Author: Oliver Newton

Title: Villa Aphrodite, Chapter 1

Summary: Marcus applies for a teaching post at an unusual school

Keywords: M, g12, g11, g8, b12, b9, nudity, ejaculation


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is a product of a
fertile imagination. Under no circumstances does the author
recommend or even suggest that a reader should attempt any
similar behaviour or actions. Do not try this at home!


The smart white Mercedes minibus with smoked windows and the
wording "Villa Aphrodite" painted on the sides parked next to the
island bus on the concrete apron of the ferry port. The driver, a
tallish well built man wearing a straw hat, white cotton shirt,
crisp linen chinos and elegant loafers, walked unhurriedly over
to the café where he joined a policeman and the bus driver at a
table under the awning and they passed the time of day while the
ferry hove into sight around the point and began its manoeuvring
to bring its stern up against the dock. To the three men it was a
typical scene enacted every day, but to Marcus Parsons leaning
over the stern rail it looked chaotic with much shouting,
throwing of lines, thunder of engines and clanging of the stern
ramp as it dropped onto the concrete dock.

Marcus looked at the brown scrubby hills rising up behind the
port and thought it looked rather different from the pictures in
the brochure that featured white houses clinging to the skirts of
an ancient castle, a curve of beach between cliffs and a
sparkling azure sea and a grand villa surrounded by palm trees
and Mediterranean pines. The idea of teaching at a school for
international nudists on a Greek island had been enticing even if
his natural scepticism had made him doubt that such a school
existed or that he would be accepted if it did.

He had seen a banner on a nudist site with the picture of the
villa advertising 'Villa Aphrodite: a unique residential
education for the children of international naturists'. He had
clicked through to a well-presented website that featured images
of a classroom with a view of the sea, a swimming pool surrounded
by palms and pines, a grand room with french windows opening onto
a balcony with a sea view that was clearly a girls dormitory, to
judge by the beds with bright covers and the profusion of soft
toys. Scattered through the text that were other images, of a
beach below a cliff, a library and a big 'common room' with
sofas, while the words described an education blending academic
study with personal development conducted in an open environment
designed to reinforce all the values of naturist freedom.

The ferry's tannoy burst into life squawking instructions in
Greek that Marcus didn't understand but interpreted as
instructions to disembark. Hefting his bag he joined the people
heading towards the ramp wondering if anyone else was going to
the Villa and looking for the minibus he had been told to expect.
As he crossed the concrete he realised another man and a woman
were heading the same way. The man was quite striking, very
fit-looking, probably early to mid thirties and with the tanned
self-assurance of an athlete or model. The woman was perhaps a
little younger, maybe late twenties, with the lithe,
olive-skinned grace of a girl who had grown up in the
Mediterranean sun. Marcus was almost tempted to turn around and
flee as he felt pale and insignificant by comparison but the man
in the straw hat forestalled his flight by coming across to greet
the three with a smile and an outstretched hand.

"Welcome to Kythira, Marcus and Leo," the man said, sweeping off
his hat in a theatrical gesture, "I'm Michael, and welcome back

Lydia gave the man a hug and a kiss and opened the door of the
minibus and climbed in. Leo and I helped Michael load the bags
and then we were off.

"What do you teach?" Leo asked after a minute or two.

"Science," Marcus replied, "you?"

"Languages," he said, "Spanish, Italian, Latin and Greek. I am

'Of course you are!' Marcus thought enviously. "What do you teach

She turned in her seat and smiled, regarding him with interest,
"French, History and Geography."

"Lydia has just come back from Paris where she was defending her
thesis." Announced Michael without taking his eyes off the
twisting narrow road. "She will have her Doctorate soon."

Marcus looked out of the window at the small village they were
passing, a huddle of white houses around a church amidst a tumble
of rocky terraced hills that seemed to be intensively cultivated;
vineyards, perhaps, he thought and let his mind drift back to the
series of events that had brought him there.

His first interview had been in London, in a hotel near
Paddington. It was a budget class hotel, decent but showing its
age. He had known that he would have to be naked for his
interview and didn't mind when Michael had requested permission
to video it. Other than being naked in a down-at-heel hotel
bedroom with a middle-aged man and a video camera, it was like
any other interview. He was asked why he wanted to teach; what
had attracted him to Villa Aphrodite; how long had he been a
nudist; why was he a nudist; had he ever had sex in public; did
he like to look at photos of under-age girls; what would he
especially want his students to learn in his classes; how would
he structure them; what sort of assignments would he set and how
would he assess them. The interview lasted over three hours and
left Marcus drained while the final request, 'would he please
masturbate for the camera' stung him to reply "look, I have tried
to answer every question honestly but there is no way I can get
it up just for your camera."

At that point Michael had grinned broadly, stood up and shaken
Marcus's hand. "Don't worry, I just wanted to see how you would
respond. Thank you for coming and I shall let you know in a day
or two."

When Michael phoned later that night Marcus almost didn't listen,
he was so certain that the whole thing had been some sort of
elaborate hoax or candid camera stunt. So when Michael said he
was inviting Marcus to a second interview Marcus said 'thank you'
and was about to put the phone down before the penny dropped.

The second interview was held almost three weeks later at a
nudist club near London. Marcus had been told to come prepared to
teach three mini-lessons on Biology, Physics and Chemistry and
that one should be a classroom lesson, one an experiential
project and one a tutorial or discussion. He would be required to
be naked throughout and to have removed all his body hair.

On arrival he undressed and found Helen, a tall silver haired
woman who introduced herself as the Directrice of Villa
Aphrodite. Her assistant was one of her teachers, Damian, a young
man not much older than Marcus who was as beautiful and hairless
as a marble statue and endowed with a long foreskinned penis that
would have been the envy of any Greek in antiquity. The 'class'
Marcus was to teach comprised five children, Kate, Zoe, Abi, Phil
and Martin, ranging in age from about seven to twelve.

Marcus's classroom lesson concerned the states of matter and he
used a transparent plastic box and a lot of marbles, representing
molecules, to demonstrate that the relative number of molecules
in a given volume helped explain states - very few and they
rattled around the box easily and represented a gas; filling the
container half full allowed the molecules to move, but in a more
restricted way as in liquids, while filling the box meant the
molecules couldn't move and that was what made a solid. That part
went well, he thought, and the children paid attention and
answered his questions as he would have expected. What he hadn't
foreseen was that Phil would sit opposite him slowly
masturbating, the glans popping in and out of the prepuce. Nor
that he could hardly drag his eyes away from Kate's puffy nipples
while little Abi sat with her thighs wide apart parting her labia
and stroking her clitoris. Despite every effort to remain calm
Marcus was fully erect by the halfway point and copiously
dribbling precum by the end.

The next lesson was about ballistics and for that they went
outside, Marcus's erection subsiding even though his
embarrassment remained monumental. For this he had a rubber band
made out of a bicycle inner tube cut in half and a tennis ball.
Phil and Kate stood a set distance apart and each held one end of
the rubber band. Abi placed the tennis ball in the plastic bowl
that Marcus had riveted to the rubber-band at its mid point and
pulled back a certain distance and at a set height above the
ground and let go, while Martin and Zoe recorded the distance to
the point of impact. Marcus had had to assist Abi in getting the
projection velocity and angle right and that involved delicious
proximity to her sweet soft body and kept him hard and dribbling.
Apart from losing two tennis balls this was most successful and
the kids refrained from too much obvious masturbation and agreed
that the force of projection was equal while the only variable
was the angle of projection so finally concluding that some force
must be acting on the tennis ball to account for the variation in
range. Phil, who was absent-mindedly masturbating again,
surprised Marcus by proposing that this force must be gravity.

As Marcus prepared to brief the children on their final task he
was finding it difficult to control himself. It was as if the
five kids were willing him in some strange Tantric way to
ejaculate spontaneously. Convinced that his all-too visible
arousal had already cost him the interview he discarded his
original idea for a discussion about the propagation of seeds
consider and proposed to explore how they responded to two of
their five senses. How did they feel if they were being looked
at? If Kate knelt down and stared at Phil's penis and Abi and Zoe
sat on chairs with their legs wide apart and Martin knelt down
and stared at their secret places, how did they feel being seen
and seeing? Then touch those places, what does it feel like to
touch and be touched? Just seeing the children doing as he
instructed kept Marcus at a high pitch of excitement. In the
discussion they were remarkably candid about how they felt and so
he was able to get them to discuss how all the senses acting
together influenced the way we feel and therefore behave.

Marcus thought he had concluded the discussion when Kate asked
innocently "if we touched your penis, would you cum?"

The question alone brought Marcus alarmingly close to a
spontaneous ejaculation the like of which he hadn't had since he
was twelve. "Yes, it would but I don't think it would be a good

"Why not, don't you want to cum?" Abi asked with a disarming
innocence that actually brought him closer to his threshold.

As if coordinated, Kate and Zoe stepped forward and took gentle
hold of Marcus's rigid penis by then liberally running with
slippery precum that glistened on the glans and down the shaft
and hung in a silvery skein from his balls. Before he could
properly comprehend the glory of their touch he felt the express
train roaring deep, deep in his loins and so he just relaxed and
let his orgasm explode splattering Kate across her chest and
dripping from her puffy nipple. He sank to his knees gasping, his
heart pounding feeling drained and exhausted. Kate stood watching
him, the semen running down her chest and belly and thigh. She
grinned, giggled and turned away towards the toilets.

Marcus was not expecting to be offered a post at the Villa
Aphrodite after that monumental cock-up but it had been fun! So
he slowly picked himself up and looked around shakily for
something to clean up the gobs of his semen spattered over the

"That was quite an amazing performance!" commented Helen quietly.

Marcus had been unaware of her in the excitement of his lessons
and now felt the cold douche of guilt. "I'm sorry-" he began.

"Don't apologise!" Helen laughed, "that is exactly what I am
looking for at Villa Aphrodite. Well done!"

As the minibus negotiated the winding mountain road, Marcus
dragged his thoughts back to the present. He had been told that
the school had thirty six students: the Junior department had
fourteen students aged between eight and twelve while the senior
school had seventeen aged thirteen to sixteen and a further five
aged seventeen and eighteen. Nine students were male and the rest
female while the eight staff were evenly balanced. There was a
domestic staff of seven comprising a cook,
groundsman-cum-handyman plus five girls from Romania or Ukraine
who cleaned and waited and took some lessons too.

The conditions of his employment as a teacher at the Villa
Aphrodite were that Marcus, like all males, should keep himself
completely hairfree (except for his head) and be naked at all
times, with the only exceptions being when he was off the
property of the Villa Aphrodite or in the event of extremely
inclement weather. Male students were bound by the same rules as
staff while females wore a peplos for lessons, meals and formal
occasions, the garmet differing only in length and decoration
according to age and seniority.

As the minibus turned off the road between white stone pillars
and bumped along driveway lined with cypresses, Marcus felt a
worrisome anxiety swirl miasma-like around him. What on earth had
he let himself in for?


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