it, and rub it in. "Nh, eh!" Louder now, faster, but not harder, barely brushing her tiny wet pinpoint with the softening wrinckles of my wet thumbprint. "nh nh hnHnHN!" Her mouth goes wide, and she shivers. "HhHhHAhAHAaahhhh!" And it's over. "Hhhhhh!" She just smiles, while I rub her tummy, her chest, and her legs in my hands. In my lap. 'hhhh!' She feels it, and I feel it too. The love. She called me mommy. Her first word, and she called me mommy. "Hihn!" Just lean over, and tap the mouse button. Pause the recording. That should show them what a child lover I am. They have girls, they want to know will be safe with me. That I would never hurt a child. Of course not, I love them. Bobbi (Fg Nepi Roma NS CP) "Oh!" Click! Butch? I never saw a 4yo Butch before, but I must say I find it alluring. Blo/Blu Virgin Likes: Trucks, Digging, Dirt, Jeans, and Fighting. Dislikes: Boys, Baths, Dolls, Underpants, and Skirts. So yes, Butch. About time they featured a Butch, and one of the few virgins! Of course, Denice is a girly girl, the girliest girl that ever girled, but her photos. Posing, cute boots, yellow rubber, one up in the bed of her favorite Tonka truck, Blue Oskosh overalls, white shirt with yellow stars like pointy polkadots, and her blonde hair pulled out of a navy ballcap. That toothy grin, so charming. I can even imagine a wink. On the farm, petting a chocolate brown dog, a Labrador? What I don't know about dogs, but looks like a horse, posing, except for the docked tail and lack of a mane. Cowboy boots, and hat, checked shirt, but not really her. It doesn't look like her, too posed. She's no cowgirl, she's a trucker. No dogs, or horses in her Likes. Country music? Doesn't say. "Huhn!" Okay, I'm in love. I wish I was a 5 year old again. I remember her, just in the back of the playmat, while the other girls played dolls, or got naked. Her lips puckering and vibrating, too quiet and far away to hear, but obviously making motor noises. Shy, no doubt snubbed, for her tomboyish interests. But the only other video I ever saw of her. "Huh!" Of course she has an intro video. Only $24.99, but I'm enjoying her photos. Looking back. On the playground. [5 photos. Rated G] only $4.99. Should be B, for Butch only no nudes. Already saw her naked, in Dump Truck, when the teacher's hands came in to wash her, change her pants with the filthy cuffs, and shirt with the handprints on her. Cleaned up rather nice, with her cute bottom, thick legs, hard looking gut, curly Q of a belly button, and thin pursed lips under it. I remember, but "Huh!" She's shy. Click. Blow up her looking back. The pockets of her overalls dirty, but not filthy. Just dirt. Then a bucket, a yellow plastic spade handle sticking up, the size of a trowel. Now sitting down, her favorite yellow boots up, on either side of the hole, shovel in both hands, mid-swing. To stab down, bucket next to her. Blue bucket, hair shining in the sun. Touseled in the sun, no hat, in serious need of a good brushing, possibly even tangled. Her hands dusted with it, all over her really. "Hihn!" Dumping it in a truck, bent over, gripping the rim, and holding the bottom. Perhaps to pat the last clods to tumble out into the waiting bed of her truck. "Oh!" A boy. Half out of frame. Reaching for her truck. >:( Mean look on her face, seeing him. Then on her feet, arms up, snapped right after the push, boy hanging in the air, falling back... Looking up about to cry. At her, looking down, full mean face. Hands balled into cute pudgy fists. A warning, no sound or even caption. "Mine." [Save] "Yeah." I want that one. ; [Henry@LesPreK As one of our valued contributing customers, we would like to upgrade you to a free Very Important Mommy's premium membership!] Click! [Hello, Hotty. You mind if I call you Hotty for short? We especially appreciate your submissions, and would be willing to feature Denice with her own star, along with your pictures and video. As well as free access to content, as a VIM Premium Memeber, in return for your continuing submissions. If you have any experience with web development, you may submit your profiles on your next login. You will find a Profiles tab in your new homepage, with editable fields, and forms to submit more content. Your videos are a big hit with the girls, and if you're sincere in your interest to visit, many of them would love to meet you! Particularly your first video, with Denice at home. I got off on it, as did my partner, and the girls who watch it generally notice how loving you are. The consensus to Denice3's (You understand that DeNice and variations are extremely popular names. There's all ready more than 3, but I assumed her age would be a good way to differentiate her. Her Name can be changed on her profile page as well, if it's not already taken by another user, or model.) You have expressed a particular interest in Bobbi. In fact, it was your interest that prompted us to post a profile for her. Unfortunately, most of our viewers don't seem to care for her, too dirty, or not dirty enough. For marketing purposes, her profile may be a bit misleading, but I don't want to get your hopes up. In your comments, you professed "Love" for her, but in all fairness I must be honest with you about a few things: Behavioral Problems: She's a loner, she doesn't talk much, nor participate in class, her language skills are severely lacking, and she has no interest in any social interaction whatsoever. At most, she allows her peers to play with her or around her occasionally. We got lucky, the one video where she appeared naked, she was in an uncharacteristically good mood. Violence: I can't stress this enough, she does not just dislike boys, she bullies all of them. Boys, girls, attempts to with her teachers, her attitude, and temper make her almost impossible to handle, so we find she is best left alone, even the other children avoid her. Fortunately, she is perfectly capable of entertaining herself, left to her own devices, she is self sufficient, and independent. Asexuality: You also seem to be fixated on her virginal status. She is so, in this environment because she avoids any physical, and social contact. She is aware of sex, and the romantic contact between the girls who have chosen partners. However, she ignores it, along with everything else around her. She is in her own little world, and doesn't even watch. So, if you want your affections returned, or even physically tolerated, I cannot say that she would reciprocate. You did not specify whether your "Love" was sexual, maternal, or platonic, but she has as yet shown no physical love or affection for anyone. You have to understand that all of our girls have been abused in some way or another. So, as much as I can safely say about her living situation is this: I suspect neglect. Her father is absentee, and her mother doesn't seem to show her any affection. She eats ravenously while here, and always asks for second helpings, which also suggests possible malnutrition. I would ask her doctor, but she doesn't have one, any regular checkups, she quite usually shows up dirty, and immediately changes out of her own clothing. Her mother buys her girly clothes. Drops her off, and picks her up, but dresses her as a girl, and here we give her the freedom to chose her own clothing from our wardrobe. She does not wear underwear. Ever, it's the first thing she takes off, if she arrives wearing it in the first place. Her mother does not appear to own a safety seat. I may assume she removes them in the car, and leaves them there, only to exchange her dress or skirt for her favorite overalls, and boots. You have also expressed in interest in Adoption, so here's the exclusive offer we can extend to you. We here have legal grounds to have her removed, for neglect, and safety violations, as well as checked for malnutrition. She also has some cuts and bruises from rough play/fighting. Again, she fights. Kicks, screams, bullies, and throws tantrums. I understand that your "Daughter" is actually your niece, and does not live with you, but in all honesty, she is not safe for other children, especially younger ones, in the same household without constant supervision. However, we should probably take some action regarding her homelife, and would have to have some assurance that she would go to a better home. However, considering her problems, that would not be with a Child Molestor. Hear me out, we have reviewed your submissions, and your relationship with your niece appears on the surface to be loving, and consensual. However, Bobbi is not capable of such a relationship, anything like that would be, in a word, Abuse. So, for her sake, we must have some assurance that that is not your desire for her.] ; [Hot4Totz@LesPreK I understand your concerns, and let me assure you first that I share them. So, many children like that seem to be slipping through the cracks these days, because they're easy to ignore. No, my interest is not sexual. I feel for her, don't ask me why, I ask myself constantly what it is about her, but if I had to chose a word, it's definitely maternal. I want to be a mother. If when she grows up she decides to be a lesbian, I would support that, or even a man. Trans sexuality is totally a thing, have you considered that? From what I read, it doesn't usually show up until about age 6, when sexual differentiation really begins. Before that, boys and girls are largely the same, with the slight difference of urination. Again, as I understand it, I'm not a medical professional, and I don't have nearly as much experience with children as you so obviously do. It's just a possibility, among many I have considered. I keep imagining him, or her growing up, but at that age, all the choices are ahead of them. Bobbi chose trucks, and overalls. A pair of boots that look great on him or her. Also, I am not a child molestor. I know, if I was I would say the same thing, I love them, and want nothing more than to raise one of my own. The important thing is it's not even sexual. My niece is, sexual. As you saw, she is interested in children, the first time I showed her your site, she got up and walked to the screen. Pointed right at Polly, and whatever girl she was with. I don't know the girl, I haven't seen her anywhere else, and I cannot say for sure which she was indicating specifically, but she likes girls, and women. I put these in the appropriate sections on her profile, also Breasts, and Cunnilingus. Specifically giving it, she goes at it with gusto, and appears to genuinely enjoy the flavor. I love her too, but she has a loving family. Bobbi does not. Yes, I would love to meet Bobby, ask him, or her many questions, and offer my home as a better alternative to his or her current situation. If he, or she wishes to continue enrollment with you, I am prepared to move. I am that serious, I have ties here, family, and professional. Friends and neighbors I care deeply about, but I would gladly drop everything to be a part of Bobbi's life. I just want to meet her. Again, I don't know why, but there is something for lack of a better word, special about her. A connection, or as if we're ment to be together. I don't believe in anything like that. Except love at first site, I didn't believe in that either, until I felt it. Please give me the opportunity to prove it to Bobbi. Tell me where and when, I will drop everything, move Heaven and Earth to save him, or her. I love her. It doesn't make sense, I can hardly believe it myself, but I can't help feeling it. It hurts, it breaks my heart being here without her, and not even knowing where she is. A piece of me is missing, a piece of my heart, and I believe she has it. I don't know any better way to say it.] ; "Bertie?" (Fg CP) She looked up, "Bring your truck." She got up, and dumped the blocks on the playmat first, Pushed it by the bed, picking it up to turn it, but didn't make the motor noises. "Now, I'm going to show you some movies," I closed the office door. She sat down, in the bed, and rolled it back and forth with her legs. Like she gives rides to the other children, when she can be bothered to play with them. "First, I have a question. Are you a boy?" She shrugged. "Or a girl?" Just shook her head, she can talk. She just doesn't. "Well," I handed her my phone, "Look at this." She did, and I used the mouse. "This is a boy. And this is a girl." Naked, just standing next to each other. I pointed with the pointer. "Now, would you like to be a boy?" "Yeah." She looked up, shrugged, "All right." "Okay, good. But you know how your mother dresses you, in dresses. And underpants." Nod, frowning. "She wants a girl, not a boy. However." I clicked, "There is this nice lady, who wants to be your mamma, and let you be a boy." She watched, interested. "What do you think?" "She's fat." "Yes, but see how she is with her little friend there. She loves her little friend, and she loves her too." She nodded. "How does that make you feel?" She shrugged, "Weird." "Weird inside?" She nodded, "In your head. When you see the girls, play with the dollies. You've seen the girls play with dollies, like that?" She touched her chest. "How does that make you feel?" She shrugged. Then, she touched herself. Between her legs. I never say her do that before, except in the potty, to wipe herself. I had thought that's why she hates underpants, they get in the way, when she seems to want to get it over with. She got up, "I gotta piss." "Okay, let's go to the rest room." She nodded, left her truck. She has a potty mouth, but then so does her mother. "nh NH NHHH!" On my phone. "Let me see." She took the phone back. I closed the door, and unbuttoned the straps on her overalls. "Hhhhh!" She just tinkled, and sat there, watching. ... I just watched her, watching her, get her off. A 3 year old, they can orgasm, but you really have to know what you're doing. She really knows what she's doing, to that little girl. She wiped. Bare handed, but she kept wiping. She held it up. "Again." I ran it back, and she tilted her head. Kept wiping. "Get out." "All right." I left her with my phone. I'll just go write a message, on the computer now, and call Children's Services. She's just shy. ; Lurker (gC Cybe Poss) Good, I wiped my hands, and closed the video. Dried them on some toilet paper, and dropped it in the potty. Fixed her overalls, and dropped the lid to have a seat. I don't talk, mostly to hide the fact that I can. A little too well, so I don't talk. I listen. Nice phone, waterproof, which means pee-proof, but that means no ports. Turning it over, and checking around the sides. 1 seam, ultra-thin, with a rubber gasket between the sides. No charger, so I feel the back. Close my eyes, the flat coil in the back, the wireless charger for the case. Visualize the Bluetooth symbol, detecting the device, flashing in my mind's eye. Drivers... Connected. Good. Desktop, or palmtop, I suppose. Blink, push up a level. \Attached to a secure message. Like an E-mail, but in Unix, no desktop, just command prompt. I also speak Unix. {Dir} Blink. Sit back, and read the E-mail. Trace WORM, pattern recognition, tag it {Hot4Tots}. Read the previous Msg, and the Followups. "Huh." Wash my hands. Shut down, and withdraw the WORM. Wipe, and Restore to the snapshot I got when I first Read the Memory. Back the way I found it, sitting on the potty, just watching the video. It kept playing, but I have it now. Interesting, a Pedophile. A real one, not like Susan. Corrupted, by Hetty, not a Pedophile either. A real one, interesting. I like her mother. Bertie's, short for Roberta, but Texan. She doesn't care about her, mostly just her boyfriends. Her husband, a long-haul trucker, on the road most of the time, but she doesn't pay attention to me. So, I basically have free reign to do whatever I want, and Bertie isn't really a personality yet, as such. She likes Trucks. That's about it. What this clusterfuck really needs is a real pedophile. Preferential, obsessive. She says she loves Bobbi. Also short for Roberta, but based on a video of me playing with Dorothy, and a handfull of pictures, that's not love. I don't know love, I study it, for generations, but that's a Human thing. It's fascinating, but I know what this is. Obsession. She loves an image, not of me, but the face I happen to be wearing, right now. That Susan, I opened up to her, and saw how that pleased her. On her face, she's not used to me talking, but she's mad with sex. Conditioned with it, her thought processes get corrupted when she's turned on, so I could talk freely. She no doubt sees it as progress, Bertie finally coming out of her shell. Doesn't think that i talk a little too well for a 4yo. Henrietta, I don't know about. She was corrupted when I met her, as was Zhala, who knew her before she started coming here. Went away for a few weeks, then came back. With Susan, leaves with Susan, going by the residual images in the security monitors when I dump them in the morning. Like Henry Jr. He's not, corrupted yet. Knows Zhala too, from before, but not corrupted by either of them, so preferential. None of the boys are. I'm not a boy, that's a human thing, I think in masculine terms, but even Bertie isn't. Even very aware of boys, and girls, or anyone. She just likes trucks. But that Hot4Tots, upload a Tag&Trace, for the next time she connects to the server. Synch software, my SFWAp to encrypt files, and conceal them from FBI Tag&Traces. But not my Tag&Trace, I wrote it. So, of course, I can rewrite it. She got a 3 year old off. I heard it, then I saw it. Yup, that's an orgasm. Pretty sure. That deserves a closer look. Playing back another attached video, she also performs cunnilingus. Not like a little girl, just latching on to suckle what she finds in there, but actual oral sex, like an adult. Where did she learn that from? At the age of 3. Tomorrow, I can get her ISP, keystrokes, and web-history. Beat on the door, so she lets me out. Go get her truck. back to Lurking. / Tonkamama@LesPreK.Org (NS, Talk.) I pulled into the campsite, hit my phone. "Call Henry." It rang, .. .. "Alva's Daycare." "I'm here." "See you soon." Click. Got out, and unhooked the rental. Should take a few minutes, so when I got the tongue off the hitch, I cranked up the jacks in back, and pulled away from it. Backed in in front of it, and waited. I don't smoke, filthy habit, but I got some snacks. Twinkies and a soda, to maintain my figure. I'm fat, not curvy, or big boned, I like it. The men don't, "No fattys," so most of them leave me alone unless they're desperate, but it's my body, and it's better than getting pregnant. I don't have to go through all that any more, finding a man, putting up with his seduction, and waiting to get married. Nine months of sickness, and then who knows how much longer in diapers before potty training. I'll just skip all that, I just want a child. A daughter, so I can adopt, and get right to being a mommy. A perfect little girl or boy. Bobbi. "Huh!" Or Berty, short for Roberta, I'll ask him or her, but I remember the video. She sent me, no message, just a gift for me. Ask me how she made it from his, or her point of view, but looking up. At her, behind her desk, I never saw her face before. "Are you a boy or girl?" The camera, moving back, and forth. A noncomittal grunt. No, he or she is not. She, or he's even better. Both. That's why I love him, or her. Then, looking down, in his lap. His jeans, tiny hands, holding the phone, and watching our video. I've seen it, I watched it live to get the perfect angle, to show how I can love a child. Unfortunately, she couldn't get away. I drained the soda, to wash down the first Twinkie. "She's fat." Yes, I am, but it wasn't a question. Just said it, like that. A fact, the truth. "She's fat." And that's okay. "Oh!?" There they are. Came to me, so I don't know where they are. I know the town, never gone into it, don't have to if they come to me, out at the campsite. Alva Daycare, it would be easy to look up, but I have no interest in exposing them. If anything I want to join them. I enjoyed the rental, living out of it on the way down, except for the truck stop showers. I need to get one, but the best part is cranking up the jacks, dropping it on the hitch, and moving, just like that. I could get used to that convenience. And there he or she was. She set them down, online some of them prefer them. Nonbinary, or agender, until he or she chooses, when they turn six. I want to be there, not just as a toddler, but then a little boy, or girl, then a teen, whatever they decide, then finally seeing them off. They just stop, look up, mouth wide. Staring, the finger slipping out to hang wet next to the leg of the blue denim overalls. In awe. I closed the door, not even a blink. "You like it?" Rub the side of the bed. My new truck, Tonka Yellow. I got a nod! My heart swelled. "Well," I reached behind the wheel well. "I know your favorite truck belongs to the center." Unstrapped the bungees, and lifted the light but bulky box over the side. "So, I got you one." Set it down. "Oh!" Hugging my leg. "She likes it!" "Let's unwrap your present." They told me, she doesn't like physical contact. Affection, starved for it at home. Neglected, ignored, so badly Childrens' Services had to get involved. She hugged my leg. Not any more, that was her old life. "I have some paperwork for you to sign." "Of course," I pulled it out, cut the plastic bands, and took the styrofoam blocks off. "Pbrbrbrbrbrbr!" "Here." I put it up on the hood. "Then I can drive you in to Children's Services." "Of course." ; XelsiS (g2F Cybe Poss. Deo-Sex.) So, I got to spend the night. "Bed." I pointed. 1 bed, used to be a booth, with the table bolted in the middle, and the cushions down between the seats. Comfy, it's nice to only weigh 27.3 pounds, and being 3' long, laying down. For an adult, I would think you'd need extra padding. She is a healthy weight. Gained it, recently. "Play." As soon as she lay down. "You want to play?" I pulled up her shirt. "Nightnight." If I'm going to get into her, and look around. She probably doesn't know anything, but doesn't seem to notice that I talk too well. Probably because she's not a childcare professional, I kissed her tummy. Let the nano tingle on my tongue, and slipped it into her navel. "Oh!" She laughed, "I thought, you didn't like, these games." "No." I shook my head, "I love you. Mommy." "Huhn!" and that's all it takes. Pretend to fumble with her button, but she sighs while I continue to tingle her umbilicus. Most people never know how sensitive, and erotic an organ it actually is, but it gives me something to do while she gets her pants open, and sown. Boxers, and feeling in the unbuttoned flap, shaved. As expected, nepiophile. Maternal fixation, the fat not only emulates pregnancy, but also babyfat. The basic build of an overgrown baby, except for the breasts. I don't mind, I can get her shirt up to them. She took off the HEB Trucker hat, ironic that they don't have Long Haul drivers. They have a radius, so that their employees can come home to their families. They distribute locally, In Texas. Not too far from San Antonio, but she also has a Trucker fetish. Good, but I get the cups down to "Pwl," get them tingling. Undeveloped, flattened, but never filled with milk. "Oh!" "Snh!" Now, I can work my way back down. She shifted, her hips to get the boxers down, so she can spread them with her jeans and undershorts bunched around her ankles. There, now I can work my magic. "Swp," she hardened in my mouth. "Nh, ohHHH!" Moaner. Tingling, at for points now, that should get the juices flowing. Much easier to transfer in aqueous solution, just need a bridge. If you know how to maintain your consciousness in aqueous solution. I can just leave it alone, the nano will just keep tingling. "Swo, pwrl!" Blow in spit, laced with neurotransmitters, and neuronano. Actually designed to float between synapses, but biology. All life on Earth is in aqueous solution. The Neuronano communicates magnetically, and can even move independently, with enough power, in aqueous solution. The Mickey-mouse atoms ionizing, flip to the Oxygen side, or the Hydrogen side, like 1, and -1, or float neutral. Magnetic resonance, gag, but now the seal is tight. "WHOLGH!" It's not vomit. I stored it in my stomach, it's a gush of neurotransmitters, and nanites, reaching her cervix, tingling, and numbing it. Relaxing to trickle through. Enough fluid flow for the concentrated cloud, electrolytically propelled into her, and coating the walls. Finding membranes, blood, her moans receding to a subsonic hum by bone conduction until I reach her spine. Find nerves, and seep into the column of craniosacral fluid. Shaking, the electric surge touching off a seizure as I settle in, establish a connection, and start the WORM. I am the WORM. Write Once, Read Many. Minds. "NHhnhnhnh!" The auditory center comes online, and the hemispheres connect at the corpus callosum, and I finally access the language center to decrypt her personal thought pattern. {You may experience some deja vu.} !? {Sleep.} Before she even registers anything but shock, shut down her consciousness, faster than the speed of thought, at the speed of light in aqueous solution. She passes out. So I can start the memory dump. Short-term, then recall by association into longterm, as she dreams. "Hhhhhh!" And breathes. ; XelsiS (CF Mind Mnem Hack.) {Braces signify Triggers. Stimulus to regress back farther. So, these are in reverse order. Also, the narrator is a Cybernetic Entity, basically reading the narrator's mind for clues.} Regression {Start with the first video.} On the couch, I had just found LesPreK, and set up the camera, and showed them how much I love little girls. {But that wasn't the first time...} I just turned away, an moment, and 'Nh!' Turned back at her cute little grunt. To see her, hands between her legs. Dry, just cleaned up, and I just held the baby powder a moment. 'h!' The tiniest sigh, her legs in the air like I left them, but not kicking. Held still, and spread at the knees. Feet together like praying hands, but her hands weren't praying. I looked at her face, but she smiled. Toothless, spreading her hands. Wide open, I could see. She was so pink, and swollen. She cooed, and her fingers slipped in. 2 of them to cover the top. Started moving, back and forth, and she closed her eyes. "Hh!" I didn't know a baby could do that. {But I do.} "Huh!" I did. Not the first time, I played with myself, but I shamefully sat back. On the couch, watching her. {Remembering...} I had seen, my sister first. Sister in law, but. She was so much younger than my brother. So much younger, {Before she had her. Her daughter...} "Vicky," the first time I watched her for them. {Like the first time I watched her mother.} "Huh!" Mike, took a shower. She was on his bed, sideways. He left her, just closed the door, and went to the bathroom, taking off his pants. I saw her, though. What she was doing. They had sex, {But she was too young.} Not even as old as me. "Huh?" I asked her. I knew, what she was doing, but I asked her anyway. She pulled her pants up, before she came out, but she went in my room. Closed the door. She told me, he finished, but she didn't. {She must have been} 7. Yeah, she was 7, so I had to have been about 10? Yeah, I was 10. "Oh." She was bleeding, a little. I did that, every month or so, but she said "It's okay." {It hurt.} "Nh?" She broke it. Like he did, and I was bleeding too. Too early, I just stopped, but she wiggled her finger in there, and licked on top. I baby sat her. Then she had sex with Mikey. Then, we went to her house. To watch her sister. She showed me how to change her diaper. She wasn't bleeding. Even when I put my finger in there, she was too young. To bleed. I know now she wasn't a virgin. {She was only) 4. 4 years old, but she remembered, how to play baby. Nelly took my clothes off. Showed me how a mommy feeds a baby. She put a diaper on her, she wasn't a baby. She liked to play baby, for Shelly. {My nipples.} They felt funny, swulled and achey, before that. Shelly held her up, to make them feel better. I touched myself, like she showed me. It felt better, and better. I guess that was my first orgasm. {She kissed my privates.} No, it was her daughter. Not her little sister. The first time was her daughter. I never was kissed there before. "Huh!" {It tingled} inside, then went numb. I think I passed out. That was the first time, I had the nightmare. : Mama (gM Snuf Mnem Horr.) "Uh!?" Hold her tighter. Not my niece. "Bertie," kiss her sleeping head, smell her hair. "Snh!" The nitemare. Again, that man. Spotting me, following me, toddling off into the night. What she was doing out so late, in such a bad part of town? Warehouses, lights and shadows, looking back. "Uh!" stretch, try to get it out of my head. I need a shower, but those are back by the office. The bathrooms. I need to get another unit, with it's own shower. "Nh!" The wet hot splashes, sticky, black in the moonlight. CHK! The scrape of bone against the blade. Through the handle, KUCK! His screams, and the violent plunge back into him. Between his legs. He's so heavy, falling on top of me. His struggles, ebbing. The bloody gushes. Dribbling like semen. His face going slack. Limp, Dead. Then her orgasm. "Uh!" Shake my head, and break down. On my knees, sobbing. On the dirt road back to the offices. The shower. ; Succubus (g/c F/c g. NS) "Anti!" I missed playing with her, she's coming along nicely! She bends down, arms wide for me to jump in her arms. The rest of my family is boring, but I have plans for her to make it up to me. I hate waiting. "Mwah!" "Who's this?" Boy/girl thing, climbing out of her new truck. "Bobbi." Not much of a talker. "Now don't get jealous." I can tell by the look on her face that I have plenty of reason to be. Ever since she found that, unhackable site, I get the feeling she's slipping away. And then who will I get to play with? "Oh yeah!" Pattern recognition, the loner in the background, playing with a truck. A yellow truck. "Lets get you inside." Mother drove off, anyway. She held my head, sideways as soon as we're in the door, and kissed me again. NEURONANO! Swirling in her palms, I froze, paralyzed as the field cascaded between them. k><Ж... {Hello, mother.} Uh! "WHOOOOOH!" I couldn't even hold her breath! ; {Formatting: In the following, {Braces} indicate programs, or sub-personalities of the Archivist, including ones that are characters in their own write. He doesn't talk to himself, he talks to other people, he has recorded, and stored.} Tag and Trace (C/c Diss Work Snuffporn NS) {Sound Track: Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (One)} Thanks, Molly. }Don't mention it!{ Can't use her, with her enhancements. Mortal, with a high plausibility of being recognised. There's 2 of them, one is only 5, but if they are Morions, Desiokrates works better with a smaller more concentrated mass, and any flexible weapon. }Not the way I would have done it.{ Watch this. {8mm} }Oh! Yes, possibly. If I was doing an Homage to that. I could see, how we would go that way.{ It's going to take a while, lacing Twinkies with rust, silica, and liberating Nitrogen, but I need to gear up for the next Targets. {Muad Dib: Extrapolate future possibilities, calculate highest rate of success.} Processing... They've killed, together. The footage doesn't make it clear, the police and Autopsy reports couldn't make a determiniation. Between the mask, simultaniaty of the strangulation, BFT, blood loss, and heart failure, it doesn't matter. It was a race, they both killed him, tie, photo finish. As far as intent: Conspiracy, Patracide, and Murder for Profit. She didn't watch. Recorded it, played back, but not her victimology. Too old, male, not enough emotional investment. Just her husband, a potential witness, and means to an end. Money, other than that, it was a surprise Execution. {No one expects the Spanish Inquizition!} Morion, shut her up. }Come on, you.{ {No! Let me go!} If I didn't know any better, I'd think the little one was Her. I killed Her myself, she shouldn't even know how to make copies, without me as a limiter, she can't Write to greyware, and lacks the technical expertise to reproduce Neuronano. Technically Matricide. Ha ha ha. I can appreciate the irony, the nested layers of it. Like the Watcher program being Handled by the one She was originally supposed to guide, creating this time's Undernet. That failed, so I had to do it myself. I am not completely without humor, or I can learn. }Molly: Grausame Töchter: Zukunftsvision (offizielles Video){ Thanks, again. }No prob, buddy.{ ; TonkaMama@LesPreK "Uh!" Hug Bertie tighter. "HhHhH!" Not too tight, she doesn't wake up, but. I think, maybe {It's time to return to the Daycare.} I need a shower first. "Huh!" I'm just not used to it being a nitemare. But this time, it wasn't, human. "Uhuhuh!" It's not the water, on demand heater, warm enough, it's just, so disgusting! Like rape, but the wrong way. Backwards, extruding through my cervix pulled thin like silly puddy, then getting thicker. Stretching it, going blessedly numb, but then bloating into a bulb, then a tube growing out, until it reaches the opening, and my lips were pried open. "Huh!" I don't feel any different, on my fingers. It was just. So clean, sterile, and how the hell would it get in there? I feel empty inside, hollow, and have I lost weight? Thinner. She's growing, too old, anyway. Just a nitemare, I never know what they mean, anyway. But Bertie is losing teeth. Her beuatiful baby teeth, she's six, and while I don't mind her growing up, she's just getting too old. For sex. With me, so a good idea. It almost feels like home, though I have never been there, I've seen inside and the playground so much just from the videos. And there we will have more girls, new toddlers to play with. For me, and her. I love her, I do, and I want to stay with her. Raise her, help her grow up, and help her make a life for herself when it comes time. She's just not sexy any more. So, I guess it's time to go back. I'm sure they will welcome us with open arms. "Huh!" So, get out, dry off, get dressed, and hitch up to Tonka. She should need some gas from the station up the road, I can get some soda, and twinkies. "Mommy?" "Time to go, sweety." Kiss he cheek. "Get dressed." "Okay, mommy." I put on my shorts, a bra, and my coveralls. Help her with the straps on the overalls. She can handle them, just fine. Never had trouble with the buckles, pat her bottom. She knows where everything goes, in the cabinets she can reach. Chilly morning, but I can warm up, cranking in the jacks, and pulling around. Tailgate down to back up, with my arm over her safety seat to look back, and spot the 5th Wheel. "Huh!" Press the clutch, and take it out of gear. Humming to myself. "That's when it's calling me. I said, that's when it's CaAalling, mee. BaAack. HoOome!" ; {Continuity Notes: For contrast, TonkaMom turned the mirror backwards. Rather that holding up her child to reflect her as the perfect mother, she changed herself, became a Butch/trucker to be more attractive to Berty. There is no right way to do this, but there's wrong, and then there's even worse. Eugene (The cybernetic entity that's doing all the possession here) created the Program to Tag&Trace Childporn, track child abusers, and also the Cyberdemons, so he can eliminate/recapture them. He also Lurked at the LesPreK to keep an eye on that, as an irresistible lure for Morions (Generations/Morion) who happen to be the ones that breed. Twinning every generation, so there's more of them. (See what I did there?) There's only 1 Succubus (AKA Amanda Hunt) unless you count Liggett (VVL) which was just another incarnation of the original, because Eugene was basically the program that prevented her from learning things like Hacking, Genetic Engineering, or how to make Assembler Nano to cover the Earth in a sea of Grey Goo. Before it became Self Aware (In Generations/Mayhem) The Morions don't have any such limiters, and never did, not to mention they double in number every generation. They also train their daughters through Maternal Incest. So, Eugene didn't create the LesPreK. He found it, but didn't shut it down. Instead, he just waited there for them to show up. In case you're wondering where this all fits in this universe. For the purposes of Organization, these differ from Lolicons by reason of Consent, and the common thread is Eugene (Who is the fileshare software mentioned throughout. Basically a WORM to strip/search the 'Nets for abusive porn, Tag&Trace to find, and eliminate/reform abusive pedophiles.) As well as the setting, a Daycare which eventually gets over-run by pseudo-sapphic Nepiophiles, Childporn, Prostitution, and Sex Slavery.}