Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The following story is based on my own childhood. All of the people from my childhood are long since gone, so there is no worry in telling the stories. I changed the names anyway. The nudist camp is closed and the owner was arrested. If you are too young to read this,don't read it. If it illegal where you live, don't read it. If you think stories about sex between kids and adults are gross, don't read it. If you are still reading, enjoy. Nudist Camp Pussy Boy I was just past my sixth birthday when my life took a major change--for the better. I was always something of a sissy, and I loved to play with my cock and finger my ass. I didn't really understand it much, but it felt good and I did it every chance I got. One Friday night, I came down from my room to get something to drink. As I approached the kitchen, I heard my mom talking to my uncle. She was begging him to watch me for the weekend. She had gotten invited by her boyfriend to go to Chicago and she couldn't find a sitter. My uncle was telling her he already had plans for the weekend. My uncle was about 25, 6' tall and well built, but not bulked up. I thought he was the best looking person on the planet. My mom had told me he was gay, but I didn't really know what that meant. He was explaining that he had booked a cabin for the weekend and couldn't get a refund. Mom suggested he take me along, but he told her it was a nudist camp and he was planning to spend the weekend meeting some hot guys. My cock immediately got hard and I slipped my hand in my pants to play while I listened. I really wished he would take me along. I was thrilled when I heard my mom say, "I think he's as gay as you are. He'd probably enjoy it." My uncle protested that there were men there who would try to have sex with me. Mom's response really surprised me when she said, "Just don't let anyone force him. If he wants to play, I won't be angry." Uncle Kirk said, "Do you really mean that? I wouldn't mind if those are the rules." Mom told him he could play with me himself as long as I was willing. She told him he, or anyone else, had to stop if I said stop. Uncle Kirk said, "Well, pack his toothbrush. He won't need anything else." I burst into the room and wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my face into his crotch. I could feel his cock rising and it made me tingle all over to know he was getting hard just like me. Mom looked at the scene and said, "How long have you been listening?" I told her I heard everything and I really wanted to go with Uncle Kirk. She gave me a peck on the cheek, and said to my uncle, "Well, I guess there's one more faggot in the family." We left a few minutes later to start the long drive to the nudist camp. We lived in Indianapolis and the camp was about three hours north. I sat as close as I could to my uncle. He drove an old Chevy with a bench seat so I was right next to him. Once we got on the freeway, he rested his right hand on my thigh. My cock instantly hardened and I looked up and told him I would never say "stop" no matter what. He smiled back and slipped his hand inside my pants and began to gently work my cock. "Do you like it?" he asked. I could hardly talk but I mumbled that I never wanted him to stop. We arrived at the camp about 9 pm. The place had a big gate shaped like a lady's leg. The attendant flipped it up after Uncle Kirk showed him the receipt for the cabin. Uncle Kirk had been there before and knew the way, so he drove straight to the cabin. We walked in, with him carrying his shaving kit. It was all the luggage we had. Once inside, he began to strip and told me to get out of my clothes because we were spending the whole weekend naked. I never got undressed faster in my life. When we were both naked, he took my hand and said let's go to the clubhouse. It was a great feeling to walk out totally bare. As we walked past the other cabins, some people my uncle had met before said hello, asking who his new friend was. He waved back and said, "He's my nephew, Mike. I will introduce you later when we come back from the clubhouse." As we walked, Uncle Kirk explained that this was a nudist camp that advocated open sex, and not the kind that had rules against it. He told me I would see all kinds of nasty stuff and that people would want me to do lots of nasty stuff too. He said, "There's still time to change your mind. You could go back and wait in the cabin." I told him there was no way I was chicken, and that I wanted to be the nastiest boy on earth. He laughed and said he hoped I would be. When we entered the clubhouse, there were two girls at a table checking in the non-members. The table top was glass, and both girls were sitting with their legs well spread, giving the customers a good view. Almost everyone was naked. The only exceptions were the visitors waiting for lockers. To the side of the check in table was a sofa, facing a movie screen. On the screen, a girl of about six was sucking a large black cock. On the sofa were three boys and two girls. The boys were stroking their cocks and the girsl were rubing their cunnies. A man and woman walked over and told them to be good and watch the movies. The guy said, "Mommy's going to get gang fucked in the sauna. If you need us, come in there." Uncle Kirk, his cock fully hard on hearing this, said, "Come on, let's go watch and you can learn about fucking." When we entered the sauna, the woman was kneeling on the low bench with her head on the upper bench and her cunt and ass facing into the sauna. There were about 5 guys standing behind her stroking their cocks. One was already hard and stepped up to start fucking her. I was much more interested in the cocks and I was openly staring. One of the men said, "I think the little guy likes my cock!" This made the other men laugh, and Uncle Kirk said, "If you like it, why don't you give it a kiss?" I didn't need any more invitation. I jumped to his cock and kissed the head. The guy was immediately fully hard. He told me to open my mouth and when I did, he slid the head of his cock in. Uncle Kirk told me to relax and suck it gently. He told the guy to take it easy as it was my first time sucking a cock. I looked up at the guy, who smiled down at me and told me what a good cocksucker I was. I knew the word was a bad name people used when they were mad, but the way he said it made me proud. I wanted to be the best cocksucker on earth. While I sucked happily, I felt a hand on my ass. It was Uncle Kirk. He gently spread my cheeks and began to lightly probe my hole with his finger. I had often fingered myself and loved the feeling, so I pushed back, taking his finger right up my ass. One of the men chuckled and said what a slut I was. Again, I felt proud. Uncle Kirk finger fucked me for a while and the man who called me a slut said it was time to really open my pussy. I thought it was strange, since I wasn't a girl, but Uncle Kirk just spit on my asshole and said he would lube up my boy pussy. It dawned on me that the man wanted to put his dick up my ass. My own cock jumped at the thought. Uncle Kirk invited the man over, telling him to go slow. He warned that if I said to stop, he had to stop. The man stepped behind me and my uncle guided his cock head to my hole. The cock was dripping and my uncle lubed me up with his precum. As he pressed the head in, my ass opened willingly at first, but then the size began to overstretch my hole. It began to hurt, but I had promised never to stop anyone, so I just concentrated on sucking the other guy. Just when I thought the pain would get the best of me, the head popped by my ring and his cock slid home. I saw stars as the pain combined with the warmest pleasure. My ass felt like it was on fire. Seeing the cock in my 6 year old ass was too much for the guy I was sucking, and he came in my mouth. I didn't know what was happening and started to back off, but he held me by the back of my head and said, "Just swallow, honey." I swallowed what I could, but still had a mouthful when he pulled out. I had forgotten about the woman who started it all, but she was still being well fucked. The guy in my ass said, "Let's put this little bitch next to the other slut and gang fuck them both." Keeping his cock in my pussy the whole time, he carried me over and laid me face down on the top bench. Soon we each had a line as the other men waited their turns. The guy in my ass came, filling my boy cunt with a new sensation. Well stretched and lubed with cum, the others went in easily. By the time we left, I had taken six loads in my ass and two in my mouth. I had also sucked every spent cock, both out of my ass, and the cunt of the lady next to me. When the men were all fucked out, the woman turned me over and lowered her cunt to my face. She fed me a ton of hot cum and pussy juice. When the cum flow had just about stopped, she started to piss. As the piss rained on my face, I heard Uncle Jack saying that a really nasty pussy boy would open his mouth and drink the piss. It was all the encouragement I needed, and I opened my mouth to the tangy piss. I swallowed all I could and all the adults complimented Uncle Jack on what a total pig I was. Uncle Kirk walked me back to the cabin just the way I was--covered in piss and with cum dripping from my cunt. He told me how proud he was that I was such a nasty slut, and said he would enjoy having lots of people use me however they wanted. I asked him why he hadn't fucked me, and he told me he wanted me after I was well used and filthy with cum and piss. He said it was much nastier that way. When we returned to the cabin, he fucked me in both holes and then invited his friends from the other cabin to come and have some fun, but that is a story for another time.