Job Interview By

I had just completed college and was looking for my first job.  I
submitted my resume at a large company and was called in for my
first interview.  I met with the female department head and
everything seemed to go well.

I received a call the next day to come in for a second interview.
 I was told that I would meet my co-workers and there may be
physical exam.  If everything went well, I would be offered the
job at the end of the interview.  When I was called into the
department head's office, there were also two young women in the
office.  They looked like they were only a few years older than
myself and they were very pretty.  Their names were Karen and
Sally.  I was asked many questions by them, and then was asked to
wait in the lobby while they discussed me.

Soon I was called back into the office and told that I would get
the job if I passed a short physical exam and some policy
explanations.  Dawn, the department head, called the company
nurse on the phone and told me that the interview would continue
with my co-workers, once I completed my physical exam,  Soon, a
woman walked into the office wearing a white coat.  I was next
told that she was Sue, the company nurse, and that I was to
follow her for my exam.

Sue led me down many hallways to her office.  Once inside her
office, I was lead into Exam Room #1.  It looked like a regular
exam room that you would find at a doctor's office.  It had an
exam table with all of the usual instruments by it.  Sue next
told me to strip down to my underwear and she handed me a thin
paper gown to put on.  Then she left the room.  Soon I was
sitting on the edge of the table in just my underwear and this
paper-thin gown.  Sue knocked on the door and entered the room. 
She explained that all potential employees are required to take
this exam and that it wouldn't take to long.  Sue acted very
professional in my exam and checked my blood pressure,
temperature, ears, eyes, etc.  Then she surprised me by telling
me I also needed a rectal exam.  I was to take off my underwear
and bend over the table.  When I started to object, she told me
that the full exam had to be completed before I could get a job
with this company.  So while she pulled on her latex glove, I
relunctlently took off my underwear and bent over the table.  She
had me spread my legs apart and then I felt her lubricate my
asshole.  Next, I felt her thin fingers enter me.  It seemed to
take forever as I felt her fingers wiggle inside of me.  I felt
so embarrassed being examined like this, but if I wanted the job
I had to endure this.

Soon, Sue withdrew her fingers from inside of me and told me that
there was only one last part to the exam.  She brought out a long
wooden type box that had two holes in it that were spaced apart.
I was told to stand and put my feet in the box and she fastened
the box so that my legs were spread apart and unable to move. 
Next, she had me put my hands behind my back and she fastened
them together with something.

"I put you in this position so that you can't move around too
much."  Sue said.  Then she grabbed some scissors from a nearby
table and proceeded to cut away the paper gown.  This left me
standing totally naked in front of her.  My feet were in this
wooden box so it kept my legs spread far apart.  Then she
examined my penis and balls.  I had no choice but to allow her to
examine me like this.

Next, to my surprise, she went over to the table and came over to
me with a razor and some shaving cream.  "All new male employees
are required to have no pubic hair.  I am going to shave you
right now, but you will need to be well shaved at all times." 
Then she proceeded to shave my most private area.  Since I really
wanted the job, I just let her shave me.  Once she was done
shaving me, Sue said, "Now you look like a little boy again.  You
also feel so smooth and nice down here."

Then she released my arms from in back of me, let my feet out of
the wooden box, and told me to go ahead and get dressed.  Sue
then escorted me down the many halls to the department head's
office.  I felt almost naked from the waist down since I no
longer had my pubic hair.

We entered the department head's office and the nurse talked to
her and left the room.  Then Dawn, the department head, phoned
Karen and Sally to come back into her office.  I was asked how
the exam went and I told her it went well.  Soon, Karen and Sally
entered the office and they told me that I would get the job as
soon as some disciplinary issues were handled.  I was handed a
small manual on discipline in the office and given a paper to
sign.  I quickly glanced at it and signed the paper.

Then Dawn said, "Before you are hired, I need to make sure you
passed the physical exam.  Please show us that you passed the

"I don't know what you mean?"  I said.   "I don't have any papers
to give you.  How can I show you that I passed the exam?"

"If you passed the exam, Sue always shaves off your pubic hair."
Dawn said.  "Please drop your pants and show us that you have
been shaved."

"But Karen and Sally are here!"  I pleaded.

"If you want this job, please take off your pants."  Dawn said.

I really wanted the job so I slowly took off my pants and
underwear so that they could see my shaved pubic hair.  I felt
very embarrassed as the three women gathered closely around me
and looked at my well shaven area.

"Don't pull your pants up yet.  Remember that you signed this
paper stating that you would follow the company's policies.  Well
read page 12 of the handbook.  It says that an employee will be
disciplined by a spanking for any and all infractions.  The
supervisor and/or his/her co-workers will administer the
spanking.  Depending on the incident, the spanking may be
administered on the bare skin. Also, look at page 16.  It says
that a new employee must submit to a spanking before their first
day of employment.  So if you want this job I suggest that you
take your pants completely off and go over to my desk and bend
over it."

I really felt embarrassed when I had to drop my pants for my new
female co-workers, and now I feel even more embarrassed because I
will be spanked in front of them.  l leaned over the desk and
firmly gripped the other side.  Then I felt my shirt tails being
pulled up on my back so that my ass was totally exposed for a
spanking. "Karen, will you fetch me my spanking implements and
put them on the desk next to Clyde."  Then I saw Karen place a
number of paddles, a strap, and a cane next to me.

"These are the implements that I will use to spank you.  I will
not use the cane today, that is too harsh for a first spanking."
Then my spanking began. With the spanking implements placed next
to me, I could see what was going to be used to spank me.  Dawn
started with a small paddle, but the one that stung me the worst
had holes in it.  After I was spanked for a while, I felt her
hands rub my poor, sore bottom.

"Look how nice and pink his skin has become.  Would you like to
spank him?"  Dawn asked Karen and Sally.  Of course my new two
female co-workers wanted to spank me.  "Each of you grab a paddle
and stand on both sides of Clyde.  That way you can spank him at
the same time." Then my spanking started all over again.  This
time it was at a much faster pace and it stung a lot me.

When I felt that I could no longer endure the spanking, Dawn told
them to stop.  Next, I felt six hands on my sore bottom. "That's
enough for his first spanking.  Clyde, now we want you to stand
up and turn around and face us."  Dawn said to me.  As I did
that, I noticed and they noticed that I had a big erection. 
However, the bottom of my shirt was giving me some privacy.

"Clyde, please remove your shirt so that we can examine you. 
Otherwise, you can bend over the desk for a further spanking." 
Dawn said.  If I took off my shirt I would be totally naked in
front of them, but that was better than being spanked again.  Now
all three women were looking at my totally naked body and my

"If you work here, you will have to follow my rules and orders. 
So stand with your arms at your sides while Karen relieves you of
your erection.  Karen, go ahead and milk him."  Dawn said.

"I would be delighted to", Karen said.  Then she started to
stroke my erect penis and fondle my balls.   "I'll get some
tissues.  It looks like he is ready to cum."  Sally said, and
handed some tissues to Karen.  In a few minutes, I exploded into
Karen's hands.  She kept on stroking me until she got every last
drop.  Then Karen sat back in her chair again.

"Clyde, you are now officially hired for the job."  Dawn said. 
"You have passed your interviews, examine, and spanking.  You
should be a good addition to our staff.  I want you to report to
this office at 8:00pm sharp.  Don't be late, or you will receive
another spanking.  You can get dressed now."

And that is how I got my first job.