I am a Nudist and an Uncle Too

By Nudemac@yahoo.com

Revised 04/19/08

Gosh, I don’t know where to begin. So much has changed since my
niece came to live with me. My brother and sister-in-law were
killed in an automobile accident. I was their daughter’s only
living relative.

On my flight to Utah I thought of Amy. The last time I saw her
was 3 years ago. She was 10, blond with blue eyes and tall for
her age. I was visiting my brother for his 15th wedding
anniversary and I had really enjoyed my self during that visit.
My niece and I were inseparable. I was 12 years older than her
and our relationship was more like big brother and little sister
than that of uncle and niece.

I had just spoken with my brother on his birthday, so it was
difficult for me to accept his death. I had also spoken with Amy,
she said she missed me and wanted me to visit and take here
swimming and bike riding. My brother said she was a typical 13
years old.

I arrived in Salt Lake City late afternoon. I checked into the
local Holiday Inn, called my brother’s attorney and made plans to
meet him the next day and settle his estate and Amy’s
guardianship. Amy and I had a tearful reunion.

That following afternoon we were both on a plane heading for
home. I live in a large house south of San Francisco. It has a
large private back yard with a swimming pool and hot tub. My
brother and I had inherited a substantial amount of money when
our parents died. I took advantage of this windfall and had
invested it wisely. The result was I didn’t have to work for a

We arrived home late that night. I was tired from the flight and
after showing Amy her room. I excused myself and went to my room.
The first thing I did was strip naked. I was so glad to get out
of my clothes. I hadn’t worn clothes for such an extended period
of time in years. Since I lived by myself, I spent my time nude.
In fact, I considered myself a fulltime nudist. I only wore
clothes when I absolutely had too. And then, it was just my old
worn out running shorts.

I showered and went to bed thinking about how I was going to
manage my nudist lifestyle and Amy. I had no intention of giving
up being a nudist.  But, I had to take into account I had my 13
year old non-nudist niece living with me.

The next morning I woke up early and put on my old running
shorts. I was in the kitchen brewing coffee when Amy came in
wearing only her panties and a short camisole.

“Good morning Uncle Bob”, she said smiling.

“Good morning sweetie”, I replied.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m starving”, she replied.

“I was just about to make bacon and eggs.” I said, and nodding
towards the fridge I added, “Go pour your self some milk.”

I watched her walk to the fridge and couldn’t help admire how her
low cut white cotton panties and short camisole exposed her
midriff, showing off her flat stomach, narrow waist and a cute
round butt. I had no idea a 13 year old girl could be so

Since we were both so skimpily dressed, I thought this might be a
good time to mention my nudist lifestyle. I remembered my brother
had toyed with nudism before he got married and because of that
had a pretty lax dress code at home. During my visit there I’d
often seen her in her undies. The fact she wasn’t embarrassed to
be seen in her underwear might make it easier for me to continue
my nude lifestyle uninterrupted.

We ate breakfast and talked about school and shopping and the
million or so things we needed to do so she could get settled in
and feel at home. I casually let her know it was ok with me to
run around in undies.

“I too sometimes run sometimes around in my undies…but most of
the time I run around nude”, I said.

“You mean naked?” she exclaimed.

“NUDE”, I answered.

“Since I don’t have to work and I live alone, I stopped wearing
clothes a long time ago. I’d like to continue not wearing any
clothes”, I explained.

For a second or two we sat quietly looking at each other. Then I
said, “How about we make a deal?”

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable living here with me, so
I’ll wear my shorts when you’re home. Of course, when you’re in
school I’ll be nude.  And I’m always nude in my bedroom, my
office or the bathroom”, I added.

She got up and gave me a big hug. “I love you Uncle Bob”, she
said smiling and added, “It’s a deal.”

After breakfast she didn’t bothered dressing. We spent the
morning in her bedroom unpacking and making a list of things she
needed. Around lunch time, I suggested we clean up and go out to
eat and then afterwards we could go shopping for the things on
her list.

“Amy, you take your shower first, I have a couple of business
calls to make,” I said.

I left her and walked to my bedroom and took off my shorts. I sat
on my bed and called my bank to confirm the transfer of Amy’s
inheritance money from the bank in Utah. I had just finished when
I heard Amy calling.

“Your turn Uncle Bob”, she yelled from the hallway.

I stuck my head out into the hallway to see if the coast was
clear and just in time to catch a glimpse of Amy’s naked behind
as she ran into her room. I smiled to myself and walked nude to
the bathroom. Just as I was stepping into the bathroom I looked
towards Amy’s room and saw Amy peeking out of her room at me. I
grinned from ear to ear. Her first day here and we had both seen
our bare butts.

After eating we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. We must
have gone into every store in the mall. It was early evening by
the time we finished. I stopped at the local pizza parlor and
ordered a take out for us to eat at home.

The first thing I did after we got home was head to my room and
undress. Reluctantly, I unintentionally put on an old threadbare
pair of very short shorts.

I had promised Amy I would help her put away her new clothes. I
walked into her room and stood there awed when I saw her in her
bra and panties. She looked absolutely beautiful. She didn’t seem
at all embarrassed. We finished unpacking and then went to the TV
room and ate out pizza.

We sat crossed legged on the floor across from each other, eating
and talking.  I couldn’t help notice her how well she filled out
her bra or how the thin material of her panties clearly outlined
her pussy lips and deep slit.

Just when I noticed that one of my testicles was hanging out in
all its glory for Amy to see, she startled me.

“Uncle Bob, can I ask you a question?” she asked.

“Of course you can”, I replied.

“Do you really go naked all the time?” She asked.

“Yes, I really do.  I like being nude”, I said and further
explained, “I’ve been a nudist for so long, I feel
uncomfortable/restricted in clothes.”

I ignored my exposed testicle and just sat there quietly eating.
She didn’t say anything.

We finished eating and after cleaning up, we sat on the sofa and
watched TV until her bedtime. I stayed up awhile longer before
turning in for the night.

The next few days were hectic. I enrolled her in the local school
which was just a few blocks away and made several trips to the
bank and my lawyer.

Amy quickly got in the habit of coming into my room every
morning. She would jump and bounce on my bed to wake me up. Since
I slept nude she got to see my hairy butt on more than one
occasion. One particular warm morning instead of her usual
jumping to wake me up, she shook me until I was awake.

 “Wake up sleepy head. I love you”, I heard her say as she kissed
my cheek and quickly ran out of my room when she saw I was awake.

I pushed myself up on my elbows and just in time to see she was
topless. That’s also when I noticed my top sheet crumpled up
between my legs barely covering my cock and balls. In fact my
pubes and the base of my fat cock were completely exposed. I just
smiled to myself.

Usually while she was showering I would go to the kitchen and
make coffee. When she finished, she’d call out and let me know
the coast was clear for me to use the bathroom.

After I finished my shower I’d put on my shorts and join her for
breakfast. I knew she had seen glimpses of me nude. But how much
she had actually seen, I wasn’t sure. She never said anything or
behaved differently. She was only 13 and I figured curiosity
would motivate her to want to see more. I didn’t want to rush her
or push my luck.

I guess luck was on my side because that day came sooner than
expected. She usually came home from school around 3:30 in the
afternoon. I was in the backyard cleaning the pool and had lost
track of the time when I looked up and saw Amy standing at the
back door starring at me. I was totally nude.

I had no idea how long she’d been standing there. There was no
use covering up. I calmly put the cleaning tools away in the
storage shed.  By the time I walked into the house Amy had
disappeared. I put my shorts on and went looking for her. I found
her in the living room crying.

“I’m so sorry Uncle Bob, I didn’t mean to stare”, she said
between sobs.

“Amy sweetie, don’t cry”. I said reaching out to her.

“I was busy cleaning the pool and lost track of the time. I
should have been more careful”, I explained, “Besides you didn’t
do anything wrong. It’s only natural that you looked”, I said
hugging her tightly.

“You’re not mad at me?” She sobbed.

“No sweetie, why would I be mad at you”, I said hugging her

“Uncle Bob, I don’t care if you’re naked all the time. Honest!”
she blurted out drying the tears from her eyes.

“You really mean it?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes Uncle Bob, I really do”, she said.

“If you want to be naked all the time like you used to be before
I came to live with you, it’s ok with me”, she said stepping back
looking at me.

“Really, honest Uncle Bob it’s ok with me”, she said.

“Oh! Amy honey, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want anyone to get the
wrong idea”, I whispered hugging her to me.

“I would never tell anyone and besides I’ve already seen you
naked”, she said again pushing away and looking at me.

 “Sweetie, if it’s really ok with you, I guess I’m ok with it
too”, I said feeling relieved and excited.

How many weeks had it been? I hated wearing shorts and was
beginning to resent having to cover up when she was home.

“Let’s go hang my short on the hook by the front door where they
belong”, I said leading her by the hand.

Together we walked to the front door where she watched me take
off my shorts. Her eyes widen when she got her first close up
look at my fat uncut cock and shaved balls.

I’m not a bad looking guy. I’m 25, 5’9” with black hair, blue
eyes, smooth muscular chest and body, flat stomach, narrow waist,
furry legs and a firm round hairy butt. I have an average length
extra fat uncut cock, a thick patch of black pubic hair and
shaved balls.

I was completely surprised by the unexpected rush I felt standing
completely nude in front of my niece.

“Sweetie, are you sure you don’t mind my being nude?” I asked
her, enjoying the electric tingle carousing through my body.

“Yes Uncle Bob. Honest, cross my heart and hope to die”, she said
starring directly at my cock.

Except for the fact that I was nude our daily routine didn’t
changed. I still caught occasional glimpse of her naked rear
going to and from the bathroom.

At first I didn’t understand why I enjoyed being nude in front of
her. It was very obvious she liked seeing me naked. We both spent
as much time as possible together. In fact, by the time school
let out for the summer, there was no denying Amy and I were in a
voyeuristic/exhibitionistic relationship. A fact that became very
clear to me after a rather innocent encounter in the back yard.

I was on my hands and knees gardening. Amy had walked up behind
me and started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I said turning around and looking at her.

“Oh nothing”, she said covering her mouth trying to suppress her

I went back to pulling weeds. Amy started laughing again.

“Come on tell me what’s so funny”, I said this time kneeling up
and looking at her.

“I can’t”, she said laughing and running to the kitchen.

I could here her laughing. Curiosity had the better of me. I left
my tools and went in the house looking for her. She was in her

“May I come in”? I asked.

“Of course Uncle Bob”, she replied.

“Sweetie, what was so funny that made you laugh so much?” I asked
walking towards her.

“Oh it was nothing really, just me being silly. Honest Uncle
Bob”, she replied all smiles.

“Oh Please Sweetie, tell me. I want to know”, I begged.

I sat next to her. She put her arm around my bare waist and
hugged me tightly.

“You promise you won’t get upset?” she asked.

“You know I won’t”, I replied.

Still giggling she said, “I went looking for you and found you in
the backyard on your hands and knees.”

“I walked up behind you and saw your….you know… hanging between
your leg”, she said pointing to my balls.

“It reminded me of Rusty our neighbor’s dog. It looked so funny
it made me laugh”, she said starting to laugh again.

I started laughing too and before I knew it I was on my hands and
knees. Like Rusty I would lifted up my leg and pretend to pee.
Her eyes never left my swinging cock and balls. I barked and
rolled over on my back just like Rusty, the both of us in
hysterics laughing. The thrill I felt to be so blatantly exposing
my cock, balls and asshole to her was beyond anything I could
have imagined.

After that day, show and tell became one of our favorite games.
There wasn’t a part of my body I was not willing to show her or
that she did not want to see. The thrill and excitement I felt
exposing myself to her was exhilarating to say the least. I
really enjoyed our exhibitionistic/voyeuristic relationship even
though none of it was overtly sexual in any way.

She started being more casual with her own nudity. She didn’t run
around nude like I did, but she did start going topless. You can
only imagine how I felt waking up every morning and seeing her
lovely pink titties with their fat nipples bouncing up and down.

I respected her privacy when she was in the bathroom. However, I
didn’t mind at all if she came in when I was showering or using
the toilet.

It even went as far as letting her know every time I had to pee
so she could come in and watch. The excitement I felt in the pit
of my stomach when she watched me pee was unbelievable. I would
brazenly retract my foreskin 4 or 5 times milking out every last
drop of pee at the same time exposing my shinny cockhead. Often
my cock would engorge to double its normal thickness.

“Gee Uncle Bob, that’s so cool how you do that”, she would said

School had been out for several weeks and summer was in full
swing. We usually spent our late evenings by the pool. Amy had
talked me into buying her a small thong bathing suit during one
of our shopping trips to the mall.

She looked absolutely stunning in her thong which barley covered
her hairless pussy. She had long blond hair, blue eyes, and
gorgeous firm perky pink titties with large fat nipples, a flat
tummy, narrow waist, a smooth firm white bubblebutt and long
shapely legs.

For her 14th birthday, we had decided to celebrate it at home. It
would be just the two of us, in the backyard by the pool.  I was
setting up the BBQ and lounges near the pool when she walked out
wearing her new tiny mesh thong. I couldn’t help admire her
beauty. Except for the small triangular mesh covering her pussy,
she was totally nude. I could see short soft blond hairs on her
pussy mound. Her bald pussy lips were visible through the of mesh
material. The string holding up her thong disappeared between her
beautiful round ass cheeks.

“Wow, you look gorgeous”, I said winking at her.

“Really Uncle Bob, it’s only a bathing suit, you know”, she said
oblivious to the fact she was practically naked.

I watched as she bent over and spread her towel on the lounge.
The bottom end of her mesh thong was unable to conceal her puffy
pussy lips or her perfect rosebud. I poured each of us a glass of
wine and sat down between her legs straddling the lounge facing
her with the sun to my back.

“Here”, I said handing her the glass of wine.

“Happy birthday sweetie”, I said bending towards her and giving
her a light kiss on the lips.

“I love you very much”, I said smiling at her.

“Oh, thank you Uncle Bob. I love you too”, she said sitting with
her knees up, legs wide open and her feet resting on my thighs
near my knees.

I drank Imy wine making small talk and unashamedly looking at her
nude body. I could clearly see her hairless pussy lips through
the mess thong. She sipped her wine slowly and made herself more
comfortable by propping her legs over mine. I had an unobstructed
view of her entire pussy and could see the string of her thong
running over her dark pink anus and disappearing between her ass

“I better start up the fire so we can eat at a decent time”, I
said standing up unaware of how engorged my cock had become.

Amy sat drinking her wine leaning her head back and enjoying the
warm sun on her nude body. I quickly set the charcoals ablaze and
returned to the lounge and sat between her open legs.

She laid there with her eyes closed. I took this opportunity to
check out her firm perky titties. Her nipples were the size of
large pencil erasers, dark pink and hard. Her stomach was flat
and shinny with small beads of sweat. I could see she the short
blond hairs on her mound above her pussy. The mesh thong did
absolutely nothing to hide her moist puffy pussy lips. I was
absolutely awed by her beauty.

“Amy, don’t fall asleep. You’ll get sunburn”, I said placing my
hand on her thigh and shaking her.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I grabbed her hands and
pulled her up towards the pool. She struggled against me until we
reached the edge of the pool then she surprised me by pushing
herself against me, causing the both of us to fall into the water
in a tangle of naked flesh.

We splashed and chased each other around the pool for what seemed
a long time. Finally exhausted and tired I climbed out of the
pool and laid down on the lounge. Amy flopped down next to me.

I sat up and looked at her. How beautiful she looked all wet and
glistening in the afternoon sun. I sat up and reached for the sun
screen and without saying anything, I started apply sun screen on
her feet and legs, slowly moving up toward her pussy. I slid my
hands between her legs and pussy mound and then slid them up and
under the strings of her thong just barley touching her pubic
hair with my fingertips.

I put more lotion on my hands and spread it on her stomach to
just below her titties. I squirted a generous amount of lotion on
my hands and spread it over her chest and titties.

I gently squeeze both her titties slowly rubbing my hands all
over them. Then I gently pinched and pulled her nipples and
rolled them between my fingers.

“Oh, that feels funny, Uncle Bob”, she said covering her titties
with both her hands.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to upset you”, I said looking
away from her.

“You didn’t Uncle Bob”, she said.

“It just felt funny”, she said putting my hand back on her tit.

Feeling relieved she was not upset I squeezed her titties and
gently pulled her nipple making her moan and sigh.

After a few minutes of playing with her titties, I asked her if
she wanted me to put lotion on her back.

Without saying a word she turned over on her stomach.

I started with her back slowly moving down to her ass. I applied
sunscreen to each ass cheek kneading and spreading them. She had
her legs apart enough so I could see her hairless pussy.

Without thinking, I untied her thong and ran my thumbs over her
dark pink anus down all the way to her hairless pussy lips. My
heart was pounding with excitement and fear at what I was doing.

I finished putting sunscreen on her legs while I looked at her
hairless virgin pussy.

She turned over and faced me, “That was awesome Uncle Bob, It
felt so good and made me tingle all over.”

Then before I could react she got up and said, “Your turn”, and
grabbed the bottle of sunscreen not caring that her thong had
fallen off and she was completely nude.

I couldn’t believe I was looking at her completely naked.
Dumbfounded, I laid down on my stomach, lifting my ass up and
adjusting my cock under me.

She squirted a string of sunscreen up one leg, across my hairy
ass and down the other leg. Slowly she spread the sunscreen on my
leg working her way up to my ass. I felt her fingers touch my
balls as she did my thigh. Just like I had done her butt, she did
mine. Kneading each cheek and pulling them apart.

I felt her fingers slide over my hairy asshole. “You have so much
hair down here Uncle Bob”, she said.

I was so excited feeling her hands toughing my ass and rubbing
against my balls that I didn’t realize she wanted me to turn

“Turn over Uncle Bob”, she shouted at me.

I turned over and put my hands behind my head, closed my eyes and
moved my legs slightly apart. She pushed my legs further apart so
she could kneel between them. I knew I had an enormous erection.
She had never seen me with an erection, but there had been a many
times she’d seen me with an engorged cock.

I felt her squirt sunscreen up one leg all the way to my chest,
then down the other side all the way to my foot. Next I felt her
squirt sunscreen across my stomach and over my boner just above
my pubic hair. She had applied sunscreen on me making a giant

She started with my feet rubbing lotion up my leg. When she
reached my crotch I again felt the back of her hands against my
balls. She rubbed lotion up my side and across my chest and over
my sensitive nipples. I moaned when she rolled my hard nipples
between her fingers. She quickly moved down my side to my crotch
again where I felt the back of her hand rubbing against my balls,
only this time she took longer. Then she quickly finished doing
my leg.

What she did next was unbelievable. She ran her fingers through
my pubic hair and under my huge boner occasionally pushing it
aside. She rubbed lotion on my balls gently squeezing and pulling
them. A moan of utter ecstasy escaped from my lips. But what
happened next completely took me by surprise.

She started rubbing lotion up and down my erect cock.  My
foreskin was retracting completely with each downward stroke. My
foreskin was completely retracted and my huge shinny cockhead was
oozing precum when she stopped and holding my hardon tightly in
her hands just sat there looking at it.

“Sweetie, let go of my cock”, I said.

She just held on to it, like she hadn’t heard a word I said. I
knew I was close to cuming.

“Amy, let go of my cock”, I said pushing myself up and out of the
lounge chair.

I knew if she didn’t let go I would shoot my load all over the
both of us.

Then tearing my self away, I quickly ran into the kitchen leaned
against the counter, grabbed my cock and jacked off. I moaned
loudly as several ropes of thick white cum shot up across my
chest and stomach.

My climax was so intense my legs felt like rubber. I was panting
leaning against the counter for support when I saw Amy,
completely naked, standing in the doorway starring at me.

She walked in, there was now way I could cover up the mess. I had
cum all over my chest, stomach and hand. Plus my still hard cock
had a long drop of cum hanging off the tip.

“Uncle Bob, are you ok? Are you sick? Should I call the doctor?”
she asked concerned and at the same time scarred.

“I’m ok sweetie, I just need to take a shower and I’ll be ok”, I
answered turning away from her so she couldn’t see me like this.

“Go outside and start the steaks. I’ll be out in a minute”, I

I rushed to the bathroom and quickly showered. I felt like a real
pervert. She was my niece and it was her 14th birthday. I’d never
be able to live with myself once she realized what really
happened. I had to make amends. Somehow, I had to make it up to

I walked back to the kitchen and was just about to step out into
the patio, when I saw Amy standing, with her back to me, in front
of the BBQ. She looked absolutely beautiful. He had that perfect
hourglass figure you see only on porn stars. The fact that she
was totally nude didn’t help me.

She saw me and ran up to me putting her arms around me and
hugging me tightly. I felt her breast pushing up against me and
her crotch rubbing against my still engorged member.

“Oh Uncle Bob, I was so scarred”, she said still hugging me

I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

Then gently pushing her away from me I said, “Let’s sit down and
talk about what happened before we eat.”

“I was so scarred”, she said as we walked to the lounge.

“I started the steaks like you asked me to”, she said as she sat

“Sweetie, I’m very sorry about what happened. I just wish it
hadn’t happened”, I said holding her hands in mine.

I explained to her that rubbing lotion on balls and hard cock
made me want to cum. “If I hadn’t stopped you when I did, I would
have cum all over you”, I added.

“Is that what happened in the kitchen?” she asked.

“Yes, you saw me masturbating or Jacking off”, I said holding my
head down.

Unable to look her in the eye, I held my head down and told her I
didn’t mean for her to see me.

“Masturbating isn’t something bad. In fact it usually makes you
feel good. It’s like that good feeling you get when you do
something you like a lot, but only a lot better”, I tried to

“Girls masturbate too”, I added quietly.

“We do?” she asked surprised.

Then she added in disbelief, “You mean I can do what you did in
the kitchen?”

“Well not exactly, girls do it differently and cum differently
too, but the feeling is just the same”, I said.

“How”, she asked?

“Scoot back and open your legs and I’ll show you”, I said.

She scooted back on the lounge and opened her legs wide. I knelt
in front of her and placed my thumbs on her pussy lips.

“I’m going to rub your pussy”, I said gently rubbing my thumbs up
and down her pussy lips.

“Doesn’t it feel good when I rub my thumbs on your pussy like
this?” I asked?

“Oh, that feels wonderful Uncle Bob”, she said moaning softly.

“That’s how it felt when you where rubbing your hand on my
balls”, I said rubbing my thumbs up and down the length of her
smooth soft pussy lips.

“Look”, I said pulling her pussy open with my thumbs.

“That’s your cunt or fuck hole. It’s where a guy cock goes when
you fuck”. I explained.

“How can something big like your cock fit inside”, she asked?

“Your pussy stretches to fit around it, sort of like a glove”, I

“See how yours is mostly closed right now?” I pointed to her
intact hymen as she nodded yes.

“That’s your cherry or hymen. Right now it’s intact because
you’re still a virgin. If it accidently tears open you’ll still
be a virgin. You don’t really lose your virginity until you fuck
someone”, I added.

“See that? See that little thing there. That’s your clit or
clitoris. See how it’s all hard and swollen? It gets erect or
hard just like my cock”, I said.

She watched as I used my finger to tickle her clit. She instantly
arched her back and looked at me wide eyed.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it” I asked smiling?

“That’s how my cock felt when you rubbed it. If you keep doing
it, it will make you cum”, I said gently rubbing her clit more.

“Oh that feels so good Uncle Bob. Please keep doing it. I want to
see what it feels like to cum”, she said lying back moaning

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was kneeling between my
naked 14 year old niece’s open legs and playing with her pussy,
masturbating her.

I was so close to her, I could smell the aroma of her sex. With
each whiff I took I felt electric pulses course throughout my
body.  I lowered myself until I felt my lips touch her pussy. I
flicked my tongue out and licked every inch of her virginal pussy
savoring the delicate flavor. I reached up and squeezed her
titties rolling her hard nipples between my fingers. I felt her
writhe and buck wildly as she reached her first orgasm. It was so
powerful she squirted on my face and then it slowly oozed out
allowing me to lap up her sweet nectar.

I could feel her wet sweat drenched body. She was breathing hard.
I licked and sucked her pussy so much I thought my tongue was
going to fall off. Finally I stood up and straddled her so my
balls were rubbing her pussy. I could feel the moisture from hot
pussy on my balls.

Standing over her I stroked my cock until I shot my load all over
her.  I collapsed on top of her only to have her scoot out from
under me and roll me over on my back.  She knelt over me so that
her ass was just above my mouth. I reached up and pulled her soft
white ass cheeks apart so my tongue could invade her virgin

I felt her mouth engulf my deflating cock. I rolled my tongue
hard and pushed it deep into her savory virgin butthole at the
same time thrusting my cock deep into her mouth. I fucked her
butthole with my tongue and her willing mouth with my cock. She
squeezed my balls hard pushing me over the edge. I pulled my
tongue out of her virgin ass and screamed out load as I shot
another hot load of cum, this time down her throat.

She swallowed it all like a pro, sucking my cock and swallowing
every drop. I pulled her up so her hairless virgin pussy kissed
my mouth and then eagerly tongued her, getting her off again and

A few days latter, I was in the family room on the floor on my
stomach reading. Amy came in and sat down in front of me her
beautiful bare pussy just a foot or so in front of me.

“Uncle Bob can I ask you a question”, she asked?

“Sure Sweetie, any thing. Just ask”, I replied.

“How come my pussy tingles and gets all wet and I feel all yummy
when you lick it”, she asked very innocently.

“Is that sex Uncle Bob”, she asked?

I was caught off guard and for a moment I didn’t know how to
answer her.

“No Sweetie, I don’t think its sex. I’m not fucking you. We’re
only playing with each other. And it’s ok as long as YOU want to
play”, I answered.

“Isn’t jacking off sex”, she asked?

“That’s a good question. I guess it depends on who you ask and
what you think the definition of sex is. I personally don’t think
jacking off is sex. But, that’s just me”, I quietly answered her.

Then I added, “There are people who think masturbating together
or masturbating each other is sex, but I don’t think that. I
think sex is when two people fuck.”

“What do you think”, I asked her?

“I don’t think jacking off is sex”, she replied grinning.

“I’m glad you think so too.  But you need to understand there are
people who think because we’re naked and jacking off together,
that we’re having sex”, I told her cautiously.

“Oh Uncle Bob, that’s so dumb. How can anyone think that”, she

I reached up and rubbed the back of my forefinger up and down her

“I love you Sweetie”, I said enjoy the feeling of her soft moist

I rolled over on my back and reached up and pulled her on top of

I could feel her titties pushing against my stomach as I caressed
her lovely ass cheeks and used the tip of my nose to explore her
puffy moist pussy.

“That tickles”, she said giggling and kissing my cock.

“I sure hope so”, I said turning over and sliding her off me onto
the floor.

She was on her back and I was kneeling between her legs holding
them up and apart with my hands. I pushed them down towards her
so that her pussy moved up and pushed against my balls.

“Oh that feels so good Uncle Bob”, she moaned pushing her pussy
hard against my balls.

As I held her ankles leaning over her rubbing the underside of my
hard cock against her wet pussy slit.  I licked her nipples,
flicking and teasing them with my tongue before sucking them into
my mouth.

I had licked and probed her pussy with my tongue and fingers many
times, but this was the first time I’d rubbed my cock on her wet

Amy’s face was flushed with excitement. I kiss her on the mouth.
She responded by opening her mouth allowing our tongues to
explore each other’s mouth. I could feel her steamy wet pussy
juice leaking on my balls.

I started licking my way down her stomach to her belly button
until I could lift and push her butt up. The sight of her wet
swollen pussy and nice pink-brown butthole was all it took for me
to lose all restraint.

I licked and explored every nook and cranny of her virgin pussy.
I pushed her butt further up so I could lick and suck her anus. I
had my tongue deep inside her anal hole and could see her
pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. She moaned loudly.

I fucked her anus with my tongue and rolled her tender clit
between my fingers. She was writhing and bucking wildly. It was
hard for me to keep up with her movements. I’d never seen her so
turned on. Sheclimaxed with a loud guttural moan.

I could smell her sweet pungent pussy juice. I lapped it up and
opened her cunt hole with my thumb tearing what was left of her
hymen. I tenderly kissed and sucked her wet pussy, probing her
cunt hole and lapping up her juices with my long tongue.

"Fuck me, Uncle Bob," she whispered.

Our lips locked in a deep wet kiss, then with strength I didn’t
know she had, she pushed me over on my back and straddled me. I
felt her rubbing her pussy along the length of my cock.

I rolled her over on her back and spread her legs wide. I pressed
against her pushing my cock downwards into her pussy. I bent my
cock trying to enter her. I thrust forward again until it was
buried to my balls in her wet pussy. It was hot, wet and very

I began slowly thrusting in and out of her enjoying the feeling
of her tight cunt around my cock. She started moaning louder and
louder with each thrust. We kissed deeply, our bodies rubbing
against each other as I fucked her.

I could see the reflection of our naked bodies on the mirror
above the sideboard. The sight of my slick wet cock sliding in
and out of her swollen wet pussy and my balls slapping her ass
only excited me more.

I thrust faster and faster, surprised and ecstatic by this
strange turn of events. I could feel my balls tingle and suddenly
rise in their sac. I shot my load deep into her, filling her
pussy with my hot cum. . She shouted and amidst a lot of groans
and other animal like noises she came with my cock buried deep in
her virgin pussy. We stayed in that position without moving.

When I finally came to my senses, the both of us were entangled
in each other, my deflating cock still deep inside of her.

“We shouldn’t have done that”, I said in a hoarse whisper.

“I’m sorry Uncle Bob”, she said crying.

“Oh! Sweetie, don’t cry, I said.

“I wanted you to Uncle Bob”, she said

I kissed her neck and ears and whispered how much I loved her. We
fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Amy and I have been together for several years now. Both of us
confirmed nudist enjoying each other without any inhibitions or