Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Ronk Title: Mother's Milk vs. Pussy Willow. Part: Prologue Summary: A thirteen year old aspiring super heroine battles evil in her city. Keywords: Ff, Seduction, Virgin, Reluctance, Lactation, Domination, Humiliation, Pain, Femdom. This is a work of fiction. It should not be taken as a guide for your real life activities and I take no responsibility for your actions. Written by Ronk. All rights protected under the Berne Convention, all similarity to persons living or dead is solely coincidental and unintentional. PROLOGUE Mother's Milk vs. Pussy Willow. By Ronk. Central City. . . Dark, sinister, lonely. The streets run rampant with crime and moral decay. Central City where young girls are seduced . Where the innocent walk the streets during the day rushing to complete their errands before night fall. Before the dregs of humanity begin to slither out from their vile hiding places. But all is not lost. . . Central City has a new champion. . . A virgin princess who has vowed to protect the helpless and the innocent. Known only as the pink princess of justice, Pussy Willow, fights against evil in her tight pink latex cat suit. Her pink frosted lips, fit young body, and cat like reflexes eager to venture in harms way to vanquish the forces of darkness. But beware our little princess, for there are eyes that lust after you with schemes of seduction and humiliation. A mature mistress known only as Mother's Milk waits with perverted anticipation in the shadows. She thirsts for Pussy Willow's soft virgin body to be delivered into her waiting arms. How awful it will be, mistress sighs with unbridled lust, for this young virgin to have every orifice repeatedly violated. Poor little Pussy, her sweet little kitty plundered so completely and deeply. The very thought of this virtuous young girl forcibly stripped of her pink costume, unmasked and reduced to little more than a common street tramp makes mistress wet with excitement. - - - - Pussy Willow is powerless to resist the lure of Mistress Milk's lactating breasts. Since being forced fed the super villains creamy hypnotic secretions she now finds it impossible to resist. - - - - " Forget about the innocent for now my little Kitten. Tonight you will cradle here in my strong arms suckling. . . suck. . . drink deeply." "Yes . . . Mommy . . . I will cradle and drink. . . All night long . . ." Who will prevail? . . . Will Mother's Milk's dastardly plan win the day? . . . Will she soon be driving her strap-on deeper and deeper into Pussy's tight virgin kitty reducing the once dynamic teen into a mere sex slave? . . . Or will Pussy Willow champion and savior of young girls everywhere be able to outwit the mature lesbian dominatrix and her gang of perverted lesbian kidnappers before its too late. . . Which side are you on? . . . This is the first story in a collection of stories called KISS. . . Kittens in Seductive Situations. Written By. Ronk. Part One . . . Coming Soon !