Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Pedo Incest F/b Disclaimer: The children described here are perfect, ideal, and completely imaginary. Reality can never feel this good. In prison, child molesters are used as human toilets. Drunk by Pedro Feelya Mom didn't pick me up at school. That wasn't too unusual. Maybe once every two weeks she would get too busy. I was eleven and allowed to walk the three miles home. But when I got home, her car was in the driveway. I entered through the side kitchen door. On the counter closest to the living room was a bottle of Tequila. That was unusual. I didn't think we had any in the house, and this one was half empty. Mom was full blood Mexican, but I had never seen her drink anything harder than wine. She was sitting in the chair, in the living room, watching the TV. In her hand was a large glass filled with ice and golden liquid. Her eyes were puffy and she had been crying. "Hey Mom, what's up?" "Nothing" she whined and then sniffed. She took a long drink. "No really, what's wrong." "Nothing" she insisted, "How was school?" Her Mexican accent was stronger than usual. "It was boring, not much homework though. Is papa ok?" I wondered if this had to do with dad. "Oh, he's great. He's having a real wonderful time." She laughed sarcastically. Dad worked half the time on the east coast, so he was only home every other week. Her comment confirmed that this was probably all about him and only he was in trouble. That was definitely a relief. Mom continued. "My husband," she spat, "is having a real fucking good time." Wow. Mom never cussed. Whatever dad did, he was in really deep shit. It was hard for me to worry about him though; we had never been too close. Mom's voice rose. "The fucking bastard. I am faithful and I loved him. I gave him a son." she looked at me. "I gave him everything." She drank some more. This was serious. I was guessing that dad cheated on her. I was old enough to know it meant that he had sex with another woman. "How do you know?" I assumed I was right. "I get thees call from his girlfriend an she tell me all sort of things no one should know. No one but me." When she got upset, Mom's English got worse. Mom raised the glass to her lips and swallowed several gulps. "Whas is wrong with him? Why he no love me?" Am I not pretty enough?" Nobody thinks their mom is hot, but I knew that guys liked to look at mine. She was petite except for her big tits and wide hips, but her waist was narrow. She had long dark hair, dark tan skin, a strong Spanish nose, and soft brown eyes. Today her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore a tight white t-shirt and tight blue jeans. "No mama, you are very beautiful." I volunteered. Mom smiled her beautiful smile with bright white teeth at me. "I love you so mush." "I love you too." I wanted to make her feel better. "Come give me a hug, baby." She started to rise as I walked toward her. Then she tottered forward and to one side. I caught her as she fell into me. She was shorter than most adults, but still a foot taller than me. I held her as she partially collapsed against me and her chin rested on my shoulder. As always, I was very aware of her firm breasts pushed against my chest as she wrapped her arms around me. Her skin was very warm, and soft. She hugged me as I continued to hold her up. After a few moments she got her feet under her and she started to stand. "Kish me" she slurred and lowered her face to mine. Her breath washed across my face. It was fruity and sweet, yet very sour. Then her lips landed on mine. This was a real kiss! Her mouth was very wet and slobbery, but it was warm and soft. She sucked at my lips and smothered my face with her own. I had never experienced a full passionate kiss. I knew we shouldn't be doing it. Mom was just drunk, even though I had never seen her drunk before. She certainly wasn't acting like herself, so it was okay to play along. I'm sure that if she wasn't drunk that I would have been grossed out or something. But I didn't want to embarrass or hurt her. But as it was, it was like kissing a stranger, and would be good practice for when I got a girlfriend. I held her kiss and her jaw worked against mine. I could feel my dick harden in my jeans. I pulled my head back and looked into my mother's eyes. She looked into mine and her eyes focused. "Oh my God, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." She whispered. But, we held each other for another moment, and didn't let go. I felt so strong, holding her up. She closed her eyes and her face came close to mine. It couldn't hurt to kiss again. Our lips met and I closed my eyes. I felt all hot inside but my skin felt cool, except where it burned against this beautiful woman. I was starving, but not hungry. What I craved, I found with my lips against hers. Where our bodies met, it felt so good that I wanted to melt into her. Our mouths were pressed hard together and our lips were open and we sucked freely. Then she stuck her tongue deep in my mouth. At first, it freaked me out a little, and then it was a little gross, but then I really liked it and wanted more. I explored her mouth too, trying to suck her hot softness into me. I had been holding her up for several minutes. As good as it felt to be this close to a woman, my arms were beginning to ache. Plus, my conscious was starting to ache too. I knew I was taking advantage of my mother. I pulled my face back and pushed her up, trying to balance her onto her feet. She swayed but remained standing. "I need another drink. Where's my drink?" She announced suddenly. Mom turned to the kitchen and started to walk purposefully. I dodged around her and tried to stand in her way. "You don't need another drink Mom. You've had enough. I love you and I don't want you to hurt yourself." "Oh, you're my little angel. I love you too." Her hands reached up and caught my face, and again she lowered her lips to mine and we kissed long and hard. It was about a minute before she lost her balance and had to catch herself. "Wow" she gasped. "You kiss better than your father." Pride swelled deep in my chest. I felt very weird and confused. With very deceptive agility, Mom stepped around me and grabbed the bottle from the counter. She then reached for a glass and got ice from the freezer door. As soon as she had poured the glass full, she took several swallows. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't take the glass away; she was stronger than me, and a lot meaner. "Mom, I think you should go to bed. Come on, go to bed. Okay?" "I don't want to go to bed. It's still daytime. It's the middle of the afternoon. Dance with me." She grabbed my hands and began to swing and stumble around. It took all my strength to keep her from crashing into the walls and appliances. "No, no, no. Dance with me slow." She pulled me up tight to her chest again. I was relieved that we weren't spinning around the kitchen. But as we shuffled around, pressed up tight together, I started feeling gooey inside again. We started swaying our hips together and I began to understand the attraction of slow dancing. She was starting to grind her hips against mine, and I was afraid that she could feel my hard cock. Then I felt her hands on my butt, squeezing. "I'm drunk" she giggled into my ear. "I should go to bed." She let go of me and immediately started to topple over. I caught her and pulled her to her feet. Together we staggered down the hall and into her bedroom. We entered my parent's bedroom and I sat her on their bed. "Help me wif this." She said as she began to peel her tight t-shirt up and got stuck with her arms over her head. I had accidentally seen her many times in her bra, and her bras were just big, plain, and white, nothing erotic. It wasn't a big deal to pull her shirt over her arms. But then she stood and turned. "Unhook me." This also wasn't too unusual. But as soon as I did, Mom shrugged and the bra fell to the floor. Before I could retreat, she turned to face me. "Am I pretty?" I tried to look away, but she had asked me to look at her. My eyes locked onto her large swaying breasts. They were the size of cantaloupes and hung down gracefully. In the center of each was a dark circle the size of a silver dollar and a darker nipple the diameter of a marker pen. "Do you like my titties?" I think I nodded. "I want you to touch them." She stepped forward and teetered only a little. I was frozen and couldn't move. The door was only three steps behind me, but her miraculous boobs were less than a step in front of me. "Mom, I can't. I really shouldn't." I was torn in agony. "What? Am I ugly? No one want to touch me. Your father wants another woman. Touch me, please." "You're so beautiful. I don't understand." I wanted desperately to make her feel better. My hands raised up and I lightly rested them on the sides of her big boobs. Mom took a half a step toward me and exhaled in gratitude. I began to run my hands under and all over her huge tear drop shaped breasts. My fingers began to press deeper as she began to hum her approval. My eyes hadn't left her nipples. Finally I let my thumbs brush lightly over them. Mom shivered slightly and her hands lifted slowly and reached behind my head. She began to pull my head down gently. "Kiss them. Like when you were a little boy. Suck on them please." It was too easy to lower my head and cover her large left nipple with my mouth. I sucked on the large hard nipple in the center of the dark soft circle. Mom gasped and her fingers curled in my hair. I lost track of time as I sucked and rubbed my mother's tits. When I sucked too hard she would pull back gently. Then she pulled back firmly and pulled my face to her other breast. I licked and sucked just as happily there. At some point her hands left my head and I felt her moving under my massaging caresses. Then she leaned back and I straightened, dizzy from being bent over. I looked down. Mom had undid her jeans and pulled them down to the middle of her thighs. She had underwear that were just pink lace, and I could see a dark shadow between her legs. Mom plopped down onto the bed and her boobs slapped and quivered. "Help me take these off." She lifted one bare foot up to me. I grabbed the end of her jeans leg and pulled it down a little. Then she lifted her other leg and fell back on the bed laughing. Her big breasts fell to the sides a little and wobbled. I couldn't help but laugh too. Pulling on both legs, her jeans slid off and her feet fell to the floor. I could now look down between her legs and see the dark area between her legs. I looked up into my mother's eyes and she had seen me looking. "Help me" she said and lifted her hand to me. I grabbed it and pulled her upright and she didn't let go until I had pulled her up to stand in front of me. I knew I shouldn't still be there. I knew that she was going to go further. Mom reached for my waist and grabbed two handfuls of my shirt. "Show me your muscles. I want to see how my young man has grown." She pulled upward. I know she just wanted my shirt off, and for some reason I just lifted my arms and let her pull it off. Any minute now, she would just stop and go to bed. Now she looked at my chest and I looked at hers. She stepped forward half a step, and so did I. Her nipples pressed against my chest and our faces raised and our mouths met. As we kissed, I ran my hands over her bare back, caressing her. She lightly slid her nails over mine. Then she reached down and grabbed my butt hard through my pants. We were still locked at the lips and I was drowning in our kiss. My hands wandered down and I lightly ran them over her lace panties, and cupped her curved bottom. Mom moaned into my mouth and stuck her tongue in deeper. Then I felt her hands between our bodies. She was trying to undo my belt. I broke the kiss and stepped back. My mom wanted my penis, and that was too much. If she started playing with it, then there was no more pretending. It would be very serious. But, she had her hands locked into my belt. As I struggled gently, she knelt in front of me, and worked my belt open, and then opened my pants. I still struggled. I didn't want to hurt her, but she was quick and determined. Before I could do anything, she had reached into my underwear and pulled my hard cock up and out. "Oh my" she gasped, "you have your father's dick, and almost as big." Suddenly I stopped struggling. Now that she had a firm grip on it, she could really hurt me. I sucked in my breath in fear. I didn't know what she was going to do with it. "Mom, Please don't" I whined in fear. I wasn't prepared when suddenly her head came forward and she sucked the head into her mouth. I froze in fear wondering why she would do that. Then she began to suck it in and slide it in and out. I had rubbed my cock lots of times now, mostly in the shower. This was like that, but weird. It was warm and soft, yet slippery and wet. I realized she was trying to do what I did to myself in the shower. I started to relax and suddenly I realized that it felt really good and I would squirt real soon. With shock, I also realized that I would be squirting into my mother's mouth. She had to know that might happen, but she wouldn't stop. "Mom I'm gonna, I'm gonna, ungh." Too late to warn her, I felt the heat pulse up the inside my shaft and into my mother's sucking mouth. It felt great and scary and very weird. It didn't seem to bother her. She sucked until it stopped squirting, and then she licked it like she was cleaning it. Now that we had done something, I was sure it all was over. But, my pants and everything were down around my knees and my mother still knelt in front of me. She still had a firm grip on my cock and neither her grip or my cock were getting any softer. Mom started to get up and didn't let go until she stood all the way up. She stood very close to me and I could feel the heat from her near naked body. My pecker pointed right at her panties and her breasts heaved as she breathed heavily. She was looking down, maybe at my cock. Mom's eyes were starting to tear up. She spoke softly, with her voice silky and sweet. "I am so lonely. My husband is gone most of the time, and now I find out that he is giving to another woman what should only be for me. It's not fair. What did I do to be abandoned this way? Now I am all alone." She had never spoken like this before. I kept shaking my head, no. "No mama. You're not alone. I'm here." "You are here for me, aren't you? Do you love me?" She moved a tiny bit closer. I could smell her sour breath and I was feeling very anxious from looking at her body. "Yes mama. I love you very much; more than anything." "Would you do something for me?" She moved so close that I couldn't see her body but I could feel its heat. "Anything. What do you want? I'll do anything." "Be with me. Kiss me." My mother looked up and into my eyes and I looked into hers. Then she closed her eyes and leaned forward. Our mouths met and we passionately kissed and explored each others heat. Then she pressed her body against mine. My hard cock slid between her legs and she trapped it between her thighs. Her big tits mashed up against my smooth chest and I reached both hands up to massage the sides that stuck out from between us. Mom reached one hand up behind my head and kept our faces locked together. Her other hand slid down my back and squeezed my bare bottom. Slowly she began to collapse back onto the bed, dragging me with her. My feet tangled in my pants so I kicked my shoes off. I broke free long enough to pull my pants and socks off. When I crawled back over my mother, our lips met, but she started wiggling up further onto the bed, pulling me with her. I was insane and in agony with burning desire. I needed her body so bad that it didn't matter that she was my mother. She was a hot sexy woman and I needed her more than anything ever. If I would be condemned to hell, I would go gladly. One of my mother's hands caught mine and pulled down to touch her panties. "Take them off" she whispered in a husky voice. I crawled back and hooked my fingers into both sides of her waistband. Now I would see what a real woman looked like. This might be my mother, but she was also a beautiful woman. She lifted her hips and I slid the pink lace down over her thighs. I knew I was staring but I couldn't help myself. She had a dense patch of fur in a V between her legs, and something pink peeking below that. I knew adult had hair down there, and I would have some someday, but I was still fascinated. Mom spoke and startled me a little. "Would you kiss me there?" I didn't hesitate but I looked into her eyes as I lowered my head, to see if it was okay. Mom's furry place had a slight smell I couldn't figure out. I started by kissing her tummy just above the hair. Mom inhaled and moaned. That was reassuring. I then lowered, and kissed on her hair. That didn't seem right so I went lower. Mom then spread her legs and a red gash spread below the dark fur. I could see that it was already wet. I kissed right in the middle of it. I should have been grossed out, but I was willing to suck my own asshole at that point. Mom groaned real loud, so kept doing it. Then I started to lick. Then I started to suck and nibble. Everything I tried seem to make Mom get more excited. I kept licking wherever made her reaction was the strongest. The best places were at the top and bottom of her split. Mom started crying out loudly, and even though it didn't sound like she was in pain. It was a sound that I had never heard her make. I stopped licking and looked up to see what was wrong. Before I could see anything, her hand grabbed me behind my head and slammed my face back between her legs. She was rubbing my nose into her softness. I got the idea started licking and sucking again. Mom started to get real loud and wiggle her butt. Her red softness became really wet and sloppy. Then suddenly, she froze up. I still continued to lick but she pulled my head back as she groaned and heaved. I waited while my cock throbbed. I took a look at my mother's secret forbidden place where I felt guilty and excited to be privileged to see. Mom's tummy was heaving up and down and her slit was gaping and closing a little. Her hair came down the sides of her slit about halfway. The sides had thick dark brown lips on both sides, and there were thick folds of reddish skin in the pink valley. I could now see that at the bottom of the valley was a hole where I had been sticking my tongue. At the top of the valley was a hood of white skin covering something. I leaned forward and explored the hood area with my tongue. Mom shrieked in what I now knew was a good way. She reached down and pulled up gently on my head. "Come here you." I crawled up between her spread legs and over her body. Mom pulled my face down and we kissed long and feverently. I was holding my body up a little because I didn't want to squish her. Then I felt her fumble her hand between our tummies. She found my penis and it was pointed right at her slit. Then she pulled down on it. I didn't want her to hurt me so I lowered my hips. She began to rub the head of my penis up and down her wet slit where I had been sucking earlier. It felt fantastic but it was a kind of tickling that was making the top of my head want to explode. Then Mom raised her hips and my cock slid into something very hot and soft. I realized that my thingy was now inside the hole in my mother. This must be sex. This was what adults kept joking about. I was fucking my mother! I thought it was fantastic. We should have been doing this years ago. Then mom lowered her hips and I almost came out. I was very disappointed. It was not nearly enough. Mom pulled my hips down and I entered heaven again. Then she pushed. Suddenly everything clicked. Instead of rubbing my thingy with my hand, I could rub it inside her. I began to pump slowly. We had been kissing and slobbering over each other, but now Mom's face broke free. She started gasping and whining in a good way. It was building and I knew she would soon start crying out. I began to speed up and pound my pelvis against hers. Mom's big tits were sloshing back and forth. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I didn't understand why people didn't do this twenty four times a day. Mom's hands on my hips and her sounds kept me from going too fast. It didn't matter; I could feel the strain below my balls that said I was going to squirt again. I wanted this to last forever. I tried to not feel quite so good. I looked down into my mom's beautiful glowing face, and even though she had a ridiculous expression, I almost spurted right then. I closed my eyes and thought of baseball. That helped. Then I thought about school and I knew I could last a lot longer. I didn't have to pound into my mother for too long. She started to cry out like she had done before, and her fingernails began to scratch deeply into my back. Despite the pain, her screams and her wiggling were forcing me to spurt. I felt the heat and tension below my balls and I thrust in hard one last time, and then I froze up. For some reason, Mom cried out and then her voice faded away as she froze up at almost the same time too. I lay on my mother, with my body frozen and her arms locked around me. After a short time I became aware that we were both covered in sweat. My cock was still hard and deep inside her, but it no longer ached and the burning feeling in my stomach was gone. I just felt satisfied and happy. I wanted to keep my cock buried in softness. I lifted one leg over hers and twisted my body to the side so my weight wasn't on her. Soon her breathing slowed and I knew that she was asleep. I must have slept also. Next thing I knew, I could feel my mother moving under me. It was dark outside. My cock still felt firm, and it was still embedded between her thighs. There was a light on in the room and I looked up into my mother's eyes. Her eyes got really big. She screamed. "What? What the hell are you doing? My God, what have you done?" She started to struggle violently to get out from under her. "Did you rape me? Why would you do that?" she shrieked. I was frozen and scared out of my mind. I knew I had taken advantage of my own mother when she was drunk, but I never thought I had raped her. Mom stood naked over me trying to cover herself with the blanket and glaring while yelling at me. "First my husband cheats on me, then you come home and, and, and..." Then something in her eyes changed. I think she was starting to remember. "Oh my God!" she gasped. "What did I do? What have I done? Oh my God baby, I am so sorry. I am so sorry I shouldn't have done that. I am horrible. I am a horrible mother." Mom collapsed onto the bed and began to cry freely. I didn't know if I was still in trouble. I wiggled over to the side of the bed to sit next to her. I still felt very responsible and guilty, but I couldn't stand to see my mother cry. I sat next to her and put my arm around her. She resisted and tried to pull away, then leaned heavily against me. The blanket fell away a little, exposing her nipples a little. I leaned my head against hers and starting whispering how much I loved her. She turned to look with miserable eyes at me. Her face was so close. I wanted to make her feel better. Her lips were moist. I wanted to kiss away her tears. Slowly, her face and mine came closer together. Our lips met........ Is this your favorite? Email: The rest of my stories are at: