Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. M/g Incest Pedo. Cons. Disclaimer: The children described here are perfect, ideal, and completely imaginary. Reality can never feel this good. In prison, child molesters are used as human toilets. Waking Daddy By Pedro Feelya "Go wake up your father, Brittany." Mother was starting to set the table. "Okay" I said cheerfully. This was my favorite part of the day. I am only five and I don't start school for another year, so it's boring with nothing to do all day. I ran down the hall, stripping off my clothes and dropping them as I went. Reaching my parents bedroom, I stopped and silently opened the bedroom door. Daddy snored quietly under a pile of blankets. He always sleeps naked. I snuck up to the bed and dug under one corner of the blankets. I then began to slide up onto the bed, crawling under the covers. When I reached his thigh, I shifted my body around, and sucked my father's soft penis into my mouth. I loved the way it began to swell, and grow bigger than my mouth could hold. Soon it pushed most of its length back out, so only a couple inches still fit inside my mouth. I then began to suck hard and work my mouth over my daddy's cock. I also wrapped both my small hands around the shaft and began to rub like I know daddy likes it. A loud groan came from father. He was beginning to wake up. He is a writer, and stays up very late, and absolutely hates to be woken up every morning. At least he used to hate being woken up. I continued to suck and rub his cock, but with one hand I began to gently fondle his balls and rub the soft spot underneath them. Daddy's cock pulsed in my mouth as he began to wake up more. I pulled his cock from my mouth and then began to roughly lick all around the mushroom shaped end. Daddy reached over slowly and lifted my legs up and over his chest. I hung onto his cock with both hands, not wanting to lose my grip on it. Daddy then set me down so my knees were on both sides of his head, and I started sucking and tonguing on his cock again. I learned how to suck daddy's cock from watching mommy suck on it. They often had sex in all the rooms of the house, and I could often watch them while peeking around a corner. The first time I woke daddy up like this, he didn't wake up until I was almost done. When he saw that it was me and not mommy, he didn't say anything. He wasn't angry, but he wasn't happy either. He then got up and went to the kitchen and bent mommy over the table. He then began pounding his hips into her and didn't stop until she couldn't scream any more. Every morning after that, I would suck on daddy's cock until he shot his cream in my mouth, and then he would go and fuck mommy. After a week, mommy caught me sucking on daddy and started yelling bad things at him. He threw mommy on the bed right in front of me, and fucked her until she was hoarse from screaming. After that, nobody ever said anything about what happened. I was playing with daddy's balls again, rubbing his shaft up and down, and swirling my tongue all over the mushroom end. I felt daddy shift his position a little, and then I felt his hard tongue lick my little butthole. I don't like that because it makes it hard for me to concentrate on what I am doing. He should wait until I'm done. Daddy was grunting and groaning, and then he made the noise that meant I was almost finished. I swallowed the end of his cock as deep as I could, and began to rub with both my hands in a way that I had figured out myself. I felt daddy's stomach jerk and his hips tighten. I began swallowing even before his cream spit down the back of my throat. It had surprised me the first few times, but now I knew how to swallow it all without getting it all over my tongue. I continued to swallow softly after daddy's cock had stopped spitting cream, and then I carefully licked everything clean. Daddy rested for a second while I did this, and then he grabbed my waist and pulled my peepee up to his mouth. As usual, daddy started by licking everything, all over. I really like this, even though it kind of tickles a little. Then he licked my little butthole, making sure I'm clean, and then he tried to stick his tongue inside my butt a little. I always scream and laugh, but I really like how it feels. Then daddy began to lick just my pink slit. I always hum and moan a lot to let him know how good it feels. He then started nibbling on my button and sucking at my hole at the bottom. This made me yell a little, but I don't scream like mommy does. It feels so good that I can't think of anything or do anything. Sometimes I shake a little. Then suddenly, it was too much. I pushed to get away from daddy, and he let me go. If he doesn't stop, it doesn't hurt really, I just can't stand it and it makes me cry. Daddy then pulled my face up to his and kissed me on my forehead. Then he got out of bed, still naked, and left the room with his stiff cock waving around. I followed secretly, and saw him go to the kitchen. Mommy was bent over the counter, where there were no dishes, as though she was waiting for him. Daddy walked right up behind her and lifted her nightshirt above her waist. Mommy never wears panties because they just get in the way. Daddy then shoved his hard cock into mommy from behind, and kept pumping it into her. Soon mommy is going to scream for a little bit, and then when they are done, daddy goes pee, and then we can finally eat breakfast. More of my stories at: