Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Kay walked in to her Mom's ex-boyfriends very large house. Having been summoned by the man himself. He hadn't seen her Mom since she was like twelve but still treated Kay like his own child. Even though she just turned eighteen. Kay even called him Daddy and she loved him. However right now she would rather be some where else. She failed English and Mom thought if Roger talked to her, he could make her take her education seriously. What the fuck did it matter, she would graduate, no big deal. Shit if this set them off she was lucky they weren't aware of the partying that could be blamed for her bad grade. She wore a short denim skirt and a cute little girlish peasant top, with flip flops. The poster girl for sweet country girl next door. Her hair fell to the middle of her back in a walnut cascade of shiny suppleness. Kay's hazel eyes roamed the den in search of Rog. She heard the footsteps behind her and turned to face the lecture. "Hi Daddy!" She exclaimed perkily and buried her face in Roger's chest, wrapping her arms around his waist. Not only did he not return the hug but he grabbed her arms and pushed her back. "My nice guy routine is done. You are smarter and have more potential than you realize and your wasting it!" Roger yelled and Kay stepped back only to be followed. He hovered over her five and a half foot, 110 pound from like the six foot six line backer he used to be. Grabbing her hands he drug her to the arm of the couch, forcing her torso down to bend her over it. Using one hand on her back he held her down. The other pulled up her skirt. "No underwear! Your probably out whoring that's why your failing classes!". Roger whaled. Kay was completely taken a back, she had never seen Roger this way. Three hard fast strikes hit her bottom. "Spread your legs like the fucking whore you are." He yelled and she froze in place not moving. Four more strikes rang down on her pale skin and she cried out. The pain taking any thoughts away. "Daddy stop, please stop!" She cried and Roger gave her five more strikes, making her legs go weak. "Please!" "No, spread um, or I'm taking off my belt." He growled and she slowly complied. And it was as he thought her little pink pussy was wet for him. He knew she needed this, discipline, ownership. She already had his love and support now she would get the rest, it was time. He ran his hands over her ass soothing the burn. Once she calmed her sobs he planted a little kiss on each bruised cheek. Smiling at her intake of breath and the shiver that ran down her spine under his hand. Softly he ran his hands over her sweet pink twat and was rewarded with glistening fingers. "Daddy," she squeaked, he smacked her ass hard on both cheeks. "Not a word! You don't talk unless I ask you a question. Understood?" He growled. "O,o,ok," she sniffled, and got another smack for not responding the way he liked. "Yes or no questions will be answered with yes daddy or no daddy or you will be punished more. Understood?". He stated through gritted teeth. "Yes Daddy," she sobbed. "Good, now. Your pussy is wet for me. Do you like it when I spank you? And don't lie, liars are punished horribly." He whispered "Yes daddy," she admitted through tears. It hurt but it also made her pussy ache. She had been masturbating to the one he had given her years ago, often. Just thinking of it made her hot. "Are you a virgin?" "No, Daddy". She mewled as he rubbed his hand across her clit. He plunged a finger in her sopping twat. "I see, no virgin. But you've only been with little cocks, mine will hurt you at first.". He stated, seemingly to himself. He knew she needed this, his discipline, his firm hand, and rules. Mostly she needed his ownership as much as he needed to own her. She already had his love, now she would get what came with it and she would flourish. "My cock is hard, tell me what that means.". Roger commanded pumping his fingers lazily in her puss. "You want to have sex with me Daddy." She bit out through a humiliating moan. She had always been attracted to him. But since he had dated her Mom at one time and the fact that she called him Daddy it seemed weird. But the thought of him fucking her had her pussy rippling around his fingers and fresh cream flowing. "That and much more. I want to mold you, own you, punish you. Have you be completely mine. I would use you for my pleasure and your biggest concern would be my happiness. In return I would ensure you were educated well. That you could go into or learn about any career you chose and I would financially support you in every way. I'd spoil you baby, but I would also do other very bad things to you. Hurt you, humiliate you and you wouldn't have a choice but to take it. By the way your cunt is twitching, I believe you like the sound of that." He smiled smugly when she moaned loudly. He removed his fingers from her twat and rimmed her little asshole with her cream. She stiffened under his hand but didn't move. He then pushed his middle finger in her tight, very tight, ass, to his first knuckle. She squealed and attempted to move her bottom away. That earned her five very hard smacks. Her ass was already turning blueish, and would most definitely be bruised heavily tomorrow. "Do.Not.Move.". He commanded through clenched teeth. "No matter what I do, you only move or speak when I tell you. Understood?" "Yes Daddy," she replied crying in earnest. Now scared and turned on. Lord she had issues! At her reply he kissed her bottom and rubbed her sweet little nub. "Your beautiful, your bald pussy is stunning.". Her channel spasmed at his naughty words. "Would you like to cum?" "Yes Daddy," replied through residual sobs. Standing straight he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her up. Her back pushed against his chest. He unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, then pushed it down. "Take off your shirt," he cooed in her ear. Letting go of her hair just long enough for her to reply. "And the bra, I wanna see my tits." She stood naked in front of him, facing away. Kay shivered with anticipation. Roger grabbed her by the hair again, hauling her body against his. Looking over her shoulder, he viewed her breasts. "Pretty," he sighed in her ear. Then began to weigh them with his free hand. Rolling her hard nipples between his fingers. The sensation going straight to her clit. "Spread your legs baby, always keep your legs spread in my presence. There isn't a moment I don't want to have access to your cunt.". He advised softly moving his hand to roll over her now hard and distended clit. So horny, his baby was. He played her well, she writhed under his ministrations and was close to cumming. So of course he backed off, moving back to her pert tits. "Will you be mine? This is your choice, be mine or leave. If you are mine, I will own you. Your body will be for my pleasure and no matter how twisted or sick my whims you'll do it to make me happy. Choose baby." He laid his ultimatum out while going back to her clit, bringing her to the precipice of release but not allowing her to go over. He knew it was cruel coercion, but he didn't get his billions, or his privileged life by being fair or nice. "Please Daddy," she whimpered when he moved to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts. Leaving her pussy needy. "So sweet, but please what baby?" He smiled out moving his hand back to her pussy. "Please make me cum, please Daddy." she begged sweetly. So sweetly his cock jerked violently against his pants, poking her in her back. "MMmmmm god I love the way you beg me. But you must choose. Will I own you? Be your master or will you leave?". He cooed. "If you say yes, please know this will be one of the last choices you make for yourself." She needed to cum so bad she could scream!!! He knew how to work her. Knew how to put her on edge and he certainly knew how to control her. "Daddy," was the most she could mutter of the question she wanted to ask. He knew from her inflection she wanted to ask something, so he encouraged the question. Questions were better than no. "Ask baby." "Wh, What will I have to do, Daddy? She stuttered through the overwhelming sensations his hands created in her body. "Anything, everything, what ever I want." He purred in her ear then moved to kiss her neck as his fingers dipped in her honey. "Wi, Will you hurt me daddy." She moaned and arched her cunt into his hand. "Sometimes but nothing that will maim you. You'll learn to like it and sometimes you'll earn punishment. Don't you trust me? Don't you love me?" He knew it was a cliche tactic, but damn, it was a classic and classics worked. He pumped his fingers in her harder pushing her towards release. "Choose baby." "Yes Daddy," She screamed close to release. He backed off keeping her release at bay. Moving his hand to tweak her nipples. "Tell me you agree to be mine. Tell Daddy he owns you. You are his whore and will do as your told. Tell me you want me baby." He purred in her ear, his hand trailing back to her clit. "I want you, need you. Daddy you own me. I'm your whore! Please take me Daddy!". She exclaimed in a scream as he finally let her cum. "Good girl," he whispered as he held her up through her orgasm. Once her quakes passed he let her hair go and stepped back. She sagged but didn't fall. "Sit on the couch. Put your butt on the edge and spread your legs nice and wide for me." Seemingly high she did as told while he disrobed. "Put your hands behind your back." Perfectly displayed for him he settle in front of her on his knees, palming his cock. "Look at Daddy baby," he order softly. She did and he was pleased to see her eyes bulge at the size of his member. "Ten inches sweety, and fat. Just think, all of this meat is going to be in that cunt, your ass and mouth." She visibly shuttered and he laughed. "Relax for me baby," he said before he took her lips with his. Kissing her sweetly as he lined up his cock. He pushed just the head in and she squeaked in his mouth. "Relax," he encouraged. Slowly he pushed all ten inches in, filling her. He stilled when his balls laid on her taint. "Breath baby," he cooed and she did. "I am claiming you baby. It has to be done." With that he began to stroke slowly and for being so good he rewarded her by stimulating her clit. She moaned in thanks. His little whore may cum on his cock. The thought had him working her clit ferociously while he leaned over her body to capture her lips in a kiss she melted into wantonly. A cough at the door broke his attention. Looking at the doorway he saw Chad, his British butler. He only hired him because of the accent, but he ended up being his perfect house manager. Nodding at Chad let him know he could speak. "Sir-" "Aaaaa Oh my god," Kay screamed and brought her arms around to cover her nudity. With his dick still buried in her pussy he grabbed her by the throat. Blocking her air, her eyes bulged and she attempted to pull on his arms. She would receive punishment for this, however he enjoyed the clenching her pussy was doing while she struggled. "Put your hands back behind you." He growled leaning to get in her face. "Now," shaking her by the throat to emphasize his command. She complied, tears streaming down her face and mortification coloring her skin. "You earned punishment, never cover yourself. Never do anything your not told to do. I own this body and will showcase it or not as I please. Nod that you understand, she did and he let go of her neck letting her breath. "Chad, please come closer. Stand next to me to talk." He called out and began his slow thrusts into Kay's tight pussy. She whimpered but nothing else. Chad stood at his side now. "Sir, I was to let you know when Ms. Kay's things arrived and they have." Chad announced in his never wavering professional, snotty British way. "Thank you Chad! How do you believe Kay looks today buddy." He asked merrily enjoying Kay's horror. "Stunning sir, the best I have ever seen her." Chad replied in the same butler tone. "You can call her whore when it's just us Chad. That's her proper title. Or cunt, bitch, gash, slut, fuckhole, or any degrading thing you like. I own her now, as you can see my cock is currently deep in her cunt." To further Chad's view, Roger straitened up and pulled his cock halfway out to give a better show. Kay swallowed a sob. "I see that sir, very nice. Her tits are perky and her cunt wet and full, as it should be. Do you need me for anything else sir?" Chad asked never taking his eyes from the girls pussy. Roger saw Chad's dick strain the front of his pants. "Not really, but if you'd like to watch please do." He offered then turned back to Kay. "Oh sweet girl, I was going to try and go slow. Make you cum on my cock, but you were a bad girl." Grabbing her legs he pushed them up, her knees at her ears and rammed home hard. His cock hitting the wall of her cervix. With no time to brace her self, she screamed at the impalement. He rutted her then, shuttling into her. "Fucking whore! You love this cock. Damn I rape you and your creaming. Bitch! Cum on my dick! " To her horror, Kay did just that bucking on his rod. Somehow the pain morphed and before she knew what hit her, she was blinded by pleasure. He fucked her harder through her release, not letting her come down and pushing her into another. "Ooooh Dadddy!". She yelled out with her third release, her pussy milking the cum from his balls. "Yes! Yes! Fuuuuuckkk!". He yelled as he spent himself. Leaning over he kissed her forehead, "love you," he whispered. "Love you too Daddy.". She purred still having after shocks. "Hold your legs as they are." He ordered and she lazily complied bringing her arms up to hold them. "Chad, you want some?" "Would love some thank you.". Chad replied stroking his cock. "Please, be my guest." Roger offered pulling out and away from Kaye to make room for Chad. "Daddy-" "More punishment," he cut her off yelling. "You don't get to question! That pussy is mine to do as I please. Now be a good whore and listen to Chad." He screamed at her, then slapped her face. Chad made his way over to the newest toy. Although he knew she would be permanent. His boss loved her. "On all fours twat. I want my cock in your slick cunt and your mouth cleaning your cream from your Daddy's cock. A whore should clean her messes." At his words she sank to the floor on hands and knees. He wasted no time and sunk into her still tight channel. "Her pussy is tight." He groaned. "Yes she's perfect." Roger replied grabbing Kay's head by her hair, then placing his cock at her lips. "Suck it clean. Lick, suck and make sure it's perfect and don't forget to lick my balls." She was tentative but after the first few licks she began to enjoy the task. She liked the way he tasted. That toppled with the hard rutting Chad was giving her. His balls bouncing off her clit, she moaned around Roger's dick. "Good slag, lick his balls. Lick him good!". The Brit smacked her ass for fun then grabbed her hips to really drill her. "Your bum clean sir?" He groaned out. "A little of her cream may have flowed back." Roger smiled out, instantly liking where Chad was going. Nothing was better than a good rimming. He pulled away from Kay to turn around, face down ass up. Using his hands to spread his ass and trusting Chad to do the rest. Once his boss was in place Chad grabbed Kay's confused head by her hair and shoved her face in Rogers ass. "Eat his ass hole bitch. Lick it, stick your tongue it and don't fucking stop till your told." "Ohh, ooooh,". Roger couldn't help but exclaim as Kay began eating his ass like it was a gourmet dinner. Fuck! "Oh she eats ass good." "Fuck holes normally do, she's probably ate pussy before. Haven't you bitch?" He asked pulling her head up to answer. "Yes, but Daddy"s ass is so good." She cooed not lying, she was about to cum again. "Always calls me sir! Other than that good answer." Chad replied. She got back to her task and he fucked her hard. Losing his seed when her pussy clamped down in another orgasm. "oooooooooh fuck!" Spent and getting soft he pulled out. "Stop, clean me." Kaye hurried to comply cleaning him well. No need for rimming him as he was spent, so he left his boss to his new toy. "On your knees, legs spread, hands on your thighs, eyes down, at my feet." Roger ordered sitting on the couch naked. Kaye quickly obeyed. "Very good. Now to reiterate the rules. Do as your told at all times and only as your told. I am Daddy, Chad and any one else I say, is to be called sir. You may call me master but I prefer Daddy. You are to never hide yourself or disobey. Both will incur punishment. As you have earned some this evening. You can always feel free to beg or thank me for my cock. A whore should like and beg for cock so this is acceptable. If I don't have you doing something your place is kneeling at my feet. Your legs are never to be closed in this house, unless I tell you otherwise. When you wake up, shower and clean up, take care of your female business, then report to the kitchen. No clothes unless told to put them on. Kneel at my feet and await orders. When you get home from school you will go to your room, disrobe, crawl to my office, and under my desk to kneel at my feet. Only difference will be that you will rest your head on my crotch. If my dick is out you will put it in your mouth. I will advice on whether you are to drink or suck. Weekly you will take a punishment, no matter how good, to keep you in line. That's enough for now. You are staying here the weekend and I will speak to your Mother about a permanent move Sunday evening. Right now you will put your face to the floor and ass up. Spread your ass cheeks with your hands." She did and Roger pulled a medium butt plug from the couch and lube. "Push back as I push in and relax." Roger said oiling her anus liberally. "This will hurt but you'll get used to it." With that he forced the fake appendage in, she yelled but didn't move. "Good girl, now you will sleep with that in." Standing he retrieved his belt. "Roll on your back and spread your legs. Hold them to your chest." She did, crying at the site of his belt. "If you move I will double the number. You are getting twenty." He swung hard on her still wet pussy and she waled and moved. So be it! "Forty it is bitch. Move again and it's eighty, twenty with the buckle." He yelled and swung again, this time she didn't move but her cries filled the house. That's when he began beating her out right. No breaks, no soft words. Quick, strong strikes of leather continuously hitting her privates. At forty he stopped, breathless. She was a mess, snot and tears all over. "On all fours." She complied but stumbled a bit in obvious pain. Once ready he put the belt around her neck. Pushing the end through the buckle he made a nice choke chain. "Come bitch, crawl." He announce pulling her along with his make shift leash. She scrambled to keep up and avoid being choked. Smart girl. One in his room he removed the belt and attached a pink collar to her neck that locked securely. The only person capable of unlocking it was him. Then he attached the chain that was anchored to the bed to her collar. " You will sleep on the floor until you are completely obedient. If Pete comes in sniffing your twat get on all fours to make it available to him. Leave the butt plug in and do not touch yourself if you get horny." He leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Night baby, I love you." With that, the lights were turned off and he passed out in bed. Kay cried herself to sleep. Around 3am he woke her up by nudging her side with his foot. "Suck my cock, I'm hard." Slowly getting to her knees she took him in her mouth. "Oh yeah suck daddy suck me." He murmured encouragement as she bobbed up and down his rod. Close to cumming he began fucking her mouth. Loving when she gagged around him. Quickly he came, "swallow bitch!" He screamed as he came. She was awoke by Chad at ten in the morning. Her butt cheeks were bruised and sore, while her anus had become used to the plug and didn't bother her at all. Oddly the aches in her ass went straight to her clit. Why did her body enjoy this treatment? "Your master needs to piss tramp, crawl on the bed, put his cock in your mouth and drink his waste. Say yes sir if you understand." Chad advised. "Yes sir," she said shakily afraid she would hurl. Yet she crawled up on the bed and quickly engulfed Roger's cock in her mouth. His warm piss filled her mouth and she really didn't think it was that bad. She drank him dry then licked him clean. "So good baby girl! As reward you may shower and clean up on your own. Report to the kitchen nude after you have cleaned and used the restroom." Roger said rising from the bed. He kissed her head and removed the butt plug. "Go on you can walk to your room to get ready." Kay crawled to the kitchen freshly showered and refreshed. Her sore butt was really making her wet as she crawled! In the kitchen she knelt at Rogers feet as commanded. "Good girl and a fast learner. I love you baby." Roger cooed. "Love you too Daddy," she replied and meant it. She really didn't know how much until today. Maybe being owned was what she needed. Chad sat a bowl of water and a bowl of bacon and eggs on the floor in front of her. "On all fours baby put your face in the bowls and eat." Kay was apprehensive, but so hungry she had no choice but to obey. After a few minutes Pete trotted in, she was glad to see he didn't try to take her food. But jumped in surprise as his wet nose hit her pussy. "Punishment!" Roger admonished. "Stay still unless told otherwise. Don't you want to please your Daddy?" "Yes Daddy," she whispered, tears of humiliation falling as the dog began to lick her twat. The dog laved her slit, dipping inside her cunt to get at her juices. She horrifyingly moaned as the Rotwiler began licking and nibbling her clit. "Eat that pussy Pete make her cum boy!" Roger encouraged and the dog happily obliged,making Kay howl in release. The dog jumped on her back, digging his paws around her wasted and mounted her. Shoving his hardened prick in her sex on the first stab. Once in he rutted her fast and hard. Again shame fell over her as she found she liked it. Pete's dick dug in her pussy and swelled in just the right place. Unable to resist she pushed back into his thrusts. "Good girl, I knew my baby would take any dick I threw at her. Fuck that bitch Pete, fuck her!" Roger yelled and clapped, ebbing the dog on. The dog was panting heavily now and fucking her faster. She came with a scream, "Aaaaaaaaa yes fuck my pussy with your dog dick, Yessss fuuuuuckkk!" Her release pushed Pete over the edge and he knotted in her and shot his hot load deep in her cunt. "Good girl baby!" Roger clapped. "Now stay still, your pussy is still tight so he'll be locked in for awhile. I'm so glad your a doggy bitch, my kennel has four more studs that need pussy. To make me happy you'll suck and fuck them all!" Pete dismounted and laid down after a few minutes, allowing Kay to finish her food. Once done she knelt at Roger's feet and awaited orders. Putting down his paper he looked at her sweet little body and sighed. She was perfect, but he did have to punish her, no slights could be over looked or she would get willful. "Chad my daughter jumped when Pete began to eat her pussy, she earned punishment. I think the metal spatula will do. Oh and some nipple clips, very tight." Then he stopped and thought on it some more. "Actually, let's tress her up in the basement. I think on the hanging swing. Clamp her nipples then stretch her tits by attaching a cord to the clamps then to those lovely hooks you put in the ceiling. Oh and a larger butt plug and a gag. I don't want to hear to many screams as I fuck her and the clamps pull on her tits. The spatula can give her twenty good lashes to her spread cunt before I fuck her, I like her swollen. If she fights please add to her discomfort. Slut, Chad will leash you and lead you where you need to be, he will also punish you. Listen to him as you do me." With that he went back to his paper. "Of course sir," Chad replied attaching a leash to Kay's collar. "Oh Chad' please save your hard on, I'm in the mood for cock." Roger called out. "My pleasure sir," Chad replied. He did love ass in any form, he really did find the best job. Great pay, and stunning perks. Roger listened as his daughter received the hard blows of the metal spatula. Chad was rather sadistic and would punish her worse than he would. That's why he had him do it, she had to start fearing consequences to ensure her continued obedience. Even through a gag her muffled cried echoes through the house. A few slaps were handed out, he wouldn't be surprised to find hand prints on her face when he walked in. He already knew instead of guiding her, Chad had drug her by her hair. He had counted four slaps before they got to the room and the sobbing had started at the top step to go down to the basement. Hearing the last hit, he made his way into the dungeon. Kay was strapped to the sex swing that hung from the ceiling her tits pulled by the nipples, were stretched straight up. She had no way to arch up for relief as Chad had secured her torso in place. Her legs were wide open and he had used the fake fist as the butt plug. A small amount of blood seeped down her crack and she shook in terror as Chad stood over her. Tears and mucus covered her little round face. "I took some liberties sir, I doubt she'll make that mistake again." Chad told him. "I see that. My cock is so hard I may cum standing her, I do like your work." Roger complimented. "Shall I make you my faggot or have you changed your mind?" Chad asked with an arched brow. Roger loved it when Chad used him. Of course Chad could never own him, but Chad's dominating sexual ways were nice at times. Falling into his roll, "please Chad, I need you." Roger purred as Kay writhed in pain. "Disrobe and crawl to me on your knees little ferry," Chad ordered softly, loving this game. As Roger took his robe off, Chad stripped as well. Roger gladly crawled over and knelt at Chads feet. "Lick my feet." Chad hummed and Roger obeyed getting every inch of exposed feet. "Good fagot now turn around ass up face down. Do not touch yourself, you are not to cum! You can do that with your whore." Chad admonished, spat on Rogers anus then thrust himself balls deep in Rogers asshole. Roger moaned as did Chad. "It's been to long since you've had my cock in your ass." Chad grunted and began thrusting hard. Roger focused on not cumming, it was so hard with Chad working his prostrate just the way he liked it. With a scream Chad came deep in Rogers ass. "Such a good little fag," Chad whispered and pulled out. Chad stood, taking the gag out of Kay's mouth, then set his dick across her mouth. "Clean me," he growled and she began licking the cum and waste from Chads dick. "After your done with me, your father will squat over your face and you will lick his ass clean. I want his pretty little ass cunt shining or I will start piercing body parts." Roger stood, his cock hard as a rock and waited his turn to be cleaned. Chad was hard again after being cleaned, but simply backed into a dark corner naked to watch. Roger squatted over Kay thoroughly enjoying the way her tongue drove into his ass. "Mmmmm oh yes, mmmmmmmm lick my balls too." Since they were on her chin it was easy for her to do. "Chad five more swats to her pussy while she eats me, she's not nearly swollen enough." "Of course." Chad complied bringing five hard strokes down on the girls bald pussy. She screamed into Roger's ass causing his cock to jerk and have him moan. Seeing his boss's pleasure he hit Kay five more times. "Good, good," Roger huffed out moving away from the whaling female. "Gag her, I'm gonna fuck her hard and her tits are gonna feel it." Roger ordered. Chad gagged her again and watched as Roger sunk into the now swollen bald pussy of his daughter. Pushing the fake arm in her ass deeper with his thighs. She screamed behind the gag, but Roger showed her no mercy. With a tight grip in her hips he thrust hard and fast, her tits were pulled savagely with each brutal entry. But surprising them both Kay came in a stream of squirting cum. Her pussy exploded liquid all over, her eyes rolled back in her head and her hips jerked wildly. Her reaction sending Roger into his own release deep in her pussy. After he caught his breath Roger stumbled back from Kay and looked at Chad. "What the fuck was that!?" He questioned yet his tone implied he was happy with the event. "Seems she likes the pain a little more than we knew. She's perfect in every way." Chad beamed, his dick growing harder. "Go ahead man, fuck her. Her pussy is so tight with that thing in her ass and maybe she'll do that again." Roger encouraged, like a kid sharing his new toy. Pride beamed on the man's face. Chad wasted no time he fucked her quick and got off. She didn't squirt again but she did cum. Once done Chad left them alone to finish whatever it was Roger wanted to do. Roger unhooked her, laughing when she screamed as he undid her nipple clamps. He removed the arm from her ass and had her kneel at his feet as he relaxed on the couch. Rubbing her head he spoke to her. "You came sweet fuck hole. You liked it, my perfect perfect girl. Sweety Daddy is so proud of you. You looked so stunning squirting on my cock after being tortured. How do you feel now baby?" "Tired, sore, sated, Daddy. But the aches and pains kind of make my pussy ache a little." She answered, never looking up. Such a good girl! "What did you think of Chad's punishments and him fucking your Daddy." Roger cooed. "He is meaner than you and he hits harder. It hurt so bad when he beat me, and when he drug me down the steps. He scares me Daddy, but I understand I had to be punished. I'm sorry I moved Daddy." She whispered and he pulled her head into his lap to let it rest there. "It turned me on when he fucked you and when I cleaned you up. I liked that a lot Daddy." "Good baby, Daddy likes to switch just a little and likes dick in his ass on occasion. Now today you have a full day. Lunch rules are the same as breakfast. After lunch you will service my kennel. I want all my studs properly fucked. After that Chad will hose you off and take you for a walk on your leash. After your walk if you've been good you will go to your room clean up and report to the dining room for diner. Tonight at dinner I have guests, so Chad will give you directions before walking you down stairs. Right now you need to relieve me baby, Daddy has to pee.". Kaye engulfed his prick and he let loose his piss for her to drink, she did so gladly and then knelt back to her former position. "Well done, come I'll walk you to the kitchen for lunch." After lunch Roger had left for a business meeting and Kay was locked in the kennel. The four very large male dogs fucked her twice each within the two hours she stayed there. Once one rutted her mouth and shot his jizz down her throat as another fucked her pussy. She came just as much as the dogs did so she didn't complain. She was a mess though. Covered in dirt, dog cum and a little blood. The dogs had fought over who fucked her first. True to Rogers story Chad had hosed her off with cold water the yard good thing Rogers house was secluded. Chad leashed her and walked around then yard, stopping once to make her piss. "Piss like a bitch, I want you to act like a dog when I take you for walks. Do it now!". He had told her yanking her leash to emphasize his commands. She pissed, spreading her legs wide and lowering her pussy to the ground. Like she had seen female dogs do. "Good bitch. Now you may walk to your room and clean yourself. I will be up in an hour with directions, be naked, clean and kneeling by your bed when i arrive." "Yes sir," she answered and took off to her room. An hour later Chad found Kay as he had ordered. The young girl really did shine under a strong hand. Before speaking he put the leather hood he had brought over her head and locked in place over her collar around her neck. With this hood she could still see through the film of black fabric over her eyes, but guests wouldn't be able see her eyes. And her mouth was uncovered leaving it available for her master's plans. "Tonight don't speak at all unless your Daddy asks you a question. In front of his guests you are only to call him master, yes master is the only appropriate response for any and all questions tonight. I will be placing you under the dining room table. There will be four guests, two women and two men. If any genitals are visible under the table you are to cover them with your mouth. For a penis if the gentlemen puts his hand on the back of your head you are to suck his cock. If he doesn't you are simply to drink his piss. For a pussy the opposite applies. The hand means piss, no hand means eat her until she cums. If by some chance any anus's are presented you are to eat them. No talking, no moaning, no nothing you are to be completely quiet. Understood?" "Yes sir," she replied confidently, this actually sounded like fun. With that he leashed her and led her to her station. The guests arrived and greeted by Roger, Kay listened intently attempting to figure out if she knew any of them. She didn't, they sounded like business associates, probably partners in the studio Roger owned. From her perch under the table she could tell the men wore pant suits and the women cocktail dresses. "So good to have you all over, it's been to long. I hope you enjoy the meal and the company." Roger smiled out. "We can talk over the new project tonight." Everyone sat, Roger at the head of the table. The man to his right wasted no time, he unzipped and pulled his limp cock from his pants immediately. Kay hurried to cover his cock, no hand came down and the man quickly re dived himself. Once licked clean he shoved his dick away. "Glad to know we have excellent facilities." The man boomed and the table joined in in laughter. "Oh they are excellent and obedient, there is nothing my whore won't do. Of course not if she knows what's good for her." Roger added. At his words the female to the left lifted her skirt and spread her legs. Kay obeyed and covered the women's hairy twat. Honestly she had money to wax! No hand so she began licking and nibbling the women's bits. The conversation didn't falter above Kay as she ate the women so soundly that hairy twat was grabbing the table with both hands and moaning loudly. "Yeah eat it, eat my pussy, fuck yeah. Oh oh god Roger your toys making me cum." The women loudly exclaimed and juiced Kay's face. "That's what she's here for Liz, a silly little fuck hole. Her only use is our pleasure, I'm glad you enjoyed." Roger hummed as he received his soup. Once done Kay turned to find the other woman's pussy on display. Like the first she ate her to a screaming orgasm as they all enjoyed there soup. "oooh Ooh god, some one please fuck my pussy for me." The women yelled. Roger stood quickly, "of course Ann your twat must feel empty. Turn your chair to the side and spread your legs so every one can see me fuck you while they eat." Roger directed and the woman gasped. "Oh don't be put out Ann, we love that your a whore. Plus my slut needs to understand I will be fucking any twats I please, in addition to whatever else I wish. Now go on spread yourself. I have a huge cock and I need you to open for me." Ann moaned and complied. Kneeling in front of Ann's spread pussy Roger sunk in and fucked her hard and proper as the remainder of the room watched. Kay watched in a horny trance as Roger plowed into the woman. Grunting and fucking oh my! Someone grabbed Kay by her throat and hauled her from under the table. "Rog I'd like back door.". The large man said as he bent her over the table. "Of course, bitch be a good whore and spread your ass cheeks with your hands. Open your ass to Ted." Roger grunted out and came in Annes twat. Kay complied, Ted spat on her for lube and shoved his thick cock in balls deep in one thrust. Then began a brutal pace in her virgin back hole. Lucky for her Chad had made sure to loosen her up. "Wait," the other man yelled, stopping Ted's movements. "I'll lie down, put her pussy over my cock. I'll fuck her cunt hole and you her ass. I mean it's only fair Rog is fucking my wife." "Excellent plan, meanwhile I'm gonna turn your wife over and bury her face in Liz's snatch. I hope she likes pussy with her meals." Roger grunted as he pulled Ann around by her hair and Liz came around the table. "Fine by me, especially when you have that young ass over there." The man said walking around the table. As he said he dropped his pants and lay on the floor. Ted impaled her on the other man's dick then bent her over him so she was face to face with the older man. Then Ted shoved back in her ass. The older man kissed her mouth and she returned the affection while he thrust up with his cock into her pussy. Both dicks inside her, riding her made her cum hard. She didn't squeal or moan remembering the rules. But her mouth opened in a silent shout of release. Her spasming muscles sending both men to their releases. "Fuck, fuck she came on us. Lick us clean bitch." Ted yelled and Kay turned around on all fours and did just that. Licking her waste, cum and their cum from there cocks. Pleased with her work, the older man patted her head. "Back under the table dear the entrée is coming out." He told her as Roger and the two women came. All seated and eating all three men and the two women relieved themselves in her mouth. Waiting for desert Ann pulled her dress up around her waste scooted to the edge of her chair and put her legs on the table. Effectively showcasing her twat and ass. "Hey cum hole," she yelled under the table. "Get over here and eat your masters cum out of me and make sure you rim my ass to." Kay ate the woman to orgasm licking from clit to anus and delving in both holes with her tongue. Desert was served to Ann screaming release. After they all were full with food and sated by his whore, Roger called her out from under the table. "Kneel at my feet little whore. Tell me, did you like all the cum and piss we provided you?" "Yes Master," she cooed sweetly, knowing he would appreciate that and wanting him happy. "Will you do anything I tell you, to make me happy?" Roger purred petting her lowered head. "Yes Master." "Does only my happiness matter?" "Yes Master." "So I can torture you, breed you, own you, sell you, rent you, humiliate you and marry you if it so pleases me?" He questioned, with all his guests attention. "Yes master." "Good because I will do all those things my sweet. Would you eat my shit?" "Yes Master," okay now she was getting nervous, she really didn't want to do that. "Fuck my dogs and horses?" He continued. "Yes Master." "She fucks dogs and horses?" Ted asked surprised. "I haven't taken her to the stables yet, but I will. She serviced my dogs just today." Roger answered. "Man I wouldn't mind seeing that." Ted exclaimed. "I'm sure Pete would love a little of his bitch. I'll have Chad fetch him." At Rogers nod Chad left to get the dog. "Maybe next month you can watch her with the horses." "Shit yeah," Ted announced. Pete ran in and straight to Kay. "On all fours like a proper bitch dear." Kay complied to Rogers soft words and Pete ate her pussy. Cleaning it of the males sperm. Properly cleaned he mounted her and began rutting fast and hard with his thick long red prick. The men got closer to watch. "Put your face down and spread your ass with your hands. I wanna see his cock going in and out." Roger order and she complied. The move jolted Pete out and when he pushed in the next time he entered her asshole. "Fuck yeah, he's going to knot in her ass. This is great Roger!" Ted cheered. "Fuck that bitch Pete fuck her. Good boy good boy!" Roger encouraged and as Ted had said the dog knotted in her ass and came. "Watch this," Roger exclaimed and walked across the room. "Pete, come here boy. Come to Daddy." The dog yipped happily and turned his body, dick still stuck in Kay's ass and ran toward Roger hauling Kay with him. The room erupted in joyous laughter. "Fucking priceless!" Kay heard from the older man. Roger gave the dog a treat, which he ate then finally deflated enough to disengage from Kay. She knelt at her masters feet, where he stood. "Good whore open your mouth." She did and he shoved a doggy treat in. "Enjoy!" The room once again boomed with laughter. "Clean up the dog cum on the floor fuck hole, with your mouth. I am going to show my guests out." Roger ordered and walked out his guests following. Roger came back to the dining room to see Kay licking up the puddle of doggy cum and Pete fucking her ass again. That dog really had a high sex drive. He sat in a chair and waited for him to finish and deflate. Then for Kay to clean up that puddle and kneel at his feet. "You were such a good girl tonight and I am so proud to own you. Your obedience truly impressed my friends. Honestly non of them will ever be as lucky as me. How do you feel?" Roger asked conversationally. "Good, a little tired and hungry. But good Daddy." She replied more sated than she had ever been. Normally she walked around constantly horny, here she was constantly fucked so it all worked out. The gross stuff was just something she had to do to get the good stuff. "Good, always remember in front of other people. Other than your family I am master. Now your food bowels have been filled with what wasn't eaten from the plates of my guests and mine. Go eat like a good girl, then go to your room and clean up. Once clean report to my room. You have an hour, if you are late there will be severe consequences." Roger said and stood to leave. Tired and sated he went to his room while Chad walked Kay to the kitchen. In his room forty five minutes later Kay knelt clean at the side of his bed. He lay face down, his ass raised by several pillows under it. "Climb up here, spread my ass and eat until I say to stop." Kay took to her task and didn't tire. Proud she lasted the whole hour , Roger let her stop. Turning over and moving the pillows he let her suck him off and swallow his cum. "Ooooh that is exactly what Daddy needed. Now on the floor with you get some sleep. I won't chain you tonight, so be a good little bitch and stay in this bedroom on the floor and sleep." Roger order and rolled over effectively dismissing her. The next morning at seven am Roger woke her up so he could pee. Greedy little skank knew how to be a urinal, he thought groggily. He decided to take his little slut for a walk, leashing her he walked her out side. "Piss like a good bitch for Daddy." She did and he rubbed her head in reward. He wondered idly if she noticed they were making her one great doggy bitch. He always did want a bitch with tits like hers. He wondered if he could push her further. "Take a shit, fuck hole. Shit in the grass like the nasty dog bitch you are." He ordered sternly. "You gotta shit?" "Yes Daddy," she replied shyly. "Do it!" He yelled at her and jerked her chain. She squatted as well as she could on all fours and pushed. She laid a nice pile in the yard, then went back on all fours when she was done. "Good girl, good bitch. Pete!" He yelled and the dog came running. The dog immediately buried his muzzle in Kay's ass and cleaned her of her waste. Then rutted her pussy hard and fast. Kay took it, cumming over Pete's knot. Roger stood and smiled. She really would do anything, which gave him some idea's. The day was quiet and Roger didn't really ask Kay for much after this morning he had done nothing but plan for the evening. Her mother agreed to let her live with him, mostly because the woman couldn't handle the mouthy girl anymore. Or should he say the mouthy girl she used to be. Now she said nothing unless he allowed it, as it should be. Roger already had her things being packed and moved. After dinner Roger had Kay report to the living room. She knelt in front of the fire place and instructed to stay as Roger lounged on the couch and watched TV. Kay hadn't earned any privileges yet, being so new to being owned. But she would soon enough be able to have some time to herself, and to watch tv or read. After an hour his guests arrived quietly coming into the living room and sitting next to him as he sat up. "Little whore, look at who is here." She did and her eyes rounded in surprise. It was her fifteen year old brother Ian and her Grandfather. Staring at her naked!!! She wanted to run away screaming but she stayed in place to scared to move. To horrified to talk. "Stand up and walk over here stand in front of your brother show him your pussy and tits." Roger cooed and Kay slowly made her way over, tears in her eyes. "You ever fucked anyone Ian?" Roger asked and Ian shook his head. "You want to touch Kay, maybe put your cock in her?" Ian nodded. "You like girls?" Ian nodded. "He likes both, I seen the boy eyeing my cock." Kay's grandfather Herb said. "Is that true Ian, do you want to know what cock feels like?" Ian nodded embarrassed. "Don't be embarrassed I love a good cock. Here take yours out and I'll take mine out while we look at your sister. So will your Grandad." Roger encouraged. Kay could not believe this was happening she stood in front of her brother, who now had his pants down around his thighs. Her Grandfather took his pants off completely. She stood legs apart and arms behind her back eyes down so they couldn't see her cry. "Would you like to touch her Ian?" Roger asked sweetly. "Yes please," Ian replied. "Go ahead put your hands on her, touch her any where. You can even make her move if you like." Roger pressed. Ian took his encouragement and ran his hands over Kay's pussy, then cupped her boobs. He leaned in a little and spread her pussy lips and looked at her. "Taste her, put your tongue in there." Roger said and Ian did smacking his lips. "I like it, can she turn around." Ian asked braver now. "Of course Kay turn around and bend over, touch your toes." Roger directed and Kay obeyed giving Ian, Roger and Herb an unhindered view of her pussy and ass. Ian took the opportunity to dip his fingers in her pussy then in her ass just to see how it felt. He pumped his fingers in and out several times then leaned in and licked her from clit to ass. She shivered. "Good Ian, now let your Grandad explore her body a little. Kay stand in front of your Grandfather." Roger directed and Kay did watching as Roger continued to talk to Ian. "Would you like to touch my cock Ian?" Roger whispered and Ian nodded. "Take it in your hands, rub it like you rub yours. I'll touch yours too, okay." Ian nodded and they began to stroke each other. Her Grandfather groped her tits, pinched her nippled, rubbed her pussy hard. Once done with his perusal he gruffly told her to bend over. She did and he shoved his beefy fingers in her ass and twat at once. Fucking her in tandem with his fingers. Her breath sped up and she moaned close to coming on her Grandad. "Fuck yeah, see this is how she always should have acted. Should have sent her over here years ago. Could have fucked her attitude right out of her. Damn, get on Grandaddy's cock girl. Ride it." He told Kay and she obeyed taking him in her body and riding his dick. He controlled her speed with his hands on her hips and quickly came with a yell of satisfaction. "See what your Granddaddy did, do you want to do that Ian?" Roger asked sweetly and Ian nodded. "Kay clean your Grandfather and then come over here and ride your little brother for us." Kay did as told. Ian wasn't that big but she still felt him, he smiled widely as she sunk down on him. Ian grabbed her tits, "Oh oh that feels good, Oh god yeah. Faster, faster." Kay bounced faster and Ian screamed cumming inside her. "Oh yeah, god yes. Is she going to clean me with her mouth to?" Ian asked and Roger nodded. Kay licked him clean getting him hard again in the process. "Look at your cock Ian its up again. How do you want to deal with it?" Roger asked. "Mmmmm, I want her to suck it.W Mr. Roger ummmm, my ummmm, my butt feels funny. Like it tingles." Ian mentioned idly as he sunk his cock in Kay's open mouth. "That just means it's empty, that you need something in it." Roger answered. "What can I put in it?" Ian asked pumping his dick in and out of Kay's throat. "Oh a cock, mine may be to big for you to start with. So probably not mine. Or fingers, or a dildo." Roger answered rubbing his dick. "Anyway I am going to put mine in your sister's ass while she blows you. I haven't had her ass yet." "I'll fuck your tight ass boy. You want to try it, I'll show you how it feels." His Grandfather interjected. "Okay, mmmmmm she feels good." Ian murmured. "Oh Oh yes she does," Roger moaned as he sunk into her ass. "She's my whore now. You can come over any time to fuck her, all you have to do is call me first. And of course keep this a secret." Roger explained fucking into Kay's sweet tight ass, wholy hell it was nice. Ian's Grandfather put one hand on Ian's shoulder. He lubed his cock up real good and was lining up with the boys ass. "Relax boy, concentrate on the sluts mouth." Ian did and moaned as his Grandfather pushed into his ass. "Oh Oh god that feels good!" Ian yelled there was some stretching but it felt so right. So good. "I knews you were a fairy. Don't worry though Granddaddy will keep your ass filled." The old man grunted and started pumping back and forth into Ian. "Aaaaaa aaaaaaa oh god!" Ian yelled and came down Kay's throat. Spent he let go of Kay's head and fell to all fours. Giving Herb a deeper penetration to his ass. "Yeah boy that ass is tight!" His Grandfather yelled as he fucked him. "Your Granddaughters is to, fuck!" Roger yelled and came in her bowels. Pulling out he moved back a step. "Clean me," he breathed out through pants. Kay cleaned him and her Grandfathers cock. Then was made to eat out Ian's ass to make sure no cum was left in it. Of course that made Ian hard and he fucked her ass because he wanted to know what it felt like. All fucked and cleaned Ian and Granddad left. Roger lounged again on the sofa and sent Kay back to her perch in front of the fire place. Pete came in to fuck her and she came squirting over the hard word floors. She licked up her cum and waited for new orders. "You really will do anything won't you. Even fuck your brother. Dirty nasty whore you are. Then you cleaned his shit off your Granddads dick! Oh you are nothing more than a common fuck hole. I am so lucky. Of course when I take you off birth control no one else will be able to fuck your pussy until I get you pregnant. But we'll do that after you graduate. Go to bed Kay, in your room. Clean up and enjoy a night in your bed. Tomorrow you have school. Which by the way before you go I should warn you. I expect you to pay attention and get good grades. One bad grade and that will earn punishment. For bad grades punishment will involve your blood Kay, so be warned. Tomorrow be ready for school by seven am and wear a skirt with no panties. Report to the kitchen at my feet, clothed and ready to go by seven. Now go to bed." The next day she was tasked with being obedient in school. Roger only made her suck him off on the ride to school and didn't let Pete fuck her. He said later if he got good reports from school. Fourth period English Mr. Loy called her into his private office. "I got a call from your father. He let me know you would be redoing your failed project from last semester. I told him I would change your grade if you redid it to my satisfaction. Of course you won't see the change until your next report card but non the less if you can get an A on the project it would bring your average for last semester up to a C. Have it to me by next Monday or I won't accept it. Understood." Minding her manners she replied, "yes sir." "Good looks like having a Father around has done you good. Now your Dad told me something else. He said to make you listen to this recording." Mr. Loy hit play on the answering machine and smiled at Kay as she listened. "Kay my sweet fuck hole. In order to make amends for not taking Mr. Loy's class seriously last semester you will do any and everything he tells you while in School. You will listen to him as you do me. Love you baby have a great day." The sound of Roger hanging up had Mr. Loy turning off the answering machine. "Ok Kay on your knees. I have a sub for this period so I can personally tutor you, because you are such a problem child. As well your lunch and gym period will be spent with me today. So that means your mine for the next two and a half hours." Kay knelt at his feet as he sat in the chair. "Take your shirt off." Kay did. "Stand and take your skirt off and bra. I want you naked." Kay obeyed silently. "Fuck yeah, stand there legs spread." Mr. Lou let his hands roam her body. Getting to know her curves and the sweet lush lips of her pussy. She was kinda grossed out by him. I mean he was like fat, and kinda smelled sweaty all the time. And had one huge mole on his chin with a hair growing out of it. "Back on your knees. Oh and call me Your Lord. Understood?" He asked as she knelt. "Yes my lord," Kay responded. Her lord pulled his cock from his pants and rubbed it in her face. Holding her by her hair he rubbed his sweaty cock meat all over her young face. "Open your mouth," he growled. She did and he pressed her down on his dick. Using his hand he bobbed her up and down on his dick. She sucked and licked him to completion, eating his cum as he shoved his surprisingly large cock down her throat. He was possibly bigger than her Daddy. "Fuck yeah," her lord stood and took his pants off. He was hairy too! Good grief. "Get under my desk. I'm gonna grade papers and your going to lick my fat ass, and balls. Thank your lord for the privilege slut." "Thank you for the privilege of your ass and balls my lord." She purred and crawled under the desk. Mr. Loy covered his legs with a blanket and threw there combined clothes in one of his desk drawers. So if anyone walked in it would just look like Mr. Loy was simply propping his feet on the desk and draped a cover over him to keep a chill out. With his legs up and bottom at the edge of the chair he made himself available to her mouth. Kay licked for thirty minutes before a knock came at her lords door. "Come in," he called out, expecting his nephew Joe. Joe meandered in, the poor fella, just another dork to most. Tall, thin, acne problem. His uncle was determined to hook him up today. "Hey Unc you looked relaxed. What's up?" Joe asked taking the other seat in the office. "So remember our conversation last week about your sex life. You still interested in some free stuff?" Mr. Loy asked while skating one hand under his legs to press Kay's head in deeper in his crack. She had him hard as a rock again, and she was hitting a particularly nice spot with her tongue. Mmmmm. "Damn right I am. I'm tired of paying for it and even the whores I pay sometimes run away after they see my cock. I tell ya guys that dream of a twelve inch cock have no idea what a burden it really is. I mean I don't mind hurting them, they're just hookers, actually it's kinda funny. But damn I'm eighteen, no way I can nail freshmens like the other seniors. Those bitches would look at this and run." "Take a look at what I got," his uncle said pulling the blanket back to show one of the hottest girls in school naked and licking his ass under the desk. Shoot not only was she hot, she was snotty, she wouldn't even talk to Joe. "Damn! Whats going on?" Joe asked astounded. Even more surprised Kay didn't stop what she was doing. He saw her tearing up and heard a small whimper but she never ceased her ministrations and his uncles cock looked like it was about to blow! "She's a whore. More specifically while in school for this semester she is my whore and I am her lord. According to her father this fuck hole has to do anything I say or pay some very stern consequences. He says this punishment will make her understand a few things. One she's a whore who will do as she's told by him, and two that he is serious when he says he wants her to get good grades. Mmmmm she is good at what she does." He emphasized his words by scooting down, spreading his legs, grabbing her head with both hands and holding her face to his ass. "Eat, god yes mmmm" "Fuck! You like that shit unc?" Joe said a little embarrassed his cock was hard from watching. "Don't just stare asshole. Take your pants off bend over and spread um. Let this little slut eat you so you can see how it feels." His uncle told him over a moan. Joe hesitated, but figured what the hell, what could it hurt. If he didn't like it he just wouldn't do it again. With his pants off he bent over the desk and spread his cheeks. Joe's twelve inch dick hard as a rock and proudly standing straight out. Thick and long with precum decorating the head. "Dang boy your hung." Grabbing Kay by her hair he made her look at him. "Service his ass now!" Kay obeyed digging in, licking and pushing into Joe's virgin ass. "Oooh, oooh, that, that feels good." Joe murmurred bending over more to give her more access. Joe was surprised he didn't think he would like it, but it was fantastic. "Fuck yeah it feels good. Also a finger in your ass feels nice too." His Uncle commented. "You got a nice cock," Mr. Loy cooed staring in awe. Absently he reached out an stroked his nephew's cock. "Dude!" Joe yelled but didn't move. "Enjoy boy, I just want to touch it. Here give me your hand." Loy took his nephews hand and put on it on his cock. The boy pulled back and Loy grabbed his wrist staying his hand. "It's the least you could do since I'm sharing my whore. Stroke it or no pussy for you." Loy growled. Joe seemed to think on it, then shrugged and began stroking his uncles cock. "Oh yeah thats it.. mmm" After a few minutes Loy came, shooting his jizz on the floor. Joe still stood there moaning while Kay feasted on him. His huge cock now in his own hand and shooting his jizz on the floor. With one cum out of the way Joe would last longer for what Loy had in mind. "Stand fuck hole, legs spread," Mr. Loy said, once standing he made her open her mouth, then shoved his underwear in her pie hole. Using duck tape he always had on hand he ran the tape over her filled mouth and around her head. Securing his underwear in her mouth. Handing Joe the tape he told him to tie her hands behind her back. "Now I can't have you screaming for everyone to hear and your Daddy told me you earned a punishment from me." Mr. Loy said smiling sadistically. "Joe her pussy is good and wet, use that to lube your dick and then shove it as hard as you can in her ass. Grab her around the neck to keep her in place. Pull her into your chest and shove that huge cock up her pooper. I don't want any soft slow shit either, really ream her with it. Once in stay still for a second, keep your other hand on her hip to keep her seated on that monster of yours. And you keep your legs spread bitch or you'll be real sorry." Joe lubed his dick running it through her pussy. Once satisfied he did as instructed grabbing Kay around the throat and pulled her back into his front. He choked her a little liking the feeling of pushing her around. Also he had never had asshole before so he was extremely excited. No girl ever let him near their ass, shit even fags wouldn't let him fuck them in the shit hole. Using his other hand to line up, he did so and shoved in as far as he could with her standing up. The muffled screams he heard through her gag sending shivers of delight through his body. "That a boy, ya got her crying. Ha! Bet ya she is never snotty with you again. Now hold her hips still." Mr. Loy instructed smiling the whole time. He grabbed his stapler off the desk and waved it in her face. "I'm going to enjoy this!" He taunted. He rubbed her pussy a few times, until her cries of pain relaxed and turned to pleasure. Of course he was just teasing her, and had no intentions of this being pleasurable for her. Grabbing her clit between his index finger and thumb he pinched it hard and pulled it out. Pulled it until she was screaming into his underwear gag again. Then put the stapler on the distended nub and pushed it closed, officially stapling her clit. She howled and Joe groaned. "Damn, she clenched so hard she nearly snapped my dick in half. Fuck that was good." Joe grunted, resting his head on Kay's shoulder. "Oh she is going to clench some more. I'm not nearly done. Start moving, pull out slow then ram back in hard." Loy instructed and Joe wasted no time complying. When Joe was seated completely back in her ass, Loy smacked her stapled clit hard. Slap! Muffled scream! Groan! They followed that rhythm for awhile, Loy ensuring he smacked that stapled clit fourty times. "Fuck unc I can't take much more. I need to cum!" Joe moaned out. "Fuck hole face down ass up and don't lose his cock when you get down and spread those ass cheeks for my nephew." Loy instructed and she complied awkwardly trying not to disengage Joe and succeeding. On the floor she spread herself wide allowing Joe to go in to the root of his cock. His balls nicely resting on her pussy. "Now plow her boy, do what you gotta do to get in as deep and hard as you want." With that directive Joe leaned over holding Kay by the back of the neck, pushing her top half into the concrete floor and pumped into her. Two minutes later he spent in her ass. Pulling out soft and sated. Joe happily dressed thanked his uncle and left for his next class. "Stand up," Loy instructed. Standing upright Loy treated her nipples to the same treatment as her clit. Turning her around he bent her over the desk as she cried and fucked her pussy until he came. Done with her after his cock went down he put her skirt back on and shirt. But kept her bra. "You go on and finish the day, do not attempt to take the staples out. I want them rubbing on your clothes all day. Plus I think your Daddy will appreciate them. Don't worry he has a staple remover." He said laughing at his own joke and her pain. "Oh and dry up, I don't want people asking questions about whats wrong with you." Kay was crawling into her Daddy's office two hours later. Her clit and nipples still throbbing and her ass still stinging from the recent rape. He must have seen her discomfort because he stopped her. "Stand," he said softly and she did. With her legs spread and her hands behind her back pushing her breasts forward, her recent punishment was evident. "Oh I see Mr. Loy takes his punishment very seriously. Come I'll take those out." He said happily. Standing in front of him he pulled out a staple remover and removed the offending staples from her sensitive areas. Each removal causing long keening wales from Kay. "Shhhhhh little whore, it was only what you deserved and it pleases me you took your punishment. You made me very happy." Roger cooed petting her violated clit until her twat purged cream. "Now under the desk." Roger sat and finished his work as Kay lay with her head in his lap. He pissed once and she was currently sucking his cock. He got off, then let Pete fuck her under his desk. She deserved to cum and Pete didn't let her down. "Come I'll take you for a walk." Roger said leashing her. He walked her outside, proud his little girl acted the perfect bitch. She did her business, Pete cleaned her off and they went back inside. There she did her homework on the floor in front of the fire place in the den. Once done she knelt there while he watched TV and relaxed. Tonight he decided he was having dinner in front of the TV so they fed Kay in front of the fire place while he ate. Chad had wood watching her eat, so he took her while she was bent over. After that Roger let her get cleaned up. Kay was cleaned and chained to his bed and he went to sleep a pleased man. The next day she spent her lunch hour fucking Mr. Loy and Joe. After school Roger took her ass and pussy. Then put her in the kennels. And she loved it, she was a whore and sh loved her Daddy who owned her so well. A week went by without her earning punishment and they had settled in a routine well. She came home from school, disrobed and crawled to her Daddy's office. "Slut, please stand, legs spread hands twined behind your neck, face down." Roger directed calmly as she entered the door. She obeyed standing in front of his desk. "As you were told, weekly there is discipline to ensure you remain in your place. Today we will not only punish but mark you in a more permanent way, as mine. Doing this ensures all know you belong to me and they know what you are. How do you feel about that?" "I'm excited Daddy," she responded honestly. After a week as his slut she didn't believe there was any place else she would rather be. Or anyone else she would rather serve. And oddly she found serving really brought her joy. "I want every one to know you own me Daddy." "Good I am honored to own you baby." Roger cooed moving to be close to her and rubbing her cheek. "I have a guest here so you will call me master, now bend over the desk. You will take twenty lashes of the cane for my pleasure, count each strike. No matter how much pain you feel I will not forgive you skipping a count or forgetting my title." Kay bent over and readied herself as much as she could. But when the thin wooden rod came down on her bottom the pain tore through her and she screamed her count. "ONE MASTER!!!" The next five strikes were fast and hard, she struggled to keep count through her sobs. By twenty her knees were giving out and her voice was barely audible, but she got all her counts in. Her ass was on fire, only to be more agitated by Daddy rubbing his denim clad erect penis over the flames. "Your ass bruises so nicely baby. Daddy is so proud of you. Now on all fours." Lacey dropped to the ground with no grace on all fours and Roger attached her leash to her collar. "Come bitch, it's time to mark you as mine." Roger commented then pulled her along behind him. In the basement Roger called out, "Sal are you set up?" "Yep all ready bring in the slave." A southern voice called back, Kay assumed that was Sal. Roger walked her in the room, where she secretly spied the large tattooed man sitting by a bed like bench with straps attached to it. "Little slut stand in front of Sal legs spread hands behind your neck, eyes down. I will move you around as needed." She stood facing Sal, not getting a good look at his face because she had to look at the floor. "I would like the words Master's slave scrolled across her stomach, hip bone to hips bone." Roger explained rubbing his hand across the mentioned area. "Then pig around this nipple in small letters and the word cunt around the other nipple." Turning her to face away from Sal, "Doggy bitch across her lower back and fuck hole on the back of her neck under the collar which I will take off her. On her left shoulder blade I want slut on her right shoulder blade whore. As well on each ankle I would like a tattooed phrase, which I wrote down but will tell you because I want my whore to know. On the left, "I am an owned cunt hole who's master decides her fate." On the other, "I am no longer me, I am what Master tells me I am." Is this doable today?" "Yep, just gotta ask her one question." Sal stated, readying his tools. Roger nodded his consent. "Girl, does he own you?" "Yes sir," Kay replied nervously. "Consent forms?" Roger asked. "Nay, she admits she is owned. So she has no say in what happens to her, thats your decision and I already have your sign off." "Fair enough," Roger replied. "Okay, face down on the bench I'll start on her back and ankles. I'd like to gag her, the screaming gets on my nerves. By the way Roger, I love what you did with her ass." Sal laughed out. Roger laughed with him and laid his crying slut to on the table. Strapping down her shins to each corner, so her pussy shown threw. Her arms to the table legs. The top of her legs and middle of her back were also securely fastened to the table with nylon straps. "Okay I will leave you to it. If you need of anything please let me know and feel free to use the whore if needed." Roger commented then began walking out only to turn around. "I almost forgot, I would like her nipples and clit pierced with platinum hoops. Do you have the equipment for that?" "Yep, got it no problem. Should be through here in about four hours." Sal threw over his shoulder as he undid his pants to release his raging hard on. Before getting completely started he took a large ball gag off the wall and attached it to her. He had no need to hear anything she may have to say or her screams. Roger stood outside the door and watched. His raging hard on now in his hands. Sal gagged her, then using duck tape he taped Kay's ass cheeks wide apart. By affixing the tape to her cheeks then to the bottom of the table. Roger would have to remember that trick, he thought as he jerked his cock. "Sir," Chad interrupted. "I need," was all Roger said. "One hand on the wall and one jerking that cock, I was hoping I could fuck my little faggot today." Chad commanded releasing his prick. Without preamble he buried deep in Roger's ass, both letting a long contented sigh at the sensation. "Watch your slut get sodomized and defiled." Chad grunted. "She is soo fucking sexy, I love fucking her." He continued. "I love her, she's mine and of course what's mine is yours." Roger grunted back. In the room Sal spat on her ass and then laid over her, impaling her spread anus easily. Through her gag the only discernible noise was a hurumph. But he could imagine his force against her battered ass was painful. "Fuck you got a nice tight back hole." He moaned pulling out and slamming into her. "I'm gonna fuck you real good bitch. MMMMMM your ass is a treasure, your master is lucky. Of course your lucky, cause if you were mine it would be tattooed across your face." Sal growled as he began to rut her hard, slapping her ass every now and then to hear a squeal through her gag. In the hall way Chad plowed Roger making him cum on the wall as Chad came in his bowels. "God you feel good Roger, my favorite fag. Clean your mess lover." Chad cooed kissing the back of Roger's neck and leaving him to lick his cum off the wall to the sounds of his little girl being sodomized. Kay's muffled screams bringing his cock back to life. Sal spewed in the young girls ass, then left her open so he could see his cum in the stretched out little star fish. Pulling up he pulled his limp dick from her ass, stood and wiped his cock off with her hair. Roger came in as Sal tucked himself back in and got to work on Kay's neck first. "Was her ass pleasing?" Roger asked through a sadistic smile. "Oh yeah, very, better than my own cunt. I got me a boy cunt, he's at home right now. Probably getting creamed by his brothers. I think we're going to have to get us a younger girl for around the house though. You ever want to sell this bitch give me a call. I like em trained good like this one." Sal conversed starting his outlines. "Oh she will never be sold. She is now and forever mine. A matter a fact after her graduation I will legally make her my wife. That way legally she will be mine. At that time I may decide on the facial markings, but I will let you know. As well if you have a boy cunt you want to rent or know of one for rent please let me know, I may be interested. My cunt hole whore is loved, cherished and forever mine. But it would be nice to have a play thing that I could have for a few hours here and there." Roger commented moving a chair to sit on the other side of the table. "My son might do ya good, I'll show you pictures after I'm through here. How bout renting this bitch? You thought about it?" Sal asked. "No but I am not against it. Since I don't need money I prefer to gift her." Roger replied proud of his girl. "Fair nough, she really do all this stuff? Ya know the doggy bitch, and whoring and such?" Sal asked concentrating on his art. "Oh yes, she does as she is told. Our pets fuck her regularly and she cums nicely for a dog prick. She also is walked on a leash and does her business outside when we walk her. She eats from bowls on the floor and sleeps on the floor chained to my bed. As a good whore should. However that will evolve with time and she will get allowances once I am sure she knows her place at my feet. She will be allowed times at the table and on the bed and to walk freely. However her duty here will always be to obey." "That's nice, I keep my cunt in a cage." Sal murmured, done with the neck and shoulder blades and starting on the lower back. "Nice work Sal, you've done this a long time." Roger asked. "Yeah been doin it bout ten years. Started in a shop now I only tattoo slaves. Chad met me when I tattooed his friends slave. People like us gotta stick together or the vanilla's would lose their shit." Sal replied absently. "True, I was pleased to find someone who did this type of work. Although humiliating her in a shop may have been good for her, people would talk and I still have businesses to run and an image to keep." After and hour of cordial conversation Sal was done her back side and her ankles. "Alright lets flip her over." Sal instructed and they worked together unbinding her and turning the sobbing slut on her back. "Laying on them new tats and that bruised ass is going to hurt but she'll deal, right?" "Of course she has no choice in the matter and it is discipline day." Roger explained securing Kay to the bench on her back. "Yeah I like hurting my cunt, do it at least twice a week if not more. The little fucker can come from it now, unless wrap a lock around his cock." Sal remarked, starting on Kay's stomach. "You want her wrists clear?" "Hmmmm I didn't think of that. On the inside of each one, it would be nice to have something. She could wear a bracelet to school to cover them. She already wears the collar all day, every day. Of course kids just think she's going goth. How about useless gash on one wrist and cum eater on the other." Roger said thoughtfully. "Nice I like it." Sal complimented and got to work. "So how you get your hands on this little twat?" "I dated her Mother when she was around ten or so. She was vanilla and I thought at the time maybe a normal life for me was best. But I couldn't make it work and her mom was to independent. So I broke it off, but Kay and I kept a relationship. Honestly I dated her mother longer than I should have because I fell in love with her as a little girl. One day when Kay was around twelve, Lynn called me crying, said Kay had cursed at a teacher. Of course being the good father figure I am and to give Lynn a break I took Kay for the night. When we came in the door I took her in my office and put her over my knee. I pulled down her pants and gave her a bare bottom spanking. After twenty swats I explained what she did wrong and sent her to her room. About twenty minutes later I walked past her room. I intended to check on her and tell her I loved her, but I found her masturbating. She was muttering he whole time, "yes daddy", "love you daddy", "sorry daddy", and she came all over the sheets. That's when I knew I had found my whore. It took all I had not to start her experience then. But I knew I had to let her grow up a little to make this arrangement a permanent one. Then a little over a week ago Lynn called to complain that Kay wasn't doing well in school and she had become mouthy around the house. The final straw for her mother was her failing english, which is a graduation requirement. So I offered to take her off Lynn's hands and Lynn quickly agreed. Now Kay is already doing better in school and is making amends for the wrongs she committed previously. Honestly I didn't even have to break her, really. She is naturally a slave, she is absolutely flourishing under my commanding hands. How about you? How did you get your slaves?" Roger finished with a question curious how someone like this rough looking man did it. "I knocked my wife up. She was my submissive, not 24/7 slave just a chic that liked getting pushed around for sex every now and then. We ended up having four boys. They are twenty, nineteen, thirteen and ten now. Around eight or nine I started testing um to see if they would be any use to me. Ya know touchin um, getting their little pricks hard, wackin um off. Having them touch me, lick me and telling them how much I liked it. Then I eventually showing them how I fucked Mommy and asking them if they wanted to feel her pussy. She allowed it, so I let them all fuck her. I watched saw who liked pleasen me or pleasen themselves more. My older two are mostly straight and will probably get themselves women. My thirteen year old is my little cunt. He is such a joy, little fucker can cum just from makin me cum. My ten year old will probably be a cunt too but I ain't popped his cherry or nothing. He likes making me happy already though, so I will probably get a second cunt. But I don't know, my little cunt now gives me everything I need really. Would just like pussy here and there. The boys Mom left a year ago said she couldn't take all of us together." Sal said finishing Kay's stomach. Sal tat toed Kay then quickly pierced her nipples and clit. He did beautiful work, Roger was extremely pleased with the results. Finishing with Kay, Sal took a turn with her pussy cumming deep in her cunt with a yell as she was still tied down and gagged. Roger paid him and agreed they would talk later. They would definitely be having business dealings in the future. "Keep those tats and piercing cleaned good. Don't want her getting infected. So you may have to forgo walking her outside to use the bathroom till she is healed up. Don't want nothing nasty on her until she is good and healed so don't piss on her either." Sal advised as he walked out. Roger unbound and helped Kay up. The ordeal having drained her completely. She didn't even cry, just moaned in pain. Roger thought he may have asked for to much in one day. But she looked so pretty with her marks. He carried her upstairs and gently laid her in his bed. He removed her pink leather collar and replaced it with a solid platinum one, it was dainty but still a collar. It locked in the back and he was the only one that had a key. She deserved the best so she got it. On the collar was inscribed Daddy's perfect slut. Not big enough to be noticeable but he knew it was there. Laying beside her, holding her close they both drifted to sleep. She awoke sore. The tattoos stinging in the places they lay and the nipple rings aching. Oddly the clit ring didn't cause any pain. "Daddy," she called out hoarsely. He was wrapped around her and propped himself up hearing her plea. "Yes baby, you may speak." He encouraged. "I hurt Daddy, I feel stiff. Worse than I ever felt." She got out in her now raspy voice. "But you look so perfect baby and I am so happy. Isn't that good?" Her Daddy cooed pulling her into him and she preened under his approval. "Yes Daddy, I love that your happy. The hurt will go away." She replied honestly. "It will and I will take good care of you this weekend. I will make sure you heal perfectly." He pushed her on her back and spread her legs for her. Moving down her body he kissed and laved each inch he passed. Paying special attention to her nipples. He knew they still ached but he liked the way her breath hitched when he sucked them in his mouth. At her core he licked her twat making her gasp. He drank in her cream and ate her bald pussy. Getting her to the precipice of release he leaned back and slapped her newly pierced clit hard. She screamed in pain then erupted in orgasm, squirting over his bed and his face. Her hips spasmed wildly and she gushed. Moving back up her body, he sunk into her sloppy twat and fucked her hard. He didn't last long because she had turned him on with her cum. After planting his seed, he pulled and laid down beside her. "You are stunning baby, I can't wait to have you as wife." Roger whispered laying in her juices with her. "You have another choice to make my love. One of the very few I will ever give you. Do you want to go to college? Or would you rather stay home as a house wife? Answer me love." "I don't know what I would go to college for and I love being home with you. Even on discipline day, Daddy." She returned still having aftershocks of orgasm. "If you stay home I will breed you. We will take out your IUD immediately after our wedding and I will impregnate you. I won't allow any man to fuck you while I am trying to get you pregnant. Once pregnant we will forgo discipline day, I will still keep you in line but it won't be as extreme. As well you won't crawl or eat off the floor. And when the child is born you will care for it. You will learn to be a whore for me and a mother for our children. Do you still want to stay home with me?" "Yes Daddy I love you." Kay responded elated with the future. "Good and if we have boys. When I deem them old enough I will teach them how to fuck and control using your twat. Understood?" "Yes Daddy," she responded less excited. "Don't sound down trodden, its your duty. Once officially married you will call me master, daddy will no longer be appropriate. At times I will ask you to call me husband, but mostly master. Now drink my piss." Roger growled out, pushing Kay down on his cock. As she drank he lectured. "You will no longer have choices, your life is mine. Your a fuck hole. I am marrying a fuck hole. On our wedding day all the men will fuck your cunt, ass and mouth. I will fuck all the other whores in the room and make you watch. You will never have say over what I do or the disgusting things I love. Understood?" "Yes Daddy," she rasped out. "Do you like your markings?" He asked pulling her back up to cuddle against his chest. "If they make you happy, they make me happy Daddy." "Good answer my stunning cunt hole. Now stand up." Roger ordered Kay complied watching Roger pull string from the stand by the bed. Threading the strand through each nipple piercing then the clit ring he pulled it tight. Pulling her tits down and clit up, receiving her scream of anguish as a reward. Tying it off in the middle, he stood up and pulled the string. "Come along little whore, we will shower together I must ensure your clean. No crawling today gash, so we will move you around this way. It's actually rather fun watching you waddle, I think I'll do it more." Cleaned well Kay sat at the kitchen table eating. "Sir, I must say she looks ravishing with her new tats and piercing." Chad remarked making her blush with joy. "I completely agree, she is stunning and the new collar is perfect for her. I meant to tell you to get your fill of her now. As soon as she graduates, her and I will marry. She has decided to stay home instead of continuing her education. So I will be breeding her as soon as we are wed. During that time no other male will be allowed to fuck her. Once pregnant with my seed, she can be used but we will have to discuss it. As I don't want my child or wife harmed." Roger explained over his food. "Understood, is Pete allowed in today?" Chad inquired. "Of course, she still has to do her duties. We will just lighten them the next few days until she is healed. So no kennels until Tuesday or walks. If discipline is needed we have her pussy, face and buttocks. Of course being careful of the marks, I want them to heal perfectly. On your hands and knees bitch, Pete needs you." Roger finished. Kay obeyed and Pete made short work of mounting her when he ran in the door. Roger and Chad loved watching the dogs red prick pummel into Kay. He rutted her hard and fast then swelled to lock into her. She came as Pete shot his warm sperm deep in her cervix. The dog had so much cum it leaked onto the floor. "Lick up the mess cunt hole," Roger directed, stroking his growing cock and watching. Kay licked the floor, while Pete laid at her side. Pete must have missed his bitch because as she licked the floor he mounted her again. This time rutting her for thirty minutes before leaving a larger mess on the floor for her to clean. After cleaning the floor with her tongue, Roger took his slut back up stairs to clean again. In the bathroom he had her kneel to swallow his piss, which she enjoyed. Moaning around his cock as he let lose his waste. "Good girl, in the shower now on your knees, I need a good rimming and blow job for all those orgasm's I allowed Pete to give you." Kay licked his ass until he almost shot his load down the drain. Of course that would be a waste of good cum and Roger couldn't allow that. Turning quickly he shoved his cock down her throat and unleashed his load. Sated, he stepped out allowing her to clean alone. Once dried and cleaned Roger pulled her by the string that still ran threw her piercing to the basement. "Kneel in the corner your of no use to me today since I can't get to nasty with you. I paid pretty penny to rent some ass today, you'll watch. Call me master, and no cumming for you, understood?" "Yes Master," she replied kneeling on the doggy bed in the corner as Roger sat to await his guests. Moments later Sal walked in the a small naked boy crawling behind him attached to a leash. Roger stood to greet him. "Sal so glad to do business with you again," Roger exclaimed shaking Sal's hand. "It's my pleasure. I normally like popping my boys cherry first. But you got ten grand he is yours for the next five hours. Don't care what ya do to him as long as its nothing permanent ya know. And he ain't as good as my little cunt course he aint trained proper either. But virgin ass don't come cheap." Sal finished handing the leash to Roger and looking around. "Want me to check the whore's tats and piercing?" "That would be great she is in the corner." Roger returned pulling the boy to follow him and he sat on the couch. "Stand before me young man." He cooed and the boy did. "What's your name?" "Lance, sir," the boy replied in a small voice. "Lance, thats a nice name. I like it. I noticed your cock is hard. Are you excited?" "Yes, sir, I likes playing games with Daddy and my brothers. Sometimes stuff hurt but it feels good to." Lance explained. "Wonderful, I love your little cock. Today you will call me Master and don't forget or I will have to hurt you a lot to punish you. I will call you whatever pleased me. Look in the corner, see the girl your Daddy is looking at?" Roger pointed. "Yes Master," Lance replied. "She is my whore, a slut I can do whatever I want to. Later if your good I will let you play with her and do whatever you want to her. You can even make her call you master." Roger explained, reaching out to massage to boys cock and balls. "Do you like that little cunt." "Yes master, mmmmmmmm" Lance replied closing his eyes and moving his hips forward into Roger's hand. A loud slap resounded through the room and Roger looked over to find Sal had just slapped cunt holes face. "Did she misbehave?" He asked still fondling the young man. "Nope, just like hitting her. Love how you used the piercing too." Sal said as he pulled the string making Kay yelp. "Very nice, she is healing up good and should be safe to do as you please tomorrow. Need to take a piss then I'll leave ya." He finished pulling his cock out to piss in Kay's mouth, she obediently took his waste. "Thank you Sal I will see you later. Before you go with your money, would you mind slapping her a few more times. I find I like the sound." Roger hummed. Sal grabbed Kay by her hair, holding her steady and slapped her hard across the face. Waiting a heart beat he struck her again and she sobbed. Three more strikes, then he spit on her face and left without a backwards glance. "Slut do not wipe the spit off, stay in position." Roger warned as Kay began to lean over, at his admonishment she righted herself. "Oh and you are to watch us. So eyes on us gash." Roger stroked the boy softly, not wanting him to cum. "Cunty boy, what did you think when your Daddy slapped my whore?" "I thought about how my brother cums really a lot when Daddy does that to him and wondered why she didn't master." Lance replied softly. "Oh she isn't a pain slut like your brother. But she has the potential. Now have you ever licked and sucked cock?" Roger at the boy. "Yes master, Daddy has me suck his if his cunt is tired. Sometimes if my brothers want I suck their's too and they suck mine to make me feel good." "Good," Roger nodded, standing he took his clothes off and stood proud before the young boy. "Lick me cunty boy." "Yes Master," Lance replied and bent over to lick and suck Roger. The way Lance bent and do to the boys size it was easy for Roger to bend over slightly and fondle the boys cunt with his fingers. "Don't move my sweet little fresh cunt or I will have to punish you." Roger said licking his fingers then pushing one in the boys ass. Pumping it back and forth as he got his dick sucked. "Look whore do you see how this cunt sucks my cock so good. He's better at then you, and his ass is much tighter. You fucking worthless bitch can't outdo a little boy." Roger hissed at her as he grabbed Lance's head and began rutting his cock in the boys mouth. "I'm gonna cum down his throat and he's is going to take all my ten inches in his ass. He's going to make me so happy, while you kneel in the corner doing nothing. Lance gagged not used to such a big cock, but Roger ignored his constricting throat and pushed in, choking Lance. Unable to breath Roger stroked fast and hard so he could cum before the boy passed out. With a roar he let his cum lose in the boys throat and pulled out. Lance gasped for air, but didn't throw up. "Good cunt, good. Your little cock is still hard. You liked my cock in your throat.? Roger asked sitting down. "Yes Master I was scared a little bit, but that made my dick feel good to. And your cum juice tastes good." Lance said standing naked unsure what to do now. "Cum here little cunt, stand on the couch, put your cock in my mouth and fuck me the way I fucked you. Let master eat your cum." Roger cooed. Lance crawled onto the couch, standing he poked his small dick at Rogers mouth. Roger opened taking him in while cupping his little nuts. "Oooooooohhh master thank you." Lance cried pumping his small cock in Rogers mouth. Roger made no move to stop him, he let the little boy fuck his mouth hard and fast. Screaming Lance came in his mouth. "Thank you master thank you!" Lance called out as he shot into Roger's mouth. Roger swallowed everything he got then licked Lance off. "Good cunt so good. Your cum tastes like candy, master loves it and you thanked me so nicely. My whore should learn that from you. Her pussy doesn't taste nearly as good as your cock. I would never let her fuck my mouth, she to dirty. Such a nasty whore." Roger told the boy while placing him on the floor. Having Lance kneel in front of him. Kay silently cried, feeling left out and useless. Someone else pleasing her master more then her tore her heart out. She would do anything to please him more than Lance. "Hey whore, ass up face down and spread your ass." Roger yelled at Kay and she obeyed quickly wanting to impress him. "Do you see what that nasty whore is doing, I want you to do that now sweet cunt." Roger said sweetly to Lance and Lance obeyed. ""Whore back the way you were and look at my sweet cunt. His ass is so pretty and look at his little bald nuts hanging here, so fun to play with." Roger cooed nicely rubbing the boys bum and nuts. "Lance I am going to stick my large cock in your virgin ass and it will hurt you, but you may not move or try to get away or I will punish you and you don't want that." Roger explained. Kneeling behind the boy he poured lube over his bottom. Covering his anus and balls with the slippery concoction. Using his fingers he pushed two in the boys ass, shivering when Lance moaned. "Good boy," he soothed, pumping his fingers back and forth slowly. Then building until he was hammering his ass with his fingers. Comfortable the boy was used to two fingers, he added a third and rutted him hard. Noting Lance's cock was stiff again. "Does me fucking your boy cunt with my fingers feel good?" Roger asked. "Yes master, at first it hurt but now it's making my dick real hard." Lance answered though harsh breaths. "Mmmmmm," Roger moaned slapping the boys balls lightly over and over while he pumped his fingers roughly. "So fun to play with sweet cunt, so much better than the twat in the corner. If she had nice little balls like you maybe I would like her better. Your perfect and she is a waste of space. A dumb cunt who is only good for her holes." Kay sobbed loudly now, completely beat down. "Shut it stupid whore, this is about me and my sweet cunt right now. The sweet boy cunt that has the prettiest ass I have ever seen." Roger told her. "Sweet cunt master is ready, don't move." Roger lined up behind the boy and pushed. Lance grunted by didn't move. Roger got an inch in and stopped. Thinking on it he decided to ensure the boys cherry was officially popped. Rocking back marginally he rammed home, his balls slapping against Lances. He groaned and Lance screamed. "Fuck yeah cunt, fuck yeah so tight so new.Mmmmmmmmm perfect cunt perfect. Way better than that slag over there. Worthless bitch bet you wish this was your ass. Bet you would love master fucking you. But I won't you don't deserve me." He yelled out and began to move in Lance. Lance cried wildly and his erection went down but he obeyed and that's what mattered. Roger fucked him outright, losing all reasonable thought as he pumped into the sweet new cunt hole. He decided then he would be paying to pop more cherries, it was fun. Moments later Roger screamed and came deep in the boys bowels. He came just as Lance's little cock began to rise again. Pulling out he noticed a small amount of blood, but nothing to be alarmed by, his cum and some waste. Standing he left Lance on the floor in position to stand in front of Kay. "Clean me bitch." Kay greedily licked and sucked him clean, hoping if she did really well he would fuck her and pay attention to her again. "Stand up," Roger spat at her once he was clean. She did and he ran his hand over her pussy. Bringing his hand up, he slapped her across the face with his wet hand. "Your wet! Whore! You like it when I fuck little boys!" He yelled and slapped her again. "Get on your fucking knees pig." He growled and walked away. "Sweet cunt you may stand. I want you to walk over to this pig put your ass on her face and stand there while she eats your cunt, until I tell you to move. Okay?" "Yes master," Lance replied, obeying. Moaning loudly as Kay began to lick him. Five minutes later and after Lance came on the floor from getting his cunt ate, Roger had them stop. "Pig lick his cum off the floor." He ordered, she did quickly. "Sweet cunt would you like to do anything to that whore?" "Yes master it would be fun to play with her." Lance replied joyously. "You have my permission to do anything you like to her and you can call her whatever you want. If you want to tie her up or anything all you have to do is ask me." Roger cooed at him. Turning to Kay with a fierce frown he growled, "Lowly slit you will call my sweet cunt Mistress and do as he tells you." Then he walked away to lay on the couch and watch. Legs spread wide he lazily rubbed his cock and fingered his anus as he watched them. "Okay ugly girl I gotta pee so umm drink it." Lance told her and she bent to take his penis in her mouth. He pissed and giggled as she swallowed. "I likes that, I'm gonna pee more later. Okay ugly just stay like that so I can touch you utters." Lance directed feeling her boobs softly, then pinching and pulling her newly pierced nipples. She screamed he laughed. "Oink like a pig," he yelled, she did and he clapped. "Good ugly pig, woof like a dog." She did and he patted her head. "Good ugly dog." She cried at the humiliation of it all. "Crying makes you more ugly." He told her returning to torturing her nipples. Seemingly amused with his toy he slapped her tits. Since he was small it didn't hurt and she had time to calm herself. "Master?" Lance called out. "Yes sweet cunt," Roger answered sweetly. "The ugly pig stopped crying. Can I hit her utters with a belt, Master?" "Of course, there is one hanging on the wall and a paddle if you prefer." Roger answered and Lance hurried to get them. Back in front of Kay he swung, hitting her breasts. But again it was no hardship and she took twenty lashes without even marking. "Master, I think I'm doing this wrong. Will you try?" Lance asked and Kay's eyes rounded in fear. "Anything for you sweet cunt, but I know someone who is even better at it than me. Would you like him to do it?" Roger asked. "Sure, it will be fun with more of us." Lance crooned dropping the belt and pulling at Kay's hair. Roger buzzed Chad who arrived in less than a minute. "You rang sir?" "My sweet cunt whats some help with his ugly pig. I told him you were the best man for the job." Roger told him. "Of course. What is it you need cunt boy?" Chad asked stoically. "I would really like help whipping her utters with this belt sir. When I do it she doesn't cry. Can you help me sir?" Lance asked sweetly. "Of course little cunt, it's one of my favorite things." Chad replied. Disrobing before he walked over and picked up the belt. "How many lashed does your ugly pig need?" Chad asked playing along perfectly. "Oh I don't know sir. Maybe do it until your happy sir. Whatever pleases you." Lance replied. "Good answer cunt, kneel at my feet while I play with the pig." Chad directed. He brought his hand back and landed a heavy blow across her tits with the belt. She bellowed in pain and Lance clapped and giggled. Chad hit her three more times quickly, making her sob so violently she gagged. Lance was bouncing up and down and clapping Chad on. Chad hit her two more times, liking the welts that now marred her breasts he stopped. "I believe that is all she can take for now cunt. We don't want her passing out." Chad told him stroking his own cock. "Thank you sir, thank you that was so much fun! Can I please you now sir?" Lance asked honestly. "You can bend over and take my cock in your ass. I will rut you until I cum then make this nasty pig clean my dick and eat your ass of my cum." Chad told him. "Yes sir," Lance replied putting his bum in the air like he did with his master. Chad wasted no time, he lubed his cock heavily then sank into the boy. "Oh my this pig will never be as good as your cunt. Fuck yeah." Chad groaned fucking him outright. Looking over he saw Roger violently rubbing his cock. He got Roger's attention and tilted his head to offer his mouth. Roger didn't turn him down standing to run towards him. Turning his head he got Roger to stand with his back facing Kay. "Spread his ass cheeks and eat bitch, while Daddy give his cock to us." Chad ordered then took Roger in his mouth. The boy so tight he couldn't last long and he spent himself in Lance's cunt ass within a few minutes. Roger blasted his cum not long after in Chad's mouth. Kay cleaned all three of them and knelt back down a crying, tortured mess. Chad left. "Little cunt your prick is hard again, use the pig anyway you like." Roger cooed sweetly and laid back on the couch. "Thank you master," Lance cheered. "Piggy get your ass up and face down and spread um." Lance said in his best impression of master. Kay obliged and waited. Lance put his prick in her pussy like he saw people do and moved back and forth. But he couldn't feel much. It was wet but didn't hold not his cock good. So he pulled back and pushed on her butt hole, that was better but still not enough. "Master I can't feel much?" Lance asked confused. "Well honey your cock isn't big yet, like mine its just little and she's made for big cocks now. I have an idea though if you don't want her to suck you." Roger said. "Oh I like sucking master, but I really wanted to fuck a girl, so's I know how it feels." Lance replied. "Okay, pig get on you back legs spread." Roger ordered and walked over. Leaning down he spread her pussy lips back and pointed at her piss hole. "See this, it's really little I could never get in there. But you can, line up your cock up with the hole while I keep her spread and push really hard with that little prick." Roger directed and Lance did. Pushing hard in her urethra, one stroke and his little balls sat on her pussy. She screamed and he groaned. "Oh master her pee hole feels so good, so tight. Thank you master thank you." Lance grunted and began pumping his little prick back and forth hard and fast. "Good cunt fuck that pig, fuck her hard!" Roger encouraged holding her pussy lips wide open. "Fuck this ugly bitch's piss hole raw. Look at her crying! Your doing so good!" "Yes master, thank you master. Aaaaaaaaaa" He yelled cumming inside her. After he was spent he laid on top of her until he was hard again. Which since he was young only took a minute and he began pumping again. "Oh master your pigs piss hole is so good. Thank you master thank you." "Nice, you got him fucking her piss hole," Sal announced as he watched his youngest really pump into the bitch. Little balls making slapping sounds off her pussy and everything. "Fuck that whore!! Slap her get mean!" He encouraged having been told of the game by Chad. Lance slapped her across the face a few time as he humped her hole. Then settled for pulling her hair so hard he pulled some out. "Bitch pig who fucks your piss hole best? You like your piss hole fucked by your masters cunt don't you?" He yelled pulling at more hair. Knowing she had to answer, she sobbed out, "Yes mistress, you fuck my piss hole best mistress. I like it mistress." "Aaaaaaaaaaa," Lance yelled and came again. This time pulling out when done and sitting on her chest. "Clean me ugly pig." And she did, he rewarded her by spitting on her face. "Dumb bitch," he growled and spat again. Roger so amused by the little cunt he joined him and spat on Kay too. "Kneel little cunt." He told Lance then grabbed Kay by putting a finger in each nostril and pulling her up by her nose. "Pig I see you wife that face and I will beat you blind." He growled and spat on her again. Kneeling spit raddled and sobbing he left her. "How'd the cunt do?" Sal asked. "Good, very good. I didn't get to sadistic as he's to young for it in my opinion, but his ass was the best I have ever had. Made my whore look like useless garbage. I actually think he would be a great switch. Most likely he will grow to top women and bottom men." Roger explained. "Thanks for the rental, I may rent him again in the future." "My pleasure, just let me know what you need and I will see what I can do. That fuck hole took a good beating on her tits, those welts are perfect." Sal complimented. "Chad's work, he excels at pain." Roger threw back casually, his staff growing stiff as he viewed her. "Yeah he's a sadistic fucker, probably why I like him. I saw him hook a bitches pussy open once with fishing hooks then fuck her so hard they ripped out. Bitch didn't listen to him and thats how he punished her." Sal commented through a smile. "Hey man you gettin a stiffy, want hit that cunt once before I take him home." "Oh yes, sweet cunt ass up head down." Lance obeyed immediately and Roger rutted him hard and quick. Holding him by his hair he fucked him so hard the slaps sounded like a spanking. "Sweet cunt I will always be in love with your perfect ass. Oooh yeah, fuck yeah that pig over there can never compete with you. Never be as good. Mmmmm so tight, so fucking good." Roger yelled and came. Sal and Lance both relieved themselves in Kay's mouth and left. But not before Roger hired Sal to tattoo "ugly pig" on both Kays pussy lips. They scheduled the appointment for next week. Kay still a mess in the corner on her knees Roger walked over to her and knelt beside her. "Eyes down love, you don't get to watch anymore. You were wonderful to cuck baby. I loved belittling you. You were perfect in every way. You hated that Daddy fucked another cunt and liked it so much. That made me happy. Were you jealous? Tell me how you felt?" "Yes Master I was so jealous and hurt. I felt like you didn't love me anymore and didn't want me. That you hated me and wanted Mistress more." Kay sobbed out, more devastated than she had ever remembered being. "Oh no I will always love you. But sometime, to know that you love me I have to do things like this. I have to see that it hurts you, so I know you love me back like I love you. I would never want anyone else over you. Young and virginal is fun to play with but I will alway want and need my whore. How does my piss hole feel?" He cooed at her. "It hurts Master. It hurts so bad." She cried. "Awwww sweety Daddy will make it better." With that Roger picked her up and took her upstairs in the bedroom he ran a warm bath and placed her in it. "Soak and relax you had a big day and you deserve the rest. Chad will bring you up dinner so you can eat here. You earned it." Roger soothed her, feeling slightly guilty, she still cried and was more hurt than he had thought she would be. Maybe cucking didn't work for her. So he would only do it for punishment. But he was so proud, she still obeyed and took it to please him. Now that was complete devotion, he just tore her apart and she stayed. After her bath and eating Kay felt better. Daddy was just playing something new. She didn't like it, would have rather been beat. But she understood he loved her with all his heart. Chad had explained what cucking was and the purpose. He also told her she did well and was stunning in her submission to Lance. Chad led her to the living room by the sting in her piercing and left her kneeling at her Master's feet. "My beautiful whore, your bruises and welts are so alluring. Those marks marring your skin please me so. Would you take a beating regularly to please me?" "Yes master," she replied happily, preening under his acknowledgment. "I would do anything to please you master." "I know you would baby, I know. I am so fulfilled and blessed." Roger said rubbing her head. "Face down ass up, you've made Daddy hard." Kay obeyed immediately, todays exercise seemingly making her quicker. Seems his whore had something to prove, he thought with a smile to himself. "Chad dear bring me the plastic fist I would like to give my cunt a treat." Roger yelled and Chad appeared shortly after with a lubed plastic arm. Taking the arm from Chad he positioned it at Kay's twat and pushed it in fist first. She squalled loudly, then moaned. "Thank you master, thank you for using my twat so perfectly." She purred aiming to do better than Lance. Roger laughed, she did have something to prove. "Oh your welcome sweet slut, anything else?" He cooed and she remembered something he had told her in the beginning that a whore should always beg for cock. "Yes master, please put your wonderful huge cock your whores ass. Your whore loves your cock master your whore can't live without it. It feels so good stuff when you stuff your useless whore with you thick beautiful prick." She cooed out waving her bottom back and forth. Roger growled, god damn he did like hearing her talk like that. "Suck a good whore begging for cock. So good whores should always beg for dick. I look forward to hearing more of that, when you have permission to speak." He moaned out and pushed into her tight ass. Chad pumped the fist back and forth as Roger plowed into her. Since he got off so much today he rutted her for an hour before he erupted in the strongest cum he had ever had. "Aaaaaaaaa cunt, whore, bitch, fucking pig!" He yelled savagely as his balls emptied in her ass. Simultaneously she came squirting her enthusiasm all over him and the floor. "Thank you master!" She yelled out. Settled back in the couch and licked clean Roger watched as Kaye licked up the floor. She was his perfect match, and him, hers. Six months later they wed. Once a small affair for vanilla family. In which Kaye was allowed to walk, talk, mingle and be herself. Giving nothing away to her family of their life style. He removed her collar for that ceremony and they used make up to cover any visible tattoos. Now two weeks after that ceremony they had the slave, master ceremony. Where he collared her as she knelt naked at his feet, in front of his peers and their slaves. About fifteen men and their respective slaves. "I declare in front of these witness's that I own you. Your body is mine. From this day forth you are no long a you, or an I but my whore. I promise to protect, love and honor my whore. Never shall my whore leave my side. My whore lives to please me and I live to utilize her at my will. This will fulfill us both." He declared and put her collar on. "My whore may speak my whores vows. Speak freely, bitch, declare your feelings in front of my peers and their slaves." "Your whore is honored to serve you, Master. Your whore only happiness is your happiness. Your whore lives and breaths to please you. Your whore is yours to as you please. Your whore lovingly and gladly will be forever obedient master." She intoned, kissing her Master's cock and looking down in respect and a show of submission. The crowd stood and clapped. Roger quieted them to speak. "Fellow slave owners and their slaves my whore is to obey your whims as I slate my cock on different slaves in the group tonight. This will be the last night my whore can serve my friends as she should for awhile, because after her next bleeding I will breed her." Cheers erupted and he waited for them to quiet. "I would like Sal's youngest cunt first, with Jay's bitch and Lionel's twat. My whore is here for your pleasure." He finished walking of the platform to collect his wedding toys. Sal approached her first with Chad. "Get on that table over there pig, we gonna have a little fun. Lay on your back." Sal directed. Kay did as told without comment, she no longer had permission to talk. Her master said her bitch mouth better stay shut the whole night. He didn't want her ruining his good time and she wanted to make him happy. On the table, that was like a doctors table. They pushed her legs against her chest and apart, then used duck tape to secure her legs to her body. Once done hey gagged her and tied her hands under the table. Once completely immobile. Sal shoved hooks through her weeping pussy lips, laughing when she whaled. Then Chad tied the string attached to the hooks to the walls on either side. Effectively spreading her pussy lips for all to see up her gaping cunt. "Hey Rog, you playing with the little cunt yet?" Chad yelled out above the myriad of noise. An orgy broke out and it was getting loud. Between slaves being beat and fucking you had to nearly scream to get someones attention. "Naaa was to busy watching you guys." Roger answered and walked to join them in front of Kay's bound form. His toys crawling behind him. Every one was naked. "Hey little cunt you remember how to fuck her piss hole. Show Daddy how you fuck a pigs piss hole." Sal encouraged making his other cunt suck his cock while he watched. Lance crawled on top Kaye's body, lined up with the little hole and pushed. She screamed into the gag and much like before he laughed an rutted her hard. His nuts slapping on her wet pussy while he tore her piss hole apart. Many stopped to watch, not having seen a piss hole fucking before. "Never seen that, didn't know anyone with a dick small enough." Some body said. "Oh that is fabulous, fuck her boy fuck her hard." Some one else yelled. The encouragement got Lance going and he grabbed her hair and slapped her face as his tiny cock rummaged in her piss hole. After a few minutes he came with a shout thanking his master for the pigs piss hole. "Dude I so want him to fuck my slaves piss hole." Someone yelled. "Yeah wonder if he can get it in a cock piss hole. Would love to see him tear up my bitch." Some one else hollered. Roger turned to the crowd. "When I am done with him he will fuck any piss holes that the masters here want fucked. Please make numbers so our sweet little cunt knows in which order he should ram his little meat into your slaves. Perhaps write the numbers on their foreheads." With that Roger walked away with his toys. Sal so turned on by the show sunk into Kay's gaping pussing and rutted her hard. "Whore fucking whore your pussy feels good." He grunted as he came deep in her pussy. "Whore," he spat as he came. Spitting on her face. Chad happy to wait, watched as Sal nearly tore the whore's hooks out. When Sal retreated Chad stepped up with a belt. Kay immediately started sobbing. Chad with a belt never ended well for her. He swung and hit squarely on her splayed pussy. He laid three heavy whacks there, then treated each thigh to five swats. In her balled up position it was difficult to reach much else. So he beat her splayed pussy more. Then Sal taped her ass cheeks apart. Attaching the tape to her butt cheeks then wrapping the tape over her own shoulders had her ass gaping. Chad made sure to belt it several times before sinking his dick into it. He didn't last long, came in her ass then stood back to see the beauty of her crying form leak their combined cum from her holes. Several other masters came up and fucked her gaping pussy, while she screamed through the gag. Roger fucked at least five other slaves. Then let Sal top him. Sal beat his balls viscously then raped his ass hard. The combination had Roger spewing huge spurts of cum all over the floor. Chad enjoyed several other slaves. A matter a fact each master fucked probably five to six slaves. Lance fucked every slaves piss hole. Even the men, leaving them crying mounds of uselessness. One slave female actually got off on it though and we had him fuck her again. All in all it ended being a very good ceremony. Kaye was still bound the way Sal and Chad had put her and bound. She was screaming as Lance fucked her piss hole one last time. Being that he had cum so much, it was taking his a very long time to get off. Everyone sat and watched in amazement. Finally the kid got off and Kaye oozed cum everywhere. Only one thing left, Chad unhooked Kaye's cunt lips and ensured everyone was seated. Roger joined him at the platform. "We have something very special treat to end the evening. Our pony Chester will fuck this whore. This fuckhole oozing our jizz from every hole." At his announcement a worker walked Chester in. As requested he was warmed up, so his cock was nice and hard and he was ready to fuck the hell out of his whore. Making a clicking sound at the pony. Chester jumped, putting his two front legs on the table over Kaye. A camera was placed so the crowd could easily see when Chester pushed forward with his backend and forced his huge cock in the whore's cunt. She screamed into the gag. Chester excited and previously teased fucked her hard. Pushing fourteen inches, of his twenty, in her twat. The pony went nuts, rutting so hard the table moved. Only a few minutes more and h exploded, cum running all over the platform. Standing there without encouragement Chester got hard again and rutted her once more until he came. Pulling out he was led out and Kaye lay there leaking copious amounts of cum from her pussy. Chester had been kept from pussy to long. Roger would have to make sure he was better taken care of. The gathered crowd stood and clapped at the show, said their goodbyes and left, sated and pleased. Roger and his whore lived a great life and had five children. Four boys and one girl. Chad had his own slut but still fucked his favorite fag when needed. At the end of it Kaye was happier than she ever thought she would be, and her master adored her.