My Submissive Assistant (Ch 2)

by NiteWriter                                                                                                    (November 2002)

This is a two part story about my new assistant. In Chapter 1, we find out that she has a deep desire to be submissive and gets put to the test to see how obedient she will be. In Chapter two, she finds out what a true submissive slut must endure to please her Master and his friends.
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After a couple weeks of using Bella every day, I began thinking about other ways to satisfy her. I had two clients who visited my office regularly and they always commented about Bella. They spoke of how they would love to have her. Every visit they would say something like, "she's so hot" and "I'd love to fuck her ass."

One afternoon during their visit, I had Bella come into my office. I had ordered Bella ahead of time to take her panties off and when she came into the office to sit with her legs apart. She knew I wanted these guys to see her exposed pussy. She sat down across from them while she looked at the papers I gave her. The whole time she knew their eyes were devouring her cunt.

After Bella left, they commented on how lucky I was to have such hot looking assistant. I told them that if they really wanted her I could make that happen. Of course they jumped at the idea.

The next morning Bella was at her desk. I picked up the phone dialing her extension. "Don't make any plans tonight, Bella. We're having guests at my house." Bella knew exactly what I meant. We had talked about involving other men and allowing them to use her too. Now she knew it was going to happen.

My two clients arrived that evening and I took them to my basement. Since Bella and I have been seeing each other, I had accumulated quite a few sex toys. In fact, I had my basement set up with a lot of equipment just for our enjoyment. Pete and John, my clients, relaxed on the sofa, while I went to get Bella.

In the back of the basement I have a small partitioned section. Bella was in there waiting for me. She was just about ready, looking great as usual, in her black stockings, garter, and sexy see-through black mesh bra. I love the way her nipples poke out through the flimsy material. And I love her skimpy black-laced panties too. They have a slit in the middle. Many times at the office she wore them so I could lift her skirt and fuck her pussy without her ever taking them off.

She was just stepping into her high heels as I approached. "Does this please you Master?" She asked. "Yes Bella, you look very nice." Then I attached leather wrist cuffs to her and a black studded collar.

"Okay on your knees, Bella." As she knelt there I lowered her bra a little and attached a thin chain looping it through her nipple rings. I love Bella's nipples with those rings hanging down. They're so sexy and make her look like such a submissive whore. She just had them inserted last week for me.

Once the chain was connected through the nipple rings, I attached the ends to a leash. "Now don't embarrass me Bella. I'm expecting you to do anything they want. Let them enjoy your body just like you allow me."

"Yes Master, of course. You know I'll do as I'm told." Bella was excited. Then I led her out. She crawled across the floor over to Pete and John. I could hear them gasping in excitement, as they saw me leading Bella by her nipples.

Once we were in front of them I instructed Bella. "Okay kneel up." I tugged the leash making her nipples extend out from her tits.

"You remember Bella, my assistant. She wants to please you tonight." I know she didn't need any introduction to them, but it was more of offering her to them. I knew it would make her feel like nothing more than a toy for their use. I unfastened her from the leash and then walked behind Bella giving her a hard swat with my hand across her ass. "She's a submissive whore guys. Go ahead. Make her do anything you like."

I could see they weren't sure what to do. So I figured I'd get things going. I went over to my shelf of toys and pulled out that huge twelve-inch dildo. I walked over to Bella. "Here slut, show my friends how you like to fuck yourself. And then I handed her the dildo.

Bella looked up at me holding the big plastic cock. For the first time she was going to perform for other men. She sat down in front of Pete and John and wiggled her ass out of those panties. She unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. Then she spread her legs open exposing her pussy to them.

"My God, look at her," they remarked. "What a body."

Bella took the dildo and, while she stared at Pete and John, began pushing it into her pussy. I let Bella go for a few minutes, as they watched her stuff the dildo up her cunt. They were rubbing their crotches, so I knew they were getting hard.

"Okay Bella, put that down," I ordered. "Open your pussy for us. Show my friends your cunt and tell them what you want tonight."

"Master, what do you mean," Bella asked looking confused as to what I wanted her to do?

"Tell them what kind of a whore you are," I answered. "Tell them what I do to you."

"Master? You want me to tell them?" She questioned looking at me. I could see she was getting a bit embarrassed about telling complete strangers what nasty things we did together.

"Yes, Bella. Tell them. Tell them what a nasty slut and slave you like to be."

Bella had her head down when she started. "Uhhh, Master uses me. I want him too." Bella looked over at me again.

"Keep going Bella," I coaxed.

"He spanks me,... whips me,... on my ass and tits." She paused for a moment.

"He... fucks my asshole and my throat. And... he... he uses my nipples... oh fuck I love that. He hurts me so good. He ties me up.. and....."

Bella looked at Pete and John sitting there in astonishment. "Use me tonight," she asked in a begging tone. "Do whatever you want to me. My Master says I'm to let you do anything you want to me."

"What exactly do you want Bella," I asked? I could see I was just humiliating her beyond belief by making her tell these strange men how much she liked being used as a slut and forced to be my sex slave.

Bella was looking at the floor. She wasn't used to explaining what she wanted and needed. Usually I just did it. Now I was expecting her to tell two men exactly what kind of whore she was. She knew that I wanted her to explain to them that she would enjoy having her body used for any kinky whim they had in mind.

Pete and John were getting very aroused. I could see the bulges in their pants.

"Okay Bella. Why don't you get up and squat there," I suggested. "Show us your cunt."

Bella immediately did as I asked. I guess she figured I wasn't going to humiliate her anymore.

"Now why don't you piss for us," I instructed. "Spread your cunt open and piss right there on the floor."

"IN FRONT OF THEM, MASTER? OH GOD!" She gasped out. "I don't know if I can." This was something I had never asked Bella to do before, not even in front of me. Now I was expecting her to piss in front of my clients.

"Stop whining and just do it Bella," I demanded. "Squat down, get that slutty cunt of yours open and piss for us."

Bella watched us all as she spread her legs open and began using both of her hands to open her cunt.

"Go ahead Bella," I coaxed firmly.

After a couple moments a stream of urine began squirting from her hole. "Good girl Bella. You're such a naughty slut. Isn't she," I commented to my guests?

She pissed for about a half minute making a big puddle on the hardwood floor. I walked over to her and stroked my fingers between her legs to collect the last drops of urine coming from her cunt. Then I wiped them across her lips. "See guys, she's a whore that wants to be treated dirty." Then I wiped her hole again and this time rubbed some urine on her face.

When she finished pissing, Bella knelt in front of the puddle waiting for my next order. I knew I had embarrassed her by ordering her urinate in front of these guys. That was something no one ever made her do before. Then I gave my next command. "Smell it Bella. Put your nose down in it and smell your dirty piss. Show my friends how you're nothing but a disgusting filthy whore."

She hesitated a moment, but knew she had better do as I say. She knew she had already disappointed me by whining earlier. So she lowered her face to her own urine stopping just a fraction of an inch from it. As I stood there watching her obey me, I leaned down.

"Look what you did, you filthy slut," I reprimanded. "You pissed on the floor." Then I pushed her face down rubbing her nose and cheeks in it, so she could really get a feel of her wet smelly piss. The guys started laughing at her and commenting on how I should make her lick it up. As I held her face in it, we were making comments about her predicament. "Yeah, maybe I should make her lick it off the floor like a dog. We could piss on the floor too, and make her clean up after us." And we all started laughing again.

Then I let Bella back up. Piss was dripping from her nose. "You filthy little bitch," I yelled. "Sit down in it while we talk about what you're going to do next. Bella quickly obeyed and sat herself down in the urine fearing we might actually do what we were talking about.

"Well guys, are you ready to have some fun with her?" I dropped my pants and pulled my shirt off. John and Pete followed my lead. Then I walked over to Bella.

"Does Master want me to suck their cocks now," Bella asked?

"No Bella, not yet," I replied. "You don't deserve any cocks yet. You have to please my friends first."

"I'm sorry Master," she apologized realizing she shouldn't have asked.

"Bella, why don't you crawl over and smell them," I suggested. "Smell their crotches. Lick them... lick their cocks through their sweaty underwear."

Bella crawled on her hands and knees through her piss over to John and Pete. She looked up at them like a puppy dog obeying a command. First she stared at John's slightly stained underwear. Then she licked her tongue up across it feeling his bulging cock straining against the material. Once she tasted him, she pushed her face right into his crotch and took a deep breath. Then she began licking his balls through his shorts. John was watching her closely and enjoying this feeling he never had before. "My God you're a nasty little slut, aren't you?" John commented.

Bella backed away and looked up at John. "Do I please you?"

I grabbed Bella by the hair pulling her head back. "Are you happy with my slut," I asked John.

John could barely answer he was so excited. But he managed to blurt out, "Oh Fuck Yes!"

I let go of Bella's hair. She looked at me waiting to hear my approval. "I think you're enjoying this too much. You just make sure you remember your duties here tonight. You're just a slut for us to use," I sternly reminded slapping her across the face.

I could see Bella almost break out in tears when I did that. She thought she was obeying me and doing as I wished. Now in front of my guests I was making her feel like a cheap inadequate cunt.

"I'm sorry Master," she whimpered out with her voice crackling. "How else can I please you?"

I told John and Pete to kneel on the edge of the sofa. I joined them too; so all three of us were lined up. "Bella, you haven't licked any ass lately. Get over here and show us what you can do with your tongue." She performed for each one of us by pulling down our underwear and licking up through our asscracks. My clients were moaning out in pleasure when Bella spread their buttcheeks apart, pushed her face deep in their cracks and thoroughly cleaned out their assholes. Then she pulled our underwear back up. "Mmmm, thank you," Bella replied. "I love that taste."

Pete asked, "My God, how do you get her to do this?"

"Because she wants to please me," I replied. "She does anything I ask. Isn't that right Bella?"

"Yes Master. I love licking assholes," she promptly replied.

"How about if it's really dirty," I asked back?

"My Master says I should thank him if I get to lick a dirty asshole," she responded. "My job is to clean it."

"MY GOD"...... John blurted out. "She's such a filthy bitch."

"Here that Bella? He thinks you're a filthy bitch. Good girl." I complimented her.

"Okay Bella, that's enough enjoyment right now. Let's see how badly you want a cock tonight."

I had rigged up this simple A-frame on one side of the basement just for Bella. It was nothing more than three long pieces of sturdy wood fastened together at the top forming sort of a teepee type structure, only there were no sides to it. I had eyehooks at the top and at the bottom of all three legs. My intention was that I could tie Bella to it with her arms above her head and legs spread out to expose every part of her body. I would be able to put her in any position I wanted simply by raising or lowering her restraints. Also, by pulling any side I could twist her body almost anyway I liked.

I led Bella over to it and fastened her with wrist cuffs at the top of the frame by attaching them to the hook. Then I fastened ankle cuffs to her and attached them to either side at the bottom. She was spread-eagled pretty wide. Lastly, I adjusted the frame legs until she was stretched taut. She was totally exposed and vulnerable to anything we might want to do.

I backed away letting John and Pete do as they wanted. At first they just started feeling Bella. They grabbed her tits squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. Then they started fingering her pussy. "So you like this, huh slut," John commented looking right at Bella. John kept fingering while Pete went behind her. Then, "Smack! Smack! Smack! Pete started spanking Bella's ass giving some hard swats with his hand. "You're a naughty little cunt, aren't you?" Pete scolded her. We're going to show you how we punish naughty girls." "Smackk!!" His hand impacted Bella's ass again.

After that I just sat back and watched them use Bella. They both looked at the wall of sex toys and bondage equipment I had hanging from the hooks behind her.

"Can we use any of these," they asked.

"Of course," I replied. "Use anything you want on the bitch."

"Isn't that right Bella?" I asked. "Tell them it's okay to use your body."

"Yes,... yes," she replied. "My Master says I'm to allow anything. He knows what I deserve. And I think I might have embarrassed him earlier tonight. I should be punished for that. I know I'm a naughty slut and I should be severely punished.

"You heard the bitch," I commented to them. "She expects to be punished, so teach the little whore a lesson."

They didn't hesitate for a moment. They selected a ball gag from the shelf of my sex toys and strapped it to her head making sure the ball was firmly in her mouth. Then Pete and John grabbed a handful of clothespins and walked in front of Bella. They each grabbed one of her nipples and yanked it hard. "Do you like your nipples pulled?" They both asked while twisting each nipple hard at the same time. Then they grabbed her nipple rings and tugged on them. Bella yelped through the gag. "Does that hurt, bitch?" John asked and then slapped hard across her tits.

They each grabbed hold of one breast and sucked on her nipple rings. They tongued her tits until her nipples were hard. Then they backed off and started with the clothespins. "Here, try these you dirty whore." And they fastened one tight spring clothespin to the tip of each nipple mashing it hard between the two wooden pieces.

"Uhhhhhhhh", Bella groaned through the gag. While Bella was trying to get used to the pain in her nipples, they began pinching the flesh of her breasts just so they could see her squirm.

I called out her, "you be a good slave Bella, you hear? Don't you cry." She looked over at me as they pulled and pinched her tit flesh and attached more clothespins to the sides and bottom of her breasts. Each of Bella's tits ended up with four pins hanging from it pinching her tender flesh.

Well whore, are you ready to be fucked?" John asked. "What do you think Pete? Want to fuck this bitch?"

"Not yet," he replied "Seeing her squirm is making me hard. I want her beg for it."

"How about it slut," Pete asked her?" Both John and Pete were still in their underwear. They pulled out their hard cocks to show Bella. "Huh slut? Want us to fuck you with these?"

Bella softly grunted out some words that sounded like, "Yeah, fuck me." I knew that's what Bella wanted. And I knew that's what she tried to say. I'm sure that after everything she's endured so far tonight, her body was crying inside to have a hard cock. But obviously John and Pete had other plans.

"Doesn't sound like she wants it that bad enough yet," John remarked.

I could see the disappointment in Bella's face upon hearing that.

Pete went back to the wall retrieving a leather paddle. John selected the three-foot long flexible crop. Pete then ran his hand over the soft flesh of Bella's ass. "Are you going to beg us to fuck you?" He asked.

Then I watched and heard the sound, as Pete's arm whipped the paddle through the air. "Swwwooooossssshhhhhhhh!!!!!... and the paddle struck Bella's ass. "You Bitch!!" Pete yelled.

Then, "Swwoooooossssshhhhhhhh!!!!!... again it hit hard against her asscheeks. "Fuckin' little whore!" He screamed getting excited at demeaning her.

"AAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Bella cried out through the ball gag.

John being in front and seeing Bella's distraught face quickly reprimanded her. "Shout up you slut." And he drew his hand back while firmly holding the crop. "

Swwiiissshhhhhhhhh!!!!!" John swung the crop striking Bella right on top and across both tits. "Shut the fuck up you filthy bitch." He ordered yelling at her. The top of her breasts was the only spot without any clothespins attached and John accurately whipped the crop there.

"Do you want us to fuck you, bitch? Maybe up your ass?" John asked wanting to see her beg.

For five minutes they took turns between whipping Bella with the paddle on her ass and the crop across her tits. Bella was whimpering and trying not to cry. Each time she was struck, she bounced against her restraints. She was at their mercy and could do nothing but take the punishment. When they finished John and Pete threw their toys on the floor and began feeling Bella up. Their fingers probed her pussy and her asshole.

"Hey John, this bitch's cunt is wet." Pete commented. Then he wiped her juices on her face. "Do you like this bitch? Do you like getting your ass and tits whipped? They both started chuckling at her.

"Let's see if we make her cum. I think she likes this."

"How about it slut? Want to cum for us while you're all tied up? Do you want feel your pussy throbbing and begging for a cock in it?" They took turns asking, desperately wanting her to beg for their cocks.

They were right. She was enjoying this. Her ass and tits hurt, but her cunt was soaked and she desperately wanted them to fuck her.

They picked this small remote control vibrating egg from the shelf. They turned it on and Bella could hear the low hum. Then it stopped and suddenly she felt them probing at her ass. John was stuffing it in her asshole. He pushed it through her backdoor shoving his fingers as far in as he could. Then they both walked around in front. John showed Bella the control. While Bella watched, he turned the control dial all the way up. She began twisting about on her restraints. The vibrating in her ass was making her nuts.

Both men began laughing and commenting. "Look at the whore? What's the matter honey? Want to cum?"

They toyed with the control turning it off and then back on. Eventually they left it on with a low setting just enough that the vibrating deep in her rectum was driving her crazy. They stood there and watched.

Bella heard them talking to each other. "Let's help the bitch cum. We'll show her how to cum hard."

They grabbed one of the empty beer bottles I had left on a table and showed Bella what they had. "What do you think Bella? Ever have a cock this big?"

Bella started squirming and fighting against her restraints. "It's no use sweetheart. We're going to bottle fuck you with this. And when we're done we're both going to fuck your slutty little asshole." They knelt down underneath Bella to get a good view of her wet cunt. John positioned the big end of the bottle right on her fuckhole and told her, "here it goes bitch." And pushed hard. He rammed it between her legs twisting at the same time until it was completely stuffed inside her cunt.

"Ohhhhh, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!. Even with the gag in her mouth, Bella was yelling out. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.... ARGggggggggaaaaaaa......" Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!.....

I could only see the tip of the bottle protruding from between Bella's legs. John and Pete loved what they did. They loved using Bella like a cheap little whore. "You're a filthy tramp Bella," Pete remarked.

They stood back up to admire everything they had done so far. They each then squeezed the clothespins putting more pressure on her nipples and sending waves of pain through her breasts. "Hurts don't it?" John chuckled. And they both laughed. They each yanked on the bottle partially removing it from her stretched cunt, and then stuffed it back in. Each time they did, Bella thrashed against the wooden frame.

Then they knelt down and pulled her asscheeks open and each stuffed a finger in her ass. They pulled her anal hole open making it gape wide and were actually looking inside her asshole. Bella was completely helpless. She was hanging spread-eagled and having her anal hole pulled open and inspected like a piece of meat. With all the comments they were making she wondered what was next. All Bella could do was listen to them.

"She's got a great ass."

"Yeah, and look at this shithole. Look how wide we can stretch it open. She must have had a lot of cocks in there."

"Yeah, I'll bet. Gets me hot seeing her like this. Wonder if I could shove my fist in there."

"You want to fist fuck the slut?

"Think she could take it?"

"I don't know. But who cares anyway. She's only a whore."

"C'mon, let's fuck this bitch."

Then as they were commenting on her wide-open asshole, the vibrating egg fell out onto the floor.

After that, they stood up. John unsnapped the ball gag letting it fall from her mouth. She sucked in a deep breath trying to hold back breaking down completely. Her body felt so used, but she knew they weren't done yet.

"Ready to get assfucked bitch?" John asked. Her ass was red and sore from the paddling. Now they were going shove their cocks in her asshole.

Then I saw what they were about to do before fucking her. I quickly went over to Bella. I stood in front of her and unfastened the cuffs on her wrists. I bent her down to me and cradled her face in my hands.

"Do you want to get fucked Bella? Do you want them in your ass," I asked?

She looked at me shaking and whimpering.

"Yes... Yes.... Don't stop... Use me... Fuck me... Make me cum, PLEASE!!!"

I put my lips to hers and kissed her. I could feel the pins attached to her breasts poking against my chest. I reached down between her legs and felt the bottle in her cunt. As Bella stood there spread-eagled and half bent over with her ankles still tied, I kept my lips against hers. I knew what was about to happen.

John had taken the belt from his pants. In the corner of my eye I saw it flying through the air.

"Wwwssssshhhhhhhhhhhh...SNNAAAAPPPP!!!!" He had this quick, whip-like motion stinging the belt on Bella's already sore ass.

"HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM", Bella whimpered into my mouth pressing and kissing hard against my lips.

John let it fly again. "Wwwsssshhhhhhh"..."SNAAAPPPPPP!!!!"...

That one echoed throughout the room, as he whipped her ass hard again stinging her cheeks.

"HHhhhhhhhMMMMMMMmmmmm" Again Bella whimpered in pain, while they both told her what they were going to do next. "We're going to fuck your whipped ass so hard, you bitch."

John used that belt on her until she was sobbing into my mouth.

"You want it don't you," John yelled out.... "SMACCCKKKK!!!!"

"Don't you slut?"... "SMAACCCKKKKK!!!"

"I think this bitch wants it rough up the ass too," Pete added.

"Do you bitch?" John asked "Do want it hard up that dirty little asshole?"


Bella's ass was getting red welts all over it. I just kept kissing her as she whimpered. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Then she broke the kiss begging them...

"OH GOD FUCK ME. Fuck my asshole, PLEASE!!!!. Shove your hard cocks up my dirty shithole. PLEASEEEEE!!!!...... PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!......

For the next half-hour John and Pete took turns ramming their cocks in Bella's ass. They remarked the whole time how tight she was because of the bottle that was still stuffed in her cunt. Then finally they both shot their loads in her rectum. Bella was so aroused and turned on that her body felt like it was on fire. She had a complete animalistic lust built up inside her body. She needed to cum so badly it felt like her body would explode.

But now they were done with her. They had their enjoyment and were cruelly walking away leaving Bella unsatisfied. Her whole body instantly got this empty feeling. All they had wanted was to use her.

I untied Bella and brought her over to the sofa. I laid her face down, so I could slowly extract the bottle. Her ass was bright red with welt marks all over it.

John and Pete got dressed and were ready to go. They thanked me for a great time.

When they left I returned to Bella. I sat on the floor next to her caressing her back. She looked at me. "I was so turned on," she softly whispered. "I felt so helpless. They just used me. My God they used me."

Bella lay there moaning. Her body was trembling. She begged me. "Ohhh... Ohhhh... Please!!! Make me cum! Finger my cunt and make me cum... I have to cum. Please!!!!"

I put my hand between her legs. Her cunt was soaked. I looked down and saw Pete and John's cum seeping from her ass. I grabbed Bella's panties from the floor and wiped it from her crack. Then I shoved a couple fingers in her wet cunt and at the same time smeared her dirty cum-soaked panties all over her face. Immediately she moaned, "Ohhh Fuck!! Fuck!! I'm gonna cum. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck!!! I'm cumming."

She lay there having a violent orgasm, her body shaking out of control, as she felt my fingers pushing deeper into her used fuckhole and the filthy cream of those two men getting wiped on her face.

A while later I delicately removed my fingers. I softly massaged her back and stroked her hair. She fell asleep. Then I leaned down kissing her on the cheek and whispering, "you're an incredible little slut, Bella. You please me very much."


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