Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Please provide feedback at Let me tell you a little about me before I begin my story. I grew up in a medium sized city in the northeast, in a middle class family. I was not molested as a child, and I am a perfectly normal person to those who know me. I went to a private middle-school, high-school, and attended a reputable university. That being said, I have a deep dark little secret: I love little girls feet. I can't get enough of them. When I was about 15 I got a job at a local mall, and summer was my favorite time of the year. I got to spend all day looking at the cute perfect little toes of the little girls who would walk past my door, or come into my store. I would imagine what it would be like to hold their feet, rub them, and maybe even touch them gently to my lips for just a moment. Their milky white soles would tantalize me every day. I would follow a little girl around the store, if she was wearing sandals, just to see her delectable little sole each time she picked her foot up, for that brief moment before her sandal slapped against her heel. I have known of my fetish since I was in the 7th grade. I would jerk off in the shower thinking about the girls I went to school with. I remember wanting desperately to get my tongue on their feet. To suck their toes, and lick their soles for all I was worth. It was about this time that I was asked to babysit for a neighbor of my mothers. You see, my parents were divorced, and I lived with my father. I saw my mother every weekend, and she had a neighbor who had the two cutest little girls I have seen to this day. Their family was from Canada, so the girls spoke fluent French and English. One of the girls, named Jessica, was 5, the other, named Kirsten, was 3. Jessica was a brunette, with eyes that lit up an entire room, and a smile that could melt your heart. Kirsten was every mans dream, a blonde, blue-eyed beauty who was the most innocent looking, cutest thing in the world. Naturally, I was ecstatic that I could spend an evening alone with these two absolutely adorable little girls. I promised myself that I wouldn't jerk off for a week before, just so I would be horny as hell for the night I would spend with them. Man, was that long week. But finally the night arrived. My mother was going out with her neighbor, so her and I walked across the street to their house. I was greeted at the door by the objects of my affection, both barefoot, and beaming with excitement to see me. I don't know why, but they were especially excited to see me. I have always feigned hating children, when really, I would spend every waking moment surrounded by little girls if I could. I just can't get enough of their angelic smiles, bright eyes, and soft sensuous skin. So after brief instructions, about the girls bed-time, (which I would ignore) and about where to reach the parents if I needed to (which I wouldn't) I was alone with Jessica and Kirsten. "So what do you guys wanna do?" I asked. "Can we go outside and play?" Jessica asked, with that smile of hers melting my heart. "Sure, lets get some shoes on you guys, and we'll go out." I replied. There are some men who like dirty, smelly feet. As for me, the innocence of little girls is scarred by even a spec of dirt. I like my little girls feet to be clean. I followed the adorable little things outside, and we swung on the swings for a little bit. We played tag, and soon it was getting dark. I could tell the girls were getting tired, especially Kirsten. "You tired honey?" I asked, rubbing her back. "Yeah.." "Wanna go watch a movie?" I asked, turning my gaze up towards Jessica, who still swung from the swing "Yeah!" they both screamed with a new energy. So I scooped up Kirsten, and carried her inside while Jessica held the door for us. "Can we have popcorn too?" Kirsten whispered while batting her eyelashes at me. "My god she's beautiful" I thought. I placed her down on the couch. "If you're good, yes, you can have popcorn" I whispered back, tickling the little princess. "Haahahhahahaa, stop, I'm gonna haahaahahha pee my pants, hahhaa" Of course her laughter was music to my ears, but I really didn't want to be urinated on, so I stopped. Just then Jessica came bounding into the room with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, in French. "Can we watch this?" Jessica beamed at me. "We can watch whatever you guys want to watch." I replied. "Why don't you put it in while I go make the popcorn, and get us something to drink?" With that I left the room, put the popcorn in, and poured three cups of iced tea for us. When I came back into the room, Kirsten was where I had left her, and Jessica sat on the opposite couch. "May I sit with you?" I ask Kirsten. She patted the seat next to her, and I sat, handing her the iced-tea I had poured for her. I reached over to hand Jessica hers as well. While the opening credits rolled I was trying to think of a way to get Kirsten's feet bare and in my lap. "It's warm out today isn't it?" I asked the little angel next to me. She nodded, not taking her eyes from the TV. "Are you hot?" I asked. She shrugged. "Well let me help you cool down" I said, slipping to my knees in front of her. I grabbed her feet, and pulled them back up to the couch, placing them in my lap. "You know most of the heat in your body leaves through your feet and your head." I said, hoping she would agree that she was warm enough to let me take her shoes off. "Really?" The little angel replied. "Yes" I replied, and since she had not resisted yet, I started unlacing her shoes. My mind was reeling, trying to think of the possibilities that lay before me. Things started flowing through my mind. Should I tell her that if I wet her feet with my tongue she will cool off even quicker? Will she tell her mother that I licked her feet? Will her sister say anything? After I unlaced each of her shoes, I started prying the left one off of her foot. She wore baby blue socks with little frills around the edges. The sock on her left foot clung slightly to her foot, and was a little damp to the touch from sweat. I removed her other shoe and noted the same thing. Next I went to work on her socks. Starting again with the left, I pulled the soft material down over her heel. I rested the tips of my fingers on her heel, and still holding the sock, ran them all the way down her foot, to the tips of her little toes, and removed the sock. I was in heaven. I just stroked her little sole and she was still too engrossed in the movie to notice that I did anything. I decided to go to work on her other foot. I grabbed the little frilly portion of the sock BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Holy shit, the microwave has never seemed so loud. I was lost in her little feet, and that awoke me. "Time to get the popcorn" I said, as I gently lifted her feet up, and unceremoniously removed her other sock before placing her now bare little peds down on the couch. I brought her sock with me to the kitchen. Once out of sight of the little 3 year old princess, I placed it to my nose and inhaled. This was why I loved little girls. They have no odor. All I could smell was the strawberry body lotion or whatever it was that she must have put on this morning. I inhaled again, deeper this time, still no scent at all. Even after having been outside, running around on a hot day, her feet did not smell, at all. I removed the popcorn, and divided into three bowls. As I returned to the room, the movie was just starting. I gave Jessica her bowl, gave Kirsten hers, and sat on the couch, again placing her feet in my lap. She made no move of even noticing that I did it. So there I sat, watching a movie that I didn't understand, with a 3 year olds feet in my lap, eating popcorn. I decided to touch her feet again. I gently placed my right hand on the tops of her feet, and with my left started to trace little circles around the soles of both feet. Again, she either didn't notice, or didn't care, because the little angel made no motion. So now I sat, watching a movie I didn't understand, rubbing the 3 year olds feet, and... oh yeah, the popcorn. I took a piece of popcorn and danced it across each of her ten toes. This, she noticed. And she giggled like crazy when I smiled at her and ate the piece of popcorn that had just been dancing on her toes. "That was on my feet!" She giggled. "I know, but I like your feet." I replied, looking down at them, then back up at her. She made a face, giggled again, then went back to her movie. "That went well" I thought. I decided to be cool for a little while. I just sat there stroking her little soles, and running my fingers between her toes. Next I decided to be a little bit more bold. I took another piece of popcorn, danced it across her toes again, and looked at her face. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and I could tell she was about to start giggling, she was just waiting for me to eat it. But I didn't, instead I stuffed it between her big toe, and her second toe of her left foot. This unexpected little bit of food on feet play sent her over the edge, giggling again. I decided it couldn't hurt, so I bent my head down, and ate the popcorn from between her toes, making sure to lick her foot at the same time. "Hey, that tickles!" she said between giggles. With that I started to tickle the little darling's feet, my fingers ran all over her dainty little soles, and between her tasty little toes. "HAHHAHHAAA" She laughed so hard that tears filled her eyes. She almost choked at one point, so I stopped. Her sister looked over at us, and wanted to join the fun it seemed. She came over and sat next to me, and tried to tickle me. "Hey, cut it out." I said while holding her hands above her head. "We're watching a movie, not tickling each other." As I said that, I held both of her 5 year old wrists in one hand, and tickled her armpits. She, like her sister, was very ticklish, and giggled for a few minutes, and I stopped when she was loosing her breath. I knew what I really wanted though, and that was to get Jessica's socks off and her feet in my lap, just as Kirsten's were. So I handed Jessica my bowl of popcorn, and reached down to grab her feet. "Aren't you hot too?" I asked, hoping this would give me a reason to get her socks off. "Yeah, a little" she replied. So I started in on my heat exiting through the feet speech again, and I placed her little feet in my lap. I slipped her socks off both of her little feet and by this point she had calmed down from her laughing fit, so we went back to watching the movie. I wasn't actually watching the movie, as I was in heaven with 4 feet in my lap. On my left sat a 5 year old, beautiful brunette. On my right was the cutest blonde blue-eyed 3 year old angel I have ever seen. I sat idly stroking both sets of feet for a few minutes, and then decided it was time for more popcorn. I grabbed two pieces from Kirsten's bowl, and with her eyes fixed on me, waiting to see what I would do this time, and placed a piece in between her toes of her left foot. I grabbed Jessica's right foot and did the same. Then I brought both feet to my mouth at the same time, and to a choir of giggles, stuffed 4 toes and 2 pieces of popcorn in my mouth. My god did their feet taste good. Just a little bit of saltiness on the skin, and just pure heaven after that. Jessica's socks still lay under her legs on my right side, and this gave me another idea. I grabbed a sock, and a handful of popcorn. I filled the little sock up with it. I got "ewww that's gross" kinda looks from the girls for this one, but I sat there happily munching popcorn out of a 5 year old girls sock for the next few minutes. Well as you know, popcorn leaves crumbs, so as I was finishing my sock-corn, I turned the sock inside out and stuffed it, toes first, into my mouth. This time the girls erupted in giggles, and I munched on little girl sock. Kirsten was the more bold of the two, even at her young age, so she made a move I didn't expect. She reached her foot into her bowl of popcorn, and squeezed her little toes together, gathering a few pieces of popcorn between them. Then she held her little foot up to me, which I gladly took in my hand, and licked the sole all the way up to the toes, and the grabbed the popcorn pieces on by one. Then I stuffed all of her little candy toes into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. My tongue was darting between her toes, trying to taste as much little girl foot as I could in the short time I had her foot in my mouth. And not to be outdone, Jessica did the same, placing as many pieces of popcorn between her delectable little toes as possible, before raising her sole to meet my face. I did the same with her foot that I had done with Kirsten's. For the remainder of the movie, I found a foot in my face every few minutes, and a little girl smiling up at me, practically begging me with her eyes to suck her toes. I gladly obliged each time, and then it hit me. "What if they say something to their parents? What if this comes up in conversation? Surely it isn't normal for a babysitter to suck little girls toes. What the hell was I gonna do now?" "Now you guys know this game is just between us, right?" I said, before munching more popcorn from Kirsten's little foot. "Yeah" they each replied. "You can't tell anyone about this, even Mommy and Daddy" I cautioned. "Why not?" Kirsten said as she looked up at me with that smile that could melt any man alive. "Because I love your feet too much to let anyone else get their mouth around your toes, my angel." I replied, which was actually true, I decided in the middle of saying it. "HAHAHA, ok, I won't tell anyone." Kirsten said. I turned to here sister and said, "What about you, angel number 2?" "Will you come back, and do it again?" She asked. Well that was a shocker, not only did they not fight me this time, but Jessica wanted me to suck her toes again. "Of course, I can't wait to suck your toes again." I said, and before I could finish I had her left foot in my face, waiting to be sucked. "I guess now is good" I said devouring the delectable ped in front of me. As I licked her sole and sucked her toes, I looked at the clock. 10:37. Shit. "Ok, girls, it's bed-time." My brain said, while my mouth and hands said NOO!! This resulted in groans and upset little girls, which is the last thing I want to see. "C'mon" I said, scooping up Kirsten with one arm, and holding Jessica's hand with the other. I led the little princesses up stairs, and sent them to their separate rooms to get changed. I heard Kirtsen call my name after a few minutes. I opened the door to find her already in bed. I walked over and kissed her on the forehead. "I'll come back as soon as I can to see you again." I said, and truly meant it. "Here," she said, holding her worn pair of socks out to me. "Take these, you can have them." She said. My god this little girl was amazing. I took the socks between my lips, and mumbled a thank you before leaving the room and heading into Jessica's room. She too was in bed. "Good night sweetie." I said, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead as well. "Good night." She said back. "When are you coming back?" She said, wiggling her feet beneath the covers. "As soon as I can cutie, as soon as I can." I said, and I left the room. I jerked off a million times before their parents came home, each time smelling and sucking on Kirsten's socks. I couldn't wait to come back again.