Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Mwriter65 Title: Derrick Gets a Father Part: 5 Summary: Derrick, an orphan who is struggling with his sexuality, runs away from his foster home looking for a new life. Unfortunately he runs into the wrong man. Keywords: Mm BDSM NC Disclaimer: Just in case you haven't figured it out, this story contains some pretty hard core BDSM themes that some may not like. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. It is just a story. None of the characters are based on anyone real, and none of this ever happened. Derrick Gets a Father Ch5 Having never had an enema before, actually, not even knowing what an enema was, Derrick had no idea what the strange contraption that Daniel was waving in front of his face was. Nor do I think did he know where it was going until he felt Daniel start rubbing the nozzle up and down his ass lips. Daniel tried to smile, even with his teeth and lips wrapped around the butt plug in his mouth when he could see Derrick's sphincter tightening as he pressed the nozzle against it. It would hurt more going in if he fought it and I am sure that is what the larger boi wanted after being humiliated by me fucking hi while he rimmed out Derrick. Still, I didn't want my boi injured and had another project that I wanted to get started on right away. "Stop it Daniel. Loosen him up with your finger first, and use a lot of lube!" "Put some gloves on first nephew, remember your training!" Klaus added. Betraying no emotion, Daniel put the nozzle down, retrieved a pair of latex gloves from the doctor bag, snapped them on and poured a generous amount of KY into his palm and started rubbing his hands together. He got back between Derrick's spread legs and ran his now slick finger around his boi cunt. The fell of the warm slippery finger probing at his rear entrance caused Derrick to suck in his breath. One part of his brain was telling him to clamp his ass shut, while the other, remembering the feeling of Daniel's hot wet tongue playing with his boi-pussy lips was screaming at him to let the finger in, no to suck it in! Daniel was using his middle finger and starting to apply pressure. I could hear Derrick squeal and then moan as Derrick's finger started slowly penetrating him. When he got in up to the second knuckle he yelled out, "Oh man, oh God! Stop it! Please!" His words said stop, but his tone said otherwise. So did his dick, which was again rock hard and pointing straight out between his legs. "Keep him hard Daniel, I'm almost done here," I shouted from the workbench, where I was mixing the molding material and poring into the container. When I was done I walked back over to the examination table, and pulled Daniel, out and away from my boi. He was a beautiful site, splayed out before me, legs up in the air, dilated throbbing boi cunt staring back at me, and his little mini boi cock standing up straight and proud. That was just what I needed. I walked forward, and carefully placed the cylindrical container holding the mold gel and placed it over Derrick's cock, making sure I got the whole thing into the material. "Ohh, that feels...oh, what are you doing father?" "Just getting an impression of your little boi cock. Don't worry about it. I just need a few more seconds until it sets." When I was satisfied, I pulled the impression mold of his cock. I was pleased that it came off cleanly, and the result would be a dildo that was the exact shape of his cock. I had a special project in mind of this and would get to work on it as soon as I put the boi to bed later on. "All right Daniel, Klaus, let's get him cleaned out." Daniel snapped to attention again, clicked his heals, and grabbed the enema nozzle. I was glad to see that I or Klaus didn't have to tell him to rub the nozzle generously with lube. He was about to be very uncomfortable anyway, and I didn't want him injured. The young medical assistant in training stepped forward and pressed the nozzle to Derrick's anus. He had taken the finger pretty easily, but this nozzle was quite a big larger. "Oooh, OWWWW! OWWW! Stop it! Please Stop it! AGGH!" Having been on the receiving end of many enemas, and administered more than a few to the other bois in the group, Daniel new he wasn't doing anything wrong, Derrick had just never felt anything inside him like this before. Klaus was now right behind Daniel and overseeing the insertion. "Just keep going nephew. Derrick, this is going to be uncomfortable, but please stop yelling." "Hang on a second," I said. I picked up Derrick's briefs, that I had just used a few minutes earlier to clean Daniel's ass slime off my cock after I fucked him, and wadded them into a ball. Then I got another idea and used them to wipe up the streams of my cum that were still leaking out of his ass and down his thighs. I walked up and pinched Derrick's nose shut. "Open up son, this is going to hurt and I don't want to listen to you blubbering and pleading." Tied to the exam table as he was, he could only try to thrash his head about, but I had a firm grip, and when he finally had to take a breath, I shoved the soiled briefs into his mouth to gag him. He was screaming and thrashing and trying to spit it out, but I grabbed his little left nipple and squeezed it hard. "BE STILL!" Knowing he was powerless he stopped struggling, though I could still see him trying to work the spunked up briefs out of his mouth. To stop that I grabbed the piece of surgical tubing Daniel had used for a tourniquet previously, and stretched it across his mouth and tied it tightly behind it's head. Now he could only moan as Daniel, who seemed greatly pleased seeing Derrick tasting my cum and his ass juices, finished inserting the nozzle into his rectum. His cock was starting to hurt, as it was jammed inside the hard leather codpiece of the punishment jock that his uncle had place on him, but was trying to fully erect as he got off on causing the boi tied down in front of him embarrassment and discomfort. Derrick was sweating now and whimpering into the gag as he felt like he was being impaled by the nozzle. "That's enough nephew, now inflate the bladder." The nozzle had an inflatable bladder so the person getting the enema could not expel the nozzle once inserted. Daniel squeezed the bulb several times, and tugged slightly at the nozzle, insuring it was snuggly inserted. "Very good nephew, attach the hose and open the valve." Daniel again snapped his heels together, even though it caused him pain to close his legs around the large plug planted firmly up his own tight ass. He attached the hose and opened the valve, allowing the soapy solution to start flowing down and into Derrick's bowels. I snapped a few photos of Derrick's face when he could feel his insides start to fill. He looked pretty frightened, and I can't say I blamed him, but that just made it all the more exciting to me. As his belly started distending, his whimpers turned to moans. I took more pictures, and by the time the enema bottle was empty, he looked as if he was pregnant. I actually was a little worried, but Klaus was right there, checking on him and ensuring me that all was well. He personally closed the valve and removed the hose, leaving Derrick laying there with the nozzle sticking out of his ass, and a belly full of soapy enema solution. "We should leave it in for about 15 minutes," Klaus said. "I believe that would give us time for a drink no?" "Great idea! Let's go take a load off in the game room," I said, motioning to the door of the dungeon. We could sit out there and still see what was going on inside the secret rooms. "Daniel, keep an eye on him and come get me if anything seems out of the ordinary. He will start cramping soon, but it won't harm him... Tell me, if I take the plug out of your mouth will you behave yourself?" His nephew stuck his chest out and nodded affirmatively. I headed to my bar while to pour us a scotch, while Klaus undid the head harness. There were streaks of drool running out the corners of Daniel's mouth where he had been unable to close it around the butt plug he been forced to suck on for the last half hour or so. He seemed relieved to have it out of his mouth and was working his jaw open and closed when his uncle slapped him hard on the back of the head. "Don't ever forget your place nephew. You are almost done in your training, but you still don't think things through enough for your own good. Put this harness away and bring me back your collar and hood. Schnell!" Daniel looked crestfallen. He had assumed incorrectly that his punishment was over and all was forgiven. He should have known better! Seeing his uncle was serious though, he wasted no time, almost running to their gear bags, putting the head harness away and digging around until he retrieved the hood and collar the good doctor had demanded. By this time I was on one of the couches in the rec. room, sipping a scotch and watching the show in front of me. Derrick was moaning loudly into his gag and breathing heavily through his nose as the solution forced into his bowels was doing its work. His body was now covered in a nice sheen of boi sweat. Daniel returned to his uncle, who after taking the hood and collar from him, snapped his fingers and pointed at the floor. His nephew immediately dropped to his knees, put his hands behind his back and bowed his head. Klaus took the custom made black leather hood and pulled it snuggly over his supplicant's head. The hood had a lace up feature on the back of it, which Klaus promptly pulled snug, causing Daniel to grunt slightly as the leather was pulled skin tight around his face. This particular hood had small eye holes and a mouth hole, allowing the wearer a limited field of vision, but still able to talk or service others as needed. I smiled when I saw the collar Klaus had selected for the day. It was a posture collar, four inches wide, that would force Daniel to keep his chin up and head erect at all times. If he wanted to look down he would have to bend from the waist. The collar was placed around the leather of the hood, and secured, ensuring a snug fit all around. It also contained four large rings every ninety degrees, allowing easy connection from any angle. There rings were also convenient for Klaus to lift the boi up by his neck. Once standing, Daniel looked quite sexy, in a very kinky way. The black leather hood, with only part of his green eyes showing, along with his pouty pink lips sticking out of the mouth hole, complimented his pale freckled skin nicely, as did the small leather jock, holding the large butt plug firmly in his ass. His dark knee socks were still pulled smartly up and his black leather shoes completed the ensemble. Together with the posture collar and the plug stuffing his ass, he stood very erect in a military fashion, while Klaus inspected his work. Once satisfied he grunted and slapped the boi hard on the ass, right on the base of the butt plug. Daniel grunted but didn't protest, and remained in position until Klaus barked, "You may stand down nephew. Watch your new friend here while I go over some things with Martin." With the expected snapping of the heals, Daniel went to Derrick's side, while Klaus sat down with me, accepted a scotch, and started to give me the rundown on Derrick's general condition from what he had observed. "As I told you, he is in relatively good health it appears but underweight and undernourished. I have no doubt you will fix that with plenty of healthy food and exercise. As I also told you however, he will need a dentist. I have a friend who shares our interests, he did Daniels teeth actually. I will see what I can arrange. He should probably have a proper eye exam as well, but that can wait. All in all, a very pretty one Martin, congratulations. I look forward to doing anything I can to help in his training." He held his glass up to mine; we clinked them together and drained our glasses. I got up and poured us another and sat back. I was pretty pleased, and for the moment, just sat back and thought of all the possibilities my new son had brought me. Meanwhile at the exam table, Daniel, after making sure that Klaus and I were not paying attention, (it took him a while to learn my whole place was wired) smiled evilly from his mask down at Derrick. "What's the matter? Does the little sissy cunt have to go poo poo?" he said in a mocking tone while rubbing his huge distended belly. Derrick was panting and groaning as the war going on inside him intensified. He had to shit badly, but the balloon was doing its job and holding it all in nicely. Tears were streaking down his face, and Daniel leaned over him and sensuously licked up of his tears, making Derrick whimper even more. "Keep crying sissy. Yeah, I could tell you were a sissy little faggot the first time I saw you, you little cunt." Daniel was whispering this directly into Derrick's ear. I'm sure he appeared relatively frightening, bent over him as he was and with all the leather gear on. "Just wait til I get my cock in your little boi cunt. Yeah, you want it, I know you do. You will act like you don't, but I know, I can tell you want it. But you know what? I won't fuck you just cuz you want it. I will wait until you beg for it sissy. You all beg for it. Little faggot street trash sissy cunts like you all want the same thing. A real man's dick inside their tight little pussies..." Derrick started screaming as loud as he could into his underwear gag, and thrashing against his bonds. Daniel again gave an evil smile, slapped the bois extended belly hard, causing an ever louder scream, then turned to Klaus and I out in the other room. "I think it is time uncle! He appears to be in a great deal of discomfort!" Sounding concerned. Klaus looked at his watch, then me and said, "Ya we might as well. Whatever is inside him will want to come out with a vengeance" We both carried our drinks into the dungeon and up to the exam table. Derrick was looking at all three of us with pain and fear in his eyes, and pleading, or trying to into his gag. Yes it was time. I started un strapping him, and Klaus undid the IV bottle from him but leaving the needle in, capping it and taping in to his arm with medical tape. "Let's get him over his toilet in his cell," I said while undoing the ankle restrains and lowering his legs out of the stirrups. Klaus and I eased him off the exam table and helped him duck walk toward the porcelain squat toilet, groaning the whole time. Now if you never seen the type of toilet I am describing, it is basically a porcelain receptacle that is flush with the floor, with two textured grids on either side for your feet. You basically place your feet apart, squat over down and do your business. "Hold steady boi, your almost there," I told him as we turned him around facing us. "Squat down now boi." We got him into position, and the only thing left was to deflate the enema nozzle, that was still hanging out of his ass. "Derrick listen to me. When the nozzle comes out, I want you to wait until I tell you to release, do you understand?" I undid the knot on the tubing holding his gag in and yanked the soiled briefs out of his mouth. "Please! Please just take it out! I have to go real bad! Please just take it out father!" He was desperate, but I was pleased that he called me father even in the state he was in. I got my camera ready and then motioned to Klaus, who looked at Daniel, snapped his fingers and pointed down at Derrick's rear end. Even while masked, it was easy to tell that his nephew was not pleased with the order. Still, he knew he had no choice so he squatted down next to Derrick and started deflating the bladder. As it deflated the entire nozzle started slipping out of ass. "Derrick, wait until I say!" I scolded him. Once it was completely deflated, Daniel deftly reached under his ass and yanked the rest of it out. "AAAGGH!" Derrick screamed and liquid started running out of him. "Ok boi, let it go!" Squatting and holding his distended tummy, he let loose a torrent. Tears were streaming down his face (which was bright red by the way) as he expelled what was inside him. It was probably the most humiliating thing he had ever experienced so far in his life, being forced to shit in front of three onlookers. I knew it would take a while to get ride of everything in him, so I grabbed my scotch and kept taking pictures. I wanted to make sure I added to his shame, but also I wanted to press that he had absolutely no privacy from anyone, ever again. Just when he thought he was done, he would try to straiten up, and then another cramp would take him and more goo would come out. I showed Derrick how to pull the chain to flush the toilet, and warned him that he would be forced to clean up any mess. Then I had Daniel bring my movable chair platform over so we could get more comfortable while watching Derrick. Klaus took a seat while I continued to take shots of both Derrick and Daniel. We were both just about done with our drinks, when my boi's belly finally was back to its normal size, although he was clearly still uncomfortable. "One more to clean him out and he will be fine," Klaus said. "Nephew, fill the bottle with plain water use a normal nozzle and flush the young man clean." He instructed. Derrick looked panic stricken upon hearing this news. "It must be done young man. We need to make sure the soap gets out of you." Klaus told him sternly. "Just stay right where you are." While Daniel was getting the flushing enema ready, I went into the cell and stood over my boi squatting over toilet. He was a mess. He was covered in sweat, and had drooled all over himself while wearing the gag. Even in that state though, I was incredibly turned on by the site of him. "Get on your hand and knees and take a rest son" I said. He looked relieved to not have to squat and almost fell forward to a doggie position. He looked so hot that way, in just his socks, looking up at me expectantly. I walked right up until my boots were at his hands "Undo my fly Derrick." I commanded softly. He looked up at me with those pretty blue eyes, not understanding at first what I had asked. "You heard me son, undo my fly" With no way out, he slowly reached up and started fumbling with the buttons of my jeans. It was awkward for him to do for his position, so I cut him some slack that time. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so when my fly parted, he was greeted by the site of my hardening cock. While I had wiped it off with his briefs earlier, I'm sure it still smelled of Daniels boi cunt that I had fucked earlier in the afternoon. He looked hypnotized by it. He just kneeled there staring at it. "This is what a man's cock looks like boy. It's what you were trying to get a glimpse of in the gay porno mags when I first say you. You have always needed a real man's cock and you just didn't know it. Pussy boi's like you need men like me to take you under our wings and train you right. It's your destiny Derrick. Look at your destiny boi. You will learn to crave this night and day." Daniel by this time had returned with a new enema bottle on a pole, and had lubed a smaller, normal enema nozzle, and with a nod from me, started working into Derrick's ass from behind. "Ooooh!" Derrick squealed. He almost stood as the plastic nozzle worked its way in his tender lips. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the sneering medical assistant had managed to sneak around him while he was memorized by my fattening organ. "Slowly Daniel," I cautioned him. I grabbed Derrick's head and aimed it at my cock again. As Daniel slowly inserted the nozzle, I pressed my cock to Derrick's lips. "Take a small taste boi. Kiss the head of my cock. Kiss your Father's cock!" I started slapping his face with my dick. "Kiss it boi, purse those lips! With his eyes closed, blushing mightily, he pursed his lips and pressed them against the tip of my cut cockhead. "That's it boi. Now open up and taste it. Taste Daddy's fuck pole." He closed his eyes barely opened his mouth, almost like he was being forced to eat a vegetable against his will. I slapped his face with my cock again. "Open your eyes boi! You will look at me when you worship my cock!" I grabbed his hair, "Open wide! If I feel your teeth, the whipping you got before will seem like tickling. It's time you learned what us old gross guys demand of little cum sluts like you!" Lust was taking me over. Apparently Daniel like the show too as he was rubbing the leather cover imprisoning his own slut boi dick. I motioned for the nephew to open the valve. When the water started flowing Derrick involuntarily inhaled and I shove d my cock in his mouth. He started to gag and resist, but I held the back of his head, "Take it easy Derrick. Don't fight it. Suck on it. Just take it easy and suck on it boi. That's it." He was making whimpering sounds as his guts filled again at the same time his mouth was filled with his first taste of man meat. Obviously it was not the best blow job ever, as it was obviously his first. He couldn't begin to get it all in that first time, and I wasn't interested in it. Still, his lips were soft, his tongue was wet, and he was salivating quite nicely. I started to slowly fuck his mouth, just moving my dick ever so slightly I and out of his mouth pussy. I looked down at noticed he was getting hard. "See Derrick, you were born to serve men. Look at you getting turned on with hose up your ass and a real man cock in your mouth. You love it you little sissy fag slut boi!" The dirty talk was confusing him. He was deeply offended and ashamed, but at the same time incredibly turned on. The little puppy sounds he was making as he learned to take my cock better proved it. Just as I got a nice rhythm going, I noticed Klaus was now standing next to me. He had pulled out his large uncut piece of German sausage and snapped his fingers at Daniel. Soon, the pouty red lips sticking out of the leather bondage mask were wrapped around his Uncle's tool, giving him pleasure. Now normally I can last quite a long time, and like to torment whoever is worshiping my cock for quite a while. That evening though, I was so horned up and excited by all that had happened, I knew I wouldn't last. While still sucking on my cock, I pushed Derrick back up so that he was squatting over the toilet again. He was looking into my eyes, with his lips wrapped around my dick when I ordered him to pull the nozzle out of his ass. "Let it all go boi, but keep your mouth where it belongs!" I warned him. He almost fell over as he fumbled to reach around him and grab thing intruding into him. Once he had a hold of it though, it came right out. I could tell he was trying to hold it in, embarrassed on not wanting to go while I fucked his mouth, but he couldn't hold it. Once his bowel started to spasm, he started to shoot the clean water out his ass. It was then that I started force feeding him my cum. He couldn't control both holes at once and soon he was gulping down my seed as he expelled the water out of him. Derrick was not en expert cocksucker though, and could not swallow all the load I was firing into him mouth. He soon had twin rivers of cum, running out the sides of his mouth. Looking over at this was all it took to set Klaus off. With a guttural howl, and some German words I didn't understand, he was soon feeding Daniel his man milk. I continued to hold my cock in my boi's mouth while I watched my good friend finish his own orgasm. Then, making sure Derrick was done over the toilet; I led him to his cot and laid him down on his back. With my cock still hanging out my pans, I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures of my new boi, laying on his back with his cock rock hard and laying against his again taught belly, and about to try to wipe the cum off that was running down his face. "Leave your hands at your side boi!" I commanded. I turned to Klaus and his nephew, who still had his lips around his uncle's cock with a mouthful of his sperm "Daniel, despite your misbehavior earlier, you have done a good job today. If your Uncle says it's ok, you can get off on my boi." Daniel, who knew better than to swallow before being commanded to, looked up at his uncle. Klaus, taking his cock out and wiping it on Daniel's leather mask, said, "I suppose he deserves some sort of reward. You may cum but you cannot touch your cock with your hands. Stand!" Daniel snapped upright. Klaus spun him around and unlocked his posture collar. Next he undid the leather jock he was wearing, allowing his boi's hard freckled dick to spring free. The large butt plug came out last, and it left the little sailor boi's pussy gaping. His cock was leaking copious amounts of precum and had a nice upward bend to it, and no doubt Daniel would have loved to start jacking it right their on the spot, but he remembered his orders. He could not lay a hand on it. His mouth still full of his uncles cum, he headed over to were Derrick lay flat on his back, still trying to just recover that all he had been through, yet still with a raging hard cock of his own. Before this day he had never even seen another naked man, and now, he had just witnessed, no starred in, what to even a hard core perv, would have been a mind altering show. Daniel got to the cot, looked down at Derrick and then crawled right on top of him. I ran to my camera, I didn't want to miss this. Daniel straddled Derrick, making a nice contrast with the two pale skinned bois, one in dark knee socks, and the other in white. Daniel, still wearing the hood, looked down at his prey, made an "O" with his lips and started drooling his uncle's cum out onto Derrick's face. My boi's grew wide and he tried to turn away, but Daniel had quite a mouthful and proceeded to totally coat his face with it. Once he was done he leaned down and whispered, "Get used to it cunt. I can tell you love it anyway you little queer, now get me off!" Daniel started grinding his hard cock against Derrick's, while at the same time started licking all over his face, mixing the good doctor's cum and my own, then forcing his way into Derricks mouth and feeding it to him. Derrick fought at first, kicking, whimpering, crying; he fought hard, but the sexual depravity he started to feel soon took over. He was hard to begin with, but as he was kissed by another boi his age, even one he didn't particularly like, his cock was soon leaking as much as Daniel's. I was right there taking photos when Derrick actually wrapped his legs around Daniel and started trying to pull him in tighter against his him as they ground their cocks together harder and faster. "That's it fag boi! You want my cock bad don't you, you sissy queer!" Daniel panted. He was getting close. "Oh god!" Derrick squealed. "Oh my god! AAaggh! When Daniel felt Derrick start to spurt under him, it set him over the edge as well. Both bois were screaming in orgasmic delight, as they both let loose with loads that only two sixteen year olds could! Finally, after both their cocks were totally drained, Daniel collapsed on top of Derrick and whispered, "this is just the beginning cunt." Klaus and I looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be a fun year! Klaus told Daniel to go to the corner and shower up, as it was time to go home. He got off Derrick, leaving a slimy mess as evidence of his lust. I decided that Derrick could sleep for the night with the taste of cum in his mouth and the feel of it on him. I walked into the cell, secured his ankle with a steel shackle. Klaus felt it would be wise to give him another IV to make sure he was good and hydrated. I agreed, and he quickly set up the apparatus next to his cot. Derrick was so spent from the whole ordeal, that he had absolutely no fight in him, and just let himself be manipulated how we needed him. He was about to drift off, when Klaus told me he thought it best if we put a catheter in him so we would not have to get up to pee. I nodded my assent, and all was quiet until Derrick saw him unwrapping the small needle like looking thing in front of him. He sleepily asked, "What's that doctor?" "It's a Foley catheter. I am going to place this up your urethra and into your bladder. You won't have to worry about waking up to urinate all night that way. You are going to receive a lot of fluids." Derrick obviously couldn't follow the medical explanation he just received and relaxed again, until Klaus started swabbing his penis with anapestic. I was ready though, and held the lad steady when Klaus started inserting the lubed catheter inside his cock. "Easy boi, this is for your own good." Klaus kept it going until he saw urine start to flow thought the hose into the collection bag. "There we are," he said, and injected saline into the bladder that would hold the catheter in place. Finally we put Derrick down for the night. I lay him back, covered in cum, naked but for the tube socks, with a catheter coming out of his dick and an IV going into his arm. Just to make sure he would sleep, Klaus injected him with a light sedative through his IV, and I put a blanket over him, kissed him on the forehead, and told him goodnight. Tears were running down his face as I backed out of the cell and locked the door. Klaus, Daniel, who by now had showered and was back in his sailor outfit, and I headed out and I shut the secret door to the dungeon. Once the door shut, Derrick was locked in complete blackness. There was not one bit of light, natural or artificial left in the room. He had no fight left for now though, and the sedative soon took over, and his world went as black as his cell. He would not dream that night.