Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Copyright 2007, all rights reserved. If you have any questions or comment, please write me at Warning! This story contains sexual content involving a little girl and her daddy. If you think this will offend you, or make you go blind, you're right! You should stop reading! If you don't, please continue and enjoy. (Mf rom, pedo, preteen, inc) Where to start? How do you begin to tell the story of how I became my daughter's lover? That's just not something you talk about. I guess you just start at the beginning. It started when she was about 8. I'm an avid cyclist and had been out on a 60 mile ride that morning and was returning home. As I rode up the drive I heard some music in the backyard and assumed it was my daughter Gail out by the pool having a swim and so I decided that rather than going into the house I'd go around back and join her. I was still in my cycling kit when I walked up to the gate, you know, the black spandex everyone likes to make so much fun of...those who aren't cyclist. Humph, buncha heathens I always say. Anyway, as I walked up to the gate of the privacy fence, the music grew louder, typical kid music, no idea what it was. As I stepped up to the gate I peered through one of the cracks and stopped dead in my tracks. As I mentioned, in addition to the fence around the backyard we have a privacy fence around the pool. Inside the privacy fence was my sweet innocent little 8 year old daughter - totally nude and dancing to the music. That wasn't so bad, I was always pretty casual about nudity around the house and had seen my daughter nude many times, particularly after my wife died and I was left to raise my daughter alone. All the countless baths flashed through my mind as I watched her da+ nce in the nude. What was shocking was seeing her, as she danced around, run her hands over her tiny, not even there, 8 year old breasts. Watching her tweak her nipples, which were clearly red, puffy and erect. I was even more shocked when I saw her run her hands down her flat tummy to her hairless pussy, running her fingers along her slit which was clearly shinny and wet. I had never thought of my daughter as a sexual person, yet. I had always dreaded the day when she was a teenager and started noticing boys. I guess that day just arrived a few years earlier than I thought. But, it also caused me another problem. I suddenly found myself in the possession of a very hard cock. Daddies aren't supposed to feel that way about their daughters but how could I not react to such a sensual, sexual thing as a girl masturbating herself, never mind that it was my daughter and she was only 8. I couldn't help myself, I continued to watch as she pinched her hard nipples and rubbed her pussy. It was obvious that she was becoming more aroused by the way her hips were jerking in a pseudo fucking motion. Finally she flopped down on the chaise lounge and with her legs spread wide watching as she brought herself to orgasm. I was so hard I hurt. I turned around and walked around the front of the house and entered through the front door. I went quickly up to my room. As I passed the sliding glass door my daughter came in, dressed again in her bikini. I looked at her briefly and said hi. Her eyes caught sight of the huge bulge in my cycling short as I walked past and up the stairs to my bedroom. I went in, locked my door and pulled my shorts off and started to rub my cock. I was so hot from watching her it only took seconds before I blasted huge ropes of cum across the carpet, moaning loudly as I did, picturing her as she masturbated. As I was cumming I heard the door handle rattle, "Daddy? Can I come in?" "In a minute baby, I'm just going to take a shower after my ride. I'm all stinky, you wouldn't like me very much right now. I'll be out in a minute." I had cum so hard my knees were shaking and my cock was still hard. Not the best time to open the door and let her in. I stood there breathing hard for a minute before continuing to get undressed and take a shower. After my shower I put on some loose fitting gym shorts and a t-shirt. I unlocked the door to the bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat and drink. My daughter came in from the pool, dripping wet as usual. As I said, I had never though of her sexually before, and now I couldn't seem to stop. My eyes were drawn to her boobies, so small you couldn't even call them breasts. The firmness of her hinny wrapped in her bikini bottoms. God, I had to stop thinking this way or I was going to get hard again! "Hi Princess, feel hungry?" I asked casually. "Yes! I'm starving daddy! Can you make some burgers daddy?" "No, punken, I was planning on cooking burgers for dinner with watermelon and corn on the cob and maybe some homemade ice-cream. How about I just make us some sandwiches?" "YAY!!" she hollered happily, coming over you me and giving me a big hug. I tosseled her hair and gave her a kiss on the cheek before giving her a quick smack on the hinney. "Go out by the pool baby, I'll bring them out in a minute. What would you like to drink?" "One of those mango/blueberry thingies." "Ok baby, be right out." She walked out the sliding glass doors and I proceeded to make our lunch. I made us both sandwiches with some chips on the side. I grabbed a Mountain Dew for me and her mango/blueberry thingie for her and walked out to join her. I joined her out on the deck sitting in one of the chaise lounges and placing our food on a table. She proceeded to gobble hers down as if it was her last meal. I shook my head in wonder watching her eat. It's a wonder she didn't need the Heimlich maneuver. When she was done she hopped up and ran to the pool, jumping in and making a huge splash, trying to get me wet no doubt, little minx. Turn about is fair play I thought to myself, just wait until I finish and she will get the dunking of her life. I took my time eating, watching her play in the water. So young and innocent, so different from the little girl I saw masturbating not 30 minutes ago. "Daddy! Hurry up! I wanna play! I owe you from last time!" "Owe me? You were the one who started it, trying to dunk me. Not my fault you got dunked instead!" "Humph, that's only because you cheated and used your ogre super powers on me!" Laughing I replied, "More like my daddy super powers punken." I finished eating and picked up the paper plates, throwing them in the trash before turning around and running to the pool yelling, "BONZAI!" and doing a cannonball right next to her. She squealed and proceeded to splash me and then jump on me. The feeling of her sun warmed wet pre-teen body rubbing on mine caused me to get hard again. Even as we continued to play I tried to keep my hardness from rubbing against her. I'm not sure I was entirely successful as I caught a startled look on her face when she was swimming between my legs and came up my tummy, as she came up her chest and tummy rubbed against my hard shaft. She didn't say anything and looked thoughtful for a little while after that. We finished our play and went in to take showers and get cleaned up. We played video games together for a little while and when it was time for dinner I made our BBQ burgers as promised. All in all we had a wonderful daddy daughter day together. We went to bed and the next few days passed as normal. A few days later, after we'd had our dinner but before bedtime, I was in the living room watching a movie wearing a pair of loose gym short and a t-shirt when she came bouncing in, kids, they have so much energy if you could bottle it the worlds energy problems would be solved. "Hi daddy! Whatcha watching?" she asked as she walked over and sat in my lap, cuddled up and gave me a big kiss. I wasn't really watching much of anything, just flipping channels, she didn't seem to mind though, she just squirmed and cuddled in my lap. And that caused a problem. As she squirmed I could feel her sweet firm 8 year old ass rubbing against my cock, which felt so good it decided to start growing. Normally I would have asked my daughter to get up, but the image of my little girl fingering her hairless second grade pussy to orgasm that afternoon was enough to override my otherwise fatherly instincts. In other words, my cock was doing the thinking and it very much enjoyed the feel of her firm ass rubbing against it. As I grew fully hard it pressed against her ass. I was sure she could feel it and yet she did nothing, well, nothing except squirm even more. I was staring over her shoulder at nothing, don't ask me what we were watching. I was too caught up in the sensual feeling of her tiny body rubbing against my raging hardon. And it only got worse, because as she squirmed her nightie rode up her thighs until it truly was her ass, her bare ass, that was rubbing against my swollen cock. By this time I was breathing hard, a growing feeling of lust coursing through my body. She squirmed again and this time I felt something that made me moan, I could feel the puffy lips of her pussy on my shaft. And worse, I could tell she wasn't wearing panties and that she was wet. I could hardly believe it, my sweet second grade daughter was rubbing herself off on my cock! And I was enjoying it! Rather than asking her to get off my lap, I pushed my cock up against her. God how I wanted to feel her bare pussy rubbing against my cock, but my gym shorts were there, not that that seemed to stop her from enjoying herself. When I pushed up against her she moaned softly and ground her hinny down harder. I let my hand fall to her thin 8 year old thighs, feeling how soft and smooth they were. I let my fingers rub softly back and forth on her inner thighs. She sighed softly and spread her legs a little more. I slid my hand up a little higher, feeling her inner thigh muscles jump and quiver as my fingers traced soft circles. The crotch of my gym shorts were soaking wet by now, I never knew an 8 year old girl could get so wet! Until the other day I would never have thought that an 8 year old had sexual feelings or was able to have an orgasm. My fingers moved higher, I could feel the heat from her virgin pussy. My fingers slipped on her soft inner thigh and I realized I was feeling her pussy cream. Unable to stop myself, my fingers softly touched the edge of her hairless cunt. She moaned softly and hunched her hips. I could feel how slippery and wet her pussy was, my fingers sliding easily along her pre-teen cunt lips. "Daddy, oh daddy," she moaned softly, her breathing deep and ragged. "Do you like that baby, do you like daddy touching you there?" I whispered softly in her ear. "Yesssss daddy yes, touch my thingie, I feel all itchy down there, all tingly." "Do you want daddy to stop baby?" I whispered softly in her ear. "Noooo daddy, don't stop...I'm going to get that feeling soon, mmmm mmmm mmmm," she moaned softly, her breath coming in soft pants. "Does it feel better when daddy does it?" "Oooo yes daddy, yesss," she gasped out her reply. "I watched you the other day, when you were out by the pool, I watched you play with yourself," I softly added, as I swirled my finger over the hard slick bump of her little virgin clit, her body reacting by instinct, bucking and jerking as if she was fucking. "You, you did daddy? You're not mad that I touched my thingie are you daddy?" she pleaded with me. "No baby! Never! It's completely normal for a little girl to touch herself, daddy does it to you know. And it's not called a thingie baby, it's your pussy, or your cunt or your kitty." "Pu..pussy daddy? I heard Lisa at school say that the other day and she got sent to the office for using a naughty word." She softly panted, as I popped the hood of her little pink bud back and ran my finger softly over her clit. "That's ok baby, you can use them with daddy, when daddy touches you. But you can't ever tell anyone that daddy touches you, it's our secret, our special secret. You can't even tell your best friend. Can you keep a secret baby?" I asked softly, rubbing her clit faster, my other hand sliding up under her nightie and rubbing across her little second grade nipples. She was to young to have breasts, but her nipples still responded to my touch by growing hard and puffy. I softly rolled them between my fingers, as she moaned even louder, softly pinching them. "N..noo...nooo daddy, I won't ever tell," she gasped out between pants, her hips bucking and jerking. "da..daddy, oh daddy, tha..that feeling is coming daddy..I..can, oh daddy." Panting heavily, her little 8 year old virgin pussy was soaking wet. I've never felt a pussy so wet. My cock was hard and heavy in my gym shorts, throbbing each time my lil girl rubbed her wet cunt on it, each time her hips bucked and she writhed in pre-adolescent lust and desire. I flicked my fingers faster across her clit, thrumming it in circles, wanting to bring my baby girl to orgasm, finger fucking my virgin daughter to orgasm as she sat in my lap. "Is that special feeling coming baby? Can you feel it coming as daddy fingers your little cunt. You little cunt is so wet and hot and creamy, daddy loves to touch you, to touch your little virgin pussy. Daddies pussy, the pussy that daddy made, the pussy that daddy is finger fucking." "Fu..fucking daddy, what's that daddy. O..ohhh, ooOOoO daddy! Da...daddieeeee, I'm go..gonna, I feel it..ooooooooo daddieeee!" Her little girl hips bucked and jerked, thrusting her hips upwards and against my fingers as I stroked her virgin 8 year old clit. Her little virgin cunt got even wetter as she exploded into orgasm. I was so hot and horny from molesting my own little girl that as she exploded, so did I, filling my gym shorts with my cum, my cock throbbing and jerking against her puffy baby cunt. It was hard to tell who came harder or whose hips jerked and bucked more, I was cumming so hard. "Da...daddieee..OOOOooo...ohhhhh...ummmmm, mmmm," she thrashed and bucked her way through her first orgasm given to her by a man, by being finger fucked by her daddy. She was so young and innocent she didn't even know how to express what was happening to her other than by moaning and panting. But her little girl body knew, and she thrust her hips lewdly, wantonly against my probing fingers. I pinched her hard little nipples softly as she ground her cunt onto my still throbbing, sperm covered cock. Panting loudly, her body covered in a soft sheen of sweat, the wanton thrusting of her hips subsiding as her orgasm peaked and began to pass. "Was that good baby, did you like daddy fingering your pussy, touching you in your private place?" "Yesssss daddy, yes, so much!" she moaned softly, still breathing hard. "It's our secret right baby. Daddies aren't supposed to touch their baby girls like that, daddy could get in trouble and be taken away from you forever if you told anyone." "Oh no daddy! I would never tell! I'm a good girl, I am a secret keeper daddy! I don't ever want you to go away! I love you forever and always daddy!" "Awww sweety, daddy loves you too, more than anything! As only a daddy can love his little girl. You still love daddy even though I touch you in your private place? You aren't mad that daddy touched you there?" "Oh no daddy!" she said earnestly as she looked into my eyes, "It felt wonderful daddy! Much better than when I do it myself! I never knew it could feel that good! Is it always that good daddy?" she asked naively. I laughed softly and said, "No baby, sometimes it is better, much better. And it's always better if daddy does it." "Better daddy!? It can't be better than that! I felt like I was gonna pee daddy, or..or like I was gonna explode! It felt, it felt, it felt bestest daddy!" she exclaimed as she struggled to find words to describe what just happened to her virgin second grade body. "Will you do it again daddy? Will you touch my, my," she lowered her voice to a whisper, as if she was going to be caught stealing a cookie, "touch my pussy again daddy?" I wrapped her slender little girl body in my arms and gave her the biggest hug and kissed her right on her lips. "Wellll, I don't know baby. Are you sure you can handle it? You might explode next time baby!" "Daddy! You're teasing me! I will not `splode." "Did you really like it punken?" I asked softly. "Yes daddy! I want you to touch my thingie again, I wanna feel that special feeling again, a whole kajillion times a lot." I laughed again and took her little elfin face in my hands and kissed her softly. Then I lifted her in my arms, her thin little girl thighs wrapped around my waist, and started walking to my bedroom. "Where are we going daddy?" she asked, pressing her puffy mound against my growing cock. "You'll see sweetie, you'll see," I said softly as I squeezed her little girl hinny in my hands, her slender body bouncing softly with each step, my newly erect cock rubbing against her cunt. "Mmmm daddy, that feels so good," she sighed softly as she laid her head on my shoulder. "It'll feel even better in a minute baby, daddy is going to show you something new." Still hunching her pussy against my cock, she moaned softly against my neck as I carried her into my room and laid her down on the bed. As her thighs uncurled from around my waist, she moaned softly, not being able to rub her pussy on my cock, so she reached between her legs and started rubbing her creamy virgin slit. God, I nearly exploded in my shorts again at the sight of my baby 8 year old girl fingering her wet creamy cunt. "Touch me daddy, it itches, please daddy...touch my `gina, pussy daddy." She nearly pleaded, rubbing furiously up and down her red swollen pussy lips. Instead, I reached down and slide my hands up along her thighs, across her hips, up along her side, pushing her nightie up as I went, pulling it over her head so her slender second grade body was lying naked on my bed. Then I pulled my own gym shorts of, my hard rampant cock sticking out from my body, still covered in my cum, wet and shinny. God how I wanted to plunge it in to the root in her tiny virgin cunt and take her cherry right then and there. But she was too little and I knew it would hurt her and I didn't want to do that. "Daddy, why is your peepee like that, all big and red? I never saw it like that before." She asked curiously, her fingers working over her little clit, legs spread wantonly on the bed, her inner thighs wet and shinny, covered with her virgin cum. "You know how your pussy gets wet when you get that tingly feeling in your tummy?" I asked. "Yes, why does it do that daddy?" she asked, her eyes glued to my shaft. I sat on the bed next to her and let my fingers trail upwards along her little girl thighs, my fingers joining hers as we both rubbed her little puffy cunt. She moaned softly and her head went back into the pillow, "unngghhhh daddieee..." her voice trailed off as her hips jerked lewdly. "Your pussy gets wet baby so that daddy can put his cock into you and make a baby. If you didn't get wet daddy's cock would never be able to go inside your pussy. It needs to be slippery and wet. And that's also why daddy's cock gets all big and hard, so it can go inside you, if it was soft and mushy like it usually is, it would never go inside you." I answered as she leaned up on her elbows, staring down between her widespread thighs, watching my cock bounce and jerk with each heartbeat, the head leaking a trail of clear pre-cum. "How does a baby get inside me daddy?" she asked innocently. "Well, you know when you get that really special feeling, like when daddy rubbed your pussy in the chair?" "Uh huh." "That's called an orgasm, or cumming. A daddy does that too, only, when daddy does it a thick creamy juice squirts out of daddy's cock called sperm. And if it inside your pussy when daddy does that and if you are old enough, daddy's sperm will swim up inside your tummy and find one of your eggs and together they will make a baby." Oh man, how do you explain the birds and bees to an eight year old? I knew she wasn't going to understand any of it, but still, the thought of filling her little tummy with daddy's sperm made my cock throb and leak a thick trail of cum. "I don't have eggs daddy, you silly, I'm not a chicken!" she admonished. "Yes you do baby, right here," I said, as I pointed to where her ovaries are. "Right in here, when you get older every month an egg will come out just waiting to be made into a baby. That's how mommy and I made you. One of mommy's eggs came out and daddy filled her tummy with sperm and together we made you angel." She looked as if she didn't believe a word of it. "It's ok baby, you're to young anyway to make babies, when you're old enough daddy will make a baby in your tummy if you want. In the meantime we can have lots of fun together playing naughty games, would you like that princess?" "Does that mean you will touch my pussy daddy?" she asked hopefully. I laughed and replied, "Yes baby, daddy will finger your cunt and do other stuff too. Like what I am going to do right now!" I moved around in front of her, kneeling between her slender eight year old thighs, "Spread your legs for daddy baby," she immediately did so as I leaned forward, "That's a good girl, daddy's good little girl." I leaned down further and licked along her inner thigh, tasting her sweetness, her sweet virgin cum, the cum that had coated her when I made her cum earlier. Oh god, she tasted so sweet! "Daddy! What are you doing?" she asked apprehensively. "I'm going to lick your pussy punken, it feels 10 hundred times better than when I finger your pussy." "Ewwww that's gross daddy, that's where I go peepee!" "It's not gross princess, it's delicious! You pee from here," I said as I softly touched the little hole right below her swollen red clit. "And this is where daddies cock goes when he makes a baby inside your tummy," I continued as I ran my finger around the tight virgin opening of her tender second grade cunt. "Ohhh daddy, daddy," she moaned softly as my fingers rimmed the opening, sliding along her wet creamy opening. "And this is your clit, or clitoris, it makes you feel the most special of all baby." I said as I ran the tip of my finger over the hard bump of her clit. I couldn't resist any longer, kneeling between her wide spread thighs, her juicy eight year old cunt shinny and wet with her juice was just begging to be licked and I just had to taste the sweetness of her virgin cream. I leaned forward, smelling the sweetness of her pussy, the sweet pungent smell of wet sex. I let my tongue slide out and swipe softly, slowly along the little vee at the bottom of her eight year old pussy. Oh god, she tasted heavenly. I could eat her all day! "Daddiiieeee!" she moaned loudly, her hips jerking wantonly up against my face as my tongue swept upwards, along the puffy lips of her pre-adolescent pussy, spreading them with my tongue as I swirled it around and between her hairless pussy lips. I swept my tongue in a circle along the hidden shaft of her clit, then, I sucked the whole length into my mouth. At the same time I used my finger to rim the opening of her tight little virgin cunt. "Daddieee, oooOOo daddieeee, daddiee, unghhhhh, mmMm MMm," she was moaning like a banshee and thrashing around so much it was hard for me to keep my mouth on her tight little cunt. Her head was thrashing back and forth on the comforter, her hands had a death grip in the blankets and her little virgin cunt was dripping with cunt juice, so much it was running down the crack of her ass and coating my face and her thighs. Already there was a large wet spot on the bed from her cream. I slid my finger from her juicy pussy and looked up at her face and put my fingers on her lips, "Taste baby, open your lips and taste what daddy is tasting, what daddy loves so much, your sweet virgin pussy." She stopped moaning for a moment as she opened her eyes and looked at me, her face and upper chest were flushed with lust, her nipples hard and swollen on her totally flat chest. She tentatively opened her mouth in between pants and her pink wet tongue slid out and flicked across my wet creamy finger. Then her tongue withdrew and she paused for a minute as she tasted herself for the first time. "Mmmm I do taste good daddy! Give me more; I want to taste my pussy!" She leaned up on her elbows and looked down at her pussy, my face inches away, "That's so naughty daddy! I can see your face, it's all wet and shinny." "That's your pussy cream baby...yummy to the tummy! I love to eat your pussy!" I moaned as I slid a finger along her slit, coating my fingers, then moving them to her pink lips, swirling it around her mouth until it was shinny and covered in her cream. Her tongue snaked out and licked it off. I pushed my fingers into her mouth as her tongue swirled around and between my fingers, cleaning her virgin cream off. I moaned again and my cock jumped, watching her pink tongue clean my fingers of her cum, just imagining what her tongue, her little eight year old mouth would feel like on my hard cock as she sucked it, as I filled her mouth with daddy's cum. I returned to her cunt, licking along the length of her slit, as she watched me, her eyes wide and gleaming, her breath coming in gasps and moans, her belly heaving and flexing, rippling each time my tongue would pass over her clit or around the tight opening to her little cunt. I licked around her hard clit, swirling my tongue in tight little circles, finally, popping the little hood back and exposing the pink hard bud of her clit. Sucking it into my mouth, my tongue flicking rapidly around the tip, causing her to moan and jump and her slender little girl thighs to buck. I returned my finger to her opening, rimming it, pressing inside, feeling how incredibly tight she was, how small, I knew I could never get my cock inside, she was just to small and tight. But I slowly pushed the tip of my finger in. "Daddieee, da..daddie..wh...what are you doing?" she gasped again, her thin hips thrusting upwards lewdly, fucking her cunt onto my mouth, unable to help herself, her body reacting to the intensity of the pleasure centered in her virgin cunt and clit. Her moans grew louder and her cunt got wetter as I sucked and licked her hard clit, pushing the tip of my finger in deeper, swirling it around the inside of her tight opening. "I'm finger fucking you baby. Do you like it, do you like the feel of daddy's finger as is slides inside your pussy?" "Yesssssss daddy, more..don.....don't stop daddy, I'mmmm gonna...oooo daddieee!" I pushed my finger in deeper, she was so tight I was afraid of hurting her but I slowly felt her open up and then I could feel it...the tight ring of her eight year old cherry. I ran my finger around her cherry, my finger wet and shinny with her juice, as I pulled it out, then gently pushed back in. Finger fucking my little girls cunt. I didn't want to push to far, I was saving that cherry for when she was older, and I could take it by sliding my cock into her cunt where it belonged and fill her tummy with my sperm. I slid my finger in and out, wet sucking sounds as I finger fucked her, as my tongue and lips slurped up her copious pussy juice. Her back arched off the bed, pussy thrust high into the air as a deep throaty moan, almost a growl escaped from her lips. "Do it baby, cum on daddy's finger and face, let me taste your sweet virgin cum." She was so wet her little cunt drooled a thick trail of girl cum with each spasm of her orgasm, running down the crack of her beautiful ass and forming a huge puddle of sex cream on the bed beneath her. "Daddie, oh daddie, oooo daddie...I can't stop..." she cries out, hips thrashing in the throws of her incestuous lust, "unnghh ooOOoo daddieeeeee!" she gives a final cry as her body spasms one last time, her orgasm wracked body finally falls back to the bed. I quickly kneel between her legs and grab my throbbing cock in my hand, rubbing it along her creamy slit, coating it with her thick girl cum, totally overcome with incestuous lust for my eight year old daughter. My cock was hot and hard, rampant with my need to spill my potent sperm filled cum all over her creamy virgin cunt. Rubbing it up and down along her slit, between her pussy lips, watching them spread open around the red swollen helmet of my cock shaft. She levers herself up onto her hands, staring between her lewdly spread thighs as her own father runs his thick shaft along the lips of her cunt. Over the hard swollen knob of her clit, when I do that her hips jerk and thrust upwards and she moans again softly. I am so hot and hard and filled with incestuous desire, my balls heavy and swollen with thick sperm filled cum and I feel myself on the edge of a huge explosion, wanting to empty my balls into my daughter's cunt. My lust is aroused to a level I had never experienced and was unable to resist. "I'm going to cum baby, I'm going to cum!! Oooooo god yes! Yes yes! Here it is!" I cry, as my thighs tense and the first thick rope of creamy sperm laden cum shoots out and splashes on her creamy cunt. I then place the head of my thick cock at the entrance to her virgin cunt as the second wave of creamy sperm filled cum squirts out and into the tight pulsing virgin tunnel of my eight year old daughter. My ass clenches with each thick squirt of my cum, my body trembles as I resist the huge to bury my cock to the hilt in her virgin cunt. My sperm mixing with her own thick girl cum. A thick trail of our mixed creamy sex juice runs out of her cunt as I squirt her full of my thick incestuous sperm. I can hardly breathe or see, so overcome with lust and desire for my little girl am I, panting like a bellows until finally, I spill the last squirt of my seed inside her cunt and almost fall backwards in exhaustion. She sits there, legs splayed wantonly, her cunt leaking and covered in her fathers sperm, thick white gobs of cum making for an obscene sight. Watching as my eight year old daughter reaches down and runs her fingers through our mixed sex juice, coating her finger with it and bringing to her lips. Watching as her tongue slides out and she takes a tentative taste of our mixed creamy cum. Then watching as she sucks her whole finger into her mouth, cleaning her finger of our cum and then returning to her slimy cum covered pussy for more. I can't resist and lean forward and swiped my tongue along her slit, grabbing a huge gob of our creamy mixture and then leaning up and pressing my lips to hers, kissing my daughter, pressing my tongue against her lips until she opens them and lets my cum covered tongue enter her mouth and we kiss deeply feeling as she sucks the cum juice into her mouth and swallows it. "Hummmm, I like it daddy, it tastes better when our stuff is mixed together." She smiled impishly as she licked a smudge of cum from the corner of her mouth. I pulled her into my arms and gave her the biggest hug! "Oh baby! Daddy loves you so much I could just kiss you!" And so I did. And that was how it began. But it was certainly not the be continued! Copyright 2007. All right reserved. If you have any questions, comment, or feedback, please write me at