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1 900 PedoSex Ads and PSAs-Volume One.txt 24K10-Jun-2016 16:30
1 900 PedoSex Ads and PSAs-Volume Two.txt 21K07-Apr-2017 16:31
Dear Dr Pederos--Tormented Teacher.txt 706408-Dec-2016 18:14
Dear Dr Pederos-Ambivalent.....txt 352211-Oct-2014 18:46
Dear Dr Pederos-Fuddy Duddy Mom.txt 625011-Oct-2014 18:33
Dear Dr Pederos-MADPC.txt 823425-Sep-2015 18:20
Dear Dr Pederos-Pathetic Pedophile.txt 826523-Nov-2015 23:32
Dear Dr Pederos-Pedo Party Planner.txt 324214-Oct-2014 20:43
Dear Dr Pederos-Saying No To Sister Sex.txt 455717-Oct-2014 22:27
Dear Dr Pederos-Saying YES to Sister Sex.txt 544126-Oct-2014 00:13
Dr Pederos-Teaching Pedosexuality.txt 990706-Mar-2016 00:53
Happy Motherfucker's Day.txt 827617-May-2016 15:22
Little Honey in Blue Sundress.txt 520022-Mar-2016 23:40
Little Letters Volume 1.txt 19K19-Mar-2016 16:40
Little Letters Volume 2.txt 16K30-Mar-2016 16:10
Little Letters Volume 3.txt 15K17-May-2016 15:20
NAYKID Interview Part 1.txt 12K31-Mar-2016 21:37
NAYKID Interview Part 2.txt 13K31-Mar-2016 22:08
The Joy of Pedophilia-Introduction for Adults.txt 14K17-May-2016 15:20
The Joy of Pedophilia-Introduction for Children.txt 709017-May-2016 15:20
Troy and The Derrenfields Ch 01.txt 17K07-Apr-2017 05:06
rules4ped.txt 12K02-Sep-2015 22:11