Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. MyTitHungrySons(chapter2) As soon as my sister Donna entered the room,my younger son, who has been fucking his hard and long prick between his hands and moving one finger up his asshole, stood immediatly and ran to her .Oh my god!, my sis Donna is looking very sexy and nasty in the long red frock she is wearing. The frock is dark red in color and it is hardly covering her sexy and fleshy milky white thunder thighs.She usually wears such loose frocks when she comes to my house only to arouse my stud fucking sons and ofcourse me too.Her huge 38dd tits are bloating outward showing some of the her huge tit flesh out side and the long and tight tit valley is clearly visible to me and to my sons.My younger son Dave likes her and her huge ass very much and her big fucking tits are very much a big turn on for him.He likes playing with her huge fucking boobs for hours together.Infact, it is her huge and fleshy ass which holds his cock high,as when he is hot , he likes to shove his long and red hot prick between her asscheeks while she presents her huge and fleshy ass to his cock and he squeezes her huge fucking boobs, holding them from back to his heart content.Donna too, likes to have a huge hard on always in her ass valley and always love to feel the cockflesh and its swelling between her fleshy asscheeks. "You mother fuckers! You started enjoying your mom without this nasty Donna! You will have to pay for this by fucking this horny and filthy whore's huge boobs ,both at the same time! I told you Dave, many times that,your mommy bitch likes always your borther's cock more than yours.You see for yourself! .That bitch is getting her huge tits squeezed by that filthy dickhead Paul and watch how much horny she is for her elder son?.Should she not give you equal chance, my dear boy?.Don't worry dear Dave!.You have every inch of my body for you and get ready for a nasty action with me.Today you are going to fuck my boobs in a special way.LIKE TO KNOW HOW?" said my sister Donna wiggling her huge fucking ass and moving towards to my son Dave. "Come on my filthy sis Donna!Your reentry into this lusty den makes me more happy. 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My words made my horny bitch sister Donna very hot and she started looking at my younger son Dave and got so hot that she gave her huge knockers a very rough squeeze and took them out of her long red gown,one by one and started squeezing them with her strong hands .Her long nipples are looking blood red in color and her huge tits are bloating out of her not so convenient bra which is unable to cober her all of her massive titflesh. My younger son Dave ,with his huge dong standing upright is so hot for my sister Donna that he stood up immediately and ran to my filthy sister Donna . Donna after watching my son rushing to her, turned to him and winked at him and invited him and her ample tits by holding her huge tits with her hands and lifting them up for him.Oh my god!She is looking very sexy and nasty like a whore with those tits standing out like two huge cones and their nipples like small erasers coming out of the titflesh.He extended his hands to catch those huge fucking boobs of his slut aunt Donna and licking his own lips with his tongue ,he moved close to her and started rubbing his erect cock head on her smooth and fleshy thighs up and down.Donna moved her right hand to his fucking cock and held it with her hand and started moving his huge prick head along the length of her fleshy thigh. "You want to fuck my huge knockers? Want to titfuck your sexy and nasty aunt?You nasty prick head! come on you mother fucker! you are going to have a feast with my tits and ass today! Remember the last time you fucked my tits?Oh my god!You came so hard between my tits that i had to wash my huge fucking boobs even after licking and sucking my huge fucking boobs for about 10 minutes to get off your huge doses of cum off my tits!Today you are going to put your dong betwen my fucking boobs in a different way!Ask me,mother fucker.ASK me how?"said my horny sis, all the while rubbing his prick into her thigh flesh and sometimes twisting his cock with her right hand. This made my horny son lust for huge boobs more and he is trying to think of all possible ways of titfucking,he had seen in porn movies.And it seemed to him that he and his aunt tried every possible way of titfucking.But he knew very much about his aunt.She is very innovative when it comes to fucking and getting fucked. Unable to think of how she is going to fuck his cock with her huge tits , he shouted ,"Come on, you bitch!why do you tease me?Tell me how you are going to fuck my cock with your fucking boobs? Tell me you mother fucking bitch!Tell me !I want to listen how you are going to fuck my cock with your huge knockers, today?." My elder son ,Paul ,out of lust started pulling my already erect nipples and he is so hot now that if asked him to lick and suck my ass, he would be very happy to do that to my fullest satisfaction. "Ohhh mom! Your fucking sis is making me so hot today! Heard what she said?,She says she is going to fuck Dave'cock with her huge tits in a different way!Oh my god!She is hot and horny bitch! please help me mom!.My cock is rock hard,it wants some hole to put in and i love it if it is your tit valley! Oh mom!Please suck and lick your tits mom!Move that hot tongue on your nipples mom! Iwant to shove my huge dong between your huge fucking tits while you suck your own nipples,you titfucking bitch! I want to cum on your tits! I want to watch you while you lick my cum off your huge tits with that hot and sexy pink toungue!Move your tongue ,bitch! Move your fat pink tongue on those huge cones" said my elder son out of pure incestual lust! His dong is now atleast 10 '' and it sure wants to fuck my eagerly wating boobs.This is what i like most! If a man is very hot sexually ,he would give a woman whatever she needs .My sis Donna and myself always love to lie side by side on huge foam bed we have and get our titties fucked thoroughly in every possible way ,sometimes swapping our postions and their cocks too.She loves it when Paul and Dave rub their cockheads all over her huge tits and then all over her long nipples.I used to watch her first to arouse myself while My sons rub their huge dongs all over her big boobs.She used to use very filthy words when they are playing with her tits, to make their cocks rock hard .She loves it when both cocks and their heads move against each other rubbing the same nipple.When i get hot , i used to sit just by the side of her head and used to watch whatver was being to done to her huge tits with my sons' massive pricks.Oh my god!It is so lustful watching those two huge dongs moving all over her huge boobs. While my chain of thoughts go this way i have heard Donna saying,"I know you horny titfucking stud!I know you are going to love it today.You are going to shove your huge cock bewteen my boobs and fuck them till you cum on them while i suck and lick your ass!Heard I what said? I am going to fuck your asshole with my pink toungue and lick it all the while you fuck my great tits!, You are going to lie over me 69 way so that you can put your cock between my knockers and fuck my big boobs, and at the same time get your ass licked and sucked thouroughly by me and your mom! I know you will feel like you are in heaven while all this is happening!.You are going to love this, you nasty titfucker!" Oh my god! My sis is really a slut!A real titfucking slut!What a lusty way of getting her tits fucked! With a huge dong fucking her great boobs and her and my tongues moving on my son's ass hole! Wow! I do not know about my son, but i am going to like it for sure.I love to lick and suck my son's asshole while Donna's tongue moves with mine ,both the toungues twisting around his asshole and each trying to fight its own entry into his sexy pink asshole! I will have to try this on my own tits with Paul.While he fucks my tits, i and Donna would lick and suck his asshole to our fullest satisfaction. A sudden touch of smooth flesh touching my chin broke my chain of thoughts and i looked down to see what it could have been!Oh my god, it is my own titflesh!My son,Paul, out of pure lust is squeezing and pushing my huge tits together and he is trying to push the titflesh upto my mouth so that i could easily lick and suck my own tits and their nipples.Oh my sweet pussy!He has become very hot now .Unless i do something to make him cum hard on my tits ,he is not going to be calm. "Oh seems you are very horny.Ok, my dear watch me now !I am going to lick my huge titflesh with my pink tongue while you help me in moving my titflesh up to my mouth.Hold my huge tits with your hands and push them together honey! Feel their massive flesh and squeeze them anyway you want! OH YAH! You are doing it right! Yes, hold them tight and now move them up! Wow ! Watch those nipples honey!Don't you love to rub your cock on them?! Seee how much erect and stiff they have become! Oh my god! I feel like rubbing my long nipples on your prick head honey!I love to shove my nipples into your piss slit and wanna fuck your piss pussy with my nipples,You filthy tit fucker!Do you love it when my long nipple is in your piss hole, honey?Oh my god! i wanna get my tits soaked with your hot piss and lick my tits and nipples, all wet with your piss!" "Oooooo Mom! You damn fucking bitch!You wanna fuck my piss hole with your nipples and you want me to piss on your big boobs! You and your filthy sis are real whores,YOU tit fucking bitches!I will fuck your damn huge fucking boobs and piss straight into your fucking mouth!You will love it when a hot jet of piss hits your huge knockers and specially those long nipples. You motherfucking whore!I am goint to piss on your nipples and make them wet for you and then push them to your mouth and make you lick your own nipples all wet with my piss! Oh fuck! Mom you are really driving me crazy!Those huge fucking big boobs! They are making me mad for you!Atleast Now,for my cock's sake ,lick your niples mom and make me cum hard.I wanna cum now,WATCHING YOU WHILE YOU MOVE THAT FAT AND PINK WET TOUNGUE ALL OVER YOU HUGE BOOBS!" Yelled my nasty Paul. Right at this time My only Daughter Julie entered the room. Rest in part 3 and thank you for reading this story.I will soon post next part .Please send your comments and suggestions to