Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. This is wrong. There is no right way to rape children that are too young to even say "No," much less understand sex. Only more convincing excuses: Mommy (fg Diap, Scat, Nipl, Nepincest.) The happiest day of my life was when my daughter was born. When she opened her eyes, and they focused on my face, in my arms. So blue, like they reflected mine back at me. Mom said I was such a beautiful baby, and that's the sort of thing mom's say, but now I believe it. I never knew love before, her father happened, and I'm passed that now. Even as my body snapped back from the rigors of pregnancy, labor, I could work out again, and my daily regiment of crunches eventually tightened up my abs without a single stretch mark to be seen. Something to be said for still being young. Just turned 14, it was traumatic, but if there is a silver lining to Rape, it is that he's out of the picture. Never was to begin with, so I don't have to spend any attention on a marriage. With the responsibilities of finishing school, providing for her myself, at least I can say that I don't have to make room for anyone else in my heart. Now full of love, but it's all for her. Another bonus, or 2 is a full bra. When I returned to class, the other boys sure noticed. I wasn't the skinny little freshman any more, or just my long flowing blond waves attracting their attention but word got around. I had friends, and soon enough the whole school knew. He was gone, to jail, but I had to take breaks to pump, and carry a diaper bag for the milk. Dropped it off at the teacher's lounge for their refrigerator, and pick it up at the end of the day. My mother, understood. Now a grandmother, she dotes on her, but there is only one mommy. Young enough to be her mother, but she doesn't blame me. Any more, it took half a year after I started showing. Too much to have been just putting on a little weight. Just puberty, but I wasn't a slut. I wasn't having sex, I was raped, and I'm almost thankful now that someone so beautiful could come from something so terrifying. I just have to close my eyes, and remember her. Settling down in my arms, feeding, milking it out of my aching full chest, and switching over to drain the other side before she nods off. Still suckling to make the nitemare memory go away. He hurt me, scared me, humiliated and degraded me, and made me the happiest I've ever been. He gave me Crystal. My darling Crystal Bell. She is my love, my life, my reason for being. "Hh." Dry again, I relax, let her tiny head settle in my arm, and drift off. Feel the hairs still so tiny and soft, I know they will grow out with the same golden blond she got from me. Still kissing in her sleep, her tiny pink tongue flicking out from her wet lips, and wipe them dry. The last white lines, leaking out the corner to roll off her cheek. Swaddle her and wipe my nipple, with a last squeeze so it retracts into the glands, and dry it as her mouth stops working. Reluctantly put her up, and check her diaper. Dry, I wipe my finger with the ball of my thumb, and tape the sides back. Now I have homework, but any time it feels like too much, I need only look over at her. My reason, for everything. I need to keep my grades up, to get a diploma, a good job to support her on my own, and save up so she can go to college. I may be a teenage mother, but I don't have to be a dropout, another statistic. I have to do this, for her. Now that I have her, I can't bear the thought of her wanting for anything. Going hungry, any toy she desires, and of course the best clothes. College. I can't do college, I can barely imagine 3 more years of high-school, but I have to. I must, give up that dream for her. So she can, some day, and I can almost feel that heartbreak. When she has to go. "Huh!" I can finish it later, it's just homework, and I did most of it before I got home. Maybe in the morning, but I just got a vision of her future. Just graduating, heading off in her new car I got for her sweet 16, a lot like me, but not so saggy in the chest. Maybe fuller, like when they're full of milk, but they're so sensitive now. I had no idea what the glands would feel like, ferns? The leaves coming together to fill the ducts, coming together to meet in the middle, and my nipples had already swollen before. "Huh!" I started the year, but now they were so big, and dark, and hard in my fingers. "Hihn!" I went through 3 bra sizes in half a year, Bs, then Cs, now Ds, or back to c and a half with them drained, and heavy, and round in my hands. I'd looked at them, and wondered, but feeling them now, in my hands, and my hands on them. "Oh!" Now I have some privacy, just me and her. So, I don't have to worry about mom walking in, or getting rid of my little sister. I never did this before, really cared about boys, or sex, then I had to get over, what happened. But I only have to open my eyes. Look at her, and it's all right again. It doesn't have to be like that, I don't need anyone else, and I can figure it out. How hard can it be, getting wet? Well, I'm not wet yet, but I can use spit, right? Her's got my nipples wet, and they feel so nice slipping in my fingertips, and out when I pull them so the glands stretch tight. Almost like they feel when they flatten, out at the tips of the fronds, then inward to the tubes as the milk draws out into her hungry lips, onto her tongue, and down her throat to her fat little tummy. "Hihim!" It evenlooks like a tit, with the tied up stump, and that black stuff flaked off they put on it so it wouldn't bleed. Now just a knot, not like the flattening bubble, the blister starting to suck back in, like a dry nipple. "Oh!" That's sensitive now too! And I feel something leak out. Lower, between my legs, and my abs tighten, bringing my legs up to crunch, and hold it. Feel it, I'm wet now. So wet it's leaking between my lips, and my finger dipping between them to slip in. Here, look at her. She's smiling, watching me. "See? This is where you came from." I decided, I'm not going to lie to her. My mother doesn't have to know, but I blamed myself first. How could I be so stupid, so naive? I mean, sure he was cute, and even kind of charming, but he didn't have to hurt me. I would have willingly, but no. Think of her. Do it for her, it hurt, but not like giving birth. She came from all that pain, so I decided, she never needs to feel that. I can't protect her, but I blame mom. She could have warned me, or told me something. She's she's demure, modest, you ask her sex is a myth, and Santa drops the kids off when you turn 18, and get married. If she did a better job educating me, instead of lying about boys, I never would have been so ignorant to let him hurt me. So bad I bled, well I'm not going to lie to her. No santa, no tooth fairy, and no stork. Spread it out with my fingers, "See?" Take a good look, "This is where you came from." So, when she's my age she knows better. Serves her right, having to take care of her, you don't like the extra time, and responsibility? Then you shouldn't have let me get raped when I was 13, and now I'm not so sure I even want her there to help me raise her. Fill her darling little head full of lies, so I guess I'll have to go back and tell her the truth. At least until I can get out of here. I can spare her all that pain, even if she never knows this joy, of having a beautiful daughter like her. "Ngh!" She grunted, and I saw her frown go away. Then she sighs, and relaxes. Her legs just went back down, but why did she squeeze them together like that. Did she just have her first orgasm? Before me? I have to check, but she's not wet. Just shat, so I pulled out a wipe, and picked her up by the feet. It doesn't even stink, I guess it's like your own farts, it even smells a little sweet. Now she's wet, so I feel in there. "Ngh!" She giggles, and kicks her feet out, so I wrap up the precious little package, and tape it up by the corners. When I put the lid back down on the diaper pail, I saw her, touching herself. At first, I had that mommy reaction, but that's my mom, not me. I'm not going to raise my girl like that, she wants to play with herself? "Okay," go right ahead. I sat back down, on the bed to watch her. "We can learn it together." I don't know if she had her first orgasm or not, but that's how I had mine. "Here," I got up, "Let me show you how." Still glowing, and as full of love as I ever felt. "This is your clitoris." "n?" "Yes! Doesn't it feel nice?" She's not very good with her fingers yet, but I showed her, until her sighed, and it squirted out. She looked up at me, with so much love, I just mopped up the rest, and got her another, dry diaper. She nodded back off, completely satisfied, but I got back on the bed. Still full of love, let's see if the second one feels as good as the first? (Again, narcissism requires a mirror, to reflect yourself back where you can see it. Not to say it's always rooted in Narcissism, but in this case, she reformed her self image around her daughter. Incidentally, boys rape girls like that all the time out of ignorance. She consented, but Informed consent assumes he knows how to have sex with a virgin without hurting, and terrifying her. Why it's called Rape Culture, it's systemic. We have no way of knowing how many women are raped on their wedding night, because here and now, that's normal. That's how girls, and boys learn about sex, by trial and eror.} Pottymouth It took a little getting used to, but I was concerned that my daughter doesn't squirt, the way I do. Unfortunately, they don't talk about this anywhere, even online. I tried, but it turned out like Just My Size, I got banned, and my posts about daughter love were taken down. Then, they blocked my ISP for trying to login, and look at them, only to find them erased. I wish I thought to back up those files, so I won't make that mistake again. I had to move out, my mother insisted on taking her to church, and christening her. It didn't take long for me to realize where the lies were coming from, so after a short crisis of faith, I decided to leave, and washed the mark off her forehead with my own fresh water of life. I don't know what to call myself, but I'm still working on our beliefs. For now, I'm a squiter, like a Shaker, only with more orgasms. I am, a squirter. I talked to my friends, the ones who are secure enough in their sexualities to play with themselves, and they didn't believe me. So, I had to show them, or a couple, who turned out to be secretly gay. They agreed, I am especially wet, and squirty, if anyone would know, it would be lesbians, and between us we were able to afford a cheap 2 bedroom apartment. They had one, while I shared mine with my daughter. It's too bad I have to keep our love a secret, even from them, but I can't risk losing this place, and going back home. I can just imagine the smug "I told you so," if I fail to live on my own, and take care of her, but the oldest is out of school, and works nights so she can babysit while we're in school. I made extra sure that she wouldn't do anything sexual with my little girl, but she assured me, sincerely that lesbianism is the farthest things from pedophilia. So, an extra bonus thing I learned: I'm not a lesbian, either. I am a mother, it's natural for mothers to love our children, and her to love me back. She does, I just had to unlearn some things, because I was raised in ignorance. It's weird how much I learn from my Crystal Bell. First that sex between us is loving, just loving. Then that she is so much better at oral, she sucks me off every time, so I know it's natural. 15 years of Jesus robbed me of that, but I still struggle to give her orgasms. I tried everything, and I wish I had someone who knows more about infant sex to show me how, so I practiced with each of my room mates. They even took turns, watching her while we experimented sexually, even though they both wanted a threesome, because we have to do what's best for Crystal Bell. Well, that, and neither of them was comfortable with a theesome with her watching, and one of them works nights, so it was tricky to work around school, and still let them have time together. That was all right. I didn't mind, but they're too old, and it turns out I'm not gay. I don't like the way they taste, even their smell when they got turned on, and I couldn't give either of them orgasms. So, I guess it's like Crystal's pee, and poop, another thing she taught me, first. She learned to take off her own diaper, then I came back to find her sitting in the living room, playing with it, and eating it. Again, my upbringing kicked in first, but I swore not to smother her. Like my sMother, I sat down, and thought. First, she likes it, so how gross can it be? I wiped her bottom, but just sat her back down, and she went right back at it. I hear it can make you sick, but what is she going to catch from herself? Watching her, I realized she wasn't even eating it, she was just playing with it, and the poo around her mouth was just from her putting her dirty fingers in there. She didn't gag, or spit, so I tried it. I did at first, it took a bit of getting used to, but I got used to it, and now I like it too. So, new rule, if a baby can teach it to you it's natural, and what you were taught before was a lie. Same with pee, I like my pussy juice, unlike my room-mates, and so does she. Therefore, it's not gay, it's just natural mother love. My theory is that it passes onto the daughter, my pussy juice is like hers will be, when she has a daughter of her own. Oh yeah, that's why I squirt, and they don't. I was pregnant, and had a girl. Maybe it works for daughters of boys too, but that must be the change that makes you squirt. She just pees, but she always makes that face. I looked in the mirror peeing, and saw me make it too! So, another thing she taught me, now I know when she's about to pee, so I can get my mouth on her. I don't swallow it, the poop either. I just let it run down my chin, and neck, and some of my chest if I'm sitting up, but my favorite is holding her up, until she learned to stand on her own with a little help. She loves my squirts, and drinks it all up, but I'm not sure about my pee. It's piss, adult urine, not fresh, and pure, and clean like her pee. I guess it's because of her all milk diet, and only mine will do. Well, and my squirts. My pee can make her sick, but I never get sick of her's. So, now I'm the potty, and I love that! Just like my gush, when I showed the girls, then when they sucked me off, but we don't do that any more. I'm not gay, I just love my daughter. Only her, I don't need anyone but my Crystal Bell. I just wish we didn't have to figure it all out alone. ; [Your posts on I couldn't help but notice what you wrote before it got taken down, and I must assure you, you are not alone. I too am a mother, who enjoys child pornography, especially infants and toddlers. Unfortunately, my daughter is too old, she's been getting visits from the tooth fairy for months now, and the magic is starting to go away in our relationship. However, you mentioned your daughter is still in diapers, and your spitting image, I believe were your exact words. Mine does enjoy childporn, we have even found playmates to share, and she is learning to become a good little Nepiophile in her own right. We enjoy the pictures and movies we create together. However, online all the ones we find are not quite right. They always seem to either be too old, or not look similar enough for us to believe they are related, involve elements we do not care for, such as potty play, boys or men, animals, and abuse. So, what I propose is an exchange, I would be willing to show you some pictures of us, with some of our playmates, in return for photos, provided we can ensure that you're not police fishing for child porn rings, or working with them like Chris Hansen. The usual way we go about this is Show, and Tell. We will set up a secure chat, on a forum that isn't monitored, and exchange illegal content at the same time, something police can not do, and still get a conviction. If that goes well, we may then progress with the relationship, perhaps to videos, live sexting, and then video exhibitionism. Who knows, if we really like eachother, we may even arrange to meet in real life for a playdate! Would you like that? If so, reply within the next 48 hours, by which time this account will be gone, and so shall we. Again, for security reasons, I cannot stress how illegal this is. So, I must warn you to destroy any such materials in your possession, including this Email when you are done with them, unless you have the technical skills to keep the FBI, CIA, NSA Homeland Security, and Interpol search programs at bay. I do not, which is why I go to such great lengths to protect my self, and more importantly my daughter. There is a right way to go about this and a wrong way. No matter how strongly you feel about it in the moment, it is not worth destroying your lives, and ours. However, the way we do it is free, and renewable, just like dating IRL. Any time you like, we can arrange another chat for playdates, have sex, and destroy the evidence. Make sure you destroy ALL evidence however, because if you don't, you risk our lives as well as yours. Hope to hear from you soon. Nobody.] Re: [Dear Nobody, First, thank you for your offer. We would love to show you some pictures, and see your daughter with her playmates, as you call them. We are into potty play, pee, and poop. However I understand those aren't your interests, so we can keep it clean for your benefit. In return, I would ask that you stay out of the pictures. If it would be all right I don't like adult women myself, but I don't have a problem with a 6 year old, if she's cute. As her mother I'm sure you think she's the most beautiful precious thing, but let me judge that for myself, the same goes for her playmates, which I must insist are girls. Babies, preferably without teeth, or if teething, none visible. Other than that, tell us wear to be, and when, I'll take time off if I have to, and get rid of my room mates. I have room mates, and I understand your concerns about security, I certainly don't want to get caught, or ruin your lives either by getting you caught. It's a shame that something as natural and wholesome as a mother's love for my child, and hers for me is treated like a crime, and we have to worry about the police, but this is the world we live in. I did as you asked, and deleted the email, but I would love a picture of your daughter, to show mine. Is it safe to exchange names? Because I noticed your address, I hope you read this before the email is gone, so for the time being I'll call her CB. Here we are together. It's not Childporn if we're fully clothed, so you can keep this image if you like. I don't know how you feel about adult women, but as you can see, I am as beautiful as she, if a few years older. Also, I just have to mention that I do have pubic hair. I have red a little bit about Nepiophiles, now that I know the right word, and apparently that's a no-no, but I am a natural woman. I want my daughter to know that it's normal for women to have, and honestly she loves to play with it. I love it when she plays with it in our tickling sessions, and my armpits as well. However, in the interest of a relationship, I am willing to shave it all off, if that's what you desire, I can always grow it back. Also, how do you feel about blood, because honestly I never shaved before, so I can't guarantee I won't cut myself the first time. Likewise, any other requests, from the things you already listed, I feel confident that it won't be anything we wouldn't like. In fact, if you can tell us where you saw pee, and poop play, I'd like to show her some of those photos, as well as a boy's privates. Just once, a closeup would be fine, just so that she knows what they look like. Preferably another baby. The pee, and poop mostly to show her that we are not the only ones who realize that while it is gross at first, they are part of our bodies, or natural things our bodies do. This is very important to me. I am raising her to understand her body, even the so-called naughty parts, like the butt, and sex. There's nothing wrong with them, just part of being people. Boys aren't my thing, but I don't know whether she will be interested in them or not, so I would prefer to expose her to them as safely as possible. In a picture rather than a real boy, just so I can be sure no one is traumatized. If you don't mind, I would like to continue this, going back and forth, sharing with each other, and ease into more involved pats of our relationship, such as it is. No offence, but I don't know you, and I have trouble trusting people I don't know, even when it doesn't involve the most important things in my life. My darling daughter, and our love for each other. Sincerely, Noone. Attached Image:] ; Re: No1 [Okay, I'm fine with everything we talked about so far. I would ad no explicit expose of the anus. The bottom is okay, but nothing too deep, or graphic, such as spreading the crack, and I'd prefer that it wasn't too provocative, like bending over so that it's the central subject of the image. She doesn't like bottoms, she knows where poop comes from, and it grosses her out, so she doesn't really like to look at them. I have no problem with bodyhair, as you pointed out, it's natural. My daughter knows that women have it, and children do not. I shave, for comfort, and I must admit it arouses me, but as you requested, I'll keep that out of the pictures. I'm more comfortable behind the camera, and I would have requested keeping my face out of any pornographic images for security. Modern Tag and Trace search programs work by Pattern Recognition. Like Facial Recognition software. So, I could be identified by my face, which would be devastating for us. All of us, because from there a WORM can then start searching All of my contacts. Including you, if we maintain constant contacts, instead of temporary emails, like this one. As for where I saw such images, that brings me to the second thing. I am affiliated with internet security, and that does indirectly involve me with Law Enforcement, on request. It's complicated, and I cannot go into too much detail without possibly exposing myself, but they are local, and you are out of their jurisdiction. I would have to call them, and honestly anyone can call the police. In the interest of sharing, trust, and advancing our relationship, that is how I got into this in the first place. I had to fight Childporn, which was starting to appear on our website. I can say that I am a web developer, and dutifully reported them to the authorities, when they appeared. That exposed me to graphic images, which traumatized me, until I saw one that didn't. A single picture of a loving mother, and daughter together. Much like yours, which is beautiful. You are beautiful together. No, I am not attracted to women, it is the relationship between mother and daughter that I love, and that's how I started seeking it with my own daughter. Like you, I fell in love with her, at first a more socially acceptable love, and then it became more romantic, until that beautiful day where we made love for the first time. A more powerful love than anyone else could understand without experiencing it herself. Which is why I contacted you, I have a feeling you can understand the kind of love I am talking about. I want to share that with you, both of you. I know that women aren't your taste, any more than poop is my daughter's. Honestly, I've changed enough diapers to be over that, to say nothing of the horrors I've seen, looking for other's like me. Mothers like me. That's not my site, but I am so happy to have found you there. So, quid quo pro. Here I am with my daughter, fully clothed, and non-sexually, because it was taken when she was CB's age. Before all of this happened, and our love became more intimate. As for where you can see such images, there are no longer such websites on the internet. I found them on another net. I helped the people who are trying to shut it down, because of worse abuses, by sickos that I'm ashamed to be lumped in with. I'm with you, we're mothers, we should be able to love our children, as long as they are still desirable. I wait for the day when her beautiful smile is back, that's just something that she is not as sexy without. I still love her, just not sexually for a few years. Thankfully, she understands, and has found other girls to love for the time being. Sorry, I digress. The other net can only be accessed by a specific operating system, which is why it's so secure, and stable even with all the major law enforcement agencies worldwide trying to find it. They can't, because it has it's own operating system. It's not Windows, Mac, nor even Linux, it appears to be a unique terminal system designed for the purpose of concealing it's servers. So, you have to download the terminal program to search it, and it doesn't accept any commands, other than search terms. In a nutshell, you tell it what you want, it sends it back, and there is not yet a program I know of that can get anything else out of it. I have it, so I can get the images you want, but I can't send it to your email. It's not secure. I know your real name, your daughter's name, your ISP, and from that your Address, because that's what I do. Internet security. So, if you want more explicit images of any sort, you'll have to create a more secure email, or we'll have to switch to a more secure form of communication. Along with the photo, you'll find an encrypted document you can open with and decompression software, detailing some of your options. You can take it from there, but that's all the help I can give you without putting us at further risk. Best of luck, Nobody. Attachments:] ; {Author here, hope you don't mind skipping a bunch more boring technobabble so I can get on with writing the fun stuff? If not, too bad, I'm not going to tell you how to actually find, and exchange illegal media, and get away with it. Sorry.} So, I took her advice, followed some directions in her attachment, shut down that email, and took the steps for a more secure one. I also moved, changed my ISP, and got my GED. So I could work from home, and take care of myself. Just her and I, it's modest for now, but I stopped pursuing a relationship with her daughter. She knew too much about me, I thought it better to just sever that connection before she saw some reason to threaten us. It was simply a matter of letting the Email expire after the 2 days it was up, and changing mine. Also, she sent a picture of herself, after I explicitly told her not to! I didn't mind, she was pretty, her daughter adorable, I even understand her mother/daughter fetish a little better now. It's the principal, if she considers my wishes so little, then she's not the sort of friend I need. Not for this, it might be okay for hanging out, shopping, going to school, or working together, but when it comes to my relationship with my daughter, and what she's exposed to, 1 mistake is 1 too many. That means she can make another, less harmless one, and she doesn't get another chance to do that, before she's actually exposed to her. She's at a very impressionable age now. However, I got the software, she told me how to in her attachment, and I noticed they had Services! Like adoption, and so forth, but what I really needed help with is how to teach her, the right way. It just took a while to find the one I trusted. One that I don't have to take her to, I can get the information, and do it myself. I will home-school her, when I get the chance, to keep her from getting exposed to anything by someone else. I can still make a mistakes, but they are my mistakes! I can handle my mistakes, if I'm careful, and cautious. Take my time to think, but I can't say the same about anyone else, without knowing that they share my beliefs completely. It took over a year, before I thought I found the right one, and went through all the security measures to contact them. There were a lot of them, which only reassured my belief in their security. They all make sense, and made me more confident in how they do everything. Also, the free information on their server showed an equal attention to detail, as well as a similar set of beliefs in the right way to educate my child. Finally, it allowed me to save the money, as well as setting up secure ways to pay them for their services. I don't have much, but it's all for her. I'm dedicating my life to her, so that she can live it, and enjoy it more than I ever could. Her childhood, then I can try to find something else to do with my life. But until she is an adult, I live my life to dedicating to giving her the best childhood, and education I can. ; Potty Mommy (FFg/Fg WS CP) I took her to the computer, at the appointed time, and waited for the scheduled video chat. Expectantly, but while we waited I had time to slip off her shorts, unsnap the buttons of her onesy, and slip off her training pants. She giggled, knowing what comes next. "Tiggles!" And giggles, even before my fingertip found her soft squirming thighs. She kicked, so I slipped them between to tickle her fat lips, and tummy under the flap of her jumper. "Ihihihn!" Until the secure chat chimed, so I had to answer it, but in the Sent screen I could see her slip up the flap to continue tickling herself. "Hello," She nodded, her face blurred out to conceal her identity, while I just had my webcam down to crop the frame below my face. "How may we help you?" "I'd like to enroll my daughter in your program but I want to make sure you can corrupt her completely." The headmistress speaks "Oh yes, we can get your little tot into anything you would like, nothing is too sick for us." "Is that so?" I'm a little skeptical "I can think of a few subjects that are too perverted, even for a place like this." Not the first place I tried. She shook her head, "We don't do Snuff, and we restrict enrollment to girls. No penis allowed, but other than that, whatever you want. "Even," I lowered to a hushed whisper, 'Mommy and toddler piss and scat porn?' I still get a little thrill just saying it to myself. The headmistress laughed, "That's not even sick! Not to toddlers, when they potty train, you have to keep them from playing with it, though I assume you didn't." I blink. "Really?" Shake my head, "No, of course not, but you're saying it's normal?" I'm into it because it's sick! "For infants and toddlers, it's generally adults that have trouble with it, but we make sure to raise girls the right way." She rolls her chair aside, and points a powerpoint wand, clicking a button on the side. "We have had a few mothers who have asked for such conditioning for their girls." A pause as she opens a file on her computer that is then displayed behind her on a big screen. "Typically, they avoid such subjects because of normal social morays, then begin to fetishize it when their daughters start such play, in potty training." Beside a massive screen, only her arm, and the remote out where we can see it, so the blurry blob disappears, and stops obscuring the side of the frame. "We have quite a large selection of videos we show the girls to help condition them to these particular fetishes. Like this one." Video starts and we see a naked mom and tot. "Look sweety!" So she looks up from playing with herself. Her fat hairless puss over the older woman's wet mos pubis. Like a younger reflection, across a generation. "Weron Tevee!" My dear waves, then frowns when one side waves back, while on the other, the mother bends down to her daughter's ear. I quickly pull the onesie off, so mine is naked as well. 'Would you like to watch a movie?' she grins, and whispers in her ear. "Movy, movy!" she claps. "Let's see, we have ponies, potty, puppies, snuff. Oh dear," She looks up at the camera, "How did that get in there?" Grins, and winks, pervertedly. "Mommy," Thank goodness my girl turned away! "Wha's nuff?" "I'll tell you when you're older." Turning back to the camera. "I see we've come to the right place.n" The headmistress laughs, "Keep watching." "Snuff," the naked nasty mommy explained, "Is when you play dead." "Like a puppy!" "Yes, like a puppy! But you'll have to wait until you're older. Maybe if you promise to be a really good girl, and make mommy very happy when she needs to go potty." "Oh, I pwomos!" She nods, excited. "I wove to pway potty!" "You want to play potty now?' She sets her down. She just nods, and we see the back of her head, her short pigtails flop on her shoulders, leaning back as mommy stands up. Spreading her wet twat to expose herself, and her urethra above the opening of her baby maker. "You ready, sweety?" "Uh huh!" "Here it comes!" We can't see her face, her eyes open or closed, frown or relax, just hear her grunt and sigh. "Nhhhhhh!" Nor the dirty little girl's mouth, just the hollow rising trickles as it fills up, then the spattering as they run out, and down to drip on the floor. "Ngh!" And her swallow. "I'm the poddy!" "Yes," the naked nasty mommy kneels down to hug her, such a happy smile of satisfaction on her face to hug her, to her full bosom, and kiss her filthy face. "You're such a good little potty!" "I love you mommy." she starts kissing her chest. "Yes," she holds her out, by the shoulders, but grins excitedly, "but now you're all wet!" "Goody!' she jumps, clapping and giggling, "Orgasms!" "Yes, come on, lets go have some orgasms." they walk off, then the video ends. "Like that?" I'm already frantically fingering in my underpants, and my little dear is grunting with her own dirty little fingers. "Yes," I have to talk, "Oh yes!' I have to breathe, to talk. "Well, to properly teach her, you will have to show us what she has already learned." "Mommy?" My little treasure climbed down, naked in front of me. "Can we pway poddy too?" "Of course," I got up, and slipped down my already soaked panties. "Goody!" I didn't have to pee, but I knew I was just about to squirt. "So," I looked up to the screen, already going to work on my swollen throbbing clit. "Nh, you do Bestiality as well?" "Dogs, sheep, goats, pigs, or horses?" "Horses." Of course. "Goody!" She turned around, "Horsies!" "Ngh!" I grabbed her head, and turned her back around, "HNG!" In a minute honey. "Hihin!" I closed my eyes to the wet splashes across her giggling face. Feel it run warm, and slippery down my thighs, and squirt all over pulling my fingers out of the way, and rubbing them back and forth over my wet tingling clitorus so it squirts out of my pisshole all over her beatutiful giggling face. "So, this is how it works. First we expose them to little girls watching the movies, with their mommies." Did that, I can attest to that working! "Then we expose them to the movies themselves, you expressed an interest in animal piss, and scat?" "I want to watch those movies first." I thought I was sick, until she told me that was normal, and just happened to mention Animals. I found zooporn online, but animal piss, mommy/daughter, and how to expose my daughter to it so she gets off! "And finally, if she makes it through our program, and passes the tests, we can arrange for her to engage in the play she's conditioned to." "With me," "Of course, we insist on your involvement every step of the way." "And you can teach her to get off?" Looking back from her sleeping. "Yes, and no," she sighed, "Your daughter is 2, correct?" "22 months," but above average development. "Well, by the time she is 3, and ready to graduate, she will be able to achieve a sort of climax, however children that age are not physically capable of orgasm as you or I are. They are not adults." "What sort of climax?" "Mental, and emotional, with physical pleasure to trigger it." "That sounds like an orgasm." "It is, Like an orgasm, but not the same as an adult orgasm." "Oh," well they are pretty much the underground experts of toddler sexuality. "You said nothing is too perverted, but why not snuff?" "It's not perverted, it's dangerous, and abusive. Same thing with men, it won't surprise you to learn that there's plenty of men out there that would love to stick their dicks in our 4 year old girls, but then they hurt them so that don't want to play any more. It's also bad for business, we have a very narrow window here, an average of 2 years between them graduating to work for us, and moving on to first grade." "You make it sound like prostitution." "It is." She nodded. "You whore them out!?" I just got off, but again found my fingers in my once satisfied slit. "Like prostitution, and that is another program, with another charge for that training, however if you would like to turn your daughter into mommy's little whore." She looked down, obviously at my rapidly churning fingers, "Then we can discuss pricing for that as well. However, you're already moving on from phase one of piss play, discussing scat, and now horses. Horses are very expensive, why we have cheaper, and more disgusting options, such as pig shit." "Oh!" "Do you need a moment?" I nodded. "I just want to keep you up to date on the costs as the rack up, because you seem to have some trouble controlling yourself. Now, we don't train girls for snuff." "Ngh!" "Because there's really nothing they need to learn. It's really simply a matter of collecting enough urine for you to drown her in." "Hnnnnh!" "However, if you like we can share with you some of our contacts, who have the sort of movies you're looking for." "Hih, hi hih, hiiihhhnnn!" I nodded, and started catching my breath. Gulped, and grunted as my fingers slipped out one last time to sniff, lap, and suck on them. "Smwoop!" "Are you ready to discuss pricing?" {Note: Yes, she did a complete 180 from wanting to protect her daughter to wanting to pervert her. Because she looked at too much CP with her, and accepted what she was already doing to her. If you made it this far, I'll just assume you are familiar with the slippery slope, and which way it goes.} ; Later (TW: SnuffPorn/Play, MC, and Horror.) Thankfully, my Crystal Bell washed up, and went down for her nap while we discussed more adult matters. "If you don't mind me saying your video was very popular." "You showed it!?" "It's what we do here." She nodded, once. Your daughter wasn't the one that got all of the comments. However, I must say you are one of our youngest mothers, and very attractive yourself." "Well, I am not a lesbian." Just so you know, "I only love my daughter." "Yes, however with your financial situation." "What do you know about my financial," "Everything. Like our business, the software collects information. It doesn't give it away, but that is the nature of the program. I know everything about the two of you, including who Crystal's father is." I had never said her name. "You had no right!" To her, I was always careful never to say her name, and she only ever called me Mommy. "I had every right. You came to us, do you want me to play that part back? You don't dance with the devil, and expect him to change. You're staring into the abyss here don't be surprised when the abyss looks back." I just reacted, without thinking. Out of fear, I was afraid, but I tried to breathe more deeply, and nodded. "I suppose, I have been getting a little, extra depraved lately." "We're here for you. We do not only help children learn, we also help mothers like you, to not escalate out of control." Her chair rolled again, and I looked up to see her lifting the powerpoint wand, then the view changed to another movie. Another outfit. "Here, let me show you." "Come here, sweety." A little girl came into frame, and sniffed. Rubbing her neck, the teacher rolls back from the big screen. "Up!" Plops her in her lap. "Now, you're not in trouble, but you remember what you were playing, with the jump rope?" She nodded. "Swing." "Yes, but we have swings, and the way you were playing is the wrong way to swing." She picked up her powerpoint. "Let's watch a movie." Points it at the camera, which switches to another view. The little girl looks up, her mouth open. "Bad gowl." "No, sweety. She's not bad, she just got too old. So, now her mommy doesn't love her any more." She giggled. "Uh!" The blob of her obscured face turned away. The little girl pointed, and kept giggling. "That makes her a bad mommy." Turning to the camera, as if talking directly to me, she nodded, seriously. "I miss my mommy." "I know dear, but your mommy was bad too, and you remember, the last time you saw her?" "My birfday." "Yes, well for your birthday, she wanted to do a very bad thing, so she was killed." "What's kiwed?" "It means she died." "She no wol over, pway dead." "No, she wasn't playing dead. She was killed, because she was a bad mommy." "Swing." She nodded. "Miss," Her mouth blurred, and the sound cut out. "Yes, sweety?" "I want to pway," she pointed, "Dat." she giggled. "Bad giw, bad bad bad giwl!" She clapped, and giggled. "Uh!" "You miss your mommy, because she was killed." "Bad giw play dead." "No, bad girl was killed." "Again!" "No, say, uh. Sweety, she can't play again. She can never play again." She sniffed, and her hand blurred, wiping her face. "She was killed, so now she can never play again." "Like mommy." "Yes, like your mommy." "The wath a bad mommy." "Yes, she wanted to kill you." The little girl felt her neck. "Khuhk khuhk khuhk!" Choking herself with both hands, then she played dead. "Sweety?" "Uh huh?" "That's why we don't play those games. Because you can be killed. You know what that means?" "I can nevow pway again?" "That's right," she bent, "Now run along, and play nice." [Video Ends.] Back alone on screen, wearing what she had been before switching to the video, she spoke up. "We also have similar videos, with men. To desensitize, and condition the girls against risky behaviors, with men. They tend to hurt girls, especially so young, so we want to avoid them getting hurt." "You mean raped." Now I was starting to cry too. "Yes, you need another break?" "No," I don't want to think about that. "What about boys?" "Are you interested in little boys?" "No, however my daughter hasn't been exposed to them. So, I would like to do that, safely. I don't want to traumatize her, or influence her choice, but on the odd chance that she does like boys, I would like to find out, without hurting her." "Yes, of course." She set down the powerpointer, by her keyboard. "Now, if you look at your files, you will see a detailed financial analysis, however I personally would prefer to help you, for Crystal Bell." "Snh?" I nodded. "I worry about her, and I'm starting to care about you. So, instead of charging you for our services, I must say we've already past the point you're able to afford, I would rather offer you, a better situation. For you and Crystal Bell." "Our, living situation?" "A better job, and better care for Crystal Bell." "What kind of job?" "Well, I'm sure you've found it difficult, working, and attending school, as a single mother. The best solution we have found, other than working at home is to work in Childcare. So, you can work with Crystal Bell, as well as other children. You would also be making a lot more money." "You mean prostitution." "Like prostitution, but you are all ready doing childporn. I told you, your video was very popular, because you are so young, and attractive. That also makes it very profitable, so I can accept that as payment, to continue this therapy. However, I am still concerned about her care. So, if you would be willing to relocate, we can set you up with a better home, and a place to care for your child, as well as a good salary, for your own needs. You haven't been taking care of your own needs very well, have you?" "No," it's all been for her. "Well, it shows. And I would hate to see you burn out. Your beautiful face prematurely aged by the stress. Your young, labor formed body let go, or your obvious talent wasted. So, if you're willing, I would like to begin the arrangements, to make a better life for you, and Crystal Bell." "I would like that." I nodded. "Where is she, right now?" I looked over, to her still sleeping. "Nh!" I can't imagine her being dead, "I better wake her up." Again, never again. She's right, I need help. "That's why we don't do snuff." "Mh!" She blinked awake, looked up, and showed me the love still in her eyes. "Oh, darling!" I held her, just to hear her breath, feel her heart against me, and her chest swell with life in my arms. "Guess who's on the phone!?" "Deacher." "Yes, teacher! You want to see her?" "Oh, yeth mommy!" She likes teacher, and we always have so much fun together, watching her movies. Not like that last one, she wouldn't show her anything like that. "Would you like to go see her, meet her, and play with her girls?" "Goody!" She grinned, when I held her out. Just to look at her. "Not today," I looked at her. On the screen. "But soon, we will go see her, just as soon as we can." "Good," she nodded, "I'll start making the arrangements."