Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Satyr's Woods By Paenatwork Codes : Mg MF Rape Part I Chapter I : WHEREIN A MOTHER BETRAYS HER DAUGHTERS Lydia had been quiet the entire drive from their house to the campsite, her eyes focused intently on the road. Behind her, her daughters, Laura and Lucy, chattered away excitedly about the activities they were planning for their camping trip. Lydia could hardly bear to look at her twin daughters now, so young, so innocent. Both had just started to notice boys, still in that phase where they were excitedly talking of stolen kisses and childish fantasies. By their age, when she was still 15 years old, Lydia was, quite frankly, a slut. She had bypassed the age of half-innocence altogether - all the flirting, kissing, and dating that normal girls went through. She had gone straight to fucking what would be the start of an endless parade of men in her life - most of them, like the father of her daughters, complete strangers. She thought back of what she was doing at their age - she was wrapping her lips around some boy's erection in the men's toilet after school, leaning forward to take the entire cock in her mouth, and jerking her head back and forth. She was already topless while she serviced the boy as he sat on the toilet bowl, her medium-sized, but still growing, tits jiggling rhythmically as her head bobbed back and forth. His breath was getting heavier, and it wasn't long before he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of warm semen in her mouth - she had hated the taste when she first started, but had soon gotten used to the salty liquid as she had sucked over a hundred cocks. She had already slept with just about every boy in her school, and over a dozen men, most of them complete strangers who couldn't say no to underage pussy. Suddenly, the door opened, and three men came in, all of them teachers at the school. Lydia panicked - not because that they might find out she was the slutty whore, since that was an open secret in the school, but because the barely-concealed lust on their faces made their intentions towards the petite, topless girl so obvious. The boy simply pulled up his pants, nodded towards the teachers and left the bathroom - the little slut was like the town bicycle, and it was their turn for a ride. Lydia knew better than to scream - the men were here for sex, and trying to fight or scream would only make them violent. Besides, the school was mostly deserted by this time. She had never done group sex before, but, then again, she had done a lot of things that most girls hadn't. She removed her skirt and panties, tossing them into the corner of the cubicle that contained her blouse and bra, and stood completely exposed in front of the men. The sight of the little slut - her long, blonde hair tied in a ponytail, her budding tits and the wisps of golden pubic hair above her tiny slit drove those three perverts into a sexual frenzy. Before long, they had their cocks out, already hard with the thought of fucking such delicious jailbait. She spent the next hour servicing those men, bending over with her legs spread wide apart. She leaned forward to suck one cock - though it was more of them thrusting their erection down her gullet - while another rammed her from behind in her pussy - and ass. She had never done anal before, since she had heard that it was painful. So, when she felt the cock probing the entrance to her tight asshole, she struggled - but her fucker simply held her hips in place while he thrust deep into her bowels. She would have screamed then - if her throat wasn't stuffed with another cock. But she soon learned to relax, and soon the feeling of a cock in her rectum was pleasurable, although still somewhat uncomfortable. They took turns, each man fucking her in each of her holes several times before they left. They had dumped their loads mostly in her ass and down her throat, though one of them had came straight into her face. She smelled of stale piss and dried sperm, and she was planning on getting her clothes and washing up when one of the men reached over and twisted her nipples roughly. 'Great fuck, Liddy. We'll see you here again next week, and you better be here, you stupid whore.' The next week,and every week after that until she left school, they would find her there, naked and waiting in the bathroom, ready for another fucking. Since then, she had slept with countless more men, and was now in her early thirties. The years had been distinctly kind to her - she kept her figure well, with her face being at least still pretty, if not somewhat beautiful. Her ample breasts had yet to sag, and she flaunted them shamelessly in attracting men. She kept her string of lovers seperate from her family life, however - she hated herself for being such a slut, though she couldn't help herself, she wanted to keep her daughters away from the shame and humiliation of being another cum dumpster. Even now, though she loved her daughters, she couldn't resist the primal urges that overwhelmed her, the overriding force that was going to make her inflict some of her worst fears onto her own lovely daughters. At the same time, her pussy tingled with anticipation. It had been so very long since that night, and she hated herself all the while when her arousal washed over her as she thought of her Master. It was a long drive before they reached the woods, and a short trek before they reached their campsite. It was a small clearing, near a small lake, and completely cut off from any form of civilization. Lydia had told the twins that she had decided on this spot because it 'looked pretty' - and indeed it was, though she had selected this spot for a much more specific, and a much darker, reason. They were fairly efficient in setting up camp, getting the tent up and a campfire going before long. Lydia forced her best smile when facing her children, telling them completely fabricated stories of her childhood and their father. She saw their innocent little faces, both believing the lies so completely. To them, their father was a man who loved them very much, but was killed in a terrible accident, rather than a nameless pervert who bent their mother over a garbage can in an alley when she was sixteen and screwed her without a condom. To them, their mother was late out almost every night because she had to work hard to support the family, not because she was in sleazy motels screwing half-drunk guys that she had picked up that night. That life, that normal, innocent imagining of the world was the true fairytale - in Lydia's world, monsters were very real, and hardly innocent. That night, Laura awoke to find her mother missing from the tent. Peeking out, she looked around for her mother, calling her name softly, then realizing that their mother was nowhere nearby. Lucy was still asleep, curled up in her sleeping bag, when Laura shook her awake. 'Lucy, mom's gone!' The panic was creeping into her voice, even as she continued shaking her sister. 'She might be doing her business in a bush somewhere. Let me sleep!' 'No, she's nowhere nearby! We got to find her!'Laura's insistence began to worry Lucy as well. Getting dressed, and both holding flashlights, they set off to look for their mother. The soft ground left tracks that were easy to follow, even for two teenage girls in the middle of the night. Ten minutes of following their mother's footsteps later, the girls heard a noise coming from up ahead. Lucy rushed forward, wanting to go straight to their mother, but Laura, her curiosity overwhelming her worry, forced her to sneak up quietly and see what was going on. To their surprise, they saw their mother completely naked, her clothes is a crumpled heap nearby, as she squatted over what seemed to be a moss-covered log. On a closer look, the log was really a wooden statue, its crude features weathered by age and covered by moss, but its main, distinctive feature - a long, wooden erection protruding from the idol, was clearly visible. The girls were shocked, seeing their mother's self-debasement on the wooden phallus. 'Won't she get splinters?' Laura said, but Lucy simply gaped in amazement as their mother began working herself harder and harder up and down the moss-covered shaft, positively bouncing as she made love to the crude idol. For the next twenty minutes, the girls watched as their mother fucked herself on the wooden penis, moaning like a whore. They were fascinated by their mother's actions - half-wanting to go up to her and see if she was alright, and half-wanting to see what happenned next. The night sky was clear, and the light of the full moon illuminated the clearing where Lydia, beautiful and with her pale skin glowing in the moonlight, pumped herself harder and faster on her wooden lover. To the girls, the sight was surreal, and more than once Laura thought it might simply be all a dream. Against the backdrop of the darkened woods, the pale, naked skin of their mother highlighted by the moon, the girls watched frozen and silent at the impossibly erotic sight happening before their eyes. In the darkness of the forest behind them, something moved. Both girls spun around in terror, eyes scanning the shadows for movement. Something, someone was out there, and they were scared. They couldn't see it, but its movements were plainly audible - the quick rustle of leaves, meant it was moving fast, and moving towards them. Terror- pure, unreasoning fear,rooted both girls to the stop and choked their screams in their throats, even as their mother quivered in orgasm behind them, her dripping pussy juices slowly soaking the idol. Their mother had summoned something, and impossible creature of dark magic, and darker desires. Her Master. Suddenly, it was upon them, a sudden blur of movement, and a rough grabbing on each of their arms, dragging them forward into the clearing, towards their mother. Both Laura and Lucy panicked, finally shrieking in fear and flailing wildly at the thing that had grabbed them, before being deposited near their naked mother. Lydia's head spun round, her body still impaled on the wooden erection. The whole area smelled overpoweringly of her pussy juice. She had been fucking herself for nearly an hour, with her exposed skin drenched in sweat and the whole place smelling of cunt, she saw her two daughters gaping at her with the wooden phallus fully stuffing her pussy. She flushed with shame, her face undeniably blushing, as her slutty nature was fully revealed to her daughters in the most graphic way - but her heart skipped a beat, in fear as well as anticipation, as she saw her Master standing with them. Laura tore her eyes off her mother to regard the creature that had dragged them there. The creature had shaggy, black-haired goat legs, complete with cloven hooves, that supported the upper torso of dark-brown skinned humanoid, its gnarled muscles taut beneath its weatherbeaten skin. It's face, however, was completely unnatural, resembling a goat's head in shape, and length, but completely hairless, and crowned with a twisted pair of horns. Its eyes glowed, two red orbs that seemed to radiate malice. Needless to say, both Laura and her sister were completely petrified with fear at the abberation that stood before them, a half-human beast that seemed to come straight out of nightmares. Lydia began to rise from her squatting position, burning with embarassment at having to face her daughters in such an extremely compromising and exposed manner. She had half-extracted herself from the idol's eternally-erect cock before the monster took two quick steps forward, gripped her shoulders, and forced her down again. Lydia grunted as her cunt was once again filled. 'M..M..Master?' She mutters, choking back tears of pain and embarassment. 'Dear Lydia, you are a slut in every possible sense of the word. Why bother with any semblence of decency now, especially when it will mean so little in a short while? I am sure you are more filled with hard cock than without, so you will sit there while I explain the situation to your lovely daughters.' The beast spoke in a deep, rumbling voice. To Laura, it was as if every word he spoke was a threat. 'I am Paen, and this,' He said, motioning to the woods around them,'are my lands. I own your mother, body and soul, and you, in turn, belong to me. You are both here because it is your destiny, and you will find your purpose in life nowhere else. You will obey my every word, or you will SUFFER.'His last word was emphasised to the point of a low roar. 'W...w...what are you?'Lucy stammered, her confusion and fear plainly seen in her eyes. Lydia attempted to rise again, wanting nothing more than to rush over and try to comfort her terrified kids, but was instead forced back down onto the phallus. She winced, the force of the push causing the phallus to batter her already-sore pussy. 'I am a Satyr, but you will call me Master. For the rest of your life, my wish will be your command, and this will be your god.' Grabbing her shoulders, he forced Lydia around until she was facing her kids, while still fully stuffed. With that, Laura and Lucy watched as a bulge formed from within the fur covering his crotch, and his penis telescoping out from its sheath to its full length. It was easily twelve inches long, thick and curved, with shaggy fur covering its shaft. 'Behold your god!' He shouted, giving a deep chuckle afterwards. Laura had recovered from her shock enough to know that she wanted to run. She grabbed her sister's hand, half-dragging her to stand, and was just about to run. Anywhere was better than facing the demon for even one more second. Lucy hesitated - pointing towards their mother, still squatting besides the awful goat-demon. 'Mom. What about mom?' Lucy whispered, her voice wavering in fear. 'Yes. What about your mother, your dear, dear harlot of a mother? Will you leave her alone with me?' He chuckled again, an evil, joyless laugh, even as Laura and Lucy stood, frozen in indecision. 'Lydia, what are their names? They are adorable.' 'Their names are Laura and Lucy, Master.' 'Tell them what is going to happen to them, slave. They deserve to hear it from their slut mother.' Lydia could barely believe her situation now - she was completely nude with a wooden dick buried in her pussy, a goat-monster's huge erection a few inches away from her face, and about to explain to her daughters that she had been a filthy whore her whole life, and that they were now slaves to Paen. 'Laura, Lucy, I want you to know that I love you very much, but you have to do as he says. Master Paen was my first lover, when I came to these woods when I was your age. When he took my virginity, he made me his slave forever. When a satyr does that to a woman, she's his forever. I ran away, and i've been with so many men, but I can't get rid of the urges. I... I have to DO things, like i've had to have sex with any man who wanted my body, and I have to bring my daughters to him when they turn sixteen.' Lucy was crying, and Laura was quietly repeating '' over and over again. Lydia struggled to hold back tears of her own. 'P...Please master, be gentle with them, they're such young girls. They'll do everything you say, just don't hurt them...' Lydia blubbered. Laura started to run, taking her sister's hand and half-dragging her away. With an impossibly fast movement, Paen was in front of them, and with a quick flick of a thick, muscled hand, sent them sprawling on the ground. He dragged them a short distance, facing the two dazed girls towards their mother. 'Hold there.' He said, and Laura felt her muscles lock up, paralyzing her completely. Both girls were still dressed in jackets, jeans, and T-shirts, but not for long. Long, sharp, claw-like fingernails ended each of Paen's digits, and he began half-undressing, half-ripping the clothes off the paralyzed girls. The girls were soon naked, clothed in little more than the rags of their old clothing. Lydia watched, and cried, even as she squatted on the wooden prick, knowing that there was nothing she could do for them. Laura couldn't turn her head, but she could still see her mother. She stared pleadingly at her, hoping her mother could do something, anything. But her mother simply cried, the perfect image of an obedient fuckslave. Laura saw Paen approach her sister, and watched him bury his hideous goat-face into her long, brunette hair. 'Mmmm. She smells good, this one. I think I like her already.' Lucy couldn't move, though she willed her muscles to with all her strength. She could feel the disgusting, hairy creature's hands undressing her, his claws ripping her T-shirt to shreds, ripping off her bra, exposing her small, developing tits. Paen grabbed her tits roughly, squeezing them. More than anything, he could feel her rising disgust, anger and panic, the faint trembles of her immobilized muscles beneath her creamy skin, and the shame that flushed her innocent, lightly-freckled face as those emotions mixed with irresistable arousal as she was roughly molested by the Satyr. She was a small, petite girl, a face that positively radiated innocence, reminding the satyr of her mother when he first met her. He had enjoyed her tight cunt wrapped around his cock back then, spending hours playing with her pussy after nearly a century of forced abstinence. But more than that, he had enjoyed taking that innocence from her, turning a shy virgin into one of the sluttiest whores the world had ever seen. He had released her just for that purpose. He knew she'd be back one day - and now Lydia and her daughters were his, forever. As he did with her mother those years back, he bent her legs towards her chest, and mounted the little virgin's spread thighs. Paen thrust into her with one unstoppable movement, burying his erection into her young cunt lips and taking her virginity with a single stroke. She was TIGHT! He thought, her pussy gripping his enormous phallus like a vice. He was fucking her wildly, his thrusts savage and abandoned, a far cry from the gentle lovemaking that Lucy had imagined would be her first time. He was fully a beast now, humping her furiously and mauling her tits with his hands in an attempt to squeeze every last drop of pleasure that he could out of her. She and her sister would take their places at his side, replacing the loose whore that their mother had become, and he would never, never have to face another day, another hour, faced with the cruel deprivation that was abstinence. Unconsciously, Lydia had craned forward to watch as her master's cock pistoned in and out of her daughter. Lydia felt a twinge of jealousy towards her daughter - not that of a wife towards a mistress, but that of a favorite who no longer was. She had come her desiring her master's cock in her, so badly, but as she watched her master's untamed lust towards her daughter, she wondered if she was going to never be fully satisfied, as she was all these years, forever craving her master's touch. Even now, she began to resume her thrusting on the wooden member, rapidly pumping in and out of her sex as she matched the rhythm of her Master's thrusts. Another wave of orgasm surged through her body. All the while, Laura just watched, tears streaming down her face. By Paen's standards, it didn't last long, the brutal rape lasting only a mere hour. He felt his hot seed gushing into her womb, sealing his control over her. He would have plenty of time, decades upon decades, centuries upon centuries, to enjoy every part of her body. He owned her completely now - she would never be able to close her legs to him. She might even grow to like it one day. Right now, the satyr turned his attention towards Laura, leaving Lucy lying there, warm sperm still oozing out of her recently-deflowered cunt. Laura's eyes were tightly closed, and a faint whimper emerged from her as her clothes were shredded in a similar fashion. She was taller than her sister, with her face and hair more closely resembling her mother. To most boys, she was certainly the prettier of the two twins - the fact that her breasts were a good degree larger than her sister's playing their role in the evaluation. Paen was sure, at first glace, that this one would be more enjoyable than her sister, but something was wrong. She smelled wrong - the scent that Paen was sure was coming out of her whore mother, the heavy scent of a used slut, unmistakable for the light, fresh scent of a virgin, was coming from her. Furiously, Paen probed her pussy with one hand, fingers exploring her slit for her maidenhead. It was broken. 'SLUT!' The Satyr's fury and anger was expressed in that deafening roar, and Lydia cringed. He had been denied one of the greatest pleasures in life - the act of deflowering another virgin brough unbelieveable joy to Satyrs, and Paen in particular took disappointment poorly. Lydia had not been alone when she first met Paen - there were several other girls - but she had been the only virgin. Consequently, she had been the only one who remained alive after that week of cruel debauchery. 'Master...please...I didn't know...mercy...' Lydia stammered. Lydia remembered Amber, the first girl of the group raped by the Satyr, choking to death on his engorged member after he found that she was not a virgin. She had been one of the lucky ones - the others had suffered much worse at the hands of a Satyr faced with such enormous disappointment - seven girls, and only one of them a virgin! If he had started with Laura, he would probably have killed her there and then, crushing the life out of her as he fist-fucked her with clawed hands. Even now, he could vaguely make out her thoughts - trying to accomodate herself for the impending rape by imagining her first time with her secret boyfriend, her pleasure as he ran his filthy hands all over her body and penetrated her with his laughably small human penis... But he would not kill her. She was still pretty, and relatively unused, and there was still much pleasure to be had from her body. But she was a fucktoy, and unable to be used for anything more than that in his plans. Still, her sister would suit his purposes adequately. However, this slut had denied him, and a lesson needed to be taught. 'You will not like this, slut, and no stupid daydream of your childish lover will save you. Let's see if you can take this like a real woman.'Paen said as he flipped her over, facing her tits-down into the dirt. He had fucked thousands of women over his millenia of existence, and he knew that a woman's insides was a delicate, sensitive thing. With his member, he knew exactly how to make a woman experience every imaginable sexual pleasure - or such pain that she would never forget. As he probed the tip of his penis into Laura's tight, rosy butthole, he had no intention of being gentle. Laura found that her mouth could move again. 'Momma, help, please!'Were all she could whimper before her rectum was reamed out with incredible force and unbearable speed, and the screaming began. Most girls who experiment with anal sex are careful to do so with plenty of lubrication, since the rectum doesn't provide any of its own, and with partners who are careful not to go too hard, or too fast, since any tears in the girl's colon could cause severe, painful infections. Even Lydia's first time, when she lost her anal virginity all those years ago in the men's bathroom, she had given all her fuckers blowjobs beforehand, her saliva easing the way in for their erections to penetrate her asshole. Even then, nothing, in terms of their size or their speed, compared to the way Paen brutalized her daughter's asshole. Laura wailed in agony, as what felt like a red-hot poker thrust into her bowels. Paen wielded his hairy phallus like a weapon, stabbing and stretching her virgin asshole. Her anal muscles clenched against his penis like a vice, desperately trying to evict his intrusion like it was an enourmous turd, but to no avail. Hot tears flowed down her cheeks as her insides were violated in a way she never imagined, by a monster ramming his shag-haired member into her asshole! Despite this, she was slowly growing aroused by the penetration, and her screams slowly died into a constant low groan that wasn't entirely because of the pain. To Laura, felt like what must have been a year before the monster finally climaxed, depositing gushing torrents of his seed into her bowels. She felt bloated, and very, very sore, but more than that, she felt the stinging shame of having been violated - that she had been used in a way that only filthy whores would submit to, and that no man could ever love her again. Paen withdrew his cock from Laura's asshole, her distended sphincter leaking blood and sperm from her violated orifice. Laura had collapsed into a sobbing heap on the floor, curled up in shame and agony. Her mother remained transfixed on the wooden idol, her vaginal secretions thoroughly coating its shaft and pooling below. She had sat there for nearly three hours, and watching both her daughters get raped had made her terribly aroused. As Paen approached her, his cock streaked with blood, shit, and sperm, she knew that he wanted her to clean it with her tongue, and waited for the master's cock with an open mouth, like a perfect little whore. The smell was overpowering, and the taste was worse, the bitter flavor of her daughter's rectum still heavy on his cock. Still, Lydia had been a whore for many years, and some men had made her put worse things in her mouth - one of them had wanted to fuck her when she was menstruating, taking out her bloody tampon and making her suck it clean in her mouth. She almost gagged, but obediently took her Master's shaft down her throat, her pussy dripping again as she wrapped her lips around the one thing she desired, the one object in life that owned her being - her Master's cock. She felt her master's cock stiffen in her mouth, and soon he had begun vigorously face-fucking her, her throat visibly bulging to accomodate his erection. It was half an hour of fucking before she felt him come, his seed surging up his shaft straight down her throat, she sheer volume of his ejaculation filling her mouth and dribbling out of her lips. 'You've been practicing hard, haven't you whore?' Lydia nodded excitedly, deliriously happy at the compliment from her Master. 'Bring these two sluts back, and get them cleaned up. I have things to prepare for you whores tomorrow. Try to have them moistened and ready for my arrival, it might make the night go easier.' He bent over and licked Lydia in the face, a long, grey tongue emerging from his goat-skull, lipless face. It was the most affectionate thing he had done for Lydia since, and her eyes shone with the mindless excitement of a pet receiving a treat. 'Yes Master! Thank you Master!' In a blur of motion, the Satyr faded back into the darkness of the woods. With a loud plop, Lydia extracted her terribly sore pussy from the wooden cock that was stretching her. Her two daughters were both whimpering on the grass, still recovering from their brutal rapes. Lydia drew them to her, and hugged them tenderly. 'Don't worry girls, it's not so bad. You both did very good, and i'm sure Master Paen has good things planned for us tomorrow.' She said, in the most soothing voice she could muster. Her jaws ached from the strenous blowjob she had given before, and the fact that she knew she was lying only made things worse. The three of them, lay crying and hugging on the grass for a while, their nakedness still illuminated by the light of the full moon. Lydia would soon lead them back to camp, and hopefully sleep would help salve their rape-damaged minds and bodies for a while. Tomorrow night was going to be a long one.