Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My wife, Linda, and I had been married five months when we moved to South Carolina from New England. Pregnant with our first child we made the move for economic reasons and a fresh start for two very young adults. Shortly after our arrival I had secured employment and things were going very well. However I contracted Viral Meningitis, almost died, and ended up in the hospital for a week. After, returning home I was still not 100%, but I was past the worst of it. I would like to point out that I was a devoted husband, truly monogamous, and I was my wife's first lover. I was looking forward to being a father, provider, and faithful to my wife. I would soon find out that all that was in the past. At the time I was 22 years old, Linda 19. I was 5' -10" tall, weighed in at 155. Linda was 4' -11" -and weighed in at 96 lbs when we got married. Proportionally she was a little goddess at 34, 22, 34. Her dark brown hair and blue eyes were striking and the smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks just accentuated her good looks. I should also mention that she loved to fuck! When I contracted the meningitis Linda was 8 months pregnant, and although very upset about the hospital stay, she was extremely excited to have me back in our bed. I, apparently was too as we had some great sex that first night back. The second night however proved to be the start of something that will remain with me forever, and that story is about to be told to you dear reader. I have not shared this with anyone else, and feel it is the right time to tell all. I was watching my beautiful wife caress the gorgeous young black woman that she worked with at a department store in downtown Spartanburg. They were kissing each other with that slow, soft lipped sloppiness that lovers know. Their tongues entwining as soft moans escaped from their mouths. I'm not sure of the black girl's name but we will call her Rene. Linda was caressing Rene's very full breasts, cupping them in her petite hands and hardening the nipples by rolling them with her thumb and forefinger. Scissor locked thighs, each young woman writhing against the other, sweat glistened on their bodies as the kissing got more feverish, hands groping each other sliding between silken flesh. I was coming all over my wife's body --..and that is when I woke up! Linda was asking if I was OK, massive amounts of semen were splashed across her body, and I'm wondering "What the Fuck?" Linda was persistent in her questions of what had transpired in the obvious wet dream, and I was reluctant to tell her, but I did. As I was describing the vivid dream, I noticed that Linda was squirming and fidgeting in the bed, and as I got closer to the climactic ending she was stroking my cock into hardness. Then she just turned me on my side as she lay on her back (our favorite pregnancy position) and proceeded to slide my rock hard cock into her tight yet extremely wet pussy. She went over the top within seconds, and I kept whispering details of her Sapphic love making with Rene, which only prompted Linda to cum and cum hard, soaking me and the sheets with her vaginal secretions. Not being born yesterday, I knew that I had come across something extremely exciting for both of us, and I wanted to explore this fantasy a lil bit more. Afterward, as we lay in each others arms, basking in the wonderful afterglow of our best sex ever, I broached the subject as any 21 year old boy would: "So did you like that?" We had many discussions after that night. Everything from; it's a fantasy, we can do dirty talk when we make love, it'll probably be best to keep it a fantasy; maybe we shouldn't do it at all. The whole gamut of emotions were played out, discussed thoroughly and put to bed until -- -- The discussion about how every married couple we knew (including our parents) , had at least one of them fucking around behind the other one's back. We didn't want to do that. We would never screw around behind the others back, it would be done totally in the open, and Linda really just wanted to explore a woman's body. She wanted to make love to another woman, and she wanted me there. I was in heaven! But where were we to find such a woman, and especially in South Carolina, the Bible Belt of the U.S.of A. ?? Well it took six months, but we found her, and it was totally unplanned, totally by chance, and totally our babysitter. Our baby sitter, Samantha, "Sam" for short was 16 years old, had beautiful curly red hair, green eyes and a great body. 36" breasts, a little chubby baby fat 28" around the middle and a great 38" ass! We had NEVER considered Sam to be "the one", but over a period of a few weeks I noticed that Sam was looking at Linda in a different kind of way. Checking my wife out when she walked around the house in her bikini (or less) Linda and I both really enjoyed the freedom of "the less clothes the better" philosophy. I mentioned Sam's attentive looks to Linda, and she said I was "œjust crazy, and besides, she's 16." I let the topic drop, but I was really anxious to see Linda make love to another female, and if she was 16, so what, I believed the age of consent at that time in the South was probably 10. I didn't want to push it so I let it drop until about a month later. Linda and I had gone out with some friends for dinner and drinks, we got home later than we had anticipated, and Sam asked if it was OK if she spent the night in our spare room. Her parents only lived two doors down, but we both said "sure, why not?"We went into our bedroom after making sure Sam was comfortable, and in bed. Our usual custom of fucking each others brains out loudly was tempered down somewhat, but Linda and I both cried out in ecstasy as we came to our mutual orgasm. I had spooned my wife in our post-coital bliss and we were both just bathing in that bliss when there came a soft tapping on our bedroom door. I whispered in Linda's ear "your fantasy is about to become a reality." Linda called out to our knocker "Yes, what is it?" As Sam opened the door ever so gently she whispered to Linda "Um, I'm feeling a little scared sleeping in a strange house, can I sleep with you?" I had turned over, away from the door, after Sam had knocked, but I pressed my butt into my wife's to answer in the affirmative, and she said "Sure Sam, come on in." I was going nuts in my head! "Wow, it's really gonna happen, why is it so fucking dark in here?" Linda said, "Are you OK dear?" "I'm just a little afraid, and thought maybe you could hold me" from Sam. I heard the rustle of bedclothes, and nothing else, for what felt like hours, but was no more than 5 minutes. Then I heard lips kissing, a little moan that wasn't my wife's and I felt her move away from me, and towards Sam. "YES!!" I yelled in my head, and turned over. There was just enough light coming in through the blinds that I could make out the shadowy figure of my wife taking Sam's T-shirt off her. Linda's head dropping down to clasp Sam's nipple in her mouth, and the simultaneous explosions of air from each of their mouths as they both experienced the beauty of girl-girl love. It was incredible as Linda went from one breast to the other and slid her right hand down into Sam's panties. Within seconds I could hear the wetness as Linda slid her finger up and down the young girl's labia. It sounded SO wet!! I heard Linda say "I've got to have you " and Sam's "I want you too"-- and then Sam just kept yelling "Guy, Guy..GUY!!" I found out later that was her way of saying "God, GOD, GAWDDDD!!" when she was cumming. I was reaching for the little night-light beside our bed when I heard the girls falling off the bed, and I just had to see what was up, so I turned on my bedside light to witness the most beautiful sight I had EVER seen. Both girls were naked, and Sam's breast were glorious to behold. Nice C cup globes, topped with the most glorious dusty pink aureole, half inch nipples pointing straight up her chest, and my wife had one hand cupping the right nipple, and the other hand cupping Sam's left hip as she was sliding her tongue into the moist cleft of Sam's sex. The look of pure unadulterated lust in my wife's eyes will stay with me forever. It's that look that says "You have taken me someplace I've never been before, and I will love you for that, and do anything for you that your heart desires." Linda's tongue slid from parting the young girl's labia, to twisting around her clitoris in a wonderful motion that I took note of (for future practice and reference) Sam's virgin pussy, (we found that out later that she was a virgin) was overflowing with copious amount of sweet nectar. Linda was doing one helluva job trying to capture it all, as if she hadn't had a drink in a week. Sam's screaming "Guy, Guy --GUYYYY" So much I'm worried that all of our neighbors are going to hear her, so I slip over the side of the bed and cover her mouth with mine. I looked down at my wife, still lapping at the young girl's pussy like a dervish, and she just winks at me in approval. I kiss Sam until I get her to stop screaming in orgasmic delight, and whisper that we can't let the neighbors (especially her father) know what's going on. She nods in understanding, grabs my head and moves it to her unoccupied breast. Linda still tweaking her right breast. I could not refuse the obvious request from the young maiden so I pop her nipple into my mouth, graze it with my teeth simultaneously flicking the nip with my tongue. At this point I had to reach up to the bed, grab a pillow and hand it to Sam to cover her mouth with, and scream into. The wonderful aroma of Teen Spirit wafting through our bedroom, Linda's slurping up Sam's nectar, my cock is leaking like a sieve with pre-cum and Sam is having multiple orgasms for the first time in her life was quite the concoction of lust and love. I really wanted us to be more comfy so I suggested a small break so that we could all get on the bed, I also lit some candles for the romantic mood and so that I could see everything better. With that accomplished we three cuddled and spooned, necked and kissed, hands were fondling this and that and finally Sam said "I want to do you now" to my lovely wife. Linda immediately flopped on her back, I moved to the side of her and watched this beautiful teenager kiss my wife with SO much passion that it took my breath away. I dare say it was the hottest kiss I had ever witnessed, my wife left the Earth for a few moments, and the Sam moved down my wife's body. Slowly kissing, licking, and stroking her body with tenderness, amazement, and wonder. Sliding her tongue down Linda's throat, she nibbled, licked, and sucked on every centimeter of her skin. Slowly encircling each breast from the tender sides, up to the hard as pebbles nipples on my wife's breast. Linda was running her fingers through Sam's hair guiding her face and mouth to the points she wanted kissed. Sam, all too eager to please, allowed the deft ministrations to be applied wherever Linda wanted them. Sam's tiny little pink tongue finally arrived at my wife's beautiful pussy and without hesitation licked my wife from the top of her clit down through her soaking wet cleft, and then blew us both away by dipping her tongue into my wife's ass. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, and Linda came so hard that she sent pussy juice pulsing all over the teen's face. I want you to know dear reader, that my wife didn't squirt her pee all over Sam, Linda squirted vaginal fluid out about three inches and it covered the little girl's face. I came without touching myself it was that erotic. And Sam, God bless her, didn't stop there. She kept eating, stroking her fingers in and out of my wife's ass, her pussy, they got into a 69. It was incredible. We all lost count of how many times both girls came, it was amazing to say the least. This my first attempt at writing erotica. I'm not sure how I've done. All I can say is that there are many, MANY more adventures I would love to relate, and if I hear you like my stories, you will get more.