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Jan, The In Between Years/-04-Sep-2007 22:16
The Girl Scout Chronicles/-21-May-2007 16:48
The Plane Trip/-11-Jun-2008 16:29
Bang! Fireworks in the sky and On the boat.txt 22K05-Jul-2008 23:29
Fireworks at the marina on the Fourth of July.txt 13K06-Jul-2007 00:13
Halloween 1999.txt 28K20-Oct-2008 23:51
Jan and Angie, Babysitting.txt 19K11-Jun-2007 02:06
Jan, 2007, Part Five.txt 20K31-Aug-2007 05:01
Jan, 2007, Part Four.txt 15K29-Jun-2007 13:06
Jan, 2007, Part One.txt 927121-May-2007 14:08
Jan, 2007, Part Three.txt 11K25-May-2007 14:10
Jan, 2007, Part Two.txt 12K24-May-2007 03:52
Ken does Barbie, and then ---.txt 11K14-Jul-2007 16:28
My Brother And Me And Susie, At The Waterslide.txt 15K24-May-2007 20:13
My Brother And Me, At Pizza Hut.txt 14K24-May-2007 20:03
My Brother And Me, On The Dock, Naked.txt 15K24-May-2007 20:00
My Brother, My Mother, My Lover, etc, Part Two.txt 18K25-May-2007 13:24
My Brother, My Mother, My Lover, etc. Part Five.txt 13K25-May-2007 13:33
My Brother, My Mother, My Lover, etc. Part Four.txt 17K25-May-2007 13:30
My Dental Checkup.txt 16K15-Jun-2007 22:40
My Ode to Angie.txt 726317-Jul-2007 19:09
My brother, my mother, etc. Part One.txt 16K24-May-2007 19:47
My dad tells me a hot story.txt 17K20-Jun-2008 03:02
Nergve Endings, Part Eight.txt 13K10-May-2007 13:51
Nerve Endings, Part Eleven.txt 19K11-May-2007 12:58
Nerve Endings, Part Fifteen.txt 17K14-May-2007 20:26
Nerve Endings, Part Five.txt 13K08-May-2007 23:03
Nerve Endings, Part Four.txt 13K08-May-2007 16:35
Nerve Endings, Part Fourteen.txt 21K12-May-2007 14:03
Nerve Endings, Part Nine.txt 13K10-May-2007 14:07
Nerve Endings, Part Nineteen.txt 15K15-May-2007 15:46
Nerve Endings, Part Seven.txt 12K10-May-2007 13:49
Nerve Endings, Part Seventeen.txt 14K14-May-2007 23:54
Nerve Endings, Part Six.txt 10K08-May-2007 23:04
Nerve Endings, Part Sixteen.txt 20K14-May-2007 23:31
Nerve Endings, Part Ten.txt 10K11-May-2007 12:43
Nerve Endings, Part Thirteen.txt 11K12-May-2007 14:02
Nerve Endings, Part Three.txt 906007-May-2007 21:27
Nerve Endings, Part Twelve.txt 22K11-May-2007 13:17
Nerve Endings, Part Twenty One.txt 15K16-May-2007 03:07
Nerve Endings, Part Twenty Two.txt 16K16-May-2007 03:09
Nerve Endings, Part Twenty.txt 15K15-May-2007 15:47
Nerve Endings, Part Two.txt 15K19-Jul-2008 19:18
Nerve Endings,Part One.txt 12K19-Jul-2008 18:47
Nerve endings, Part Eighteen.txt 12K15-May-2007 00:07
On The Sand.txt 24K21-May-2007 16:23
Ronunder, my cyber guy, Part One.txt 525422-Sep-2008 16:44
Something different when I was eleven.txt 14K16-Jun-2008 14:56
The Canine Cop.txt 15K20-Jun-2007 15:20
The Magician.txt 952307-Jun-2007 13:29
The New Single Lady Next Door.txt 26K01-Jul-2008 01:18
The Old Model A Ford.txt 11K02-Aug-2008 02:08
The Stranger's House on the Hill.txt 13K18-Jul-2008 18:48
The glint in Angie's eyes, Part Two.txt 14K18-Jul-2008 18:44
The glint in Angie's eyes.txt 14K13-Jul-2008 01:56
The little girl at Wally World.txt 917913-Jul-2008 07:18
When I was ten, it was a very good year.txt 16K08-Jul-2008 01:25