Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Copyright 2007, all rights reserved. If you have any questions or comment, please write me at Warning! This story contains sexual content involving a little girl and her daddy. If you think this will offend you, or make you go blind, you're right! You should stop reading! If you don't, please continue and enjoy. (Mf rom, pedo, preteen, inc) Two days after discovering my eight year old daughter was a sexual and sexually precocious little girl, she announced at the breakfast table over her plate of my delicious pancakes that we were going to a movie that day. No, she didn't ask, she announced, in a very Princess like manner mind you. "It's been way to long since you've taken me to a movie and besides, I want to go on a date with my daddy to the movies so we're going and besides you know you want to go too so stop arguing and it'll be fun anyway and we can have popcorn then we can go to lunch..." "You have syrup all over your face Princess," I interjected into her monologue. "...Thanks Macaroni Grill and oooohh their bread is sooo delicious..." she paused only long enough to take a half hearted swipe at the syrup around her face before renewing her single minded attack on her stack of pancakes. I sat there watching her in amazement, wondering how she could eat, breathe and keep up a continual non-stop patter of talk all at the same time. "Now you've gotten syrup all over the front of your nightie," I inserted softly into the stream of her girlish patter. She paused just long enough to glance down at her syrup covered nightie and exclaiming "oh poo" standing and pulling her nightie off over her head and sitting her now naked preteen self back down and resuming the attack on her pancakes. I sighed softly as my cock sprang erect in my own boxer shorts, recalling vividly the erotic events of the last few days and as I watched as sticky syrup dripped down onto her now bare chest and their delicately pink nipples. "Now you've got syrup all over your boobs Princess," I couldn't resist adding. "I don't have any boobies daddy, I'm to young," she pouted as she glanced down at her bare chest. She paused for a second before looking up at me with a wicked grin and added, "Besides, you can just lick it all off daddy!" And to add fuel to the fire, dipped her finger in her syrup and ran her sticky finger over each of her pink nipples, "There, just for you daddy!" as she thrust her flat chest out before collapsing in a fit of giggles. I groaned softly as I watched my daughter play with her nipples, my hard cock throbbing with each heartbeat. She meanwhile went back to eating her breakfast. When she finished she sat back in her chair, "You make the bestest pancakes daddy! I'm stuffed!" "From the way you were inhaling them I thought you hated them there for a minute!" I teased her gently. "I did not inhale them daddy! Humph! I was very ladylike." "Riiiiight, that's why you are covered in syurp, because you were very lady like." "I was hungry! All those naughty things you did to me last night made me almost starve to death so it's all your fault, meanie head!" "Oh ho! Is that so!? Well then, no more naughty play times for you then! I can't have my baby girl starving to death!" "Fine! No more naughty games!" she added with a vigorous nod of her head for emphasis. "Oh by the way daddy, you forgot to clean the syrup off my boobies," she added with a smirk. "Humm I don't know baby, that sounds naughty to me." "That's not naughty daddy, you're just cleaning off the syrup," she chimed as she stood and walked around the table, "Besides, you promised," she added with finality as she climbed onto my lap, her slender coltish thighs spread on either side of mine, her completely bald eight year old pussy slit brushing against the bulge of my throbbing erection. I placed my hands on her sides before I leaned down and softly licked one of the globs of syrup from her chest. "You sure this isn't naughty?" I asked teasingly. "No daddy," she husked softly as she ground her hairless slit against my shaft, "I would tell you if you were being naughty, you're just cleaning my boobies," she added with a soft moan. I swirled my tongue around one of her pink nipples, feeling it grow erect as my tongue rasped across it. "Oh yessss daddy, clean my nipples good," she moaned. I felt her small hand slide down my belly to my boxers, rubbing her hand along the hard shaft of my cock, reaching in through the fly and pulling the shaft out and pressing it against her hairless slit. She sat in my lap grinding herself onto my shaft, I could feel the growing heat and wetness of her slit as I looked down between her slender thighs, her inner lips swelling as they wrapped themselves around my shaft, becoming slick and shinny with her cream. I moaned against her hard erect nipple as I felt her wantonly grinding her virgin pussy against my cock, her hands sliding through my hair, pulling me tight against her flat prepubescent chest. I sucker her hard pink nipple into my mouth, holding it softly in my teeth as I flicked my tongue across the tip making her moan. As I did I felt her grinding herself harder against my cock, I could feel the hard little pearl of her clit as she slid her hairless eight year old virgin pussy back and forth along my shaft, now coated and glistening with our mixed juices. "OoooooOooO da....daddy! I can feel it's so good, it feels sooo good daddy." I teased her asking, "Are you sure this isn't naughty Princess? It seems naughty to me, to have my own daughter grinding her bare cunt against her own daddies cock. I think we should stop, don't you? "Noooo!! No, don't stop daddy, don't ever stop, it feels sooo good." She husked out her response, pulling me tighter against her, fucking her hairless cunt against my cock, grinding her way towards her orgasm. Her small body was now covered in a fine sheen of sweat, her breathing ragged and husky. I couldn't help myself, I knew how much my little girl loved to have her pussy finger fucked so I slid my hand down across her flat tummy, rippling and fluttering with her building pleasure, my hand sliding down across the slick smoothness of her hairless pussy mound where it was pressed along the length of my cock, my finger brushing across the erectness of her clit. Her hips jerked and bucked at the hot contact and she moaned loudly before gasping out, "Daddy!! That's naughty!" "Naughty!? Finger fucking my little girl is naughty... "Yessss daddy," she moaned. "...but having her rub her pussy on her daddies cock isn't!?" She giggled, as only little girls can, "Noo daddy, that's not naughty!" "I thought you liked it when I finger fucked you?" "I do daddy! I love it when you finger fuck my kitty! But ... ooooooyessss ... it's ... ahhhhh ... soooo ... ungghhhhh ... naughty!" she panted heavily, her hips jerking ever more lewdly "oooo daddy, daddy, daddyyyyyy...unghhhhhhh, it's happening..." her slender young hips jerked wildly, thrusting her pelvis forward in wanton fucking motions as her small body convulsed as she was overcome with her orgasm. I placed my hands on her tiny bubble butt and helped her grind her bald pussy on my cock, feeling her muscles clench with each thrust of her tiny hips. "That's it baby," I whispered softly in her ear, "Cum for daddy, cream all over daddies cock." The feel of my daughter cumming on my cock sent me over the edge as well, I felt my heavy balls tighten as thick creamy white gobs on my sperm squirted out the swollen head of my cock, splattering against my daughters hairless cunt and tummy. "Yesss daddy, I can feel you squirting your stuff on me, it's so hot daddy!!" Squirt after squirt of my hot white sperm landed on my daughters pussy, running down her creamy slit, mixing with her sweet little girl cream as the last of the orgasmic spasms wracked her slender body. "Oooo daddy, I can't wait until I'm old enough to feel you squirt your stuff inside me where it belongs," she moaned softly, her hot moist breaths coming in soft gasps against my neck. "But Princess! That would be soooo naughty! We can't do that!" I exclaimed as I softly tickled her naked sides. "I like being naughty with you daddy! I want to be naughty with you forever and always!" "Deal!" I teased. "Deal," she replied solemnly. The my sweet little girl reached down between her wide spread legs and ran her fingers through my cum and rubbed it against her hairless slit, her fingers now coated with the mixture of our juices. She scooped up a thick white glob of my sperm and pushed it inside her tiny slit, her tiny fingers sliding in and out of her preteen pussy. Watching my daughter finger herself and with her cum covered fingers almost made me cum again it was so incredibly hot. And then, to make it worse, she brought her fingers, covered in our mixed cream, to her lips and proceeded to lick them clean. "Ummmmm we taste good together daddy!" "If we're going to go to the movies Princess, we both better go get cleaned up," I said, as I lifted her off my lap. "Ok daddy!" she said happily. She turned to go to the bathroom and I gave her delicious hinney a little swat, "Hey!" she said as she jumped, turning her head and sticking her tongue out and scrunching her face up. We both laughed and she was off down the hallway, cum running down her inner thighs in little rivulets and seeing that made me hard again and as I stood to take my own shower, my hard cock bounced in front of me, leading the way. I quickly showered and threw on a shirt and gym shorts, of course, being a guy I was ready to go about 3 days sooner than my daughter; personally, I think when a girl enters the bathroom she enters a time warp or possibly another dimension or even the Twilight Zone! So I sat down in a big ottoman and set about solving the problems of life the universe and everything as I waited, I figured I'd have just about enough time. About 3 years later, she emerged, her long beautiful red hair done up in a pony tail with a pink scrunchie in it, her magnificently brown eyes filled with mischief and the smile that curved her ever so kissable lips. She was dressed in a red pleated mini-skirt and a white button up blouse of which the top two buttons were undone. Ankle socks and flat pumps filled out her attire. Looking at her I can't imagine it taking any more than about 2 minutes to get dressed -- see what I mean about a time warp? "What's it to be Princess? Invading Aliens? Horror? Freddy Kruger meets Aliens from space?" "Ewwww daddy!! That's boy stuff." "Piffle. I'm a boy!" "Shrek!" she proclaimed. "Shrek!? That's a yucky girl movie!" I couldn't help but tease her. "Just in case you haven't noticed daddy, I'm a girl so we're going to see Shrek!" "Believe me baby, I noticed, woohoo did I ever! Speaking of that, daddy has a very special naughty surprise for you Princess. Actually, it's a present. But, you have to promise me you won't ever use it unless I say it's ok and I am with you ok baby?" I asked her seriously as I looked into her eyes, my hands on her cheeks to emphasize the point. "Ok daddy, I promise." "Ok Princess," I smiled as I pulled her onto my lap and grabbed the small box sitting on the end table next to me. I opened the box and there sat two gleaming silver balls, about as big as a large marble. "What are those daddy," my daughter asked, poking her finger at one. "Those are called ben-wa balls baby, and they are very naughty!" "ooOooo I like naughty daddy! Show me!" she whispered softly. "Ok baby, spread your legs for daddy and show daddy your kitty," I asked softly and she quickly spread her slender thighs and lifted her skirt exposing her hairless second grade pussy mound. She held her skirt up around her waist, her thighs spread wide, then she let her fingers run along the silky smooth lips, between her delicate pink petals, "See daddy, my kitty is still wet from before," she husked, her finger rubbing across the pink bud of her clit, just like I had showed her to do, "and I'm not wearing panties daddy, just like you like, it makes me feel so naughty not to wear them daddy," she moaned softly, her hips pushing and rocking against her finger in small fucking motions as she continued to play with her eight year old pussy. "That's it baby, play with your cunt, get it nice and wet for daddy. Your pussy has to be wet to use daddies special present." "I like to play with my cunt daddy, just like you showed me, I like to do it sometimes when you aren't here to play with me, it feels soooooo good daddy!" she husked, her hips bucking faster, her cunt slick and shinny how with her juice, pink and swollen with her growing lust. "That's it baby, finger fuck your cunt for daddy." Even though she was a virgin and had never fucked, her body knew what it wanted, and her hips fucked the air, the muscles on her inner thighs trembling as she thrust her hips lewdly, wantonly, as if she had a big hard cock in her tight little cunt. Her breathing grew ragged and came in short gasps. As my little girl finger fucked her cunt, I undid the buttons on her blouse and ran my hand inside, rubbing my fingers across her flat braless breasts with their now hard erect nipples, pinching them softly, rolling them in my fingers. "Daddy, daddy," she panted continuously, as she fingered her hairless slit, "oooo daddy, it's, oh, it's going to happen daddy, I can feel it in my cunt daddy, unghhhhh daddie, I'm cumming!!" Hearing my sweet eight year old use such language was such a turn on! I watched as her hips bucked, jerked and strained upwards, her finger strumming across her clit, now so hard, it poked its head from its sheath as my little girl had her second orgasm of the day. I was amazed again at how easily my little girl came. "That looked like a good one baby! Now that your little pussy is nice and wet, daddy can use his special gift. You see baby, these little balls go inside your pussy. I got the smallest ones I could find but they don't normally make them for eight year olds! I hope they are small enough to fit inside you," I said, as I held one of the balls in my hand, warming it. My daughter just sat there on my lap, like a rag doll, panting and recovering from her fun. I took the ball and ran it along her slit, coating it with her thick girl cream until it glistened wetly. When the ball ran over the bump of her clit, her hips jerked lewdly again and a soft moan escaped her lips. That didn't distract her attention though, which was now focused on the ball as it slid around in her juices. I rubbed the little ball down around her tight virginal opening. I whispered softly in her ear, "Tell me if this hurts ok baby, daddy would never ever hurt you," as I watched the little silver ball spread her pink inner lips open, captivated by the sight. "Ok daddy," she whispered, watching as the ball pressed against her pink opening. I pressed it deeper inside, going slow, knowing my daughter was a virgin and still had her hymen and not wanting to hurt her. We both watched as I pushed it deeper, pressing against the tight inner ring of muscle around her opening, "Does that hurt baby?" I asked softly. "No daddy, it feels weird though," she answered softly. "You never put your finger inside your pussy when you play with your pussy?" I asked. "No daddy, I was always to scared." "It's ok Princess, your pussy it made to have something inside it, daddies hard cock for instance. It's also where babies come out so it can stretch a lot. But don't worry baby, you're to young for daddies cock and way to young for babies. But I thought you might like the feel of these balls inside you to get used to having something hard inside you." "Ooooo yes daddy, I want your hard cock inside me," she moaned, softly begging me to fuck her. "Nooo baby girl, you're to small and daddy would hurt you, you know that, we made a deal so let's wait until you are older and bigger." "But daddy!" she wailed, "I want to feel your cock inside me now!" I chuckled at her enthusiasm, my desire to give her just what she wanted and fuck her brains out and fill her tummy with my hot thick potent seed warring with the knowledge I'd hurt her and I would never allow that to happen. So we both watched as I pushed it deeper inside her hot inviting tunnel. I pushed a little more and felt the ball pop inside, past the tight inner ring and disappear inside her hairless second grade cunt. "Ohhhh daddy! I feel it inside me, it feels good daddy and doesn't hurt at all!" she exclaimed excitedly. "It still feels weird though, but I like it!" "Just wait until you have the second one in your pussy!" I took the second ball and rubbed it along her slick slit, and she jumped slightly exclaiming, "It's cold daddy!" I laughed softly, having known it would be, "It will heat up fast baby, you're much to hot for it to stay cold for long!" I rubbed the ball over her hairless slit, getting it wet and slick then pushed it against her tight opening. "This one will probably slide in easier baby, since your pussy is used to the first one now." Slowly, I pushed the second ball against her opening, watching as her lips spread open to accept it, watching as it slowly slid inside my baby girl's pussy. The inner ring of her pussy stretched to accept it, opening around it, as it disappeared slowly inside until it too was gone, resting inside her pussy next to the first ball. "Does that hurt baby?" "Noooo daddy, it feels good, my pussy feels so full! I like it!" she enthused. "That's my girl! I know I usually like it when you don't wear panties Princess, but today you have to, we can't have one of those balls sliding out of your pussy when we go to the movies now can we?" She giggled, "No daddy! Then people would know our secret and I don't want anyone to know our secret! Then you couldn't play naughty games with me anymore." "That's right baby, so hop up and run to your room and put some panties on," I smiled to myself, knowing what was going to happen next as she discovered the true secret of the balls. She jumped off my lap and started to run towards her room, she'd only taken a few steps when she stopped so fast she almost fell over. Trembling as she stood there, she turned to me, her eyes wide in surprise as she whispered softly, "Daddy, I can feel them! I can feel them moving inside me when I walk, squishing around, ohhh daddy! It feels so good!" I smiled back, "You've not felt anything yet baby, just wait, you'll see! Now run off and get your panties sweetie." She turned around and walked slowly to her room, enjoying the new found feeling of the balls rubbing along her inner pussy walls with each step, rubbing against each other due to the friction caused by her thigh muscles and her clenching inner pussy muscles. I called out loudly, "Princess! Bring an extra pair of panties!" She may be only eight and we've only been playing naughty games for a few days but in that time I learned that my little girl, when she got really worked up, that her pussy leaks pussy cream like a running faucet which I absolutely adored. She came back into the room, a glazed look in her eyes and walked over to me and stood there trembling a bit. Looking at her I wondered if we'd be able to watch the whole movie or if she'd pass out. "Are you going to be ok baby?" "Yes daddy! This is the best present ever daddy! I love you so much, thank you" she exclaimed. "You are most welcome M'Lady! Shall we off? Your chariot awaits!" She giggled and walked over, taking my large hand in her small one, tugging me out the door. We climbed into the car and drove off, my daughter changing the radio channel to her favorite, Country and Western. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and it certainly didn't in the naughty department but the apple wasn't even in the same ball park in our tastes in music. We pulled into the movie parking lot and parked. She walked slower than normal, usually she was skipping and jumping everywhere like the energizer bunny, but today she help my hand as we walked, enjoying the feels of the balls moving around inside her. The walk to the window was a long one and about three quarters of the way she stopped and stood there trembling for a second before tugging on my hand, pulling me down so she could whisper in my ear, "Daddy, I just had a 'gasm and I didn't even touch myself!" I looked around and made sure no one was close enough to have heard her. "Did you now? I think I'll have to hide those balls or you'll want to go to school with them inside you!" "Oh daddy! What a good idea, can I? Can I!?" she bounced up and down a little as she begged me, her big brown eyes looking at me, trying to use her girlish wiles on me. But being a meanie head Ogre daddy made me immune to such girlish wiles. "No baby, that would be a very bad idea!" "Awwwww, spoil sport!" she pouted. We finished our walk to the window, paid and went in. Of course, the little minx wanted popcorn, she has this thing about movie theater butter on popcorn and always makes me get extra butter, layered of course. "The usual Princess?" I asked as we walked up to the counter. "Of course daddy!" "Her Majesty would like a decadent amount of butter on her popcorn, layered of course. She basically wants to hear the kernels of corn cry out for help as they drown in butter. 'Help me! Help me, I'm drowning!' Oh, and a diet coke. I'll take a water please!" I informed the person behind the counter at the concession stand, my daughter giggling as she stood next to me. When the popcorn came, I handed it over, no questions asked, I know better than to come between a female lion and her chosen prey! We then walked into the theater, since the movie had been out for a while and it was early on a weekend the theater was deserted. We took a seat near the front and as we sat the last of the previews was starting. I hate arriving early to movies because of all the commercials and gunk they show before the actual movie. I don't go to a movie to see a car commercial. Finally, the preview ended and the movie lights went out and the movie started. Of course, my little second grader took her normal seat, in my lap. I gently kissed the back of her neck as I wrapped my hands around her slender frame, my hands resting on her small tummy as we settled back to enjoy the movie. My daughter munched happily away at her popcorn coated butter, her head resting on my chest, her thighs on either side of mine, her feet swinging back and forth. We watched as Shrek and Princess Fiona tramped through the countryside. I've a particular fondness for Fiona since she shares the same flaming red hair as my own Princess and my own Princess shares her spunky attitude and they both love their Ogre Prince. After eating as much of her popcorn coated butter as she wanted, she placed the bag down and leaned back again. My hand resting on her tummy jut above the hem of her skirt, my fingers sliding between the space created by the buttons on her blouse, softly rubbing in circles around her soft warm tummy. The feel of her soft warm skin and the memories of what happened over breakfast and knowing that she had two ben-wa balls inside her bald pussy filled my head, as the scent of her freshly washed hair fills my nose and both conspired to cause me to swell under the firmness of her warm hinney as it filled my lap. My daughter, ever the observant one notices, giggles and wiggles her hinney against my now hard cock then turns to me and whispers softly in my ear, "Daddy, you are so naughty! You're getting horny again." "It's your fault Princess, I was a normal every day kinda dad until the other day; boring, happy to do nothing other than sleep in and read the newspaper on Sunday's with a very vague and distant memory of that mythical thing called sex that I dimly recall from my teens." I sighed melodramatically. "I guess I can go back to being regular old dad." "Don't you dare daddy! I like it when we do naughty things together!" she whispered fiercely. "You do huh?" I teased playfully, my hand now higher on her blouse, my fingers pressed through the button openings, tracing a soft slow circle around her soft pink nipple, feeling it stiffen and grow hard as the tip of my finger brushed across it. "Put your legs together baby, and squeeze your thighs together," I whispered softly in her ear as I gently pinched her hard little nipple. She did as I instructed and I could feel her pressing her thighs together, rubbing them back and forth. There was a soft hitch in her breathing, as she felt the balls squish around inside her already soaking wet pussy. She turned her head to and looked into my eyes, they were glazed over again, filled with hot wanton lust as her passion built, masturbating herself on my lap as we sat in the movie theater. Her breathing grew deeper and more ragged as she became more aroused. "That's it baby, masturbate yourself, feel those balls rubbing together inside your virgin pussy," I whispered naughty things in her ear as I continued to play with her hard nipples and as she neared another orgasm. "Don't say anything baby, you have to stay quite so no one will know." She nodded her head, her pink tongue sliding across her lips as she looked into my eyes. I looked around the theater, there was a mother and daughter at the back of the theater, otherwise, we were alone. With one hand on her nipples, playing with them, I pushed my right hand down her tummy and along her thighs, she began to spread them for me, "No baby, keep them together, let the balls work their magic," I whispered softly. With my hand under her skirt, I pushed my fingers along the elastic, letting my finger slide under until I was touching her hairless bald pussy mound. She whimpered softly as she felt my fingers touch her pussy and her hips raised upwards a little, unable to help herself. I pushed my index finger down along the top of her tightly closed slit, until I felt the erect shaft of her hidden clit. Her hairless little mound was slick with her juice and my finger slid easily along the shaft. Her thighs clamped together even tighter, squirming and rubbing them together, the balls rubbing inside her virgin cunt. She buried her face in my neck, her breath hot and moist, coming in quick pants, filled with soft whimpers and whines of pleasure. I pressed the length of my finger along her clit and pressed downwards firmly as her hips rose off my lap, rubbing herself off on my fingers, using my hand to keep her fucking motions to a minimum so no one would notice as my baby girl orgasmed. I had to press down firmly on her pussy with my hand to keep her hips from bucking lewdly into the air, but I could feel her hot fuck motions against my own swollen cock and my hand. I pulled my finger back a bit, pulling the skin of her clitoral hood upwards, exposing her pink bud, rubbing the tip of my finger in circles around its exposed hardness. She moaned again against my neck, her breath like a wet furnace as she huffed and puffed and came again, her hips bucking even harder, thighs squeezing tightly together. I could feel her squeezing and relaxing her thighs as the spasms of her orgasms ripped through her tiny body, timing the squeezing of her thighs with the spasms of her orgasm, using the balls to make her orgasm last. She came twice more, each time seemingly harder than the one before until finally she could take no more and panting weakly against my neck whispered hoarsely for me to stop. Her little pussy and inner thighs were coated with her girl cum, she was soaking wet. Little spasms continued to wrack her diminutive frame, her body worn out but the balls keeping her from coming down from her orgasms completely. I knew I'd have to take her home as soon as she recovered enough to move, she wasn't used to coming that hard that often and my baby girl was going to be one tuckered out little girl. I used the napkins I had gotten to clean up after her popcorn assault to wipe her girl cum from her inner thighs, her panties clinging wetly to her hairless mound as her breathing slowly calmed, her head still nestled in my neck. I buttoned her blouse again as well, though her nipples were still erect, like two hard erasers poking through her blouse. "I think we should head home angel," I whispered in her ear. She nodded weakly, to tired to argue, "I love you daddy," she whispered softly. "I love you too angel, higher than the sky, deeper than the ocean, bigger than the whole wide universe." I could feel her smile on my neck as she kissed it softly as I whispered the words I had only ever shared with my daughter. I stood up, her small body in my arms, making sure I had the bottom of her skirt under my arm to cover her hinney and her obviously soaking wet panties. I carried my sweet Princess up the theater isle, past the mother and her daughter. As I walked past I whispered to her conspiratorially, "To much buttered popcorn." She smiled and nodded. I carried my daughter out to the car, cradling her in my arms. Opening the door I slid her into her seat and put her seatbelt on. She was asleep before we got out of the parking lot and we never did get to have our lunch date. Copyright 2007, all rights reserved. If you have any questions or comment, please write me at