Author: Norm DaPlume 
Title: War And Piece 
Part: 01/04 
Summary: Two eleven year old children are used abused, dominated and prostituted by their wicked stepmother/mother. This is a dark, erotic, sometimes humorous, tragedy, encompassing a cornucopia of adult themes. In it one can find almost every type of sexual practice (normal and alternate. Except MF) 
Keywords: b,g,bg,1st,Fb,M+b,M+g,tg,bd,best,exhib, caution,blackmail,nc,rape,reluc,rim,sad,sm,tort,viol, drug,Fdom,cbt,ds,humil,va,rom,anal,creampie,enem,ht, fat,menstr,oral,piv,scat,tg,toys,bi,feet,lac,goth, tragic,electro,copr,vore,more! 

                 War And Piece.
                By Norm DaPlume
       A Potpourri of Extreme Adult Fiction.

     Do everything as if it's the last thing you'll 
ever do.  You never know, it just might be. 

     This book is dedicated to contributors to the 
internet without whose industrious assistance I would 
have been neither inspired nor informed enough to write 
this book.  This book is the sum of both my own 
creativity and the research I was able to do in order 
to write it.  
     To that end I would like to thank all of the
sites I connected with, especially the twenty or so 
associated websites of "Kink.com," also 
"TubeGalore.com," "PurplePorno.com and "Xvideos.com" 
among others.  
     Also of great assistance in writing this novel 
were numerous dictionary and Thesaurus websites.  
Especially "Thesaurus.com," "Dictionary.com," "The Free 
Online Dictionary," "The Poop Thesaurus" and "The 
Online Slang Dictionary," without whose assistance this 
novel would have been more boring than a drill bit, Duller 
than tarisned silver and more cliche� than a pulp novel.  
     I would also like to thank all of the contrib-  
uters to "Google" and "The Wikipedia" for the profusion 
of information about all topics, in general, and doz-
ens of other websites too numerous to name. I would like to 
thank "You Tube" for the inspirational music it provided 
while I labored on this text.  
     Lastly, I would like to thank Johann Sebastian 
Bach posthumously.  His composition, "Prelude No. 1 in 
C sharp major," BWV 846, provided inspiration for the 
last chapters of this book.  They will also I expect, 
provide Inspiration for the last chapter of my life, 
which hopefully won't be written any time soon.   


     The following literature is intended only for 
adult audiences.  If you are a minor, (less 
than 18 years of age) put this book down;  it 
is not intended for you.  If you are 18 years 
of age or older, you may read this book with 
the understanding that you need to heed the 
advisories that follow.  

     This is a work of extreme fiction.  The 
characters are entirely made up.  Any 
resemblance to real people either living or 
dead is entirely coincidental.  The following is 
not intended for minors and may even be
unsuitable for many adult reading audiences
Reader discretion is therefore not only highly 
advised, but is, in fact, recommended.  

     In addition, the events depicted in this work 
are of a horrific and heinous nature.  The 
procedures depicted in this book have not been 
tried on actual people and therefore may 
be hazardous to real human beings.  
Their suitability for use as ideas for real 
sexual activity is therefore intended to be 
only suggestive and are no way being 
recommended.  They have been written for 
entertainment purposes only and are in no way 
intended for use on real people.  

     This work should be read only by adults 
responsible enough to recognize the difference 
between the incredibly deranged nature of the 
depictions in this work and the possible 
consequences of attempting these acts in a real 
life situation.  Fictional characters perform 
these events and people inexperienced in such 
arts should definitely not attempt to perform 
them.  In other words, "Don't try this at 

             A Step In The Wrong Direction.  

     From the time I first started going to school, I 
was always the smallest child in my class.  It was 
common for other boys to pick on me.  Often, I ran home 
crying after school.  I accepted this as my fate and 
felt helpless to do anything about it.  I was, I 
thought, destined to give my lunch money to the school 
bully for the rest of my life.  
     My mother died when I was young, and my father 
remarried soon afterward.  It was to a woman who had a 
daughter about my age.  The daughter as it turned out 
was also the smallest in her class, but she was bigger 
and stronger than I was.  
     My new mother instructed me to call her Arline.  
She was an unbelievably beautiful woman with dark brown 
eyes, long, straight, jet black hair, an exquisite 
body, and pursed lips, which always seemed to be arched 
in a look of disapproval.  She had what seemed to be a 
Russian accent.  I don't think she liked me very much, 
but I believed that she loved my father a great deal.  
I think she was about twenty-five years old.  
     Arline was a Licensed Practical Nurse, which was 
reassuring.  I didn't know much about my new mother, 
but I felt secure in the knowledge that if I were to 
suddenly stop breathing, I would be in good hands.  
     Her daughter's name was Melina.  She looked a lot 
like her mother.  She was also incredibly stunning, had 
a shapely body, dark brown eyes, long, straight, jet 
black hair, and the same disapproving look on her lips.  
I don't think she liked me very much either.  I on the 
other hand, was entirely captivated by her from the 
     My father worked as a fisherman.  He used to 
disappear on long voyages while his boat went hunting 
for quarry.  Eventually he would return, but not until 
the boat had a cargo hold full of fish.  That usually 
wasn't for weeks.  I would miss him while he was gone 
and until he returned.  When that happened, he would 
get a few days off before the boat went out again.  
     He was a good father, and our time together was 
always memorable.  He would take me to fish, fly kites, 
play baseball, watch TV; you know, father and son 
stuff.  For his honeymoon, my father got a month off, 
and during that time, he spent the first couple of 
weeks mostly with Arline, and the rest with all of his 
new family, including me.  
     After the honeymoon was over, he returned to the 
boat and left me in the care of Arline.  It was 
summertime and there wasn't any school.  I looked 
forward to the adventure of living with my new 
stepmother and stepsister.  
     My father had done a good job investing the money 
he made by fishing.  He bought land.  Our house was 
deep in the middle of a farm.  We had no neighbors for 
half a mile in every direction, and no one ever 
disturbed us.  
     So there we were, in the middle of virtual 
paradise, with no one to upset the quiet of our lives. 

        End Part 1/56 Continued in part 2/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 02/56
Summary: The main character is humiliated and 
diciplined by his stepmother (Arline) and 
stepsister (Melina.)
Keywords: b,g,sad,Fdom,cbt,humil

                      A Rude Awakening.

     On the very first day after my father left, Arline 
woke both Melina and me up at four in the morning.  I 
wasn't used to this, but it was obvious that Melina 
was.  I was sleepy and mopey, and my eyes were half 
closed.  Melina, on the other hand, was as alert as a 
jackrabbit on speed.  Arlene ordered us both into the 
bathroom, had us step into the shower and then 
instructed us to remove our clothing, one piece at a 
time.  I started removing my clothing even though I 
thought it was strange.  I wished to impress my new 
     I was wearing a simple two-piece pajama outfit, 
but Melina was wearing layer upon layer of clothing.  
On a piece-by-piece basis, I was definitely at a 
disadvantage.  I started to protest, but Arline just 
looked at me with those stern lips, and I decided I'd 
better not make waves.  I figured that eventually after 
Melina removed all of her clothes, she and I would be 
even.  Having never seen a naked female before, I was 
kind of looking forward to that.  
     Even though Melina had started to strip first, I 
was nude before Melina had removed even a fraction of 
her clothing.  Being an only child, I was not used to 
appearing naked in front of other people.  I wasn't 
even comfortable changing clothes in the boy's locker 
room at school, so this was terribly embarrassing for 
     I held my hands over my private parts as best I 
could.  Arline made a gesture, which prompted me to 
place my hands at my sides.  I tried to cover up by 
bending my rear end a little, and crossing my knees, 
but Arline's body language changed.  She motioned with 
gestures that I took to mean she wanted me to look 
straight ahead, stand up straight, at attention with my 
hands at my sides, and that she wanted me to spread my 
legs apart.  Hesitantly, I did so.  
     Suddenly, I noticed that my willy was 
conspicuously sticking straight out from my body.  It 
had never done that before.  I felt embarrassed.  My 
face got warm; I could feel it turning red.  I began to 
regret my father having gotten remarried.  
     At that point, Melina stopped undressing herself.  
Then she and Arline both stared at me in my nakedness 
and smiled for a long time.  No one had ever 
scrutinized me before.  I was mortified.  Interestingly, 
it was the first time that I could recollect either one 
of them smiling.  
     Arline had said nothing aloud since she had 
instructed us to strip, but she had already 
communicated a lot.  
     Arline finally looked at me, my face was bright 
red.  "You need not be embarrassed," She said, "I'm a nurse."    
     "Melina's not."  I said, flustered.  
     "But, she's going to be."  Responded Arline.   
     We stood there like that for a while, with Arline 
and Melina staring and smiling at me, and me wishing 
that I could disappear into some dark crack in the 
shower.  I felt a cold breeze blow over my rear end, 
and goose bumps began to develop on my arms, legs and 
     Finally, after what seemed like hours, Arline 
motioned to Melina, and she removed the rest of her 
clothing.  It took a few minutes, before she was done, 
they had both stopped smiling.  
     I was going to turn my head toward Melina.  I 
didn't get to look at her at all though, because 
Arline's expression got seriously, scary, I immediately 
started to look down and away from Melina.  What I did 
see in that short time was Melina looking amusedly, 
right at me, and Arline not appearing to mind or 
disapprove of her doing that.  
     Next, Arline motioned for Melina to turn on the 
shower.  Melina turned the shower on and the sudden, 
initial rush of cold water made me shrink away from the 
stream.  While I didn't look directly at Melina, I 
could sense that she was standing at attention under 
the cold stream, bearing it.  I looked at Arline, and 
she appeared appalled by my attempt to dodge the cold 
water.  I stood up, and allowed the cold water to 
splash on me too.  This caused my goose bumps to swell 
like warts, and I began to shiver.  I noticed that my 
willy was no longer standing out from my body.  It had 
shrunk practically to nothing.  It looked kind of like 
a red button.  I was relieved at it not standing out so 
prominently, but now I was embarrassed at it being so 
small.  Gradually the water began to warm up and so did 
     As the water warmed up, I began to pee.  It's a 
natural response to being wet, for me at least.  It 
happens all the time to me in swimming pools etc.  
Arline immediately grabbed my penis and stopped the 
flow.  It hurt a little when she did.  "Don't do that 
in the shower," she said.  Then she took a bottle and 
directed the flow of my urine into the bottle.  Ever 
since I was potty trained as a child, no one had 
touched my genitals, let alone a woman.  It was 
embarrassing for me, but it felt surprisingly nice, I 
wasn't sure why.  
     Then, Arline motioned to Melina by pointing up.  
Melina slowly began to turn the hot water on higher and 
higher, until it became uncomfortably hot for me.  Then 
she turned it up even higher.  I was sure it was going 
to scald me.  I tried to duck out of the stream, but 
based on Arline's expression, and the fact that I could 
see Melina's outline standing at attention out of the 
corner of my eye, I thought better of it.  
     We stood that way for a few minutes, the goose 
bumps disappeared and my skin began turning red.  I 
could not see Melina clearly, but I could sense her 
standing right beside me, enduring the water as well.  
I felt self-conscious about my weenie, and when I 
looked down at it, I could see it had gotten longer 
again, but at least it was no longer sticking straight 
out.  It had wilted; it had bent over and was dangling 
like cooked asparagus.  I felt embarrassed again.  
     Next Arline handed me a bar of soap, I could see 
she was handing one to Melina as well.  Following that 
she handed me one of those large, peanut shaped, stiff 
bristled, eight-inch long, washerwoman type brushes.  I 
could see she had handed one to Melina as well.  
     "Okay, wash" she said.  
     I rubbed the soap onto the brush, and started 
washing my hands.  
     "Good" she said, "but wash all over."  
     I began rubbing the brush over my chest and when I 
did, it hurt because it was so stiff.  It was 
especially painful because my skin was already stinging 
from the hot water.  I stopped scrubbing, but Arline 
asked "Do you want me to do it?"  Out of the corner of 
my eye, I could see that Melina appeared to be doing 
what Arline wanted.  I also got a quick peek at her 
butt, which showed because she was bending over to 
scrub one of her feet.  It was a side view, but I was 
satisfied to get that glimpse, after having had Arline 
and Melina look as me for so long, earlier.  
     Arline saw me do that.  She was not happy.  "Okay.  
That does it.  I'm going to show you how to cleanse 
yourself."  She grabbed the brush out of my hands.  
     Arline rubbed the soap onto the brush for quite a 
few seconds.  "Turn around" she ordered me.  I turned 
my back to her.  It was a relief not to be facing her, 
"sunny side up," as I had been.  Arline started 
brushing my back.  It was already smarting from the hot 
water, but when she applied the brush, it began to 
really sting.  I fussed, but she did not stop.  
     "Go ahead and scream.  Nobody can hear you."  
(That was to be her and Melina's mantra for the rest of 
the summer.)  I tried to get away but she was holding 
me tightly with one hand and scrubbing with the other.  
     "Stop squirming" she ordered me loudly.  I 
couldn't.  "That does it," she bellowed.  Arline told 
me to get on my knees, which I did, and then she bent 
me over the side of the bathtub so that my butt was 
facing up.  She pulled a long handled back scrubber out 
of a bag that she had with her.  
     Suddenly, "thwack" she smacked me viciously on the 
ass with the handle end of the back scrubber.   
     I saw stars, for a couple of seconds, waves of 
pain flowed over my butt continuing across my entire 
body.  My butt seemed to be on fire.  I screamed.  
     "Now, will you stop squirming?" she asked.  I 
tried to get away again.  "thwack" went the scrubber 
again, I saw stars again, and there was more pain, more 
burning, more screaming.  "Now, will you stop 
squirming?" she asked.  Humbled and disheartened, I 
stopped struggling, and quieted down.  
     After the pain subsided a little, "thwack" she 
struck me again this time even harder than the two 
times before.  "What was that for?"  I yelled.  
     "That was for looking at Melina's behind earlier.  
I saw you, you know.  You are never to look at Melina 
when she's not clothed.  Now get back up.  We'll 
     I stood back up, deciding whether the quick peek 
at Melina's ass was worth the swat I had received, and 
Arline returned to scrubbing my back.  She continued 
with an intensity that felt like she was scraping the 
skin off my back.  In that there was no blood in the 
rinse water, I reasoned that it was only pain, and that 
she wasn't doing actual damage.  By now, she had worked 
her way down to my butt.  
     As she scoured my butt, I could feel her working 
on the areas where the brush handle had landed when she 
beat me.  I tried to be brave and endure the pain, but 
they really hurt, a lot.  I couldn't stop myself from 
first wincing, then crying, when she did it.  She 
didn't say anything, but neither did she stop the 
erosive cleansing.  
     After finishing my legs, I started to turn around, 
but she held me fast with her one arm.  Then she told 
me to bend over and spread my legs.  At that point, she 
began scrubbing the crack of my ass, intensely.  The 
coarse bristles bit into my skin harder than they had 
before.  Suddenly I could feel the bar of soap, first 
on my asshole, then pressing against my asshole, then 
inside my asshole.  Whoa.  
     "What are you doing?"  I asked loudly.  
     "Cleansing your anus" was the reply.  At that 
point, the soap came out, and I felt Arline pushing the 
tip of the brush into the hole with great force.  
Before I could respond, Arline started twisting the 
brush around, and around.  It hurt.  I screamed.  
Arline and Melina started laughing.  
     "Okay.  Now, turn around."  Arline said.  
     Melina was still in the shower; her motion had 
pretty much stopped.  I guessed she was done with her 
cleansing, and was staring at me taking pleasure in my 
humiliation and discomfort.  I didn't look to find out, 
due to the consequences that I assumed would ensue.  I 
was careful turning around and made sure I faced away 
from Melina.  
     Arline instructed me to close my eyes, which I 
did.  Then she said "Melina will finish decontaminating 
you."  Mortified, I tried to get out of the shower, but 
Arline had anticipated my response.  She grabbed me and 
folded me over the edge of the bathtub.  "Thwack" went 
the back scrubber.  Then "Thwack" again.  These hurt 
even more than the previous ones had, and I quickly 
realized that since Arline had been holding me with 
both hands, that Melina must have meted out the 
     Subdued, I screamed "Okay."  
     Arline let me loose and I stood up with my eyes 
closed.  "Now turn to me," said Melina in a candy 
coated voice.  I turned toward her.  My penis began to 
feel funny again.  Then I got the bright idea that maybe  
I could squint a little and see more of Melina in the 
raw, but before I could do that, Melina wiped a ton of 
soapsuds over my eyes.  
     Melina began brushing.  She did it harder than her 
mother did, and it hurt more.  For some reason that 
didn't bother me as much as her mother's less intense 
brushing did.  I thought I could feel her dark brown 
eyes staring at my pecker the whole time she was 
scouring me.  It made my penis feel funny again.  I 
tried to open my eyes.  That was a bad idea.  Soapsuds 
and intense pain entered my eyelids.  First I saw white 
then I saw stars, and when Melina saw me blinking, she 
put a whole lot more soap on them.  
     Melina skipped from the bottom of my stomach, to 
my legs.  When she had finished with my feet, she said 
"Now spread your legs apart".  "Wider" she said.  
"Wider."  I was totally exposed, ashamed, cramped, and 
my face turned red again.  My penis was beginning to 
feel peculiar again.  
     At that, Melina grabbed my balls savagely, and 
squeezed them somewhat painfully.  I nearly jumped 
through the ceiling.  For as long as I could remember, 
nobody had ever touched me on that part of my body, and 
I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.  I 
wasn't allowed even to look at Melina, and now, there 
she was, handling my sex organs.  This seemed unfair.  
     But then, Melina began brushing them with in the 
same strict manner she had done the rest of my body, 
and with that I really did jump towards the ceiling.  
Unfortunately, Melina was holding my balls tightly in 
her hand, and I succeeded only in hurting myself.  I 
screamed loudly.  "Go ahead and scream" Arline and 
Melina said in unison.  They both laughed hysterically 
and Melina held on.  They were enjoying this.  I 
     Melina resumed "cleansing" my testicles, and I 
began protesting loudly.  "Okay.  Now shut up," said 
Arline "or you'll get yourself into more trouble.  
You're giving me a headache."  I shut up.  The pain 
continued for a while, and then Arline grabbed my dick.  
     When Melina began scrubbing my monkey, the 
sensation changed to extreme pain plus something I had 
never experienced before.  It felt somewhere between 
the way it feels when you first start to pee and 
tickling only far more intense.  I began uncontrollably 
bending my ass forward and back.  But that only caused 
more strain on my balls, which Melina was still holding 
onto tightly, and on my penis, which Arline was now 
gripping.  Nevertheless, I couldn't stop moving every 
time she went over it with that brush.  I was in a lot 
of pain.  Arline and Melina were in stitches.  
     Unbeknownst to Arline and Melina, the soap on my 
eyes eventually dripped off and then, accidently at 
first, my eyes opened.  For the first time, I could 
keep them open.  I was still standing facing Melina and 
I got an exceptionally good look at her standing there 
with her legs spread wide apart, for balance.  She was 
available to fully view.  My mouth flew open, my eyes 
grew wider than my mouth did, and I stopped struggling, 
frozen, for a few seconds while I took in all that 
there was to see.  To my surprise, Arline was now nude 
as well, and there was even more to see there.  I just 
kept on looking from one to the other and back.  
     For some reason they looked much more beautiful 
than when they were dressed.  At least to me they did.  
I could see that Arline had ample breasts, they were 
pale, perky, had brown cones near the ends and large 
round points at the tips.  Above the place where her 
legs joined, there was a triangle of dense, curly, 
black hair that went up nearly to her navel.  Her hand 
was poised between her legs, and to my surprise, it 
looked like her finger had disappeared somewhere deep 
inside the black hair.  
     Melina had small, almost indiscernible, milky 
white breasts with smaller, light tan centers and small 
tan tips.  Above the triangle where her legs joined, 
there was a small pale triangular mound, ending in kind 
of a cleft at the bottom.  Beneath this, some pink skin 
was hanging out.  She had practically no hair 
downstairs except for two lines, one on either side of 
the cleft.  
     It was obvious that I had taken them both by 
surprise, because for a while neither one of them could 
react.  Then they both pulled me in opposite 
directions, and I fell to my knees.  Fortunately, I 
slipped out of both of their grasps when that happened 
or I would be a eunuch today.  
     Arline recovered first.  She grabbed my arms, and 
pulled me over the edge of the bathtub.  Melina then 
grabbed the back scrubber and smacked me mercilessly on 
my ass, five times, without stopping.  This was the 
most pain I had ever endured.  The pain radiated from 
my ass and just kept going in all directions.  It felt 
like someone had poured red-hot charcoal on my butt.  I 
started crying, but I did it quietly, to avoid angering 
them any further.  
     Once again, I began weighing whether the peek I 
had gotten was worth the price I had paid.  This time, 
I decided that it definitely was.  The pain would go 
away, but the memory of the vista I beheld would live 
on forever.  
     Arline wrapped a towel around my face in a manner 
that prevented my being able to see any more.  "Bath 
time's over" she said in a harsh, angry whisper.  
     Mortified and still stinging from the brushing, I 
spent most of the rest of that day in my room.  At the 
meal table, I did not look up from my plate for fear 
that my eyes would meet theirs.  
     Nothing much happened during the rest of the day 
except, when I went to the bathroom I was unable to 
close the door.  It appeared to be jammed open.  When I 
went to go pee, I noticed that there were several 
scratch marks on my penis.  Light scabs had formed over 
some of the ones on my dick head, and the head appeared 
redder than usual.  It was still aching somewhat, 
though the pain was not nearly as great as it had been 
that morning.  My ball sack was also scratched up.  It 
too had a few light scabs on it, and was also still 
     I looked up and there was Arline.  "I just cleaned 
the toilet."  She said.  "I don't want you to dirty it, 
so pee in here."  She handed me a jar.  I thought it 
strange, but I did what she had asked.  
     It was obvious that I was having trouble peeing 
with her looking at me but Arline continued staring at 
me anyway.  
     Following that, she left with the jar.  I looked 
at my butt in the full-length mirror in the bathroom, 
and there were ten swollen red lines, which stood out 
clearly, across my white ass.  When I touched them, 
they burned in a manner reminiscent of the way they 
had, when I first received the lashings.  
     Shortly after dinner, that night, Arline sent both 
Melina and me to bed, and she soon followed.  I was 
exhausted, after being woken up so early that morning, 
and I closed my eyes attempting to go to sleep.  Try as 
I may though, I was unable to find a comfortable 
position, due to the painful injuries that had been 
inflicted upon me that day.  I spent the night tossing 
and turning, though I did it gently.  I found myself 
awake far into the morning.  I don't think I actually 
fell asleep at all that night.   

          End Part 02/56 Continued in part 03/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 01/56
Summary: The main character is humiliated and 
diciplined by his stepmother (Arline) and his 
stepsister (Melina.)  He learns about recycling. 
Some new things are added to his menu.
Keywords: b,g,F/b,f/b,exhib,sad,viol,cbt,humil,anal,

                        Boner Fide.  

     The next day, Arline woke Melina and me up at four 
in the morning again, and ordered us into the shower 
again.  She directed us to strip again, and once again, 
I was wearing my pajamas, having forgotten about what 
had occurred the prior day.  Once again, I was naked 
and cold before Melina had even begun to remove most of 
her bedclothes.  
     Arline instructed me to get on my knees, and to 
lean over the edge of the bathtub.  The the tub was
hard and cold on my naked body and knees.  Melina, 
who was still mostly dressed, picked up the back 
scrubber.  With that, silent tears started to flow from 
my eyes and down my cheeks as I remembered the agonizing 
events of the day before.  
     Instead of striking me however, Melina rubbed soap 
onto the bristles on the end of the brush and then 
dripped some soapy water onto my asshole.  For a 
moment, I was relieved to think that at least for the 
time being, I was apparently not going to receive a 
     I began to settle down; I eased up, and stopped 
crying, my muscles relaxed.  Then without warning, 
Melina forcibly stuck the handle of the back scrubber 
deep into my butt hole.  The handle was made of wood, 
was completely dry, and was of a substantial size.  It 
stretched my back door to its limit.  I can't describe 
the pain it caused.  
     You've probably never had a thick, dry, wooden 
brush handle thrust into you, without lubrication.  So 
it's likely you have no idea how painful it is.  Try it 
if you don't believe me.  Suffice it to say, I hollered 
when it happened, I stiffened up, and started crying 
again.  Melina and Arline both started laughing 
hysterically.  "Go ahead and scream." they said in what 
sounded like harmony.  
     Arline handed me a blindfold, and ordered me to 
put it on.  When I did, it completely obscured my 
vision.  This really scared me because after that, I 
had no way to know what they might be preparing for me.  
Then, I found out.  Both of them began spanking my butt 
as hard as they could.  They each took the cheek 
nearest to them and began walloping away.  I started 
bawling loudly, and Arline said to me in a menacing 
voice, "I have a headache, you'd better stop making 
noise, or else."  I stopped the yelling, but the tears 
continued, and so did the battering.  Finally, Melina 
said "My hand hurts." and they both stopped spanking 
me.  Arline told Melina to remove the rest of her 
clothing and as near as I could determine based on what 
I was hearing, she did.  
     Next, both of them started lightly stroking my ass 
cheeks and my loins with their fingertips.  It tickled.  
I found it comforting after the beating that I had 
received just prior to that.  I could feel my asshole 
tightening on the stick when they did it.  Also, I 
didn't know why, but my penis began feeling strange 
again as if it was trying to stand up straight.  I had 
no idea why this was happening, but it too felt sort of 
nice.  It was embarrassing however, and I'm sure my 
face turned very red.  They continued this for a while, 
and I stopped crying.  Eventually however, they 

                 No Ifs Ands Or Butts.  

     The handle of the brush was still up my butt, and 
one of them grabbed it and started moving it forward 
and back, left and right and around and around.  
Because I was wearing the blindfold, I had no way to 
tell whom it was.  It hurt a great deal and 
reflexively, by butt cheeks squeezed tightly around it, 
which made it even more painful.  
     Next, whoever it was began pulling it out and 
pushing it back in, repeatedly.  This hurt terribly, 
and at that point, I began to worry that I might get 
splinters.  I wondered how I was ever going to get 
splinters out of my asshole.  Then I remembered Arline 
was a nurse.  Surely she would know how to remove them.  
     Nevertheless silent tears began rolling down my 
cheeks again.  Whoever it was continued by working the 
stick in and out, and eventually, the pain eased up.  
Soon the motion caused me to feel like I had to take a 
shit.  I tried holding back, but the in-out motion was 
making it impossible to resist.  Try as I may, the 
motion caused involuntary muscles to react, and the 
inevitable happened.  When whoever it was, pulled the 
stick all the way out, out came a matching set of large 
turds, right into the bathtub.  Melina didn't react 
even though she was standing next to me.  
     Arline spoke next.  "You're going to learn how to 
recycle now."  She said, "Stick your tongue out."  I 
was still wearing the blindfold, but my nose perceived 
what was happening.  I resisted.  "Stick out your 
tongue" she said again, this time she spoke more 
loudly.  I resisted again.  "Stick out your tongue, or 
I'll have to discipline you" she said, this time it was 
more of a raspy whisper.  She sounded menacing, but I 
continued to resist.  "Thwack" something came down on 
my butt causing searing pain.  
     "No."  I yelled.  
     "No."  I screamed.  
     "All right!"  Out came my tongue.  It was easy to 
guess what that fowl smelling, bitter, slimy, putrid, 
flavor was.  I began to puke.  
     "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" said Melina.  She was still 
standing next to me in the shower.  
     "Thwack, thwack, thwack."  "Don't ever do that 
again" said Arline.  The pain was convincing.  I stuck 
out my tongue, and tasted the pungent, yucky, 
disgusting product again.  "Now lick it clean," she 
     It was all I could do to recover from those first 
tastes, and now she wanted me to feast upon it.  I was 
about to resist, but I realized that I was not going to 
win that battle.  I figured that she would continue to 
flail me until I did what she wanted.  I reasoned that 
it was after all my own shit, (I hoped) so it likely 
wasn't too toxic.  
     "Well?"  She said.  
     Out came my tongue, and I began to lick the 
repulsive, revolting, vile product from the stick, 
gagging all the while, but not puking.  It took quite 
some time for me to clean the stick to Arline's 
satisfaction because being blindfolded; I was unable to 
see what I was doing.  But in the end, Arline was 
apparently satisfied, and she stopped beating me.  
     After that, Arline told me to stand up, and told 
Melina to turn on the water.  Melina turned it up extra 
hot as she had before.  Then Arline handed us both soap 
and a scrubber brush, and told us to "disinfect" 
ourselves.  I could hear Melina scrubbing away, and I 
began to cleanse myself.  I must have done a better job 
that day, because Arline didn't criticize me.  
     When I got to my penis however, though I tried to 
look like I was doing a good job, Arline obviously 
wasn't satisfied.  Instead of telling me that she 
didn't like the job I was doing, she said "One can't 
really be expected to scrub one's own back well."  She 
grabbed the brush, but instead of telling me to turn 
around, she grabbed my cock and started scrubbing it 
rigorously.  If I had been a wall she was scrubbing 
with that brush, she would have removed the paint from 
it.  She might as well have been using a wire brush on 
me; it felt like she was burning me with a blowtorch.  
     "Owww" I yelled.  "Quiet," she said, "this has to 
be completely cleaned."  She scrubbed and scrubbed.  
Top, bottom, the sides, then the head, all of which she 
did with unrelenting vigor and, it seemed to me, 
     Then she grabbed my balls in a vise like grip and 
did my sensitive scrotal sack.  This she scrubbed 
mercilessly, pounding it so hard with the brush that I 
thought my balls would burst.  I was sure she was going 
to scar my genitals for life.  When she finally did my 
back, she scraped it with such intensity; I figured 
there would be blood.  I was surprised that it did not 
seem to hurt so much.  I guess it was because my 
genitalia were throbbing from the abuse to such a 
degree, that I really didn't notice the pain of the 
rasping on my back.  
     Arline then told Melina to turn off the water, 
which she did promptly.  I heard the sound of a towel 
being furled around Melina and waited for the warmth of 
one to be placed on me.  That did not happen.  Instead, 
Arline opened the door and let cold air from the 
hallway rush in to the bathroom.  
     I went from blazing, sweaty hot to freezing, icy 
cold in about thirty seconds.  Before long, I was 
shivering and goose bumps the size of the Rocky 
Mountains soon covered me.  "May I leave, Mother dear?" 
asked Melina, "Yes daughter, darling" sang Arline.  
"May I leave, mother dear?"  I asked hopefully.  "No, 
mongrel." she uttered.  I could hear Melina's laughter 
echoing down the hall.  Arline kept me there, wet and 
shivering until I air dried.  
     After the bath, Arline led me to my room, still 
blindfolded.  "Wait for me here" she said.  
     When she returned, she removed the blindfold I had 
been wearing, and I looked up to see her and Melina 
standing there.  Arline was wearing a black leather 
outfit so tight I could see the tips of her nipples 
protruding through the leather.  Her breasts seemed to 
be trying to burst out of their confinement.  In the cor-
ner where her legs joined, there was a small lump.  
Hanging from her side, was what appeared to be a 
leather covered stick about two and a half feet long 
and about a quarter inch wide.  In addition, she was 
wearing a black mask, like the one the Lone Ranger 
wore, only made out of leather.  
     Melina was wearing an identical outfit, except 
smaller of course, her tits didn't bulge out at all, 
the way Arline's did, but her small nipples did, and 
the above the spot where her legs joined there was a 
distinct furrow.  
     Arline handed me what looked like a leather 
blindfold.  It had a black triangular patch with three 
leather strings.  "Put this on" she said.  
     I fumbled with it, trying to get it to fit over my 
face.  I looked up questioningly at Arline.  "Idiot" 
she said, tearing it from my hands with a viciousness 
that made my fingers numb.  "Spread your legs." she 
     I still was not comfortable standing nude in front 
of them, especially with my legs spread apart, so I 
resisted at first, but one look from Arline and I 
spread my legs apart far enough to drive an eighteen-
wheeler through.  
     Arline then connected two of the strings around my 
waist tightly.  She pulled the third string between my 
legs and connected it tightly to the first two, behind 
my back.  My penis had been standing straight out.  The 
black patch, bent it uncomfortably in half and the 
third string bit into the crack of my ass.  
     I looked in the mirror; it looked like I was 
wearing the bottom part of a bikini.  Arline then 
handed me what looked like a small belt with sharp 
studs sticking out.  It was too short to go around my 
waist, so I figured it had to go around my neck.  I 
started to put it on, and looked up to see that Arline 
was nodding approvingly.  
     "What shall we do now Mother?" asked Melina.  The 
mocking tone in her voice suggested that she already 
knew the answer.  
     "Let's go have breakfast," sang Arline in a 
similar tone.  
     They led me to the kitchen.  Melina sat down.  
Arline sat down.  I took a seat.  "Who said you could 
sit down?"  Asked Arline.  I stood up.  
     "Bend over" said Arline.  I was scared, but I did 
as she said.  
     Arline pulled the switch from her side, and then 
brought it across my bare ass two times using full 
swings.  It landed with a sickening "crack."  
     "Yow" I screamed.  That really hurt.  Somehow, 
despite it being so thin, it hurt significantly more 
than whatever they had been using in the shower.  
Ripples of pain climbed over my body like a tidal wave.  
I got nauseous, and started gagging, but one look from 
Arline, and I stifled the puke.  "You may now return to 
attention," said Arline.  
     Arline went to the counter threw some bread into 
the toaster and started cracking eggs into a bowl.  
Tears were forming in my eyes, but I did not say 
anything.  I simply watched Arline's every move with 
blurry vision.  As she scrambled the eggs, I identified 
with them.  I knew how the eggs felt, being broken and 
mixed up myself.  She placed a frying pan over one of 
the burners on the stove and added some butter.  When 
it had heated up sufficiently, she poured in the eggs.  
They made a shushing sound as she fried them.  Having 
not gotten any sleep the night before, I was fried too.  
     I remembered when my mother would cook eggs, back 
when she was alive.  It was a fond memory because it 
let to breakfast, which was a good time for our family.  
At first, remembering back to those days relaxed me and 
I calmed down somewhat.  But then, more tears fell when 
I realized that those days were gone now, probably 
     Next Arline removed most of the eggs from the pan 
and placed them on two plates along with some toast, 
then she added something to the remaining eggs, folded 
them over, omelet style, and put them on a third plate 
along with some toast.  She placed the first two plates 
by her spot and Melina's, and placed the third plate 
(with the omelet) on the table in front of me.  
     I was hungry.  I hadn't eaten much the prior day, 
so I grabbed my fork ready for my breakfast.  Arline 
smiled an evil smile and passed me the salt.  Melina 
was smiling too.  They both looked at me, staring.  
I wondered what the joke was.  I spilled some salt onto 
the eggs, and took a forkful.  Something dark was 
oozing out of the eggs, but I was too hungry to care.  
I took the forkful and popped it into my mouth.  
Raucous laughter filled the room and I realized that I 
had taken my first bite ever, of a shit omelet.  I spit 
it onto the plate retching.  
     "Eat it," said Arline.  She started tapping the 
end of the switch onto her hand, wearing that frown of 
hers.  I put some more salt on it, picked it up and 
swallowed that first bite again.  The salt hadn't 
improved the flavor any.  I finished the omelet, though 
in the end, it took many swats from Arline's lash to 
persuade me.  
     Arline then went to the refrigerator and took out 
a glass of something yellow.  I hoped at first that it 
was lemonade, but the color seemed off.  My fears were 
confirmed when I took a sniff of the contents of the 
glass.  As I had deduced, it was urine.  "It's better 
chilled" she said with an evil smile.  Suddenly I 
recognized it to be the glass she had used in the 
bathtub.  I looked up pleadingly at Arline.  She stared 
down impassively at me, and tapped the end of the 
switch on her free hand again.  I took a small sip and 
it was terrible.  I started heaving again, and Arline 
said "You may as well get used to it."  I took another 
sip, and puked.  Melina was sitting right next to us.  
"Ewwwwwwwwwwww." She said.  
     Arline grabbed me, sat down and threw me over her 
knee.  I could smell the leather of her outfit, and for 
a moment, it sort of gave me a brief thrill.  But then 
Arline held me down and spread my ass cheeks wide 
apart.  Melina removed her own lash and aiming it slowly 
and deliberately, she slammed it down savagely, three 
times landing it squarely in the crack of my ass.  O h    
m y    G o d.  
     The thin cord, which secured the G-string I was 
wearing, did nothing to lessen the blows.  These were 
the most painful shots yet.  I screamed louder than I 
had done before.  I brought my hand to my butt hole and 
then looked at the moisture.  I was bleeding.  
     Arline let me loose.  I looked up at her.  She 
seemed just the slightest bit sorry at first, then her 
face hardened, the frown returned to her lips, and she 
pointed to the glass.  I drank it quickly, and then ran 
off, retching, all the way to my room.  
     I'm not sure why, but for some reason, when lunch 
came, I wasn't hungry.  I stayed in my room.  
     I lay there on my bed most of the day.  My butt 
hole was really sore, so I just lay on my stomach 
trying to relax as much as I could, what with my butt 
and my genitals stinging and all.  
     Something kept echoing persistently in my head.  
What had Arline meant by "You may as well get used to 
it."  I was afraid that I did know what she meant, but 
I couldn't believe she would actually be trying to 
poison me.  That is what I expected would happen.  What 
had I done to her to make her be so mean to me?  
     Later that day, I snuck out of my room to get a 
drink of water.  Melina heard me in the bathroom.  I 
had tried to lock the door, but Arline had disabled the 
lock.  Melina burst into the bathroom, and grabbed the 
glass of water from my hands.  She was still wearing 
her leather outfit.  I was still wearing the thong.  
She stared down at the patch of black I was wearing and 
checked out the bulge, which had formed.  
     She emptied the glass and said "I'll take care of 
this for you.  Get out, and don't open the door."  Then 
she walked into the bathroom and came out a minute 
later with the glass half-full of liquid.  It was dark 
in the hallway, and I couldn't tell what was in the 
glass.  I was cautious, and smelled its contents.  As I 
thought, it was piss, and it was still warm.  
     I handed back the glass, "Thanks anyway," I said, 
and I wandered off.  
     "Okay," she said.  "Go thirsty if you want.  
You'll have to drink eventually."  
     I went into the kitchen,  Arline was there, 
reading.  "What do you want?"  She asked.  
     "May I please have something to drink?"  I asked.  
     "Sure" she said, and pointed to a pitcher of 
yellow liquid.  "Help yourself."  
     I ran crying to my room.  
     When dinnertime arrived, I went into the kitchen, 
hopeful for a reprieve.  There were only two chairs at 
the table.  I understood that there was no chair for 
me, so I remained standing.  Arline served TV dinners.  
Arline got a Mexican dinner.  Melina got fried chicken.  
I got green beans and corn.  The main section contained 
a  small piece of meatloaf and what proved to be baked 
shit from that morning's shower.  I felt sick.  
     I started to walk out of the kitchen, but Arline 
said "We eat our dinners as a family in this house."  I 
decided I would just stand at my place, but Arline said 
"What's the matter?  Don't you like my cooking?  I'll 
be insulted if you don't finish your tray."  I picked 
up a fork and started eating the part of the tray that 
was actually food.  Arline and Melina continued eating 
and when their trays were finished, they began staring 
at me.  I ate the corn, which was in another section.  
They continued watching.  I ate the third section, 
which contained green beans.  I hated green beans, but 
I wanted to appear to be enjoying my meal and I didn't 
want to have to eat the excrement.  
     Then Arline began tapping the switch against her 
hand.  I took a bite of what was remaining on my tray.  
Melina and Arline had finished their trays, but I still 
had a good bit of what had originally been on my tray.  
In fact, I had only eaten that part of the entr�e 
section that was actually meatloaf, and they knew it.  
Arline began tapping the switch on her free hand again, 
and she started looking scary, Melina was smiling 
wickedly.  Slowly, I began to finish off the rest of 
the tray.  It was awful, bitter, disgusting and it 
stuck to my tongue and roof of my mouth.  When I had 
finished every morsel on my tray, Arline handed me a 
glass of liquid.  
     That was too much to bear.  I began throwing up 
uncontrollably.  Arline and Melina beat me soundly.  
Then they gave me some paper towels and made me clean 
up the whole mess, including the dishes.  An hour 
later, I staggered into my bedroom and looked in the 
mirror.  The lashes on my butt were too numerous to 
count.  They stood out starkly, red and swollen.  In 
spots, they were covered with scabs.  
     Once again, I got very little sleep that night.  I 
just lay around on my stomach most of the night.  
Moments after I finally fell asleep, Arline woke me up.  
It was four in the morning.  

            End Part 03/56 Continued in part 04/56

 Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 04/56
Summary: The main character is bound, gagged  
and disciplined.   The new memu continues.  Our
hero is introduced to a new health procedure.  
He learns more about water sports, and recycling.
Keywords: b,g,exhib,sad,viol,Fdom,cbt,humil,ht,bd

           The Enemy Of My Enema Is My Friend.  

     We assembled in the shower.  I was pleased with 
myself, because I had remembered to dress heavily, the 
night before.  There I stood, toe to toe with Melina.  
I was sweating like a gin and tonic in a steam bath, 
from wearing several pairs of pajamas, several pairs of 
socks, and a nightcap.  Arline looked at me as if I had 
two heads.  She was obviously not impressed, and 
ordered me to remove all of the clothing, 
"immediately."  She did not ask Melina to remove hers 
at all.  
     Moments later, I was standing naked in the shower 
again, and Melina still had all of her clothing on, as 
usual.  She told Melina to get out of the shower, and 
then ordered me to get on my knees, with my hands on 
the floor of the shower.  I was kneeling in an 
embarrassing and uncomfortable position, with my balls 
hanging down and my ass cheeks spread apart.  Arline 
took a hose out of the bag she usually carried to the 
shower.  A rubber, hot water bottle was connected the 
hose.  She hung the hot water bottle on the shower 
curtain rod.  Then she wet a bar of soap, and rubbed it 
on my butt hole.  
     With that, she shoved a plastic tube, which was at 
the other end of the hose, violently into my asshole, 
and released a clip on the tube.  I could feel warm 
water flowing into my butt.  "Take a deep breath," she 
ordered.  "Again" she said.  The warm water continued 
to flow and she continued, instructing me to breathe 
deeply.  After the bottle emptied, she put a five-
gallon plastic bucket into the bathtub and told me to 
sit on it and "Hold it in" she said.  
     "For how long" I asked.  
     "Forever" she answered, and pulled out a 
     I sat there, breathing and squeezing, for as long 
as I could.  Eventually, stuff began leaking out.  
Slowly, at first, just a few drops at a time, then, 
unable to control myself any longer, a rush of gooey 
brown water came out.  Arline hit the stopwatch.  "Not 
long enough" she said sternly.  
     Arline continued to have me sit on the bucket as 
the rest of the contents of my colon evacuated.  Then 
she put a top on the bucket and removed it from the 
     Melina was dressed, sitting on top of the toilet 
bowl, suggestively waving her hand by her nose to 
relieve the smell, so Arline turned on the ventilator 
     Arline put the blindfold on me, and then she had 
Melina strip and turn on the water.  When I started to 
pee, I could feel Arline directing the spray into a 
vessel of some sort.  The shower continued much the 
same way it had on the previous days, except that for 
the first time ever, Arline had me scrub Melina's back.  
I really couldn't see what I was doing because (Duh) I 
was blindfolded, but I could tell I was doing Melina's 
back harder than she was really used to, by the way in 
which she was arching herself when I did it.  
     Causing Melina pain while washing her, made me 
feel vindicated.  As I got close to Melina's ass, I 
grew hopeful that I might cop a feel, but Arline 
stopped me before I got there.  Then Arline told Melina 
to "sterilize" my entire body, and as far as I could 
tell, she did.  Front, back, top, bottom, left, right, 
outside and then, inside (Ouch).  
     Once again, Arline gave Melina a bath towel, and I 
had to air dry.  After I dried, Arline led me to my 
room, and removed the blindfold.  She handed me the G-
String and had me put it on.  Then she buckled a thick, 
stiff, leather belt tightly to my waist.  Connected to 
that belt over my hips, were leather handcuffs.  When 
she buckled my wrists into the cuffs, I found that I 
was unable to move my arms from my sides.  
     Next, she put on the studded collar.  This time 
she clipped a steel chain link leash to the collar.  
When Arline led me around by it, I found that I was 
obliged to go wherever she led me.  
     "Let's go have breakfast," said Arline.  She led 
me by the leash into the kitchen, and connected the 
leash to a hitch near the center of the table.  I found 
that the leash was only long enough to allow me to 
stand up if I bent over a little.  
     Melina had cooked breakfast.  I noticed my oatmeal 
was darker than the other servings, and for a moment I 
imagined it had brown sugar and cinnamon on it.  Then I 
began to gag a little bit when I realized what the 
source of the color actually was.  
     I couldn't eat my cereal with the cuffs on so I 
had to wait until Arline and Melina finished their 
breakfasts.  I hoped they might forget about me, but no 
such luck.  When they were ready, Melina gently took a 
spoon of the abhorrent gruel and carefully placed it by 
my nose as one would a child.  I didn't open my mouth.  
Melina was obliged to squeeze my cheeks together like a 
dog, to compel me to open up my mouth.  It worked, and 
Melina placed the spoon into my mouth and then withdrew 
it, neatly drawing the edge of the spoon across my 
lips, like one does for a baby, to pick up the 
     I spit the foul smelling porridge out, into the 
bowl.  Arline pulled the switch off her belt, and began 
tapping it against her hand.  Melina tried to feed me 
another spoonful, but I wouldn't open my mouth.  Arline 
grabbed the leash, and pulled it all the way down.  
Then she hitched it to the far side of the table.  
     I couldn't stop what was to happen next.  Arline 
had my arms helplessly bound up with the cuffs and my 
body bent over the table with the leash.  My butt was 
standing out, over the edge of the table, in the air; a 
sitting duck.  Two lightning strikes later, I was in 
agony.  The torment seemed even worse with my hands 
helplessly tied to my hips.  I screamed.  "Go ahead and 
scream."  Arline reminded me.  I looked up at the lash, 
then down at the bowl, then pleadingly at Arline.  Then 
I opened my mouth, and Melina fed me the rest of the 
bowl, without incident.  
     Melina offered me a drink, but I wasn't going to 
drink my own urine unless I had to.  "You're going to 
get thirsty eventually," she said.  
     "Maybe so" I thought to myself, "But not today."  
I was going to delay it as long as I could.  
     Arline unhitched the leash and then led me to a 
spot in the living room where there was a 2-inch high 
board on the floor.  She made me step onto the board, 
and then she stood on a chair and hitched the leash to 
a spot high on the wall above the board.  There was no 
slack in the leash.  She said "step off of the board."  
When I did, I found that the leash was too tight to 
allow me to stand on the carpet unless I was on tippy 
toes.  If I wasn't, the collar around my throat dug 
uncomfortably into my neck, and pretty much stopped the 
air from getting through.  
     Arline took out a stopwatch and hit the start 
button.  "I'll be back," she sang.  With that, she 
left.  This was frightening.  I wondered if I was going 
to choke to death.  I held the position with my heels 
off the floor, and soon my toes, feet, calves and ass 
muscles started getting tired.  I tried lowering my 
heels, but the stiff collar bit into my flesh.  Still 
cuffed at my sides, my hands were unable to help me.  
     "Arline" I cried, "Let me go, I'm choking."  
     Arline came inside, looked at me, then looked at 
her watch, and then she walked out of the room without 
a word.  
     My toes, feet, calves and especially my ass 
muscles were becoming excruciatingly painful.  I began 
to falter.  My ability to keep my heels up was waning.  
Slowly they began dropping to the floor.  "Please 
Arline" I said.  My voice was beginning to sound 
strained.  Arline came in, looked at the stopwatch, and 
then brought the board over to my feet.  
     "All right, pick up your feet," she said.  
     I picked up first one foot then the next and she 
placed the board under them.  After I got up onto the 
board, Arline unhooked the leash, and let me down.  My 
lower half ached from my ass to the tips of my toe 
nails.  I was barely able to walk to my room as she led 
me back.  I lay on my bed and let the blood return to 
my legs.  
     Arline soon came into my room, and said 
"lunchtime" in a merry singsongy voice.  I had a good 
idea what to expect, but I went anyway.  I was quite 
hungry by then.  My legs still ached from my having 
been strung up in the living room.  
     The meals were served when I got to the kitchen,.  
There were sandwiches, on some kind of whole wheat.  
Arline let one of my arms out of its cuff.  I picked up 
the sandwich in front of me and sniffed at its 
contents.  As I had expected, it was a shit sandwich, 
with mustard.  
     Arline was sitting across from me with the switch 
on the table.  She stared at me, and then began rolling 
the lash back and forth.  "What's the matter, don't you 
like sandwiches?" she asked sneeringly.  
     I'm sorry" I said, "I don't like whole wheat" I 
answered sarcastically.  
     Arline smiled wickedly.  "Well, aren't we the 
connoisseur." she said wryly.  
     She began rolling the switch on the table again.  
     I decided not to mock her any further, and I took 
a bite.  The taste hadn't gotten any better than it had 
been for breakfast, but it didn't make me heave as much 
as it had previously.  It did however, get caught in my 
     When I looked around the table, the only thing to 
drink was the usual glass of yellow liquid.  I was 
certain I knew what it was; nevertheless, I grabbed it 
and washed the mouthful of sandwich down with it.  
     I was right about it being piss, and I began 
gagging for a second, but I held everything down, and 
Arline looked pleased.  I didn't get that look from her 
     "Well," I said, "at least the bread is high in 
fiber.  That makes it health food, right?"  
     I continued eating lunch and eventually finished 
the meal and the beverage, pretty much without 
     "Do you want seconds?"  Arline asked.  Melina 
laughed for a second, but after one look from Arline, 
she stopped.  
     "I've had sufficient?"  I answered raising my 
voice in a questioning pitch at the end.  
     "Don't you want desert?"  Arline asked.  She had 
one of those looks.  
     "No thank you?"  I said unsure of myself.  
     "I insist."  Said Arline.  
     With that, she went to the refrigerator and 
removed a bowl.  She set it in front of my place.  It 
contained a turd with a line of canned whip cream on 
top.  I grabbed the spoon from in front of me and took 
a bite.  I liked the sandwich better, but the whipped 
cream itself was excellent.  I indicated to Arline that 
I really wasn't hungry, but it did not look like Arline 
was going to take "no" for an answer.  I finished it 
hoping that at least it was my own turd, but I was not 
sure.  It tasted different from the stuff I had eaten 
earlier.  "Oh my God," I thought, "I really was becoming 
a connoisseur."  
     Later that day, I tried going to the bathroom for 
some water.  Melina cut me off.(Not literally.)  "I just 
want something to drink."  I said innocently.  "Don't 
come in" Melina said.  Then she went into the bathroom, 
and come out a minute later with a glass of something.  
"That's Okay," I said, "I'm not thirsty anymore."  I went 
back into my bedroom.  
     A few moments later, I snuck into the bathroom, 
and took my first unsupervised piss in days.  I let it 
all out, into the toilet bowl and flushed before anyone 
noticed, or so I thought.  
     For dinner that night Melina had made stew.  My 
wrists were both cuffed to the belt, and the leash had 
been shackled close to the table.  I had to wait for 
them to finish eating before they served my dinner.  
     Before serving me my bowl, Melina stirred 
something into the stew.  I knew what was happening.  
She stuck the bowl in front of my spot, and then she 
withdrew a spoonful of the stew and held it to my lips.  
I opened my mouth, took in the spoonful, and then 
swallowed with difficulty.  The aroma and taste of 
excrement was stronger than usual.  I wondered if there 
was actually any stew in the bowl at all.  
     Melina gave me a bite of the biscuit, which was 
floating in the stew.  It tasted okay.  Then she gave 
me another spoonful of the stew.  I took it into my 
mouth and started chewing.  A minute later, I was still 
chewing the same bite.  
     Melina then grabbed the glass of liquid, and 
brought it up to my lips.  Suddenly, I recognized the 
glass, as the one she had taken into the bathroom with 
her.  This time, I was sure that it wasn't my urine, 
but was hers.  I wasn't going to drink someone else's 
urine knowingly, so I pursed my lips.  
     Arline had been watching us with great atten-
tiveness, and she began to roll the switch on the 
table again.  I didn't care what she did.  I wasn't 
going to drink someone else's piss.  She came behind me 
and smacked the lash forcefully against my ass.  I 
screamed, and then closed my mouth again.  Again she 
struck.  I remained resolute.  She waited a second, and 
then struck again.  I stayed adamant.  I lost count of 
the number of times she beat me.  
     I was hungry, and I was thirsty.  I was even ready 
to eat the supper, which they had prepared for me.  But 
I wasn't going to drink someone else's pee.  That was 
     "Okay, that does it," said Arline.  
     Arline unhitched the leash from the table, and led 
me to my room then she threw me onto the bed.  She did 
not remove my wrists from the cuffs.  She rolled me 
onto my back, and held me down.  Melina came into the 
room.  She was carrying the glass of urine, and a large 
funnel.  Melina kneeled down on the bed such that my 
head was between her knees making me unable to move my 
head.  She squeezed my cheeks into my teeth, forcing me 
to open my mouth, then, she stuck in the funnel.  
     The funnel went deep into my mouth, and I was 
unable to dislodge it.  
     Melina held my nose closed, and then began to pour 
the urine into the funnel, a little at a time.       
     Try as I may, I could not resist the urine, which 
flooded into my mouth.  With my nostrils closed, it was 
only seconds before I had to swallow the piss in order 
to breathe.  I heaved several times, but it wasn't long 
before I had consumed the entire glass.  
     "Okay" Arline said, "No dinner for you tonight."  
     She turned the lights out and left me with my 
wrists bound, in bed for the rest of the night.  Thanks 
to the beating I had received that night, I got no 
sleep before the next morning arrived.   

                    A Running Gag.  
     Life continued much the same for the next few 
days.  Early mornings, hot showers, and scouring, 
(which I was getting used to) blindfold, handcuffs, 
leash, excrement and urine, (which I was also getting 
used to) caning, etc.  In addition, Arline added a new 
toy to our routine.  It was a hard rubber ball about an 
inch and a half in diameter, which she stuck into my 
mouth and secured with a strap behind my head.  Once 
inserted, I couldn't remove it.  (Well I could have, if 
my hands had been free.)  It wasn't so bad except it 
caused me to drool constantly, and made it impossible 
to talk.  I was unable to object verbally to anything 
Arline wanted me to do, except to say "Uhhah, uhhahuh." 
and the like.
     The girls cooked a wide variety of menu 
selections.  All of the selections for me contained 
that essential ingredient, but were usually the same 
entrees that they were eating.  As near as I could 
determine they were good cooks, who prepared healthy 
menus.  I was getting used to that added ingredient and 
had actually begun to enjoy the food that they were 
cooking.  I even managed to tolerate the nectar that I 
was now getting all the time.  It tasted a little bit 
like liquid pretzels.  Whoever's it was, it apparently 
wasn't killing me.  
     One day, the enemas stopped.  After a few days, I 
began to wonder where they were getting that special 
component that they were still using in all my entrees.  
Whenever I would wonder that, I would drive the 
encroaching reality of what I was eating from my mind 
by closing my eyes, shaking my head back and forth, 
really hard, and thinking about all the things I was 
going to tell my father, when he got home.  
     After lunch, Arline began "training" me in a new 
"exercise" as she called it.  First, she inserted my 
ball gag, then, she stood me on the two-inch tall board 
in the living room.  Next, she tied a string around my 
balls.  She tied the other end of the string to the 
hook, high on the wall, to which she had originally 
attached my leash.  She made the string tight leaving 
no slack, and pulling uncomfortably on my scrotum.  
Then, as she had the other time, she made me get off 
the board.  I was obliged to remain on my tippy toes to 
prevent having the string tear my nuts off.  
     She would punch the stopwatch and she began to 
leave me there for ever-increasing periods of time.  
First, I would get cramps in my muscles.  Then 
eventually, my muscles would tire and first my toes 
would falter, then my calves, then eventually my leg 
and ass muscles would fail, leaving all of my muscles 
in intense pain and my balls blue and stretched.  
Eventually she would release me.  Following this 
exercise, it was common for my balls to hang down to 
my knees.  
     After this exercise, Arline would lead me almost 
crippled to my room and I would lie on my bed until 
     One morning after having both of us cleanse, I 
heard Melina saying "I don't see why I have to do 
this".  Arline answered her only with "Take deep 
breaths" then "now hold it".  Even though I was 
blindfolded, I figured out what was happening.  A 
minute or so later I felt an enema tube being inserted 
into my rectum, the water began to flow, and Arline 
said "Take deep breaths".  Then "Now hold it."  Then 
Arline said "Whoever loses it first, gets another 
     Melina said "But Mother, this is unfair.  Why did 
I have to go first?"  
     "Because you're better at it."  Arline answered.  
I didn't want another scrubbing, I was already sore.  
So I did my best to hold it in.  
     Melina and I both sat there, breathing deeply, 
squeezing and grunting until at last, Melina cut loose.  
The room filled up with the characteristic aroma.  Then 
I let go.  Arline turned on the ventilation fan.  Then 
I heard her scouring Melina. 
     Melina was not very nice to me that day.  She was 
never nice to me anyway, but that day she was 
especially callous.  No love lost, I thought, so I 
didn't care.  In fact, I was glad.  
     Later we had breakfast.  Open faced sandwiches on 
toast.  I reckoned that Arline had probably buttered my 
toast with Melina's feces, but I was rather used to it 
by then.  It tasted a little bit like bitter peanut 
butter and was the only breakfast I was going to get.  
Besides that, Arline was sitting there rolling the lash 
on the table, so I ate it.  
     After lunch, Arline and Melina came into my room 
dressed in their leather outfits.  Arline had me put on 
the blindfold, and then she instructed me to lie, face 
up on my bed.  I felt someone getting on the bed beside 
me.  Then I felt something brush against my face.  
Next, something covered my mouth.  At first, I thought 
it was someone's hand.  
     I got alarmed.  I could hardly breathe.  Then 
Arline said something surprising.  "Open your mouth."  
Then she said.  "Are we ready?" 
     "Yes Mother" replied Melina.  
     Warm liquid entered my mouth.  I recognized the 
     "Swallow" said Melina gently.
     Caught completely off guard, I swallowed.  "Yuck" 
I said.  But it was hardly audible because Melina was 
sitting on my face, completely covering my mouth.   
     Arline and Melina both started laughing.  I closed 
my mouth.  
     "He's stopped," said Melina disappointedly.
     "Don't stop, or else," said Arline.  (I had 
learned that "Or else" meant I was dangerously close to 
receiving a sound beating.)
      Resignedly, I opened my mouth.  
     Melina resumed peeing, slowly, allowing time for 
me to swallow between doses.  It wasn't as bad as it 
could have been.  I had been having regular doses of 
urine with meals and whenever I was thirsty, so I was 
sort of used to it despite it being warm.  "At least 
it's fresh," I thought to myself.  
     When she was done, Melina said "lick it clean".  I 
did.  For some reason, I found that I was excited by 
doing that, and it made my willy feel funny.  I wasn't 
sure why.  What didn't occur to me was the fact that 
that, was my first taste of actual female.  I wished I 
could have kept my tongue there all day.  It was as 
close as I had gotten to seeing her vagina up to that 
     "Mmmmmmmmm" said Melina.  
     When Arline heard Melina say that, she quickly 
said "That's it, Melina."  
     Then Melina said "Can't we have him  ...uh... 
clean it a little ...uh... better?" 
     Arline said "That's not a good idea" and Melina 
rolled off.  

         End Part 04/56 Continued in part 05/56        

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 05/56
Summary: The main character is humiliated and 
diciplined.  Our hero endures a tragedy.
Keywords: b,g,rim,sad,viol,Fdom,anal,enem,ht,scat,

                       Oh, Shit.

     A few days later, at bath time, Arline gave Melina 
and me enemas with the usual advisory, don't spill any, 
and then Arline had me lay on the bottom of the tub 
with my mouth open.  She ordered Melina to squat over 
me.  I was blindfolded, but not stupid.  I quickly 
guessed what was going on.  When Melina let go, a 
torrent of runny poopies deluged me.  
     It landed all over my head, in my hair, my face, 
and in my mouth.  Arline said "Close your mouth.  And 
swallow.  Or else."
     By then, I was used to having feces in my food, 
but a mouthful of pure, warm bum brownie, that was 
another matter.  I swallowed hard, but it just came 
back up.  Arline leaned me over the bathtub, and beat 
me quite a few times.  Suddenly, the enema I was 
carrying cut loose.  It went all over my ass and legs, 
all over the bathtub, and all over Melina, who 
screamed.  It was a hell of a mess.  
     Arline gave Melina a thorough scouring, for 
cutting loose first.  Then put a towel around her, and 
sent her to her room.  Then she gave me the hardest 
scrubbing I had gotten yet, and made me clean up the 
bathroom.  When Arline removed the blindfold, she was 
dressed, but I wondered if she had been naked before 
the disaster.  
     After cleaning the bathroom, my breakfast was 
cold.  It was scrambled eggs, toast and turds, fried up 
to look like sausages.  Arline and Melina had left the 
kitchen by then, so I ate the eggs and toast, but I 
left the "sausages."  I threw them into the garbage, 
and covered them with some paper towels.  
     When lunch came around, Arline had found the 
sausages.  She led me into the kitchen, and tethered my 
leash close to the opposite side of the table from 
where I was standing.  I was bent over the table with 
my ass sticking out over the edge.  Arline then 
positioned a plate directly under my nose.  On it were 
the sausages she had retrieved from the garbage.  Then 
she rubbed my nose in them as if I was a puppy who had 
made poo poo on the floor.  
     "The penalty for wasting your food is ten lashes," 
she said.  
     "That's not food." I said defiantly.
     "Yes it is."  She said "It's shitwurst."  She 
pulled the switch out.  Then she beat me intensely, ten 
times, slowly counting each strike aloud.  "Now," she 
said "you are going to eat these."  
     Arline took a fork and picked up a piece of the 
sausage.  She held it in my face.  When I didn't open 
my mouth to receive the morsel, she poked the fork into 
my lips.
     "Owww" I said, opening my mouth.  She stuck in the 
fork, and dropped in the first piece.  Then she picked 
up the switch.  I could see she wasn't taking any shit 
from me.  (So to speak.)  I chewed, and then swallowed 
the brownie.  Piece by piece, she made me finish the 
     "Now we'll eat lunch, right?" she said.
     She picked up a large spoon and brought it behind 
her.  Then she bent over.  I couldn't see exactly what 
she was doing, but I could guess.  Seconds later, she 
returned to me with a spoonful of fresh butt pudding.  
It was the shittiest smelling stuff that had ever 
graced my nose.  I hesitated for a second, but then I 
felt my ass still stinging from the lambasting I had 
already received.  I didn't want any more of that, so I 
opened up and received the dollop of fresh crapola.  It 
was warm and gooey, like peanut butter, only stinkier, 
and terribly bitter.  As I chewed it, it stuck to my 
tongue, my teeth, and the roof of my mouth.  I could 
feel puke coming up into my throat.  I tried to head it 
off by swallowing hard, but it was just too much to 
     Up it came, out my mouth and nose and onto the 
table.  Arline smacked me several times, forcefully 
with the switch, then reached inside and grabbed 
another glob of fudge.  This time after placing it in 
my mouth, she held my nose closed.  I tried swallowing 
it without chewing it, but the result was the same.  
Whack, whack, whack went the switch.  
     The next time, she pulled out a heaping spoonful 
of dung.  I opened my mouth resignedly.  She placed the 
spoon behind my front teeth, and then pulled the spoon 
out scraping it against my upper teeth.  I chewed it 
then swallowed.  Then Arline covered my mouth and my 
nose with her hands.  I retched, then puked, but there 
was nowhere for it to go.  I puked again, still nowhere 
to go.  I was beginning to choke.  I swallowed hard, 
holding the puke back with my tongue.  At last, it 
stayed down.  Arline let my mouth and nose go.  
     Arline let my leash free.  "Lick everything clean, 
including the floor.  Or there will be consequences."  
I had to lick up the vomit in addition to the 
discharged anal butter.  I learned a valuable lesson 
that day; only I'm not sure what that was.
     I was terribly hungry for dinner that night, but 
was reluctant to go.  I hid in my room hoping nobody 
would notice that I wasn't at the table.
     Arline sent Melina to get me.  Melina was wearing 
her leather outfit.  She looked unbelievably beautiful 
when she called for me.  She led me with the leash 
poised over her shoulder.  I followed behind her; I 
noticed her butt was waving back and forth seductively.  
I couldn't imagine why I found it so enticing.  "Wasn't 
that the apparatus that had just defiled my breakfast?"  
I thought to myself.  
     Dinner was a "shitburger" with melted cheese on a 
bun.  Being famished and having no other items on my 
menu I resolved not to waste any of the cheese or the 
bun.  When Arline saw me trying to separate the cheese 
from the burger, she gave me one of her now famous "I 
wouldn't try that if I were you" looks, and I thought 
better of it.  
     I took a bite of the burger the way Melina had 
served it.  "Could be worse" I decided, and swallowed 
the bite.  It scared me to think that I beginning to 
accept butt nuggets for my meal, but I rationalized 
that I was undoubtedly just enjoying the flavor of the 
bun and cheese.  Still I was glad that I hadn't puked 
it up, because puking seemed to anger Arline more than 
anything else did.  I finished the doo doo sandwich 
without incident and washed it down with a large, cool 
glass of iced pee.   

                      The Shit List.

     On the third week after he left, Arline informed 
me my father was to return home in a few days.  I began 
to go over all the indiscretions that had transpired 
since he had left.  I decided to tell him everything.  
Arline cautioned me that she would deny everything, and 
that my father would believe her and would probably 
punish me for lying to him.  I decided that this was 
unlikely, because my father loved me enough at least to 
listen to me.  I was sure that if I showed him the 
scars on my backside he would believe me.  This was the 
time, I thought, to make my move.  I began making a 
     As I began listing things, Melina suddenly popped 
into my head, and I realized with a start that if my 
dad kicked Arline out of the house, Melina would 
certainly wind up leaving with her.  Mean as Melina was 
to me, I wasn't okay with having her leave.  Suddenly I 
had second thoughts about telling my dad.  
     Sure, life with Arline was bad, terrible even, but 
I now understood that life without Melina might be 
worse.  "Oh God," I thought, "I'm in love with Melina.  
How could I have fallen in love with her?"  I wondered.  
I figured that it must be Stockholm syndrome (an 
emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage, 
due to continuous stress, dependence, and a need to 
cooperate for survival.)  It made sense, in that they 
were holding me prisoner in my own house.  
     I decided that I would tell my father anyway.  I 
took out a pen and paper and began making a list.  
     There was waking up at four in the morning (That 
might make me seem lazy.  It would be better to leave 
that off the list.) 
     There was standing naked, in front of Arline.  
(That was embarrassing, but, Arline was a nurse.  My 
father might not understand what the problem was.  
Better, not include that.)  
     Then there was standing naked in front of Melina.  
(That was also embarrassing, but I was beginning to 
enjoy that for reasons I didn't understand.  Better, 
not include that.)  
     The hot water (It wasn't actually causing damage, 
so I figured I'd better leave that out.)  
     There was the scouring with the brushes (I was 
getting used to that, best not to mention it.)  
     There were the enemas.  (My dad might think it was 
some kind of health procedure.  Better, not include 
     The beatings (My father might not believe me, or 
he might side with Arline and agree that they were 
necessary, and they might get worse.  Besides, I was 
reluctant to show him my ass, having not done that 
before, like ever.)
     Shit and piss for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  
(It was too sensitive a subject and unbelievable, 
besides I had no proof.  Forget that one.)
     Then there was the G-string, collar, leash and 
restraint belt.  (Arline had removed them and hidden 
them somewhere; I had no proof of them either.)
     Then there was Melina (I was beginning to think 
that she was actually a positive force in my life.)
     When I looked at my paper, it was blank.  I 
decided that when he got home, I would tell my father 
that everything was fine.  

                     All Is Lost.  

     That night, Arline received a phone call at 
midnight.  This woke the house.  Arline came into my 
room in the morning and woke me.  She seemed sad.  She 
woke Melina up and gave us our shower.  I noticed that 
the scouring seemed to be less painful than it usually 
was.  Arline gave each of us a towel after the bath.  I 
wondered if she was losing it.  We had breakfast and 
there was not the usual dose of excrement I had been 
used to receiving.  At that point, I knew something was 
     After breakfast, Arline told Melina to wait in her 
bedroom then she took me to my bedroom.  
     "What's the matter?"  I asked.  
     Arline paused for a minute, then her face 
contorted, and she started crying.  By then, I was 
beside myself.  I couldn't imagine what could upset 
Arline so.  She always seemed so strong.  
     Finally, Arline looked at me sadly and said, "Your 
father's ship has been lost at sea."  She began crying 
     Stunned, I was unable to respond at first.  I 
thought it was just another one of Arline's cruel 
jokes.  For a few moments, I just stood there in 
denial, watching Arline cry.  Then it dawned on me, I 
had never before seen Arline cry.  I had never even 
seen her sad.  As mean as she was, one thing Melina and 
I depended on, was that she was a rock.  
     Tears welled up in my eyes as the significance of 
what she had said began to dawn on me.  "Oh God, not my 
father."  I thought.  "Who's going to support us?  
Who's going to take care of us?  Who's going to save me 
from Arline?"  I wondered.  
     Arline sat in a chair across from me and the two 
of us stared, blinking at each other, crying, 
wordlessly for a while.  "What happened to him?"  I 
asked finally.  
     "They're not sure," said Arline.  "All they know 
is that there was a storm, and that his ship put out a 
"mayday", then, they lost communication with it.  A 
ship must report in every six hours, no matter what, 
and they aren't supposed to stop radio communication 
at all, after reporting an SOS.  They have sent the 
Coast Guard to their last reported location, but they 
haven't found anything.  It's been two days since they 
lost contact and they fear the worst."
       I looked in Arline's face.  She was truly 
grieving.  For the first time, I was sure she really 
had loved my father, and now it was too late.  
     After Arline and I stopped crying, she was 
amazingly kind to us all the rest of that day.  We had 
family time, played games, and even went out to eat at 
a Chinese restaurant where they didn't put poop in the 
food.  I was surprised that she could be so nice.  We 
had not yet told Melina about my father, so Melina had 
no idea what was up, but she was glad for all the 

          End Part 05/56 Continued in part 06/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 06/56
Summary: The main character is imposed upon by his 
stepmother (Arline) and stepsister (Melina.)
Keywords: b,g,F/b,inc,nc,rim,fdom,Fdom,ds,anal,ht,

                  Arline Helps Herself.

     The next morning, Arline woke me earlier than 
usual.  I stumbled into the bathroom.  To my surprise, 
Melina wasn't there yet.  Arline had me get into the 
tub, and then put on my blindfold.  "Now undress," she 
told me, I did.  
     "Now lie down in the tub," instructed Arline.  I 
did and the cold tub caused goose bumps to form on my 
arms.  A few moments passed during which I heard some 
swishing.  Then I could feel things being placed on 
either side of me.  
     Something came down on my face.  It was moist, 
warm, hairy, and it pretty much covered all of my face, 
especially my mouth and nose.  To my horror, I realized 
that it had to be Arline. 
     I did my best to breathe under the circumstances, 
but could only breathe through my nose.  There was a 
strong musky odor present.  Somewhere between perfume, 
curry, and the smell that a public toilet gets when the 
deodorizer isn't working.  I was becoming agitated.  
Then Arline said "Open your mouth"  
     I became anxious.  I hesitated for a moment and 
Arline said "Well?"  I knew what was coming.  "It will 
all be over soon," I reassured myself.  I opened up.  
Arline said "Good.  Now don't spill a drop, or else."  
Arline started peeing slowly at first.  "Don't forget 
to swallow," she sang.  
     I had noticed that some glasses of the urine I was 
served had a stronger flavor than other glasses did.  
Now I understood that Arline's urine tasted stronger 
than Melina's did.  
     Arline began peeing faster and faster.  I kept up 
with it at first, but eventually, Arline delivered more 
than I could handle.  The piss started going up my 
nose, into my lungs and onto the bathtub.  I began to 
cough.  "Aha" Arline said and she stopped.  "Get up and 
lean over the side of the bathtub."  I did and Arline 
immediately began whipping me with her switch.  She 
gave me five brutal lashes, and said, "Now we'll 
     I got back in the tub and Arline finished peeing.  
Then she said "We're not done yet."  Arline changed her 
position slightly and with that, she positioned herself 
with her back door over my mouth.  "This isn't good," I 
said to myself.  
     Arline said "Suck my sphincter" I didn't know what 
a sphincter was but I understood what she wanted.  I 
hesitated.  Arline asked "Do I have to teach you 
another lesson today?"  I began to suck using my lips 
and opening my jaw the way one smokes a cigarette or 
sucks on a straw and soon, my mouth started filling up 
with shit.  "Make sure to chew your food before you 
swallow it."  Said Arline.  I would have taken her 
advice, but I was filling up too fast.  
     That was when I observed that there were little 
threads of whole-wheat hulls, bean jackets and pieces 
of raw vegetable in her fecal matter.  Arline and 
Melina ate a healthy diet, rich in roughage.  Somehow I 
rationalized that I must be getting my minimum daily 
requirement of fiber second hand and should be happy 
about it.  It was health food.
     After a few minutes, and several stimulations of 
her sphincter, Arline was finished.  "Now, clean me 
up."  She said.  
     I licked and licked.  I took a while because BM 
was covering my tongue.  Arline seemed to be enjoying 
every minute of it though.  "Is it clean yet?"  She 
     "Yes" I said.  
     "Now clean the front.  I want you to clean me out 
like a cake bowl."  She said.  
     She shifted her position and I started to lick her 
dry.  I wasn't sure why, but for some reason, this 
seemed exciting to me.  I realized that I was actually 
getting to explore a real female sex organ, albeit with 
my tongue.  A boy spends his whole life wondering about 
those mysteries.  The closest I'd gotten up to that 
point, was that brief peek when the soapsuds fell off, 
and I really hadn't gotten to see much then. also that 
quick flash of Melina's ass (for which I paid heavily.)  
Now Arline was forcing me to delve into her entire 
     Excitedly, I began moving my tongue across her 
vagina.  I noticed that there were several layers or 
textures within her anatomy, which I hadn't noticed 
with Melina.  There was an outer layer with hair on it.  
Then there was an inner layer, which wobbled back and 
forth, as I licked it.  There was a channel, between 
them, which went deep, deep inside, farther than my 
tongue, could reach, and there was a bump like 
formation, like a pimple at the top of it.  
     After a short while, the taste of urine went away, 
and I figured I had completed cleaning her off.  I 
noticed that inside, Arline still had a flavor.  Though 
less intense than urine, it was still slightly urine 
like, but also tasted a little like broth, maybe beef.  
Also, there was something creamy about the flavor 
inside.  Arline instructed me to keep licking, to lick 
deep inside, and then move my tongue towards the front 
where the bump was, and not to stop until she told me 
to.  "Like a cake bowl" she reminded me.
     When I did this, Arline began to lean back and 
then forward, in synchrony with my licking.  At first, 
I thought that she thought it would help get the area 
cleaner.  But after cleaning every part of the 
formation, she continued doing it faster and faster.  I 
was getting tired, but she had ordered me not to stop, 
so I didn't. 
     Next, she began breathing heavily, as if she was 
out of breath, but I wasn't going to stop until she 
told me to.  Then she began moaning but I wasn't going 
to stop.  Soon, creamy liquid began dripping into my 
mouth and down my throat, though that disgusted me, I 
didn't stop.  She began shrieking and grabbed onto my 
cock in order to keep from sliding off.  This kept 
going for quite a while, but I wasn't going to stop 
until she told me to.  Finally, with a long sigh, she 
stopped and got off my face.  I began retching, because 
of the slimy liquid, also because some of her hairs 
were caught in my throat.  I thought my tongue was 
going to fall off.  
     Arline then called Melina and had her strip and 
get into the tub.  Arline instructed Melina to sit on 
my face.  "Please, I'm full" I complained to Arline.  
"Do what you're told, or else," said Arline.  Melina 
did what Arline had ordered her to do, but she was 
patient, and didn't rush things.  I had no trouble 
consuming all that she had.  
     I noticed that Melina didn't have as strong an 
odor as Arline did.  "I was right," I said to myself, 
"Arline's urine is stronger tasting than Melina's."  
After I had cleaned off the urine, Melina tasted 
similar to Arline, but was much milder inside.  Also, 
my tongue couldn't go in as deep as it had with Arline, 
there was no deep channel and there was a lot less 
creamy liquid.
     Once again, Arline only allowed me to clean Melina 
off for only a few seconds.  Arline quickly said 
"okay, that's enough.  It's time for your showers."  
I was glad, my tongue was cramping. 

          End Part 06/56 Continued in part 07/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 07/56
Summary: The main character's stepmother( Arline)
and stepsister (Melina) Have fun at his expense.
Keywords: F/b,f/b,bd,sad,tort,viol,anal,scat

            The Fourth Of July Is No Picnic.

     On the Fourth of July, we had a barbecue.  We ate 
outside, on the patio, with paper plates and cups.  The 
lunch menu included hamburgers, hot dogs and I got 
shits kabobs.  I ate my lunch hungrily, and washed it 
down with a tall glass of iced pee.  It was the first 
time I had ever enjoyed eating green peppers.  After 
cooking the meal, Arline lowered the charcoals to the 
ground, undid my G-string, and ordered me to stand with 
my legs straddling the grill. 
     Arline stood over me holding the switch waiting.  
Soon the heat from the coals began to warm my balls.  
"Roasted nuts."  Arline said smiling.  Before long, the 
heat reached my ass cheeks and my dick.  "Please 
Arline, let me go."  I said.  
     Arline put her hand on my balls and felt them.  "I 
like them well done." she said.  "Please Arline, no 
more, they're burning."  I pleaded.  They were now 
uncomfortably hot.  Arline stared at me aloofly.  Then 
she grabbed one of my ass cheeks and said, "They're not 
even browning yet.  Don't you stop."  My balls felt 
like they were on fire.  I couldn't stand it any 
longer.  I moved out of the way of the heat.  
     Melina bent me over while Arline slammed the 
switch into my ass several times.  It was more painful 
that usual because my ass cheeks were already stinging 
from the heat.  "I was just kidding."  Arline said.  
"That would cause you lasting harm.  I don't want to 
cause you permanent damage, just pain.  But you should 
have waited till I said you could stop.  I was just 
about to let you go." 
     We spent the rest of the day outside.  Arline 
connected a rope to one of my legs and threw it over 
the branch of one of the trees.  Then she connected 
another rope to my other leg and threw it over a branch 
of a different tree.  Arline instructed me to lay  
down, and then she and Melina pulled on the ropes until 
I was suspended completely off the ground.  
     The ropes pulled my legs up and apart and before I 
knew it, I was swinging by my legs, upside down with my 
wrists bound in the waist restraint.  The two trees 
which were fairly distant from each other stretched my 
legs apart, revealing my johnson prominently, and 
causing cramping of my ass and leg muscles.  I 
complained about the cramps, but Arline called me a 
baby and said the cramps would go away soon.  
     Arline and Melina drew concentric circles on my 
penis and my ass with a marker pen.  Then, they shot at 
the "targets" with my own BB gun.  While the BBs and 
pellets stung briefly it didn't hurt that much until 
they started using darts.  Those stuck in me and 
required tweezers to remove.  The ones that hit my ass 
were just annoying mostly, but those bulls eyes, which 
landed on my genitals, were quite painful.
     Since it was the Fourth of July, Arline and Melina 
had fireworks.  As the day grew darker and began to 
end, they took out firecrackers and began setting them 
off around me.  Soon they began throwing them at me, 
and laughing.  The firecrackers mostly exploded around 
me.  Some of them burned me with their fuses.  Some of 
them were timed just right, and exploded just as they 
hit me.  These left grey marks, caused stinging 
electric current like pain, and left numbness in their 
wake.  To make matters worse, I had to close my eyes to 
prevent their blinding me, so I had no advance warning 
that they were coming.
     Next, they took out bottle rockets.  These they 
placed in pipes and ignited, then, they aimed them at 
me.  These were easier to aim and were more accurate, 
so more of them hit me.  Since the rocket fuel left 
sparks, they burned more.  Fortunately as with the 
firecrackers, the "reports" were hit and miss, but when 
they hit they were just as painful and consequential as 
the firecrackers.  
     Arline and Melina began whispering to each other.  
It was never a good sign when they whispered.  Usually 
it was because they were conspiring to do something 
that was going to hurt me.  This time was no exception.  
     Arline removed a single firecracker from one of 
the packs.  She had Melina pull my ass cheeks apart.  I 
began struggling, but though I delayed the inevitable, 
I could not prevent it.  Arline eventually took the 
firecracker and wedged it deeply into my butt hole.  
     I remembered back to one summer, when one of my 
naughty friends did this same thing to a frog.  It was 
not the nicest thing to do, granted, but we were kids.  
After the firecracker went off the frog's legs were 
missing.  They'd been blown clear off.  Arline and 
Melina were now going to do that same thing to me.  
     I kept bucking, shaking, jerking, wiggling and 
screaming.  "Please Arline, don't do this."  I pleaded.  
Melina put her arms around my waist and pulled me taut.  
Unable to move anymore, Arline lit her lighter and was 
successful at lighting the fuse.  The seconds passed 
like minutes, as I felt the fuse first burning my ass 
cheeks then burning my asshole then...  Nothing.  It 
was a dud.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  
     Melina pulled my ass cheeks apart again and they 
repeated the process.  Again, I fought to keep them 
from putting it in and lighting it.  Again, they were 
successful at inserting it and then lighting it despite 
my efforts.  Again, time passed in slow motion.  The 
fuse burned my ass cheeks again, burned my asshole 
again, and then "BOOM."  The firecracker exploded 
harmlessly outside my body.  I had somehow managed to 
fart the cracker out.  
     Undeterred Arline and Melina repeated the process 
successfully a third time.  This time, after burning my 
ass cheeks and my asshole, there was a muted "bang," as 
the firecracker exploded deep inside my asshole.  At 
first, it felt like someone had stuck a red-hot poker 
up my ass.  I began throwing up through my mouth and 
nose.  I started shitting down my back, pissing all 
over and screaming, all at the same time.  
     Then blood began to drip from my ass as well.  
Arline and Melina stopped laughing.  Arline looked up 
somewhat conscience stricken she ran to her purse and 
took out some tampons.  She stuffed one in my back 
door, which was now numb, but the flow of shit and 
blood ejected the plug.  She stuffed another, then 
another, until finally it held.  
     Arline and Melina gently lowered the ropes and 
helped me inside.  
     The bleeding stopped after a few hours.  I was 
nauseous and was vomiting the whole next day.  I was 
incontinent for two days, and had diarrhea for three.  
I was unable to stand on my own for four days, Unable 
to walk without assistance for five days, shitting was 
very painful for the rest of the week, but eventually 
everything healed up and my life returned to normal.  
     Arline apologized to me for the first time ever, 
and Melina was nicer to me after that.  Still mean and 
strict, but nicer.  

          End Part 07/56 Continued in part 08/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 08/56
Summary: Melina tries an experiment on our hero.  
He really, really likes it.
Keywords: b,g,bg,1st,inc,reluc,rim,rom,anal,oral,piv

                    Good Thursday.  

     On Thursdays, Arline went shopping.  She was 
usually gone for two to three hours.  She would tell me 
to stay in my room, and not to leave, "or else."  I 
knew what "or else" meant, so I never considered 
leaving my room when she was gone.  Violation of an "or 
else" command could be very painful.  One time, I tried 
the door, but Arline had locked it from the outside, so 
I figured it was important to her and never tried it 
     One such Thursday, I heard the lock on my door 
open.  To my surprise, in walked Melina.  She was 
dressed in her black leather outfit.  She had this 
strange look on her face.  I tried to figure out what 
was different about her.  Then it occurred to me, she 
was smiling.  Concerned, I eyed her uneasily.  Smiling 
could mean that she had some trick up her sleeve.  The 
smile seemed genuine enough.  She walked over to me and 
undid the waist restraint freeing my wrists.
     "Stop.  Go away" I said, afraid of what might 
happen if Arline found her in there.  
     "Don't worry," she said in a candy-coated voice.  
"Arline won't be back for at least two hours."  "I want 
to show you something I discovered on the internet."  
"Sit over there" she said pointing to a spot near the 
middle of the carpet.
     With Arline away, I figured that Melina was in 
charge, so I obeyed her.  I sat down, fearing the 
worst, while she stood across from me.  
     In one quick motion, she pulled on the leather 
outfit she was wearing and it came completely off.  She 
then sat down across from me on the carpet and spread 
her legs wide open.  She smiled at me, completely 
naked, and then she giggled.  
     I turned away thinking it must be some kind of 
trap Arline was using to test me.  Arline had been 
crystal clear.  "I was never to look at Melina when she 
was not clothed."
     "Look at me, silly," Melina said.  "This is what I 
wanted to show you."  She wiggled closer to me, and 
spread her legs even farther apart.  
     Still afraid I said, "Arline will kill me if she 
sees this."  
     "Don't worry," said Melina "She's gone shopping, 
and she won't be back for hours.  If you don't do what 
I tell you to do, I'll tell her you left the room.  And 
she'll definitely thrash you then."
     Slowly and reluctantly, I turned towards her.  
There, in full view, with not a stitch of clothing was 
the thing I most wanted to possess, Melina.  My mouth 
and eyes opened wider than she had spread her legs.  
     Now I could see her budding breasts with their 
small, tight brown nipples standing on end, the 
triangle patch on top of the place where her legs 
joined.  I could see patches of short, delicate hair, 
like fine arm hair on either side of the triangle.  A 
pair of lip like structures, which began as a slit near 
the middle of the triangle, went traveling between her 
legs beneath the triangle.  Fine hair sparsely covered 
these too.  There was something small and pink, with 
lacy, maroon fringes sitting between her lips.  It was 
wrinkled, like a small prune.
     I just sat staring; afraid to blink for fear that 
it might disappear, but afraid to look, lest Arline be 
around the corner.  
     Melina began stroking her breasts, then her 
thighs.  She was smiling.  Then she put her hands on 
the lips between her legs and pulled them away from 
each other.  The prune came apart, like a sandwich 
cookie, becoming two petals.  Between the petals formed 
by both halves of the prune was a small round hole, 
about as wide as a pencil, surrounded by a circular 
formation of translucent skin.  
     At the top, the petals hung from a central point 
like pink drapes.  There was a little bump at the top 
of the petals.  Inside, it was intensely pink, and for 
a second, I thought perhaps there might have been a 
stab wound there.
     Then she got up, turned her ass towards me and 
said, "Touch me."
     I reached up, and being nervous, accidently stuck 
one of my fingers into her asshole.  She jumped 
suddenly and I apologized.  "That's okay," she said 
gently, "do it again.  Only, be more careful this time."  
     "Melina, I'm scared to do this."  I said.  "Please 
stop before I get in trouble."
     Melina laughed and said "Don't worry, It won't 
hurt you.  Now just touch me"
     I touched the flesh of her rear end and stroked 
gently.  It felt like a fine fabric, maybe satin.  I 
continued touching her, and then began caressing her 
legs beneath her buttocks.  Melina breathed a kind of 
sigh as if she were trying to warm her hands on a cold 
     "Lick my ass, as if you're cleaning me off," said 
Melina.  By now, I was pretty used to doing that, so I 
did as she asked.  Melina spread her buns apart, and my 
tongue went into the chasm between them.  She bent over 
somewhat and my tongue went into the cavity of her 
asshole.  Then she pushed toward me.  My tongue went 
deep inside the tunnel, and Melina said "Ummm."  I was 
surprised to find that it wasn't the shit hole I had 
expected it might be.
     Then Melina turned around, and facing me, she 
pointed to her breasts.  "Rub me here." She said.  I 
did and as I did, the brown points at the tips became 
larger and firmer.  Something like goose bumps began to 
appear on the light areas surrounding them.  "Suck on 
them."  She said, and I did.
     After a few minutes, Melina pointed to the spot 
between her legs.  "Now touch me here."  I felt the 
fine light hair growing above where her legs joined.  
It felt like rabbit fur.  Cautiously I put my hand 
gently between her legs.  It was soft and warm there, 
and a little moist.  I rubbed her gently.
     "Mmmmmmmm" said Melina.  "Do that again."  I did 
it again.  Melina repeated "Mmmmmmmmm."
     We continued that way for a while, and then Melina 
told me to get undressed.  She said "I want to try 
     I was still sitting on the floor.  Hesitantly, I 
got undressed, as she had ordered me to, throwing my 
clothes to the side.  Actually, the only thing left to 
remove was the G-string.  Melina had already removed 
wrist restraint and the collar herself.  
     I was starting to freak out, If Arline found us 
like this I knew she would surely hang me up by my 
balls.  (Literally.)  "Melina...  What are you doing?"  
I said.  
     Melina just pointed to a spot in front of her and 
said "lay down here.  Oh, and go ahead and scream if 
you want to."  She smiled warmly.  
     I lay down expecting the worst.  And when I did, 
Melina leaned over and licked some saliva gently onto 
my penis, which was, as it had been occasionally, 
sticking straight out.  It seemed a little strange for 
her to do that, but it felt incredible.  Melina said 
"Remember this moment, It won't happen again."  Then 
she kneeled on both sides of my hips and in a sudden 
move, lowered her ass.  
     "Plop," went something, and suddenly my penis felt 
like it was encased in warm silk.  
     "Ouch" said Melina.  
     "I'm sorry," I said horrified.  
      I looked up.  Melina had this knowing look on her 
face.  I reasoned that she was expecting this to 
happen.  Besides that, I was kind of enjoying it.  She 
began slowly moving her hips back and forth, and up and 
     "Melina..."  I said, 
     My penis began to feel ticklish and warm, so did 
the inside of my ass.  As she moved back and forth, 
waves of pleasurable sensation began to take over my 
     "Mmmmmm" Said Melina.  Suddenly, she moaned, kind 
of an "ohhhhhhh".       
     Thinking I had hurt her, I tried to move out of 
the way.  But instead of stopping, Melina grabbed me by 
my arms tightly and started rocking even harder.  I 
remembered when Arline had had me clean her off in the 
bathtub.  She had made similar sounds.  I decided that 
just as I had done for Arline, I had better not stop 
until Melina told me to stop.  
     Melina's moaning began to become really loud and 
intense.  Following this, she made a kind of loud, high 
pitched squeaking noise like a rusty hinge, for a 
     Soon, she began yelling "ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh" 
again and again.  This went on for a while.  Followed 
by a series of long steady ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh's, 
which also went on for quite a long while.  Suffice it 
to say, I was finding it scary, but quite enjoyable.  
     Suddenly the waves, which had been building up 
inside me, reached a peak.  Intense vibration all over 
my body caused me to moan, and it felt as if something 
inside me had exploded.  My whole body was tingling.  
My penis and the inside of my asshole felt especially 
amazing.  Melina let out a long sigh, rolled off me and 
fell over, onto the carpet.  
     For a while, I just lay on the carpet motionless 
next to her.
     "You okay?"  I asked.  
     "Oh yeeeeeessssssss" she said slowly.  
     "Me too" I said smiling.  "You say you found this 
on the internet?"
     Melina smiled at me and began getting dressed.  I 
reached down to my private parts.  They were moist.  I 
looked down and was surprised to see some blood on my 
hand, which I thought, had come from my penis.  
     I asked Melina "did I bleed on you?"  
     "No" she said, "I bled on you."  
     "What's the slimy stuff?"  I asked.  
     "Oh, that was you."  She answered, smiling good-
     Suddenly, the characteristic frown returned to her 
lips.  "Clean up this mess" she said in an angry 
whisper.  She stood over me until she was satisfied 
that there was no trace of our actions left for Arline 
to find.  Then she retied my G-string, wrist restraint 
and collar and left the room, and locked the door.
     As long as I live, I will remember that moment.

          End Part 08/56 Continued in part 09/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 09/56
Summary: The main character and Melina get caught 
experimenting by Arline.  She becomes really angry 
and causes great pain for both of them.
Keywords: b,g,bg,F/b,F/g,bd,inc,rim,sad,tort,cbt,

                   Holey Thursday.  

     Our trysts became a regular routine every 
Thursday, when Arline went out shopping.  Her schedule 
was regular enough that we came to rely on it to allow 
ourselves time to enjoy each other's company, and to 
share the miracles of each other's charms.  After a 
while, we no longer concerned ourselves with the 
possibility that Arline might decide to end her 
shopping trip early, we just assumed she would do as 
she had always done in the past, that is, disappear for 
two hours and allow us to bask in the sunlight of each 
other's affections.    
     One Thursday Arline went shopping as usual.  
Melina snuck into my room as we had been doing for some 
time.  We removed each other's clothes and we began 
playing around.  First, I licked Melina's ass, then she 
licked mine.  Then Melina got on top of me, and we 
began sucking on each other's genitals.  We were both 
enjoying each other's delights.  I had my tongue deep 
inside her vagina, and she had my dick deep in her 
throat.  We were both breathing heavily.  Melina was 
making that cute little squeaking noise which she made, 
that meant she was almost ready to start her orgasm; I 
was anticipating the rush of fluids, which occurred 
when she did.  
     Suddenly, we heard the front door open.  Realizing 
that it must be Arline, we stopped what we were doing 
and quickly began getting dressed.  Arline first walked 
into Melina's room but not finding Melina in her room, 
Arline then walked directly into my room.  By the time 
she got there, we had gotten only partially dressed.  
My wrist cuffs weren't secured to my waist and Melina's 
shirt was unbuttoned.  We were both still breathing 
     We did not fool Arline.  She looked angrier than I 
had ever seen her.  "Close your eyes" she said to me, 
"Take off your pants" she said to Melina.  Melina 
hesitated, but then she complied.  She was naked 
underneath, having decided not to take the time to slip 
on her panties.  "Get on the bed" Arline bellowed.  
"Now spread your legs."  Arline pulled Melina's pussy 
lips apart and let out a long, low leopard's call.  
"Where's your hymen?" she yelled.
     "Maybe I lost it."  Said Melina who wasn't clear 
what a hymen was.  Neither had she any idea of the 
irony in her words.  
     "Apparently" said Arline, who was.
     "Maybe I never had one."  Melina suggested 
     "Well, you did before we moved into this wretched 
place," said Arline.
     Arline told us to go to the living room.  There, 
she tied Melina to a chair facing me.  Then, Arline 
told me to remove my G-string.  I did.  Arline tied a 
rough sisal string around my balls.  She tied one end 
of the string to an eyelet on the wall in front of me, 
ran the string between my legs and tied the other end 
of the string to an eyelet on the wall behind me.  She 
tied it tightly, so that there wasn't any slack in the 
string.  It hurt quite a bit.  
     I was worried.  I expected Arline would discipline 
me severely; I knew that I was in a lot of trouble.  I 
stood waiting for her sentence.  
     She went to her room and grabbed a three-foot long 
whip.  "Go ahead and scream." she said coldly.
      Next, she began flailing me mercilessly on my 
naked buttocks with the whip.  
     The first excruciating blow caused me to recoil 
and when that happened, my body convulsed causing the 
string to pull agonizingly on my balls, in the opposite 
direction.  I screamed, "I'm sorry Arline."  
     "Oh, no.  Not yet you aren't.  But you will be, 
you degenerate.  That's one," Arline said.  
     Arline swung her arm again.  Again, the whip 
struck me causing unbearable pain.  Once again, I 
writhed pulling on my balls torturously.  I screamed 
again.  "That's two.  Teach you to defile my daughter, 
you deviant."  She said.  
     Arline swung her arm again.  This time the lash 
landed square on my back leaving a searing gash, and of 
course, pain.  My frail body convulsed again, once 
again pulling on the string, which was now tightening 
onto my balls.  I began to wonder if my balls were 
going to survive this harrowing punishment.
     "That's three.  You freak.  If you ever touch her 
like that again, I'll stab you to death slowly, with an 
ice pick."  She said.  
     Melina could take it no longer.  She'd been 
watching my balls become darker as the string 
inevitably tightened its grip around them with each 
subsequent blow.  "Please Arline, don't hurt him 
anymore.  It's my fault, I started it."  
     Realizing that Arline blamed me and might not be 
angry with her, I said "Melina be quiet.  I'll be 
okay."  I began crying, not because of the pain I was 
experiencing, but because suddenly, I was afraid for 
     Arline struck again, the whip burned into my ass.  
Again, I tried to brace myself, but the whip was too 
much.  Again, I jerked forward causing the string to 
pull and tighten onto my balls, as I reacted.  
     "That's four," said Arline.  "She was pure till 
you violated her, you little sleaze ball.  I'm going to 
lock chastity belts onto both of you for the rest of 
your lives."  
     "Please Mother, he didn't want to do it, I made 
him do it."  
     "Melina, shut up, I'll be okay, I can take it."  I 
     Arline paused and looked at Melina.  A look of 
uncertainty that I had never seen before flashed across 
her face.  "What do you mean?"  She screamed angrily at 
     "Don't believe her," I said.  "This is all my 
     Arline did not look convinced by my admission.  A 
look of intense fury consumed her face.  She turned to 
Melina.  "What do you mean?"  She asked again.
     I began weeping.  The tears were now rolling onto 
my chest.  
     Suddenly, Melina realized what she had done.  She 
had let a tiger out of its cage, and it wasn't going 
back in, without a meal.  
     "I...  I told him... that if he didn't do what I had 
asked of him," stammered Melina "that...  I would get him 
in trouble with you...  I said,...  I told him that if he 
didn't consent, that...  that I would tell you that he 
had left the room, and... and that you would thrash him.  
Then I...  I got naked, and... and I... I sat on him."
     Arline was beside herself.  For a second the whip 
in her hand seemed to droop.
     "I don't believe this."  She said.  "That's five."  
She said, striking me again.  I swayed again, 
stretching my balls to the limit.  Blood was forming in 
droplets on my ass.  
     Arline struck me relentlessly.  Somehow, my balls 
survived, but by the time she stopped, the string was 
so tight, that my balls had turned dark blue.  Blood 
was now dripping down onto my legs.  
     "I want you to watch this, so that you know what 
will happen to both of you if this happens again you 
little degenerate."  Arline said to me.  
     Arline untied Melina.  "Take off the rest of your 
clothes, you little slut.  There's no need to hide 
anything from him, anymore, he's already seen it all.  
You tramp."  She said.   
     "Mother don't do this."  Said Melina trying to 
sound cool and assured.  She hesitated for a second but 
one look from Arline and she undressed.  That didn't 
take long; she was already naked from the waist down.  
I enjoyed the view, but I was worried for Melina.  
     Next Arline pushed Melina to the wall I was 
facing.  There were four hooks on that wall.  I had 
never seen Arline use them, and I had wondered why they 
were there.  Then she pulled something from the drawer 
in the bureau next to the hooks.  It was a leather cuff 
connected to some ropes.  She put it on Melina's wrist 
and buckled the clasp, which locked the cuff onto 
Melina's wrist.  Arline tied the rope to a hook over 
Melina's head and pulled it tight.
     "Okay I've learned my lesson.  I promise I won't 
do it again."  Melina said.  Though Melina tried to 
sound calm and collected, there was a note of 
fluctuation in her voice that suggested fear.  
     "You're damn right you won't do it again," said 
     She drew a second cuff from the drawer, and 
placed it on Melina's other wrist, cinching the buckle 
and fastening the rope to a hook on her other side.  
She drew the rope tightly pulling Melina up onto her 
     "I'm sorry," said Melina.  "I wasn't thinking."  
This time her voice had begun wavering. 
     Arline drew a third cuff from the drawer and 
buckled it above Melina's ankle.  She tied it tightly 
to a third hook, causing Melina to have to move her leg 
out to the side.  She seemed unsteady; I thought she 
might have fallen, had she not been tied up.  I guess 
every cloud has its silver lining.
     "Please, Mother, it was just some stupid idea I 
got on the internet."  Her voice was now faltering.
     Arline placed a fourth cuff on Melina's leg and 
bound the rope tightly to the last hook, spreading her 
legs wide apart.  Melina was now defenseless, exposed, 
vulnerable, and captivating.  
     I tried not to watch, but the spectacle was too 
mesmerizing.  Melina was beautiful.  There she was, 
completely nude, with her small nipples standing on 
end, her fine fur-like pubic hair on the triangle over 
where her legs met waving in the breeze, her legs and 
outer lips spread wide apart, and her pink petals 
hanging out in the air.   
     Still tied by my balls between the walls, and with 
my wrists restrained, I was helpless, unable to do 
anything to help Melina.  I realized for the first time 
that if I were to lose my balance, I could do nothing 
to keep from castrating myself.  I looked down; my 
penis was standing on end.  I realized that terrible as 
this was, there was something highly erotic about the 
entire episode.  I felt ashamed of myself, for getting 
aroused at Melina's distress.
     Arline went to the bureau and took a box out of 
one of the drawers.  She put the box on top of the 
bureau, and pulled something out.  It was too small for 
me to see it from where I was standing.  She walked up 
to Melina, and held it up for her to see.  "I'm going 
to punish you, but not with the whip.  I don't want to 
leave any scars."
     "No, no, no" said Melina.  "Please don't do this. 
she said apprehensively.  Her body was now trembling.  
She began crying.  
     With that, Arline pinched Melina's breast, and 
moved her other hand rapidly over to it.  I couldn't 
see what was happening, but Melina suddenly let out a 
scream, and strained against the ropes.  
     Then Arline bellowed, "You were a virgin.  I was 
going to sell your cherry for a hundred thousand 
dollars.  I already had a customer.  You're useless to 
me now, you little nympho.  You spoiled all my plans.  
I was going to be rich."  Arline went to the box again, 
I could see now, that she had stuck a pin through 
Melina's delicate nipple.  I felt sorry for Melina.  
She seemed to be in a great deal of pain.
     Melina was still straining when Arline grabbed her 
other breast, and stuck a pin in that one.  This of 
course, caused another scream from Melina, and more 
struggling against the ropes.  As she struggled, Melina 
contorted her body away from the wall in an arc.  Her 
vagina opened and closed, as her pubic bone protruded 
from her waist, then sank back into her chest.  It was 
terrible.  It was also beautiful.  I stood there in 
tears and in awe as I watched the horrific exhibition.  
     Melina attempted to evade Arline's repeated 
assaults by swaying her body to and fro.  Watching her 
was horrible.  It was also incredibly erotic.  I 
couldn't help myself.  Despite my empathy with Melina's 
pain, there was also a certain aspect of voyeuristic 
gratification, as I watched Melina's  desperate, yet  
seductive dance, to escape Arline.
     "You fucking tramp.  Now look at you, you're not 
so smart, are you, slut.  At the rate you're going, 
you'll be a whore by the time you're 12.  Maybe I'll 
take you outside, naked just the way you are right now 
and get you broken in by some strangers.  I think I'll 
do just that, to both of you.  They'll pay top dollar 
for young fresh meat like you, tramp.  Maybe we'll 
invite some of the neighbors in right now and let them 
stick their dicks up your cunt right there, where you 
are, tied to the wall.  How would you like that, slut?"
     Arline went back to the box many times.  She 
continued placing the pins in Melina's nipples, until 
finally, the straining and the screaming lessened.  
Then Arline took the box over to Melina, and got on her 
knees.  I began to feel sick when I realized what was 
to come next.  Arline began placing pins inside 
Melina's vagina, causing renewed screaming and 
     After a while, Melina's voice began to get hoarse.  
She stopped straining against the ropes for the most 
part, and seemed to be drooping from them instead.  
     All told, Arline harangued and tortured Melina 
like that for close to an hour.  Before she was done, 
Arline had placed pins in both of Melina's breasts, the 
outer lips of her vagina, deep inside of her vagina, 
her clitoris, and had placed a number of pins in her 
inner lips, sealing them shut.  
     In addition, she placed a dozen pins around my 
anus, which didn't hurt as much as one might expect, 
except that she pushed on my ass causing me to strain 
against the string on my balls.  She also placed pins 
into the head of my dick, which hurt more than I 
expected, and a number in my nipples.  I wondered 
whether my nipples hurt as much as Melina's.  Somehow, 
I maintained the erection, which I had developed, 
throughout the ordeal.
      Melina's and my breasts, her vagina, my butt hole 
and my penis looked like pincushions by the time Arline 
finished punishing us.  We were both drenched with 
sweat.  "What have you learned, slut?"  Asked Arline.
     "That you're a fucking bitch."  Melina said, under 
her breath.
     Fortunately, Arline didn't hear what Melina had 
said.  She untied one of Melina's arms saying "I'll let 
you untie the rest of the restraints yourself, 
strumpet.  Then you can untie Don Juan over there and 
remove the pins in whatever order you want.  Maybe you 
should leave him there for causing this mess."  
     Melina untied her other hand and her legs.  Then 
she walked painfully over and untied the string which 
was around my balls and released me from my wrist 
restraints.  It couldn't have been easy for Melina to 
do that, her vagina was still sewn shut, but she was 
afraid that my balls would strangle if they had their 
blood supply cut off any longer.  I realized then, that 
she must actually like me to have put up with that much 
pain for my benefit.  
     We worked together removing the pins.  Small 
droplets of blood appeared from many of the holes when 
we removed the pins.  As you would expect, the ones 
inside her vagina were the hardest to remove, I had to 
find them by feel.  Altogether, it took more than an 
hour to remove all of the pins.  For some reason, they 
hurt almost as much coming out as they did going in.  
     Arline watched with delight as we removed them.  
"Teach you, you deviants," she said over and over when 
we winced.  "Go ahead and scream."

          End Part 09/56 Continued in part 10/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 10/56
Summary: Our hero and Melina receive more punishment 
from Arline for experimenting.  They are prostituted,
defiled and debased a total stranger.  
Keywords: Mb,Mg,nc,rape,sad,viol,anal,oral,copr

                  Black Friday. (Part 1)

     The following day, Friday, Arline seemed somewhat 
     We took our shower as usual, except, Arline didn't 
make me wear a blindfold.  In addition Arline insisted 
on brushing us both herself.  She was particularly 
aggressive with the brush especially when she did our 
sexual organs.  They hurt much more than usual due to 
their already being sore from all the pins she had 
placed in them the day before.  When she gave us our 
enemas, she remarked something about needing our bowels 
to be extra clean, she did each of us twice and took 
longer than usual doing it.  
     For breakfast, Arline served me something hot and 
steamy in a mug.  I'm no fool so I figured it wasn't 
coffee.  Upon examination, I noticed it was somewhat 
lumpy.  Arline smiled and said "Breakfast is the most 
important meal of the day."  She was already holding 
the switch.  
     I took a sniff.  I was horror-struck when I 
identified it as diarrhea.  The aroma was more putrid 
than usual.  A wave of nausea overcame me and I started 
retching immediately.  
     I was beside myself.  Normal shit is pretty 
unsanitary, but "chocolate thunder", it seemed to me, 
must be downright toxic.  The Hershey squirts, as 
likely as not, meant that whoever had produced it was 
sick, and I was sure that eating them would make me ill 
     I became light headed, and nearly lost my balance.  
I grabbed the mug with my free hand and brought it 
towards my lips.  But I couldn't get it past my nose.  
I kept gagging and some of the contents spilled over, 
onto the floor.  
     "Good."  Arline said, "now I won't have to wash 
the floor myself this week."  She took the mug from my 
hand, and placed it on the table.  Then she grabbed the 
leash and tied it close to the far end of the table so 
that my face was on the table and my ass was bent over 
the edge of the table.    
     "Fuck my daughter, will you?"  "Thwack" went the 
switch against my ass.  "I'm in charge here, and you'll 
have whatever breakfast I prepare, without spilling 
any.  That's one."  She said.  
     All told, she struck me five times.  I would have 
lost count but she counted off each one as she did 
them.  I was getting to the point where the switch 
wasn't all that big a deal.  I shook off the waves of 
pain, ready for more, but she relaxed the leash.  
     "Are you ready to have your breakfast?"  She 
     "Okay" I said.  Sure, the switch wasn't the big 
deal it had been at first, but it did still hurt, and I 
wasn't going to goad her.  
     I took the mug and had a swig.  It was more 
bitter, smellier, slimier and more foul than usual, 
and it had lumps, which got caught in my throat.  
     Down it went, and then, up it came.  Arline tied 
me down again.  "I'll teach you to fuck my daughter, 
you lecher.  You and that little cunt will pay for 
screwing up my life."  She said, and then she flailed 
me with the lash painfully, five more times.  
     She loosened the leash somewhat, and handed me the 
mug.  "Are you ready to have your breakfast, now?" she 
     This went on.  I lost count of how many times she 
beat me.  Finally, in pain, bloody, and broken, I 
somehow managed to down the cup.  I was really hoping 
for a hot breakfast that day, but by the time I finally 
drank it, it was cold.  
     It was only after I finished the mug of mud that I 
noticed that Melina was unhappily forcing down the same 
beverage I'd been given.  
     "Good."  Arline acknowledged.  "Now clean the mess 
up, with your tongue."  I'd been through this before 
with Arline, so I licked the entire floor clean without 
     I expected that I was going to get sick later that 
day from the butt juice, but thankfully, that never 
     After breakfast, and cleaning the floor, Arline 
had us brush our teeth and rinse our mouths out several 
times with mouthwash.  "We're having guests" she said 
"and I want the two of you to be as attractive as 
possible.  The two of you can't smell like you've just 
eaten breakfast."  
     Following that, Arline buckled my free arm back to 
the cuff on the waist restraint.  She removed my G-
string and collar.  She tied my feet together and left 
me on the floor of my bedroom bound and naked.  Then 
she then went into Melina's room.  I heard Melina say 
"Please Mother, don't do this, I'll be good."  She 
sounded terrified.  I had no idea what was happening, 
because I was in the other room, tied up.  
     Somewhere at the back of my mind was the logic to 
recognize that the statement that Arline had made about 
having guests and my being tied up naked might be a bad 
     "You're going to find out what happens to little 
tollops like you," said Arline loudly.  Then I heard 
the front door slam shut.
     After about an hour, I heard the door open.  
Arline walked into my bedroom and grabbed my feet.  
Arline dragged me across the house with the rugs and 
floor scraping my ass and back.  She brought me into 
the parlor where a bed was set up, and threw me onto an 
armchair facing the bed.  There, was Melina, lying face 
up, on the bed, tied spread eagle, totally naked.  
Arline had spread her legs so far apart that I could 
practically see out through her mouth.  
     Next, she removed the rope tying my legs together, 
and bound each of my legs stoutly to the legs of the 
chair on which she had thrown me.  Arline pulled out 
her cell phone and dialed.  
     "We're ready."  She said.  Then she gave the 
person to whom she was speaking our address and 
directions to our house.
     Melina started crying.  Arline said "Don't worry, 
darling, everything is going to be fine."  Melina 
didn't stop crying.  
     I began to feel sick.  Somewhere inside of me was 
the hope that she had called a gynecologist, but I was 
reasonably sure they didn't make house calls.  
     After about fifteen minutes, somebody rang the 
doorbell.  Arline started smiling.  "Now you're going 
to find out what happens to naughty little girls like 
you."  She said to Melina.  Then she turned to me and 
said "You're going to find out too."  
     She left the room.  I heard the door opening, and 
then I heard Arline talking to someone.  "Did you bring 
the money?"  She asked.  "Let me see the goods" someone 
answered in a male voice.  "They're right in here.  
Remember, you can hurt the girl all you want, but you 
may not cause any scars.  Are we clear?  You can do 
whatever you want to the boy, except cause permanent 
damage to him," Arline said.  Following that, I heard 
the sound of footsteps leading into the bedroom.  
     Someone walked in.  Arline did not come in but 
instead, she closed the door behind her.  
     A man walked into the bedroom and Melina started 
sobbing loudly, tears were rolling down her cheeks.  
     For the first time I could see the person who had 
arrived.  He looked about sixty years old, and was 
considerably overweight.  He was dressed shabbily, and 
had a scruffy gray beard.  When he walked by me, I 
could smell his foul body odor.  He smelled the way my 
father did after he returned from a month long fishing 
expedition.  His hands were dirty and he had black 
stuff under his nails.  He reminded me of a homeless 
person.  Overall, he was one of the ugliest people I 
had ever seen.
     Up until that point, I had hoped that Arline was 
only trying to teach us a lesson, and that she wasn't 
really going to go through with this.  But then the man 
walked over to the bed on which Melina was tied, 
reached over and put his hands on Melina's breasts and 
pinched her nipples.  I began to lose hope of it being 
just a sick joke.  
     "Beautiful."  He said, and then he turned around 
and walked up to me.  He grabbed my penis roughly, 
pulling it a little, and then he squeezed my balls a 
little.  "Great."  He said.  
     For the first time it occurred to me that, I might 
also be molested, and I shuddered at the thought, but 
as worried as I was for myself, I was even more worried 
about Melina.  
     The man started removing his clothing.  As he 
removed layer after layer of clothing, the garments 
seemed to get dirtier and dirtier.  The room began to 
get thick with his odor.  Finally, he removed the last 
garment, his briefs.  It seemed that whereas once they 
might have been white in color, they were now a dark 
grey, and had layered skid marks in back.  He showed 
them to me, proudly, and then placed them over my head, 
taking great care to locate the leg holes over my eyes, 
so that I could still see out of them.  My mouth and 
nose were covered by the front part of his BVDs, and 
the smell was making my eyes water. 
     Then he walked over to Melina.  He stuck his 
armpit by her nose until he was sure she had smelled 
it.  It was easy to tell, Melina retched when he did 
that.  He laughed.  Then he grabbed her nipples firmly 
and started twisting.  Melina screamed in pain.  He 
laughed again.  Then he smacked her in the face and 
said "No more noise from you."  
     "Leave her alone."  I said trying to sound 
     "Okay," he said.  "It's your turn, anyway."
     He moved a bench, which was in the room, towards 
me.  Then, he untied my legs from the chair and tied 
them instead to the legs of the bench.  It was quite a 
stretch for me.  The bench spread my legs wide apart, 
and I began cramping.  "Please, I'm getting cramps."  I 
     "Good."  He said.  "Your mother wants me to teach 
you a lesson."  Then he threw my head over the bench so 
that my ass was facing up.  Next, he took a rope, which 
was lying around, tied a slip knot around my neck and 
tied the other end to my legs so that I couldn't raise 
my head without choking.  
     Without warning, he stuck his dick in my back 
door.  It only went in a little at first, which didn't 
hurt too much, but then he started working it inside 
deeper and deeper.  As he started going in farther and 
farther, it began to hurt more and more.  His prick was 
considerably thicker than the back scrubber Arline had 
used in my ass.  I started screaming and he stopped for 
a second and smacked my ass forcibly.  "That little 
love tap is nothing."  He said.  "You're distracting 
me, and if you don't shut up, I'll make you really, 
really sorry."  
     Afraid he might kill me, I held my tongue.
     He continued working his dick in and out, faster 
and faster.  I could feel his balls slapping against 
mine.  His odor got worse and worse.  I realized with 
disgust that he was dripping sweat balls all over me.  
Soon he was breathing heavily.  I didn't understand 
then, that he was reaching climax.  Finally, he lurched 
forward, and filled my asshole with warm fluid.  It 
felt a little like the enemas Arline gave us, only was 
far more revolting.  I began to retch.  The man 
laughed.  I suppressed my vomit, a trick I had learned 
from my experiences with Arline.  The man slumped over, 
lying on top of my back, smearing perspiration all over 
me.  I retched again.  The man laughed again.
     I had hoped he had expended all his energy on me 
and would leave Melina alone now that he was satisfied, 
but the man got up and walked over to the bed.  "Now 
it's your turn, little lady."  He said to Melina.  I 
strained against the ropes to get free in an effort to 
save her, but it was to no avail.  "Leave her alone."  
I screamed.  
     "Didn't I tell you to shut up or I'd make you 
sorry," the man said.  With that, he went over to his 
pants and pulled a large folding knife with a long 
blade, more than an inch thick, from his pocket.  I 
began to tremble.  He placed some spit on the blade and 
gently stuck the knife into my asshole.  It didn't 
     Then he said "I put it in gently.  If you don't 
shut up, I'll pull it out hard.  It's super sharp.  
It'll probably cut you all the way down to where your 
balls are."  With that, I shut up.  
     He went back to Melina.  I wanted to turn away 
from the scene, but I hoped that somehow by watching 
what was happening, I might prevent some of Melina's 
     Melina started sobbing again, and the man climbed 
onto the bed and smacked her hard on the face again.  
"I said no more noise from you."  
     The man began rubbing her thighs up and down.  
"Like silk."  He said.  Then he reached his hand under 
Melina and started fondling her ass.  "Yes.  Like 
silk."  Next, based on Melina's expression, I could 
tell he had poked his finger into her ass.  He started 
twisting it around.  When he pulled his hand out; he 
smelled his finger and said "Mmmm, clean too." 
     Next, he moved over to her vagina, pulled her lips 
apart and inserted a dirty finger.  Tied spread eagle, 
as she was, she could offer no resistance to his 
encroachment.  He jammed two fingers forcefully, deep 
into her vagina and Melina cringed for a moment.  Her 
mouth opened as if she was going to cry out, but no 
sound came out.  The man laughed. 
     The man worked his fingers inside for a minute 
then took out his fingers and smelled them.  He smiled, 
then he pulled her labia apart and smelled inside her 
with his eyes closed as if he were sampling a fine 
wine.  "Wonderful." He said.  "And worth every penny."
     Next, he began sticking his tongue in.  Again, he 
closed his eyes.  "Ahhhh."  He said after a moment.  
"Fine young cunt.  I'm going to enjoy you."  Melina 
usually liked it when I licked her, but I could tell, 
she wasn't enjoying his advances at all.  
     He took a few more sniffs, and then he climbed on 
top of her.  Melina strained against the ropes trying 
to escape but they were just too tight.  All her 
efforts did was to make the man laugh again.    
     Being tied with her legs far apart, as Melina was, 
made easy access for the man and he stuck his cock into 
her pussy, hilt deep.  His penis was very thick and 
quite long and it stretched Melina's vagina beyond its 
limits.  In addition, Melina was not properly 
lubricated so the ordeal for her was extremely painful.  
Melina let out a long shriek, and the man smacked her 
in the face again.  He screamed, "I said shut up.  This 
can get a lot worse for you, you know."  Melina stopped 
screaming and instead began holding her breath.  Every 
few seconds, she would let her breath out in a quiet 
     The man began moving his ass up and down.  It was 
obvious from the way he was moving, that he wasn't 
getting the expected result.  "Bitch, you've clamped up 
on me.  Let go of me, let go of me."  He yelled.  He 
began slapping Melina on the face, and trying to 
extract his dick, but for the while, it just seemed to 
be stuck.  
     "Let me go, you fucking cunt."  He began pulling, 
and smacking her time and again.  Melina was crying 
loudly, she obviously was in pain from the smacking and 
the pulling.  Once again I struggled with my bonds 
trying to get free so that I could save my precious 
Melina, but it was no use.  The bonds were too tight.  
I would have said something, but then I remembered the 
knife.  I could feel its keen-edged blade pressing 
sharply against the front part of my butt hole.    
     At last, he got free.  He slumped down on top of 
Melina lying with his full weight over her body.  He 
was quite a large man, and Melina began having 
difficulty breathing.  
     After things quieted down for a while, he regained 
his composure.  At that point, he changed his position 
moving his knees above Melina's head.  I closed my eyes 
knowing what was in all likelihood coming next.  
     "Open your mouth."  He said angrily.  Melina did 
not comply.  He grabbed one of Melina's nipples and bit 
down hard.  Melina shook with pain.  "Next time, I'll 
bite it off.  Now open up."  Melina opened her mouth.   
     "If I feel any of your teeth, bitch, I'll knock 
them out of your mouth."  He said in a gruff 
threatening voice.  With that, he stuck his dick deep 
into her mouth.  Melina gagged and the man laughed.  
"Put your tongue on it and close your lips around it."  
He said.  
     Next, he lay down over Melina, and grabbed her 
legs.  He stuck his face deep into her snatch and 
proceeded to work his hips up and down going deeper and 
deeper into Melina's mouth.  Melina was gagging, but 
she didn't puke.  
     He continued faster and faster and after what 
seemed like hours, he began breathing heavily.  
Finally, he made a gasping sound, and jerked deep into 
Melina's mouth, Melina made a huge gagging sound.  The 
man finally flopped down onto her chest.  
     For a while, he just lay there.  I was hoping that 
he'd had a fatal heart attack.  Melina had to lay there 
under his weight.  I felt sorry for her. 
     The first time she gave me a blowjob, I came in 
her mouth.  It made her puke, and she made me promise 
never to do it again.  I objected, and the next time I 
did that, when she kissed me she spit the semen into my 
mouth.  It tasted so terrible, that I never came inside 
her again.  Now some stranger had defiled her, and I 
could do nothing to stop him.  
     The man continued to lie on top of Melina, and 
soon he fell asleep.  
     Arline ultimately came into the room to see what 
was happening.  She woke the man up, and he got 
dressed, following which he pulled the knife gently out 
of my ass.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Arline walked 
the man to the door.  When they got into the hallway, 
the man argued that he didn't get his money's worth.  
     "Didn't you get your jollies off?"  Arline asked.  
     "Yeah twice."  He answered.  
     Arline said "Then you owe me double, don't you."  
     "But I didn't get to fuck the cunt," said the man.  
"You said I could fuck a very young girl.  That's what 
I paid you for.  I couldn't fuck her because she 
clamped up on me.  I had to settle for a blowjob.  I 
can get a blowjob anywhere for fifty bucks."  
     Arline said "Come on, I'm sure you got to taste 
her young snatch, that's got to be worth the money."  
That must have satisfied the man, because following 
that, he left.  
     Arline walked back into the room and waved three 
one hundred dollar bills at us.  She winked and said 
"We'll get that hundred thousand dollars after all.  
Another three hundred and thirty more fucks and we'll 
be even." 
     She left us tied where we were, and walked out.   

          End Part 10/56 Continued in part 11/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 11/56
Summary: Prostiution continues.  The main characters
continue to be defiled but are not abused by everybody.
Keywords: Fg,nc,reluc,sad,tort,oral,elec

                  Black Friday. (Part 2)

     A short time later, I heard the door slam again.  
I hoped that Arline was going to do the shopping she 
had neglected to do the day before.  Part of me however 
realized that she was more likely going out to get 
another person to molest us.  It was obvious that the 
results of what had transpired had pleased her.  There 
she was having someone teach us a lesson, and making 
money at the same time.  
     Melina and I spoke quietly while she was gone.  I 
ascertained that Melina was mostly okay, except her 
face and vagina hurt a little, and she was still a 
little nauseous.  I realized that I was more fortunate 
than she was, in that only my ass hurt.  I asked Melina 
if she was sorry we had had sex together, and she said 
"No.  I'm glad we did it.  I'm just sorry we got 
caught."  We both laughed at that. 
     "Are you sorry?"  Melina asked.  
     Briefly, my mind returned to the time the soapsuds 
fell off from my eyes and Arline beat me for seeing 
them naked.  I could still remember how I decided that 
the peek was worth the beating.  Now Melina was asking 
about the fondest memory I possessed.  "I will never be 
sorry for that."  I answered.  
     Arline was gone about two hours.  When she 
returned, she brought in several bags of groceries.  I 
could hear her in the kitchen putting them away.  I 
began to breathe more easily, thinking that the 
harrowing lesson was over.  
     Arline came back into the bedroom and placed a 
tube of something on the dresser near the bed.  Then 
she pulled out her cell phone and made another call.  
It was obvious she wanted us to hear the call.  Once 
again, she said "Come on over."  gave out our address 
and directions.  My heart sank.  I knew it was going to 
be a long day.  
     Arline puttered around the room, dusting and 
making sure the ropes were tight.  Then she 
disappeared.  After about an hour, the doorbell rang 
again.  Arline answered the door, and spoke briefly to 
a man with a deep voice.  A short time later, he walked 
into the room and closed the door.
     The man made a point of showing us two long 
unfiltered cigarettes, holding one in each hand, and 
waving them around, while looking us in the eye.  
Then he lit both of the cigarettes at the same time 
and took a puff of both of them.  
     Next, he pulled Melina's pussy lips apart and 
placed one of the lit cigarettes between them closing 
them afterward.  Following that, I could feel him 
placing the other lit cigarette between my butt cheeks.  
     Melina and I both started squirming, trying to get 
the cigarettes to fall out, but we were not successful.  
He smiled a heinous smile, and then he pulled down his 
pants and began playing with himself.  
     "By the way, I'm told it's okay for you to scream 
as loud as you want.  I like it, I find it flattering.  
It means you appreciate my work."  The man continued to 
beat off.  Eventually, the cigarettes began burning 
dangerously close to us.  The man continued choking his 
chicken.  Still struggling, I could feel the heat from 
the flame beginning to warm my ass.  I was beginning to 
panic, and so was Melina who was now trembling.  Soon 
it began to get intense, and the man continued 
masturbating.  Soon the burning ember began touching my 
ass, causing intense pain, I began waving my ass back 
and forth, and taking deep gulps of air and screaming.   
     When the man heard me doing that, he finally, 
reached his climax.  He held his penis tightly, and 
went over to Melina.  He climbed onto the bed and let 
his semen squirt all over her forehead, into her eyes, 
(which were wide open watching her cigarette) inside 
her nose, over her lips, (which were closed) and onto her 
     "Sorry."  He said.  Then he hurriedly removed the 
cigarettes first from Melina who was shaken up but 
unhurt, and then from me, who was shaken up and hurt.  
Because Arline had spread my legs so far apart, the 
cigarette, which he inserted between my cheeks, had to 
be put in deeper than the one, which was inserted into 
Melina.  Whereas the flame never actually got any 
closer to Melina than to warm her a bit, it had in fact 
reached my ass, leaving a blister on each cheek. 
     The man walked out of the room, and shortly Arline 
walked in.  This time she was waving six one hundred 
dollar bills.  She pointed to the scum on Melina's 
face.  "Oh, that's so cute" she said sarcastically.  
"At this rate it will only take a hundred and sixty 
seven and a half guys with cigarettes to get even.  She 
started laughing, and left, without cleaning Melina 
     Arline slammed the door again.  We began wondering 
how long this was going to go on.  Melina and I 
compared notes.  She said she was okay.  She was no 
longer nauseous, that the pain in her vagina was much 
better, but her face still hurt some.  I told her my 
asshole was somewhat better but, my ass cheeks were 
still burning.  We had lost track of time, and wondered 
if we were going to get lunch.  I said "I thought you 
got lunch when that first guy was here."  We both 
started laughing.  It's amazing what seems to be funny 
during periods of great adversity.  
     We only had to wait a short time before Arline 
returned.  She had brought somebody with her.  She 
walked into the room and said "I'd like you to meet an 
old friend of mine."  A woman about forty-five years 
old, with blonde hair, a tight, short, black dress, and 
high heels followed her into the room.  "This is 
Velma," said Arline.  Arline left the room and closed 
the door.  
     Velma began undressing, which I found rather 
exciting.  When she had removed all of her clothing, 
she took some new clothes out of a large duffle bag, 
which she was carrying.  They included a black corset, 
which she put on first.  The corset cinched her waist 
and pushed up her breasts, which were mostly visible.  
Following that, she put on a black, skin tight, leotard 
which had a hole over her genital area, exposing her 
vagina and anus.  
     "We're going to have some fun."  She said.  "At 
least I'm going to have some fun.  Maybe you won't have 
as much fun as I do."
     She proceeded to remove some kind of device with 
wires, which she plugged into an electrical socket.  
Next, she turned the bench I was on, upside down, 
carefully, so as not to hurt me.  After she did that, I 
was lying on my back, with the bench on top of me, my 
legs spread wide apart, and my genitals waving in the 
breeze.  She had not united my feet from my neck, so I 
still couldn't move without choking.    
     She moved the contraption with the wires, over to 
the bench.  Next, she removed a eight-inch rod made of 
metal about a quarter inch thick, from the bag.  She 
placed some goo from the tube Arline had placed on the 
dresser, onto the piece of metal and stuck it into the 
hole in my dick.  It didn't hurt at first; it was just 
the right diameter.  In fact, it rather felt nice.  But 
then she jammed it deeper, which did hurt somewhat, but 
wasn't unbearable.  
     She pulled out a metal rod about six inches long 
and a half an inch in diameter.  It had a sort of lump 
about an inch and a half thick near the back, which was 
followed by another half-inch thick section.  At the 
end, there was some kind of clip.  She put goo on it, 
and stuffed the rod into my butt hole.  It didn't hurt 
until she reached the inch and a half section, which 
she jammed forcibly into my butt hole.  It was a little 
uncomfortable, but after the swollen section went in it 
didn't hurt too much either.  Next, she took some 
sticky pads from the bag and placed one of them over 
each of my balls, in the crack between my balls and my 
ass, and at the bottoms of my feet.  Next, she removed 
some clips from the bag.  She placed these onto my 
nipples.  They bit painfully into the flesh.  I jumped, 
but being tied up, I didn't get far.  
     Next, she took wires from the gizmo and connected 
them to the clips, the sticky pads and the ends of the 
two rods.
     She went to Melina and after putting goo on them 
stuck similar rods into her vagina, and up her ass.  
She put sticky pads between her vagina and her anus, on 
the bottoms of her feet and one on each of her outer 
lips.  When she put the clips on her nipples, Melina 
screamed in pain.  Velma said "Don't waste your voice 
now, dearie; there'll be plenty of time to scream 
later."  She connected wires from a gadget similar to 
the one she had connected to me, and plugged it in.  
     At that point, she connected the thingamabobs to a 
panel, on a tripod, which she had removed from the bag, 
and set it between us.  
     She appeared to be turning on a switch on each 
device, and then she pushed a button on the first pad.  
I felt a warm tingling between my dick and my ass, 
nothing painful, I actually enjoyed it.  Then she 
pushed a button on the second pad.  Melina did not 
respond negatively.  I assumed she was having the same 
good sensation that I was.  
     Next, she pushed a button on the first pad, again.  
I felt a tingling between my breasts.  If the clips 
hadn't been digging into my nipples, I might have 
enjoyed that too.  Then she must have pushed both 
buttons at the same time.  I liked it.  I was beginning 
to think that this was going to be a positive 
experience.  The experience was apparently not painful 
for Melina either.  Velma hit another button and the 
area between my balls began to tingle.  Next, she hit a 
last button and my feet began tingling.  She appeared 
to be doing the same to Melina.  
     Velma turned a knob in each of the pads and 
started pushing buttons again.  Though the tingling was 
somewhat stronger, it still wasn't painful.  "Mmmmmm."  
I said.  Melina said something similar.  Velma went 
through the buttons on both pads evoking a positive 
response from both of us.  Then she turned up the knob 
on both apparatuses again.  This time the sensation was 
stronger.  Not terrible though.  Nevertheless, Melina 
and I both stopped saying "Mmmmm."
     Velma turned up the knob again and hit the 
buttons.  This time the sensation was definitely not 
pleasurable.  It had begun to sting a little, and 
somewhat intense vibrations, which were obviously 
electric currents, started flowing between the sections 
of my body.  
     Velma turned up the knob again and this time she 
said "Okay boys and girls, the kid gloves are off now."  
     When she hit the buttons this time, the sensation 
was more of vibration and burning, and Melina and I 
began to wince from the sensation.  She turned up the 
knob again and this time when she hit the buttons, we 
began to strain against the bonds, which held us.  The 
vibrations were gone now, and a distinct sensation of 
shocking had replaced them.  Melina and I began to 
voice a discernable "Oh." when she pushed the buttons.    
     One more twist of the knob, and Melina and I began 
groaning.  When she hit the knob again we began 
moaning.  The next twist of the knob Melina and I both 
began warbling and shaking uncontrollably.
     At that point, Velma began pushing the buttons in 
a rhythmic sequence and screaming, "Sing children.  Let 
me hear you harmonize."  Stimulated as we were, we were 
unable to resist her request.  And we began chanting to 
her whims.  Finally, she pushed a button on the 
console, and a computer-generated signal began pushing 
the buttons automatically, like a recording.  
     At that, Velma began rubbing her fingers against 
her vagina, and she began getting off.  The device 
continued playing the buttons faster and faster, and we 
were obliged to follow suit.  As we did, Velma began 
screaming "Music, music, music.  They're singing my 
     We were in agony, unable to stop ourselves.  We 
were puppets under her control.  
     Eventually Velma climaxed, but she did not stop.  
She climbed onto Melina's face and stuck her bush in 
Melina's mouth.  Melina's mouth was opening and closing 
uncontrollably, and Velma took full advantage of this.  
Soon she began climaxing again.  For a while, Velma 
kept screeching.  Eventually, though, she stopped.  
     Velma finally got off Melina, and began to turn 
the machines down slowly.  She watched our responses as 
she did this and she left the machines on at a 
reasonably low level where the sensations were 
pleasurable again.  She began poking at Melina's 
clitoris and Melina started orgasming repeatedly.  Then 
she walked over to me and pulled the skin on my penis 
up and down.  I orgasmed almost immediately, suddenly 
and robustly.  It was one of the most powerful orgasm's 
I had ever had, and with the electricity surging 
through me, it just seemed to go on and on, forever.  
Melina was still climaxing when Velma finally shut the 
devices off and removed the wires.  
     When Velma left, both Melina and I were exhausted, 
and covered with sweat.  There were wet spots 
underneath us both.  We had big smiles on our faces.  
We stopped smiling when Arline walked in waving six one 
hundred dollar bills.  "One hundred sixty four more 
electro-sex freaks and a blowjob and we'll be even."  
She sang. 

          End Part 11/56 Continued in part 12/56

Author: Norm DaPlume
Title: War And Piece
Part: 12/56
Summary: The main characters are publicly humiliated 
and gang raped by strangers in a park.
Keywords: M+b,M+g,Fb,exhib,nc,rape,humil,anal,oral,

                 Just A Walk In The Park.

     Arline untied us and told us to get dressed, so we 
did.  Arline then grabbed Melina and placed a nylon tie 
around each of her wrists.  Next, she took a third 
nylon tie and bound the two other ties together 
effectively handcuffing, Melina with her hands behind 
her.  Next Arline placed me in my wrist restraint.  
Arline then said that we would be going out for a ride.  
     I became a little excited at the prospect, hoping 
that our punishment was over and wondering where we 
were going, bound as we were.  I kept a straight face 
though, so as not to let Arline think that I might be 
too hopeful.  She seemed to enjoy leading us on, only 
to dash our hopes on the rocks later on.  When I looked 
at Arline's face, I realized that she was wearing one 
of those "cat who just caught a mouse" smiles.  It was 
a little unsettling.  In all likelihood, it meant that 
we weren't going anywhere that we were going to enjoy.  
     Arline took us out to the van.  I called "shotgun" 
but Arline had us both sit in the back of the van, in 
the rear seat, which faced the back door.  It was a 
panel van with no windows other than the windshield and 
by the front seats, so it was a little discouraging to 
be going somewhere and not be able to enjoy the view 
while going there.  Nonetheless, it was encouraging to 
be going somewhere.  We had not been out in a while.  
     Arline got into the driver's seat and began 
driving.  We seemed to be going a long distance, 
because we were driving for so long.    
     When Arline finally stopped driving, she got into 
the back of the van and removed our shoes.  Then Arline 
demanded that I stand up.  Based on her demeanor when 
she ordered me to stand up, Melina and I realized that 
Arline was not through punishing us.  I stood up and 
Arline pulled my pants down and removed them from my 
ankles.  After seeing what happened to me, Melina did 
not stand up.  
     "We can do this the hard way, or the easy way."  
Arline said.  
     Melina remained seated.  "Okay" said Arline.
     With that, she grabbed a scissors from the front 
seat of the van and began cutting off my shirt.  After 
leaving me completely nude, she then began to cut off 
Melina's blouse entirely and proceeded to cut off her 
pants.  It was obvious from what Arline was doing, that 
Melina was no doubt, not going to be wearing those 
clothes ever again.  Melina started crying and we 
prepared for the worst. 
     "The worst" as it turned out was an 
understatement.  We could never have imagined the 
depraved ordeal that Arline had in store for us.  When 
Arline opened the rear door, and we looked around, we 
found that we were in the middle of the city, in a 
park, in the worst part of town.  
     "Don't worry; I have something for you to wear."  
Arline said mockingly, "Let me put these on you."  With 
that, she placed a sign around each of our necks.  
Melina's sign read, "Please grab me or fuck me wherever 
you want."  Mine said "Please pinch or whip me, or fuck 
me in any hole."  
     "Get out" Arline said coldly.
     Melina and I just looked at each other.  Melina 
was already sitting down.  I sat down too.  We were 
both determined not to go willingly.  Arline asked "are 
you sure you want it to go down this way?"  Neither of 
us answered.  "Fine," Said Arline.  With that, she 
grabbed Melina by her hair and began dragging her, 
kicking and screaming out of the van and into the park.  
     For a brief moment, I debated whether or not I 
should go too.  On the one hand, Melina was probably 
going to need my support.  More importantly, I was 
pretty sure Arline was planning to leave Melina out in 
the middle of the park, alone and unguarded while she 
came to get me.  Which I was sure was going to happen.  
On the other hand...  Well, you do the math.  I decided 
to take the more altruistic course of action and 
followed them out and into the park.  In retrospect, I 
now realize that probably nothing would have happened 
to Melina, that didn't happen to her anyway, but, if I 
had it to do again, I would have made the same choice.
     I don't suppose I need to tell you that the signs 
we were wearing provided no cover for our bodies.  What 
they did do, of course, was advertise the fact that our 
completely nude bodies were available for the 
entertainment of anybody who wished to use us.  Before 
we had gone twenty yards, we had gathered a huge crowd 
of people who began following, leering and staring at 
us and groping us as we walked.  Arline dragged Melina 
over to a grassy area and I followed.  Then Arline 
ordered us to get down on the ground and spread our 
legs apart.  
     Having only recently gotten used to the idea of 
Melina and Arline staring at me naked, I was 
tremendously embarrassed.  That, however, was a 
realization, the impact of which only fully dawned to 
me when I got to the grassy area.  What can I tell you?  
I was worried about Melina.  I began crying and tried 
to place my hands over my privates.  Naturally, wearing 
the wrist restraint made that difficult, well actually 
     Melina was still crying, she had started crying in 
the van.  She too was attempting to cover herself with 
her hands, but with them cuffed behind her, Melina was 
no more successful at doing that than I was.  At that 
point neither one of us had gotten down on the ground.
     Several people began pointing to Melina and 
looking at Arline questioningly.  Arline gestured with 
her hands towards Melina and yelled, "Go ahead, take 
her."  Then Arline pushed me to the ground.  I fell 
painfully onto my rear end.  By then, the crowd had 
grabbed Melina and forced her over.  Several men were 
pulling her legs apart and another was pulling down his 
     I closed my eyes hoping that the horrible 
nightmare would end, but it didn't.  Arline took out 
her switch and announced to the crowd that the switch 
was not for use on "the slut."  One man pulled me to my 
knees and started forcing me to give him a blowjob.  
"If you bite me, I'll knock your teeth out.  Now put 
your lips around it."  He pulled my head back and forth 
onto his cock by my hair.  
     Another grabbed the switch from Arline and started 
giggling, and then, after receiving a nod from Arline, 
he began slamming it into my ass like a tennis pro with 
a strong backhand.  He was stronger than Arline was and 
he hurt me a lot more than she did.  Each time he 
struck me, the pain flashed across my body like a 
tsunami.  Each time he did it he'd look at Arline and 
say "That good?  Huh?"  I'd scream, and the man with 
his dick in my mouth would pull on my hair harder and 
angrily say "I said put your lips around it, you're 
screwing up my blowjob."  At that point, people began 
pinching and twisting my breasts and everywhere else 
they could reach.  This pretty much continued non-stop.   
     Meanwhile, the crowd was holding Melina aloft.  
The men  who were pulling on her legs were stretching 
them like a wishbone, into an almost complete split.  
One man was fucking her in her ass, another man had his 
fingers deep in her pussy, and still another was 
forcing her to give him head using her ears as handles.  
They were twisting Melina's body like a "bendable Gumby 
     "Please don't come inside me."  Melina said to the 
men.  "Fuck you bitch," said the man in her mouth, 
"I'll do whatever I want."  Melina closed her eyes and 
waited for the sickening episode to be over.
     After a while, he climaxed, and sticking his cock 
deep into Melina's throat, he ejaculated.  Melina 
gagged.  I think I felt almost as sick as Melina did.  
For the first time ever, felt like Melina could never 
be entirely clean again.  I felt like Melina had been 
despoiled, and would be dirty for the rest of her life.  
In retrospect, I recognize that it was rather conceited 
for me to feel that way, because I was, after all 
simultaneously receiving the same despoilment.  
     Melina was crying loudly but nobody cared.  
Everybody seemed to be having a great time, except us.  
People were watching, groping, pinching, lashing, 
pulling at us, rubbing us all over and fucking us.  
Some women walked by and just shook their heads.  
Others stopped to watch, some of whom were rubbing 
themselves discretely.  
     Lots of people were pointing and laughing; they 
might as well have been at a picnic.  Melina looked 
over towards Arline, her eyes seeking sympathy, but 
Arline was wearing her evil smile.  As near as Melina 
could tell by looking into Arline's dark, cold eyes, 
Arline was staring directly at her, reveling in 
Melina's discomfort and humiliation.  She had blended 
into the crowd and was now rubbing herself on her 
snatch, furtively.  
     People were taking pictures of us with their 
cameras and phones.  Not that the incident hadn't 
already become a totally demeaning experience for me 
and Melina, but now a new wave of discouragement was 
crushing me as I realized that these terribly 
humiliating photos of Melina and me were probably going 
to wind up on the internet before the day's end.  
     Soon, the guy getting the blowjob from me came 
deep inside my throat, causing me to gag.  I tried to 
spit the foul tasting scum out, but before I had a 
chance to take a breath, another man began stuffing his 
dick into my mouth.  He quickly finished, and a 
different man came up, turned me over, spit on my butt 
and stuck his dick into my asshole, forcing the man 
beating me to stop.  He grabbed my balls and my cock in 
his two hands by reaching around me with both arms and 
pulled on them as if he was milking me.  It was quite 
painful, because I was still feeling a great deal of 
irritation from the pins Arline had stuck in me 
earlier.  I assumed Melina was experiencing the same. 
     I couldn't decide whether or not I preferred the 
man pasting me with the switch or having the guy, who 
had a really thick dick, fucking me in my sore ass, 
pulling on my dick and squeezing my balls.  Soon a 
different man crawled under my head, stuck his dick in 
my mouth and forced me to give him a blowjob by pulling 
my head up and down using my hair.  By then, the guy 
with the switch had begun beating me again, on the only 
exposed place he could find on my body, on my feet.  
That really hurt.  
     By then, the crowd was holding Melina vertically; 
upside-down and two men  were standing, fucking her at 
the same time.  One was in her cunt and the other was 
in her asshole.  The two men , (the one in my ass and 
the one in my mouth) came simultaneously causing me to 
gag then to heave.  Because the only food in my stomach 
was a small mug of diarrhea, nothing came up.  
     One rather good looking, extroverted woman turned 
me face up, pulled down her panties.  She lifted up her 
skirt and sat on my face.  Next, she hiked up her 
blouse, and placed her mouth on my penis while rubbing 
her tits against my naked waist.  She began giving me 
felatio, which felt rather good.  I knew what she 
wanted me to do, so I began massaging her vagina with 
my tongue.  Arline never went down on me when she 
forced me to pleasure her, Melina had not developed 
breasts yet, so having this woman's spongy breasts 
rubbing against my waist was a novel experience and was 
quite a turn on.
     I tongued her deeply inside and I could hear her 
moaning in a kind of high pitched hee hee hee.  My oral 
stimulation, combined with the thrill of having sex in 
a public place, in front of a crowd of dozens of 
people, was giving her the ultimate high.  
     This was the one joyous event on an otherwise 
ignominious day.  With the woman's skirt hiding the 
crowd from my sight, we enjoyed each other's company, 
and, for one brief moment, I forgot about my plight and 
about Arline and for that matter, Melina.  I wanted 
that moment to last forever, but before I ever got to 
come, she was gone.  Her skirt no longer cloaked my 
eyes, and the crowd, along with my humiliation, were 
     By then, the crowd had lowered Melina onto the 
grass.  Many people had masturbated, and fired their 
ejaculate all over her body.  Melina never stopped 
     People continued staring at us, rubbing us, 
pinching us, grabbing us and fucking us in whichever 
hole they felt inclined.  This went on for more than an 
hour.  At long last, Arline told us it was finally time 
to leave.  (Actually, what she said was "Okay kids, 
playtime's over.")  She paraded us, naked, of course, 
into the van and took off.  Arline opened both of the 
windows in the front seat, forcing us to ride the whole 
way back with the cold wind blowing on our naked 
     When we got home, Arline sent us to our rooms 
while she prepared dinner for us.  When Arline called 
us to the table for dinner, she had some papers in her 
hands.  "Look," she said, "You're famous." 
      With that, she laid them out for us to see.  The 
pages were eight-and-a-half by eleven color pictures 
from the park.  "I printed a dozen of them, all off 
the internet."  She said, "I just did a Google search 
on Battle Green Park with today's date, and they all 
came up.  I'll have to check again tomorrow, because 
there will probably be lots more pictures.  People 
took a lot of movies of you too, but they didn't 
print out so well.  We'll watch them on the computer 
after dinner tonight, instead of television.  Wait, 
you have to be eighteen...  Oh, that's right, all 
you need is the accompaniment of a parent or guardian, 
and I'm both.  I'll enjoy watching them with you."
     "I'm going to have these pictures framed," she 
said.  "A home isn't complete without some pictures of 
the family, don't you think?  There were more pictures, 
you know, but they weren't as clear as these are.  I 
could hardly make out your faces on them, but these 
ones are just perfect.  
     See, there's one of you leaving the park, 
completely naked, and one of you too.  Look, you can 
read the signs I made.  And look Melina; there you are, 
screaming while I drag you into the park.  You can hear 
the screaming in the movies that they took.  And here 
are some of complete strangers fucking each of you.  I 
took those.  I especially like these close ups of you 
two giving blowjobs to people because you can see your 
faces so clearly.  And here's one with your legs being 
spread completely apart, Melina, I took that one too.  
Here's a nice one of all three of us leaving the park, 
look Melina you have cum all over you.  Isn't that 
cute?  I so love the expression on your face in this 
     Arline went on and on about the pictures 
describing them in detail, as if we hadn't been there.  
She was delighting in our debasement, and enjoying 
making Melina and me cry again.  It was then, that I 
began to wonder how I was ever going to face my 
classmates when I returned to school in the fall.
     After dinner, Arline tied us up and forced us to 
watch the "home movies."  I closed my eyes and tried to 
avoid the scenes.  Arline turned the sound off and 
described them for me in detail, then she played them 
again with the sound on high, I had to listen to us 
screaming, crying and being humiliated, by the people 
who were laughing, abusing and assaulting us.  It was 
as bad as watching them, but thankfully, not as bad as 
being there.
     After the show, Arline confined us each to our 
respective bedrooms.  She placed the restraint belt on 
me, binding me hand and foot and left me on the floor 
until the next morning.  I assumed she did the 
something similar to Melina. 

          End Part 12/56 Continued in part 13/56